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2023.03.26 14:49 ConstantRazzmatazz17 I'm a good Christian wife and mommy but still love spreading my barefeet for older men too

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2023.03.26 14:49 Vertaferk Vintage 1975 Pizza Hut Easy Bake Oven

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2023.03.26 14:48 huybeme Post surgery broken tibia

Hi all,
I had broken my tibia in my ankle and had surgery just short of four weeks ago. A few days ago, the stint was removed and I was given a boot to wear.
My issue is that we were unable to bend my ankle into a standing position for me to fit into the boot and they let me go improperly wearing the boot. My doctor had told me to keep wearing it and it should fall into place within 4 days but this is not the case. I have been stretching out my ankle as much as I could and progress is barely noticeable. My stretching is me sitting down with both feet flat on the ground and slowly bending my knee into 90 degree position.
Has anyone dealt with this and have any recommendations? I am afraid of improperly wearing the boot may worsen the healing. I am still at the non weight bearing stage.
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2023.03.26 14:48 Comprehensive_Mix307 AirCover didn't properly cover me, what next?

I reserved a listing for the night of March 25. On March 24, the host cancelled on me (and called me to try to get me to cancel so she wouldn't be charged, sooo sus), and so I called Air BNB the night of March 24 to get me a new place and properly do so via the platform. Eventually the host cancelled the day of my check in (March 25) , and I waited from 8am until 10pm that night stranded thinking Air BNB was going to rebook me. They actually refunded me when the host cancelled even though I had explicitly stated to them that I wanted to be re-booked, not refunded, because I wouldn't find anywhere else at the same price in such short notice and could not afford a hotel, but there were no listings left with such short notice in the area and criteria I needed at the price that I paid. By 5pm there were only like 3 suitable listings left (smaller city). I had told them the night before to do a hotel if it came to this. At any rate as mentioned I only got their level 1 agents on the phone for most of the day, who kept saying "someone is already working on this", and that went on from 8am until 10pm with ZERO resolution. That person never got in touch with me. I had a 3pm check in originally and here it was 10pm.

Finally someone messages me and sends me listing options, the only 3 left which had dwindled to two. They told me I had to message these people. I explained that they should be doing this work for me because it is not only money that needs to compensated in situations like this, it is time. I had events all day of the 25th and already put in the time and money to find the place. To make guests spend hours searching and waiting for responses again is the same as making them spend money, because both resources (time and money) were already used up on the first listing. I had no more time to search for a place and wait for responses, and on top of that, it was 10 PM! I explained to them that it was already past my bed time and past time for me to be checked in somewhere safe and sound and it was ridiculous that they were expecting either me or hosts to be having pleasant conversations about a reservation for that same night at 10PM on a Saturday night. As expected no hosts responded to the messages.
I reiterated over and over "why did you wait so long to help me!? I've been without a place the entire day!" and "checking in now would only be half a day of stay, there should be a credit towards an additional stay at this point" and "why don't you just get me a hotel!?" at which point the rep said "Hi,my shift is ending and I will be transferring you to a new agent" who did not resume conversation until well past midnight.

I don't need to elaborate on how unacceptable and frustating and simply ethically wrong this is when AirCover's terms guarantee guests to be re-booked in same or better listings on the night of their stay. In my book, once it is past midnight, that day is OVER. I never ssaw any messages past 11pm because that is too late to be accomplishing something that should have been accomplished before 3pm. That day is over. They failed to cover me by check in, by 10pm and by midnight, so in my book AirCover did not cover me. And when I woke up this morning after crashing in my car because I had to get to sleep to be up early for an event today, the messages were the agent sending me options at 1am for listings that were all over 45 miles away. Were they really expecting me, at 1am, to message these people, have them respond, go back and forth, get booked and then travel 45 miles to get to bed by 4am to be up by 6am and consider covering that to be an adequate makeup for ruining my entire day and failing to provide me somewhere to be in bed by 10pm?

I am so astonished. I feel that the terms of service were broken because Aircover guarantees rebooking for the same day. I feel they owe me a complimentary booking or two. I'm not sure what to do and would like ideas. I cannot believe this company that was giving out $100k to dozens of OMG Fund recipients did not have the budget to have an efficient customer service team.
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2023.03.26 14:47 vikirecon help:-my strategy close is not closing position fully on both long and short sides

//@version=5 strategy("Double Position Size Strategy with Take Profit and UppeLower Lines", overlay=true) // Initialize variables// var int positionSize = input(1, "Default Position Size") var int tradesCount = 0 var float takeProfitPercent = input(2.0, "Take Profit (%)") / 100.0 your text`var float upperLine = input.float(title="Upper Line", defval=100,step = 0.1) var float lowerLine = input.float(title="Lower Line", defval=0,step = 0.1) // Make a session input define the custom time interval// tradeTimes = input.session("0015-2345", title="Trading Times") // Define the InSession() function to check whether the current bar is inside the trading session InSession(session) => na(time(timeframe.period, session)) ? false : true // Define the long and short entry conditions// inSession = InSession(tradeTimes) // Calculate trade direction isAboveUpperLine = close > upperLine isBelowLowerLine = close < lowerLine isLong = isAboveUpperLine and inSession isShort = isBelowLowerLine and inSession // Enter long or short positions if isLong strategy.entry("Long", strategy.long, qty=positionSize) tradesCount := tradesCount + 1 else if isShort strategy.entry("Short", strategy.short, qty=positionSize) tradesCount := tradesCount + 1 // Double position size for first two trades if tradesCount == 1 positionSize := positionSize * 2 else if tradesCount == 2 positionSize := positionSize * 2 // Close positions if take profit is reached if (strategy.position_size > 0 and strategy.position_size >= positionSize and strategy.position_avg_price * (1 + takeProfitPercent) <= close) or not inSession strategy.close_all() else if (strategy.position_size < 0 and strategy.position_size <= -positionSize and strategy.position_avg_price * (1 - takeProfitPercent) >= close) or not inSession strategy.close_all()` // Shade the background of the chart during the trading session your text`bgcolor(inSession ?, 90) : na, title="Session Background") /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The strategy uses technical analysis to identify potential long and short entry points based on whether the price is above or below user-defined upper and lower lines during a custom trading session. The script initializes several variables such as the default position size, take profit percentage, upper and lower lines, and the trading session time frame. It defines the InSession() function to check if the current bar is inside the trading session. The isAboveUpperLine and isBelowLowerLine variables are calculated based on the current price's relationship to the upper and lower lines. The isLong and isShort variables are used to determine whether to enter a long or short position. The strategy enters a long or short position when the entry conditions are met, and the trade count is incremented. For the first two trades, the position size is doubled. The positions are closed when the take profit is reached, or the session ends. The background of the chart is shaded with a green color during the trading session. I want my strategy to close both sides positions fully on both sides if profit reaches 2 % or trading session ends but it is closing one side position fully and the other side position only half the position 
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2023.03.26 14:47 phantomlimbdestroyer Will I be able to afford moving out in 5 months?

Long time lurker first time poster, here we go:
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2023.03.26 14:47 JS-a9 Upscaled/flatten for future reprint on shirt?

Upscaled/flatten for future reprint on shirt?
Looking to get the shirt design extracted and flattened (as if not on a short). Upscaled to a size suitable for making a shirt. I've tried finding this over and over again to buy, but it's an old design. Gift for spouse. Happy to tip a successful result!
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2023.03.26 14:47 RoadtripReaderDesert Travel Escapades: Adventures and Upsets Around the World by Luke W Edwards

REVIEW: 8/10
The Himalayan Chapter alone is enough to sell this book. For anyone who is looking for a short read, witty, relatable and reflective of some potential travel drama anyone could experience, this is the book. I loved every minute of it and it reminded me of my own adventures and upsets from around the world.

He has a chapter about a flight from hell. I was on multiple flights from hell...or one of the circles of hell. Missed a connecting flight to Konya, Turkiye and had a flight cancelled from Istanbul to Korea just as the pandemic was starting. I had no clue what was going on, got to the check-in desk and the amazing folks at Turkish Airlines explained that the flight was cancelled. I was distraught - I had booked that flight because it landed about 4 hours before I had to go into work that day (yes, I used to play fast and loose with my return flights after vacations). I was then placed on a Vietnam Airlines flight at no cost to me after explaining my situation and it landed about an hour later than the Turkish Airlines flight would have. I made it to the office and found everyone wearing masks like it was the end of the world and I had missed the beginning of the chaos. Luckily, my manager had placed a mask kit and sanitizer on my desk and I promptly got into the habit as did everyone in Korea because hey, they were already accustomed to mask wearing before the pandemic.

Back to Lluke Edwards book - you know what, no more spoilers. It's a 4 or 5 hour read if you want to chew on each chapter slowly.

Definitely recommend this.
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2023.03.26 14:47 unchained5150 How to change R720 back to OEM Phoenix ROM BIOS

How to change R720 back to OEM Phoenix ROM BIOS
Hi all,
I posted another thread in here with quite a few questions and was helped by a wonderful poster. However, I believe I've found the root of my issue.
I bought a used R720 for learning that had Phoenix ROM BIOS Plus version 1.10 2.0.19. I used the 'Repurpose' option in the Lifecycle Controller to wipe the previous owner's information as there were still some settings and things leftover. Now if shows this weird BIOS screen that looks like the Lifecycle Controller instead of a traditional BIOS and takes forever to 'load firmware' first before it'll load display said BIOS.
After I did this it made the POST screens all wonky (resolution too big for my screen, displaying more info than before, showing a loading splash screen from the previous owner that wasn't there before).
I've since updated the machine with all that I could on the Dell support website but it still shows that browser looking BIOS instead of the old school terminal looking BIOS and still takes forever to load in. I tried the Dell BIOS versions and what I believe is the OEM versions but no dice.
With this Phoenix version it was near immediate loading into BIOS and even had more settings than this browser BIOS does. For instance, with the Phoenix BIOS I had the option to chance the server name but in the browser BIOS I can only see what the server name is with no option to change. And as a new learner I don't know how to do that any other way than through the BIOS.
Anyway, long story short I'm looking to see if it's possible to change back to the OEM BIOS and how I would do so.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.26 14:47 maoriminister Is my psychologist [38F] being naive or am I [27F] the one who is?

In my first session with my psychologist I discussed some things about society that I read online about, and which effected my mood.
I mentioned how I read online about ageism towards women and also how people on Reddit talk about men preferring younger women and beauty being all about being younger. I also noticed this trend offline in the media, etc. Although I had never outright asked people nor discussed it with people in real life.
She then said to me that most people do not think that men prefer younger women when it comes to physical beauty and sex. She also said most people do not think that physical beauty is mostly about how much younger you are nor how much younger you look. She said she has known hundreds of people and worked with hundreds of people and that she has a lot of experience. So that's why she knows about most people. I asked my parents and sister, and they had the same sentiments as her. My psychologist also said Reddit is not a good source of information because people who use it are not mainstream people, so people who prove me right on here are not speaking for the majority. And she also said Reddit is an echo chamber & confirmation bias and that most normal people don't interact with strangers online and wouldn't go on Reddit.
What's your view?
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2023.03.26 14:46 Afraid-Penalty-757 When did Thoris Darus begin his term as Supreme Chancellor?

According to wookieepedia his chancellorship only lasted from 60-52 BBY. Yet the book itself seems to imply that his term of office seems to be 56 BBY - 52 BBY. As he was said to be challenged by Frix who eventually won the office. Thus means he can’t be the chancellor who appointed Ranulph Tarkin as the Governor-General of Seswenna sector In 57 BBY. So that means there was a different chancellor from 60-56 BBY who succeeded Vaila Pecivas?
It actually his chancellorship a bit short and much like some our real-world presidents would have been forgotten yet some citizens of the Republic would blame him for beginning the culture of decadence that consumed the government before the rise of the Galactic Empire?
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2023.03.26 14:46 Challenged_by_Krill Tried writing a simplified analysis the other to help explain the situation to a friend, this was what happened instead. Also to the Citadel guy, this post is designed to help you lose with dignity, how do I know? I wrote it.

(This post isn't for everyone, TLDR at bottom)
There’s a reason these stocks are trading at extremely low prices. The puzzle has enough pieces in place now that the endgame is all but clear. If the share price were significantly higher at this stage I’d be much more concerned.
It’s called a bear trap. Bears are investors betting against stocks. Bears are usually hedge funds that cheat to guarantee victory and so stoping a HF campaign to bankrupt a company was considered impossible. They owned the market. But by doing the only thing their algorithms weren’t programmed to predict, millions of individuals holding, buying for and direct registering Gamestop shares for a shockingly long period of time, we won.
They had already lost, in January of ‘21, and to stop that tide they were forced to reveal their hand and expose their vulnerabilities by frantically hiding an untold number of shares that, according to market rules, should never have existed in the first place. Superstonk tracked, catalogued and nullified every illegality, saw beyond each and every hastily introduced legistive stopgap, through layers of complexity designed specifically to evade detection and what we found was a game of hot potato being played on the biggest stage in the world, the Central Bank Stage. This is a monumental achievement in and of itself for now the most entrenched and disguised among the oligarchy have begrudgingly been forced to reveal themselves. Think Scooby Doo times infinity.
Make no mistake, while the elite will desperately continue to maintain the status quo at all costs, unique to this conflict is that for the first time in human history the demand for greater cohesion among Heads of State and Central Banks will force the men in black suits to surrender one of their most effective tools of control. The threat of international conflict potentially leading to a cataclysmic event. In finding a common enemy the elite will ironically be forced to overcome their manufactured divisions to save their own lives. Filling the vacuum once dominated state and corporate propaganda will arise a competition for authenticity and transparency.
This Revolution has been underway for well over a year. Credit Suisse is the first shift of the tectonic plates and as they scramble, the elite are utilizing a kind of high speed digital “underground” railroad to share information and collaborate in a manner unprecedented. There will be rapid declassification of state secrets to facilitate a defense. They are facing the potential of diminished generational legacy which is a visceral threat to the very future of their gene pool.
But this threat is inevitable, it is a step forward in human collective evolution, it is a species adapting to, and finding clarity within, an environment shift occurring at lightning speed. Tomorrow’s digital transformation creates cognitive alignment among larger and larger groups of people, from a greater variety of cultural backgrounds, utilizing the sheer power of numbers and the compounding nature of shared individual perceptions, this shift in communication greatly increases both the group’s ability to establish consensus and set an agenda. This means real people will tangibly influence policy without reliance over reliance on a representative government which will naturally mitigate the corporate monopoly over cultural norms.
And so it will be interesting to see this unplanned international detente of sorts between the various iterations of the corporate dominance over central governments, be it the Internationally ubiquitous but Stateless oligarchies with a hand on every significant lever, to the state and local governments puppeteers who use bribes to open the door to institutional control over market mechanics, to the select few oligarchies so effective in their command over the narrative that the illusion of participatory governing appears so authentic it masks even the criminal activity in plain sight.
Will this conflict be defined by greater opposition between the Web3 community of tomorrow and the institutions tailored to an obsolete technology of yesterday be dominated by a crippling fear based approach from old money or by their acceptance of the inevitable seismic shift in power dynamics. A shift that will force them to open enlightened discourse with the pawns they once manipulated with ease. (think British Monarchy but stateless and worldwide. We are the parliament in this analogy).
That’s the fork in the road, it’s the next big step, a defining moment in human history and within it are extraordinary implications for the future. This next part is important.
At some point we’re going to have to find a representative way to break proverbial bread with even the more reviled of our opponents to broker a kind of rudimentary short term peace followed by the first ever crowdsourced, Constitution amended in real time for a digital populace no longer hypnotized by State propaganda to determine policy.
A blockchain supported global community that accounts for our inherent right and our absolute imperative to assert authority not through the hollow words of an agenda-less protest but manifested by the efficacy of our actions.
We didn’t hold up a sign until the “rights” guy stamped our wrists and gave us access to policy decisions, we developed a high speed network of our own. Where they controlled the state of the art technology to disseminate information, we had an extremely minimal degree of separation among hundreds of thousands to millions of unique minds which facilitated information sharing at a speed rivaling theirs. Their strategic advantages was trumped by an essential galaxy of uniquely crafted stars of human perception each enhancing the value of the next. The power of one mind is finite and not significantly greater than an average mind when considering the scale of intelligence disparity on Earth alone, forget about the infinite scope of the universe. Each mind, in ways too complex to explain, multiplies the power of the next by a power of 2. We won by unlocking the true World Wonder, the compound interest of each individual perception lasering in one one one specific event which created an explosion of consensus building to counter Buffets 8th World Wonder; the compound interest of unfettered wealth accumulation. They didn’t have enough minds, the deviation of mean intelligence between the two groups and the advantages that this disparity provided the elite was overcome by sheer number of prisms through which the information was filtered, reframed and ultimately weaponized against them by the galaxy of household investors.
To bring it back to the specific mechanics presently at play, a relatively small in number of bad actors representing a contingent of the elite, operating under the full authority of the Central Banking system, wrote a series of codes early in the machine learning era, that essentially just kept playing an updated version of the same rigged circus game. Retail investors were simply to powerless and divided to understand it let alone overcome.
By exposing the hidden underpinnings of this machine through the collective infiltration of one specific representative stock (GME) an obvious fatal flaw was discovered. This code was essentially universal in its control over order flow but, after years of research, the exhilarating theory emerged that winning in just one relatively battlefield (GME) would shatter the entire corrupt system due to it having never been programmed to capitulate. This House of Cards we discovered had always been protected from the any kind of threatening breeze by the Citadel walls but once beyond that wall you’re almost offended that they never considered an additional defense..
They relied on last generation algos that buckled under the unrelenting pressure of two straight years of an impossible retail stand. Web2’s final days saw a social media engagement that allowed for a human adaptation to market manipulation that nullified their ill gotten advantage.
Unaffiliated retail investors poured billions into a single stock and maintained a fluid consensus throughout a host of misinformation campaigns. Within that collective adaptation to information sharing at an unprecedented and highly accurate clip there existed a variable not accounted for by the early algorithms proving once again the necessity of entropic increase in variables over time to eliminate the deadly certainty of prediction devices.
When the machine’s broke they just kept doubling down creating an unsustainable number of illegal shares, colloquially known as naked shorts, to such an unfathomable degree as to threaten the stability of the the entire system and ultimately the world economy. They did this because the algos never programmed to capitulate continuously chose to simply survive another day despite exacerbating the inevitable failure. It’s like they kept pouring kerosene on the wood pile so as to distract themselves from the matches that would soon be the only remaining option.
The machine was running on auto for so long that once it was compromised the frantic C Suite decision makers only remaining option was to create the biggest bag of excrement the market has ever seen and that’s the story of how the mall store that you find scattered in nostalgic memories of those innocent and magical wonder years exposed the entire fraudulent market, then used that knowledge to bring it to its knees..
And just as predicted here, with an extraordinary degree of accuracy, one of the largest and most structurally important banks in the world, having spent two years trying to unload just one of the untold bundles of GME shares collapsed under its weight. Despite the greatest minds working round the clock for a solution, despite access to unlimited resources and extraordinary influence over the legislature, they found no way to negotiate this uniquely human wall standing firm against unapologetic, self serving corruption. A wall propped up by the hundreds of thousands of household investors with an integrity so unyielding as to turn the institutions most functional strength in to its kryptonite by removing the weapon of psychological manipulation and replacing it with clear eyed, crowd sourced due diligence.
Retail won. Retail earned their moment in the sun, and they will do will to not suppress that feeling of pride. Feel it, marinate in it, enjoy it then move on from it. Pride can lead to hubris, hubris to carelessness, carelessness to mortal error. Tale as old as time just ask Ken Griffin.
If retail tries to refuse entrance of the legacy generations of the 20th century elite to whatever Web3, AI etc becomes, then not only have we just guaranteed future conflict but, more importantly, we’ve failed to find the balance that promotes the most effective use of collective progress by excluding valuable sources of information who can help exponentially increase the collective understanding of our former enemies mistakes so as to avoid repeating them.
The future will be shaped by how well these two former enemies can become peers. There are two options forward.
Option A: It is the victors (retail) who will have to do the bulk of the heavy lifting at first which will feel uncomfortably similar to the previous dynamic. Don’t be dismayed, this will simply demand an initial deep dive into the technology itself to help create a mutually beneficial environment. This dynamic will evolve to promote greater and more valuable self fulfilling experiences engineered using the wisdom of the group (same thing we do here). The individual shares his new experience with the group and more valuable information is added to the pool of knowledge and understanding. This is all just an incredibly rapid turnover of the same process that has always spurred advancements.
Option B is the option that’s almost always chosen when the underdog wins, an appeal to pride, an unquenchable desire for retribution born of fear and insecurity. We cannot prevent this dynamic, it will eventually play out in one form or another, but we will soon find a common enemy much greater than man, an enemy only matched by all men working together. E Pluribus Unum.
Should we choose option A and successfully tailor the technology to ensure its success, we will have finally grasped the utility of our exceptionalism. Instead of random genetic adaptations to the unpredictable environment, which is the process that has traditionally defined organic evolution, we will have effectively wielded the technology with such scale and precision so as to facilitate the best environment in which to adapt. Selecting the environment first is an absolute game changer.
This is the moment man begins to fast track his own ascension and it will be an era of exploration so fantastic as to render all the so called great expeditions before it a mere orchestral diminuendo before the exhilarating crescendo.
TLDR: We won but now, somewhat ironically, it’s our job to assimilate the crooks responsible for immense suffering in the name of apparent unmitigated greed into the Web3 they so vehemently tried to strangle in its infancy.
This is a technological shift that would strip them of their legacy advantages, exposing them as imposters in an era of transparency. They’ve masked themselves in propaganda and they over valued capital accumulation this realization will be just as much of an enlightened journey for our journey here.
Of Note: This post is not for everyone, it’s speculative, somewhat haphazard and the bigger picture analysis is ripe for criticism.
However, while there are foundational weaknesses in some the supporting details, I will strongly defend the general theme, the appeal to a focus on improving the environment to help improve the individual, as opposed to the demand that the individual adapt to the existing environment despite its glaring inefficiencies has always separated the humans from the animals. Ironically it is the Apes who should start considering and planning for a future that is rapidly approaching, a future that will not wait for quiet contemplation, the time for action is now. For the Apes
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2023.03.26 14:46 JusticeForDada Orlando Health's Negligence and Carelessness

Hi everyone, we would like to share our story in the hopes that perhaps other people can come forward as well as a warning...
Our loved one—an amazing husband and caring father—was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2021 and recently passed away March 2023 because of their reckless negligence regarding his treatment throughout this nightmarish journey. After he underwent radiation treatment for his liver in January and February 2022, he was never put back on chemo right as per his previous oncologist’s plans. His new oncologist blatantly disregarded the plans and claimed it was to seek out surgical options. We were led down a false hope, as he got rejected from colon surgery.
The next supposed option was liver embolization and recession. The surgeon in question at first said that he was eligible, and even had appointments set up for the procedure to be done. They also took a month and a half to get the appointments together—with still no treatment whatsoever.
We had reached out many times regarding our concerns that he was not receiving treatment in the meantime for the past 3 months, but his nurses blew us off, took their time replying if they ever did, while gatekeeping for the oncologist and told us to wait for the next appointment as if the disease would wait patiently for our next move. This appointment obviously never happened because as a result of the absence of continued treatment, it got aggressive and spread to his brain in early May 2022 that sent him to the hospital, where surgery was not only impossible but ended up in the most fatal part of the brain. This was when the liver surgeon suddenly told us that he was never eligible in the first place despite telling us otherwise earlier, and that our loved one would have died on the table. The inconsistency of the surgeon’s plan to treat was unprofessional and unclear; either he was willing to risk our loved one’s life by doing the surgery or he was just a liar from the very beginning and charged his mind to protect himself from repercussions if he proceeded with the surgery.
Then later, on Christmas Day 2022, he went to the ER at Health Central due to sudden recurrence of his brain tumor symptoms. They told us there they somehow did not have the proper basic equipment to do a clear MRI w/contrast, so they did w/o contrast and erroneously diagnosed the swelling of the brain due to the radiation treatment he received in May 2022. There, for a total of four days, not only was he deprived of solid foods without any proper explanation, but he was pumped with IVs bag after bag after bag. They did not consider the condition of his liver due to the cancer and gave him IVs back to back as though he were a healthy individual. As a result, he developed debilitating ascites caused by irreversible hypoalbuminemia from the excessive IV fluid injections. No doctor came to visit until the last day of his hospital stay, where we ultimately demanded that he be discharged. Ultimately, he was neglected until about 2 weeks later when he had his MRI w/contrast and then a follow-up appointment with his radiation oncologist about a week later. It took another month to get a specialized MRI to see that his condition was not due to swelling, but the brain tumor had grown again. All that time, he was left with no sort of treatment to at least control the swelling until we could confirm the cause of the symptoms. She had no plans to treat him whatsoever until after the fact.
Fast forward to between late 2022-early this year 2023, Orlando Health took their sweet time starting up an expanded access trial we introduced that would have had the potential to save his life. Their abhorrent treatment of him did not end even with his passing; as his surviving family, we were shoved into their “family room” with no elaboration of the situation. After waiting and waiting, we were called up and we were NOT even warned of what tragedy was waiting for us. No words of condolences, no “we did everything we could”—nothing. They shoved us into a room alone, where our loved one laid. Had we not asked for the doctor for an explanation ourselves, we would have never gotten any sort of attention. This was perhaps the most heartless, cruelest way to tell a loved one’s family that they had passed on. They have caused undeniable psychological trauma by doing this and disrespected him for the last time by inflicting this damage upon us—his family. To add further insult to injury not even an hour after our world was flipped upside down, shortly after we arrived home, they had the audacity to call us to see if we were okay with them harvesting his corneas. Even now, Orlando Health alongside his healthcare providers have yet to offer us their words of condolences to our family’s loss, but were quick to ask if they could remove his eyes. All that our loved one suffered from the very beginning has resulted in undeniable physical, psychological, and spiritual damage to our family and loved one’s that can never be forgotten nor repaired. So, if you value your own time, sanity, and the well being of your loved ones: AVOID ORLANDO HEALTH AT ALL COSTS!!!
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2023.03.26 14:46 fit-ness How to get into Occupational Medicine as a PA?

I’ve been a PA in the urgent care setting for three years. I do physicals at my job for nearby workplaces and DOT exams. Looking for a change at the end of this year. I am interested in Occ Med. (New York)
Looking at jobs online a lot of them require a Occ Med degree or certification.. how have others gotten this? Those in Occ med- What are your days like? Patient load? Types of cases?
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2023.03.26 14:45 Loaatao Hear, hear! Beers with the Eugene Men’s Social Club!

It’s Sunday, you know what that means.
If you don’t know what we are, we are just a group of guys that meet up every week and just hang out and talk for a few hours. We have folks from all age groups and we talk about a bit of everything. On average 5-10 folks show up and spend 2-3 hours hanging out. At this point we have a quite a few regulars that make it out every week which is a lot of fun.
So if you are new to the area, want to make some friends, or just have nothing going on today, then you should come on by. We will be in the back right at the big table, you’ll know it when you see it.
See ya there!
PS, join our meetup group!
Also join our discord!
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2023.03.26 14:45 maoriminister Should I [27F] trust the most common views that are expressed online, on Reddit and on this subreddit. Or should I trust the views of the people in my life? [33F] [62F] [56M]

Basically I believe the following things (about people in a general sense, I don't mean these apply to every man and woman):
I believe that it's thought that sexism towards women is so much more common than sexism towards men, across the world (especially in Muslim countries) and throughout history, even fairly recent history. (But my parents and sister told me it is more common but not so much more and that sexism is not about hating women nor seeing them as lesser inferior beings, that it's about men having had the roles of power and control, because they were stronger so exerted strength to get them, etc. But that women were also thought to have a just as important role, in the home.) They said violence towards women is not about hatred towards women but instead about power, control, men being physically stronger and testosterone. And that the men who commit domestic violence are also the types to get into physical fights with men in pubs, etc.
I believe it's thought that women like men as a gender more than men like women as a gender due to this. Because people think sexism means mistreating, hating, etc. And that it's thought women treat men better and with more respect.
I believe it's thought that women like men in a more well rounded way than men like women, because of sexism and because because people think men objectify women and "only want one thing" from women, and also that if you took sex away... men would prefer men in all other ways (they think women are unfunny, etc and they think that men are superior, etc.)
I believe it's thought that sexism towards men is only a thing as backlash against sexism towards women. So women who hate men hate them for how men treat women.
I believe traditional roles are not seen as equal but different and are instead seen as representing a belief that women are incapable and to serve men. I believe also that it's thought that women are defined by their relationships to men.
I believe that when men do typically female hobbies and jobs women propel them to success and praise them for the bare minimum (which they wouldn't do for a woman with the same skills), like drag queens and gay male makeup artists. But women doing typically male jobs or hobbies are held to higher standards, have to prove themselves more, are not given the same support and are even verbally abused or threatened online. (Female gamers, female Mps, in sport, female celebs, etc.) And that there are boy's clubs that are hostile towards women in male dominated workplaces, but not girl's clubs that are hostile towards men in female dominated workplaces. I believe that having female main characters, idols, etc is not something many men want nor can relate to, while male main characters, idols are fine for women.
I believe it's thought that women (especially teen girls) hate each other, get jealous, compete and have internalised misogny, but that men have stronger bonds, friendships and camaraderie. (Even though my psychologist told me that it's instead believed that women mostly support each other.)
My parents and sister told me I was wrong about all of these things and that most people don't think these things, my sister identifies as a feminist herself. But online and on Reddit everybody has the same views as me. Why the contrast? What are your opinions? (Also when I asked my psychologist, she had the same opinions as my family.)
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2023.03.26 14:45 Snoo_59560 Thoughts on Caravna puts

Caravna is so close to going bankrupt they have less assets then they are worth and the economy is not strong enough to allow cars to be sold. So is it a good idea to do puts in Caravna.
Also btw it’s shorted a ton
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2023.03.26 14:45 Roselie22 What was your GATE preparation story from an average college?

What was your GATE preparation story from an average college?
Well, To be honest, I had started my GATE preparation just 6 months before the exam. Since I have very less time for preparation so my study schedule and planning have to be in such a way that I can cover all the important topics. For that, I enrolled on Physics Wallah Gate Program, which helped me to understand the concepts very easily. Also, the short tricks to solve questions saved a lot of time which helped me to revise the course. I also attempted the GATE Test series and Mock tests by Physics Wallah itself which helped me a lot to boost my confidence and I also came to know my weak areas. Also, the courses are cheaper than other online coaching platforms. Being from a middle-class family it is quite difficult to afford such type of expensive courses. But, it is not the same for Physics Wallah. So, I will highly recommend you to join Physics Wallah.
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2023.03.26 14:44 cobratx91 Chisholm Hall now

I stayed at Chisholm from 8/2014 to 05/2017 - and saw at least three rotation of RAs from that time. It was ok at least the dorm was like a hybrid apartment/dorm the style at least the "deluxe single" because I didn't want to deal with roommates because I dealt with that shit at TXST, TCU. I was attending grad school at UTSA in '14-'17 but took a short break in '17-'18 before taking my comps final exams in Spring '18.
I know the RAs for the most part at Chisholm were chill/laid back and I used to just show up a bit tipsy from the Block and as long you didn't act like an asshole they didn't get mad. I know they were more strict about drugs at the dorm because I had two friends that got cited for smoking weed in the dorm and got their asses evicted.
I didn't get the chance to use the pool at Chisholm because it was always getting used by the UTSA tri team, the same swimming team, and then the occassional Chi Alpha late late night baptism
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2023.03.26 14:44 Groundhog891 Amiee Garcia-- other recent work

I was watching the new mystery and Amiee Garcia was really good. I wondered what else she has been in recently.
She wrote a D&D comic book, and it got good ratings.
At the Spine of the World
A new Dungeons & Dragons adventure awaits! Return to Icewind Dale with a new party of adventurers! Can these five unlikely heroes stop the plot of an ancient, primordial evil? A never-ending winter night is driving an isolated northern town to the brink of madness. To save them, Runa, Saarvin, Patience, Amos, and Belvyre must traverse the blighted tundra to find a cure. On the journey, they'll encounter frozen obstacles, unimaginable monsters, and dissension in their ranks. Can the fraying bonds of friendship sustain them through the dark? Based on the original, massively popular tabletop role-playing game and featuring a brand-new cast of characters, Dungeons and Dragons: At the Spine of the World is written by New York Times bestselling author AJ Mendez and writeactor Aimee Garcia! Martin Coccolo (Green Lantern, Star Trek: Year Five) provides stunning art that will have readers feeling the crunch of snow under their boots. Whether you're a veteran dice-slinger or a new visitor to the Forgotten Realms, At the Spine of the World is a perfect gateway to new adventure.
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2023.03.26 14:44 machiabaelli ADHD/Non-ADHD partner

Hello everyone! I’m a recently diagnosed 29 year old with ADHD-Combined type. My partner is non-ADHD, and he’s very supportive and loving, though sometimes he feels like he’s not being seen or heard by me, which he pointed out yesterday. He knows that this is a symptom of ADHD, and is very understanding, but of course he’s communicating to me that he feels this way sometimes. I did say that it was not my intention to make him feel unseen or unheard, and I did communicate to him about the shame and disappointment that I feel because I feel like I’m falling short as a partner. He did reassure me and said that he can see that I’m putting in the work (going to therapy, trying some coaching tools, etc.).
I am currently on Concerta 18mg, and I feel like the dosage isn’t doing enough, so I may ask for a higher one on my follow up session with my NP.
So my question is, for folks that have non-ADHD/neurotypical partners, how do you make your partner feel seen, heard, or cherished? Or if you have any tips on how I could be more attentive towards my partner? Or any tips in general will be very helpful. Thank you!! ❤️
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2023.03.26 14:44 Adam-best Christmas Moose Printed Cane Birch 3D Rolling Pin

Christmas Moose Printed Cane Birch 3D Rolling Pin
Finally, an easy way to prepare the most beautiful and original Christmas cookies in just minutes!
This unique, Christmas Rolling Pin would make a perfect Christmas gift for your wife, mother, friends (women or men) or anyone who loves to bake and loves the magic of Christmas!
The Christmas Rolling Pin features a lovely pattern and it's SO easy to use! This extraordinary, wooden rolling pin is engraved with your choice of either a beautiful snowflake and deer pattern, doggy bones pattern or snowflakes patterns.
  • It's a MUST-HAVE for every kitchen!
  • Made from high-quality, solid maple hardwood!
  • Rolling pins and rollers make a great gift for any occasion
  • Baking with our rolling pins is a perfect way to spend quality time with your whole family this season.
  • 43cm pin roller
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