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✨🎤Boys Planet Astrology - “More than meets the eye” Edition (ft. Keita, Taerae, Haruto & PHanbin)

2023.03.22 05:21 s0up_dumpling ✨🎤Boys Planet Astrology - “More than meets the eye” Edition (ft. Keita, Taerae, Haruto & PHanbin)

Hello! I am back with more astrology birth chart analysis. For this post, I wanted to highlight the trainees that showcase the phrase “there’s more than meets the eye” -- meaning, trainees that might be very different from the first impressions they give off.
DISCLAIMER: I think astrology is a fun way to interpret people but it's not always 100% accurate! I do not think any of us will ever fully know any of the trainees (or anyone else aside from ourselves for that matter). ALSO, “first impressions” are IMMENSELY influenced by one’s rising sign, but since we do not know the exact time of birth for any of the trainees, it is hard to fully analyze. Please take everything with a grain of salt and remember this is JUST FOR FUN! & if you're new to astrology, feel free to ask questions~
When I first thought about the phrase “first impressions don’t mean anything” my mind immediately went to Kim Jiwoong. His “mysterious hot cool guy” vibe is what reality TV dreams of. However, it’s already been (relatively) shown that he is also super dorky and has a “cute” side. Similarly, Park Gunwook had his “overconfident intimidating cool guy” vibe, but again it has been shown that Gunwook is a “giant baby” who gets doted on by the older trainees. [I have analyzed their charts on my twt so pls scroll down if you want links to read their individual analyses!]
I then asked myself, who else seems like there’s “more than meets the eye”? Who definitely “acts” one way (or are “portrayed/shown” one way by Mnet) but it definitely feels like there is more to who they are that hasn’t been shown?
The first four trainees that came to mind are: Keita, Kim Taerae, Haruto & Park Hanbin
Completely unintentionally, all of them are water signs. Which I suppose makes sense since water signs are typically more in tune with emotions and aren’t as “outgoing” as fire or air signs. (Though I was very shocked to learn Haruto is a water sign lol).
My 1st thought: he’s a composer, producer, choreographer, singer, rapper, generally well liked, AND a cancer? AIN’T NO WAY. Then I saw he has 3 sagittarius, 3 gemini, and 3 aquarius in his chart and proceeded to scream into the void.
Starting w/ the 4 first signs, Keita became Avatar the Last Airbender with his signs here -- his sun (main/core sign) is in cancer [water], his moon (emotions/internal processing) is in sagittarius [fire], his mercury (communication) is in gemini [air], and his venus (perceptions of love) is in taurus [earth]. At first glance, this seemingly helps keep Keita very balanced keeping his actions, thoughts, words, and emotions all in check. However, this could also cause a lot of back and forth internally.
Cancers are known to either cry very often or bottle up every emotion until it comes out uncontrollably. This paired with the sagittarius moon and mars (ruler of intense emotions) makes me assume Keita is the second since sagittarius also tend to bottle up their emotions and only express themselves in situations they deem to be appropriate. This is unsurprising as he was shown crying during the Limousine performance as he resonated with the lyrics’ message.
Geminis are social butterflies that mold well to different situations. This being Keita’s mercury might make others feel more at ease as Keita might have a good sense of humor and/or know what to say to keep morale up. Taurus are typically very patient. Keita showed both mercury gemini and venus taurus traits when he helped Jay during the star level test & when he reassured Hyunbeen about his center position in zoom.
Stelliums occur when 3 or more planets are in the same sign. Keita has his mercury, jupiter, and saturn in gemini. Sometimes the traits of the stellium overpower the core sun sign. In this case, I think it’s a benefit to Keita. Jupiter represents expansion and saturn represents effort. Since geminis are social butterflies that are always seeking fun, these traits can help balance out the emotional cancer sun sign and give Keita the ability to let loose and not take things seriously all of the time.
Neptune represents the parts one tries to hide. Uranus represents individuality/quirkiness. Lilith represents buried traits. Keita has all of these in aquarius. Keita is probably just as standout as some of the really outgoing trainees, but refrains from doing so because of his self-image. This is shown during the dance battle with Woongki where Keita starts to drop into similar “girlypop” moves but then reverts to more a “street” style.
There is definitely more than meets the eye with Keita! I’m sure he has gone through a lot of hardships and a lot of triumphs, none of which have been particularly documented by Mnet. His image of an “all rounder” is positive but Mnet doesn’t seem to leave room for interpretation. I hope Keita is able to showcase more of himself (especially as a singer, composer, producer, and maybe some other surprise titles?) in ways he wants to and not because he thinks he has to ascribe to a specific persona.
When I saw Taerae’s smile and heard his angelic voice, I thought he HAS to have some type of evil alter ego. Instead I’m faced with a wholesome chart that makes it hard to believe someone like this exists let alone someone who is willingly putting himself into the spotlight of fame and stardom???
Cancers (as the cardinal water sign) are notorious for being the “most sensitive/emotional” sign. Taerae’s sun (core), mercury (communication), and jupiter (expansion) are all in cancer. This most likely means he speaks and carries himself with a lot of compassion for others. This can be seen throughout the “MIL” clips as he is helping out others & continuously raving about how good his members did. Also his genuine reaction when seeing Hyunbeen was selected as the “Zoom” center. The signs indicate nothing he said was exaggerated and he genuinely believes in uplifting even the smallest wins of others.
The moon sign represents emotions and self-image and venus represents perceptions of love. Taerae has both of these in virgo. Virgos tend to appreciate routine and are detail-oriented. The combination of the moon and venus sharing the virgo sign might mean Taerae often appreciates the little things in life and doesn’t take them for granted. This can be seen during the behind the scenes of the studio choom shooting, Taerae says, “[Seeing] the lights already touches my heart.”
Taerae’s mars (intense emotions when under pressure) in leo gives him drive. Leos are known to be very “goal-oriented” and always seeking a greater purpose. I’m assuming this sign is what helps Taerae manage when he does feel pressured and drives him to become an idol.
Neptune represents parts one might try to hide and Uranus represents individuality/quirkiness. Taerae has both in aquarius, meaning he might suppress some traits that make him different from others; however, many trainees this season also have these placements on top of more air and/or fire signs in their charts which might make Taerae seem “not as marketable” as others in front of the camera. (But if you have seen him in any of the “scare pranking trainees” clips then you already know he’s weird forreal because not him being more scared of the pupa than the ghost??).
I’m hopeful that the balance of water and earth continues to ground Taerae with his emotions and processing “fame”. Also the sprinkling of air signs should help keep things light hearted as well. I hope he continues to find support within himself and with others. Mnet is forreal shaking in their boots cause they had absolutely 0 content that could be manipulated and/or evil edited from Taerae. His chart explains why he might not have had much screen time because all his interactions were probably very WHOLESOME!!!
Alright girlypops buckle in for the wild ride that is Maeda Haruto. Behind every “don’t worry I’m FINE” Scorpio is the desire to cry and be reminded everything will be okay.
For starters, scorpios are usually stereotyped as broody, sassy, unlikely to share about themselves, and full of that “it’s not a phase, mom!” energy. One does not want to get on a scorpios “bad list” because scorpios will hold onto a grudge until they die (and possibly pass it on for generations to come). The fact that Haruto’s sun (core) and mars (intense emotions expressed under pressure) are both in Scorpio means he is probably able to channel his intense energy and turn it into sheer willpower even in high stress situations. This makes sense considering Haruto willingly moved to South Korea on his own, has survived multiple audition programs, and still currently perseveres.
However, the combination can also prove to be harmful. Scorpios have the potential to become upset if things do not go as planned often through passive aggressive remarks or sarcasm. I’m assuming Haruto’s “sassiness” has been marketable to Mnet, otherwise they probably could have easily “evil edited” him for extra drama clips.
Capricorns are known to keep cool, calm, and collected outer demeanor. Haruto having his moon (emotions/self-image) in capricorn brings balance to the intense scorpio sun. He probably stays level headed and has an ordered step-by-step self-care routine. This is unsurprising considering all the trainees have noted Haruto goes to sleep by 10PM every time.
Sagittarius are the mutable fire sign meaning they are not usually as outgoing compared to Leo or Aries. However, Haruto’s mercury (communication) in sag is probably amplified by his scorpio sun. His one-liners (“You’re a BIRD!!!” & “Matthew hyung, sorry~~”) are the epitome of this combination. He comes across as outgoing, a bit “tongue-and-cheek”, and memorable.
Libras always seek balance. Haruto having his venus (perception of love) in libra probably means he looks for reciprocity in all his relationships - he probably won’t go out of his way for someone unless they go out of their way for him. During the show, this has probably helped him preserve his time and energy to focus on honing in on his skills as an idol.
Uranus represents individuality/quirkiness. Saturn represents effort. Unlike many of the other trainees, Haruto has both of these planets in water signs (often more in tune with emotions). His saturn in cancer might make him feel intimidated by critique and/or judgment + his uranus in pisces probably means he has the tendency to be a team player rather than a leader. This can be seen when he was in the first training lesson with Solji (and also when he was on LOUD and started crying with JYP).
Note: Haruto definitely has different vibes from his first impressions compared to his chart. I’m under the impression his rising sign (and subsequent other signs) might be drastically different, influencing his personality in ways we can’t analyze unless his birth time is known.
Although Haruto is perfectly capable of being a bad boss-ass b*tch (positive) and keeping afloat, I think it would benefit him to be around others who are capable of expressing their inner thoughts and feelings more often (especially seeing his comments Mnet posts on his fancams). I hope Haruto is able to let others in and also be reminded that it’s okay to trust others and ask for help!
At first glance, I thought PHanbin would have traits typical of a fire or earth sign leader full of righteousness and outgoing demeanor. However, PHanbin might be one of the secret crybabies on Boys Planet. He is definitely an atypical leader as his chart is full of water and air signs, including an aquarius stellium.
Pisces (as the mutable water sign) are the epitome of self-sacrifice and sometimes are seen as doormats who will get repeatedly stepped on over and over again. PHanbin’s sun (core) and venus (perceptions of love) are both in pisces. Pisces are the ruler of venus and those with this particular placement are thought to be among the most empathetic. This most likely means he will put others before himself. Pisces are very inclusive of all and most pisces leaders will not move forward with decisions without getting the input of everyone on their team. Their water-like fluidity will let them fit into almost any role. This can be seen with PHanbin’s past leader roles both in “Hot Sauce” and in “Law” as he prioritizes the strengths of his team members to create a harmonious picture.
The moon sign represents emotions and so the Libra (air) placement indicates PHanbin might recharge by being around others; this might contradict with his pisces sun and venus as pisces tend to be more introverted and enjoy recharging in solitude. At the same time, the amount of trainees PHanbin has seemingly befriended (and how different they all are from one another) indicates this libra moon combined with the pisces sun invites others in and his presence makes others feel safe.
The mars sign represents emotions under intense stress and/or situations. Aries is the ruler of this sign. The fact that PHanbin’s mars is in aries makes a lot of sense and is probably what gives him more “typical” leadership qualities. Mars aries are very righteous and believe in order and hard work to achieve good results. This is shown when the “Law” trainees mention PHanbin had rumors spread among the trainees for creating a “hard/strict” training regime from his former teams; this is also seen as PHanbin actively makes the “Law” trainees repeat key moves over and over again. However, I’m assuming the water signs in the chart balance out this authoritative stance because the trainees are willing to still follow along and feel grateful for PHanbin’s leadership.
PHanbin’s mercury is also in aquarius which might mean the way he communicates is a little more lighthearted than how he actually carries himself. Since the water sign pisces can be a little emotional, the air sign of aquarius (and especially because PHanbin is an aquarius stellium) can balance that out. Like many other trainees, PHanbin’s uranus and neptune are both in aquarius meaning he might try to conceal the weird and/or different parts of himself -- but at this point EVERYONE in Boys Planet is a lil weird, a lil fruity, and/or some mix of the two.
Overall, PHanbin’s chart honestly leaves me with a lot more questions than it does answers. Like Haruto, PHanbin definitely has different vibes from his first impressions compared to his chart. I’m under the impression his rising sign (and subsequent other signs) might be drastically different. The way Mnet has portrayed him is definitely different from what his chart indicates (or maybe it’s just the lack of screentime) so I hope he is able to showcase more of himself in future episodes!
You can click here to see my entire spreadsheet of all 52 members in TAB 1 & with visual charts in TAB 2.
I post on Twitter mostly but will also cross-post on IG / TikTok when I have the time! Here are the individuals I have done analyses for thus far:
I hope to continue posting more natal / birth chart analysis to my twitter in the near future. I really enjoy doing these and I’m so glad others have enjoyed reading them~
If you made it to the end of this post, thank you for sticking around! If you're also interested in astrology, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Boys Planet members!
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2023.03.22 04:19 Vegetable-Cobbler734 Fed Meeting, Banking Turmoil, Inflation and Recession

Fed Meeting, Banking Turmoil, Inflation and Recession
Full Abstract
  1. economic recessions involving banking crises

(1) are typically longer and more severe than recessions in which the banking system is not severely impaired

(2) The length and severity require a higher risk premium to compensate than a mild and brief recession.

(3) Two consecutive banking crises in the same country (i.e., two in about 20 years) are so rare that such an outcome would stigmatize public policy and therefore escalate regulatory efforts.

  1. The banking sector is facing a big test but not a crisis

The current macroeconomic backdrop lacks a key element (rapid private sector debt accumulation) and includes another important element that allows us to judge that there is no banking system crisis (duration risk rather than credit risk). Therefore, it is difficult to define that we are now experiencing a global banking crisis. For those who predict that the next recession will be a mild and short one, this is good news, because then the risk premium required for global risk markets (targeting PE ratios, retracements or credit spreads) only needs to be in line with the recession average, rather than the more extreme extremes.

  1. Tighter regulation of the banking system is inevitable

However, tighter regulation at the policy level to correct mismanaged banks will outweigh the effect of interest rate hikes on capital markets. Therefore, even if the central bank suspends interest rate hikes in the coming months, it will trigger a recession by the end of 2023/early 2024 (web link).

  1. Interest rate hikes and financial stability can kill two birds with one stone

The conflict between price stability and financial stability objectives should be manageable by using the central bank's policy rate to target inflation; and at the same time - using the size and structure of its balance sheet - as a macroprudential policy tool to help banks and financial system to achieve stability reinforcement. The UK had used highly precise asset purchases to ride out the crisis last year, along with the decision to raise the policy rate by 75 basis points from 2.25% to 3%, with subsequent 50 basis point rate hikes implemented on December 15 and February 2, respectively.

Banking crisis and economic recession
According to some Google indexed value indicators (as shown in the chart), the topic of banking crisis has never received as much attention as it has since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, even though many indicators of financial market stress (e.g. stock retracements, volatility of stocks, currencies and commodities) are far from recession or financial crisis levels. Only interest rate volatility has reached the level of the Lyman Brothers.
When there is such a disconnect between market sentiment and market risk premiums, it is worthwhile to explore the characteristics of a banking crisis. If these characteristics are currently present, the risk premium must rise to align with sentiment. If these characteristics are not present, sentiment will eventually normalize to align with a modest risk premium. I refer to the International Monetary Fund's Systemic Banking Crisis Revisited in 2018 and the Bank for International Settlements' Boom and Banking Crisis in 2016 to determine which events in the financial sector should be called banking crises so that they can be used to determine the risk premium required for diversified risk assets. The IMF study defines a banking crisis as an event that meets the following two criteria.

(1) triggering severe losses, such as a bank run, a surge in non-performing loans, or a bank failure.

(2) triggering major policy interventions, such as deposit freezes, bank nationalizations, extensive liquidity support, public sector capital injections, public sector guarantees, and asset purchases. Characteristics of Banking Crises Based on this definition, the IMF has identified about 150 systemic crises since the 1970s, including both developed and emerging market economies.

The experience of these 150 empirical studies shows that.

(1) frequent banking crises in the same country are rare. Since 1970, only three countries have experienced three or more such events (Argentina, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ukraine). The United States has experienced two events (the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s and the global financial crisis of 2007-09); eurozone members, the United Kingdom and Japan have had only one (the exact date varies by country); and Canada and Australia have had no banking crises. For me, the lack of crisis re-occurrence is attributable to the typical crisis policy response of limiting the ability to re-leverage in the future by regulating the offending sector.

(2) When a banking crisis occurs, it is rarely just a country-specific event. For me, the contagion is either due to cross-border economic and financial linkages or a common crime committed in one area (e.g. the overleveraging of US, UK and European banks prior to the GFC)
(3) Banking crises are usually associated with currency and sovereign debt crises. These linkages are intuitive given that banking crises require a fiscal response, that credit risk in sovereigns weakens the asset base of banks holding government bonds, and that economic crises drive capital flows to reserve currencies. the 2010-2012 eurozone crisis is a case study of these double and triple crises.

(4) Banking crises often follow credit-intensive booms. The risks associated with unusually rapid credit creation arise not only from the quantity of debt that needs to be rolled over when an economy hits a shock, but also from the quality of those debts. The latter problem arises because rapid debt accumulation is usually associated with lower lending standards, so that the population with the least financing flexibility suffers the greatest accumulation of vulnerability.

(5) Recessions associated with banking crises are usually deeper and more protracted than those in which the banking sector does not exhibit extreme stress. This result is driven by the need for the banking sector to regain profitability before it can resume its traditional role as an intermediary between households and firms. For example, the 2001 U.S. recession occurred with little significant stress on the banking sector (NPLs rose from about 1% to 1.5%), and it took only a year to return to pre-recession GDP growth trends. During the GFC, NPLs rose from 1% to 5%, and it took about four years to return to the pre-recession growth trend.

Of the five characteristics discussed above, I believe that - the presence of the pre-crisis credit boom - is the most important because it is the only one we can observe in advance. The other four features (re-occurrence within the same country, cross-country contagion, simultaneous currency and sovereign debt crises, and longer and deeper recessions) are either consequences of the crisis or simultaneous events rather than prerequisites for transforming macroeconomic shocks into systemic events.

A striking feature of the current macroeconomic backdrop is the deleveraging of the U.S. household sector over the past decade and the moderate increase in corporate leverage over the same period (ignoring some of the consequences due to the collapse of the GDP denominator). These two trends stand in stark contrast to the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s and the dual accumulation of household and corporate debt during the global financial crisis of 2007-09, as shown in the chart (shaded bars indicate the U.S. recession).
Such leverage trends are not only seen in the US. Also in addition to the volatility associated with COVID, private sector credit (households and businesses) as a share of GDP has remained stable in the Eurozone countries and the UK, in contrast to the previous banking crises in these countries, as shown in the chart.
The world's major private sector credit boom of the past decade occurred in our own country, China, but the financial turmoil is already reflected in our stock market and real estate credit problems in 2022:
Previous industry research on the link between leverage, banking crises and post-crisis harm has focused on credit risk and so has ignored the most salient risk feature of the current U.S. and global banking industry today, namely duration risk. Unlike the credit/default risk of bank assets (their loan portfolios or securities holdings) that relate to banking stability, it is the duration risk (valuation changes due to rising interest rates) that simply triggers anxiety and sentiment. Impaired assets are always an issue for banks, but there is a material difference between assets affected by credit risk and those affected by duration risk. The difference is that one is cyclical (asset values fall further as the economy deteriorates) while the other is counter-cyclical (asset values rise as the economy deteriorates as central banks pause or ease policy).

While the market believes that the Fed is likely to pause rate hikes, the duration risk implies structural changes in the operating models of banks in certain regions, as well as recapitalization and consolidation. But federal policy support for the asset side of these institutions' balance sheets is more important than directly addressing credit quality through monetary policy.

Reversing credit weakness requires a recovering business cycle, which can only occur later in the federal monetary policy easing cycle, or directly by the U.S. government through fiscal easing. But sadly, neither is likely to be a potential policy option for 2023.

Even though the headlines in both the U.S. and European banking sectors look ominous, this is not some banking crisis we are experiencing right now. Having a proper, objective and dispassionate understanding helps us determine the size of the coming recession and the size and scope of the risk premium required in such an economic environment.

Financial Stability and Monetary Tightening
When a market liquidity and/or funding liquidity crisis occurs at a moment when inflation is above target, a tension between the central bank's objectives - price stability and financial stability - is inevitable. In this case, while financial stability must come first, as it is a prerequisite for the effective pursuit of price stability.

This does not mean, however, that central banks should stop or suspend their anti-inflationary policies when threatened by a banking crisis or similar systemic stability risks. The conflict between price stability and financial stability objectives should be manageable by using the central bank's policy rate to target inflation; and at the same time - using the size and structure of its balance sheet - as a macroprudential policy tool to help banks and financial system to achieve stability reinforcement. Reliable communication is essential to achieve both objectives simultaneously
Will the SVB collapse (and subsequent turmoil in the banking sector) be the catalyst to reverse the Fed's tightening cycle? The market seems to be saying "yes" as it is forcing this week's hike to be priced in at +25 bps, with the assumption that a significant cycle of rate cuts will follow.

However, a 50 basis point increase in risk-free short-term nominal rates would not have a material or significant impact on the stability of the financial and banking systems of any of the large developed advanced economies. The stability of the financial system is affected by interconnected liquidity and credit risk premiums, and the disappearance of potential purchasers and lenders in illiquid financial markets. The Bank of England mastered this trick and succeeded in temporarily purchasing long-term UK government bonds during a period of monetary policy tightening brought about by the incoherent policies of then Prime Minister Liz Truss, and postponed quantitative tightening and stabilized the financial system through asset purchase facility gilt sales. The asset purchases, which lasted from September 28 to October 14, were designed to address dysfunction in the long-term UK government bond market. At the first Commonwealth Monetary Policy Committee meeting following the asset purchases, the Bank of England demonstrated its continued commitment to its firm goal of fighting inflation by raising the policy rate 75 basis points from 2.25% to 3%. Subsequent 50 basis point rate hikes were implemented on December 15 and February 2. The prudence of the temporary asset purchases would have been more evident if they had been offset.

The ECB also raised its policy rate by 50 basis points this month, despite the financial chaos in the U.S. following the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) bankruptcy. Headline HICP (Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices) inflation in Europe was 8.5% in February, and core HICP inflation (excluding volatile energy and food prices) was 5.6%. The ECB addressed the twin issues of financial stability and inflation by stating that its "policy toolkit is well positioned to provide liquidity support to the euro area financial system when needed and to maintain a smooth transmission of tight monetary policy". In the second half of the 1940s, the Federal Reserve also combined interest rate hikes (albeit very small) with balance sheet reductions and yield curve controls
What will the Federal Reserve Board do at its upcoming meeting? I believe that the issue of financial stability after the collapse of SVB and Signature Bank has been effectively addressed after ensuring that all deposits in these two mismanaged institutions are intact. In effect, this means that all deposits in U.S. banks are insured from now on. No doubt this will lead to moral hazard, as incompetent or reckless bank managers will not be punished for losing familiar depositors. But this is an unavoidable price to pay for ruling out the systemic threat posed by a bank run. This is because, with the market value of many eligible debt instruments well below par, the lender of last resort has become the lender of first resort, providing what is essentially a subsidized loan of funds. The same anomaly (valuing collateral at par value) now applies to loans in the discount window.

As of the end of 2022, U.S. banks plan to hold to maturity securities with unrealized losses of approximately $620 billion. While an increase in policy rates would likely further reduce the market value of long-term securities, it would be right to continue to raise rates anyway, as the U.K. and ECB have typically done. It is difficult to quantify the duration risk hedging pressures on banks and their counterparties, but bank losses due to bad investment decisions (in an orderly market) are part of the healthy Darwinian mechanism that maintains a market economy: banks that do not hedge interest rate risk carefully have to face bankruptcy; and so does the orderly liquidation resolution of failed institutions. Both U.S. and global central banks must be prepared to fulfill their financial stability responsibilities as lender of last resort and market maker of last resort in the event of illiquidity, bank runs, or other market failures that pose a systemic threat. However, if extreme circumstances do not arise, the continued responsibility to maintain price stability should also be honored on a consistent and stable basis.

As the U.S. core personal consumption expenditure inflation rate remained at 4.7% in January, the Fed should, in theory, raise its policy rate target range by 50 basis points at its upcoming meeting. However, the market believes that the Fed may raise rates by only 25 basis points or even pause the rate hike, as the market feels that a larger rate hike would have a serious negative impact on financial stability. In the short term, the Fed stands ready to intervene as a lender and market maker of last resort, in the best interest of U.S. financial stability. In the medium to long term, the Dodd-Frank regulations for small and medium-sized banks, which were repealed in 2018, should be reimposed, and restrictions on banks' proprietary investment activities should also be reinstated
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2023.03.22 04:13 StrictlyStats0 Bypassing ChatGPT's knowledge cutoff date - I am looking for someone to help me better understand a few questions.

For example, if I use a Google Trends link or CoinMarketCap, it will provide data from the cutoff date making it useless.
However, if I use the Federal Reserve data (asking ChatGPT to make a table ranking data, specifically the % change in circulating supply of USD, per month from Feb 2010 - Feb 2022) it gives me a clear table with data past the cutoff date.
So, what is determining this? It is simply because the Fed data is a chart, which it essentially disregards the date and makes it a table like Excel? And if so, then why can't it do that for something like Google Trends or CMK for current quantitative data?
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2023.03.22 03:00 code_hunter_cc Customize helm chart from stable repository

So I am using the helm chart stable/traefik to deploy a reverse proxy to my cluster. I need to customise it beyond what is possible with the variables I can set for the template.
I want to enable the dashboard service while not creating an ingress for it (I set up OpenVPN to access the traefik dashboard only via VPN).Both dashboard-ingress.yaml and dashboard-service.yaml conditionally include the ingress or the respective service based on the same variable {{- if .Values.dashboard.enabled }}
From my experience I would fork the helm chart and push the customised version to my own repository.
Is there a way to add that customization but keep the original helm chart from the stable repository?
Answer link :
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2023.03.22 02:41 mrjc1238 [USA-CA] [H] PS4 Slim Low FW, Backwards Compatible PS3, PSP, PS Vita, and GameCube, PS4 controllers [W] PayPal F&F

Hey all! Have a lot of controllers and games to sell this time around. Everything is tested! Shipping is included for orders above $65, otherwise its $5 per item and $1 for extra item to the continental US.
If you want a specific controller, please let me know! Otherwise I'll grab a random one from the set. I'm also open to bundle deals :)
Here's a link to all the items:

PS4 Slim 500 GB - Firmware 4.73 Great condition, comes with 1 controller. No power cord, but tested and works great. Firmware 4.73 is very moddable $185
PS3 CECHA01 - 60 GB Backwards compatible, tested with PS1/2/3 games. Comes with 2 controllers, media remote and power cord. Some scuffs $260
PS Vita Slim Great condition, no charger. Tested and working $150
PSP 2001 Has battery and charger, great condition. Tested and working. $90
Blue DualShock 4 - ZCT2U Works great. Slight scuffs $28
Black DualShock 4 - ZCT2U Great condition, no issues $28
Black Ops 3 DualShock 4 Great Condition, no issues $55
Camo DualShock 4 - ZCT1U Great condition, no issues $28
Black OEM GameCube Controller (x3) Great condition $32 each
Purple OEM GameCube Controller (x3) Great condition $32 each
Minecraft New 3DS Edition CIB $18
Monster Hunter Stories Loose $38 each
Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Loose $100
Ridge Racer 3D Loose $14
Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Loose $30
Tales of the Abyss Sealed $65
Sonic Classic Collection Loose $10
Sonic Chronicles - The Dark Brotherhood Loose $20
Yu-gi-Oh 5D's World Championships: Reverse of Arcadia Loose $18
Mario Power Tennis CIB $10
Wii U
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Inverstigations CIB $10
Darksiders Warmastered Edition CIB $15
Disney Planes CIB $10
ESPN Sports Connection CIB $10
Fast & Furious Showdown CIB $18
Hot Wheels World's Best Driver Missing Manual $28
Lego City Undercover CIB $8
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Loose, has warranty sticker $50
Mario Kart 8 CIB $12
Mario Kart 8 Missing one insert $10
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash CIB $15
Monster High 13 Wishes CIB $12
Need for Speed Most Wanted U CIB $10
Resident Evil Revelations CIB $20
SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge CIB $15
The Amazing Spider Man 2 CIB $15
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild CIB $25
Transformers Prime CIB $10

I also have the following lot of loose Wii U games. PriceCharting has them for about 70, so I'm listing them for $50 shipped. All work fine.

ESPN Sports Connection
Fast & Furious Showdown
Just Dance 2015
Minecraft Story Mode
Wii Fit U
Zumba Fitness World Party

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2023.03.22 00:38 cauliflowermilksing $30 Off Individualogist Natal Chart Coupon & Promo Codes

Follow this link for $30 Off Individualogist Natal Chart Coupon & Promo Codes. Access the latest Individualogist Natal Chart deals and promotions by visiting the link, featuring a constantly updated list of coupons, promo codes, and discounts.
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2023.03.22 00:30 epresvanilia Names Invented by Hungarian Authors/Poets

This post was inspired by a similar one I saw a few days ago. Some names here are very common, some are very rare. Enjoy!
Anada: ♀️ Artistic form of Anna created by Lajos Zilahi for his novel "Valamit visz a víz/The Water Carries Something" (1928). A very rare name. [aw-naw-daw]
Árnika: ♀️ Created by Ervin Lázár for his novel "Szegény Dzsoni és Árnika/Poor Johnny and Arnica" (1981). The name is derived from a genus of perennial plants, meaning "arnica, leopard's bane". A very rare name. [aar-nee-kaw]
Árvácska: ♀️ Derived from the word "árvácska", meaning "pansy", Zsigmond Móricz used this name for his novel "Árvácska"(1941). A rare name. [aar-vaach-kaw]
Bánk: ♂️ Originally a nobility title, it was first used as a name by József Katona for his play "Bánk bán" (1819). Not a common name. [baank]
Berzsián: ♂️ A masculine name created by Ervin Lázár for his novel "Berzsián és Dideki/Berzsián and Dideki" (1979). A rare name. [behr-zhee-yaan]
Bóbita: ♀️ Created by Sándor Weöres who based it on Hungarian "bóbita" meaning "tuft" referring to the feathers on a bird's head. A very rare name. [bow-bee-taw]
Csilla: ♀️ The name derives from the word "csillag", meaning "star" and it was created by András Dugonics for his novel, "Etelka" (1788). Used to be a very popular name, common mostly among adults. [cheel-law]
Csinszka: ♀️ Pet name of the Hungarian poet, Endre Ady's wife, Berta Boncza. The name comes from the word "csacsi" which means "little/baby donkey". Ady used this name for his wife in his poems. A very rare name. [cheens-kaw]
Dalma: ♀️ Originally a masculine name, created by Mihály Vörösmarty for his epic poem "Zalán futása/The Flight of Zalán" (1823). The original meaning is "bulky". Later Sándor Petőfi took this name as his pseudonym for a while. As a feminine name, Péter Vajda used it in 1839, later Mór Jókai used it too. It's new meaning comes from the word "dal", meaning "song". A pretty common name among young adults and teens. [dawl-maw]
Délibáb: ♀️ The name means "mirage", used as a name both by Mihály Tompa for his poem "Csörsz árka/Trench of Csörsz" and Mór Jókai for his play "Levente" (1898). A very rare name. [day-lee-baab]
Enikő: ♀️ Created by the poet Mihály Vörösmarty for his works, from the old Hungarian mythological name Enéh, meaning "young hind". A very common name. [eh-nee-koe]
Estilla: ♀️ The name is a variation of Estella, meaning "star". "Este" also means "evening" in Hungarian. It was created by Mór Jókai for his play "Levente" (1898). [ehsh-teel-law]
Eszténa: ♀️ Created by Gyula Krúdy for his novel "Az útitárs/The Travel Companion" (1919). [ehs-tay-naw]
Etelka: ♀️ It's the feminine form of the name Etele (a different form of Attila), meaning "little father". It was created by András Dugonics for his novel "Etelka" (1788). A popular old lady name. [eh-tehl-kaw]
Gyöngyvér: ♀️ It was created by János Arany for his novel "Buda halála/Death of Buda" (1863), meaning "pearl sibling" via combining the words "gyöngy" meaning "pearl" and "vér" meaning "blood". It's not really common. [dyoendy-vayr]
Hajna: ♀️ The name comes from the word "hajnal" meaning "dawn" by Mihály Vörösmarty for his epic poem "Zalán futása/The Flight of Zalán" (1823). [hawy-naw]
Hippia: ♀️ An artistic form of Hippolyta created by Imre Madách for his play "Az ember tragédiája/The Tragedy of Man" (1861). [heep-pee-yaw]
Ilma: ♀️ A shorter from of Wilma, created by Mihály Vörösmarty for his play "Csongor és Tünde/Csongor and Tünde" (1830). [eel-maw]
Imola: ♀️ Originally meaning "centaurea" a genus of 700 species of thistle-like flowering plants, it was first used as a name by Mór Jókai in his novel "A bálványos váCastle Idolatrous" (1883). The old meaning of the name is "swamp, kelp". A rare name. [ee-mo-law]
Jolán: ♀️ Created by András Dugonics for his novel "Jólánka, Etelkának leánya/Jólánka, Daugther of Etelka" (1803). Jolán comes from "jó leány" meaning "good girl". It also coincides with the name Yolanda. A common old lady name. [yo-laan]
Kincső: ♀️ This name was created by Mór Jókai for his novel "A jövő század regénye/The Novel of the Next Century" (1872). It's meaning comes from "kincs ő" meaning "she is a treasure". A popular name among children and teens. [keen-choe]
Lilla: ♀️ It's an old nickname of Lívia and Lídia. Mihány Csokonai Vitéz called his muse, Julianna Vajda by this name in his poems. A very popular name among children, teens and adults. [leel-law]
Szaffi: ♀️ A nickname of Szófia (Sophia) created by Mór Jókai for his novel "A cigánybáró/The Gypsy Baron" (1885). A very rare name. [sawf-fee]
Szidalisz: ♀️ The name was created by György Bessenynei. A rare name. [see-daw-lees]
Tímea: ♀️ Created from the Greek name Euthymea by Mór Jókai for his novel "Az arany embeThe Man with the Golden Touch" (1872). A very common name. [tee-meh-yaw]
Tünde: ♀️ Derived from the word "tündér", meaning "fairy, elf" it was created by Mihály Vörösmarty for his play "Csongor és Tünde/Csongor and Tünde" (1830). A popular name among adults. [tuen-deh]
Villő: ♀️ Created by Zoltán Kodály for his children's choir "Villő" (1925). "Villő" is probably derived from the Latin "villus" meaning "tuft of hair". Another theory links this word to Czech and Slovak "víla" meaning "fairy". A pretty rare name. [veel-loe]
Zéta: ♂️ A masculine name, created by Géza Gárdonyi for his novel "A láthatatlan embeSlave of the Huns" (1901). The name refers to the letter Z of the Greek alphabet. A very rare name. [zay-taw]
Zolna: ♀️ Variation of the place name Zsolna/Žilina created by the poet Mihály Vörösmarty. A very rare name. [zol-naw]
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2023.03.22 00:17 HimselfWhatANoob Link an Arduino Serialcomm Knob input to a physics constraint.

Hi, this is a shot in the dark and I apologise in advance if this is a hard question.
I'm trying to link the input of an Arduino knob to turn a joint inside unreal that I have created within an actor, I used physics constraints for this, essentially I want to have the knob turn the join 90 degrees each way in a fixed axis of movement. But I'm unsure how to link the flow charts or which function to do so.
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2023.03.21 23:00 swingerlover DIVINATION AND FORTUNE TELLING #astrology #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcards

DIVINATION AND FORTUNE TELLING #astrology #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcards
Divination is the practice or the process of inquiring knowledge of the unknown or the future by using supernatural methods as well as other items like Dice and tarot. Dice have a pretty long history as oracles. They were famous in ancient Rome and Greece. Again, they are prominent in medieval Europe. As you try to use dice for the first time, you will realize that there is a big distinction from other types of divination (like tarot). Further, it is normally an excellent idea to try different divination systems always to find out which parts of them we need to bring into our individual practice. Quite frequently, this is simply the latest deck in a way that we readily understand; however, it is still significant to look at completely various physical tools. One of the very interesting for contemporary readers is dice.
The basics of Dice.
Typically, dice oracles fall into two major styles; the “book” and the “hand”. First, the “Book” method includes generating a number and then picking up the analogous passage on a page. The subsequent could be anything from poetic verse to precise instructions and often would not relate right to the numbers that were initially rolled. The listing for the subsequent passage, 327, would have a completely unique meaning (and not related to 3, 2 or 7 at all). Therefore, you would have to carry both your dice and the whole book of answers with you to perform the divination. Surprisingly, this is a compelling tradition with many years of history behind it. Furthermore, there is another method- that opens up additional possibilities.
There are sound differences with using dice rather than cards that are fun as well. Cards come with fixed art that can be deciphered or reveal concealed symbolism, guided by the artist. They just have those particular structures and images (like a decision on number order, trump names and art style). The dots or marks on dice are very simple, by contrast, that they get out of the reader’s way and give room for wider accounts to be brought to the reading- particularly on something as rich as the components, which have a lot of aspects to them. The components exist as absolute magical ideals but as the solid reality we find around as too. In fact, they are even in us, as the power of our bones, the heat in our blood.
Physical dice fast become magical tools that have all of these opportunities, alive with potential. With only one six-sided die inside your pocket, you have a straight line to a big part of Western magic. Rather than turning a card to be given with a response, this sounds more as if you generate each component separately yourself using an action from your hand.
On the other hand, dice and cards are of course so comparable. (As a matter of fact, in case each of the aggregate in this oracle was painted onto a card, then the outcome deck of 72 cards would produce precisely the same possibility of each answer as it does at the moment with dice). Certainly, this is a concern we need to always be conscious of when designing a system of divination: you can just have the outcomes that put in. In this regard, none of the outcomes should have less of the possibility than others except that is something for which you have intentionally thought of and planned for. Complex systems can be enjoyable, and you can make use of charts, cards, and lengths of string, colored beads, or a combination of these! As an initial step, the very fulfilling and elegant can be done with only a one die in your pocket without the possibility of losing any of the beauty or depth.
📷Other things that make dice preferable.
Using cards is convenient as well. They are quite smaller compared to a full deck of cards. For this, from a public point of view, they do not resemble the occult object. Furthermore, there are various beautiful alternatives for you. These include metals and colors of your preference, wooden dice in a small box, various sizes, in a pocket or simply in bags. Definitely, the dice you use for divination is your magical devices and needs to be kept and utilized only for magical reasons in the same manners that many individuals do with tarot cards.
From their first form as small animal bones, the dice have been an important component of the whole history of divination. We usually find runes, cards and even sticks available to purchase as oracles. Nevertheless, dice appear to be so ordinary. We notice their sis sides and imagine that they can just give six answers. Rather, they open up such a big area of possible images and information: loving relationships, high-energy battles, landscapes of guaranteed success or warnings of questionable foundations. This just comes from a single die. Readers looking for a unique encounter or change of directions need to consider adding the humble dice in their search.
Divination by scrying.
Scrying, otherwise known as “crystal gazing” is a method by which an individual “gazes” onto a reflective thing. Still, quite a number of people use a scrying mirror or crystal ball. Scrying mirrors are basically concave opaque parts of glass. They are pretty appealing. Nevertheless, you can scry on simply about any reflective exterior, a piece of metal, a bowl of water or a mirror. In some cases, some people can even scry in flames or smoke.
The aim of scrying is to get information. Some people think that this information is presented psychically or clairvoyantly. Others believe the scrying procedure just clears the mind for information from the source or the Universe to flow more smoothly. The information obtained can be used to satisfy an entire host of concerns and questions. Sometimes, the information given is so accurate that the scryer will see visions of actual places, people and events. In some instances, the information given is symbolic just like a dream and has to be interpreted.
From another point of view, open eye scrying requires regular exercise and concentration. Actually, some people find it hard to focus their attention with their eyes open. Luckily, other people are natural scryers. Due to this, they have the ability to focus and images start to appear almost instantaneously. You may never get the hang of it. However, at some point, you may be able to gain images in a carefree state, on your eyelids, with your eyes shut. If you do some research and inquire from others, you may find that they also apply the same method suggesting that that could be another form of scrying. Assuredly, many people will not regard that as a way of scrying because it does not include a “tool” like a mirror outside the person. Besides, you may realize that that is a very effective technique to practice scrying with your eyes closed. In fact, it could be one way that will help you relax and receive essential images. While that may work for some people, others may find it quite irrelevant too. Seemingly, everyone has their best ways of scrying in the bid to get the ultimate goal.
📷Rune reading.
Runes (Witch’s Runes) are simplistic pictograms that pair concepts with symbols that are very acceptable in this contemporary world. In my late teen years, I came across the Witch’s Runes and they really made an impact on me. First, they were few in numbers, easy for me to differentiate from one another and clear to learn. In some ways, these were a groundbreaking entry to the concept of complex symbolism in my case. Because the witch’s Runes are not an old script, they have no particular sound or pronunciation; the headings of the runes are in normal English.
There is a lot less to get here, yet they more often than not be applied conversely with the Elder Futhark in this process of divination. In case you feel content with the Elder Futhark, start learning the Witch’s Runes besides them and realize how the two compare and contrast in your personal practice. If you are still working with the Elder Futhark, you can continue, or you can go back and master the Witch’s Runes first in case both time and memorization are obstacles for you.

  • Rune number– the Witch’s Rune is manifested in particular order, just like other rune rows, although they are not a script.
  • Rune name– the Witch’s Rune name is given in English and is directly mirrored by the image.
  • Think– Pictograms are not definite representations of their concepts, remarkably since there are elusive nuances for each rune. There is some imagery correlated to each rune that may assist you to link them with their meanings. You may be having other imagery that best for you and you can go with it as you wish.
There are only some of the obvious meanings for the runes that work for most people. For your own good, you may add them with time or alter those that do not seem suitable.
Most people prefer touse Tarot Reading as a method of fortune telling:
Quickly learn how to use tarot for daily benefits. Ordinarily, people know tarot as a tool for telling the future or answering questions. Nevertheless, tarot can also be employed in other things other than asking questions. It is always recommendable to take short time while pulling cards. Generally, time is important, and mere acts of…Read More: How To Use Tarot Daily For Benefits
Interested in Izabael Dajinn giving you a Tarot or Crystal Reading?
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2023.03.21 22:35 MsVxxen HEADS UP: TV Adds Chart Pattern ID & Result Tool :)

HEADS UP: TV Adds Chart Pattern ID & Result Tool :)
Those ever busy peeps at TV have bolted on another "must have" (sic) trinket to push all subs into the Premium Zone.
Details are here:
Here is an example of a trade I am in as I type this post, called in the TradeTalkTodayThread here:
1HR View (gee, my short trade is \"confirmed\")
Zoomed in 15m View (next stop $25,761.71, oh hooray! haha))
Note: that chart link has all 15 Chart Patterns preloaded for you-just select coin and time frame for the view desired, and away you go! :)
Ok, so I am scalp (not swing!) short BTC, (normally I use it as a long vehicle, but the short odds here in DDT TA are so extreme, I am seeking extra volume to trade, and so into the short bucket goes the big #1). Patterns are things I see without a visual aid (do this for 20+ years and you'll see patterns without an assist as well), but it is always nice to have confirmation & company :) ..... and for those who don't have DDTvision(tm), this may help them develop it faster! ;)
So per here:
....."Triple Top Patterns" are a high reliability 78% down pattern (forget the places behind the decimal point haha, trust me-this is no such accurate a gig folks!) IF I was in doubt (I'm not), or wanted a vote on how long to hold the trade.....I could look to this chart ditty, which auto appears when enabled. (Note: all other 14 patterns are disabled in the above view for clarity.)
Do I find such tools a godsend? No. Do I rely on them? No. Would I place or hold a trade on them alone? No. Why? I have better tools for all that, than this stuff which SKYNET can read as well as you, and do do do.....keep reading:
I added a \"Bearish Pennant\" Pattern to the above 1hr chart, so you can see why these one hit wonders are nothing to write Mom about on their own. A \"Bearish Pennant\" Pattern has a 55% Reliability Rating (little better than a coin flip-IE: SO useless, why is it even a thing here haha?). As you can see, the \"Bearish Pennant\" failed miserably. So yeah, bet no farms on this jazz. You can however, obtain what I call \"votes\". IE: you use these trade tricks in conjunction with other indicators, to qualify a trade based upon all inputs. I use DDT TEMs for this Chart Pattern vote function, and leave trade range to TEMs and the Scalp Chart drawn for the trade. That said, any way you can skin a cat will remove fur from feline, so that which works for one, is all good by definition.
TEMs for this BTC Short Trade
TEMs for this BTC Short Trade: all systems go!
Ditch Infomercial is here:
Discounted sign up link:
Sign up for a 30 day free trail period of their "Premium" plan. This is the 1 second speed plan, which is why you have to have it.
They will quote you a crazy number near $600./yr at sign up-just ignore that. Once you are in the trial, they will send you discount offers for up to 60% off, THAT is what you will take-and pay, (near $360./yr).
The link provided above will get you a $30. rebate on the fees, (ditto moi-as that is how they do it). Your end cost will be $360., less the $30. premium, or $330. net. Pricey, but sorry-you have to have the related juice, and it pays for itself in a day to a week, dependent upon how you scalp.
After you sign up, you will be able to properly chart and follow what it is I am doing in the Ditch here.
Which is mint moola. :)
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2023.03.21 22:27 Tomtom6789 Transcription of Dan Orlovsky's game notes on CJ Stroud from The Pat McAfee Show

Link to the video. Words like "um" or "uh" have been removed, as well as repeated words like "He's He's a guy" to help with readability. Specific games being referenced has been bolded.
"My notes for the Wisconsin game, 'Big time quarterback tape. Handles most at the line of scrimmage, and knows the process and the play. Then knows the why of the play. He's certainly not a statue that people are making him out to be.
Notre Dame, controls the line of scrimmage and protection very tight and efficient release. When he gets on rhythm, he's tremendous but if he's off rhythm, his feet get a little hoppy. Multiple elite ball placement drops, so throws that are absolutely perfect that there were just dropped.
Rutgers, he occasionally guides the football because he's a rhythm passer. [Guiding the football described as being hesitant and not confident that the ball will arrive at its intended destination at the right time. "You're not confident when it's going to leave your hands, like you want to, like, almost run it to where those people are"]
Michigan State, number one's open a lot. He can progress, but sometimes his feet don't get to that with his eyes. Sometimes I think he hitches a little bit too much, but that's been due to being pretty well protected. A lot of guys are open, and he had great protection up front.
Iowa, a couple plays where he doesn't hang in there and make the throws, which I didn't like. Perfect throws. I make the note, 'perfect throws' a lot.
Penn State his tape is off the charts. Rhythm and timing is absolutely Elite. Control of the line of scrimmage is absolutely elite. He's ready to throw. He reminds me a lot of Trevor Lawrence in regards to that, like fundamentally ready to throw. He made some big-time throws. You can make the case that the [best] throw of anybody in this draft is the throw he makes late down the left sideline on a go ball that is just absolutely freaking roped and it's perfect."
Below is a summarized version of his final thoughts on CJ Stroud
The gap between him and Bryce young is smaller than people think. Hesitation on Stroud is due to that he had the best protection this year and that he threw to more open receivers than the other QBs in this draft. He believes that Carolina will see him as the top QB if they can keep him well-protected.
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2023.03.21 22:11 CryptoBlazer1 From advanced analytics, to token charting and education, #CoinScan is here to bring transparency and clarity to crypto. Join us @everyone as we dive into the past, present, and future of BitStamp 🔈 (YouTube link in comments)

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2023.03.21 22:09 CryptoBlazer1 From advanced analytics, to token charting and education, #CoinScan is here to bring transparency and clarity to crypto. Join us @everyone as we dive into the past, present, and future of BitStamp 🔈 (YouTube link in comments)

From advanced analytics, to token charting and education, #CoinScan is here to bring transparency and clarity to crypto. Join us @everyone as we dive into the past, present, and future of BitStamp 🔈 (YouTube link in comments) submitted by CryptoBlazer1 to SatoshiBets [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:01 BossDee1 From advanced analytics, to token charting and education, #CoinScan is here to bring transparency and clarity to crypto. Join us @everyone as we dive into the past, present, and future of BitStamp 🔈 (YouTube link in comments)

From advanced analytics, to token charting and education, #CoinScan is here to bring transparency and clarity to crypto. Join us @everyone as we dive into the past, present, and future of BitStamp 🔈 (YouTube link in comments) submitted by BossDee1 to CryptoMarketsshot [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:59 easterisland97 I'd like to share some Time/Temp charts I've made for Cricut Iron-on, Siser HTV, Thermoflex and more! I've got printable PDF versions available for free – follow the link in my profile!

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2023.03.21 21:55 Maxine7338 From advanced analytics, to token charting and education, #CoinScan is here to bring transparency and clarity to crypto. Join us @everyone as we dive into the past, present, and future of BitStamp 🔈 (YouTube link in comments)

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2023.03.21 21:55 Shiny5027 From advanced analytics, to token charting and education, #CoinScan is here to bring transparency and clarity to crypto. Join us @everyone as we dive into the past, present, and future of BitStamp 🔈 (YouTube link in comments)

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2023.03.21 20:56 Johanna-Draconis Ep97 - When is it one trauma and when two or more? (Trauma update) - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Ep97 - When is it one trauma and when two or more? (Trauma update) - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis

Intro [0:00]

Hello my dears! My name is Johanna, and I welcome you to the Johanna Draconis - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD podcast.
In this episode we will talk about trauma again, this time about where to separate them and when they are actually belong together. Because these guys just won’t come in matching colors. Sarcasm set aside it is difficult to distinguish them.
It is important though, because this way you know what kind of trauma you are dealing with and how to treat them. So let us talk about it.

Prelude [0:33]

Sometimes I miss the time, when I had the position, that no matter the trauma, I either had C-PTSD or I was well. I didn’t saw a point in distinguishing between the traumas, as it was all PTSD either way - so, why bother?
But sadly the more I studied PTSD and the more I discovered, the more I lost oversight and had to admit, that I at least had to separate the different traumas. It was otherwise just a huge jungled up mess.
And the Achilles heel of PTSD is as soon it is fully exposed - it is at its weakest. It is a creature that hides in the darkness and strikes from there, but doesn’t really has much of a defense besides that.
That is why spreading the information and gaining knowledge is SO important. Though I will admit that at one point I just stopped counting, because the list was already too ridiculously long and I no longer really needed it.
But I do know the struggles of disentangling your own experiences and trying to figure out where and how to place them. I plan a chart, hopefully also a flow chart and the like for this reason - among other things.
Usually the trauma get separated by the time that passed between them and then what form the trauma took. So we first talk about common vs sporadic and then how different form of abuse result in different form of traumas.

Common vs sporadic [2:08]

So let us start the common vs sporadic segment by repeating what was said in episode 95: A trauma is as long as the situation lasts - even if it takes years, even decades. Also multiple traumas can happen at the same time.
More to that in the second part. We are solely focusing on the time aspect for now. So the trauma lasts as long the situation holds on and you are affected by it actively. Like being in an abusive relationship.
But what about the abuse you might wonder? You usually don’t experience the abuse non stop. This is where we need to separate between common and sporadic. Which is interestingly enough depending on the interpretation of your brain.
But in general, if it happens on a regular basis it is common. If the insults come daily, it is common. If the violence outburst are here and there - then it is sporadic. And would just be added to the cluster that is an abusive relationship.
I would even go so far to say that once a week is borderline to sporadic. The key question is, do YOU remember a type of abuse as being a regularly and common experience? Or is it more something that happened sporadicly?
If it is the second, than each sporadic event counts as its own thing. Be it a small ball trauma or a small ball in the cluster.

Different form of abuse = different form of traumas [3:38]

Which leads us to the second segment - in which we talk about the different form of abuse that result in different form of traumas. We first separate between a dangerous situation and actions of a person.
A life threatening situation is traumatic and as longer it lasts the bigger the trauma gets. As long as the threat remains the situation is still ongoing as is the traumatic experience. The same goes for abusive relationships. Or any traumatic situation.
If we stay in the abusive relationship, then having your life under threat at all times and the abusive relationship itself are two different traumas. If it is an occasional threat to the own life or yours it belongs either to the trauma or is its own separate thing.
There is a different trauma for violent abuse as it is for verbal one. They each belong to their own category. As does neglect and abandonment. Everything that damages the soul in a different way is its own trauma - even if both ways are via violence.
A slap on the hand and a punch on the face are very different levels of threat - on a baseline. In context a slap on the hand can be a death threat. So key in the separation of the violence, is, the theme they fall under. Which once again your brain decides.
Examples of themes are life threatening, threatening, reminder to stay in line, punishment, part of the daily interactions and so many more. The important part is how you perceived those actions against you and if you can put them into one group.
So to recap: We separate traumas depending how much times passed between experiences and under which theme these experiences happened.

Outro [5:32]

That was it for todays episode, I hope you found it helpful. Hope you are safe and well. And as always, if you have any questions or feedback and the like, please let me know at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
More information and transcript you can find as usually under, information regarding therapy you can find under and links are in the description.
I hope to see you next time. Watch yourselves and have a wonderful time.
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