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An overlooked and underrated character in Game of Thrones. He deserves more attention. Let's all assemble and give him what he deserves.

2023.03.26 13:45 TabulaRasa000 The LCS keeps showing this 'realtime' gold graph that only includes the last 10 minutes of play and it is completely useless

The entire purpose of the gold graph is to tell the story of the game in a small quick graphic. Being 'zoomed in' to show only the last ~10 minutes offers no advantage.
LCS (not sure if they use it in other regions) has been showing this gold graph that only goes back 10 minutes, instead of for the entire game. Effectively, it is a 'zoomed in' view of the graph which is meaningless because you don't need to know the details of how the gold changes hands, you only need the overall curve to get an idea of how the game has gone. It seems so obviously useless I thought they would have stopped using it by now, but instead I feel like I'm seeing it more.
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2023.03.26 13:45 xAbusesDrugsx9 [Xbox] Ever since becoming king of Vlandia, I can’t seem to get any more towns, even if i took them with my own army. I don’t show up as a vote option if i revoke someones fief either, anybody know a solution?

I only have 2 towns in battania, i have tons of influence and a couple million. 0 trade, and it could be too late to level it. Would i start getting fiefs again if i step down as king?
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2023.03.26 13:45 accleraterandom Pretty much just looking for some validation that this is likely what I'm experiencing & I'm trying my best to deal w it?

Sorry for all the text, any skimming would be appreciated. But basically I just need validation that not eating consistently for 20+ yrs would make a person feel terrible and be extremely fatigued to the extent they feel a need to sleep all day?
I haven't been able to talk much with a doctor beyond being told it's probably my mental health. So I guess this is my replacement for talking to others to kinda make sure I'm thinking logically about possible causes for my symptoms & how I'm going about trying to get healthier. My mental illness/trauma is obviously a huge component but there are physical aspects & repurcussions that I really feel a need to have a knowledged.
I've never gotten into the habit of eating consistently. I'd have the occasional good sized meal or a period of time living w a family who made sure I ate enough but that was always short lived.
I feel like even as a young child I was always very fatigued mentally and physically. Always teary eyed and yawning. Difficult for me to not fall asleep trying to read. Tasks that demand more effort or people asking me to put more effort into things brings up a huge emotional tantrum within me. I seem to guard my energy very carefully bc I always feel stretched further than I have capacity (even though I've never really done or achieved much - just kept myself alive). As an example I've noticed I'll clumsily fall into a chair not caring if I spill my hot tea all over myself bc I'd rather be burned than spend more energy carefully sitting into the chair and staying aware of my space.
I have horrible focus and cognitive ability in general. Idk how to explain how intense my mental fog feels it feels like parts of my brain are decaying I swear. It's difficult to even have conversations or fully follow a whole video.
My body aches badly. Always feel pain in my hands and feet. Get muscle spasms. I'm chronically dehydrated despite always having a water bottle w me sipping all day. Sometimes have resting tachycardia. Have a heart murmur and chest pain. Bad circulation. I've always been a slow eater, seem to get physical anxiety symptoms sometimes when I eat & especially when I try to eat not so slow. Easy for food to get trapped in my chest if I'm not slow. Acid reflux and some kinda difficulty swallowing (constantly choking on water). Cavities and gum recession (clench teeth). Wake up angry. Always feel badly, difficult to get any positive stimulation.
It's extremely difficult to keep a handle on my health when working full time - I just sleep, work, try to grab some food and teeth brushing supplies when heading out the door & hope I have time to use them at work. So I'm not working rn & am gonna try part time.
Guessing living my life so far not eating or moving much has gotten me here. So rn I'm trying to eat every few hours, take vitamins, drink lots water, take warm showers & stretch night and morning, some low impact cardio, resistance bands, & TMJD stretches for exercise. Alka seltzer has been helping.
Try to do other things for mental health as well - I do spend a lot of time focused on that & have been in and out of therapy since I was 8 despite drs always wanting me to be in therapy as if I'm not putting in effort there.
Does my thought process & game plan make sense?
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2023.03.26 13:45 coastraise Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Updated Program)

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2023.03.26 13:45 crackworry Verbal Game Academy - Todd Valentine Courses

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2023.03.26 13:45 AutoModerator The System by Todd Valentines (The Program)

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2023.03.26 13:45 Nateon91 Has the losing data bug gone?

I've not touched my game since i found out about this, missed raids and months of game play. I'm now sitting at home unwell and really want to spend all day playing Violet, but I haven't seen anything about this bug being fixed and I don't want to take the risk and lose it all.
Is this issue still ongoing? Is there a way to avoid it? I heard it's effected by online play which doesn't help that I want to join in on the Blissey raids!
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2023.03.26 13:45 Wyrm_Man I am the terror that flaps in the night!

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2023.03.26 13:44 Sturm141 For those who are users of Simpletons City Builder, how do you randomize the type of cargo required to grow your town?

I just completed a game with a city of 5000 inhabitants, but now that I try to start a new one, the same cargos are asked (alcohol, passengers, courrier, goods and iron). How can that list be randomized for each map that is generated?
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2023.03.26 13:44 Jade_Argent Non - Romantic Mystery Book Suggestions? Kinda like Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot?

Hi, everyone, I'm looking for book suggestions! I DON'T want the book to include any kind of romantic angle (including past motivations of main characters, like a dead partner or something), no will they won't they, just no pairing, not a hint of romance, NADA

My ideal has been Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, I love mysteries but am happy to explore Fantasy and other non - fiction genre.

Going through a though time, so really looking for an escape!
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2023.03.26 13:44 MelodiousLuna [PC] W: Runes or River of blood H: Most weapons in the game. Almost all armor sets/ talismans Ask.

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2023.03.26 13:44 eldakar666 I cant jump on this box.

I am using steam version of the game. Im stuck becasue i cant jump on this box :
Also my pistol dont have laser sight??? Why?
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2023.03.26 13:44 karl_die_klaeranlage theft between pcs

hey Reddit.
(english is not my first language and i am not well acquainted with reddit yet, so forgive me if i do something wrong)
I'm running a new campaign soon and in it theft is allowed between the PCs. Everyone is cool with it, we had a Session 0.
So one of my players would like to steal from the group (loot, no personal belongings) every now and then and give the stuff to a competing adventurer group who will pay her for it.
now I wonder how I should deal with the theft as DM?
Do you have any tips for me?
We both have already discussed that we still need to set up rules about what she can and can't steal.
But i don't know yet how to handle it in the session itself. I will discuss all this in more detail with my players, but I don't want to talk to them unprepared.
So do you have any ideas how I can do this fairly and so that everyone has fun? And how exactly should I do this in the sessions?
at the moment the following is my idea:
I make some kind of sign with her for when she wants to steal something and then she shows me the result of her sligth of hands check, in a way the others will not see it. After that i would let the other player make a perception check. If she succeeds i let it flow into the game that the pc notices that something is missing. If she fails i describe how the pc notices that she is trying to steal from them.
what do you think of the idea?
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2023.03.26 13:43 steff_n13 Realistic franchise Injuries

Hey guys! Dies anybody know how to get a realistic injury experience in madden? My players were alway healthy, which is nice but not realistic at all, so i tried to put the injury slider up bit by bit untill i would reach the perfect level. But now i am at an Level, where i have like 20 injuries per game which is to much imo, but none of them is for severall weeks, which also annoys me..
Is there a another slider or something to get this more realistic?
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2023.03.26 13:43 Gameforestde Das kommt zurück: Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – Der GameCube-Klassiker Harvest Moon erobert die Switch!

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2023.03.26 13:43 Not-W-1134 I need some help [Engines, math]

I am trying to build some modules for Trailmakers and I want to make a website to figure out the pulling power of each engine. I was wondering how close to reality the weight and the horse power is. If it is close to reality can someone tell me what the gravity compares to (compared to earth Gravity). If however is it not close what is the in-game pulling weight of each engine or what formula can I use to figure that out?
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2023.03.26 13:43 Fragrant_Step4151 Honor of Kings : All Arcana Builds [Assassins and Junglers] Part 1

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2023.03.26 13:43 rico6822 My Theory on The Subject of Aliens

Europa doesn't seem to have much of a sprawling civilization potential, as it is lacking forests to make some basic stuff for technological advancement the way we see when exploring alien ruins.
Moreover, Jove turns out to be the one causing Jovian Radiation to consume the moon, at the same time he congratulates you for beating the shit out of him and claims that while nobody will remember your sacrifice, he and his kind will.
Europa is NOT native to aliens we see here. It's a religious site. Jove and his "followers" (I guess) are encircled at The Eye of Europa. I'm guessing that red dot, which triggers the boss battle when destroyed was designed to averse with it's signals unintelligent life to come to this place, so another intelligent specie would find it. Among hatchable pet animals we have Cthulhu. It wouldn't be out of place if aliens designed such creature for us if they expected humans to come. In fact Cthulhu is an icon of a specific subgenre of horror, a "cosmic horror", which in addition to standard "space horror" or "sci-Fi horror" makes the entire point of humanity in the universe completely hopeless for us in the most pessimistic way possible and either we get deleted of all planes of existence for being humans or we cannot escape suffering at all. Lovecraft despised religion as a thing needed by lifeforms such as us to have a purpose in a universe, that doesn't even acknowledge our existence and was strongly against anthropocentrism. Jove acting like a religious cult leader either is parodying us or was observing humanity and saw our violence as a way of very deffinitive communication. He is a starfish alien but not an eldritch abomination. Even than he can operate on bizzare morality unlike our own that makes it difficult for both specie to have a common ground, even if he doesn't really have good intentions. Claiming his pride of your achievement is simply a way of establishing something that happens afterwards so you can stay encouraged.
As a result of the conflict, New Game+ triggers so the cicle can repeat. The game is a time anomaly, which is going to loop on it's own so denizen can suffer again until a fail will cause everyone to go extinct on the moon.
SCP: Containment Breach, another game by the creator of Barotrauma is based on a creepypasta, which too is a cosmic horror.
A lot of people misunderstand the genre, so here's a guide (not mine):
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2023.03.26 13:43 YeetforSkeet There is no reason to believe or buy anything supernatural if it can neither be demonstrated nor proven how the supernatural non-physics acts on physics

This may perhaps be the god of all gods of the gaps.
This escapes all scrutiny and demonstrability, hence by Hitchens razor, can be checked off.
First off: as natural explanation we mean an explanation that resides in a causally, logically closed off space where the rules and generators allow interaction and information exchange, hence there principally exists to each object a measurement. Note that physics is contained in this, but also perhaps logical-inferrential metaphysics, so long as it is causally closed within physics (Problem? Try imagining something non-physical.)
If we interpret things as an equivalence relation, i.e. x ~ y <=> both x and y can be consistently explained with naturalism (all others possibly not) then we see:
Reflexivity: both x and x can be explained naturally (or not).
Symmetry: x and y can be explained naturally, or y and x.
Transitivity: if both x and y are naturally explained, and y and z are naturally explained, then x can not be inconsistent with naturalism since there would already have been a violation with either y or z. Hence x and z must also be naturally consistent with each other.
We just grouped elements by natural explainability.
This yields at least two equivalence classes: the strictly natural, the non-natural.
If there were any means of action of either the natural or the non-natural on either equivalence class, as various myths/religions assert, it would contradict the fact that equivalence classes form strict partitions. At some point, transitivity would have been violated.
Hence, there is no reason to believe in the potency of the supernatural.
(This may be the most vigorous mental gymnastics I ever participated in, but even a dummie gotta keep practising his reasoning some way.)
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2023.03.26 13:43 papamojya Finally did it! All trophies, all perks, all locations, all (do-able) quests. Completion play-through- complete! And as I prepared this post, looking through the trophies, I realized that I started just over a year ago. Well, time to mod...

Finally did it! All trophies, all perks, all locations, all (do-able) quests. Completion play-through- complete! And as I prepared this post, looking through the trophies, I realized that I started just over a year ago. Well, time to mod... submitted by papamojya to skyrim [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 13:42 perfectpenguin- 2023 Broadway Real Estate

Yesterday I made this list and posted it to BroadwayWorld. I thought Broadway Reddit might like it too. Enjoy!
Moulin Rouge - Al Hirschfeld Theatre Chicago - Ambassador Theatre Kimberly Akimbo - Booth Theatre A Beautiful Noise - Broadhurst Theatre The Book of Mormong - Eugene O'Neill Theatre Bad Cinderella - Imperial Theatre SIX - Lena Horne Theatre Harry Potter - Lyric Theatre The Lion King - Minskoff Theatre Dancin - Music Box Theatre MJ - Neil Simon Theatre Aladdin - New Amsterdam Theatre Hamilton - Richard Rodgers Theatre Some Like it Hot - Shubert Theatre & Juliet - Stephen Sondheim Theatre Hadestown - Walter Kerr Theatre Wicked - Gershwin Theatre
Back to the Future - Winter Garden Theatre Previews: June 30, 2023 Opening: Aug 03, 2023
Once Upon a One More Time - Marquis Theatre Previews: May 13, 2023 Opening: June 22, 2023
Grey House - Lyceum Theatre Previews: April 29, 2023 Opening May 30, 2023
Here Lies Love - Broadway Theatre Previews: June 17, 2023 Opening: July 20, 2023
Sweeney Todd - Lunt-Fontanne Theatre Currently in previews Opening: March 26, 2023
Life of Pi - Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre Now in previews Opening: March 30, 2023
Camelot - Vivian Beaumont Theater Now in previews Opening: April 13, 2023
New York, New York - St. James Theatre now in previews Opening: April 26, 2023
Shucked - Nederlander Theatre now in previews Opening: April 04, 2023
Fat Ham - American Airlines Theatre - Fat Ham Now in previews Opening: April 12, 2023 Closing: June 25, 2023
Peter Pan Goes wrong - Ethel Barrymore Theatre Now in previews Opening: April 19, 2023 Closing: July 09, 2023
The Thanksgiving Play - Hayes Theater Previews: March 25, 2023 Opening: April 20, 2023 Closing: June 04, 2023
Good Night, Oscar - Belasco Theatre Previews: April 07, 2023 Opening: April 24, 2023 Closing: Aug 27, 2023
Prima Facie - John Golden Theatre Previews: April 11, 2023 Opening: April 23, 2023 Closing: June 18, 2023
The Phantom of the Opera Closing: April 16, 2023
Pictures from Home - Studio 54 Closing: April 30, 2023
Summer, 1976 - Samuel J. Friedman Theatre CLosing: May 28, 2023
A Doll's House - Hudson Theatre Closing: June 10, 2023
Leopoldstadt - Longacre Theatre Closing: July 02, 2023
Parade - Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre Closing: Aug 06, 2023
Funny Girl - August Wilson Theatre Closing: Sept 3, 2023
The Cottage - Hayes Theater limited run Previews: July 07, 2023 Opening: June 24, 2023 Closing: October 20, 2023
Merrily We Roll Along - Hudson Theatre limited run Previews: Sept 19, 2023 Opening: tbd Closing: Jan 21, 2024
James Earl Jones Theatre - open Circle in the Square Theatre - open Palace Theatre - open
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2023.03.26 13:42 hydra1280 limbo part 2

(part 1
From the great lands' vast sky, a power rose up, the 'Great Diamond', from an unremarkable rock of space that sat above limbo as one of its great wonders since everything else seemed to fall into its pull besides these moons. This moon would be basic, white with a fairly large size, The Great Diamond would hide on this moon as she created a race of women who would extract the life force from the earth to create gems, the name of the race who would come in all sorts of crystals. Each gem would be different from other gems unless they were of the same gem type which meant though they varied, this would be in more stylistic elements of the shaping of their bodies from their hole which would usually be fairly standard unless the job would be rushed. Using the lack of necessity on things such as air, water or food and virtually no need for base organic reproduction seeing as these gems were constructs of magically infused, condensed, light and rock. While the rest of the higher powers would be distracted from infighting or growing fat from peace and dominance, the gem empire would colonise the remaining 3 moons and other outer planetary bodies. This would all come crashing down when a glitch in the advanced systems occurred, causing the reveal of the gem empire which had amassed power far beyond the other races in the expansive world called limbo. In a panic, the empire would send its forces down and activate offensive protocols, thousands of ships would be unleashed in the first wave. Many powers would be eliminated and their races would be integrated or decimated, with the greatest odds of survival to escape to other powers. To combat the overwhelming power, the true might of the 'Will Of Man' would be shown to the entire world. In a gaping presentation of strength the 'Will Of Man' would use its power and rip apart the sky in holy light, the souls of man's greatest heroes from the 'Will Of Man' would be summoned which included unremembered or unremarkable humans who should the qualities of greatness. Bravery, righteousness, thoughtfulness and compassion were all shown within each soul as they, in their blazing forms, grew to enormous proportions and struck down the fleets that assailed Limbo.
Now with breathing room, man called together under the banner of humanity and began their counterattack. Thousands of different races would assail the new territories of the 'Great Diamond' as they would intercept communications and even achieved assaults on the gem empire's core worlds which were their outer solar civilisations. The union of races was empowering but unstable, the humans had an empty position within a matter of months as the 'Will Of Man' would be venerated while his children remained, put to slaughter. This fickle union would come undone however as man would rise up against the other races from other gods as they formed a fair and honest organisation under a unified empire. Instead of warring gods, they would assemble a pantheon as the state religion, under the rule of 'Deity Of Challenges', 'Prime Of Strength', 'Divine Ruler Of Games', 'Aquala, The God Of Waves', 'Goddess Of Friction' and 'Existence Of Hierarchy' with the 'Will Of Man' choosing to abstain. Yet he would still be present within the pantheon like a vanguard, one-man army, as the 'Will Of Man' would take vengeance against the races that wronged humans and gain notoriety throughout Limbo, assembling a justice cult in his honour. Ultimately, due to the overwhelming power of the 'Will Of Man', he would act as a double-edged sword, causing the 'Great Diamond' to join forces with the alliance of man which had been butchered from the 'Will Of Man'. But this would not stop the empire as the repentant 'Existence Of Hierarchy' would front military efforts with his followers and children. Using powerful attack legions of beast-men and organised forces of humans to confront most major challenges with more fortified positions being handled by forces like the children of the 'Prime Of Strength'. As the 'Deity Of Challenges' would send sects or nomads to wipe out encampments with the others contributing uniquely to military efforts but despite their uniqueness, all of the deities worked with great cohesion. Within a matter of years, the empire had become the major power and subjugated Limbo as the other races formed coalitions, unions and alliances. Meanwhile, the empire lived in great satisfaction as they endorsed equality and aid for all, acclimating territories from dictatorships and treating them with great care as even territories outside of the empire would be provided with aid and friendly behaviour. This would lead to a lot of deities joining the empire as territorial deities, deities who could become widespread and accepted into the pantheon but not connected to the higher echelons to keep out nefarious powers. But this admiration was not simply of deities as nations and people would commonly defect, making the empire rich with diversity as efforts to spread out populations across the empire were successful due to a desire to avoid mistreatment of other races.
The empire would run smoothly due to the deities as they would establish a grand system, the 'Deity Of Challenges' would spread the martial arts influence across the empire. Teaching cultivation techniques such as increasing strength, creating skin as hard as steel, aiding in handling various disabilities and dealing with most terminal diseases by using her children to have special adaptations to magic and QI that could be used to heal from poisons, gruesome damages and more. The 'Prime Of Strength' would create halls of proving where people would assemble to take on challenges such as defeating mountain eaters or proving great deals of endurance. As he would push the people to a better and healthier lifestyle as his land's bounty would be truly uncovered when creating the empire as the sense of power shifts caused the reproduction and power of the 'Prime Of Strengths' beasts to increase dramatically. Creating a great deal of meat and other great materials for the empire which also allowed the giants to live a more lucrative and decadent lifestyle. 'Divine Ruler Of Games' would be the most integral piece to the empire as it managed a great deal of the administration and governance along with always creating and innovating new types of games such as new park rides or game companies that aided the nation in creating extra revenue. the works of 'Divine Ruler Of Games' also included social services such as health care, mail service, firer fighters, humanitarian aid and more. This would often be seen through parks but 'Divine Ruler Of Games' would also leave his mark in amazing city designs or pedestals laced around the empire for small fun and rewards such as a pattern/memory game at a secluded waterfall, deep in the forest. But this should not degrade the work of other deities such as 'Aquala, The God Of Waves' who would handle oceanic-related disasters and sea fishing/trade like if the ocean needs to rehabilitate sea life or if the ocean needs to flow water into a chasm to allow villages access to water. 'Goddess Of Friction' was also very important as she would release high-tier and above, slime craft, into the empire instead of low-tier slime craft like when it was sold to the old human territory. This would drastically alter science and mechanisms as was known with the slimy mechanisms being used to revolutionise weapons of war, build homes and as aids in grand farming. Finally, there is the redeemer or as he is also known, 'Existence Of Hierarchy', the 'Existence Of Hierarchy' would become very useful in the empire as he would help create lush villages and cities that greatly incorporated plant and animal life. Along with boosting plant growth such as wheat crops along with using its caste system in a more productive way such as in the military or as its reformed design as a goodness meter where those who had a greater loyalty, faith and trust for the empire would be rewarded with privacy enabled. Meaning that this could not only help keep those who are loyal to the empire satisfied but also not cause potential problems with the amount of trust and faith from one person to another so as to allow a fostering of kind-ship before any disdain as those who had been granted power would also not be able to tell how high level they are. But this would all be overshadowed by the 'Will Of Man' who had gone from a vanguard of the gods to an eternal protector of life, giving up his conscious mind and body to bless the empire and its citizens with good fortune and ward off evil spirits. Creating many an event throughout the year, annually, such as the day of saints where the saints that had descended from the gem war and those made after, would come down in peaceful fashion and bestow greetings in a warm silence. Or other days such as the haunting which manifested the fears and anxieties of the empire's citizens to be confronted in their dreams with those with a more gentle mind having restraints so as to not cause psychological issues. Along with every citizen having their nightmares devour malevolent entities wishing to do harm like robbers or banshees with other holidays with a total of 13, including the haunting and the day of saints.
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