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2023.03.30 07:11 Molpolp TOP reclear static until 6.4 [LFM][Static][Reclear][Multiple DC][NA]

Our 5/8 static is in need of the following rolls
What we're looking for in applicants
What we're NOT looking for in applicants
Schedule is 9pm-1am EST
Current days are Tuesday/Wednesday next week to get used to strats/mit as a group
Group goals/focus
Links for stuff
If you have any questions feel free to DM me on discord @ Molpolp#9256
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2023.03.30 06:15 Kagabean [LFG][NA][Static][Savage][TOP][MC-sHC] SGE-slash-DNC looking for static for 6.4 & beyond

Hallo~ I'm a healepranged main looking for a static for 6.4 savage and beyond! I'm a quad legend who's been raiding since Creator in HW, looking for a new group to run content with! While my main goal is to find a group for savage, I wouldn't mind finding a group that does ultimates as well; my prog point before my last static broke was p3 enrage, but I had it down clean. :<
My availability is broad in days, but somewhat limited in time frames. I'm available any day of the week, between 8:30pm to 2am EST. I'm looking for 3 or 4 days a week, but I can be flexible.
My logs can be found here. My discord is seii#0101!
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Hey all! Looking for a chill static to clear uwu with. Up to Predation prog. Looking for consistency and not looking for Garuda and Ifrit memes 馃檪
-Have cleared one savage tier (preferably asphodelous and abyssos)
-Have logs available to share.
-Be at Predation or at least Titan clean up. (Not gaols prog)
-Stable internet (it's hard to prog when everyone's DCing left and right.
-Be consistent with ifrit and garuda. Mistakes happen but no backwards prog.
-Lots of patience.
-Discord VC is a must
Line up:
H1-AST (up to Supression)
D3- MCH (Up to supression)
-1 lockout daily 9pm-11pm GMT+8 (times are negotible and I'm always open to extra PF prog if people want)
Current members logs:
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2023.03.30 01:52 spookysnow [LFG][Static][Primal][6.4][Savage or Ultimate][MC]

Hi! Tank / Ranged (Phys or Magic) main here, currently looking for a group for 6.4 Savage and beyond. Can also flex to Melee if necessary! Maybe even AST if the group is good/willing to help learn. Looking for a group that's chill, but still wants to clear the tier in a timely manner. Ideally around week 6-8ish, give or take a week or two. Job preference is in the order they are listed.
Availability: M/T/W/Th/F: 7:00 PM EST - 1:00 AM EST Saturdays: 9:00 PM EST - 1:00 AM EST Not available on Sundays. Start time is flexible. Looking to do at least 3 days a week, hours up to the group!
No ultimate prog but willing to go into TOP or TEA while we wait for 6.4. Can only do TOP as WAR though.
Logs: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/excalibuciel%20crescent
DM me on discord: Ciel#3815
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2023.03.30 01:50 b0wlby [NA][LFG][Static][6.4][Savage][DC Travel]

Tl;dr - want to clear in 2 weeks ideally, 4 weeks max, can play whatever role!
Hey there! I'm looking for a group to do the next raid tier with when it drops. Currently, I am progging TOP with another group, progging the start of P5, and we aim to clear before the new patch comes out. Previously, I played through Asphodelos pretty casually with friends as a PLD (cleared around when 6.15 dropped), then did Abyssos a little more seriously with a midcore group primarily as a caster (cleared after 3 months), and I cleared UWU as a WHM after about 2 weeks of prog after finishing the Abyssos.
After clearing the various fights, I would go back and try them all on different jobs for fun, and as a result, I'm pretty comfortable on any role! I most prefer tanking, but I'm perfectly happy to play whatever if it means I get to do the content. You can find my logs here ( https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/15870613 ) and here for my alt, which I played almost entirely in PF as a tank ( https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/18013496 ).
During Abyssos, I realized I wanted to take things much faster than my group at the time was comfortable and able to, so for this tier, my ultimate goal is to clear in 2 weeks, with a hard deadline of clearing within a month. My schedule is very flexible if I have notice ahead of time, with the exception of Monday nights, which are pretty much permanently occupied for a work commitment (will likely be able to get out if it for week 1, but not any more beyond that). If the vibes are good and the group is interested, I'd be down to stick around and do the other Ultimates I haven't had time to do as well!
Perfectly comfortable being on stream, love doing prep work between raid times, willing to help on shot-calling if needed!
IGN - Satril Carrios (Crystal/Coeurl) Discord - Bowlby#4348
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2023.03.30 00:05 DeerOccultism [NA][LFG][Static][HC] Melee or Ranged Phys LF 6.4 Week1 & Speeds [EST]

Hello, I am looking for a static to prog and reclear the upcoming 6.4 savage tier with, with a focus on spending post-prog time on optimizing for speed kills.
I was primarily a NIN main from 4.0-6.2, switching to ranged phys due to some static shuffle for the tier (mainly DNC but some amount of BRD). I am open to flexing on melee jobs, although NIN is the job I have the most extensive experience with.
I have done hc/wf & week 1 prog in the past, as well as parse/speeds. I cleared P4S Day 3 (with no raid on Day 2), E12S Week 1 (Crystal 2nd), E8S Week 2, E4S Week 1 (Crystal 2nd), TEA Week 5 (Crystal 3rd I believe), TOP week 8. DSR was an unfortunately late kill due to schedule issues, and Abyssos prog group fell apart due to various issues. 6.2 Speed Group ended at rank 14 global for speeds.
I try to focus on quick communication, adjusting on the fly (including sac'ing in order to see further into a fight as necessary), and solid raid awareness especially when it comes to first learning mechanics and deducing how they operate. I am willing to do some amount of blind prog, but would like to rely on vods and other povs in order to clear quickly and efficiently.
I will be available to take time off for prog through the week. I would prefer to alarm clock day 1 and do as much as possible blind, but am okay with a more relaxed/weekend schedule provided that players are able to study and research mechanics in advance.
I have an alt available for split clears, and can level/catch up additional characters if necessary with enough notice. Additionally can flex roles for melee if necessary for split gearing.
I am available most evenings after 7pm EST. I am willing to DC travel as necessary.
Logs: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/3326326
Please contact me here or on discord, erin#5422
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2023.03.29 16:24 srynotthatsry [LFG][TEA][Aether][MC][WHM][Static]

Hi folks,
WHM Main looking for a TEA static, with the goal of clearing before the next raid tier. I鈥檝e already cleared UWU and UCoB.
I鈥檓 going in fresh but I鈥檓 a quick learner and regularly study outside of raid.
Availability: Monday - Friday: 6PM - 11PM CST Saturday - Sunday: Open
Logs: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/cactuaee%20yar
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2023.03.29 08:24 HighAutism [NA][Cross-DC][Aether][MC][Static][LFM][Ultimate][TOP]


TOP 7/8 currently looking to fill Tank and looking to clear before 6.4


Mon 6:00 PM ~ 12:00 AM
Tues 10:00 PM ~ 2:00 AM
Wed 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM EST
Our prog point:
-We are at p3 hello world with 2 members at Alpha Omega

Your prog point:
-Atleast p2 Party Synergy with confidence in the mechanic and most of p3 with study.

Our goal:
-We're trying to clear before 6.4 but if we're close to clearing on drop, further hours can be discussed after week 1 of the tier

We're looking for:
- Players with previous raid tier experience, Ashphodelos and Abyssos Clear mandatory
- Players who can recognize where they screw up, can learn quick, understand that the goal is to clear as soon as possible with the time we have, be willing to adjust on the fly during pulls, and can take constructive criticism.
- Players who study outside of raid times - we'll have toolboxes and guides in the discord provided to you, and being communicative about mitigation, optimizations, and movement is important through the last couple of phases.
- Punctual with good vibes. Talking isn't required but at least be willing to adjust if necessary. If you're gonna be out, 24 hour notice at the least.
-Be able to push hours if necessary when we're getting further in the fight

Contact Kayla#0008 if interested!
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2023.03.29 07:50 dootybooty [LFG] [MELEE] [TOP] [P5 SIGMA] [NA] [HC] [STATIC]

SAMURAI main at P5 Sigma (in-game prog, can provide proof, also have simmed it a lot + Omega) looking for afternoon or late night static to clear in the next couple of weeks. I don't mind XIVSIM nor AM to speed up the clear.

I've been raiding since Eden's Promise and am always looking to optimize and receive feedback. I can bring consistency, damage and good vibes.


Contact me on Discord: cheesuboiga#1337
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2023.03.29 06:08 MightyMunch [LFG][NA][Static][HC][W1-Prog] Melee LF HC group for 6.4 and beyond

Melee player looking to join a group for a fast week 1 clear of the 6.4 Savage raid tier.
My hopes and expectations are to clear the tier fast within the first few days, not really looking for world prog unless the group is going in that direction.
Pref Dragoon>Reaper>Ninja>Samurai
I will be able to take time off for HC progression. I am available to go 16 hour days until we clear. Availability after week 1 would most likely be after 9PM EST. I also have an alt ready to do any split clears the group desires. I am down for optimization, speeds I don't care as much about but if the group cares then I will be down for it.
Logs: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/11651388
Feel free to contact me here or through discord chaosbear#8107.
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2023.03.29 05:28 Icy-Tie-1862 [NA][Static][LFM][HC][Speeds] LF AST 6.4 Savage

The RNG Factory is open for business! We cleared Abyssos during Week 1 and claimed rank 3 speeds ASP (r1 NA) for the tier. We are looking for an ASTROLOGIAN (or a really, really good SCH) to join us through the entirety of 6.4 with the following goals in mind:
--Week 1 clear of the tier while raiding about 9 hours per weekday, with more during the weekends; we are not alarm clocking or world progging. We expect everyone to be highly available (taking PTO).
--Split reclears until about Week 8 to ensure we all gear as quickly as possible, including getting gear for alt jobs should a role flex be optimal for a given fight.
--Speedrunning about 16 hours per week once we are geared, but with a lot of theorycrafting and discussion occurring outside of instance to ensure we are able to efficiently utilize raiding time. We expect to crunch more hours in the final weeks of the tier, as well as periodically throughout the tier.
Qualities we're looking for:
--We love playing the game. It may sound clich茅, but we want someone who loves devoting time to the game, enjoys discussing the finer details of fights, and will not burn out.
--We always try to get better and are open to adjusting strats and rotations to better suit the group or a specific fight.
--We are respectful and courteous, we are an inclusive group where we encourage discussion as equals who share a common goal, and actions that discourage this simply will not be tolerated.
Tentative schedule:
Prog: 9 hours weekdays, 11+ hours weekend
Post prog: Tue 8-12 EST (reclear only), Wed-Sat 8-12 EST (speeds) -- can negotiate schedule for the right player
ROSTER: https://www.fflogs.com/guild/na/zalera/rng%20factory
Please DM YanDaemonium#3502 if you are interested or if you have any questions, thank you!
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2023.03.29 05:20 PythonXDD [Static][NA][LFG][WP][HC][6.4] Omni Tank LFG 6.4 World Race

Omni Tank LF World Race Static for upcoming Savage Race.
Competing in the Race to World First. I also enjoy optimization and speeds, but the primary goal should be to compete at a high level.
Penta Legend. Cleared Abyssos day 3, cleared Top week 3 with 16+ hour days for week 1. Tanked for World 1st SGE Solo Heal of TEA. Lots of optimization experience including: Rank 1 DRK (TOP), Rank 11 DRK (DSR), Rank 9 DRK (TEA), Rank 1 GNB (UWU) & various savage/ex fights.
I've cleared most fights in the game and have significant HC hours prog experience outside Abyssos/TOP such as with Sildihn, DSR, Asphodelos, Shiva, TEA etc, as well as Racing experience in other games.
Logs: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/12421035#
Alt: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/17471350
Able to take 1-2 weeks time off for new releases. Specifics near future can be discussed in DM's.
Contact me on [email protected] Python#7634 with some info about your group and any questions you have!
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2023.03.29 02:20 boothten [NA][Aether][LFG][Static][HC][WP][W1-Prog] Melee LF HC or WP Static for Savage & Ultimate Progression and Optimization

[LFG] [NA] [HC] [WP] [Week 1] [Savage] [Ultimate] RPR / DRG / SAM Hello! I'm an extremely motivated melee main LF a long-term hardcore/world prog static for Savage & Ultimate progression and optimization.
My raid experience in XIV: - Week 1 Eden's Promise, first attempt at week 1 prog and cleared day 6 - Week 1 Asphodelos, cleared day 3 - Week 1 Abyssos, cleared day 6 - TEA: First on-content ulti clear - UCOB: cleared in SHB - DSR: cleared week 6 - TOP: cleared week 5 - SHB Gate & Verse both cleared week 2 in sHC groups with a midcore schedule - SB: All tiers cleared with a MC group
I have an alt available for split clears, I am able to record for vod review, and have a functioning mic as well. Group synergy and consistency are as important to me as having fun is. I do my homework on content, am mechanically consistent over long prog hours, learn very quickly, and in prog environments focus on mechanics before dps greed. My ideal group is a drama free environment, where timeliness, courtesy, and improvement (both at a personal and group level) are not only expected, but nurtured and encouraged. A strong healthy competitive spirit, to always want more out of our play, a drive to always aim for better. Both individually but especially as a group, as those are very much my own personal goals and aspirations. I would like a group interested not just in hardcore/world prog progression but ideally parsing, optimization, and speeds as well.
Available Times: I'm looking for groups interested in alarm clocking progression and running 14+ hours a day.
For post-prog, my availability is as follows: Mon-Fri: 6pm-11pm pacific, 9pm-2am eastern Sat/Sun: All day, any time.
FFLogs: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/16335083
Please send me a DM on discord @ hours#8008 for more info, or if you're interested. I'd love to have a conversation. I look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.03.29 01:22 apatheticangel27 [LFG] [Static] [NA] [6.4] [HC] Tank, melee or shield healer LF week 1 6.4 savage.

Penta legend looking to week 1 6.4. Willing to play tank, melee or (shield) healer. Cleared Asphodelos week 2 with a week 1 doorboss and TOP week 5. Generally available after 7pm est at the moment. Alt available for splits if the group desires.
Logs: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/15466683
Message me preferably on discord for further questions. Sari毛l#2222
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2023.03.29 01:17 SnooPears6722 [Aether][Static][LFG][HC][WP] Omni-Tank LFG WP-Week 1 6.4 Savage

Omni Tank (GNB pref) LGF for WP/week 1 6.4 savage static, willing to go to any NA DC
Raid Experience
What I bring
Main Logs: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/adamantoise/tredyr%20genden#
If you are interested or have any questions feel free to reach out to me on discord: yertwell#3518 (I wont be able to respond to messages on reddit)
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2023.03.29 01:10 mochaamochi [NA][LFM][STATIC][6.4][Savage][sHC-HC][Week 1-prog]

2/8 looking to create a week 1 savage group for 6.4! We are looking for veterans and people who are, like us, new to the HC scene and want to try week one prog!
Roles we鈥檙e looking for:
路 x2 tanks
路 x1 pure healer
路 x2 melee & 1 phys range
路 OR x1 melee, x1 caster, & 1 phys range
Schedule: We鈥檇 be looking to do 16hrs day 1 and 8-12hrs for the remainder of the week. If prog spills past week 1, we can discuss times as a group if/when that happens.
About us: We鈥檝e been raiding together since eden鈥檚 promise back in ShB and have been a part of a casual-MC static for a while but looking to start HC and do week 1. We鈥檝e done asphodelos and abyssos blind, and have cleared UWU as well. I, Mhoki, am a SCH main and Mav can flex with NIN or BLM.
SCH(me): https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/13103686
NIN/BLM: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/12794426#difficulty=101&zone=44
What we are looking for from you:
路 Previous raid experience is a must 鈥 rather it be casual, MC, or HC
路 Respect for other players time and show up to raid prepared with food/pots/geaetc.
路 Ability to effectively communicate mit usage, cooldowns, and ideas to the rest of the group
路 Ability and willingness to optimize while progging
路 Have an open mindset and take constructive feedback
So, if you are interested 鈥 or you are but don鈥檛 feel you fit the frame 鈥 send me a message on discord at CafeMochi#9671 and we can talk!
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Hey all! Looking for a chill static to clear uwu with. Up to Predation prog. Looking for consistency and not looking for Garuda and Ifrit memes 馃檪
-Have cleared one savage tier (preferably asphodelous and abyssos)
-Have logs available to share.
-Be at Predation or at least Titan clean up. (Not goals prog)
-Stable internet (it's hard to prog when everyone's DCing left and right.
-Be consistent with ifrit and garuda. Mistakes happen but no backwards prog.
-Lots of patience.
-Discord VC is a must
Line up:
H1-AST (up to Supression)
H2-SGE (Cleared reprog on H2)
D3- MCH (Up to supression)
-1 lockout daily 9pm-11pm GMT+8 (times are negotible and I'm always open to extra PF prog if people want)
Current members logs:
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2023.03.28 23:46 redfiend00 [AETHER][DNC][STATIC][LFG][SAVAGE][ULTIMATE]

BRD/DNC/MCH Looking for a chill mc/shc static for 6.4 savage
Looking for a group to raid with 5-7 days 4+hours or everyday until all is cleared. Doesn't have to be week 1 clear just do what we can. After we clear it can go back to a normal schedule. Would like to stay on the Aether DC. Redfiend#1367
I'm down to do other content while the next tier comes out I only have one Ultimate done (UWU)and been up to end of DotH in DSR.
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2023.03.28 17:24 orpheusyu Thoughts on DPS meter in Diablo4

TLDR: DPS Checks create toxicity not dps meters
I've seen a lot of kickback against having dps meters in game due to potential for toxicity. Coming from ffxiv, where nearly every one of my clears of extreme/savage/ult has been uploaded to fflogs, I have never personally experienced toxicity with regards to parsing. And this includes when ive grey parsed or been with people parsing 0 and 1.
That's not to say toxicity doesn't exist, it 100% does. But it's my belief that these people would be toxic whether the parsers existed or not. 99% of players are just happy to clear.
The issue is when parties cannot clear. In current patch ultimates or week1 savage, you will see certain jobs excluded in the party finder due to low dps. This is because of tight dps checks created for these fights.
In the diablo4 beta, we had 15mins to kill ashava. Unfortunately some groups ended up failing the dps checks for 1 reason or another. The combination of: potentially hard dps checks in the future, world bosses being open to all regardless of level/gear, and set spawn times, will end up creating more toxicity than a dps meter ever will. People are going to want to only play with a 4party of people they know do good dps, to not get rng screwed in the matchmaking.
Even if they don't show everyone's contributions to boss dmg, like in lost ark, it'd at least be nice to have a training dummy to help compare dps on different builds.
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2023.03.28 10:19 Glicin [EU][LFG][Static] SAM or DNC or SMN or NIN lf Ultimates and 6.4 week 1-2

SAM/DNC/SMN/NIN (also considering RPMCH for next tier)
DSR group from p2 meteors/p1
TEA from start
TOP from start (DNC/SAM/MCH/NIN)
6.4 week 1-2 group with split reclears
About me: Started playing 3 months before EW launch.
P1-3S day 4/P5-7S week 1, P4S week 3, P8S week 4, UCOB, UWU via PF. (cleared second tier on alt aswell at same pace)
Currently free weekdays from 16ST - 24ST, sat-sun 12ST+, for ultimates i want to play atleast 12 hours per week (days don't matter), willing to do DSR sims if group wants it, also want to be mute in VC.
Main logs: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/16777392
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Hey all! Looking for a chill static to clear uwu with. Up to Predation prog. Looking for consistency and not looking for Garuda and Ifrit memes 馃檪
-Have cleared one savage tier (preferably asphodelous and abyssos)
-Have logs available to share.
-Be at Predation or at least Titan clean up. (Not goals prog)
-Stable internet (it's hard to prog when everyone's DCing left and right.
-Be consistent with ifrit and garuda. Mistakes happen but no backwards prog.
-Lots of patience.
-Discord VC is a must
Line up:
H1-AST (Up to supression)
D3- MCH (up to supression)
-1 lockout daily 9pm-11pm GMT+8 (times are negotible and I'm always open to extra PF prog if people want)
Current members logs: https://www.fflogs.com/charactejp/tonberry/lumini%20no
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2023.03.28 05:33 Ktrain29 [NA][LFM][HC][Static][6of8] 6.4 World Progression Static looking for any role.

Aiming for Top 20 or better, and eventual world 1st.
Looking for:
Skilled Tanks, DPS or healers.
We are a newly formed group started by hardcore players looking to improve our world race rankings further. The group was formed for Week 1 progression in Asphodelos and completed its goal of clearing week 1 while peaking at rank 14 in speeds. The group鈥檚 goal is to further improve upon that and enter the world-progression scene in 6.4 with the goal of achieving a ranking of top 20, and the eventual goal of competing for the world first. Our first raid since reforming was the most recent ultimate, The Omega Protocol, in which we finished week 5 (NA 48th, World 158th) on a midcore/semi hardcore schedule of about 22 hours per week.
Current Members:
Tank/flex: https://www.fflogs.com/characteid/16026653#dpstype=pdps
Melee: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/diabolos/andromeda%20carina?zone=49
Melee: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/gilgamesh/maria%20i%27uwu
Ranged/flex: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/maduin/kelsier%20sovereign
Casteflex: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/faerie/okibi%20fueguito
Healer: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/faerie/corrupt%20memory
If you are interested please send a Discord message to Shee Ra#3261 with logs and a brief introduction and fill out the attached application.
Application: https://forms.gle/tVYSwBpmRjrScsee8
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