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SW Florida Jeep Club

2015.04.16 17:28 USMCSSGT SW Florida Jeep Club

Caloosa Jeepers is a family oriented Jeep club located in Southwest Florida with members in Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh, Estero, Naples, North Port, Punta Gorda, and Sarasota, to name a few. Your level of 4x4 experience does not matter, just that you enjoy hanging out with good friends that enjoy the same passion: JEEPS! To be added to the group, message USMCSSGT.

2023.03.25 12:03 remote-enthusiast Collection of 99 remote jobs

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2023.03.25 11:40 LouisTeel532 cryptocurrency wallet card

cryptocurrency wallet card
One of the numerous advantages of ultramodern technology is the capability to conduct business ever. This greatly simplifies the way businesses operate and marketing to consumers. In addition, it increases the number of implicit guests. Virtual card deals are also safer and more effective than physical relations. These benefits have led to the creation of several smart cards that serve in analogous ways. For case, both a virtual visa card and MasterCard are available for purchase.
cryptocurrency wallet card
Both virtual and real world cards are used to make online purchases. These cards are principally electronic tickets that can be redeemed for goods and services online. They both have analogous functions, but have different names and designs. Virtual cards are always linked to an online account allowing druggies to make purchases without physically carrying around cash or cards. This makes it much easier for people to protect online; still, it does come with some pitfalls. The convenience of having a virtual card doesn’t negate the need for real world identification. Online purchases still bear identification using a physical card or law.
Mastercard and visa are the most extensively accepted cards for online purchases. They ’re both transnational credit card brands that can be used anywhere that accepts a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card. People can also use these cards anywhere that accepts credit or dabit card payments via an electronic outstation. These include grocery stores, card and indeed the online commerce where utmost goods and services are vended. Certain merchandisers may only accept one type of card over another, so it’s stylish to check before making a purchase.
cryptocurrency wallet card
Businesses may choose to accept one or several different cards for online deals. utmost keep their accounts with transnational credit card companies similar as VISA or MASTERCARD. still, they will set up separate bank accounts for their online deals. Each card is also needed to have its own unique account number with the bank they use for deals. This allows them to fluently track each card’s spending and balance throughout the day. Since there are so numerous different smart cards, it’s stylish to communicate each business directly about their programs when using multiple cards on one website.
As technology advances, so do our styles of interacting with the world around us. Virtual card reality has come a delightful way of doing business; still, it’s still important to be safe when making deals using smart cards. This is why having real world identification is always recommended when making physical visits to businesses or homes. No matter what card you use, it’s always helpful to give proper identification when making any type of online sale!
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2023.03.25 11:14 nanny1128 International Move with NF

Yesterday, a few people asked me to post about my international move to Switzerland with my NF. NK's are 11, 9, 7. I'm going to try and make it as short as possible. I want to start be explaining that I had been with my NF for 5 years when they asked if I would be willing to move. I didn't have a reason to say no. The whole process of getting work permits and approval from Zurich Canton to live here took about 10 months. My MB job paid for all my moving expenses and fees for the immigration attorney. My NF covers ALL of my Swiss and USA expenses. I use my money for clothes, makeup, and travel when I'm off. We moved here January of 2022. MB's contract is over January 2024 but we may stay longer.
Requirements for my B permit: criminal background check, college degree, proof that I had been with my NF for at least 5 years, birth certificate, USA passport, USA driver's license, pay stubs for 3 months, Swiss employment contract, and proof that I was the only person who could do the job (basically proof that I wasn't taking a job away from a Swiss person). After 1 year in Switzerland, I need to have passed an A1 test in German to renew permit.
Housing here is at a premium. I live in an apartment attached to NF's house. This has been the hardest adjustment for me. We have much less space here than we did in the USA. There was a lot of downsizing of toys and clutter but honestly it was really good for the kids. There's so much to do outside here that no one has really complained. The Swiss are some of the fittest/healthiest people I have ever seen. They walk everywhere. I go to the grocery store daily since the food is so fresh (it goes bad quickly) and we have a fairly small kitchen. There is no buying in bulk here which I miss.
The kids go to an international school. I could write a book on how amazing their school is. I wish every kid in the world could get this kind of education. They are outside as much as possible in all weather. There was definitely a learning curve for me on making sure everyone had the right clothes for the different weather here. School is very much kid driven learning. 11 and 7 are thriving in their school. Both of them were showing signs of ADHD in the US but since coming here those symptoms have gone away. I think the combination of limited processed food and the amount of physical exercise they get at school has helped a lot. 9 has struggled more to adjust to living here. 9 has always been my orchid NK. 9 needs prime everything to thrive. 9 sees a therapist here though and has made great progress.
The public transportation here is top notch. I'm from a smaller suburb in PA with no public transportation so I'm still impressed by it. NYC nannies don't come for me. I know you live that life everyday and Im jealous. We travel as much as we can when the kids are on break from school. The school gives lots of time off, which is a blessing and also a curse. Keeping the kids occupied can be hard at times. More often than not we get out of Zurich when they're off school.
Overall, I feel like my life hasn't changed all that substantially. I'm learning German which has been the hardest part of moving here. Making friends can be difficult but between the kids school, my gym, and my German classes-I have been able to make some friends. Im happy to answer any questions you might have without completely putting my NF on blast. I wouldn't call them my unicorn family because we've definitely had some growing pains over the past year but I am extremely thankful for the opportunity they've given me. I'm also thankful that I have been able to find families that have kept me for so long. This is my second family that I've been with for more than 5 years.
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2023.03.25 11:02 Old_Understanding585 Cape Cod working student

Hello. I will be comming to Cape Cod this summer for work. I will be working in Chatham and staying in Harwich. When I get there I will need to buy myself sheets and towels and on the internet looks like there are only small touristy shops. Is there and big mall or store where I can buy this at reasonable price?
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2023.03.25 10:53 Best-Anything-5503 What's the craziest thing you've ever seen in a grocery store?

What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen in a beauty or hair salon?
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2023.03.25 10:30 Fluffyvoir Fast Unloader Configuration

Does anyone know off-hand if it is possible to change the routes on the fast unloader? Even when I log in as an admin I don't see an option to change them, unless I'm just stupid. I'm one of the CAP 2 leads at my store, and spreading grocery over 2 wings (replacing the outs wing) would help us out a lot. We don't do outs at my store so everything that goes down that wing just gets manually thrown to the appropriate wing anyways. I would call Walmart and ask them directly but I also don't want to out our store and get everyone in trouble for not following a policy lmao.
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2023.03.25 10:19 primadonnabitch I've tried enough for them

At one point in my life I had who I considered my very best friend, we'll call her T. T and I had been friends daycare. She was well liked, fiesty and funny. I was not well liked (ADHD as a kid made me feel separate from the other kids and they'd torment me), a little too hyper and was always trying to make friends. We used to play Pokemon together all the time and we would run around the play ground together. She would only come during the summer months and I was there year round. I remember the summer it was her last year before moving, she had a pool party and I was invited. That was one of the last times I had seen her before high school. My mom and her mom had seen each other at the grocery store after T had moved and her mom had exchanged contact information. I called her once to catch up, but never got a call back. That was in middle school. I would think about her from time to time, wondering if she was ok, how she was doing and who she was at this point in life. I didn't have to wait too long to find out. About 2 years later, she transferred to my high school, I saw her in my English class, and we remembered each other instantly. I was so happy. She didn't have the best home life at this point, I tried to include and invite her to my home/ family as a safe place as often as possible. My parents would always offer her the extra room they had for her to stay. She always declined. She and I both had our issues with mental health, she did drugs, and I had undiagnosed issues that wouldn't come to light until years later. We really held each other in a way that no one else understood, like it was us against the world. She was my best friend. And then she transferred schools. We would make plans to hang out every so often, and then she started to flake. And that would be a theme from 11th grade up until the last communication I had with her last year. (We're both around 26). Over the years, we've had our fair shares of abusive relationships with men, highs and lows of just living and trips to my familys little beach cottage. I truly thought through it all, it'd always be her and I at the end of the day, best friends, connected by the heart. Things I guess came to a head when I met my fiance after leaving an abusive relationship about 3 years ago. She helped me break up with my ex and was there to help me pack my things and move back home. For that I am still incredibly grateful for. She knew my fiance from her now ex boyfriend and their group of friends. I was enamored by him and I'd keep in constant contact with T, talking and laughing, I felt free. We went on a double date, and we had such an awesome time. She knew how much I wanted to be with my fiance, how much we loved, cared and respected one another. After we'd been together a year, my fiance and I made plans to get our own place together. T left her boyfriend and wasn't sure of what to do next. I offered her to move in with us. She declined. I offered my help every time I spoke to her, or tried to. She had a habit of ghosting me but would be out partying or with other people. And that's ok, I understood she had other friends, I'm glad she did. It felt at this point, our lives weren't very connected. I had been the one to reach out to her for 98% of our friendship. She was constantly smoking weed, every hour on the hour. (If that's your lifestyle, that's awesome, but at that point, I wasn't exactly about smoking myself). I felt like all I ever did was give all of myself to her and I was an after thought. She never once wanted to see my fiance and I's place, I tried inviting her so many times and it was always ignored. Last February, my fiance and I took a little beach trip and we discussed our future together. What we wanted, more hopes and dreams we wanted to accomplish together. I was over the moon, I called her and told her all about my fiance and I's discussion. We talked about an event we were planning on going to, all 3 of us. We were so excited to see each other! Planning our outfits and all. And then, she bailed. Tickets were already bought, but said it was due to money reasons. That's totally ok, I get it, I tried to offer to help her attend and she declined. I would still try to communicate with her, she hardly responded. And then she stopped answering all together. She unfollowed me on several social media platforms, and then I was done. I had gotten engaged in October of 2022, I hadn't heard from her since February. My fiance and I recently found out we're having our very first baby together, and I always thought I'd be able to tell T about this. But she's not here with me anymore. It's 5 am where I live, I don't know why I'm babling. It's something that's been on my mind for a little, and I needed to get it off my chest. I truly hope wherever T is, I hope she's living the version of her best life, the life she wants. But I'm tired of trying. I'm severing the strings to her. Looking back, I don't know if that was friendship at all on her end, but whatever it was, for a little while, I thought it was.
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2023.03.25 10:07 Fit_Cap_7863 If you could be any animal for a day, what would you choose?

What's the most outrageous thing you've ever seen in a grocery store?
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2023.03.25 10:01 nakana3005 Tier 2 Karen

Have to share this golden Karen experience I had the pleasure of being apart of.
One day as I’m running around doing my Specialty DS duties the store manager calls me to assist a customer that stopped him in the aisles, this lady had bought a Maytag Washer and dryer and they were not operating correctly according to the customer. I began to set her up with a warranty claim with Maytag since she was out of the return policy when she starts telling me how terrible Maytag is and started reading me tons of reviews she’s found on her washer and dryer set stating they’re terrible appliances. The entire time I just sat on the phone setting up the service appointment and let her babble about her experience. Fast forward a week the lady calls the store and requests to speak to me and then begins the biggest waste of time in my life, she apparently didn’t trust that Maytag would come out and began citing hundreds Facebook posts about Maytag being terrible and untrustworthy and kept interrogating me on why I chose to sell Maytag at the store knowing she had an issue with Maytag. I assured her I don’t get paid enough to make decisions on what brands Lowe’s sells but she seemed to think I do and kept telling me I should be ashamed and she would be protesting Maytag and publicly shaming me in front of the store unless I joined her in sending a petition to the Governor of Florida to permanently ban Maytag in Florida. According to her she has already been contacting several Florida consumers Agents or whatever they are and has been paving the way to get Maytag banned and run Lowe’s into bankruptcy with heavy fines for selling Maytag previously throughout the years. I basically told her to kick rocks I’m not signing anything and she went on a tirade and eventually the call ended. Fast forward a few weeks and I find out the store manager went ahead and replaced her washer and dryer set for a new set and the truth was that she bought a Maytag washer with the agitator and wanted the impeller version and realized she bought the wrong appliance and was outside of the return policy🤦‍♂️
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2023.03.25 09:58 Various-Spot8363 What's the craziest thing you've ever seen in a grocery store?

If you could have a superpower, but it had to be completely useless, what would it be?
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2023.03.25 09:57 ibnmays Attack on a 69-year-old man outside a grocery store in San Fernando. 💔

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2023.03.25 09:49 Skorpion_Sauce Was yours hateful/racist/constantly negative? Was yours also irresponsible/terrible with time managment? Did they also shamelessly spend your money and ungrateful?

I dumped her in december after over a year together. It was a disastrous break up. She discarded me once a month or every other month over an imagined scenario or taking something small and blowing it out of proportion. When I had enough I broke up with her, she drove to my complex and started a scene...
Anyways for reference I was a 3rd year student doctor surviving on scholarship and veterans disability. She is a lawyer. Both of us are south Asian.
Racism. So she was so unapologetically racist it was just... shocking .... like I enjoy a racist joke here and there but she was an actual racist... on her birthday she wanted to go to the zoo... so we went to the zoo. There was this hispanic family literally just existing. Looking at animals. Mother and father in their late 20s with daughter in a stroller... as soon as she notices them she goes on a rant about illegal immigration and how hispanic men all rape/molest younger women because so many of them are stuffed into an apartment... I sigh because here it comes, the negativity/ranting. Once this starts it doesn't end, and the tables always end up turned on me. Since I sighed she fast forwarded to going in on me. I work in an area that's hispanic dominated. Almost all my patients, nurses, techs and other staff are Hispanic. So she begins accusing me of having the hots for young hispanic women I work with...
We went out to eat sushi. It was a good day so far. There was a white family minding their own business across the restaurant. It was what looked like parents with teenage sons. She starts going in on how the boys look like Harry Potter and Harry Potter doesn't eat sushi. I didn't realize it but I sighed because "here we go again" you know? She split on me right there and made a scene. She banged on the table which shattered a glass and screamed at me. Everyone was looking at us... I asked her to calm down please. I apologized. She kept screaming. We somehow didn't get kicked out. Server comes up to me to ask if I'm OK. Literally the staff is worried. She barks orders for alcohol for us two at the server. I say I have to go to the bathroom. I go in the bathroom and staff follow me in to ask if I'm in danger. They tell me I can leave through the back and pay or don't pay, they just want me to be safe. I explain I'm ok. They ask me if I'm sure and tell me they will pay to get me home safely. I told them I was OK. The truth is my laptop is in her place, and my overnight bag has a bunch of patient charts I need to type up. I can't lose that stuff. I can get in a lot of trouble. She later broke my laptop in a fit of rage. That's another story for another post. But I got screamed at the whole way back for making her look crazy. She hit me while I was driving. I had to pull over on the side of the road and have sex with her because that's the only cure to arguments. I wasn't into it, but I didn't want to die on the trip back.
She often referred to black people as nigg**s. Her justification was she grew up with black people and dated a black guy so she could use the word... I didn't agree but I'm just trying to survive so I put my head down. She moved at one point and the movers were black. She made me "watch" them because black people aren't "trustworthy" and movers are always "felons". It was embarrassing but I tried to find work in the same room as them to "watch" them but I really tried my best not to stand over or watch them. They accidentally ruined the tread on her bed but it was fixable by drilling bigger holes and they said they would do it and supply the bolts and they profusely apologized. In front of them she called the owner of the moving company and started using the n word with the hard R. I was so embarrassed. One of the movers was a masculine appearing black female and she called out my ex "say the n word to me again and see what happens". I apologized for my ex. I know for a fact she can't fight, even though she hits me.... another story though... after they left I got slapped around for not being a man.
To end off the racism note, most of my current local friends are white, since I did undergrad at a very white college and most of my friends are also veterans and this area has a lot of defense contractors work. She hated my friends even though they were nothing but warm to her, and she constantly told me I was a white person hiding in brown skin.
Every night on the phone we would talk 2-3 hours if I wasn't staying with her. Yes, she was closer to my job but I couldn't move in with her. Why would I do that? She would rant/complain for the first half of the convo then go over my faults for the rest of the convo...
She was so irresponsible and used me for money even though she made so much more than me... I'm literally a student doctor... at first she would give me a short grocery list to make us a meal... this eventually grew into buying her weekly groceries and since I lived by a fucking sephora I had to buy cosmetics... and since the Asian grocery store was closer to me I had to go there too... I had to shop for her for 2-3 hours before I came for a weekend and it got as bad as 200-300 each week in her list of stuff. I pleaded with her to go easy on the list because I'm literally a student. She would tell me she is a single woman running a "house hold" (she is living in an apartment on her own) and if I can't help out I'm not husband material. If I brought her store brand bleach instead of clorox I was berated for being cheap.. its literally the same product... easy to call someone cheap when it isn't your money, right? Ofcourse I'm expected to pay for every outing.
She was so irresponsible. When it came to her move, she didn't prepare until 3 days before. She went to an out of state music festival earlier that week she tried to force me into but I have work... I have patients to see and charts to write.. that was a fight... when she inevitably needed help moving and angrily demanded I come help her, I had to take off 2 days. Thank God my attending doctor was understanding. He could have given me an awful grade and destroyed my career. Luckily I worked super hard for him and he liked me.
She spent hours "planning out her day/week" but it never worked. If a store she needs to visit closes at 9 PM, she will decide to (make me help her) fold laundry at 8 PM. When we get there they are closed or closing and it's somehow my fault. The few times we went to an event for me (like the superbowl party with my friends) we can't leave until her place is completely clean. So I literally got there by the 3rd quarter. The one time I wanted to take her on a nice hike, she forced me to watch her look at purses. When I suggested she do it on the phone in the car, I was "selfish" because she is into purses and I should show an interest. She took so long that I could only take her 1/4 of what I wanted to show her. We had to turn back because it was getting dark... just so I could see purses she liked... which could be done later... oh and she would straight up tell me to buy/order stuff for her online... I took her for a $600 dinner for valentines... for our 1 year anniversary I thought I would be thoughtful. I took her where we did our first date. I got her 2 gifts. One was a star map of the date and location the day we had our first date. Total was $500 with gifts. Regardless, I ruined our anniversary according to her.
The ultimate break up occurred around Christmas. I got her a gift I believed she needed. It wasn't what she wanted though. She was a spoiled brat about it. I realized then this woman will never ever be happy no matter what I do. Cut it off. That's when she drove over and made a public scene at my apartment complex.
Anyone else have a similar experience?
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2023.03.25 09:18 CaptainExceltra 32F Seeking Friends/Activity Partners - Southern Indiana

Hi there. I am pretty new to the area and would like to make genuine connections, preferably local ones, but anywhere is fine either way. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't been on a vacation in many years and would like to change that possibly this year, but likely not until next year. In the meantime, we could chat and get to know each other. And if we want to travel to the same places, we can arrange to do that together sometime. Louisiana - specifically New Orleans, has been on my list for a long time and I think I'd like to start with that. I would love to go just about anywhere, so I am open to suggestions. A cruise sounds marvelous.
Places to go someday: California, Florida, Maine, London, Egypt, Cape Town, Japan, Italy, etc.
Hobbies: Video games, anime, writing, reading, hikes, baking, meeting new people, trying new things, animals, nature, music, movies, scrapbooking, collecting coins and art, etc.
Things I'd like to try: Pottery, painting, puppetry, blogging, soap making, wine tasting, cosplaying, theater, concerts, fine dining, etc.
Feel free to reach out to me if you are curious to know more, or think we may get along!
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2023.03.25 09:15 Technical-Put6696 Grocery Shopping Recommendations

Are you tired of wandering aimlessly through the grocery store, unsure of what to buy? Look no further! Here are some recommendations for must-have items to add to your grocery list:
  1. Fresh produce: Make sure to stock up on a variety of fruits and vegetables to incorporate into your meals. Some great options include leafy greens, berries, and citrus fruits.
  2. Whole grains: Switch out your usual white bread and pasta for whole grain options, like quinoa, brown rice, and whole wheat bread. These options are higher in fiber and provide more nutrients.
  3. Lean protein: Whether you're a meat-eater or a vegetarian, it's important to include lean protein in your diet. Some options include chicken breast, tofu, and legumes.
  4. Healthy fats: Don't shy away from fats! Just make sure you're choosing healthy options, like avocado, nuts, and olive oil. These fats can help keep you feeling full and satisfied.
  5. Non-dairy milk: If you're lactose intolerant or simply prefer non-dairy options, try stocking up on almond, soy, or oat milk. They can be used in everything from smoothies to baking.
By incorporating these items into your grocery list, you'll be well on your way to a healthier and more balanced diet. Happy shopping!
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2023.03.25 08:54 JundoCohen SLOW, SIMPLE, SILENT, STILL, SACRED, SHIKANTAZA ...

We live in such a busy and noisy age. Events seem to be rushing ahead, faster than just a few decades ago. Our daily schedule with its demands feels so heavy, unrelenting. The images and streams of data that come pouring out of our little phones and other media are an information Tsunami, even compared to the print and TV age when I grew up.
It is for this reason that the intentionally slow, inefficient, simple, silent ways we have of doing tasks in Zen practice are especially needed today. Sometimes, we need just to stop the 'going' altogether.
I feel this even more important today than for the old Zen folks of 1000 or 500 years ago: In Master Dogen's time, there was no car to drive fast, no plane to fly, no screens to boot up, no microwave to heat our meals in a minute. Everyone had to walk, to stay close to home, to talk face-to-face, to amuse themselves, to cook their own meals slowly with fire. Any news from the capital came by messenger or scribbled missive, and late. Life inside the 13th century monastery was not all that different from life outside in such regard. It is so very easy for a monk to give up having a phone, computer, air conditioning and other conveniences when nobody in society has such things, and they will not even be invented for centuries to come!
But today, we have these things to excess, and thus it is vital that, sometimes, we intentionally return as closely as we can to that 13th century lifestyle, to recall the wisdom of being slow, truly still, in life. Oh, we can keep the good points of modern life that they did not have back then (such as modern medicine, greater social equalities, science, practical transportation, widespread education, and the better aspects of the internet and communications which link us now. No need to return to leeches as medical care, women taking a back seat, peasants and illiteracy and such.) However, truly, in this onslaught of need for the 'new, new, new," and the flood of daily "news," we are poorer for it, loose ourselves in it. I just had to ask Sangha members not to rely too much on AI, but to write, feel, experience and express for themselves.
Sometimes I get well-meaning folks who suggest that something in our Sangha can be done more efficiently, or can be better if automated. They wonder why we walk Kinhin (walking Zazen) so slow, one half step per one breath. They ask why our Oyoki meal ritual takes so long, with so much chanting before even the first bite. Why do we hand sew our Kesa ropes, not even using a sewing machine? Why do something so foolish as to waste precious time sitting, staring at a wall, not pondering things or getting something done?
I respond to them that it is precisely because we are always running to get somewhere, striving to accomplish something, that we walk Kinhin with no destination but to "be right here" in this little step and the next. We eat in Oryoki with chants, bows and care with our implements, with equanimity about our food, to recall the miraculous chain of events whence this food comes, all the labors that go into bringing it to us, that we should not be prisoners of personal preferences as encouraged in this "fast food, eat what ya want" society with its expanding mountains of waste and expanding waist lines, that each bite is sacred and to be received mindfully. We sew our robes as a lesson that, like the act of sewing itself, our lives are one stitch at a time, not just the final destination, and even our mistakes are part of the journey.
That word "sacred," and my saying that life is "miraculous," also cause some folks discomfort sometimes, perhaps because they carry the weight of some religion of their childhood. However, so much of Zen practice is a lesson that even the most ordinary things of life are truly special, a wonder, in just their coming to be. Even a rusty metal can by the side of the road contains atoms from the big bang and exploding stars, and so it is for you and me and every bite which sustains us. Everything is connected and brings forth everything else. This is why Master Dogen had his monks bow or chant even before the mundane acts of washing the face, cooking rice, cleaning the floor, using the toilet, taking a bath, going to sleep at night. It is all "super special," wondrous and wonderful, that we live in a life that allows the doing of just that.
So, I recommend a little "homework" to you, as part of your practice. Oh, you do not need to spend hours at it because (alas) our lives are still so busy, who has the time? Just do this when you can. You do not need to do it every day, although it is lovely if you find the time even in some small way. Your assignment is this:
Although there may be a faster, more efficient, more convenient way to do something, intentionally choose to do it the slower, terribly inefficient, so very tedious and time consuming way.
Rather than taking the car to the grocery, walk with a backpack. Go slow, just notice the scenery and flowers you usually miss as you drive on by. (I would even recommend walking slow Kinhin all the way to the store and back although, frankly, that might take quite a few hours, if not days for a round trip. :-) A regular walk is fine. ) Really notice, and bow with pressed palms to, all the vegetables and other foods you carefully select at the store. Feel the weight as you carry them home. Rather than tossing the instant mix into the microwave, slow cook from base ingredients, feel the knife and notice the texture of the vegetables in your hand. Slowly wash the dishes afterward, rather than using some automatic machine. Put each implement away, recalling Dogen's words from his 'Instructions for the Cook':
"Put what goes to a high place in a high place, what goes to a low place in a low place so that everything rests in its appropriate place."
He also said,
"In preparing the vegetables or the ingredients for the soup which have been received ... do not disparage either quantity or quality, but rather, handle all with the greatest care."
Rather than vacuum our Zendo (we have a Zendo vacuum, and frankly it works great, better than any broom), I also regularly hand sweep instead ... removing the dust, little insects and leaves which blow in through the cracks in the door, before taking them outside and offering a brief bow at the end. I also bow when emptying the vacuum bag, but somehow it is not the same. Oh, I am not recommending that you forsake the clothes washer, choosing to beat your laundry on rocks by the river! But maybe iron them with attention on some days (even your undershorts, what you may not usually iron), then fold them a bit more slowly and carefully before returning them to closet or drawer. Also, turn off the screens ... even the one you are reading right now!
Bow with pressed palms before what we usually take for granted: The refrigerator, the bath, the toilet, the diapers, the scissors, the stove. Learn to create and recite "Gatha," the little "re-MIND-ers" of the sacredness of every action, each containing a dedication thereof to all the other sentient beings. Gatha can be about almost anything peaceful and good, and can even be fun to invent (do make up your own!), with a little humor or word play. For example, I just created this one for making coffee (with a drip pot):
May this cup awaken sleeping Wisdom, as each drop contains the whole universe, let us inhale the richness of this life and, for the sake of all beings, know the wholeness of Form and Emptiness, which blend together bitter and sweet, sugar and cream.
Then, of course, do not forget to sit Shikantaza Zazen each day, sitting for sitting's sake, no place to go, nothing more to attain, no goal but sitting and no goal unfulfilled by sitting, putting down for a time the plans and measurements, judgements and considerations. No need for punching the clock, even though the bell rings at start and end. Nothing is more wonderfully "inefficient" than Zazen!.
Simply sit as a Buddha sitting, as the Morning Star shining just to shine.
Sitting still in the posture of a Buddha Sitting .......
What in the universe could be slower, stiller, simpler, more silent and sacred than that?

Gassho, J
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2023.03.25 08:45 chuck1011212 Accelerating your FIRE goals via the Middle East option

I want to bring this subject up because I don't see anyone really talking about Americans working in the Middle East (Safer locations only: Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Turkey) as an option to accelerate your FIRE goals. It has really worked great for me.
I am currently working in Qatar. Clean, safe, nice people, things to do, bars that serve alcohol, can also buy alcohol at the state run liquor store, superb brand new underground Metro, cheap Uber rides, home to the outstanding Qatar Airways and direct flights to most all of the cool places in the world, cheap food and grocery delivery. Qatar is much smaller than Dubai, but is moving in a similar direction to Dubai and encouraging tourism. Nothing to do in Qatar on the level of Dubai yet though.

The perks of Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Oman) FIRE acceleration -
Good money, but long hours. Typically 12 hour shifts with two days off per week
Housing provided free - The quality of the housing is generally great but differs per company. i am living in a really nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in walking distance to food and the Metro.
No bills other than the ones you create for yourself - A cell phone bill is typically the only bill and mine is $20 per month for 4g 8 gigs of data and unlimited calls and txts. 5G is available here too.
No insurances if you don't own a car - I hate insurance companies
Lowered US federal tax liability - You can typically add 25% to your take home vs. same pay in America. The first $122'ish thousand of pay is not federally taxed. This number changes every year. Also no state taxes depending on how your state is setup for overseas work. Side note: Could be beneficial to change your state of residence before going overseas to avoid paying state taxes in states that still tax you even if you are overseas. This can be done easily if you do your research - even without doing an actualy state to state move.
World travel experience - Being on this side of the world is great for travel. Get a travel credit card for travel perks.
Cheap and excellent health care - Low monthly cost for a world healthcare plan and no copays or out of pocket costs at all for anything as long as you stay out of the US. You read that right. Go to the doctor, pay $0. Go to the hospital, pay 0$. If you need health care while in the US on vacation or something, expect deductibles and the typical BS that we live with in the US.
For example: I went to the local Turkish Hospital here in Qatar (which is super new, clean and amazing) for an ear infection and had no appointment. We typically go to what they call hospitals for a doctor visit, as they are fully featured hospitals that take walk-ins as their normal operation. I saw a real doctor and was in and out of the hospital in 15 minutes INCLUDING getting my prescription. Try that in America at any establishment. I paid $0. If I had some exotic health problem then maybe I would consider going to America for treatment, but for most everything it is far better here.
They generally like Americans in the above Middle East countries

How to find work:
I have experience with and can recommend looking for a US company doing contract work for the US government on US military bases in these countries. These include Vectrus, General Dynamics, Leidos, Ratheon, CACI and other government contract companies. These jobs are not typically well advertised on job boards such as Indeed and can sometimes take some inside info to find. (like knowing somebody working there already) The DoD contracts change all the time, and some listings for jobs are advertised even before a government contract is awarded to a company. This is frustrating, but it is the game. This just means to expect to apply for overseas jobs and expect to hear nothing for most applications.

Here is the strategy that worked for me:
Get a DoD contracting job at your local (or any) military base in the US and then use that as a springboard for your overseas adventure. This will get you the required DoD experience and security clearance stuff. Then you are an easy pickup for any overseas contract. You can then talk to your coworkers at the US military base that have experience overseas and they can discuss their experience with you before you commit to an overseas contract job.

Best bet is to google top 20 US government contract companies, then go directly to each company's web site and search their job listings from their site. This sucks, but it is what it is. You can typically search by physical location, which will get you some listings quick if you know where you want to live.
Additionally, I recommend you do a resume overhaul by someone that does it professionally on Fiver or other sites. For 75'ish bucks, one of these guys will clean up your resume and get it looking good plus make it standards complaint. Standards complaince is the key. This will make it super easy to apply on these company sites and will automatically fill in their information gathering fields for you based on what is on your resume. If your resume is not standards complaint, these fields will not auto populate for you and applying on company sites will be a lengthy and miserable effort.

Also, there are options for working for local companies in the host countries directly. This could be doing things like working for the oil companies or being a teacher at the local private schools or doing IT stuff. This option comes with lots of unknowns. Be sure to do your research as much as possible before committing to one of these positions including speaking to a currently employed American there that can guide you with any questions you may have. You will likely be working with lots of other nationalities, so be ready to learn about other cultures and deal with some language barriers.

Some countries are friendlier than others about bringing your family members. Your employer should help with this, but be ready for it to test your patience. Kids that need school will likely need a private school and this will have some cost. A spouse could find work also, but I don't know much about this. I am single and don't have any of these experiences to provide valid info on this subject.

Freedom and privacy:
Nope. If you are a gun totin' freedom of everything type person, this is not the life for you.
You will give blood to be here. Literally. They test the blood for who knows what and use it for who knows what. You will also give fingerprints to be here. They have video surveillance everywhere and some places require an App on your phone for this or that, which also tracks you. If this is a problem for you, don't come to these places. It is that simple.

Do your research, but these countries are all significantly safer than America. In some cases, the entire country is safer than the typical American small town. Let that sink in. I don't lock my apartment door unless I am sleeping. This includes while going out of the country for week(s) long vacations.

Always remember that you are a guest in any country you go. Leave your attitude at home, be patient and smile. You don't need to learn a language, but learning a few words will be helpful. Everywhere you go outside of the US will allow you to get by just speaking English. Speak slowly, use few words and talk like a caveman and you can get by with English most anywhere.

Overseas Saving Strategy:
You are not going to be taxed like in the US, so contributing to a 401k may or may not be beneficial. Depends if your company matches or not. Obviously go for the match if they have one as that is free money. If not, then consider your time to FIRE and whether you wanna max out 401k if you are not getting the tax benefits as well as the timing of your FIRE. If you are 40 and want to FIRE before 59 and 1/2, then pumping your 401k without the tax perks is not going to benefit you and could hurt you if you want to withdraw early. Instead, pump money into a standard investment account so that you can access this money when you are 45 or 48 without penalty.
For me, I am not currently putting anything into a 401k. I am taking 75+% of my income and putting it into a low cost set of index funds. The rest, I am taking awesome vacations in Asian countries scoping out what my FIRE life will look like. I don't plan on returning to America. Ever.

You can expect that you will get a similar pay per hour as you may get in the US for the same job. The difference is the guaranteed and required overtime as well as the perks of paid living expenses and reduced or 0 income tax. The days of guys getting massive pay for working in a war zone are generally gone, but we are not entertaining working in a warzone in this post. I have never considered war zone work even though it has been presented to me.

I also like to play with this fire calculator to see where I am and check on my goals and progress:
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2023.03.25 08:45 ResponsibleLie2846 What they're not telling you.

Good morning fellow Redditers! I am here to get out the truth about the history of humanity however I can and social media is the best for that these days. Can you imagine what life must have been like back in the time of Christ? There was no indoor plumbing... cars, buses...trains or planes. No Walmart, Grocery Stores etc. They had to walk everywhere. So it was a huge sign of respect to wash someone's feet. I know it's a thing today. Some have foot fetishes, while the others can't stand feet
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2023.03.25 08:31 Sudden-Pineapple-821 Can we talk about good protein sources?

I wanted to start this thread to help give me and anyone reading this ideas of where to find good protein sources. I'm very privileged in my area that I'm able to purchase meat and dairy from local sources. I can get some wonderful Amish made butter from the grocery store. I can also purchase locally raised bison from the farmer up the road who sells by the pound.
That all being said, if you guys are not aware, it's possible to buy meat by the quarter, half or whole animal. Farmers markets, local butcher shops and Facebook groups are good places to start. You do need freezer space because it's a lot of meat! I've been able to eat pork again because there's someone near me that raises a few a year. I buy the hog right from her and pay the butcher fee for it! It's great! Often you can also find another family or two to split the cost and the meat with.
Do you guys have any other good places to look?
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2023.03.25 08:10 Tejas_Yadhav 5 Best Items You Can Get In Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad

Buy your favorite items before they fly off the shelves!
With each passing day, we get access to more and more global fashion brands. We should support local ones because that’s called responsible shopping, in fact, voicing the ‘Local for Global’ mantra. We should remember that even a few years ago, this was the only way we used to buy all our things. Moreover, the corona crisis has shown us that local shopping is more important than we ever imagined. As many of our local businesses, including clothing stores, struggle to survive, we should support this creative community. If we choose local designs like Eden The Shoppe that are based on quality. Instead of big international brands, we can help our local fashion designers to prosper.
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Black denim
When your comfortable pair of denim or jeans gets a tear, you know what to do. Get a trendy patch on it. But you can also buy a new pair of denim with a patch if you like the style. Our style! Black denim—with or without a patch—makes you feel comfortable at home, on a long day out, while traveling, and at weekend getaways. The patched denim was originally made to tell customers about its strength and also for people to identify with their favorite brand.
Dresses for girls
A mixture of dresses, like floral-printed long tops, quarter-sleeve tops, short jumpsuits, and long gowns are must-haves for a girl’s closet. For weekend family gatherings or evenings with friends, a collection of smart and comfortable dresses in wide-ranging colors will allow you to match your mood for every occasion, every time.
Dresses for women
Comfortable shirts, or those long, printed or multi-colored Kurtis can be worn at the office. Also during weekend family outings among other such occasions. You don’t need to prove you wear the pants in the family all the time. You have to both work and enjoy at the same time. So, you have to wear clothes that not just make you look smart and beautiful, but also keep you cool and comfortable, such as these shirts and adorable kurtis.
Formal wear
Finding the perfect office wear can be tiresome on certain days. Pants with formal shirts make the perfect office wear on any given day. They give you the confidence from within, while making you look smart and beautiful and, at the same time, give you that relaxed feel. But if you’re not in the mood to wear formals, you can try on a pair of jeans and tees, along with a denim jacket. This will instantly boost your looks and confidence for a hard day at work.
Bags are something women can’t do without. A woman needs bags in all shapes, sizes and colors for different occasions. From jute bags, sling bags to mobile phone bags, every bag has its own importance for women—from going grocery and vegetable shopping to work, day-outs and so on. You must invest time and money to find your favorite bag with care so that they last longer, also keeping in mind the purpose.
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2023.03.25 08:07 InternationalLion219 Should I complete the Chase trifecta or change course? Looking for guidance/recommendations


MEMBERSHIPS & SUBSCRIPTIONS (delete lines that don't apply)
I got approved for the CSP and CFF within days of each other, i'm concerned about velocity, looking for thoughts/comments/guidance on finishing up the trifecta or changing course and also how long should I wait before applying for my next card?
any recommendations would also be appreciated!
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2023.03.25 07:48 AheadObserver Buy Dog Products Online at The Best Prices

Buy Dog Products Online at The Best Prices
When it comes to dog products and pet accessories, many people, especially those who are very busy, have trouble finding them. It is a pain to repeat this process every time you shop because you have to go to different pet stores and super markets to find the right dog products, fight crowds, pay, and then drive back to your home. It's amazing how easy it is to get your favorite dog products and pet accessories with a simple click of the mouse.
You can shop for your pets online according to your convenience without ever leaving your home. Wouldn't that be great? You can buy all that stuff and more without going to the grocery store or driving.
You might wonder, however, what kinds of dog supplies you can buy online. For example, you can purchase a variety of dog foods including bones and chews, as well as other dog supplies you can find at your local pet store. You can buy a variety of pet supplies online, including beds, bowls, feeders, treats, and training toys. I find it impossible to list all the options available for cleaning/staining and odors, leashes and colors, radio collars, and batteries, among others.
These online pet stores offer a variety of items for dogs, including clothing, jewelry, and toys, in addition to Dog Products and furniture.
Buying pet accessories in bulk can save you money if you buy them in bulk. When your dog has a large diet menu and you have a large dog, buying discount pet supplies is very convenient from a budget standpoint. Most stores offer wholesale dog supplies, so buying in bulk will save you money.
Rather than driving to a pet store to get your dogs supplies, you can order them online and have them delivered right to your door.

How To Buy Pet Care Products

In the event that your dog were to suffer an injury, the whole family would be affected. Unfortunately, he is getting older, so something will eventually happen to him. You need to keep him healthy and happy in the meantime. You brought him home as your kids were toddlers, and he's no longer a sweet, lively puppy. He scratches a lot and has lost some of his coat's shine. Several itchy dog/skin relief shampoos are available on the internet. According to the vet, it wasn't a big deal, but he recommended a dog shampoo.
Crawlpaw Pet Products, Inc. loves your pets as much as you do. We select quality pet supplies for you after performing real tests. Our continued success comes from providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.
Pet Supplies & Products Online Stores at Crawlpaw offer the best prices, high quality, and variety of pet supplies. Here, you can get all your pet needs in one place. We are committed to providing the best shopping experience for pet owners, not just the best pet products. We are committed to becoming the trusted and convenient destination for pet parents (and partners) worldwide.
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2023.03.25 07:41 Ok_Armadillo1044 How to handle work

My sister’s fiancé took his life in front of her 5 months ago. He was like my little brother. I work at a grocery store and the two of them would come in and shop towards the end of my shift and I always enjoyed seeing them and helping them shop. Work was unbearable after he passed, then I could handle it, and now it’s unbearable again. Sometimes someone will come through my line at the register buying one of his favorite products and it kills me. I didn’t go in today because I’m so depressed and dread going in. I’m currently trying to find a remote job so that I can stay home with my sister as I do not want her being home by herself while I’m away all day (she’s in college but will be with me when the semester ends, if she can even finish). My question is, how do you push through the workday? If I could quit right now I would in a heartbeat but I don’t have a job lined up yet, just some interviews. And I hate that I feel this way as I used to love my job but it’s just become too much. I am riding the grief rollercoaster.
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