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2023.03.30 07:20 nhgh_slack (In Person, Minneapolis, 18 June) HH Sakya Trichen Bestows Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo’s Long-Life Initiation

(In Person, Minneapolis, 18 June) HH Sakya Trichen Bestows Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo’s Long-Life Initiation
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center 1301 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Sunday, June 18, 2023 5:00 PM CDT

Bonus: Public audience the previous day.


(You can get a ticket at the door with donation, or register ahead of time for a VIP ticket)
His Holiness the Sakya Trichen will bestow a long-life initiation from the tradition of Thangtong Gyalpo. This long-life practice combines prayers to Amitabha (Buddha of Limitless Light), Amitayus (Buddha of Boundless Life), Hayagriva, Padmasambhava, and Thangtong Gyalpo. Through this practice, we aspire to accomplish longevity and removal of obstacles, to support our Dharma practice in order to achieve buddhahood and benefit all sentient beings.
Thangtong Gyalpo was born in fourteenth-century Tibet and lived for over 100 years. He is renowned for many accomplishments as a Buddhist adept, physician, blacksmith, architect, founder of Tibetan opera, and pioneering civil engineer. He built numerous temples and metal bridges throughout the Himalayan region.
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2023.03.30 07:19 parthsehgal4 24M, give prediction about spouse. When will I meet her?

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2023.03.30 07:19 BadJop21 (PC) Tips or Suggestions

I have Blasphemous Blade +10 50 STR 50 FTH
What greatsword do you suggest I max level because Mohg and Fire Giant have high resistance to Taker's Flame. I am torn between Ordovis and Gargoyle's Black Blade. You can suggest even if it is not a greatsword.
Thank you
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2023.03.30 07:18 Valuable_Student3010 Orgo chem II lab in summer

Hello, I am trying to see how the schedule looked like for those that took orgoII lab in summer. I have a full time job and was wondering what days the class would be if it says monday- friday from 10 to 2 pm here. Last lab I took during summer (physics I) was listed mon-Friday but I only had to go certain days of the week. Also how is it generally? I will be taking Zaitsev’s.
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2023.03.30 07:17 frame_supercell Clash Mini Update 6 Patch Notes & Balance Changes

Clash Mini Update 6 Patch Notes & Balance Changes
Wabbit, Lumberdale, Arctic Mage, and Muscateer are chilling at the campfire. While Barkbarian is interrupting the chill, Raccoon is looking for her next prey on top of a tree.

Patch Notes

- Welcome to the new theme: 🌳Forest Force, where adorable yet dangerous creatures reside! Introducing 6 animal-themed Mini Skins: Wabbit, Lumberdale, Muscateer, Arctic Mage, Barkbarian, and 1 special Skin for our brand new Hero: Natureborn.
- Introducing our brand new and original Hero: Nartureborn! Shapeshifting to Deer and Human forms to fit your strategy and placement on the battle board! Deer form is automatically enabled in the first two front rows, and Human form is in the two back rows, and depending on the form, Natureborn supports allies in different ways!
- New Mini: Bandit! Available for play on April 16, 00:00 UTC. Absorb Energy, dash around, stun, and cause chaos on the battle board!
- You asked for new game modes, and we got Events! Introducing the time-limited Misty Forest event series, unlocked at Player Level 9 and yielding special rewards. 3 Game modes will be available, featuring a 6-player Battle Royale where players draft their own teams among a shared pool of Heroes and Minis to battle on a bigger battle board: Misty Forest (7x4).
#1 Draft Rumble, available for two weeks in April.Turn1:Pick 1 Hero + 1 MiniTurn 2-5:Pick 1 Mini
Game Flow Rules:Player can Venture, which trade 1 HP for 2 Elixir
#2 Double Hero Draft, available for two weeks in May.Turn1:Pick 1 Hero + 1 Hero (Different Heroes)Turn 2-3:Pick 1 Mini + 1 Mini (Different Minis)
Game Flow Rules:When HP is 0, player will be knocked out
Player can Venture, which trade 1 HP for 2 Elixir
#3 Double Hero Mega Draft, available for two weeks in June.Turn1:Pick 1 Hero + 1 Hero (Same Heroes could be shown)Turn 2-4:Pick 1 Mini + 1 Mini (Different Minis)
Game Flow Rules:
Player can Venture, which trade 1 HP for 2 Elixir(Forest Rumble) Winning a match gains 2 Elixir as a reward
- Both Collection and the Deck Building area on the Main screen now support you in unlocking Troops and Skins directly from that screen. Assemble your troops and easily equip them with your favorite skins before entering the battle board!
- Player Avatars are here! Discover detailed career stats and pick your favorite avatar in the player profile. Express, flex, and customize your player profile with unique Avatars during the battle.
- Introducing the monthly Ranked Season and farewell Star Exchange: your Rank will be reset at the start of each Ranked Season as the exchange for Rank Reset rewards. Six Gizmos will be available for each Ranked Season and will rotate monthly. Optional Star Exchange will ONLY be available this April and REMOVED entirely afterward.
- We have reworked Crystal Coins: and they can now be used to purchase various items, and players can earn Crystal Coins much more easily via various places in the game.
- Adjusted various Gold and Gem prices of Minis and Heroes and their related Shards.
- Rumble now offers the same Gizmo choices for all 8 players during a battle.
- Quests are regrouped into four tabs to display a variety of quests better!
- Quality of Life changes, bug fixes & more!

Balance Changes

Royal Champion
  • Base Attack range increased to 4 from 3
  • The first ability:
Lv4: +2 damage (from 1 damage)
  • The third ability: Heroic Spirit: Boast: +2 Energy (from 3)
Lv2: +1 Energy (from 2)
Lv3: +1 Energy (from 2)
Lv4: Grants 2 Energy to each ally
Wave Master
  • Base HP reduced to 13 from 14
  • The third ability: Chaos Lover
Clash: Flip a nearby ally to the enemy’s side, and the ally gains 2 Energy over 4s (from gains 4 Shield for 4s)
Lv2: +2 Energy
Lv3: The ally gains Energy over 3s
Lv4: The ally gains Energy over 2s
Shield Maiden
  • With her Clash or Super, if enemies deal 0 damage to shield maiden, Shield Maiden can get energy
  • The third ability:+1 Energy for each successful heal received (from 2 Energy)
Lv2: +1 Energy when being stunned (from 2 Energy)
Barbarian King
  • Base attack speed reduced to 0.7 from 0.75
  • Base Ability: Clash: Taunt enemies within a certain area for 2s (from 3s, and affected ranged increased)
  • New first upgrade: Gains 4 shield for 8s with each enemy being taunted when casting Mocking
Skeleton Guard
  • Base HP increased to 8 from 7
  • Fixed the bug of unexpected attack speed stacking
  • The third upgrade can stack up
  • Base Ability: Hitting enemies increases attack speed (can stack 15 times) (from 10)
  • New first upgrade:
Rampage: Gain 6HP over 3s
Rampage: When HP drops below 50% (once per round)
  • Base attack speed increase to 0.5 from 0.45
  • New second upgrade: Rage Potion effects larger area
  • New third upgrade: Clash: cast Rage Potion
Mini Pekka
  • New first upgrade: Shining Blade bonus damage increased to 3x
  • New second upgrade: Shining Blade chance to trigger becomes 100% if the target is stunned
  • New third upgrade: Attacks gain 2 Dissipate
Healing Ranger
  • Base ability: the radius of the Healing Spear decreased
  • HP per upgrade increased to 3 from 2
  • Base ability will not target the gizmo
Golden Giant
  • Base Ability: Super: Stun an enemy and himself for 2sEnergy: 7
  • The first upgrade: +6 HP over 3s if stunned
Battle Healer
  • The second upgrade: Allies receiving Healing Wave gain Block for 2s (from 2.5s)
Mega Knight
  • The third upgrade: Being hit generates 2 Energy and being critically hit generates 4 energy
Magic Archer
  • New third upgrade: +1 damage when a target’s HP is below 50%
  • New second upgrade: Damage is doubled for 6s after Charge, and he no longer gets stunned if Charge misses
The available pool of Gizmos will rotate every month with 6 gizmos in total
King Tower
  • Damage to Gizmos increased
Hot Pot
  • Potter's HP reduced to 16 from 17
Training Camp
  • Allies gain +1 ATK every 7s (from 8s)
Saint Mirror
  • Base HP increased to 15 from 14
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2023.03.30 07:16 ThePostmanHasArrived Which country has the nicest teeth in Europe?

Which country has the nicest teeth in Europe? submitted by ThePostmanHasArrived to 2westerneurope4u [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:14 moixcom44 How do i approach this. 9 game parlay. I already hit 6 out of 9. The last 3 games are for tomorrow (3 baseball games). Cashout is offered at $143. Total payout if all hits is $935. Is this hedgeable? How?

How do i approach this. 9 game parlay. I already hit 6 out of 9. The last 3 games are for tomorrow (3 baseball games). Cashout is offered at $143. Total payout if all hits is $935. Is this hedgeable? How? submitted by moixcom44 to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:14 AnonGrow- Harassment/threatening property damage

I tried to help this lady out and change her alternator. She posted in a local Facebook group .The bolt stripped, took a couple days. Started the 22nd. The 25th it was freezing rain and snow, I told her at 9 am that I couldn’t come out that day(25th). She ignored it and told me that it was her girls birthday the 26th and she was trying to have it done by then. Then said “oh, I didn’t realize how much snow was out there” after a half hour of me not replying. Nevr once said it was a problem or that I had to be out there or finish it by the 26th.
I replied saying sorry I can’t make it out today around an hour after she sent the “oh” trxt. I said I’ll be out tomorrow(26th) morning. She ignored me all day until 9pm and then threatened to call the police and said it wasn’t going to be worked on tomorrow (26th, her girls birthday.) I replied at midnight when I got off work (phone was in the car being used as a hotspot) saying “I assume you filed a police report? I’m still willing to finish it tomorrow, I told you I’d be out there tomorrow”(26th).
She replied at noon the 26th saying fuck youu dumb fucks and went on another rant, saying it should’ve been done. I replied 20 minutes later saying I can come out an put everything together or finish cutting off the bolt. She ignored me until 6pm and blew up that we didn’t come out when she stated yesterday we couldn’t since it was her girls bday. She said “don’t think you’re coming here.” I replied stating I told you yesterday give me a time to come out or tell me to fuck off and file the report, I assume this is you telling me to fuck off, I won’t be back out there.
I got 10+ more messages and 10+ calls that I ignored since then telling me I need to be out there or the cops will be called, I need to find someone who can finish the job, I need to have it towed to a shop then she threatened to bust up my car on two separate occasions and threatened that she would find me.
She called my friends phone over twenty times a few nights ago from different numbers. He answered the first call and they were screaming at him. He hung up after threatening cps (I really don’t like this but I couldn’t stop him.) She used another account to message me AND MY GIRLFRIEND and I explained the situation like I just wrote out and told her I wouldn’t be back out. serve me the papers.
In my mind, I tried on multiple occasions to make it right. She told me she didn’t want me out there, I took that at face value. Then she constantly ranted about me needing to come fix it, bring someone who can, or tow it to a shop that can.
She now knows where I live. (Complex not the apt #) Tonight I got a call from her right as I got home and then after I went and walked around the parking lot looking at the cars to see if they were there. I got another call after I went inside. I’m going out every half an hour to make sure they aren’t fucking up my car.
I really don’t know what to do. She told me not to come out there, and I didn’t, and then she got pissed that I didn’t. I replied to her multiple times trying to make things right. She ignored me for hours, and then got pissed at me.
!!!! Now she’s saying we lost a bunch of bolts. She saying the bolt for the tie rod end or control arm is missing and it’s hanging off the wheel. We never touched that. She’s also saying we broke multiple parts. We didn’t break anything apart from stripping the nut on the pulley tensioner.
The 20th she posted in the same Facebook group asking for somebody to tow her car to a shop for her. The 22nd I went and picked her up from the motel and drove her to her car at the shop. We then drove with a jump pack underneath the hood to her motel. The shop should have records of what was wrong with the car no?
As soon as she threatened the cops, I knew no matter what I did if I went and touched that car again, she was going to blame me for every single problem down the line. That is why I told her to file a police report or take me to court , after she threatened the cops.
Any insight? She’s called me three times since midnight. Tuesday she messaged me on another account and message my girlfriend. I replied, explaining the situation again telling her I’m not coming back out there. You told me not to, take me to court and serve me papers I am not responding anymore.
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2023.03.30 07:13 bigbearRT12 Candidate even though I have a physically demanding job?

I’ve been overweight since 10 years old. Tried a fad diet in early 20s and went from 250 to 225 but with age am now at 270 in my early 30s. I’ve changed my diet, drastically reduced alcohol consumption and been working out more frequently but just can’t seem to make progress. With a BMI of 36 I’m starting to have thoughts of trying OZ.
After doing my research my biggest fear is the side effects, as I’m sure most folks are. I have a pretty physically demanding job- 10+ hr days on feet, moving heavy equipment- and I’m fearful that taking OZ could really be detrimental to my job. Anyone else in a similar position? What has your experience been?
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2023.03.30 07:11 Nolinikki First-time interested home buyer and I have literally no idea where to start

Me and my family are looking to buy a home in the future (ideally later this year), but I have no idea how to even start or who to talk to (or what kind of lender to use - my bank has generally had poor interest rates).
We have a combined income of ~160k, and enough savings to put down an alright down payment on a house. We also have relatively low debt (Almost paid off the car and my remaining college loan is only around 10k). The area we're interested in is pretty close to our current apartment and the houses we were looking at are in the 300-500k range. But I don't actually know where to start, or what to avoid. We've been using Zillow to price things out.
So, questions:
  1. What is a good down payment? Is 10% good, or 20%? Or is it really more 'whatever you can afford'?
  2. How do I find good lenders? My bank is wells fargo, and their offer for my car loan was terrible. Should I find a local credit union, or is there some source for house loans superior to shopping around banks? My credit score is good, around 740.
  3. Some of my friends have gotten absolutely fucked by homes that looked good but turned out to have terrible issues that weren't discovered until after the purchase. What's the best way to avoid that? Is it just 'get an inspection done' or is there more to it?
  4. What do I use to find homes? Zillow? Other websites? Realtors?
  5. What does the haggling process look like? Or is that even a thing today?
  6. How much should I set aside for 'extra expenses'? Inspections and such? What happens if a sale doesn't go through because of a failed inspection or similar?
  7. What am I forgetting? What are the pitfalls I need to avoid?
Thanks for any help y'all can give, and I'm happy to read any resources y'all can offer.
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2023.03.30 07:11 tearatodd How do I find a good home for older dog

Hi everyone, i’ve had my dog for many years. He’s almost 11 years old and i’ve had him since I was 10. Pretty much the whole time i’ve had him my family has always made it clear that he was my responsibility and don’t really put effort into his care collectively. Obviously this has caused a lot of tension over the years, me being a child needing help since having a dog is a big responsibility. Now that i’m older, i’m much more capable to care for him but life has gotten in the way going to college, volunteering, having a job and trying to maintain a social life. I do the best that I can every day but i’m not home a lot. I feel very guilty since my family has always instilled in me that they don’t care about him and because I wanted a dog I shouldn’t ask for help. And so when they have to care for him out of pure obligation since I’m not there they get very emotionally abusive towards me. I’m moving out during the summer for a job that’s about an hour away from my family home and I will come back on weekends to visit my family and care for my dog but I can’t help but feel that this will cause lots of tension. I will most likely be getting threatening messages and calls about putting my dog out on the street. I would take him with me but the room I am renting doesn’t allow animals. I love my dog and it makes me really sad to think that in his last years I give him up to strangers. I feel shelters are out of the question as to me it would be cruel and they would likely euthanize him for his age and health issues. Is there a better solution?
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2023.03.30 07:10 Babbledoodle Don't search for thicc Etali art after 11:58 p.m., you won't like what happens next

I spent the last half hour look for a thicc spinosaurus so I could make a "Etali, Primal Thiccness" joke, but do you think I found one? The well is fucking dry. Sexy Etali. Sexy spinosaurus, lewd spinosaurus, fucking even bloat spinosaurus. I started getting more specific. Etali with big thicc thighs. Spinosaurus with nice, toned legs. So I caved, knowing once I went this way, I couldn't come back. "scaly spinosaurus art" and that wasn't even that bad, nothing thicc but just vaguely lizard twinks with a frill down their back. Then I really fucked up and typed "Rule 34 spinosaurus." Fucking immediate ball and booba hanging beside prolapsed cloaca. Some wild ass shit that I wish I didn't see. I am not asking for a lot. I just want a sexy, thicc Etali. Why should it be that hard.
And then I found something that did meet my criteria after a bit of scrolling, god knows why, I was in this deep and here it was.
But at what cost. I lost Etali in MOM, and now I lost so much more for borderline rule 10 bullshit.
I did find it though.

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2023.03.30 07:08 MoMos69420 Goated Indian Rap battle got mentioned in Drake's story

Goated Indian Rap battle got mentioned in Drake's story submitted by MoMos69420 to IndianHipHopHeads [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:07 Free-Hunter-6072 LH SURGE post ovulation

LH SURGE post ovulation
ok so I know FOR SURE I was ovulating 3/10-3/15. Had SE$Y TIME 16th 18th 22nd
Period due 4/3
I had some good cramps for 5-7 DPO and they backed off on the 8th DPO
Dog got ahold of the clearable digital test but the strip was savalagable and I dipped it and it instantly turned med dark blue (its lighter now) so here I am obsessing. Please refer to the photos and tell me based off your experiences what you think is going on.
HCG Blood test done 3/29
I already know the lecture on the strips in the clear blue so please keep that part to yourself :)

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2023.03.30 07:07 Unique-Warning7798 Some of y'all need to apologise to Coach Mike, Vivek and Monte.

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2023.03.30 07:06 Curious-Chemical7123 Tight timelines and terrible troubles

Not posting this to collect sympathy but to hear stories of how new fathers navigated there their life before going to their postgrad.
I am in an extremely unique position. My wife and I (30M) move from country to country because of her work. I got my associates online from 2020 to 2021 and had a 3.67 GPA (American GPA) and we moved again but I couldn’t start school until we got done with her training in the states before we arrived in Canada where we now live.
During that one year, we had a child and moved to Canada when she was 30 days old. On my first born’s 34th day of life I started full time at school doing 5 classes. Long story short my first semester here I got a 5.8 CGPA (Canadian) which is like a 3.0 GPA (American). Maybe I am just being crazy or something but this grading culture and the CGPA system here is seriously intimidating me. Canada grades on a 10 point scale and me having a 5.8 makes me feel worthless. Also these professors are telling me that getting 70s on exams is very normal and that I shouldn’t take it to heart. Bro.
My plans are to come back to the states and apply for my masters. I would do a Psy D. but not now since I really want to enjoy being a father until she goes to school. We are only here for two years therefore I am taking 5 classes this coming summer and I plan to do another 5 next year to finish in 2024. Hopefully, I can get into a masters program and they take pity on me being a mess.
Ever since my last two years in the Marine Corps after discovering what an I/O psychologist is I fell in love with the field. Making the workplace function better and become cohesive with both the organization and it’s employees is what I committed to in the Marine Corps and I loved it like none other. I could talk about that all day but that is not my point here.
To note: My funding is not a problem. Which hopefully gets my foot in the door for top tier schools as my funding is 100% paid for.
My question: How were post grad fathers able to juggle doing school full time, be around so your kid at least knows your face, still have time for yourself and the Mrs. AND pull a competitive GPA and GRE? Or, am I just complaining for nothing and need to dig in more?
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2023.03.30 07:06 Hannibalslettuce Should my doctor have been dismissive of my symptoms?

(Edit: I know this isn’t a place to diagnose myself, I want your opinion on if I should switch doctors, sorry if that’s close in this case) I had my first sleep consultation today because I’ve had issues around sleep my whole life. When I was a kid I slept walked and slept talked a lot as well as had a few sleep paralysis episodes. That all went away, but as an adult (23y F) I have
  1. Insane hypnogogic hallucinations every time I fall asleep
  2. I start dreaming 10 minutes after falling sleep and dream throughout the night (I know this because I wake up often but instantly fall back asleep)
  3. I sleep 10-14 hours a day and am still sleepy/able to nap most the time (but only if I lay down). If I sleep 8 hours I have to take a 3 hour nap and still feel as though I could fall asleep at any time if I wanted.
  4. I have random muscle spasms (feels kinda like twitching) when I get angry
I told my sleep doctor all of this and asked about Narcolepsy but she pretty much dismissed it saying I have sleep apnea because my tonsils are very large. She wasn’t great in general, she called my chronic nightmares “spooky bumps in the night” and got my age wrong and few times. Should I request a different doctor or push her more about Narcolepsy? Or am I overreacting? Thank you!
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2023.03.30 07:05 Kurosaku [H] MLB TV Codes (T-Mobile) [W] $10 Amazon GC

I just sold 5 of the 8 codes I had. I have 3 codes left.
I am willing to sell them for $10 Each.

Please let me know
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2023.03.30 07:05 CallMeAbdu31 Is a MacBook good for Software Engineering?

I got admitted into the undergraduate software engineering program for fall 2023 and am shopping for a new laptop rn. Im looking for the best laptop money can buy but it has to tick some boxes. Im looking for a powerful laptop that has 16:10 aspect ratio and that is atleast 16 inches. And that laptop has to have a good battery life so that I wont need to bring the charger to the campus. And basically the MacBook Pro with a M2 chip seems like the best option out there. Are MacBooks good enough to run all the necessary programs and have all the tools necessary to succeed in SOEN?
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2023.03.30 07:03 Never_Peel How did you do the "mission" that requieres having 90%KP in x number of games???

Its a rant, don't take me so seriously.... But how tilting is to play with that in mind (I want to have "dios de aram" under my name)

the problem is that I can't just spam games. I play luckily 10 every week (is the only gamemode I play). Like, I just played two games, two full swipes to the enemy team, I got very feed in both, high damage.... but 8x% of KP.... always because teammates or enemies do something stupid and die in a way i don't get assist.

its just stressing... i am having the Oddysey vibes, like entering every game, saying "im gonna do this", teammates dont giving a shit, and me wanting to ff at min 5 (i don't troll, but its just playing 20 minutes more knowing i will not get the 90%KP)
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2023.03.30 07:03 Goe_Phaste Please...how do I kill enemies with solar ignition?

This is driving me insane, I can't get any progress on this bounty. I am a solar hunter, have sunshot, every aspect/fragment I got says "ignition" on it, yet I can't get any progress, enemies are dying, burning but for some reason only 10% registered and I have no idea how.
Why is this so complicated? I miss the old bounties :(
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2023.03.30 07:02 Purple_You_8969 Really really trying to work on my descriptions. Is this acceptable? I’m trying to relist my items with better descriptions.

Really really trying to work on my descriptions. Is this acceptable? I’m trying to relist my items with better descriptions. submitted by Purple_You_8969 to Depop [link] [comments]