How to wash irobot mop pads

What applications do you recommend for teaching on iPad?

2023.06.07 13:38 Ecstatic-Priority488 What applications do you recommend for teaching on iPad?

Just bought my first iPad a few days ago & still figuring it out... (first-time apple product user) What apps do u recommend that would allow me to record video lectures on it?
Also, I kinda don't like the feeling of the apple pencil... It's way too sensitive, especially on good notes... But on "sketchbook" app it's absolutely amazing, so if you guys know any whiteboard apps that feel the same way?
Other questions: - Free or cheap screenrecorders u'd recommend - Would adding a screen protector change how the apple pencil feels?
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2023.06.07 13:30 Crazy-Ad-1999 Someone threw a drink at my car, gave me an excuse to give him a proper wash for once and I cant believe how good the paint looks 💅

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2023.06.07 13:27 SmellyRat22 This crazzyyyyy

Tips how to do henna:
-Get fake tan from k-mart
-get a fake brush
-paint the fake tan on desired part of body
-add specified design
-wait 2-3 hours for henna to dry
-redo any part that need to be redone
-wait again for 2-3 hours
-lighty wash body under shower
BOOM! RESULTS! If anyone want to see a finished product please email me at [email protected].
Thank yew
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2023.06.07 13:27 Vilo123 Second Hand AIO

Hey, i Just installed a second hand AIO. For some reason I was getting idle temps of 100 degrees, but warm Water was flowing up the tube. So I decided to refill the AIO, when emptying the AIO I was greeted with this yellow Stuff. Is my AIO fine and I can Just refill? How can I wash the inside of the AIO? AIO-BeQuiet Silent Loop 2
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2023.06.07 13:24 __SK__ My room constantly smells like sleep

I've had this problem for a while; and have no clue how to solve it. For some reason my room constantly smells like sleep. you know, that smell of carbon dioxide you feel in the morning? or like an old pillow cover.
I don't live in an American house, so theres no vent system. My family's house is somewhat traditional south Asian, which means a lot of open space and windows. My room has 3 doors, one leading to the central hall right next to the kitchen, one leading to a bathroom, and the other leading outside. I keep the outside and hallway door open, giving PLENTY of cross ventilation space. yet despite all of that, the smell seems to linger.
The room gets mopped every single day, with cleaning fluid and everything. The sheets and pillow covers are changed regularly, the blankets are washed. and yet the smell seems to linger. And I shower every single day so I do not think its me.
Its really annoying to live with. But I have no clue what to do to fix it either. Any advice?
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2023.06.07 13:24 nbjk3011 Hair loss after treatment?

I finished treatment approx. 1 month a ago and my hair started to fall out in my last month and has gotten worse until today :( on washing days I am losing more than 100 hairs! But fortunately, on non-wash days I lose less but still more than before (on accutane I lost like maybe 10 hairs per day) Any tips? How long did your hair loss phase last? I am really scared to lose more hair😭
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2023.06.07 13:19 MyFriendBee Disagreement about scratching?

Hi there! So, I’m just looking for some advice on how to navigate an ongoing source of frustration in my relationship surrounding my scratching habit (bad, I know).
A little backstory: I’m relatively new to the eczema itchy life and have been experiencing a full body flare up since March. Ive recently taken the last 2 weeks off of work as my skin has been so flared up that I’m losing sleep, extremely self-conscious, and just can’t focus when working with my clients. My partner has been AMAZING- preparing meals, helping me with tasks that are difficult to do with irritated skin (washing dishes etc), and running to get ice packs when I’m itchy.
The one problem has been the ongoing disagreements over scratching. I know it’s bad, I try to work around the temptation, but sometimes the urge to itch is so powerful that it makes me cry to ignore it. My partner is frustrated as they’ve done everything in their power to help me focus on healing and they feel like I’m taking steps backward with scratching. I don’t know how to talk to them about how this feels and am looking for advice on how to navigate this challenge. Maybe it is a me problem and I’ll have to just deal with the itch without scratching. I’ve tried wet wrapping, antihistamines, ice, and rubbing the spots instead of scratching. All methods help but sometimes I black out and find myself scratching and I don’t know how to stop.
Thanks for reading 💜
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2023.06.07 13:18 vinny_the_bug My room smells awful and I need help

I posted this on cleaning but now I'm worried it may belong here instead. I'm 16 and am medicated for ocd and I see a therapist regularly. I don't know how to explain this but I have a thing with bad smells, I'm convinced bad smells will make me sick, I have to shower for an hour or I'll smell bad, etc. Since I can remember my room has smelt awful it smells like rotting cheese, I have air fresheners, candles, and plug in scents in my room, I wash and change my bedding regularly, I wipe down my walls and furniture every week and deep clean at the beginning of every month, I don't bring food in my room and I Lysol my bed, curtains, and pride flag when I think they need to be disinfected. No matter what I do this awful smell always comes back, I cleaned my entire room yesterday and I woke up this morning to the rotting smell, my family and therapist think it's my OCD causing me to think my room smells, but the rest of my house smells fine it's just my room that smells bad, I need to know could this smell be mold behind the walls? Could I be the cause of the bad smell? Am I just not cleaning good enough? Or is this just my OCD?
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2023.06.07 13:15 ScoutBandit Floor Protection?

My partner and I are both somewhat incontinent with urine, but in different ways. After the umpteenth wet bathroom floor tonight, I had to write.
My partner (m65) refuses to wear a pad, brief, or any protection really. I bought him things before that just took up space, and when we moved got thrown out. I (f56) wear a variety of things depending on the day and situation. At the very least I wear a thick overnight pad with regular underwear, but sometimes I wear pull-ups. It's not like he has a reason to feel self-conscious or embarrassed for wearing the same things as me.
One of his biggest problems is that he sometimes begins to pee as soon as he gets out of bed heading for the bathroom. It's a very short walk, but by the time he gets there he has peed through his underwear and pj bottoms. He'll strip these off, throw them in the hamper, and walk into the bathroom. Still peeing. If he isn't wearing underwear or pj bottoms the urine goes into the carpet.
Then he'll walk to the toilet but by the time he gets there the floor has a big puddle of liquid. If he has to mess with anything like the toilet seat or lid he just stands there continuing to pee. He'll deposit whatever he has left in the toilet and make his way back to bed, leaving the floor soaking wet. Sheets and other bed clothes have to be changed every day.
The next time I go in there I am met with a large puddle on the floor that there's no way to avoid. The cuffs of my pj pants get wet, my feet are soaked in his urine, and if I'm not careful I'll drop my whole pants into the urine mine field. My choices are to get out cleaning supplies at 4am, or just drop a towel on it. I usually drop a towel.
Does there exist, hopefully inexpensive, a rug of some kind that I can put down at night to absorb the urine and not let it puddle up or soak my feet/clothes when I'm unfortunate enough to go in there soon after him? If I had something to put in there at night and wash during the day it would help. A lot. As a matter of fact, if I could buy enough to make a path from the bed to the bathroom, the carpet might be saved as well.
You're probably thinking he's a pig and an inconsiderate one at that. What he is, is a man who had a stroke not long ago and has some trouble navigating through the day. I love him and am committed to helping him recover as best as he can. I'm just really sick of half of our lives revolving around urine. I'm either on the toilet, cleaning up a urine mess, washing urine-soaked laundry, or trying not to urinate through my own clothing before I get to the toilet myself. And he's... Leaving urine for me to clean up.
Any advice, tips, shortcuts, life hacks, etc? This is driving me absolutely bonkers and I really need some help.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 13:08 klassikalerrors How do I go about this situation without hurting my previous friends?

Tw mentions of csa material and gross people
I received an invite to my godsisters bridal shower earlier this week and have been losing it ever since. Long story short I met a girl when I was 2 then we became friends and close until about 2years ago (18 years together). Her older sister (the one who is getting married) and I went through the same eating disorder treatment after she got diagnosed about a year after I began treatment (I was 13-15 she was 17-19 at the time).
This really messed with our relationship and made it hard for me to connect because I felt like a healing space I had found that my family fought for was just invaded by people who had direct connection to my ed behaviors and did cause some anger to grow.
We kind of lost contact over the years, but everything really ended about three years ago now when the sister who I was closest to an age and friendship wise, decided to post a fake engagement thing and then let me think for months that I found out that my childhood best friend was getting married over a Snapchat story and then even when I called her asking if it was fake or if it was real, she told me it was until I found out about four months later that she had been lying the whole time. It was kind of just a final lie that really pushed me over the edge, and I have not spoken to her since then.
I never liked their dad though he always scared me even as a child, he’s a Vietnam vet with diagnosed ptsd but as someone who has been diagnosed with the same for 2 yrs now I truly see how much he used his diagnoses as a reason to abuse his family.
The crux of everything was when the two sisters and I found csa material on his iPad and from the reactions I knew this was not a first time offense. They even tried to say it was military humor which I called bullshit on but still didn’t know what to do since I was 16/17 when this occurred.
In the years since my disgust and fear for him has only grown. I’ve had a lot of trauma happen in my life and things that I know my brain has blocked but since that situation it’s always felt like there’s more and that I’m protecting myself from something horrible and it just makes me sick to think about.
It took me 5 years to tell my mom what I found. She went out to dinner with him and his wife that same week and now a year later will be attending both the bridal shower and wedding.
I’m trying to just reign in my anger because other than the photos nothing is provable or even known but my head and my heart keep telling me there’s more and it terrifies me but I’ve recently started to try and unravel all of this in therapy which helps I guess but I feel crazy especially since I’m the only one in my family who no longer interacts with them.
I don’t want to ruin her days but I will not be attending and there’s a strong part of me that wants to truly lay out why I have distanced myself, I don’t want her to be the one to receive this but her mom is the one who is accepting rsvps. And she is someone who I know has known about these things for much longer than I have.
I know this is just a lot of anger and im probably just spewing it out onto people, but I am so disgusted and scared of the fact of growing up essentially in that home with a fucking pedophile. Because I know that behavior didn’t just start then and that my feelings about that man were completely valid.
I just don’t know whether to do this gracefully, or if I want the truth to be out because either way, both are very uncomfortable for me, but I feel like I should say something in regards to the fact that I will not be joining them for any other celebrations from here on out.
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2023.06.07 13:07 Qwsdxcbjking Why is there no fibro specific clothing brands?

I'm sure many of us have had experiences with regular clothing being a bit shit for us. Some materials make me want to rip my skin off, if a top had long tags it feels like it's burning me every time it brushes against my skin. A lot of clothes just aren't soft enough and feel ridiculously scratchy and uncomfortable.
So why hasn't anyone actually started a clothing brand for people with conditions like ours that actually fixes these problems? I'd love affordable clothes that are actually comfortable, and also don't shrink in the wash (even cool washes) and before skin tight lol.
Honestly I'm kind of tempted to do it myself at this point. I've got quite a few friends in the fashion industry, from designing and making clothes, to models, to purchasing. At least I'd end up with clothes that work for me even if no one else wanted to buy them, and I'm young so I feel like I kinda should do some dumb shit.
Anyone else annoyed by this though? Or found anywhere that does actually do some good stuff? I tried searching for fibro clothing but all I got was awareness stuff and articles about how compression clothing can help lol.
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2023.06.07 13:07 shoesandcats Litter types and trays

Ive tried wood pellets, crystal, clay etc I have problems with tracking. I try to scoop out the poo which is easier with crystals and pellets but they get everywhere. Crystals and clay just hurt if you accidentally step on them and the wood pellets dissolve and leave mountains of dust. I try to make the sides on the litter box higher as both my cats love to kick it out.
And no matter how much I try to maintain and clean. The smell just doesn't go away. I air out. I wash the litter tray. I scrub that shit off and yet still, as soon as they're good to go again they just stink.
What's everyone's advice on litter types and trays? I can't deal with this much cleaning outside of the litter trays and the constant smell.
Additional info: Both my cats are healthy, recent vet check ups done, no odd behaviour. They're poo and urine are both normal. It's just the smell tends to build up quite quick with every litter change
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2023.06.07 13:05 nav2468 BenQ HT3550i / W2700i - Should I upgrade thermal pad to thermal paste?

I just bought this projector as an upgrade from my Optoma HD146X and I'm blown away by how good it is, thanks to those that helped me with my decision!
Here is what my setup looks like, it's a DIY setup to stop me from drilling holes into the ceiling lmao. So i'm not sure how this affect airflow around the projector, I live in the UK so temperatures are never really high and I only use my projector to watch a movie/tv shows, the projector will not be in use all day.
I have done some research and seen people have issues with temperature which damages the DMD chip. I see people have replaced the thermal pad with thermal paste. I am willing to do this but is it worth it? Are DMD chips cheap and easy to find? Are DMD chips model specific or are they somewhat universal?
Also if there are any mods/suggestions I can do to improve the longevity of my projector i.e. things to protect the DMD chip or colour wheel etc. I will try to use eco mode/dynamic iris off etc. I don't mind turning high altitude setting on and blasting the fan to max. I try and keep my room ventilated and have a aidust purifier to minimise dust. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 13:03 DesSantorinaiou District 2 spin-off

I can't be the only one who'd love a novella on district 2. I don't have a specific type of protagonist in mind.
In TBOSAS we get Sejanus who is deeply compassionate and both he and Ma are not conditioned to live or to think as the people in the Capitol do. Marcus and the others back at the District LOATH those who have 'sold' themselves to the ways of the Capitol to the point that he refuses any help when it could cost him his life.
In the trilogy Cato and Clove are full-blown careers and Cato even volunteers, but the fact that they were kids trying that had been conditioned to try to bring glory to their district is an essential point. Brutus and Inobaria are also victims of the same conditioning, but I feel that the bloodlust we se from the District 2 tributes is only enhanced generation after generation. At the very least Lyme, who is middle-aged and was probably growing up at a time when the District 2 children were not all being brain-washed to the same extent, is more balanced than the rest of the District 2 characters of the trilogy.
I would love to read of that breaking point when the District started to put forth careers. It'd be interesting to see how it started, the discourse between those who rejected the idea and those who embraced it because they just couldn't keep sending their children to be slaughtered without any preparation. Seeing when they crossed the illegal-training-for-survival line to treating the games like sport and potential for bringing glory to the District.
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2023.06.07 13:02 misobunnie What do I use on my very bleached, thin hair?

What do I use on my very bleached, thin hair?
I have brown hair naturally, but I bleach it to blonde. I use L’oreal Absolut Repair Oil after every wash and their mask about every week. It feels soft to the touch, but I have very thin hairstrands, just a lot of them, which tend to look frizzy and break off. After bleaching I noticed it even more. I need silicone-based products, which my hairstylist even recommended to me, in order to keep it from breaking off so much when brushing it. I think there might be some structural damage. I haven’t gotten «gummy» hair after bleaching, just «dry»/breaking off I guess.
I don’t have pictures of my hair not styled, but on the first one I guess you can see how thin it is. Not a lot of body.
Do you think K18 will help? Or Olaplex? I’m still not sure what they exactly do and if it’s good for my hairtype.
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2023.06.07 13:02 WorthEducational4166 How do you make suggestions to a family member with psoriasis who isn’t looking after themselves properly?

(This individual isn’t depressed before I get comments suggesting I help them seek help. I’ve raised it before and it’s shot down so there’s just absolutely no chance anyway)
They wash every other day. Always long hot baths… they don’t clean the bathroom out after themselves properly so there’s skin stuck everywhere and I’m finding flakes and big chunks of skin all over the house.
There’s times where I presume that they’re just itching and leaving the skin all over the floor… not realising they’re in a shared space.
They don’t clean up after themselves and any suggestions about diet are ignored.
I’m at my wits end because having to clean somebody else’s skin off every surface… everyday before I can use objects and large chunks of it isn’t pleasant.
It’s to the point where I’m finding their dead skin in my bed.
I’m sorry if it sounds insensitive - they won’t take any recommended treatments either because they don’t trust the ingredients in the medicine.
I’m not sure how to even approach this conversation because they’re a few years older than me and they become incredibly unpleasant (put downs, over-talking, correcting you etc) when trying to have conversations where you don’t agree with everything they say or raise issues.
I know it’s a sensitive topic and I really don’t want to hurt their feelings. What can I do? How do I raise this? I don’t think I can continue to clean up areas several times a day much longer.
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2023.06.07 12:46 Creedonics BGA Pad Clearence

BGA Pad Clearence
Hello everyone,
so i'm trying to route my design however i foundout that all my BGA Pads and even other Pads have some pretty huge clearences, how do i change them ?

BGA Pad Clearence
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 12:42 Feeling-Visit1472 Has anyone ever put their fridge shelves in the dishwasher?

Plastic and/or glass. Maybe on delicate cycle? Or even just rinse? I know how to wash them in the sink, but it’s such a messy process in my kitchen so I’m wondering whether there’s a more efficient way.
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2023.06.07 12:09 Normal-Kangaroo1564 Reasons to select swimming pool finishes

When it comes to pool design, a few choices are as important as your pool's finish. The color and texture of a pool finish can affect the hue of your pool water (think "shiny pool blues," deep, rich blacks, and natural beiges with sandy tones). Some finishes are more expensive than others, and some require more maintenance to keep them looking their best. Pool finishes Australia provides the best interior design for swimming pools.
Gravel / Aggregate Pool Finish - Fusion of strength and shine
A new trend in pool painting, pool painting is very popular among pool owners because of its unique combination of beauty and durability. The name "pool total finish" has become a generic description for several very different finish types, each with its characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.
Plaster dam finish - a timeless favourite
Sealant is affordable, customizable, and can last 7 to 10 years with proper care. Several color options are available, from the classic "pond blue" to soothing neutrals such as gray and beige.It's very affordable, so this is great news for anyone looking to make building a pool more budget-friendly. And while it may lack the lustre of glass or an overall finish of quartz, it shows how amazing a plaster sink can look with the right finishes, like stunning water tiles and well-chosen pool lighting.
Tiled pool deck: swimming in colour
Technically, tiles are not a true pool end. After all, finding a pool with a finish other than tiles is very rare. If you've ever wondered why, there are some good reasons. First of all, tiles are very expensive. Finishing the pool's interior with tiles will cost a lot of money. And second, tile is more prone to chipping and cracking than grout or aggregate finish.
However, tiles should still be discarded completely. The effect of a pool or spa on any mosaic is certainly desirable. If you want to enhance the look of your pool with tiles but avoid obsessing over the look of each tile, head over to interior pool finishes Australia to explore your options and make recommendations.
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2023.06.07 11:59 wildyhoney For those who can’t (especially black people) how do you deal with the suggestion to wash your hair everyday?

I’m black with very thick, but healthy, 4c hair. Part of its upkeep includes not washing it everyday like other hair types, it would simply destroy it and rip it off its nutrients. My doctor suggests it at every appointment, oblivious to the fact that black hair has quite a different more complicated routine than simply curly or straight hair.
Washing sheets and showering is no problem, obviously. But with the hair I really can’t. I’m thinking of getting a damp cloth and simply running it though my hair as best as I can to catch any pollen. What do it guys do?
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2023.06.07 11:53 Its-delicat 2 years after “the change” and it’s not getting better

I’m at my wits end. I don’t know why I feel the need to chronicle but I feel like it’s been built up and I’m so frustrated and at my wits end I need to somehow write this all out. Maybe once it’s in text it’ll make more sense to me? Now that I wrote it out im realizing this is the longest rant I’ve ever written and it’s pretty stream of consciousness. I’ll summarize at the bottom for ease because you definitely don’t need to read my scattered frustrated tirade!
We’ve only been together 3 years (30f, him 33m). It started with multiple times a day, which I know is not sustainable and I did not expect to last after puppydog stage and that was FINE. After about 2 months it dropped to a couple times a month, with a little vibe action on the side or mutual parallel play, also very satisfying and fun and felt like a great settled-in normal. Things were fun, experimental, and we bought lots of fun toys and gear to try out and explore! It was going great and we were creating a life and home together and delving into left field sexually and it was working GREAT! From my perspective and according to all conversations (which felt honest and open the whole time) we were having fun and always excited for new things!
After the first 10 or so months, one day little did I know was the last time. Suddenly he’s “too tired” or “not in the mood”. We were on opposite shifts but every weekend I fucked up MY schedule to be on his. I was up 36 hours straight or slept 4-5 hours over 3 days so we could spend time together. He never stayed up late or got up early… how the fuck is he “too tired”? I was ready to go all the time and it was always a no. After a full day of dirty talk and expectation I’m getting all done up in something kinky and crawling into bed ready to realize a days worth of conversation and innuendo and “ahhhhh well maybe not tonight”. You can only shamefully shed a strappy skintight bodysuit so many times and stuff it back in the drawer embarrassed before you just stop trying.
But then when I try initiating in a baggy T-shirt and briefs I “never dress up” and “sometimes guys need to be courted too!”. So I dial up the dirty talk, I send little peeks from the stall at work, I flirt by text, send sexy memes. I take him out, buy him dinner and random “just cuz I love you!” Gifts. I flirt and grope and hint and it’s always met enthusiastically and positively when it’s just talk, but it goes from “let’s go shower! I’ll suck your dick!” met with grins and nods, to “hey can you move I need to wash my hair… ok all done here’s your towel”.
Multiple MULTIPLE discussions of “well work is really hard right now” or “I’m just tired” “I just haven’t been in the mood” etc. If I directly ask it’s “well I’m not in the mood but please don’t go look for sex elsewhere”
A year and a half. We had sex once last summer out of the blue. Just trying to sleep and I had hands on me and I was so excited. I don’t know what I did and that was awesome!….and next morning back to the same. We went on an extravagant vacation in December. Lots of alone time, beautiful places. We had sex once, out of the blue, so drunk I don’t know if he remembers and I hardly do. And we got home and back to the same. I beg and flirt and ask and I get “well I’m not in the mood but please don’t go look for sex elsewhere”.
Dressing up, making an effort, rejected over and over. Stop dressing up, bring up my frustrations and it’s “try dressing up and flirting more im just not in the mood TODAY”. Always that unspoken hope of maybe tomorrow? Until tomorrow I get “well I’m not in the mood but please don’t go look for sex elsewhere”.
Then in January I suffered a significant spinal injury. For the last 6 months I could hardly walk, constantly in pain. I basically just did physical therapy, slept, and suffered. And it became “I’m so sorry we can’t have sex, but with your injury I would never be able to without hurting you!”. Which was true. I couldn’t think about sex when I needed all my energy and focus to walk across the room, and even then I was in blinding pain.
During my worst pain and nerve impairment in my lower body he was so supportive! We had consistent eager sexual conversation, constant encouragement and support for masturbation because it was all I could handle. I really felt that once I healed we’d be back on track.
Then 3 weeks ago I finally hit a milestone in recovery. Thanks to the most recent treatment I have full feeling below the waist, and full mobility. I can work out, walk, lift, jog!! Everything seems perfect! My body is back! During those 5 months I gained about 10lbs because of the immobility. I’ve always been very fit, almost no jiggle and work a very physically strenuous job so I had no issues with staying trim and small. Im tall so 10lbs on my frame filled out my hips a little, a little more cellulite but no rolls, no belly, no face changes. I cannot honestly believe my body changed so significantly it’s no longer attractive and he still insists he can’t even tell. Tells me I’m still just as attractive and my body is perfect, but I touch him and it’s like I’m a hideous beluga from hell. Chaste kisses and quickly flipping to face the other way.
Verbally he seems so proud of me, so interested and so flirty ALL THE TIME, but we climb into bed and it’s “Goodnight!” Quick flip, lamp off, snoring.
The worst part is my worst day was the time we finally had sex again. Once again, out of nowhere lusty kisses, sex, everything I’ve always liked. All the details with a cherry on top! I don’t know what I did.
Now a couple weeks go by and it’s chaste closed mouth pecks, “goodnight” quick flip away, lamp off, goodnight, “too tired”.
I express how I’m finally back in my body and after so long I finally have my libido back and how amazing, exciting and wonderful this is. Every time the conversation goes “well I’m not in the mood but please don’t go look for sex elsewhere”.
How does someone with the libido I saw for those first 10 months just turn it off for YEARS? I’m struggling and he says he’s fine just whacking it out. That’s all he wants or needs. He’s not straying, we’re pretty tightly scheduled, we have shared GPS, we’re in touch pretty much all day every day. He’s not getting it elsewhere, but for me this level is not sustainable or survivable.
I always thought a DB was the sign of a relationship in decline but outside of sex our relationship is so strong and open and developing into the life I want… Except I need the physical connection like I need to breath and I’m fucking suffocating. I can’t even put myself in a headspace where you’d live like this by choice, so I simply cannot understand how this can seem ok.
TL;DR: 10 months of our 3 years was an active experimental sex life. And then like a flip of a switch one day he’s always too tired, or not on the mood. Verbally always eager, complementary, and excited for sex, but it almost never actually happens. In the last 2 years I can remember having sex 3 times, all out of the blue, no explanation or attempt on my part it just happened. But come morning we’re back to chaste kisses that get broken off if I try to turn them into anything.
I got injured and couldn’t have sex, which in retrospect seems like it was the best thing ever for him because I stopped asking. Once I healed and expressed my return to HL, I feel like I got one night of fun and now it feels like the expectation is we return to no-sex status quo.
Despite every other aspect of our relationship blooming and becoming better over time, the bedroom is dead as doornails and I feel I can’t get past it.
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2023.06.07 11:45 elkdoll How long until my hair returns to its usual texture after a haircut

How long until my hair returns to its usual texture after a haircut
I got my hair cut last Thursday, it usually curls right after but it’s been rather straight even after washing it with my usual shampoo every day. I genuinely can’t stand it and I just wanna know how long until it returns to its old texture and if there’s anything I can do to speed it up
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