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Where to eat, food reviews, photos, and more.

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DFWBeer is a place you come for all your DFW Beer needs. Post and read reviews of Brew Pubs, Taprooms, and Breweries. If it's in the DFW Metroplex and it's about beer, this is the place to find it!

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Events in the great city of Fort Worth. You can also post events in HEB, Keller, Weatherford, Burleson, and Arlington.

2023.03.30 07:09 Sweet_Source2124 Waste in Oman

So according to the ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources 560 tonnes of food is wasted in Oman per year worth approximately 60 million Omani Rials. From personal experience I would think that much of that waste came from overabundance of food in every social function ever especially weddings. Let’s assume that instead of wasting food we invest the money that would have been spent and get a %5 return (which is a relatively easy return on investment to get): After 30 years of investing 60 million a year to get an average of %5 the Omani economy will be OMR4 billion bigger. To give some context, Oman currently has a GDP of USD$88 billion which is approximately OMR34 billion. This is one small thing in the Omani culture that could have a huge impact on the broader economy, the same thing can be said about 100 other things in the Omani culture. This is just mind blowing to me, what do you think?
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2023.03.30 07:07 MickiiVee My 13pt Breakfast

Hello people !!
Today was a good day. Work and food wise. Below are the points and ingredients for todays very satisfying and filling breakfast. I put the sandwich together and it was huge but worth it. I know some people may think that a 13 pt breakfast is a lot but I have so many points in the day and if I don't use them I lose them...( not really some roll over.. lol) You can modify this any way you want but this might be my go to for the next few week because it kept me full for so long. I didn't eat my lunch until 3 pm today. Another thing I am trying is to pace myself when eating my meals. I need to learn how to listen to my body to know when I am full or stuffed and what not. I am also trying to drink more water in my day and with meals.
What are some of your favorite breakfast recipes ? Let me know. I do like to switch it up every now and then.
Breakfast 13pts
3 pt - Sourdough english muffin
1 pt - Light Laughing Cow cheese wedge
1 pt - Foster Farms oven roasted turkey slice
3 pt - 84gm Avocado
4pt - Hash brown patty
0pt - 1 egg
1pt - Coffee Mate sugar free french vanilla creamer ( for my iced coffee)

Happy Losing!
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2023.03.30 07:01 ArielSnailiel Bisalp tomorrow - and I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!

I’m incredibly happy to say that tomorrow morning at 10:00AM I will finally be getting a bisalp at 22 years old. I thought that once it got closer to my surgery date, I’d be super nervous, but I honestly feel more EXCITED than anything! I just want to get it done already! It’s exactly like having to sleep one more night until I can open presents on Christmas day! That’s the best way I can describe it.
I’d say I’m extremely prepared; my wonderful supportive dad bought me $250 worth of items I’ll probably need, like food, medicine, pillows, etc. and he set up a temporary bed for me in our dining room so that I won’t have to climb any stairs for a few days. The only things I can think of that I didn’t end up getting that were recommended by others previously were a cane and a grabber. I’ll just have to have my family help with getting things for me that may require reaching up high or bending down low, but I’ve put all my necessities at a level that should be easy for me to reach.
Anyways, I’m just so excited and I’ll probably make another post talking about how it all went, which could be tomorrow, in a few days, or in a week; just whenever I’m feeling up to it! I know there are a couple of you out there who have shared that y’all’s bisalps are also on March 30th, so if any of my bisalp buddies are reading this, best of luck to you!
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2023.03.30 06:59 living-on-the-bay Kyoto Hip, Casual Restaurants

My husband and I are traveling to Japan for 2 weeks and will be in Kyoto a few nights. We live in San Francisco and are big foodies - enjoying the high-end and casual places. We are having a hard time finding restaurants that aren't the standard 11 course, high end restaurant in Kyoto. We would love to find some places that are more casual - could be a hole in the wall with a counter, natural wine or sake bar with great food, izakaya...hoping to find something thats not on the standard search! Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 06:49 Valestrum [H] Lots of Games / HB Steam keys [W] Humble Heroines games

I have the following Steam CD keys for trade / sale:
Looking for offers of rough equivalent value of your Steam CD keys.
In particular looking for:
  • Control: Ultimate Edition
  • Syberia: The World Before
  • Praey for the Gods
  • Sable
  • Dreamscaper
  • Call of the Sea
  • Batora: Lost Haven
  • Dark Pictures Anthology games
  • Gothy/dark games
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2023.03.30 06:48 myoscaralexander Get Protection Form Identity Theft With Onsite Shredding Services In Fort Worth

Onsite shredding services provide a secure way to dispose of confidential documents, such as financial statements, legal documents, and medical records. Shredding trucks come to a specific location and shred the documents on-site, ensuring that no one can access the information. Shredding services are also cost-effective, allowing to save money while keeping your information secure. Protect the confidential information and enjoy peace of mind with by enrolling shredding appointment today.
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2023.03.30 06:46 ouryouus 21-day itinerary check: Kansai + Chubu

Planning a 3-week solo trip to Japan in November, this will be my first time going! This is a fairly low-budget trip and I plan to stay in hostels most nights—I’d like to keep my expense per day under 100 USD. Main interests are art, history, traditional music, and nice views.
General questions:

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2023.03.30 06:43 Rhetorical_Abe Veteran Tips

I see plenty of people posting on here asking for recommendations, so as a 4th time attendee this year, I will share what I have learned.
First: shade. One canopy is great. 2 is supremely better. A beach tent is a great second canopy. The second canopy is for your tent. The difference provided by that shade will separate you from the rested and the devastated.
While we’re talking about keeping cool, you don’t know heat brother. You’ve been on the beach in 90 degree heat before. You were fine. Well, ‘yer on the farm now city boi. And in the south we got a thing called humidity. So bring the following to also help you keep cool.
Rechargeable battery fans. And when I say fan, you need the blade diameter to be no less than 8”, bigger is even better but bigger means they take more power. More on that later. Get 2 at least maybe 3. With three you can create a nice little cyclone and keep the air moving. The fans that recharge through usb cables are ideal. Because they’ll be easier to recharge.
Frog toggs. They’re chamois that soak up cold water and you can drape them on your neck or over your head to keep cool. Put them in your cooler water to get them nice and cold.
A 5 gal bucket. You can also drain your cooler water daily into this bucket. It will stay surprisingly cool for a long time. This bucket you can use for a very soothing and very cooling foot bath at camp. You can also use this to wash your feet before you enter beneath your canopy. Clean camp is a happy camp.
Space blankets. You can clip these to the top of your canopy and help bounce even more heat off your camp. Make sure you also bring plenty of clamps/ binder clips/ zip ties to secure them and..
Tapestries. You want 3 at least and you want them to be tall enough to go to the ground from the side of your canopy, and wide enough to span side to side. Gives you privacy and a nice little wind tunnel. If it’s your first rodeo, old bed sheets will work fine. Darker colored preferred.
Solar battery generator. We live in the future and it’s glorious. These things are expensive but worth every penny. Even getting a smaller cheaper version will prove immensely useful to recharge your phone and fans out there. You may even be able to run some led string lights with them at your camp for ambiance and light. Lock it in your car during the day or hidden in your bins or tent. Recharge and run your fans at the same time while your battery is charging in the beautiful sun. An alternative are those car charger adapters that have like 2 USB ports and a regular plug. It can be nice to take refuse in your car and enjoy the AC but be mindful of your neighbors. You may be blowing exhaust and heat right on them.
Tent locks. This is a controversial topic on this subreddit. But what most people overlook is the notion that not every thief is a pro or fully motivated. Some fucked up idiot who stumbles through your camp who could have been deterred easily could get into your tent now. Any measure is better than no measure. But do keep high dollar valuables locked in your car. You may consider keeping smaller items and electronics in plastic bags in a second cooler. Your car will get HOT.
Bring a good cooler and expect to buy ice at least once per day. go FIRST thing in the morning for ice and to shit before there is a line. Also don’t bring food to cook. Cooking at camp is rookie shit. Take burgers. Sounds easy. We’ll think about it. Produce won’t keep. Cheese won’t keep. Meat won’t keep. Condiments won’t keep. No don’t cook. Budget for food and if you do bring food bring snacks and simple meals like pb and j or oatmeal. My personal recommendation are those MREs and First Strike Bars.
Solar shower. The shower line is for chumps. And you don’t need a shower booth. Just bring a swimsuit and bathe in that with help from your friends. One stands on the cooler or a bucket and holds it and you get a better, warmer, wait free shower each day. They’re also exceedingly cheap. The med size is all you need.
Personal folding fan/ Battery misting fan. Misting fans are great for in the crowd. Those little neck fans are nice but be sure to bring enough batteries to change them everyday. Otherwise you’ll barely feel them.
A canteen/ water bottle/ camel pack. Hydration is the name of the game. Everyone here says it all the time, and they’re all right. Drink lots of water. Also bring Water Boy or Liquid IV to boost your hydration.
You don’t have to do drugs to have fun. It’s a great place and a great time all it’s own. If you are doing drugs, only do the drugs you brought with you. Don’t buy drugs. And if anyone offers you drugs, bring a test kit to make sure they are safe. If for nothing else your peace of mind that you know exactly what you’re on.
I’m sure I could think of more but I thought this could help some newbies out there. You don’t have to have everything I said. I built up to this. You will want to come back so get what you need and you will be better prepared next time. You will have a great time. See y’all on the farm.
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2023.03.30 06:36 Fit-Conversation2269 Overseer Holotapes

Left all 17 of the overseer holotapes in front of Vault 76 on ps4 if anyone needs them.
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2023.03.30 06:34 Ezra_is_a_dumb_boy Every season 1 - 19 contestant and semi-finalist

A little messy as the placements are random, except if their state was shown 3 times so bear with me. I'm gonna give some fun facts about the semifinalist bc they aren't as well known.
every antm contestant and semifinalist (1 - 19)
cycle 1: Christina from Little Falls, Minnesota Heather from Galloway, Ohio Ebony M. from Cumberland, Maryland Nicole C. from Chapel Hills, North Carolina Lenora from Greenwich Village, New York Elyse from Albuquerque, New Mexico Shannon from Franklin, Ohio Jakai from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robin from Memphis, Tennessee Jessica from Tucson, Arizona Noelle from Reno, Nevada Kesse from North Little Rock, Arkansas Toiya from Atlanta, Georgia Ebony H. from The Bronx, New York Katie from Glenview, Illinois Tessa from Chicago, Illinois Adrienne from Joliet, Illinois Giselle from Corona, California Nicole P. from Murrieta, California Erin from Pasadena, California Natalie from Riverside, California April from San Diego, California Shawna from Los Angeles, California Justine from Huntington Beach, California Corey (unknown)
Corey, Toiya, and Jessica were semi-finalist that weren't shown to make it seem like there was 20 girls. There might have been more based on the bulletin board they used but it's hard to tell.
cycle 2: Camille from Mamaroneck, New York Anna from LaGrange, Georgia Mercedes from Valencia, California Nargis from Mohegan Lake, New York Sara from Seattle, Washington April from Miami Beach, Florida Shandi from Kansas City, Missouri Bethany from Houston, Texas Xiomara from Morganville, New Jersey Jenascia from Burien, Washington Heather from Moreno Valley, California Yoanna from Jacksonville, Florida Catie from Willmar, Minnesota Rebecca from Minneapolis, Minnesota Christina from Little Falls, Minnesota
Most semifinalist are unknown for cycle 2. The only known ones were girls who went back to audition (Christina, Rebecca and Nargis). Christina was our first returning semi finalist.
cycle 3: Mary from Portland, Oregon Cassie from Norman, Oklahoma Natalie from Walla Walla, Washington Brianna from Plainfield, Illinois Toccara from Dayton, Ohio Jennipher F. from Pocatello, Idaho Amanda from Henderson, North Carolina Sarah D. from Baltimore, Maryland Kristina from Bristol, Rhode Island Magdalena from Worchester, Massachusetts Josie from Fayetteville, North Carolina Vicky from Washington D.C Laura/Kristi from St. Louis, Missouri Julie from Kent, Washington Chrissy from Colchester, Connecticut Ann from Erie, Pennslyvania Leah D. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Nicole from Minot, North Dakota Tiffany from Miami, Florida Amy from Ocala, Florida Roxanne from Dania, Florida Eva from Westmont, California Norelle from Newport Beach, California Sarah from Capistrano, California Vanessa from San Francisco, California Diana from Los Angeles, California Rachael from New York, New York/Huntsville, Alabama Yaya from Harlem, New York Nargis from Mohegan Lake, New York Kelle from Lenox Hill, New York Kimberly from Huntington Station, New York Lea Q. from Queens, New York Brit from Manhattan, New York Jennifer W (unknown)
Sarah (Martin Luther King according to Tiffany) from Capistrano was suppose to make top 20, but due to unknown reasons couldn't continue. Amanda joined the top 20 after Sarah left. The "I don't know, I can't take the pressure of it!" girl is Natalie from Walla Walla.
cycle 4: Mary from Portland, Oregon Tatiana from Maui, Hawaii Lindsey from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Estela from The Bronx, New York Lacy from Las Vegas, Nevada Michelle from Terre Haute, Indiana Kahlen from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Jessika from Houston, Texas Alexandria from Ft Collins, Colorado Lacey from Atlanta, Georgia Noelle from Reno, Nevada Brandy from Houston, Texas Leslie from New York, New York Naima from Detroit, Michigan Sarah from Baltimore, Maryland Rebecca from Minneapolis, Minnesota Tiffany from Miami, Florida Christina from Tallahassee, Florida Brittany from Tallahassee, Florida Rachel from Tampa, Florida Melissa from Tampa, Florida Mollie-Sue from Tampa, Florida Brita from La Cañada Flintridge, California Jennifer from Richmond, California Lluvy from Modesto, California Alexia from Studio City, California Keenyah from Compton, California Jen from Santa Monica, California Ebony (unknown)
Rachel became a famous chef and Leslie is a famous comedian. Both were semifinalist.
cycle 5: Ashley from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Adriana from San Juan, Puerto Rico Stacie from Grayson, Oklahoma Diane from Orlando, Florida Nicole from Grand Folks, North Dakota Cassandra from Houston, Texas April from Las Vegas, Nevada Jayla from Tucson Arizona Latricia from Trenton, New Jersey Sarah from Boonville, Missouri Jasmine from Flagstaff, Arizona Nik from Atlanta, Georgia Coryn from Minneapolis, Minnesota Kyle from Dexter, Michigan Kim from Yorkville, New York Susanna from Carthage, New York Bre from Harlem, New York Melissa from Syracuse, New York Ebony from Sylmar, California Lisa from Los Angeles, California Krystle from Long Beach, California Whitney from Fairfield, California Regina from San Matteo, California Jessica from Templeton, California
Susanna had a very good model career!
cycle 6: Andrea from Geneva, Ohio Wendy from New Orleans, Louisiana Katherine from Brevard, North Carolina Furonda from Stuttgart, Arkansas Angela from Houma, Louisiana Alejandra/Leslie from Higley, Arizona Kari from Brookings, South Dakota Joanie from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Danielle from Little Rock, Arkansas Dani from Spring, Texas Nnenna from Houston, Texas Brooke from Corpus Christi, Texas Yvonne from Surfside, Florida Gina from Odessa, Florida Mollie Sue from Tampa, Florida Leah from Boca Raton, Florida Jade from New York, New York Claudia from Manhattan, New York Tanika from Buffalo, New York Alexius from Manhattan, New York Shkita/Kita from Watts, California Rebecca from Palo Cedro, California Dracula from Shadow Hills, California Cheran from Venture, California Sara from Davis, California
Alexius, like Sarah, was a original top 20 girl but also dropped out for unknown reasons. It's also unknown who took her place.
cycle 7: Jaslene from Humboldt Park, Illinois Evita from Gloucester, Virginia Christian from Columbia, South Carolina Ginger from Derby, Kansas CariDee from Fargo, North Dakota LeAngela from Columbus, Ohio Anchal from Homestead, Florida Cyndel from Wichita, Kansas Irina from Miami, Florida Monique from Chicago, Illinois Brooke from Keller, Texas Jaeda from Parkersburg, Iowa Ebonee from Paulding County, Georgia Melrose from West Bloomfield Township, Michigan Eugena from Columbia, South Carolina Megg from Los Angeles, California A.J from Sacramento, California Megan from San Francisco, California Amanda and Michelle from Anaheim, California Becky from Sierra Village, California Brittany from San Rafael, California Jaimie from Riverside, California Andree (unknown)
As we all know, there was a girl from Humboldt Park who claimed we would come back next season. She did, and ended up winning!
cycle 8: Melissa from The Bronx, New York Anna from Lancaster, Pennsylvania Chelsea from Richmond, Virginia Sarah from Lake Zurich, Illinois Dionne from Montgomery, Alabama Kathleen from Brooklyn, New York Jael from Detroit, Michigan Megan from Seattle, Washington Renee from Maui, Hawaii Diana from Garfield, New Jersey Cassandra from Seattle, Washington Samantha from Pinson, Alabama Jaslene from Humboldt Park, Illinois Whitney from West Palm Beach, Florida Micheline from Atlanta, Georgia Natalie from Atlanta, Georgia Brittany from Savannah, Georgia Gelecia/Gigi from Atlanta, Georgia Bethany from Alice, Texas Farrah from Houston, Texas Heather from Deer Park, Texas Felicia from Houston, Texas Natasha from Dallas, Texas Jessica from Inglewood, California Lauren from Pasadena, California Aly from West Hollywood, California Hannah (unknown) Erin (unknown)
Most of the known semifinalist were all from California (Aly, Lauran and Jessica), Texas (Heather, Farrah and Bethany) or Georgia (Gigi, Natalie and Micheline). The only semifinalist not from those states were Megan, Melissa, Anna and Chelsea.
cycle 9: Victoria from New Haven, Connecticut Spontaniouse from Montgomery, Alabama Chantal from Austin, Texas Christie from Lewisville, North Carolina Jenna from Flint, Michigan Kimberly from Ocala, Florida Heather from Valparaiso, Indiana Ambreal from Dallas, Texas Marvita from Anchorage, Alaska Janet from Bainbridge, Georgia Lisa from Jersey City, New Jersey Jenah from Farmington, Connecticut Bianca from Queens, New York Jessica from Brooklyn, New York Sylvia from New Hyde Park, New York Tara from Chicago, Illinois Ebony from Roseland, Illinois Jess from Chicago, Illinois Sarah from Heath, Massachusetts Jennifer from Walpole, Massachusetts Mila from Boston, Massachusetts Juliana from Lancaster, Massachusetts Saleisha from Madera, California Sabrina from Cerritos, California Allene from Fresno, California Sara/Eleatrice from Sacramento, California
A lot of J names. Out of everyone from cycle 9, 7 have J names.
cycle 10: Amis from Bartlesville, Oklahoma Marguerite from Cincinnati, Ohio Kristen from Portage, Michigan Aimee from Spanaway, Washington Shalynda from Washington D.C Allison from Waunakee, Wisconsin Shaya from Country Club Hills, Illinois Tiffany from Portland, Oregon Marvita from Anchorage, Alaska Anya from Honolulu, Hawaii Dominque from Columbus, Ohio Jenna from Boston, Massachusetts Kimberly from Worchester, Massachusetts Fatima from Boston, Massachusetts Whitney from Atlantic Beach, Florida Jennifer from Orlando, Florida Sonja from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Stacy-Ann from Miami, Florida Claire from Oahu, Hawaii/Brooklyn, New York Lauren from Brooklyn, New York Erica from Manhattan, New York Katarzyna from Roslyn, New York Atalya from Brooklyn, New York Camilla from Long Beach, California Tonya from San Diego, California Petra from Valley Glen, California
Camilla from Bad Girls Club was a top 20 semi finalist for this cycle. You can see here when Tyra is picking the final cast and during Shaya and Fatima's fight.
cycle 11: Lio from Minneapolis, Minnesota Lindsey from Clinton, Mississippi Isis from Prince George's County, Maryland Sharaun from Chicago, Illinois Joslyn from Lucky, Louisiana Renée from Inglewood, Tennessee McKey from Lake Forest, Illinois Susan from Canton, Michigan Brittany R. from Henderson, Nevada Alexandria from Vicksburg, Mississippi Shanna from Miami, Florida Lauren from Charlottesville, Virginia Elina from Seattle, Washington Clark from Pawleys Island, South Carolina Hannah from Fairbanks, Alaska Nikeysha from The Bronx, New York Sheena from Harlem, New York Brittany H. from New York, New York Kacey from Palmdale, California Samantha from Woodland Hills, California Veronique from Riverside, California Marjorie from San Francisco, California Stephanie (unknown) Olivia (unknown) Olivia (two Olivia's, both unknown)
There was actually Brittany's this cycle. The 4th Brittany is Brittany Hall! She's a NYC Model that has beautiful dark skin and long, wavy hair.
cycle 12: Adiamond from Denver, Colorado Kathryn from Farmland, Indiana Teyona from Woodstown, New Jersey Sandra from Rockville, Maryland Anna Lisa from Scottsdale, Arizona Aminat from Union, New Jersey Fo from Albuquerque, New Mexico Tahlia from Phoenix, Arizona Monique from Telluride, Colorado Kortnie from Houston, Texas Angelea from Buffalo, New York London from Arlington, Texas Celia from Cynthiana, Kentucky Allison from New Orleans, Louisiana Asha from Atlanta, Georgia Bianca from Albuquerque, New Mexico Jessica from Bradenton, Florida Isabella from Barboursville, Virginia Alex from Tampa, Florida Nijah from Rancho Cucamonga, California Tatiana from Lakewood, California Natalie from Palos Verdes, California Lauren (unknown) Kelly (unknown)
London and Isabella's real names are Lauren and Kelly. They went by nicknames because there was another pair named Lauren and Kelly, and they just kept the nicknames.
cycle 13: Amanda from New Orleans, Louisiana Nicole from Louisville, Colorado Bianca from Columbia, South Carolina Kara from Fort Wayne, Indiana Rae from Minneapolis, Minnesota Raven from Knoxville, Tennessee Courtney from Plantation, Florida Tyrie from Indianapolis, Indiana Jennifer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Erin from Spring Grove, Illinois Simone from Hagerstown, Maryland Xixi from Wexford, Pennsylvania Ashley from Chicago, Illinois Laura from Stanford, Kentucky Germaine from Woodhaven, New York Lulu from Brooklyn, New York Voila from The Bronx, New York Melanie from Brooklyn, New York Minolta from Queens, New York Stacey from Utica, New York Lisa from Queens, New York Alison from Santa Rosa, California Brittany from Livermore, California Ciara from Riverside, California Rachel from Woodland, California Amber from Oceanside, California Sundai from Bakersfield, California
A power ranger auditioned for the role. She's one of the more well-known semifinalist, but Ciara was a power ranger in the late 2000s - early 2010s.
cycle 14: Hallie from Memphis, Tennessee Krista from Pine Bluff, Arkansas Rogi from Washington D.C Naduah from San Diego, California Jessica from Conway, Arkansas Anslee from Dracula, Georgia Ravyn from Washington D.C Tatianna from Ewa Beach, Hawaii Jeanna from Chicago, Illinois Raina from Minnetonka, Minnesota Anastasia from Chicago, Illinois Danielle from Greenville, South Carolina Justine from Syracuse, New York Alasia from Marietta, Georgia Gabrielle from St. Louis, Missouri Martha from Charlotte, Tennessee Angelea from Buffalo, New York Brittany from College Park, Maryland Simone from Lenexa, Kansas Honor from Santa Monica, California Jessie from Warren, Michigan Nida from East Bernard, Texas Julianna from Austin, Texas Alexandra from Kerrville, Texas Aimee from Houston, Texas Madelynne from Houston, Texas Tuesday from Houston, Texas Ren from Dallas, Texas Brenda from Houston, Texas
Texas was done dirty this season. Many of the semi finalist (Tuesday, Madelynne, Aimee, Julianna and Nida) are all from Texas (Brittany also lived there for a while) and for some reason, Ren was casted? The reason why is because they wanted someone to create drama and all the top 20 remaining girls were nice (except one) so they brought Ren.
Hallie was a top 20 girl, and she was bratty and spoiled. So why wasn't she casted? Both her and production found out that she was pregnant so she couldn't continue.
cycle 15: Tyrie from Indianapolis, Indiana Justine from Indianapolis, Indiana De'Yana from Detroit, Michigan Chelsey from Boise, Idaho Jane from Baltimore, Maryland Jessica from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Esther from Boston, Massachusetts Lauren from Brettwood, Tennessee Vanessa/Violet from Lakeville, Minnesota Emily C. from Ona, West Virginia Toya from Beaufort, South Carolina Christina from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Kendal from Northport, Alabama Emily H. from Barboursville, West Virginia Terra from Arlington, Texas Anna from Dallas, Texas Lyzbeth/Liz from Arlington, Texas Christin/Chris from Arlington, Texas Laura from New York, New York Anamaria from Queens, New York Sara from Tarrytown, New York Alexia/Lexie from Geneva, Illinois Nitasha from Chicago, Illinois Jillian from Chicago, Illinois Kayla from Rockford, Illinois Jordan from Chicago, Illinois Kacey from Palmdale, California Emi from Pismo Beach, California Rylee from Orange County, California Sara B. from Menifee, California Shelby from Beverly Hills, California Rhianna from San Diego, California Mindy from Murrieta, California Anna (unknown) Jen (unknown)
Jen is an unknown Asian girl who just randomly slipped away from production and ran away during auditions.
cycle 16: Laree from Atlanta, Georgia Breanna from Blaine, Minnesota Elizabeth from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Molly from Olathe, Kansas Annabelle from Manhattan, New York Sierra from Park City, Utah Kari from Steamboat Springs, Colorado Taneisha from Anniston, Alabama Brittani from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania Tiffany from Hattiesburg, Mississippi Molly O. from Charleston, South Carolina Ondrei from Muskegon, Michigan Kasia from Wheaton, Illinois Yashure from East Saint Louis, Illinois Monique from Hebron, Illinois Alexandria from Huntington Beach, California Dalya from Corona, California Vee from Sacramento, California Dominique from Houston, Texas Jaclyn from Belton, Texas Rune from Edinburg, Texas Hannah from Houston, Texas Mikaela from Boca Raton, Florida Deidrian from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Nicole from Orlando, Florida Angelia from Pembroke Pines, Florida the unnamed stripper from Mobile, Alabama
The fake out girls were not actresses, they were real people. This is more well known now but maybe you didn't know.
cycle 17: Seymone from Augusta, Georgia Allison from Houston, Texas Isis from Prince George's County, Maryland Mariah from Pendleton, Oregon Kyle from Magnolia, Texas Laura K. from Stanford, Kentucky Eboni from Seattle, Washington Kayla from Rockford, Illinois Dominique from Columbus, Ohio Molly from Olathe, Kansas Shannon from Franklin, Ohio AzMarie from San Fernando Valley, California Alexandria from Newport Beach, California Lisa from Los Angeles, California Angelea from Buffalo, New York Laura L. from Scotia, New York Sheena from Harlem, New York Candace from Brooklyn, New York Bre from Harlem, New York Camille from The Bronx, New York Bianca from Queens, New York
Before season 17 was an Allstars season, it was just a regular season. Some of the 32 girls included Candace, Laura L, AzMarie, Eboni, Kyle, Mariah, Seymone and Molly (a season 16 fake-out girl). Production changed it last minute and everyone last minute accept Molly went on cycle 18. This was confirmed by Molly and AzMarie
cycle 18: Amelia from Port Talbot, Wales Laura from Scotia, New York Eboni from Seattle, Washington Candace from Brooklyn, New York Mariah from Pendleton, Oregon Kyle from Magnolia, Texas AzMarie from San Fernando Valley, California Seymone from Augusta, Georgia Ashley from Armadale, Scotland Alisha from South London, England Jasmia from London, England Sophie from Oxford, England Catherine from Folkestone, England Louise from London, England Annaliese from London, England
There was another American girl that was a semifinalist on cycle 17 and moved to 18. She dropped out, however, before production started. They had to cut a UK girl out to make it more equal and that was Amelia.
cycle 19: Latrishe from Washington D.C Ivory from Whittier, California Nastasia from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Jamie from Gahanna, Ohio Lauren from Ann Arbor, Michigan Deedra from from Portland, Oregon Jessie from Speedway, Indiana Victoriana from San Diego, California Brittany from Gilbert, Arizona Savanna from East Lansing, Michigan Kiara from Las Vegas, Nevada Allyssa from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Kaci from Moon Township, Pennsylvania Christin from Cook County, Illinois Destiny from Columbus, Ohio Yvonne from Minneapolis, Minnesota Kristin from Jacksonville, Florida Leila from Farmington, Massachusetts Sara from Seattle, Washington Maria from Las Cruces, New Mexico Victoria from Colquitt, Georgia Darian from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Laura from Cambridge, New York Caroline from Awendaw, South Carolina Amber from Sachse, Texas Jasmine from Fort Worth, Texas Briana from Southlake, Texas Andie from San Antonio, Texas Sasha from Dallas, Texas Delaney from Dallas, Texas
These are the hometowns of all the college girls instead of their college cities. Like season 14, Texas was done dirty.
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2023.03.30 06:29 sirotan88 [Trip Report] 6 days in Tokyo, Hakuba & Osaka in mid-March to experience snow, onsen, and cherry blossoms

This is the second time visiting Japan with my boyfriend and our main goals were to eat good food and ski at Hakuba Valley. We saw cherry blossoms, experienced Japanese onsen, and traveled a lot with our JR rail pass!
Day 1 Tokyo:
Day 2 Tokyo to Hakuba Valley:
Day 3 Hakuba Valley:
Day 4 Hakuba Valley:
Day 5 Hakuba to Osaka:
Day 6 Osaka:
Some tips for future travelers:
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2023.03.30 06:26 taiwanwalker Running by the Beach: My Experience at the King Kong Marathon in Taitung

Running by the Beach: My Experience at the King Kong Marathon in Taitung
Last year I participated in the King Kong Marathon in Taitung, Taiwan, and it was an amazing experience! Running alongside the beach with the sea breeze blowing in my face was truly invigorating. The highlight of the marathon was the support from the indigenous cheerleading squad who encouraged us to keep going.
But what made the marathon truly special was the unique food offerings along the route. There were local specialties like millet wine and siraw. The food was not only delicious but also gave us the energy we needed to keep going.
Overall, the King Kong Marathon in Taitung is an unforgettable experience that offers a beautiful course, enthusiastic support, and delicious local food. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and memorable marathon experience.
Learn more about the King Kong Marathon:
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2023.03.30 06:20 jungbahadur-rana A one cafe ringroad review from your personal experience or someone you know

So me and my gf have decided to go to a one cafe ring road tomorrow for our date and we've planned for booking a private cabin there but i read some reviews and there were things about how the food isn't worth the price and the service is poor etcetc there were some good reviews too but I'm just lost rn can someone tell me their own personal review or any better cafe to go for couples
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2023.03.30 06:19 1Swirlybird Fearful Chi invited to small doggy playdate

I have a 9 month old male Chihuahua (Nacho Libre Castellanos)
He was frightened by a couple large dogs I tried to introduce him to and has since been suspicious and aggressive to all dogs.
I have been counter-conditioning him by letting him view dogs at a distance while giving him his fav food.
My friends have small dogs that are nice, but my friends don’t really subscribe to counter-conditioning. They’re the, “let them sort it out,” type of owners. They invited us to hangout at the beach tomorrow.
I plan on counter-conditioning as we slowly approach, but my problem is that he will most likely go over his threshold when we actually meet the other dogs because I will stop feeding him so as to not incite resource guarding.
He HAS had a good experience with one of these dogs a week ago, so most likely he will recover quickly and get into playing.
I feel so wound up about this because I worry that he will be rehearsing barking at dogs before playing and will create a habit of that from now on. Am I over reacting? Being too uptight?
I'm willing to be a crazy dog lady if it's worth it, so any help is appreciated!
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2023.03.30 06:14 ScarcityOverall2339 Itinerary help

Hey all! Coming from East Coast in need some help. We are hoping to be have a great week, unfortunately should have booked 3 more in Maui! Feedback needed.
Day 1: arrive 1:15p, staying in Napili, assuming 330/4pm. Hang at Napili Bay, sunset Beach picnic
Day 2: Leave Napili at 315 for 6am Haleakala sunrise. Need to be in Lahaina for 845. Will this give us enough time? From Lahaina hit the blowhole, Honolulu Bay, Kaanapali, Kapalua bay, dinner at seahouse
Day 3: 6am Monokini/Turtle town snorkeling (who do we book with?) Head south to Kihei, Wailea beach, Makena and sunset at Charley young/restaurant?
Day 4: Road to Hana leave Napili at 5, where's a good sunrise spot east side? We will hike, assuming this will be a full 12 hour day
Day 5: Heavenly Spa day at 9am, need something chill for the day, sunset cruise worth it? (Maybe a cool hike this day) something must do!
Day 6: need a solid am - 11am activity! Day of our lives 12-10p
Day 7: Air Maui helicopter tour, Paia, Baldwin...
Day 8: 1pm flight to Oahu, morning activities welcome!!
If there's things that aren't worth it, need to be elaborated etc please let me know. Beaches, cliffjumps, hikes, food always appreciated!!
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2023.03.30 06:07 arianahrza410 How Do I Bring A Ridiculous Situation To My Boss's Attention Without It Coming Across The Wrong Way?

I (21F) started working at a dollar store in town in June/July of last year. For some background, I have worked for the same company for almost 3 years now, 2 years in a different location, almost a full year at my current location. I love the job, my boss, and my coworkers, but something has been going on for quite some time that I just can't deal with anymore, I've reached my breaking point. A few months after I got hired in as a cashier we hired in a new kid, Phillip (fake name, 18-19M, unsure of exact age). He had never worked retail before, this may even be his first job, so at the beginning when he wasn't really doing his job properly, it was understandable. Now, Phillip has been there for probably 6 months? Maybe more? And still doesn't share the work load. Part of our job entails recovery (which is making the store look nice essentially, a very easy job, all you do is pull products forward so the shelves look full and put things that aren't where they belong back in their homes), rotating stock (which is checking the dates of food, medicine, toothpaste, etc. And making sure the items with the earliest expiration date are in the front), and, just like every other job, coming in for earlier shifts and weekends sometimes. Phillip, however, doesn't have to do any of these things. My managers have brought to my boss's attention multiple times that Phillip doesn't do recovery OR rotate any of the product. Also, when Phillip started at my job he told my boss he can't work on Sundays because it's his family's "shopping day" and, unbelievably, she gives him every Sunday off even after she acknowledged to me that it was ridiculous. He ALSO never has to work any earlier than 3pm because he "can't wake up that early". Meanwhile, I work every weekend, the other employees and I all have to open/work early, and I was making the same pay as Phillip while doing double the work that he does. Even our other cashier, an elderly woman (definitely like 65+) does way more work than Phillip does. I recently (maybe 2 weeks ago) got a promotion to assistant manager. I figured since I was going to be making more money than Phillip that this situation wasn't going to bother me as badly, but it still is. Obviously, when I accepted the position I knew I was going to have a heavier work load, but it's still unfair to my other coworkes and I, assistant manager or not. I have been trying to come up with a way to bring just how ridiculous this situation is to my boss's attention, but (1) I feel it's not my place since my boss has been doing her job for a very long time (9+ years) and (2) now that I have a pay raise and a promotion I don't want it to come across like I'm lazy and like I don't expect to have a heavier work load. I very strongly considered telling my boss I need every Saturday off for "shopping day" or that I can't open the store because I "can't wake up on time", but I know that's petty and passive aggressive, so I have held off on it. What should I do? Do I even bring this to her attention or just let it go? And even if I do bring it to her attention, how do I go about it without coming across the wrong way? My boss is very good at her job and, as I said, has been doing it for a long time, so I don't want it to come across like I think I can do her job better than she can. I just don't want to begin to hate my job because other people don't have to pull their weight, but I don't want to say something if it'll cause more trouble than it's worth.
TL;DR: There is a cashier at my job who gets days off for silly things (that even my boss recognizes as silly) and doesn't have to work earlier than 3pm, simply because he "can't wake up that early". It's been weighing on me for months, but I didn't know how to approach the situation without my boss feeling like I'm telling her how to do her job. I also got a promotion maybe 2 weeks ago, and fear that if I bring this up to my boss it will come across as lazy. How do I go about the situation, or do I even bring it up at all?
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2023.03.30 06:05 cestlavie88 166 days, health update, blood work, don’t give up!

So, October 14th 2022 I walked away from drinking. I am the proud owner of not 1 but 2 DUII’s (probably deserve 50 DUIIs), a brief stay in county jail, countless brutal screaming matches with my husband, I’ve thrown and broken things, and done lots of damage to my relationships. My husband is also an alcoholic and quit the same time.
Just turned 36. I’m a high functioning alcoholic. I own my own business I founded back in 2017. Partied the whole way up. It’s funny how as long as you’re working and making good money how people act like you don’t have a problem. The whole corporate, real estate, financial industries absolutely bask in celebrating functional alcoholism. Corporate retreat? DRINKS! Promotion? DRINKS! Closed a huge deal? Signed a new client? Established a new business partnership…? DRRRRRIIIIIINNNKKKKKSSS! Lol. Drinking is always the answer.
I learned how to drink rubbing elbows with my higher ups. When I got my first DUII ten years ago my former mentor said “who cares, welcome to the club”. This from a man who used to run Marriott.
Anyway, regardless. Alcohol is my demon. It nearly dismantled my marriage. In fact I’m still walking through an extremely difficult part of my marriage because of something awful that happened while my husband and I were at our lowest. Not on my end but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t play a part. And it’s been part of the catalyst that ended mine and my husbands drinking career. So in a way I’m grateful.
We drank a LOT. 5 nights a week at least. Sometimes starting at 1 or 2. Sometimes even earlier and finishing by 5… passing out. I drank heavily for 7 years. I was a beer woman. IPAs like a stereotypical Oregon hipster. Then I moved onto whiskey for a season. Always Jameson. Then that got too syrupy to me so I finished with grey goose. Sometimes I’d mix grey goose with white claw. Road sodas and that.
Got used to living in a permanent state of either hungover or inebriation. Only taking breaks when I was so bloated drinking didn’t sound good. So I HAD to take a break. I thought it was normal to sleep like shit. Maybe copping 4-5 hours a night. No REM sleep ever. Sex with my husband was sloppy drunk BS. Often I’d end up puking. Hanging my head in my toilet like “yep…this is normal, just gotta puke so I can rally”. Pass out. Wake up gagging. Coughing and gagging while I choked down the first 4 cigarettes. Just so I could repeat it all again. I’ve gained 100 lbs too. Eating like shit and drinking too much. Skipping meals so I didn’t ruin my buzz just so I could ferociously yogi bear my kitchen at 3am looking for ramen. I can’t believe how long I lived like that.
LOL, and the ANXIETY. Through the roof. Could hardly go grocery shopping without a buzz unless it was 6am. I was convinced I had agoraphobia. And extreme anxiety. Nah. Turns out when you’re in active addiction and HEAVY denial you just miss that you’re not really mentally ill. You’re just a junkie for booze. Which I was. That and gambling and cigarettes. Those three were my gods.
Anyway. Flash forward to December last year. I had already quit drinking in October but I’m December I got RSV and it turned into pneumonia. So on December 7th I peaced out cigarettes for good.
Started working out in January. Every day.
Now I sleep 8-9.5 hours a night. Sometimes I don’t even wake up to go to the bathroom. Just glorious on my belly mouth open fan on comfortable EPIC snooze fests every night. I take vitamins every day. I mediate. I sit sauna. I read. I paint. I play music. My brain is awake. I’m back. The woman I thought died long ago, she’s in there. My thirst for adventure is insatiable. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far too.
I used to go backpacking and hiking a lot. I used to love to be in the forest. I fought fires structural and wildland. I never thought I’d hike again because I’d gained so much weight and I smoked so much I couldn’t breathe. I’m hiking 5 miles almost every day. When I can’t I jump on my treadmill. I’m feasting on life. I used to feast on slow suicide.
Finally bucked up and went to the doctor this month. The pain in my side came back. The pain I convinced myself was pancreatic cancer and liver failure…. And definitely liver cancer all at the same time. It was back and it made no sense because I quit drinking already. I should be healed. So I said “fuck it” and made my appt. Got an all my blood work done. Got a pap (cause you know I also was certain I had cervical cancer bc I was a heavy smoker). Got an ultra sound and x rays on my side.
My liver enzymes are normal. My blood work is flawless. My side hurts because I have a gallbladder polyp that is exacerbated by fatty foods. My cholesterol is good. Blood pressure is good. My pap and all that was good.
I remember drinking thinking fuck it, I’ve probably already done all the damage. I haven’t. It’s worth quitting and living. Not thinking like that anymore. Now I am caring for my body! Now I am getting healthy and coming back to life. I’m not suffering from anxiety anymore. My body is healing and every day I get stronger. My marriage. God. My marriage is growing in ways I never imagined. I’m falling in love with a man I am just getting to know.
It’s been a crazy ride. I’m almost to six months. Please hang in there!!!! I love you!
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2023.03.30 06:02 Professor_Pony Plounge Dead Hour Thread #2119: OSHA edition

Have a draw of engineer bap doing a hemkin' fix
Fun Fact: About 6% of the population consumes Oatmeal.
Optional Discussion Topics:
Safety first, or Live for the thrill?
What pone do you think is the least responsible?
What do you think the food you've eaten most in your life is, and how many bathtubs worth of it do you think you've had?
What else is on your mind/how was your day?
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2023.03.30 05:55 adolfgandhi007 Zomato refunding 6 rupees for 200 rupees worth of spoiled food

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2023.03.30 05:44 duellingislands 6:40 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 400th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's subject is the tradition of decorative barrel-making in the western mountains of Ukraine. + Discussion + Charities!

6:40 EET; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 400th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Today's subject is the tradition of decorative barrel-making in the western mountains of Ukraine. + Discussion + Charities!

400 Days.

Another entry in our series about the traditional folk crafts of Ukraine! Other entries are here:
Pysanky, Ukrainian Easter Eggs Motanka, Ukrainian Dolls Rushnyk Hutsul Blankets Petrykivka Painting Opishnya Ceramics Didukh Vyshyvanka: Ukrainian Embroidery Vinok, Ukrainian Flower Crown Cheres, the Talisman Belt Korali Necklace Yavoriv Toys

Practical Art

A master at work. Yosyp Prymak from Kosiv begins a new piece.
Decorative barrel-making is one of the oldest folk craft traditions in Ukraine, and can be found even today - especially in Bukovyna region and in Hutsul communities.
The Ukrainian word for barrel-makecooper is bondar, which comes from the word bodnya - a vessel that served as a chest. If you've ever met someone of Ukrainian heritage with a surname of "Bondar" , "Bondarchuk", or "Bondarenko", you now know where these very common names come from! At first, a long time ago, these products were made by craftsmen out of a single, carefully hollowed-out tree trunk. Smaller houseware items, too, were made using this method; some examples have been found that are a millennia old.
But practicality was not enough! Craftspeople wanted little works of art to decorate their walls and liven up their tables. They made barrels, baskets, cups, and more - entirely from wood and with no metals. Later of course, metals were used, especially with larger vessels, but you get the picture. And these products were in great demand! People would buy them at fairs, or exchange the vessels themselves for food. Some were made to order as a gift for any occasion or event - wedding gifts for newlyweds, a parting gift for an old friend, a talisman for a young person.
Some examples of simple but beautiful antiques from Bukovyna region.
There were highly specialized vessels that were adapted to the environment of the people who needed them - take for example the Berbenytsya, a tall, thin barrel used for carrying sheep's milk on horseback. In another post, we will examine how this type of vessel turned into something historical and musical.
These wooden artsy vessels caught the eye even of the divine. In Ukrainian churches, many of the ritual objects were made by the same decorative cooper artisans.
By the mid-19th century, decorative cups, goblets, little barrels, plates, boxes, and wooden utensils were one of the top exports of Ukrainian artisans from western Ukraine.

It's All About the Materials

A container with a tree motif.
A cooper, to ensure success, needs to first prepare the wood very carefully. A tree's materials need to be collected in a specific season of the year, and be of the right age and growing in the right place.
The cooper prepares the cut wood years in advance because the wood needs to dry for two years in the shade - under a roof or other covering - to ensure that the final product will not crack.
When making smaller items, the artisan needs to consider the items intended use when choosing a species of wood with the right physical and technological properties. Oak and beech were used for wine vessels or for Kvas. Spruce, sycamore, and aspen would be used to store sugar, salt, butter, honey, milk and other dairy products, and fruits. The wood of plum and pear trees would be used for non-food uses.
Heating the \"pencils\" with a pich
After the item is made, the artisans decorate it by burning various ornamental designs into it. To do this the traditional way, you bake little "pencils" of metal with a Pich, and then draw your designs. If you're skillful, you can get a variety of effects and tonalities from this method.
A collection of traditional decorative patterns assembled by Volodymyr Voronchak.

The Craft Today

Master Ivan Hrymalyuk at work in the 1970's.
The most famous modern craftsman of this practical art was Ivan Hrymalyuk (1904 -1989) from the village of Richka in the Kosiv region. He came from a family of coopers and his works of art still impress with their wealth of various forms, clear proportions, and decorativeness. He attentively and generously shared his wealth of knowledge with his students, and thanks to them the art is being kept alive.
(Left, Middle) Modern vessels prepared by craftsman Volodymyr Voronchak in 2015. (Right) Volodymyr proudly displays the world's most appropriately-sized Borshch spoon (haven't you heard? Ukrainians are soup-centric!).
The 400th day of a nine year invasion that has been going on for centuries.
One day closer to victory.



Verified Charities

Keep 'em flying!
  • u/Jesterboyd is a mod for ukraine and local to Kyiv. He is currently selling rad t-shirts raising money to buy some very interesting drones. Link to donation
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Trident Defense Initiative: This initiative run by former NATO and UA servicemen has trained and equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Ukraine Front Line US-based and registered 501(c)(3), this NGO fulfills front line soldiers' direct defense and humanitarian aid requests through their man on the ground, Ukraine's own u/jesterboyd.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
You can find many more charities with diverse areas of focus in our vetted charities list HERE.
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2023.03.30 05:44 Complex_Pension_1704 Should I quit my new job?

Hey everyone so I recently saw a job posting about a restaurant near me (5 mins) hiring for different positions, one being dishwasher ofc. I was hired and have been working for the past five days. Although I understand I’m still “training” I’m not sure it’s worth it. Out of the 25 hrs I’ve worked so far I’ve probably only washed dishes for 2 of them. Everyday I’m expected to sweep, double mop and vacuum the whole restaurant, clean the bathrooms (replace soap, toilet paper, wipes seats, change garbages, etc.) then I’m sometimes given random side quests such as making bread and wrapping silverware. My final straw was today when a panty liner in the trash got stuck to my glove while I was cleaning the bathrooms. Wet food doesn’t bother me but this was just too much. I’m aware that jobs sometimes have you do other things but this doesn’t seem like a dishwasher position to me. It seems like I’m stuck doing whatever responsibilities are left depending on the day. They have one machine and sometimes 2 other dishwashers already there. So i get stuck doing bread and wonder why i was even hired . I suffer from anxiety and Reddit has convinced me this was the perfect job for me. I washed dishes at my old job sometimes and I enjoyed it so I thought this would be a great option. The 2 hours I did wash I actually enjoyed it’s just the extra tasks. I’m a girl btw and not the strongest. The tasks I’m given sometimes are hard on me psychically. I only picked up this job to help me get my first car. I want to know are these responsibilities normal? I don’t want to give up on dishwashing but I’m truly not happy here. Any advice I would appreciate greatly.
TLDR: Been at new job for five days and only washed dishes 2 hrs in total. Job has me doing random tasks. Is this normal? is it worth it?
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2023.03.30 05:36 yellow_rogue_of_TX 47 [M4F] - Dallas / Fort Worth - I want passion… not a spark, but a forest fire!

I want a friend, a confidante, a cheerleader, a spark, an insatiable fire.
I’m looking for someone who wants to get to know me deeply and be known deeply. You have to want this first and more than the physical because this is what I can promise you daily.
I want to laugh with you at how ridiculous every single day can be in it’s own way. I want to share food pics, memes, silly things our coworkers say.
I want intimacy. I want to know I can be myself, vulnerable, real. In public and private. Clothed and unclothed.
I want experienced in adultery, professional, driven.
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