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2023.05.28 16:05 MarkosShadow Trying to find an old Linux village management game

Played it when I were a kid (around 2006-8?). Now I can't find it anywhere :(
its a building village with blue creatures that shaped like 'X' and doing backflips to walk (curving their hands as legs and the opposite ) they cut trees, put them in the storage and so on...
you have sometimes other tribes you need to protect your village from, they were red color
I remember they need to cut berries to eat

its a point and click game to mange the village creatures that it
please help me find my messing childhood :)
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2023.05.28 16:05 Koga92 Orochimaru and Kabuto never improved Tobirama's Edo Tensei, they just misguided it.

Orochimaru and Kabuto never improved Tobirama's Edo Tensei, they just misguided it.
It's generally said in the fandom and even in the manga that Orochimaru and Kabuto both have improved Tobirama's Edo Tensei, in fact it is wrong. This claim was based on the fact the people reanimated by Orochimaru and Kabuto were closer to their full power than those summoned by Tobirama.
However, according to Madara himself, Tobirama's Edo Tensei was originally intented to cast the Tandem paper bomb technique (Gojo Kibakufuda) to wipe the man clean on the battlefield, and not intented to make people fighting with their original power. The best proof, is that despite of all Orochimaru and Kabuto efforts, they couldn't both revive people to their full power, even Edo Hashirama and Edo Madara weren't in their prime, Madara got the edge definitely during the War Arc when he was revived with his true body through Obito's Rinne Tensei. Because again, this jutsu wasn't intented to revive people in order to make them fighting as they used to in their alive self.
Alive Tobirama can't use the Tandem paper bomb technique through his own body, because first, the paper bombs are generated from the body of the reanimated ninja so he can't just throw away some paper bomb and then teleport himself, it doesn't work like that because he needs to stay on the area, and then if it does it through his own body he dies because of the explosions.

Notice where Tobirama got his paper bombs : through his own Edo body made of dust and ash.
So there is a reason people reanimated through Edo Tensei are made of dust and ash. There are the material from what paper bombs are generated, we don't know how are created the paper bombs in Narutoverse, but maybe they're made from dust and ash.

The edo tensei wrap the body of the sacrificed person with dust and ash.
Notice how these papers bombs are different from the classic paper bombs.
Therefore, the process was :
1) Tobirama summons dead people through the Edo Tensei technique
2) He puts a special seal on their head to program their mind
3) They run at their target, and blow themsleves with infinite multiplying paper bomb. Their bodies regenerate again and again to make the explosions lasting.
This is how originally was intented Edo Tensei, it was a weapon of mass destruction, like a tactical nuke in our real world.
Now you understand the 2nd Mizukage's reaction in the anime when he heard about Tobirama again. Whether he fears to be used by Tobirama as a kamikaze bomber, whether he feared Tobirama because how powerful and damaging he was during the 1st Great Ninja War.

Episode 267
In the end, Orochimaru and Kabuto just misguided the Edo Technique use. And even in that way they didn't fully succeed since the core of the Edo Tensei technique was to summon weak people and not strong people to make them fight as they used to do, so again as I wrote earlier, they never could summon Hashirama, Tobirama or Madara to their full power.
The Rinne Tensei is the only thing that fulfill what both wanted to do through the Edo Tensei technique, but the only problem is that they can't control the person revived, in that way the Edo Tensei still fits better with what they wanted to achieve.
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2023.05.28 16:05 Watmaln Unnatural Arches

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2023.05.28 16:03 bevan742 Kasrkin elite points in ashes of faith

I've not managed to get ashes of faith (surprise surprise) but I've been looking into it for proxying purposes, and there's something that's been bugging me. I know the ancillary support don't get access to their team-wide abilities unless they are printed on the datacard, which I believe means Kasrkin don't have the usual access to the general elite points rules (?), but where does that leave the standard trooper who does get the 'elite trooper' ability printed on the datacard? Can they still use their one elite point per shooting action for free and then that's it?
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2023.05.28 16:03 _slyb1t [Store] A FEW KNIVES and Playskins -Including: Skeleton Knife Boreal Forest / Gut Knife Vanilla / Falchion Knife Ultraviolet / Gut Knife Lore / Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth / Survival Night Stripe / Driver Gloves Lunar Weave / Gut Case Hardened / AWP Wildfire / StatTrak/NoN-StatTrak items and more

Hello everyone, Have some items up for trade
All the buyouts for the selected items are just because of the rules.
I am open to discussing trades on Steam or Discord: Ab1r#1680 , feel free to add me there to discuss.
Some of the tradeable items are listed as follows:
Item Condition Float B/O
★ Hand Wraps Overprint FT 0.37 260$
★ Gut Knife Case Hardened MW 0.12 225$
★ Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 225$
★ Stiletto Knife Urban Masked FT 0.22 224$
★ Shadow Daggers Lore FT 0.17 195$
★ Gut Knife Lore FT 0.27 190$
★ Stiletto Knife Boreal Forest BS 0.67 186$
★ Ursus Knife Blue Steel FT 0.37 180$
★ Gut Knife Vanilla 178$
★ Hand Wraps CAUTION! BS 0.52 175$
★ Survival Knife Night Stripe MW 0.13 168$
★ Flip Knife Scorched FT 0.23 162$
★ Paracord Knife Stained WW 0.39 150$
★ Moto Gloves Cool Mint BS 0.75 140$
★ Falchion Knife Ultraviolet FT 0.21 130$
★ Ursus Knife Urban Masked BS 0.71 128$
★ Survival Knife Scorched MW 0.14 127$
★ Paracord Knife Urban Masked FT 0.37 125$
★ Driver Gloves Rezan the Red FT 0.22 95$
★ Moto Gloves Smoke Out BS 0.66 83$
AWP Wildfire FN 0.06 163$
Desert Eagle Printstream MW 0.09 67$
USP-S Printstream FT 0.36 59$
USP-S Orion MW 0.09 55$
AK-47 Asiimov MW 0.12 53$
Sir Bloody Miami Darryl The Professionals 53$
ST USP-S Neo-Noir FT 0.22 47$
M4A4 The Emperor MW 0.09 46$
AWP Neo-Noir FN 0.01 45$
Five-SeveN Hyper Beast MW 0.12 38$
AWP Man-o'-war MW 0.12 42$
Sir Bloody Darryl Royale The Professionals 21$
AK-47 Redline FT 0.27 19$
Glock-18 Bullet Queen MW 0.13 17$
ST SSG 08 Bloodshot FT 0.23 15$
P250 See Ya Later FN 0.06 11$
& more
Some prices might be outdated.
Note: I have new items coming and going daily and everything is not included in this list but everything is up for trade just send an offer!
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2023.05.28 16:03 missyfaceohtwo Big Islang - May trip report

Hi! Just came back from a magical 10 days on the Big Island and put together a trip report with some commentary. Hope this is helpful for others planning trips, happy to answer questions about any of it
Sunday 5/14
Previously checked into Kona VRBO condo
Breakfast at Kona Haven Cafe
Kona Farmers Market - unimpressive market but the one fruit stand there had soursop and mangosteen which we were looking for
Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park
Drive down coffee coast w/ GyPSy (now called GuideAlong)
Dinner at Jackie Rey's Ohana Grill Kona - walked in during dinner service on mothers day with no reservation, was seated at the bar immediately, food came quickly and was delicious
Monday 5/15 Coffee at Kona Coffee & Tea - quickly became our favorite coffee spot Drive up coast w/ GuideAlong Lunch and tour at Hawaiin Vanilla Co. - okay lunch but amazing tour with owner Honoka's Chocolate Co. - didn't do the tour but stopped by the storefront for a superb tasting Waipio Valley Lookout Dinner at The Fish and the Hog - locally recommended, didn't wow us Drive through hills & cattle pastures @ golden hour - highly recommend
Tuesday 5/16 Coffee at Kona Coffee & Tea Snorkel rental at Snorkel Bob's Snorkeling at Kahalu’u Beach Park - great snorkeling, just need to be mindful of the reef and not stand despite shallow water Lunch at Da Poke Shack - amazing poke, expensive but worth it Shave ice at Gecko Girlz (Stargazing cancelled)
Wednesday 5/17 Coffee at Kona Coffee & Tea Lunch at Broke da Mouth - another great meal, classic Hawaiian plate lunch Tour at Big Island Bees - a little nerve wracking if you are not fond of bees as I am but the tour was excellent, honey was amazing, we shipped a bunch home Tour at Greenwell Farms - convenient timing (free tours ongoing all day) and did not require reservation, very informative tour guide, free tasting of many coffee flavors (Stargazing cancelled)
Thursday 5/18 Coffee at Kona Coffee & Tea Snorkeling at Kahalu’u Beach Park Checked out of Kona VRBO Lunch at Da Poke Shack Drive down coast w/ GuideAlong Punalu'u Bake Shop - underwhelming malasadas, maybe because we were there in the afternoon Punalu'u Beach - black sand beach, saw turtles in the waves Checked into Hilo Airbnb Dinner at Tetsumen - great quality Japanese food
Friday 5/19 Coffee at Sirius Starseed Coffee - best coffee of the trip Akatsuka Orchid Gardens - amazing variety of plants, shipped a few home Volcanoes National Park: Steam Vents Sulphur Banks Uekahuna Kilauea Overlook Ili Overlook Thurston Lava Tube Chain of Craters Road Dinner at Moon and Turtle - some dishes were amazing and some were ok. Limited by few menu offerings Wandered through Hilo Night Market
Saturday 5/20 Breakfast at Popovers - worst coffee of the trip but breakfast was good Rainbow Falls Boiling Pots Akaka State Park Honomu Goat Dairy Hawai‘i Tropical Bioreserve & Garden - highly recommend, beautiful wandering gardens Lunch at Tetsumen Big Island Pearl Tea Free samples at Big Island Candies Richardson Ocean Park - black sand beach, decent snorkeling, a bit colder water than we would've liked due to areas being spring fed
Sunday 5/21 Maku'u Farmer's Market - stumbled on this by chance and it was amazing. Many fruit vendors, food vendors, arts and crafts Coffee at Kohala Coffee Co. Richardson Ocean Park Stargazing with Epic Tours - Mauna Kea Stargazing - owner was very flexible and rescheduled us twice due to cloudy weather, expensive excursion but thought it was worth it
Monday 5/22 Breakfast at the Sippin Siren Coffee Scenic drive from Hilo to Kona Checked into Hilton Grand Vacations Club Kings’ Land Waikoloa - last minute booking due to wanting to spend more time on Kona side before we left, we were actually double booked with the airbnb for this night Lunch at Da Poke Shack Snack shopping for home at Costco Drinks at Kona Coffee & Tea - had a life changing matcha latte this day Dinner at Ippys Hawaiian BBQ Waimea - another great classic hawaiin plate meal
Tuesday 5/23 Coffee at Kona Coffee & Tea Kayak rental from Kona Kayaks - owner was so nice, we originally rented for Monday but got there at 1 thinking they were open until 4 (per google) when they really closed at 2, he was willing to stay open later but we decided to just come back the next day Captain Cook Monument snorkeling - first experience being out snorkeling in deep open water, scary but fun Lunch at Umekes Fish Market Bar & Grill - had some amazing fish tacos here Checked into The Westin Hapuna Beach Resort Dinner at Canoe House - we went with the chefs tasting menu, $155pp came with 6 courses, decent portions, beautiful oceanfront location
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2023.05.28 16:03 snug666 Rough day yesterday, good end.

Ohhhhhh mmyyyyyy goddddd.
Gonna potentially be a long one. Just need to share this so not only you guys can remember not to give in, but so I can too.
So my friend, her two brothers, and their girlfriends have tickets to this 3 day music festival this weekend. It started Friday and I’ve been up here just hanging out in the hotel with them, and driving (huge exposure for me, i HATE driving with other people) them to and from the venue.
Friday was fine. Good day. Then yesterday, we woke up and my friend felt sick (it’s the two of us in one hotel room). Of course I start to get nervous and she goes to take a shower. She’s in there for like 45 minutes and I stood outside the door the entire time, shaking and listening to see if she threw up. I didn’t hear anything, but I decided to take a walk just to calm down a bit. As I’m waiting for the elevator, her brother gets out holding a bottle of pepto and hands it to me. Great, she texted her brother to go to cvs for her. It must be really bad.
This is when I start freaking out a bit. I go back to the room and pack up all my things and leave the pepto on the bed for her (she was still in the bathroom). I decide to walk around the shopping plaza for a bit and see if I can calm down, because I really didn’t want to have to leave and give into my fear. She calls me and asks where I am and I tell her I’m anxious and had to leave, and she assures me she didn’t throw up and was just hungover. I reluctantly agree to come back to the room.
As I’m waiting for the elevator, a woman and her ~16~ year old son come and get in with me. I’m on my phone and I hear him start to groan. Out of the corner of my eye i realize he’s leaning against the wall grabbing his stomach. His mom is like “I know, just two minutes then you can shower and get in bed”. Mind you it’s like 11:30 am. Then I see she’s holding a cvs bag. THEN he’s like “I hate being sick”. THEN i notice he’s holding a plastic bag FULL OF FUCKING PUKE. AND IM IN THE ELEVATOR WITH THEM.
They get off on their floor and I am like nope, time to go the fuck home so I send the elevator back down and tell my friend. I got to my car and started having a panic attack and she came and found me and held me while i shook and cried. She’s never seen me cry before, much less have a panic attack. She convinces me once again just to come back up to the room and I agree. I washed my hands for three minutes straight. We got in bed and she held me while I cried and carried on like a little bitch.
After I stopped panicking we hung out for a bit and i felt better. I drive them all to the venue and head back to the room and eat a fuck ton of popcorn. That’s where I fucked up AGAIN. Took a nap and woke up to the most horrendous stomach cramps and nausea. Panic. Hot flashes. Accepting my fate. Pacing. I took a shit and felt a bit better but was still cramping a lot.
Took a few hours, then I had to go pick them up. The biggest part of my fear is both throwing up in front of people, and not having anywhere to throw up (being trapped). Both of those were in play there.
I took a Xanax and it literally did nothing. I was shaking and crying the whole way there, trying to come up with an excuse to get them to just take an Uber back to the hotel. I couldn’t. I just said fuck it, parked and waited for them to find me. If i fucking throw up i throw up. Of course, since it’s a music festival, people are puking on the side walks and in the grass. And, of course, that’s a sign to me that I’M gonna get sick. I think at one point I astral projected or some shit because i fr was not in my body.
They get in the car and I decide to reach into my little DBT toolbox and use “act as if” and just pretend nothing is wrong. If i act like I’m not nauseous, I’m not nauseous. Right?
It’s like a 3 minute drive back to the hotel, which i can handle. Then they’re like “yoooo let’s go to ihop”. Are you fucking kidding me.
We go to ihop and I’m freaking the fuck out but acting as if I’m not. Things started to turn around and i was even able to eat something. Then we blasted music the whole way back, windows down, had a great time.
Took some shots, hung out, had a great talk, etc.
If I had left when I originally wanted to I would’ve been so disappointed with myself. Am I terrified I’m gonna get sick from the kid in the elevator? Yeah, absolutely. but am I taking alll of this as an absolute recovery win? HELL YES.
I just really need to remember this. I don’t have to rely on safety behaviors like leaving or isolating myself or getting somewhere “safe” or just missing out on life when things go wrong.
I want to keep living. You should too.
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2023.05.28 16:03 Muskrato My uncle gifted me some of the disc in his collection which I have been looking for a while.

My uncle gifted me some of the disc in his collection which I have been looking for a while.
Went to Costa Rica to visit family and when I showed him my collection he let me pick some out for me to take.
I was surprised he gave me his Pink Floyd: Pulse CD himself, I always thought it was so cool as a kid when I saw it on his shelve with the little LED, definitely the crown jewel of my collection, I don’t even know if it’s worth anything but I just love it.
All in perfect condition and taken good care of by my uncle.
I will always cherish this ones.
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2023.05.28 16:02 TruckerMarty The two jackrabbits who have been living in the park behind my fence for the last month are enjoying a dandelion breakfast this morning. E-M1 MKIII with Leica 100-400mm. Buckeye Arizona.

The two jackrabbits who have been living in the park behind my fence for the last month are enjoying a dandelion breakfast this morning. E-M1 MKIII with Leica 100-400mm. Buckeye Arizona. submitted by TruckerMarty to OlympusCamera [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 16:02 ParisLake2 [Paris Saint-Germain] Paris Saint-Germain learned of the accident involving its player Sergio Rico on Sunday and remains in constant contact with his loved ones. The entire Red and Blue community offers them its full support.

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2023.05.28 16:02 _milo_minder_binder Southeast Neighborhood Library Book Sale [June 10]

The Friends of Southeast Library are hosting a book sale in early June!
Time: Saturday, June 10 from 10am to 3pm
Location: Southeast Neighborhood Library, 403 7th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 (right across the street from the Eastern Market Metro stop)
Books starting at $1. You can drop off small donations at the blue bin by the library's D St. entrance. To coordinate a larger donation, email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.05.28 16:02 Electrical-Fox2669 Parents try to Call the police when I ask them to leave.

Sorry if the format looks weird Im on the mobile version. I(16f) never delt with entitled parents so this is all new for me.
For some background my Dad bought a small house(2 bed one bath) near a beach from my grand aunt and the house has always been in our family. It's on a small patch of land with some yard to the sides of it with an old metal shed with some glass windows towards the back. Everyone in our family uses it and we rent it out when no ones there.
We went down this weekend because it was going to be fun and we needed to get ready for renters. It's close to a community park/pool so it's always a little loud and sometimes busy. Behind us is another small house with barley any yard. My parents went out to get some hardware when I stayed home to work on some school work. They can take a long while because traffic is absolutely terrible most of the time. Kids tend to play on our lawn but Don't get really loud so we dont mind . I heard a loud bang on something metal but I didn't see anything from the window so I went back to work. Again I heard it around 5 to 7 mins later. I went outside this time because I didn't know what it was. Apparently there were 2 boys(10-12 years old) playing kickball in our yard. They seemed suprised when I stepped outside the house. I asked them what they were playing and they said kickball. I asked if they could try avoid hitting the shed and the house. They agreed and went back to the house behind ours when I left. 15 mins go by I hear it again but I assumed it was a mistake because kids can't really control their kicks sometimes. I hear it again 4 times in the next 10 minutes. I went back outside and found the kids on my family's land again but with the parents. The boys didn't change and were still kicking at the house/shed. When they saw me they stopped playing. I asked the parents and the kids this time to help the kids avoid hitting the house. They seemed to be annoyed by me and told me they are watching them and that I should mind my own business in a pretty snarky way. I was pretty suprised because an adult never talked to me like that . I said said I wouldn't mind if they would just stop hitting the house and shed. They said I was being an ungrateful kid on vacation. I responded saying that the yard they were on was owned by my family and so is the house they are hitting so I Don'twant it to get damaged. They couldn't care less and pretty much said well they're kids and they Don't know better. I suggested they could play in the park(5 to 10 min walk away) so they wouldn't hit anything and would have more room to play. They seemed offended and said they weren't paying for that stuff and I was putting their kids in danger. I said I it was open to the public free of charge and it was right next to a police station. They seemed to ignore that and said if I dont get away from them and their children they would call the police for harrassment and putting kids at risk. I'm annoyed at this point and I reminded them that their own my dad's property and that they could've damaged the property. They seemed angry that I said that and went quite for a bit. The kids seemed somewhat embarrassed and the oldest seemed mortified and asked if they could just go to the park. The mom said Your right (kid name) we shouldn't waste anymore time on this ungrateful brat. They left promptly with the Husband and the younger kid in toe. I was shocked and stood there for a bit and soon went back inside. Definitely a new experience and one I Don't want again but will probably encounter again in life.
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2023.05.28 16:02 UnDead_Ted Morning and Evening Sunday, May 28th 2023

Morning and Evening Sunday, May 28th 2023


those whom he justified he also glorified. — Rom 8:30
Here is a precious truth for you, believer. You may be poor, or in suffering, or unknown but for your encouragement take a review of your “calling” and the consequences that flow from it, and especially that blessed result here spoken of. As surely as you are God’s child today—so surely shall all your trials soon be at an end, and you shall be rich to all the intents of bliss. Wait awhile, and that weary head shall wear the crown of glory, and that hand of labor shall grasp the palm-branch of victory. Lament not your troubles but rather rejoice that before long you will be where “there shall be neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain.” The chariots of fire are at your door, and a moment will suffice to bear you to the glorified. The everlasting song is almost on your lip. The portals of heaven stand open for you.
Do not think that you can fail of entering into rest. If He has called you—nothing can divide you from His love. Troubles cannot sever the bond; the fire of persecution cannot burn the link; the hammer of hell cannot break the chain. You are secure; that voice which called you at first, shall call you yet again from earth to heaven, from death’s dark gloom to immortality’s unuttered splendors. Rest assured, the heart of Him who has justified you—beats with infinite love towards you. You shall soon be with the glorified, where your portion is; you are only waiting here to be made fit for the inheritance, and that done, the wings of angels shall waft you far away, to the mount of peace, and joy, and blessedness, where, “Far from a world of grief and sin—with God eternally shut in,” you shall rest forever and ever!


But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope. — Lam 3:21
Memory is frequently the bondslave of despondency. Despairing minds call to remembrance every dark foreboding in the past, and dilate upon every gloomy feature in the present; thus memory, clothed in sackcloth, presents to the mind a cup of mingled gall and wormwood. There is, however, no necessity for this. Wisdom can readily transform memory into an angel of comfort. That same recollection which in its left hand brings so many gloomy omens, may be trained to bear in its right hand a wealth of hopeful signs. She need not wear a crown of iron, she may encircle her brow with a fillet of gold, all spangled with stars.
Thus it was in Jeremiah’s experience—in the previous verse memory had brought him to deep humiliation of soul, “My soul has them still in remembrance, and is humbled in me”; and now this same memory restored him to life and comfort. “This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.” Like a two-edged sword, his memory first killed his pride with one edge, and then slew his despair with the other. As a general principle, if we would exercise our memories more wisely, we might, in our very darkest distress, strike a match which would instantaneously kindle the lamp of comfort. There is no need for God to create a new thing upon the earth in order to restore believers to joy; if they would prayerfully rake the ashes of the past, they would find light for the present; and if they would turn to the book of truth and the throne of grace, their candle would soon shine as aforetime.
Be it ours to remember the loving-kindness of the Lord, and to rehearse His deeds of grace. Let us open the volume of recollection which is so richly illuminated with memorials of mercy, and we shall soon be happy. Thus memory may be, as Coleridge calls it, “the bosom-spring of joy,” and when the Divine Comforter bends it to His service, it may be chief among earthly comforters.
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2023.05.28 16:01 False-Arrival8480 Childless friends and mummy meetings

Three friends of mine are meeting up this weekend and asked me to attend. Each of them have a child 3 and under and generally when I meet with them they are with their children. Recently I've been feeling abit down about not really having childless friends to do the things we used to enjoy and feel its something I need to accept. I adore the kids and have no problem seeing them but some days I'd like to have adult time, maybe a glass of wine and engage in deep discussion which can be an issue as when we do meet they can not fully engage which I totally understand but still feel its okay to not attend at times.
One of my friends in particular seemed offended that I didn't decide to come although I didn't mention my reasons which felt inauthentic but I didn't want to offend. She also mentioned going to a farm on this meet up which is NOT appealing for me and I've done my fair share of these trips.
I also sometimes feel my friends inviting me to the park for a play date or to child friendly activities, they don't always consider what that's like for me especially given I'm mid 30s and worried I won't become a parent.
To add: many of you who are childless may know when you do attend you are sort of expected fo be the fun aunty and it can feel if you not of high energy and bundles of fun the mums might be offended. I also say this because in the past mum's have mentioned that 'insert name' wasn't that great with the little one, she didn't play with him/her much. I have accepted and understand the shift but it does feel you don't get considered about how it feels for you.
Phone calls are often interrupted or conversations shift to their children which I TOTTALLY accept and understand but I also would like to know if some consideration or even a comment on how they appreciate my being around and playing would the kids would make me feel more included.
Would you say im I being dramatic?
Is this inconsiderate to mention my reasons?
Would you be dishonest?
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2023.05.28 16:01 MMAguy420 The random man who tried lol

So I have a routine every morning at 6 am PST I feed my 57 pigeons and my 8 crows that come for their seeds and peanuts 🥜.. shelled and unshelled …
Well this morning I ended up doing the normal feed but instead of staying longer I drove across the street after a bit of watching them eat and parked by my job , watching from across the street to make sure they’re ok.
This random truck pulled up and I was about to get out of my car if he was going to scare them and politely ask him to not scare my birds but instead he threw a bunch of bread from like a left over sandwich. I thought my crows and pigeons would attack it but they just watched the man throw it looked and went back to eating the seeds and peanuts . They still haven’t touched the man’s food he threw and now the seagulls descended and ate it all but the crows and pigeons didn’t seem to mind.
I know my little bird friends they eat everything . Before I knew a good diet for them I would feed them those junk foods so I knew they do eat it but for some reason wouldn’t take it from him. Is there any reason for this?
I bird watch my little friends and study their behaviors so I found it interesting they weren’t interested in HIS food … any thoughts why?
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2023.05.28 16:01 TruckerMarty The two jackrabbits who have been living in the park behind my fence for the last month are enjoying a dandelion breakfast this morning. Olympus E-M1 MKIII with Leica 100-400mm. Buckeye Arizona.

The two jackrabbits who have been living in the park behind my fence for the last month are enjoying a dandelion breakfast this morning. Olympus E-M1 MKIII with Leica 100-400mm. Buckeye Arizona. submitted by TruckerMarty to M43 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 16:00 ParisLake2 Paris Saint-Germain learned of the accident involving its player Sergio Rico on Sunday and remains in constant contact with his loved ones. The entire Red and Blue community offers them its full support.

Paris Saint-Germain learned of the accident involving its player Sergio Rico on Sunday and remains in constant contact with his loved ones. The entire Red and Blue community offers them its full support. submitted by ParisLake2 to psg [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 16:00 GreatGearAmidAPizza All my jolly walking finally caught up with me

Entering sixth week after floxing, I've had ups and downs, but felt quite good and was walking a lot. I love to walk, finding it meditative. 7.5 miles Friday. Another 3 yesterday, in a park with hills and hard pathways, unlike my usual park where I just go around a soft flat meadow.
And then my knee got strained... sitting on the toilet!
I guess I need to once again be more ginger with myself for awhile.
Somehow I seem to be getting enough sleep to pilot me through each day. But the nights are restless; I feel like a lie awake for endless hours, never really feeling sleepy. Early mornings are miserable and headachey. I'm taking Zoloft now, which seems to help my anxiety, but I think I need to back off some of the sleep supplements on top of it. It's just too much.
I'm also still dealing with the original issue with my prostate. I'm supposed to get an irregularity on it checked to ensure it's not malignant once the inflammation subsides... except it's not subsiding.
I wish I'd never boarded this ride, but can only hope symptoms abate, even if in a zigzag fashion.
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2023.05.28 16:00 AstroRed1108 Any surprises in the upcoming summit?

I feel like this summit won't have as many surprises as the last one, as we really did not know what to expect with the last one. With this one I feel like it's probably just gonna be a whooooooooole lot of Gaiden info and probably gameplay and MAYBE a LAD8 trailer.
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2023.05.28 16:00 Salt_Athlete_9783 Tagaytay bukyo/jeep fares?

Hello! Ask ko lang po sana if magkano usually ang fare pag bukyo/jeep around tagaytay? Like from olivarez to skyranch/peoples park/picnic grove/crosswind? May masasakyan din po ba ng bukyo/jeep sa labas ng skyranch/peoples park/picnic grove/crosswind? Di ko kasi afford to rent bukyo for a daytour. Commute lang po sana as much as possible para tipid nadin. Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.28 16:00 kronamtus Is EVO 870 fine now or should I go for QVO 870 instead? Or something else?

I intend to get a new 4tb ssd as my main drive for OS and gaming, basically I have the choice between:
EVO 870 : $250
QVO 870 : $200
WD Blue SSD 3D Nand : $270
CRUCIAL P3 3D NAND: $220 (not SATA)
I'm wondering which would be the best for security of my data. I was originally thinking EVO 870 but with this active thread saying even in 2023 it seems to have load of issues I'm starting to be unsure...
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2023.05.28 15:59 Extasion Movie recommendations

First of all, I'm not a woman, I'm a gay man, but I really want to see what WLW movies are like.
I only watched one lesbian movie (but I didn't know it was lesbian, I won't name it because it's a spoiler). I also know one other lesbian movie, Blue is the warmest colour (La vie d'adele), but I haven't watched it. I'd like something that most lesbians would like, not an indie movie that no one knows about.
One of my favourite gay movies is Maurice. I guess I'm looking for something similar, I don't care if it's a bit old. I want to be left wanted to have a relationship, I want it to make kick my feet in the air and giggle when they kiss. It can have a happy or bad ending, I don't mind either.
Thank you !
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