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2023.05.28 13:51 wlesdmike I just have to post this video

I don’t know why this is so funny to me.
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2023.05.28 13:50 NotHalcyon_ advice?

(No I will not stop smoking because you think its gross and yes I know its bad for me and yes I know some people don’t like it)
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2023.05.28 13:50 VanaVisera [s1 spoilers] A Certain Voice Actor Teases his Return in Season 2?

The moderation bot won’t let me put a season two spoiler tag in the title. So potential season two spoilers everybody.
On Jason Spisak’s YouTube channel he has an AMA video. In the beginning of the video, he asked his fans to not ask him about season two of arcane because he “knows what’s happening in season two.” And if that wasn’t damning enough…take a look at the comments on the video. He hearted someone saying that Silco must obviously be in season 2 If Jason can’t talk about it. He’s winking at the fans here even though he can’t say anything about it.
This isn’t 100% direct confirmation, but it’s really about as close as It can get; as Jason signed a non-disclosure agreement in regards to season two of Arcane and can’t legally, directly talk about it. Which is standard for actors.
But it’s also obvious that Silco has room to come back even though he died because he will more than likely be seen in flashbacks to Jinx’s childhood as well as a voice in her head. Which is such a cool concept.
I’m excited to see Silco make a return. And I’m interested as to how different he’ll be compared to what they did with him in the first season.
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2023.05.28 13:50 Unlucky_Process_6537 What are the chances

wWas she cheating?
I recently separated from my wife of 11 years. After discussing the relationship with people, they assure me she was probably cheating. I know it's impossible to know now, but how likely do you think she cheated if these are the following red flags:
-She never seemed to be attracted to me, and we ALWAYS needed lube (i did not rush to penetration)
-she seemed uninterested and would lie there and only do things if i asked
-We had a dead bedroom from the entire 11 years. only had sex 3 times a year on average.
-showers used to turn me on. She almost never showered when i was home.
-Once she asked to watch porn together. eventually hinted that she wanted to see lesbian category. for once, i saw what it was like when she was actually wet.
-She went out with her friends a few times a month, would many times come home at 12 am, 1 am, or even sometimes 2 am.
-Many times, she didn't answer the phone when she was out at night.
-One period of time, she frequently said she was with her family. she said this a few times and i suspected she was lying because of the hours she went and how she was dressing up. I texted her brother, and found out she was lying. Which is a weird lie either ways. Even if she was cheating, she could have said she was with her friends like she always did. She had a panic attack, said her family is abusive and controlling, and freaked out when her dad found out.
-She had poor impulse control, shopping addiction, etc. Looking at this evidence, what are the chances she was cheating?
Also keep in mind, I believe she was narcissistic, and was always bored and needed to be constantly out. This could be am explanation instead of cheating. But doesn’t that also mean she would be prone to cheat?
TDLR: was ex cheating if we were in a sexless marriage and she was always going out?
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2023.05.28 13:49 anonymous_scoob Where do I find someone who is willing to do a “friends with benefits” situation with me?

Sooo, I am not in the zone (mentally) to date anyone. To put it simply, I am not in the state to do the full on dating thingy for now. I would want to see myself do that in approximately an year’s time once other aspects of my life get a bit sorted (hopefully by then)!
However, at the moment, (as a 25F) I also feel like I want to explore and enjoy my life as much as I can. And one way for me to do it is through understanding my body better with a FWB situation (maybe). But I am super scared of the risk of STDs with such situations :( Also, don’t know how to find someone who is willing to do this :(
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2023.05.28 13:49 Ok_Year2502 Message me kik: arland.t if you want me to humiliate you and cuck you

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2023.05.28 13:49 skypyre Deyy arada ithu , enthayalum kollam timing !!

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2023.05.28 13:49 Femuscleblog Is it ok to be rude sometimes? Old man at gym keeps speaking to me and I don’t like it

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2023.05.28 13:49 YoureBeautifulDude Does “I’ll text ya” when discussing a future event mean “I’ll text ya if I’m still interested”?

The other day, I made plans with a coworker to go out for drinks on Saturday and when we were about to leave, I revisited those plans by saying “I don’t think I see you before Saturday” and she said “Yeah, I’ll text ya” and left in a weird hurry. When Saturday came, she hadn’t texted so I texted her asking if she was still interested and she replied “shoot! accidentally double booked, maybe another time” but I’m almost positive this means “I’m no longer interested.”
So, when a person says “I’ll text ya” does that mean that I shouldn’t get my hopes up and that they’ll text me if they’re still interested?
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2023.05.28 13:49 SargentiPaste Listening to people you love and respect jump through hoops to defend the church with poor logic is so hard. Especially when those people are genuinely intelligent.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday about the church’s massive wealth. He started off saying he didn’t care how wealthy the church is, and it actually strengthens his testimony of the church because God wouldn’t have helped them accumulate this massive wealth if it wasn’t His work.
I asked about the ethics of requiring impoverished members to pay 10% of their income to have full participation in the church despite the churches wealth, and he saw no problem with it. His justification was that the church steps in and helps these people when they need it.
He gave an example of a family he knew who had struggled financially for years, but dutifully paid their tithing. Eventually the husband lost his job and the wife was unable to work and the church stepped in and paid their mortgage for a few months to keep them from losing their home. The church is there to use the sacred funds to help members!
I countered that if the family hadn’t been paying their 10% for years, but had saved even a quarter of their tithing, they wouldn’t have needed the church to step in and help with their mortgage, and would have removed significant stress from their lives. They may have been helped by the church a little, but they paid far more into the system than they got out… and that’s the case for nearly everyone.
BUT, he smugly replied “that’s the thing. If they weren’t paying their tithing, they wouldn’t have saved the money in a rainy day fund. They would have spent it on worthless crap and still had no money when they lost their job, and the church wouldn’t have been there to help. Without the church, this family would have lost their home. They were blessed for paying their tithing.”
And that’s where we ended it. There is no room for logic or reason when speaking with someone who has already made up their mind that the church can do no wrong. It’s so frustrating.
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2023.05.28 13:49 lolfisuppose lot’s of built up anger towards bf (m18)

i (f18) have been so mad at my boyfriend (m18) recently. I love him. We’ve been dating for two years and we’re best friends. i’m just getting tired of him doing the same things over and over again, it’s making me start to blow up on him.
there’s always something with his friends. he doesn’t understand why i don’t want him taking 14 yr olds to get nicotine/weed or why it offends me his friends disrespected me. he’ll make jokes i’m not okay with around me, long as his friends are around. he’ll be rude to me just cause my brother is in the room.
he insists on being brutally honest and i don’t wanna hear that i’ve gained weight or that i embarrassed him. or that my outfit sucks
and then i get the sweetest apology known to man with no change because “this is just how i am”
tdlr: getting constantly mad at boyfriend over little things, what do i do?
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2023.05.28 13:49 Cuppajoe96 Is it narcissistic to tell a friend you don’t want to be friends anymore?

I really do not like phasing people out. There is no closure and you don’t know if the person is going to come into your life again and I think the instability is not good for my autism.
I’ve been trying to meet up with my friend for like a year and it’s always me who puts the effort in. I want to let them know in a really gentle and respectful way how I’m feeling a bit unfulfilled in the friendship but that there’s no hard feelings either. It’s more a me thing than them. But I feel really narcissistic even talking about my own needs and I can’t tell if it’s going to come across in a rude or self centred way. I need help.
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2023.05.28 13:49 Specialist_Shower_39 Rear ended by a junket

Got rear ended last night by a guy who was driving a complete piece of junk. My car is very expensive. I am assuming he’s way under insured
What happens if he doesn’t have good insurance or ability to compensate me?
I have good insurance, I assume they will cover my damages anyway even though I was not at fault?
Anything I can do to insist the car is written off? I don’t want the car back after it’s been repaired because of diminished value and it’d never be the same
We are all safe which is the main thing
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2023.05.28 13:49 DryAfternoon7779 Tony- “Do you think Ralph’s a little weird with women?”

Silvio- “I don’t know, Tone. I mean, he beat one to death just for uh...I forget. What was it again?"
Sil's response gets me every time.
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2023.05.28 13:49 throwawayacct36911 No means no. Stop means stop.

Many people have not respected my “no” throughout my life. I have sensory processing disorder and get easily overwhelmed. This was part of the reason why I was bullied pretty intensely while growing up. I am dealing with a similar nightmare today as an adult.
My partner will frequently raise his voice and overwhelm me to the point that I need to ask him to stop. He frequently does not listen and, in response, becomes upset and ramps up this aggressive behavior by raising his voice louder, speaking more quickly, and if he does actually respect my stop he will then screams “stop!” at me if I dare to try to speak. Apparently if he needs to stop speaking, then I do too, according to his logic.
He has a lot of trauma that he is currently working through, and I am trying to be patient and understanding. He will intermittently commit to working on being better about this issue, and after a short period of time he falls back into the same patters of behavior.
Last night I had a nightmare where I was running through a building in order to try to get away from hordes of people who were overwhelming me, and refusing to stop despite being begged to do so. I woke up and shared it with my partner, who assured me he would never allow this to happen in my waking life. It was then that I put together is that the nightmare is playing out in my life through his behavior.
When I said as much, he became upset and began raising his voice at me. When I asked him to stop he refused and eventually stormed out of the room while getting his last word in. He told me that he was “not here for my judgment.” (Not sure where that particular remark is coming from.) He routinely walks out of conversations without any warning whenever he is displeased with the situation. This is his most used form of “punishment”- storming out then withholding all meaningful contact until all of his demands (for apologies, usually) are met. Not only does he have to receive all of the apologies, he demands, those apologies need to be delivered in a manner that will convince home. Often times it’s my job to figure out what he wants me to apologize for because I “should already know,” according to him. It’s an incredibly triggering thing to experience but I am growing more comfortable with his stonewalling. If anything, it gives me the chance to exist in peace.
For that peace to continue I have to quickly block him from texting or I will receive a barrage of messages full of criticism, blame, judgment, analyzation, and demands. I also need to quickly put on noise canceling headphones when he leaves the room because he has a habit of yelling from the hallway or the room on the other side of the wall, where he often insists on staying. That’s a huge trigger for me.
I don’t know how I could better communicate and maintain this boundary. We are supposed to move to a different state at the end of the month. I’m growing increasingly worried that this behavior is never going to stop. Therapy only seems to have equipped him with new words and concepts that he uses to manipulate situations and me.
He comes from a family of people who “need to be right” and have a habit of needing to have the last word. While he has been exploring resurfacing trauma, I’ve seen him begin to engage in those same behaviors. I realize he was bullied, neglected, and abused as a child but it is not excuse to carry out similar patterns of overwhelming domination and psychological abuse in adulthood. Stonewalling a person (sometimes for weeks at a time) until you get what you want is a form of manipulation and control.
I am disabled and unable to work, but don’t qualify for benefits. I don’t like having to rely on him and don’t like feeling stuck in the situation. I don’t have family to call on and friends have fall into the wayside since the pandemic began because I need to take precautions because I’m immunosuppressed. I want to believe that this behavior can and will change, but I have no “plan B” if it doesn’t. He controls the money and most things are in his name. I can’t drive and I’m feeling pretty concerned for the future.
Thoughts? Advice?
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2023.05.28 13:48 Emotional_Cut5593 Anyone else notice that a lot of officers in the guard are Autistic?

My commander won’t make eye contact with me when speaking and is very sensitive to loud noises. Interestingly, I had this revelation last drill that a significant amount of officers that I have served with in the guard may be/are autistic. Anyone else have the same experience?
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2023.05.28 13:48 seekembullience HOW do y’all flirt??? I’m fr.

I am SO bad at flirting. It’s not even that I attempt to flirt and fail, but I just don’t flirt.
I’ve had two girlfriends in the past and it just became a thing. I don’t think I really flirted much at all.
I was at a club last night and two girls told me that I was cute and I literally said “oh thanks you too! 👍🏼” PLEASE. I’m awful HAHAHAHAHA
I’m from Singapore too where we are a bit less outgoing - but I’m moving to Canada soon so I just know my ass is not going to get anywhere with my lack of flirtation skills.
Please, lesbians. Help me.
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2023.05.28 13:48 acriticalpanda when to tell my kid he has ADHD?

My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was seven years old, shortly after entering elementary school. He takes Zesta every school day. I just tell him it's a vitamin. When we visit his doctor, the doctor avoids mentioning ADHD in front of him.
My son doesn’t have an idea of ADHD now. When facing his unsatisfying school performance, I tell him he's like a race car with a problem with the brakes, which is a common analogy used in ADHD books. He's okay with this description. His teacher, friends, and other relatives do not know he has ADHD. Only my wife and I know this and work hard to help him.
I know that there will come a time when I need to talk to him about his ADHD condition. I think when he's older and can understand his condition and work with me to manage it, we'll have that conversation. For now, I believe he's too young to fully comprehend ADHD and what it means for him. Even I tell him about the ADHD, it does not help when we studies together or I ask him to follow any rules.
When is the right time? Could you share? Thanks a lot.
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