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2023.05.30 22:46 ArticFox0917 AITA for telling my mom she can’t be apart of my babies life if she doesn’t invite my grandmother to the baby shower (Part 2)

Coming on here for a part 2 because I realized I didn’t explain it well enough! My mother isn’t as innocent as she seems. My mother and biological father were married to each other for 3 years and he abused her for 1 of those years. Which I don’t really understand why they were married in the first place because everyone said they argued like cats and dogs from the beginning. The arguments between my mother and grandmother sprouted up mostly during the divorce even though they didn’t particularly like each other before then. My grandmother was more than fine with giving her mostly everything she wanted in the divorce beside the house and the car (that my grandmother paid for) and refused to pay for any of her bills including her phone bill, internet bill, etc. which she had paid for during the entirety of their marriage. During the divorce my mother got close to a half million dollar settlement because that is what she demanded of them to keep quiet about the abuse along with full custody of her children. My grandmother being worried about the upraising of her grandchildren agreed. My grandmother shut my biological father out her life (besides letting him continue to stay and use the house and car they had originally bought for them to raise the family in) so that she could continue to see us. Which was the agreement if she wanted to see her grandchildren then she had to shut her son out of her life and so my grandmother did. She has supported me and my brother throughout my whole life, coming to ever little league game, dance recital, and school event. Now back to my biological mother. We have never been on good terms. She always made me feel less than along with my brother. She continuously would not let us do normal things throughout our childhood stating that we weren’t smart enough. At one point I applied to join engineering club, super excited when I got in and told her all about it to which she said that I wouldn’t last a year before they kicked me out because I was talentless just like my biological father. As I grew older I began asking more questions and one day it just slipped out. “Why did you stay so long if he was hitting you?” She had laughed and looked around at the house we were living in. “I was getting fucking rich off it and I still am” later on she would tell me “it would be best if you did the same thing.” She had always been like this so when I turned 17 me and my brother decided to move out and leave her behind. She tried contacting us constantly and showing up at our places of work apologizing and saying she wanted us back in her life. Finally when I turned 19 I allowed her back into my life and we have since grown closer, but she still has a few sharp edges to her and it pisses me off seeing as she can be so joyful about how she “scammed” (her words not mine) my grandmother for close to half a million and not even allow her to come to my baby shower. I’ve decided I’ll be throwing one for myself, but have not decided if she’s invited yet or not.
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2023.05.30 22:46 forfuxzake How Many Years Total?

I've tried to search online as best I could and can't find a solid answer. Do any of you know how many years pass in the walking dead timeline on screen from pilot to finale?
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2023.05.30 22:46 norashepard On reporting a therapist (US)

There are a lot of posts about reporting therapists here. There’s a FAQ that outlines the logistical process, but I thought I’d talk a bit about emotional risk, justice, and closure for the specific group of folks reporting therapists who traumatized them. I hope this is helpful for some. Sorry in advance if it upsets anyone. Please be kind. I’m not a therapist fyi, just in the (long) middle of the process.
  1. Remember that the license is a legal agreement with the state, not a professional organization. Accordingly, this is a legal process that could potentially end in a formal disciplinary hearing between your therapist and the state (not you). As in any legal matter, the burden of proof is on you, so you want to gather as much tangible evidence as you can. You may want to give up because you don’t have direct correspondence with the therapist or (one-party state) recordings, but evidence might also include journals, texting or chatting with others about it, social media, or other dated material. Searching through old chats and rereading exchanges, taking screenshots, etc. can be destabilizing (at least it was for me). Depending on the state and/or the violation, you may also need to prepare for a phone call with the lead investigator, which can of course be stressful, and even retraumatizing. You should have plans in place for support. Having my own therapist at this moment was essential.
  2. You need to write a statement that explains what happened. As the FAQ says, it’s good to explain exactly which codes your therapist violated. Some people are better writers than others. While someone can’t write the statement for you, someone you trust can maybe help you with phrasing and grammar, and also help you see where information may be missing. Understandably this may be hard to do because it requires you to share, but if you feel comfortable sharing with someone, I would recommend it.
  3. Despite the fact that this is a legal matter, this is not at all like a lawsuit on your end. All you do is write a statement, include evidence, submit the report, maybe talk to an investigator. That should be it. No defense attorney is there to make you look crazy. You won’t need to see your therapist, though they’ll have read your complaint. After speaking to the investigator (if your case warrants it), that’s likely the end of the process for you.
  4. The disciplinary action may not match the pain you experienced. I see a lot of people telling various OPs to report their therapist because they deserve to “lose their license.” Most of the discipline is rehabilitation. The majority of penalties within recent years in my state are $200-1000 and continuing education, sometimes with a reprimand, audit (ethics), probation, or suspension. For example, one case with multiple ethical conduct violations with clients mandates continuing credits, no fine. One unethical conduct case is simply a reprimand. Another unethical conduct case mandates a few years probation and a course. One disciplined for abandonment had their license suspended for five days. Neglected clients, one year probation. You get the idea. Most unethical conduct penalties allow therapists to continue to practice without interruption. Revocations or surrenders of licenses for unethical conduct with clients were almost exclusively for sexual misconduct. You could check your state records to see how yours handles things (some reports are hard to find or unavailable). All this said, all disciplinary action is public—available for both colleagues and clients to see—and can affect further employment and malpractice insurance. I also imagine reports from multiple clients accumulate. Just don't expect them to lose their license. Ask yourself if a lenient penalty is better than nothing. If my therapist wouldn’t have lost his license, I would have been devastated to the point of severe SUI. Arkansas has an unusually detailed list of actions if you want some idea. For some states you can read the Consent Orders.
  5. As the FAQ says, be prepared to wait. There may be a quick turnaround, but unfortunately more likely it will take many months, even more than a year, depending on the efficiency of your state board and/or the amount of cases they’re investigating. The wait time could even be longer than the statute of limitations period for a malpractice lawsuit in your state (unfortunate because the report is very useful in a lawsuit). My state’s statute of limitations is 2 years and it’s been 1.5 years since reporting. I still haven’t received closure on my investigation. I spoke to the investigator over a year ago and never heard anything again. Since then the case has changed investigators and my therapist has retired. I’m trying to forget it, since he isn’t practicing, but if he were still practicing I’d probably be losing my absolute shit. Consider if you’re the type to obsess. Will you check every month? Every week? Every day? Is the complaint going to interfere with your own healing for as long as it takes to resolve? And is the complaint worth that? It unequivocally may be, but best to check in with yourself.
  6. For your sanity, it’s important to stay realistic about the guidelines under which the board is working, and the limitations of the system. Some violations are obviously easier to prove than others. The grey area is not actionable. For example, emotional abuse is one of the most damaging experiences one can have in life, but also complex and hard to undeniably prove (“were you just misreading or misinterpreting?”). On the flip, something that hurt you very much may not be unethical, at least not under the ethics code. The violations in your case need clear definition. Some members of the board may even be more sympathetic to you than your therapist, but they still need to be careful in adjudicating because, again, this is a legal process with major ramifications for the therapist. How will you stay stable and safe if your very valid complaint is rejected because it didn’t fit neatly into the box?
  7. Because you’re reporting a traumatic experience, it’s really best to work with a therapist if you’re ready and able. A therapist can ask you questions, and you can ask them questions, within an actual conversation. They can help you figure out if a report is warranted, then help you process and understand your goals, if you even want to file, and then consider if it might be potentially harmful enough for you to postpone the report. And, if you do file, they can help with the preparation as appropriate, and to keep you stable during it. I can’t emphasize enough how important my therapist has been in my pursuit of justice and closure. I truly think she saved my life.
I’m sure others here have been through the process and can share their own experiences. Just thoughts from my limited experience of the process.
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2023.05.30 22:46 galth88 Abound Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 22:45 thesweetsknees Frame drops?

New player. Obsessed but I hate the constant framedrops (every few minutes between drops at best). Is this a known issue they are working on? Does anyone have any workarounds?
I'm on win 10 with a decently strong pc. Playing fullscreen mode on wireless but will have ethernet soon.
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2023.05.30 22:45 StrawbFroggo ASD Diagnosis (adult)

I've just turned 18 and I'm female. I'm on medication for anxiety and depression, I've just finish CBT for those issues. Late October last year I was denied an autism assessment from the children's ASD services. In their words I didn't meet the required threshold. I went to my GP asking to be rereferred to the adult services this time and she recommended I write a sort of letter about the things I experience, how they present and my behaviours. She said she would write a cover letter and send that off in hopes of giving me the best chance.

I need some help on how to word it, what I should include and how. Any tips or experiences would be helpful. I'm sort of lost its hard, there is no one in my family or friend group who is diagnosed.
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2023.05.30 22:45 throwRADazer My bf (M 21) is talking to his ‘girl best friend’ (F 21) a lot more and it is worrying me.

A bit of back story. Me (f 22) and my bf (m 21) have been together for over ten months and have had only little arguments along the way. He always had a girl best friend, let’s call her taylor (f 21) who has been there the whole time and has always been there for him, they had a bit of a falling out and the girl best friends bf made her cut contact with my boyfriend. Skip maybe 2 weeks and suddenly this new girl bestfriend (f 21) has shown up, she’s never been mentioned before but when originally mentioned he said he had met her online (a dating app) and they had never met in person.
Around 2 weeks later he mentioned might meet up with her to go on a walk like they used to, this flagged up to me as originally he said they had never met but apparently they had a few times before and nothing ever happened. Of course this turned into a conversation onto where I stated my perspective, I understand having best friends and meeting with people but I felt that this relationship formed more on a attraction basis, I was saying I trust him but feel if it was me in the situation and it was flipped I would never do that. Since then it was never mentioned and of my knowledge never happened, this was around 2 months ago and I noticed their convocation fizzled out.
Fast forward to a couple days ago on his phone popped up a message and as we have access to each other’s phones I never thought that anything would have come up to it, to my surprise they have been talking non stop for the past few weeks with a few messages being highlighted as ‘do you want to have some fun’ and a lot of compliments on her snap stories. I broke down immediately and spoke to him about this, apparently this was him flirting as a joke to her boyfriend, but obviously with those being the only messaged saved I immediately jumped to a conclusion. What do I do now? I’m trying to trust but I have this gut feeling that I’m going to get hurt as I’ve had this happen to me in the past with the ‘girl best friend’. I’m not sure how to set my boundaries anymore as I feel like if it was to her it’s emotionally cheating. HELP
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2023.05.30 22:45 ThePartus Thrust needs to be bugfixed

Thrust is ruining the meta and trivalizes boss fights and high HP enemies.
Thrust says it gives up to 15% Power, scaling with charge time, stacking 3 times. However, it gives up to 90% power, after a couple patches ago and needs to be fixed.
Obviously, its fun to do this, but it makes every other weapon almost useless in comparison. Thunderhammer having thrust and slaughterer makes it one of the strongest weapons in the game having two of the best blessings you can take on melees.
There's plenty of clips right now with thunder hammer one shotting demon hosts, and other bosses are being 2 shotted as well. It also one shots every type of enemy from Bulwarks to Carapace armoured Crushers. Even the new monstrosity is able to be soloed by a thunder hammer, when other classes struggle which skews the balancing for if threats are manageable.
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2023.05.30 22:45 vegabassoonseacake Hyperoptic Flash Discount Code

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2023.05.30 22:45 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Routers In USA Available on Amazon

Gaming routers are designed to provide a better online gaming experience by reducing lag and improving latency. If you are a serious online gamer, then a gaming router can be a worthwhile investment. It can help to improve your gaming experience and reduce lag, which can give you a competitive edge.
Benefits of Using a Gaming Router:
  • Reduced lag: Lag is the delay between when you press a button on your controller or keyboard and when the action is reflected on the screen. Gaming routers can help to reduce lag by optimizing your network and prioritizing gaming traffic.
  • Improved latency: Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from your computer to the game server. Gaming routers can help to improve latency by using a variety of techniques, such as reducing the distance between your computer and the game server.
  • Faster speeds: Gaming routers typically have faster processors and more memory than traditional routers, which allows them to handle more data at once. This can lead to faster download speeds and less lag during online gaming.
  • Better range: Gaming routers often have more powerful antennas than traditional routers, which can extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. This can be helpful if you have a large home or if you live in an area with a lot of interference.
Advanced security features: Gaming routers often have more advanced security features than traditional routers. This can help to protect your network from hackers and other online threats.

Asus ROG Strix GS-AX5400
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TP-Link Archer AX50 (AX3000) Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router
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2023.05.30 22:45 AutoModerator Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Updated)

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2023.05.30 22:45 AutoModerator The System by Todd Valentines (The Program)

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2023.05.30 22:45 galth88 Adidas Shoes Nordstrom Rack Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 22:44 UbeQueso Best bathroom mirror

Best bathroom mirror
Not the best pic of me, but I loved all the stickers and tags on the mirror. Admittedly I threw one if thise trans stickers on the mirror. If youre in the Twin Cities area check out Boneshaker Books - they're queetrans/BIPOC friendly 🏳️‍⚧️
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2023.05.30 22:44 Dracosworld i want to break up with my girlfriend but i love her so much that i can’t bring myself to do it

this is my first reddit post and i’m not a very good writer so sorry if it’s messy… i find it hard to write my thoughts and not be everywhere at the same time
We met somewhere around September 3 years ago, my best friend liked her so he invited her to hang out with me and him… as soon as she stepped out of her car i knew she was going to be a big part of my life, i just never thought it would be like this.
My girlfriend is the most kind and funny person i know, but she has a lot of things she has to work on and i don’t know if i can handle it anymore. she is super skinny because she won’t eat well to the point where she is super pale, she fears trying new food, she doesn’t put any effort in finding what she wants to do with her life, we have been dating for 3 YEARS and she still doesn’t talk to my parents about anything, she is super negative…etc.
I’ve tried to help her eat and get her out of the comfort zone but after many failed attempts i decided to speak to her about everything and i asked her “how are you not feeling sad with your life right now” which she responded with “i like how easy my life is” which reminded me that she has been spoiled by her parents and family members her whole life, which is horrible because she has never really experienced working hard for something.
i’ve been thinking about breaking up with her for a long time now, i just can’t do it anymore, it takes a big toll on my life, it gives me anxiety and it makes me angry because she keeps saying that she is going to change but never does anything, and just when im feeling ready break up and tell her… beautiful memories start going through my head and i get scared so i don’t say anything and end up crying for a while.
i love her so much and it makes me sad the fact that i’m giving up on her… i feel like i’m betraying her just by thinking that i want to break up, i just want her to get a slap in the face by life because i feel like that’s the only thing that can help her at this point. i just can’t bring myself to do it and i want the best for her.
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2023.05.30 22:44 GailaMonster Is it me, or are FB marketplace sellers just delusional these days?

I'm moving into a house from years of apartment living (yay!) and excited to have gardening space. I figured I would check FB marketplace for used gardening supplies (planters, trellises, tomato cages, etc). before bothering to buy new. save a bit of money, support individuals rather than big business, keep used-but-still-useful gardening supplies out of landfill, etc.
I am not an aggressive haggler (outside of situations where it's expected - car dealerships, farmers' mkt near closing time) - If I see something way overpriced, I just move on, I don't message trying to argue the price down. NOR am I expecting to get a $200 italian terra cotta planter for free or $5 or whatever. but if your product is USED and I'm driving to pick it up, I expect it to be significantly cheaper than buying new - new items have return policies, I can pay with credit card and the protections that come with same, new items come with warranties, new items have all their useful life remaining, etc.
What I am seeing on FB marketplace is people selling used, bent tomato cages for MORE than they would cost new from tractor supply. I am seeing plastic crappy nursery pots (the ones that their plants came in) being offered for $1/pot, when a brand new THICKER plastic nursery planter is 58 cents bought from the fancy garden nursery. i am seeing visibly used trellis material, already dirty, in some cases damaged, selling for more than these products cost new delivered via amazon.
what is going on here? I was hoping to save a bit of money and do Mother Earth a kindness by buying used and keeping stuff out of a landfill...but i'm not about to pay more than new prices for your bent, rusty-ass tomato cage. who would?? where are these sellers getting the idea that a tomato cage that is 5 bucks brand new from home depot is suddenly worth 8-10 bucks once their dog has pissed on it, and some of its useful life has already been consumed?
am i out of touch? i'm not comparing pre-inflation prices, i'm looking at TODAY's prices for tomato cages new vs what FB marketplace clowns are offering... what is going on here?
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2023.05.30 22:44 ImpRS Necromany info from Jagex stream and playtesters

Watched all the video's from content creators and jut put it down here. It's not organized or anything. Hope it helps other people who want a TLDW.

Jagex information:

Playtester information:
Some screenshots:


Talent tree

Skilling pet
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2023.05.30 22:44 RFC2001 Rebooking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 - WrestleMania 40 - Part 42 (Long)

Judgment Day 2006 (SmackDown)
Date: 21/5/06
Location: US Airways, Phoenix, Arizona
WWE Tag Team Championship:
MNM (c) w/Melina vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Super Crazy
United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs Finlay
The Undertaker vs Mark Henry w/Daivari
(After WrestleMania, Mark Henry and Daivari form an alliance which the World’s Strongest Man wants to make a further statement after taking Batista out of action. Henry targets The Undertaker, brutally attacks him on SmackDown and claims he’s the most dominant individual in the company. Henry challenges Taker to a match at Judgement Day which The Deadman accepts, saying it will be Judgment Day for Mark Henry for the sin he’s committed by attacking him. Mark Henry shockingly wins clean and The Great Khali is nowhere to be seen.)
Bobby Lashley vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(Booker T wins thanks to a distraction from Sharmell.)
Title vs Career Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs JBL
(Rey won’t be a jobber bitch to anyone in the build up to this match. Instead, JBL wins a #1 Contender’s Match against Chris Benoit to earn this opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship. Bradshaw says Rey Mysterio’s win at No Way Out over him was a fluke and he’s that confident of beating Rey Mysterio this time that he’ll even put his career on the line. Rey says that not only will he beat Bradshaw again to keep his title but he’ll finally free the WWE and the fans from the poisonous bully that is JBL. Rey Mysterio retains the championship and beats JBL again to end his career… for now. The show draws to a close with the crowd taunting JBL.)
ECW One Night Stand 2006
Date: 11/6/06
Location: Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan, New York, New York
Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton
(Kurt Angle is drafted to ECW which pisses Vince McMahon off to the point he instructs Randy Orton who’s just been drafted to RW to take care of the traitor. Angle wins clean and this is Orton’s punishment for violating the Wellness Policy.)
Tazz vs Jerry Lawler
(Tazz squashes Lawler in 30 seconds.)
Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Tommy Dreamer
(With ECW back, Paul Heyman challenges Rey Mysterio who was once part of ECW to defend his championship at One Night Stand against one of his guys. Rey accepts and welcomes the challenge from anyone Heyman chooses. Paul Heyman picks the heart and soul of ECW, Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer says while he respects Rey, beating him for the World Championship on ECW’s return is an opportunity he just can’t pass up. Rey tells Dreamer he understands his thinking but he’s not allowing his boyhood dream to end right now. In a very good and brutal encounter, Rey Mysterio wins to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Both men shake hands after the match with Dreamer raising Rey’s arm.)
Hardcore Match:
Mick Foley vs Edge w/Lita
(The match we got in real life at WrestleMania 22 in real life happens here instead. After costing Edge the WWE Championship at Backlash, Mick Foley says that was just him getting even but he’s not done with Edge. Foley challenges the Rated R Superstar to a Hardcore match at this event which Edge accepts, promising to destroy the Hardcore Legend once and for all. We get that same flaming table spot in a brutal affair. Edge wins clean.)
Hardcore Match:
Sabu vs Terry Funk
(Just to emphasise ECW’s return further, let’s put the two craziest bastards going in a match against one another. Sabu wins in another brutal and bloody affair.)
Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Rob Van Dam
(Rob Van Dam tells John Cena in advance when he’s cashing in just like he did in real life. Van Dam tells Cena that he’s cashing in at ECW One Night Stand in a building that he calls home, The Hammerstein Ballroom. In a very back and forth main event with Cena being booed out of the building, Rob Van Dam beats John Cena clean to win the WWE Championship! Edge doesn’t appear in the slightest.)
Vengeance 2006 (Raw)
Date: 25/6/06
Location: Charlotte Bobcats Arena, Charlotte, North Carolina
Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Val Venis
Ric Flair vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada
(Umaga wins clean to remain undefeated although Flair puts up a fight in his hometown.)
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
Carlito & Chris Masters (c) vs Sabu & The Sandman
Kane vs The Big Show
Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton
(Orton cheats to win after hitting a low blow when the referee isn’t looking. Angle leaves the company shortly after.)
D-Generation X vs The Spirit Squad
(Vince McMahon is furious that Triple H has aligned with Shawn Michaels again and says he should never have trusted him. Vince says there will be consequences and at Vengeance, DX will face off against all 5 members of The Spirit Squad. In the build up, DX rip the utter pss out the McMahons by dressing up as them, covering them and The Spirit Squad in sht, saying Vince McMahon loves c*cks etc. Despite the odds being against them, DX win this match in their first official match as a team again.)
WWE Championship:
Rob Van Dam (c) vs John Cena (No Contest)
(After ECW One Night Stand, John Cena says on the night Rob Van Dam was the better man and deserves to be the WWE Champion. Cena then tells Van Dam that he’s invoking his rematch clause at Vengeance. Mr. Monday Night welcomes the challenge, saying it’ll be another day at the office for him and he’ll prove his win at One Night Stand wasn’t a fluke. This match ends in a No Contest after a mysterious man attacks both men. The man is… Edge! Edge then Spears both Cena & Van Dam before holding up the WWE Championship as Vengeance draws to a close.)
(Mark Henry gets injured in his Judgment Day rematch against The Undertaker on SmackDown although the storyline is going to be that Batista injured Henry when attacking him upon return as part of his revenge after Henry injured him.)
The Great American Bash 2006 (SmackDown)
Date: 23/7/06
Location: Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana
WWE Tag Team Championship:
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs The Pitbulls
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Chavo Guerrero
The Undertaker vs Daivari
(Teddy Long forces Daivari to compete at The Great American Bash against The Undertaker as The Phenom publicly made it known he wants to get his hands on him for being the brains behind Mark Henry going after him in the first place. The Deadman utterly destroys Daivari here.)
United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs Finlay
Matt Hardy vs William Regal
Batista vs Mr.Kennedy
World Heavyweight Championship:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(Booker T wins a Triple Threat Match against Bobby Lashley and Chris Benoit to earn this opportunity. Booker T says that it’s been 3 years since he was the World Heavyweight Champion and promises that the rut without the gold is coming to an end. Booker also says that someone has to end that little troll Rey Mysterio’s fairytale run and warns Rey it’s going to be him. Rey simply wants to continue his run and prove that he’s not a fluke of a champion every single time he gets the chance. Rey Mysterio retains the title via a roll up which Booker T can’t believe and shouts to Rey that he isn’t finished with him.)
SummerSlam 2006
Date: 20/8/06
Location: TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
Extreme Rules Match for the Inaugural ECW Championship:
Sabu vs The Sandman vs Tommy Dreamer
(Paul Heyman announces the return of the ECW Championship and says the new ECW Champion will be crowned at SummerSlam involving 3 individuals who are the heart and soul of the brand. Sandman wins the championship in a crazy, bloody and fun opener.)
Women’s Championship:
Mickie James (c) vs Lita
United States Championship:
Finlay (c) vs Chris Benoit
Ric Flair vs Randy Orton
(Randy Orton targets his former Evolution teammate as his next Legend to decimate. Orton says that Ric Flair is nowadays nothing but a dumb, deluded old man with his best days behind him and he’s willing to put him down for good. Flair says Orton just like in Evolution is still a cocky, arrogant little brat who needs to be taught a lesson. Randy Orton wins clean with an RKO.)
Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Kane
D-Generation X vs Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon & The Big Show
(Vince McMahon recruits The Big Show to help him take down DX. Vince says that DX is a disease to him and his company and that Big Show is the key to helping him destroy them. Big Show says that DX can try and make jokes all they want but he, Vince and Shane will be the last ones laughing. DX tell Vince he can hide behind that 500 knucklehead Big Show all they want, when the jokes are put to the side they’ll be kicking their ass and ending this at SummerSlam. DX win after Triple H pins Vince to end the feud between DX & The McMahons.)
Batista vs Bobby Lashley
(Bobby Lashley challenges Batista in order to prove he deserves to be here. Bobby feels challenging the best SmackDown has to offer is his best way to get noticed. Batista accepts Bobby’s challenge but tells him he’ll be introduced to the big leagues the hard way. Batista wins clean although Lashley takes him to the limit which Batista respects to the point he shakes Bobby Lashley’s hand after the match.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Rey Mysterio (c) vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(Booker T challenges Rey Mysterio to face him again at the biggest party of the summer. Rey accepts and claims just like he did to JBL, he’ll beat Booker T again to prove that his win at The Great American Bash wasn’t a fluke. During the match, the referee is unconscious and Chavo Guerrero comes down to the ring in aid of his friend Mysterio. Chavo gets a steel chair and hits… Rey! With one of the hardest chair shots you’ll see and Booker T is utterly stunned. The referee regains consciousness and Booker T covers Rey Mysterio to win the World Heavyweight Championship!)
WWE Championship:
Rob Van Dam (c) vs Edge w/Lita vs John Cena
(Edge says he did what he did at Vengeance because not only does he hate John Cena and doesn’t want him touching the WWE Championship in the slightest but Rob Van Dam also holds the damn thing he wants. Cena says Edge has only delayed the inevitable which is him regaining his spot as the man and he now wants the chance to do it in his hometown meanwhile RVD tells them both that if they want his title, he welcomes the challenge. As a result, a Triple Threat Match is booked. Edge wins the championship by pinning Rob Van Dam after Lita hands him a pair of brass knuckles.)
(Jeff Hardy returns to the WWE the night after SummerSlam although he doesn’t confront Edge.)
(Rob Van Dam and Sabu are suspended for violating the Wellness Policy.)
(Chavo Guerrero costs Rey Mysterio his rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship on the SmackDown after SummerSlam.)
And that’s part 42 over and done with guys! I hope you enjoyed what I brought to the table and of course love the fact I kept The Great Khali so far away from The Undertaker 😂 anyways, I’ll be back on Thursday to cover part 43 where we’ll see Trish Stratus retire, John Cena and Edge take their rival to a new level and at Survivor Series we’ll have Brand Warfare which ends up getting Extreme 👀 stay tuned!
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2023.05.30 22:44 spacemanhector Libido and Job Prospect

Hello, this is a 2 part question with context on my life as an INTJ, according to 16 Personalities and Humanmetrics.
What's y'all libido like? I want to say that I have a relatively high libido and would like to know your insight on it.
Job Prospect:
For context, I currently got a sales associate job at Best Buy and the selling aspect of it feels like it ain't for me. This pressure to keep selling and pitch all this stuff to customers is not settling well with me.
With that being said, what jobs do y'all have? Any recommendations on where to go?
Thank you for your time.
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2023.05.30 22:44 Shitelark Completed a Century in fixed gear 36x11

Last week I was very nervous about doing well in the Ride London 100 miles event 6 months post covid, and posted here about it. Lots of you were supportive and said just go out and enjoy it... Well I did, and it turned out to be eventful.
I was in London for a long weekend so on the Saturday before the sportive I took the train to Dorking to ride up Box Hill with fresh legs. It was on the old London-Surrey course and I had only ever done it with 60 miles of riding in my legs. Suffice to say I did well for myself and moved up some 30,000 places on Strava and got into the top 25%, making over 100PBs (too many segments there.) However on the way back into London I heard a deathly clunk when changing gear. My gear cable had snapped inside the shifter. This is the third time, on this bike over the last 6 years, so it was not unprecedented, but at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the country with internal routing! I was stuck in my smallest ring at the back and limped home.
So in a weird way having done Box Hill I had accomplished something and all pressure was off for Sunday, I could blame the bike, turn around half way or just abandon if things weren't working out, I would go for a ride and see what happened. I tried going into 52x11 on some downhills but the gear was still massive and I dropped the chain and had to stop and manually shift it so wasting more time than it gained me so I ended up riding the whole 100miles in 36x11 gear fixie style.
So I set off and spun my legs and surfed as many drafts as possible. I spun and spun, and coasted downhill when I hit 44kph. I did get left behind by groups when it started to go uphill and there was a few grinds, but mostly the course was flat which is what I needed. Two people, both silver bearded gents spotted what was going on as I grinded up hill then surged forward and asked if it could be repaired. About 40 miles in I knew I was going all the way around, but there was a force stop of 20 minutes for unclear reasons (a police car did pass us, so protesters or pins/tack on the road?) At this point I was on 32.2kph exactly on course for 5h. But then I would have used some of that time for myself and had to stop to pee and stretch my back later on (not enough training!)
It did turn out to be the most fun I've ever had on a sportive, and at one point I turned downhill onto a dual carriageway; hooting out loud (when no one was near,) and said "How are you doing this!"
So in the end I approximate I would have a 5h25m for 100miles after taking off some of the force stop time. Time giggery-pockery doesn't beat my best time from 2019 of 5h07, but a sub 5h ride is possible on this course for me, and given the mechanical issue it was a pretty crazy ride. Thanks all for any positive comments last week.
Original post:
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2023.05.30 22:44 theflavorvortex Which dishes best represent the cuisine of Greece?

Hello Greece! I am doing a cooking challenge where each week, I cook food from a different country. Greece is coming up soon and I would love some help working out which dishes to make. It's not difficult to find Greek dishes since many are popular in other countries too, but I want to try and focus on the dishes you feel best represent your cuisine, rather than only what is popular overseas.
I usually have time to make a few main dishes throughout the week (with any appropriate sides), and I can also make breakfasts and maybe one dessert or sweet snack.
So far, I am interested in making:
I came across lots of other dishes that also sound delicious but I can only do so much in a week. Please let me know what I should add to this list, or if there's something there that I should remove. Links to authentic recipes are welcome too if you have them (it's fine if they are in Greek; Google Translate has worked well for me so far).
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2023.05.30 22:44 Gymfrog007 Decedent’s Bank Account and Line of Credit

I know, I know, I know... seek a lawyer, but trying to save as much money on my friends estate as possible, he barely has enough to cover the cost of the funeral. (I am/was his best friend and executor)
One of his banks he has a checking account, around $1620 in it. He also had a line of credit with the bank where he owes about $13,000. After about 2 weeks of the runaround, finally got the answer from the bank about how much was in the account, and that they used that to help satisfy the Line of Credit.
Can they do that, or does it have to go to the estate first? From what I read, "costs of administering the estate, probate fees, attorney fees, then (he didn't have any) family living with him, the costs of funeral, burial, medical care, the grave marker, claims from Pennsylvania, then ALL other claims.
Question is: Can the bank just take the money, or does it have to go to the estate first?
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