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A sub-reddit for the fans and critics of the show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Discussion of the show, pictures from the show and anything else.

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a new community to discuss anything related to the next top model franchise. memes are encouraged

2023.04.01 12:45 Starindia05 best fan extension rod manufacturer in India

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2023.04.01 12:45 captainpabloXI Space Wolves Meta

So apparently Space Wolves are top meta as we come to the end of 9th.
A mixture of Wulfen and the new Desolaters? Has anyone got example lists? I’m not going to bother buying new models until 10th now but interested to see what a Space Wolves tournament list looks like at the moment?
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2023.04.01 12:43 EgnircBoy Ambiano xxl

Ambiano xxl
So we bought one of these, and in the container there is a marker "max". We put in a whole chicken, with honey on top, and it burned a lil bit. Was it the honey, or next time we shouldn't put in that much, although it wasn't that high up in the container.
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2023.04.01 12:41 GameboyGenius "Top players so far" shows lowest scores, not highest. Bug? (Spoiler for daily challenge)

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2023.04.01 12:40 butchpokorny Talking The Talk vs Walking The Walk - A.K.A It's My Wedding Anniversary Soon 🤷🏻‍♂️

So this was originally a comment / post reply to someone else's post, but it got overlong so I think it merits its own post 🤔
So my (almost 46HLM) wife (43HLF) and I are coming up to our 2nd wedding anniversary in a few weeks. First anniversary was amazing and the sexiest bedroom session I'd had since the wedding night itself. We stayed at a little AirBnb by the seaside, I took her for an expensive dinner (even though I was between jobs at the time and living on redundancy money + her supporting us), then we had some drinks, she got into some super-sexy lingerie and heels (something I hadn't had since the wedding night), and we fucked like rabbits making more noise than the couple in the room next door.
I don't know what we're doing this year. Won’t have kids that week, and we're both working (I've been at my current job for 6 months, she's just managed to land a permanent gig after 3 months outta work and a month contracting), so we could definitely afford to AirBnb again. She's indulged heels a small number of times these last 12 months (after I've repeatedly mentioned / reminded her they're a turn-on) though lingerie only once (and not the two together).
She's VERY good at 'talking the talk' and has great self-awareness when she's sober. She's less great at 'walking the walk' though 😔 She's mentioned last week that she needs to / intends to 'focus more on me' ... then lacked 'follow through'. Tuesday night was ostensibly gonna be "all about me" ... what did we do ? Just drink & watch TV, like we always do when the kids aren't here 🤷🏻‍♂️
She also did the really fucking annoying thing of pointing out a lingerie store when were at the mall last week my daughter and whispering "we should go there together next week when it's just us" and then totally NOT doing that this week. We've not been to a lingerie store together in 2 years ... she just has a fucking knack of pointing 'em out when we're at (non-local) malls with either set of kids. Like great, thanks, just remind me what other HLF wives do for their husbands (she IS HL, no denying that), and what you used to earn big bucks modelling (besides 'regular' and 'high-end' fashion) in your 20's before I knew you, and that I miss out on 🤦‍♂️
I guess I'm just a little bitter / frustrated, can you tell ? 😉 But I'll definitely try to buy her a nice present and write a card full of love and hope. I'm 75% (?) sure she'll make an effort too.
Just wish it wasn't essentially limited to anniversaries, and she DID actually 'focus' more on me, like I consistently do on her. I wish she was better at 'walking the walk', not just 'talking the talk' 🤷🏻‍♂️
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2023.04.01 12:37 Dad1903 DWT149 (April 1st 2023)

DWT149 (April 1st 2023)
Testing testing; check one two – DWT is live once again on Reddit!
Terrific, terrific stuff



  • I - The Wisdom
  • II - The Financials
  • III - The DWT Statistic Collection
  • IV - The Fundamentals
  • V - The Main Event
  • VI - The Reasonings
  • VII - The Epilogue


Welcome back hombres 🙌 - a lengthy wait for the days effort by fuck haha - apologies ✌️. As mused there last week - Dad's Schedule has filled with aplomb... and for sure - it feels good 👊. A wee whiley it's been sure - but Dad can thankfully report that pish is going terrifically and much hope is had for ongoing wonder. Terrific 😎. Maybes it's the experience with patience Dad possesses - Dad has maintained a positivity that shit'll be ok; life'll no let Dad down ultimately... too much terrific to be stifled or whatever shite. Catcalls from cunts to give up... you fucking give up you dullard cunt - Dad certainly doesnae want or need your shite opinions. Such deflective methodology spells out a desperation in a cunt that Dad finds as pathetic as anything; deflective in the nature that there's many many weaknesses in folk who press on with an agenda of cuntery - it's a headscratcher for sure. But here - without these kinds of bellends, the truly wondrous amongst us wouldnae be as obvious. the bigger problem, is that worldwide - the bellends are taking over. So it's with that in that Dad plows on, allowing the bellends to display their bellendery in full colour. Dad may no be making the kind of cash money deemed potential at earlier stages - but at least there's a unremovable sticker placed on the foreheads of several cunts. Now, readers of DWT can save themselves valuable time, by not engaging with those Dad hath exposed as fuckwits. A valuable lesson nestled in there sure: if the obvious goal isnae realised - search deeper for alternative nectarous nuggets and you shall find many 🤙.
All good stuff sure ^ - and without doubt, one of lifes funner pastimes, that being talking with likeminded hombres about the deficiencies of pricks. Just what causes Dad a smidge of disappointment, are those that talk a good game for a bitty, then spoil it all with musings about being a disgusting hateful arsehole in whatever way. Much like Dad experienced as a younger lad - you think maybes a bit of chemistry is going with a nice lassie... next thing you're watching on as a 'mate' decides to accept the offer of the lassies request for a smooch. That sense of feeling abandoned by your own receptors can really dent the confidence... decisiveness can be tainted beyond repair, if not handled humbly. Has Dad been guilty of removing oneself all too quickly? Maybes some would argue aye... but here - Dads content as is; complicating pish by introducing intermittent bouts of nastiness isnae summat that has any intrigue. Which is easy to say if there's a trampline underneath to cushion the blow. Thankfully - Dad has such a provision much the time, the now being a prime example. Took a whiley to iron out - but for sure, now it's here, it's with a touch of knowing... Dad Knows where and when he can assist with pish 👍. And that goes beyond just being great at picking pish up professionally; tyhe reaction of folks that now exist alongside Dad have been tearjerkingly honest about the value Dad has introduced both to the setup and their own lives - laughter they didnae realise they were still capable of producing has found a voice from deep within their soul. Same for Dad sure... forgot almost what it's like to be in an environment chock a fucking block with mirth and whimsy; always that dirty black stain of uncalled for pathetic nastiness infecting the good time. So aye - we've mused at length over several weeks and months about the value of comfort and a state of zen... Dad - tentatively given the length of time passed - has found it 🫶
Great that ^ - the discovery of joy... and right afore the sunnier climes arrive to facilitate basking in warmth. Dad expects the subject of emotion to be on the agenda oft going forth - such is the expectancy that things'll be supportive of such a framework. And yet still there's 'better' to come theoretically - the brevity with which Dad gushes about the experience being had, really sets up a premise whereby Dad could potentially be greeting on a daily basis. Overawed at the wonders being enjoyed, the offers being made... the opportunities created. No only all of this - potential there also, to become a cunt embroiled in music once more... and I tell yous - been a fair old fucking whiley since that was the fucking case. Didnae even have to lift a finger in effort either - the olive branches were extended and Dad took a hungry bite out the leaves. Easy fucking peasy... and the kind of action that fills Dad with that confidence that only such an offer can create. Onrushes of delight coarse through the veins at the very thought of what again may be possible. Artistry is a tough cunt to master, regardless of your preferred outlet. The world is peppered with those who possess the gift to just jump aboard the train and immediately understand what's required... even if sacrificial at times. Dad - for whatever reason - hasnae received the reassurance required to take a proper plunge steeped in dedication. Any hint of such action - egg has adorned the face. Thusly - the desire dwindles. Next thing - decades have gone by without any sign of recovery. That on its own, creates a deep appreciation for the value of chemistry and workability. Rest assured - Dad'll do all he fucking can to take advantage 👍. Fucking terrific 😎



A fucking disaster last week sure... trifling odds for an institution more accustomed to prices way up there in the clouds, yet not a fucking penny gained back. Dads Eyes were wide by fuck - fury teasing to out itself with an energy uncontrollable by mortal man. Fortunately, Dad possesses a skillset that vacuums up the madness and redistributes it as gas (farts and belches). No to say there isnae ill-effects... too much more and we'll be getting prescribed medications - and Dad hasnae any more room in the pillbox - ah no. Reddit Running Total (RRT) currently sits at -£817.95. Ah no.



Welcome to The DWT Statistic Collection 🙌
DWT Statistic #102
April Fools Day the day as we all know probably - and officially our first April Fools DWT. Historically, April has been a loss-maker… but encouragingly, an upward trajectory that will result in profit if the groove remains steady. Terrific.
See you next week, for yet another addition, to The DWT Statistic Collection 👍



I'm not promoting it in the slightest to be put on; it's purely to be completely transparent about where the beans I'm spilling are being pushed towards – this is after all, a Life Experiment: Can a useless old arsehole prosper under strict weekly gambling conditions? Word of warning; prior to this – not really. The sticky clarifies - but just to reiterate - here's the format...DRS20 is Dads Recommended Spend: £20. This is a lot of money granted - and I would encourage absolute apprehension if this sort of money represents life altering for you personally if zero is returned. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to lose £20 in a week; but confess that if I got no return for say, 20 weeks in a row - I would likely be without something I value (a streaming service or summat). I don’t take it lightly. Four bets are placed with this outlay: a £5 Treble (DWT) and three £5 Doubles. Generally if two come up, the bet is covered (up or down £2 or so). As of DWT100 - we here at DWT now splash out an additional 15 bangers on the Singles. Regardless - DRS20 remains. I would NEVER recommend spending yet more on this if you have been a regular DRS20 utiliser... if owt - spend less 👍. My gambling prowess is pretty much a joke; so whilst I advertise, I in no way qualify them as a given. I’m a prick with plenty bollocks to spout is all. This is how I frame it.



So here it is - the one that takes the energy of April Fools Day and tranfers it into an entity that has become accustomed with jokes and ridiculousness:

It's DWT149

DWT REPRESENTATIVE Opponent Kick-Off Time Odds
BRENTFORD 🟡🟢🔴🟢🟡 brighton & hove albion 🟢🟡🟢🟢🔴 15:00 GMT 17/4
NORWICH CITY 🟡🟡🔴🟢🟢 sheffield united 🟢🟢🔴🟢🔴 15:00 GMT 6/4
SHREWSBURY TOWN 🔴🟢🔴🟡🟢 charlton athletic 🟡🟢🟢🟡🔴 15:00 GMT 2/1

38.38/1 we get for this selection – terrific 😎

Over 10’s last week; over 38's this week - back to the choppier waters... and in a strange sort of way, the thrashing of water constant at ones porthole, offers that familiarity that was perhaps no quite as potent there last week. No to say the success has been apparent up in the higher climbs... but you know Dad: if theres a cunt to be made of summat, it's worth doing with fucking aplomb 🙌

DWT149 - The Doubles



BRENTFORD up first then - the miracle that is Ivan Toney, the initial component for inspiring Dad to go with a team who've 'overperformed' for much too long a period to even be called overperforming tbf. 1 defeat in 9 - that being to a resurgent Everton at Goodison - form that tells you they find magic much the time. No to say there isnae owt to be wary of with todays opponents brighton.... 1 defeat in fucking 11 by fuck - hoo mama. But yon speculation over De Zerbi and the Spurs job - or just in general that he'll be on his way to bigger pish soon enough; there's a slip-up awaiting probably. Great price regardless - this weeks Keystone: time to bring home some fucking bacon 🤘
NORWICH CITY the next set of heroes to be gusher over - a win today pretty much essential in terms of keeping the drive towards promotion going. Auto-places seemingly out of reach, given the gap - the mission one to reach the Play-Offs. No more solid a statement than beating the top cunts - and with a home crowd there to help, Dad sees a victory today that'll drive them on towards besting the likes of Blackburn, Millwall and Luton to the fourth spot - on paper the pinnacle of whats possible in the current circumstances. No win in three and only two goals scored... there'll hopefully7 have been an extra layer of determination in practice. Time to roll out the plan of intent 👍
SHREWSBURY TOWN complete the trio - themselves still hunting for the Play-Offs much akin to Norwich afore them... albeit with a chunk more to do afore that seems possible, A game in hand on many above sure - but even at that theres a couple victories required to close the upsettingly wide gap that's appeared. They dinnae lose often sure - the rec ent duo of defeats both away and both to teams above them in the league. A trip for them today alas... but only to Charlton, who havenae won at home in five fucking attempts. Complacency aplenty people - expect our lads to prosper like fuck 🙌



So there we have it – nostalgia, hope and determination all apparent in equal measure. This time we do it right; wind in the sails – and off across the ocean in search of new worlds. A powerful pirate ship hunting high and low for treasures. Raise the fucking flag - the Good Ship DWT is back and ready to provide for its crew. If you play; play safe. DRS20 as always people. Frustration at the amount won, is better than the heartache at the amount lost.
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2023.04.01 12:35 send-it-psychadelic Has anyone else seen the right-wing nazi reactionary sub calling us "our undersub?"

FuckCarscirclejerk is a bunch of pro-suburb trucktards, people who burn oil just for fun. I read through some of their posts. To save you some time, it's basically a bunch of manifestos for ruining the planet and resisting any form of progress or intentionally ruining cities just to spite us.
The mods are oppressive. Their wives have boyfriends, who also have girlfriends. They advocate for mass tire slashing, probably to discredit us. If you comment any kind of serious reasoning, you get downvoted into oblivion. They seem to believe there are cars in Amsterdam. Stupidest shit I've ever seen.
I'm really concerned because Reddit isn't quarantining them even though they regularly post for the complete destruction of all cities in order to replace them with "Dakha" which is some kind of post-apocalyptic social structure where people live in squalor.
If you try to point out the truth about their posts, cue dowvnotes. If you try to make a sane post, you're blocked by the automod for not having comment karma. You try to get comment karma by copy-pasting other upvoted comments and the mods (which are obviously bots) remove your comments and accuse you of being violent.
I'm writing to Reddit support to get this community banned before they mint the next Ted Kaczynski.
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2023.04.01 12:34 hazelx123 Payment plans in the UK , can anyone help give me a full understanding?

I’m in a little bit of debt, really small amount but it keeps going in circles because I’m not earning enough to get on top of it (working on that!)
After chatting to stepchange, they’ve explained I can be on a payment plan for my gas and electric to pay towards the couple of hundred I’m in debt to each - I pay £1 a month to them and it means that I’m showing I’m paying what I can, and they can’t keep chasing me etc although my debt will still accumulate. However I’m just curious how this is long term. With my job role, I expect my wage to double or more in the next two/three years so I can just hopefully pay it all off in one go when that happens and pay normally from then, but in theory, does there get to a point where they say no this isn’t enough?
I also wanted to know when/if there’s an expected time I can change gas and electric suppliers? I moved into my home in November of 2021 and wasn’t able to change from what the previous tenants had because of the energy prices skyrocketing etc. I know they’re all expensive at the moment but I just want them to be from the same supplier and to choose a company with better customer service ha!
Thank you so much for your knowledge in advance, this has all happened since energy and food prices increased by so much so having debt etc is all new to me and I’m just trying to paddle my way through until I get more money!
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2023.04.01 12:33 Mr_Flopsie Trying to use the API for a quiz question generator

Hi all,
I'm trying to use the API(3.5) to create a quiz question generator. However there are some issues that I haven't been able to solve. I'm asking to output the data in json so I can parse it in my application but in doing so the AI seems to be crippled in their ability to generate interesting questions.
This is my initial prompt which includes an example:
You are to generate quiz questions based on JSON input. Before deciding on a question, try to answer the question yourself, to make sure there are no errors in the generated question. Avoid questions about current facts or events. {"Category":"History","Difficulty":"Medium","Type":"Multiple Choice","Options":"4"} {"Question":"When did the second World War start?","Option_A":"1920","Option_B":"1745","Option_C":"1987","Option_D":"1939","Answer":"4"} 
My biggest obstacle is that the AI sometimes produces a question with an answer that is arguable or plain wrong. Is there any way I can do a better fact check on the output? It seems to ignore my request of trying to answer the question themselves.
There is also a lack in originality. For example when prompting for a food related question I only get variants of "What is the main ingredient of X" which it sometimes gets wrong. I got the question "what is the main ingredient of Ceasar salad?" and it said the answer was anchovies. Asking the question to CGPT itself in a separate playground instance and it give the answer Romain Lettuce.
Asking political related questions I only get variations of "who is the current X in country X"
The next logical step would be to try fine tuning the model but I feel like I can push the model like this a bit more if I use better prompts. What do you all think? I also feel like I should be able to use a cheaper model instead of davinci text 3.
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2023.04.01 12:32 algotradinglab Discover the power of automated trading with TSLab! Our course for non-programmers is on sale!

As someone who is interested in trading, I'm sure you're aware of how difficult it can be to consistently make profitable trades. Our course provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop your own algorithmic trading strategies, helping you to stay ahead of the game and make smarter trades.
No programming skills required - our practical approach ensures that you learn by doing, so you can apply your knowledge directly to your trading.
For a limited time, unlock the secrets to profitable trading for only $15 - a steal compared to the original price of $165! ** Use the code below at checkout.


Develop strategies for:
✅ Parabolic SAR, moving average crossover, and Bollinger Bands signals
✅ High/low breakouts and pullback setups
✅ Double top/bottom and head & shoulders patterns
✅ MACD divergence and wedge patterns
✅ Optimization principles and avoiding overfitting
and many others
Check full course curriculum
Take your trading to the next level - ENROLL NOW!

** Note: VAT may apply depending on your country.
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2023.04.01 12:27 LibertyJoel99 What is the concept or brief narrative behind each of Kendrick's albums?

I've heard that Kendrick's albums tell stories and are very complex artistically but after doing some research I'm confused as to what album does what
Am I right in thinking that:
• GKMC tells a story and then tells a different story when played in reverse?
• TPAB tells a story about self growth and also works as a relatable social/political commentary about black america and life in the streets?
• DAMN. tells a story about faith and consequences of disobeying God?
• Mr Morale is a more personal album where he raps about things such as the struggles around being a role model, personal experiences and focusing on himself?
Is the DAMN. story told though the music videos or the album itself and why is the deluxe backwards?
Does Mr Morale have anything further behind it?
Thanks in advance
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2023.04.01 12:26 frogeviiii Is there a way to get this money? I've read online but I'm still quite confused.

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2023.04.01 12:26 DeathorGloryGaming Motor City Mayhem is the largest ITC event in May! Join us on May 26-28 near Detroit, MI at our new venue with attached hotel. 256 player 40k Main Event, 2v2 Doubles, and Singles Sunday Events. One of the best tournament player experiences with top of the line terrain and excellent table spacing.

Looking for your next event after Adepticon? Look no further! MCM is the largest 40k ITC event in May, come join us! MCM is May 26-28 near Detroit, MI. We have a new and improved convention center as our venue, with a discounted room block at the attached Hyatt Hotel.
We have some of the best terrain of any 40k tournament. Our themed GW terrain tables are some the most balanced and best painted sets of any tournament. Additionally, we pair our mats with the terrain to complete the immersion on the table.
In summary, we have some of the most mechanically fair and competitive tables in the tournament scene, while still maintaining our signature themed tables.
MCM is a full con with the following events on offer:
MCM WIP Terrain Link:
Join the Mayhem!
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2023.04.01 12:26 Chmuurkaa_ Top comment decides the next move, legal or not Day 27 Previous move: Blu Engi commits tax fraud causing economic collapse (For the next 3 days I can only use Microsoft Paint), spawning 5 IRS agents on the Red team. Sentry Buster explodes on the microwave tomorrow

Top comment decides the next move, legal or not Day 27 Previous move: Blu Engi commits tax fraud causing economic collapse (For the next 3 days I can only use Microsoft Paint), spawning 5 IRS agents on the Red team. Sentry Buster explodes on the microwave tomorrow submitted by Chmuurkaa_ to tf2shitposterclub [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:26 berrioko First batch of Cultists. These models were a joy to paint, very happy with these, bring on the next 20!

First batch of Cultists. These models were a joy to paint, very happy with these, bring on the next 20! submitted by berrioko to EmperorsChildren [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:25 AutoModerator [Get] Matt Clark – Amazing Selling Machine 2023​​

[Get] Matt Clark – Amazing Selling Machine 2023​​
Download course here:
[Get] Matt Clark – Amazing Selling Machine 2023​​

What do You get in Amazing Selling Machine 2023?

WELCOME MODULE: The 7 Principles of Success

  • Discover the winner’s mindset and how to turn your side hustle into a million-dollar business on Amazon.
  • What to do in the face of adversity and how to overcome it
  • Your 12-month strategy for increasing monthly sales from $1,000 to $10,000.

MODULE 1: Find Your First Product

  • Find high-profit products with little competition, low startup costs, and low order minimums.
  • Discover products that match your interests and budget using a game-changing tool called Zoof.
  • How to spot trustworthy suppliers and order your first product sample

MODULE 2: Set Up Your Business

  • Set up your Seller Central account so you can transact on Amazon
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  • “Do I require an LLC? “How much tax will I have to pay?” – Determine what you must have in place now and what can wait until you expand the business later.

MODULE 3: Order Inventory and Create Your Brand

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MODULE 4: Build Your Brand Assets

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MODULE 8: Scale Your Sales

  • Use a proven strategy to relaunch your product if you run out of inventory or lose ranking.
  • How to manage your cash flow when making critical decisions like buying your next batch of inventory or ads
  • The Raving Fan Customer Service System will have buyers lined up when you launch a product variation or a new product altogether.
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2023.04.01 12:23 MackerelInTomato When scraping content from a website, it seems like '&' in the URL is ignored

I have setup a web scraper, and I am now trying to add support for pagination. The URL changes as expected when going to the next page, and a '&page=X' is added to the URL, X being the page number.
When there is no more pages, increasing the page number in the URL does not result in a 404. Instead a new

tag is added with a certain text, and this is the text I am going to use to determine that the function can stop.
However, when I pass the URL with the '&page=X' (using (requests_html) HTMLSession) it returns the content of the first page as if I didn't even pass the &page=x property, which I guess means that HTMLSession either ignores everything after & or there is something else going on which I don't understand.
I tried the example from the documentation but it didn't work the same way. It only returned one result.

r = session.get('') for html in r.html: print(html)     

(PS! Its not reddit I am trying to scrape).
URL: and pages are added with &page=X after
Can anyone help me out? I am using fake_useragent to generate a random header.

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2023.04.01 12:22 MackerelInTomato When scraping content from a website, it seems like '&' in the URL is ignored

I have setup a web scraper, and I am now trying to add support for pagination. The URL changes as expected when going to the next page, and a '&page=X' is added to the URL, X being the page number.
When there is no more pages, increasing the page number in the URL does not result in a 404. Instead a new

tag is added with a certain text, and this is the text I am going to use to determine that the function can stop.
However, when I pass the URL with the '&page=X' (using (requests_html) HTMLSession) it returns the content of the first page as if I didn't even pass the &page=x property, which I guess means that HTMLSession either ignores everything after & or there is something else going on which I don't understand.
I tried the example from the documentation but it didn't work the same way. It only returned one result.

r = session.get('') for html in r.html: print(html)     

(PS! Its not reddit I am trying to scrape).
URL: and pages are added with &page=X after
Can anyone help me out? I am using fake_useragent to generate a random header.

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2023.04.01 12:15 CatWatt April 1st Special Days - Featuring April Fool's Freebies!

April 1st Special Days - Featuring April Fool's Freebies!

April 1st is... April Fools Day/All Fools' Day
-- April Fool's Day started in Europe, a celebration of the Norse God Loki. People celebrated Loki around the time of April to celebrate new beginnings and changes. This was a way of honoring the necessity and growth achieved through change. They also believed tricking others and playing pranks would fool evil spirits to prevent them from interfering with the many fertility rituals being conducted at the time. April Fool's Day is usually marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, enemies, and neighbors, or sending them on fools' errands, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible.

Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities, and Crafts:

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From: Frugal Freebies: April 1st Special Days - Featuring 50+ April Fool's Freebies! (
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2023.04.01 12:14 Mammoth-Thought-8837 I'm struggling with a friendship, request input

Eh this whole post may be tl:dr, but it's helping me collect my thoughts.
I'm fairly isolated and don't have many friends. I lack confidence when it comes to my ability to connect with other people. One of my closest friends is also a roommate, we've known each other for many years. I struggle with feeling like I annoy him and being unsure if he actually wants to hang out with me. Our friendship feels one sided to me, in the sense that I am the only one who ever initiates contact or us hanging out. He never contacts me first, or asks me to do anything with him. He is very monotone and tends to just go with the flow, participating with stuff that's presented to him. I have a hard time reading whether he is interested in something, or just being passive and agreeable. He tends to respond to things in an aloof way, and never directly turns anything down. It makes me feel really insecure about spending time with him. However I also know that he struggles with depression and isn't the type of person to take initiative with any of the people in his life, so I don't think it's personal and that's why I keep going. This isn't new. I know that our friendship is based on me reaching out to him. But lately it's been really bothering me.
Anyway I am dog sitting right now, I know that he's been feeling depressed lately and he really likes dogs, so I invited him to join us on a walk hoping it would cheer him up. I first asked him if he wanted to go on a dog adventure at the end of the week a couple of days ago and I think he sounded interested. I texted him in the early evening and later called him in case he hadn't noticed my text. He said over the phone that he just needed to get his laundry in the drier and he would come come over in a half hour. It took him an hour and a half to show up, and waiting on him made me feel pretty restless and annoyed. I guess he was late because he wanted to get some stuff done before coming over. But if he wanted to hang out, why would he leave his laundry and personal chores until tonight and choose to do them right then? It's not like there's a hard deadline for any of those tasks. Am I just being too sensitive in being bothered by this? Am I making too many assumptions? Assuming he was interested in hanging out with me and then assuming he wasn't interested because he showed up so late? I asked him if he actually wanted to hang out or just came because I pressured him into it. I complained about our friendship being one sided and that he never asks me to do stuff with him. This sparked an argument with him leaving.
He basically said it was an aggressive and unfriendly question, and that the one time he did try to initiate contact with me I was hostile. This was a couple weeks back when I was having a really rough time mental health wise. I'm having a really rough time of things, with the death of some relatives and my own debilitating health problem. When my mental health gets bad I tend to shut down and have a hard time communicating with people. This time it got so bad that I couldn't even talk. I ended up avoiding everyone. Which I get can seem really rude and be unpleasant to be around. I feel bad about that and I wish I had some better coping mechanisms. In the past when I've struggled with my mental health around my roommate/old friend he's gotten upset because he thinks my mood is because of him. He wants to have a big deep discussion to resolve the issue. I find this stressful. I wish I could have a bad day or a bad week to myself without it being about him. Anyway a couple weeks ago when I was in a bad state and not socializing with him like usual, he asked if I was okay. I was very not okay but was having a hard time speaking. I think I said something along the lines that I'm doing poorly, but it's just something I'm going through and not anything that has to do with him. I also asked him if I need to alert him every time I'm struggling so that he doesn't think it's a conflict between us. I was feeling annoyed at the time because I didn't feel up to talking and the only way he handles those kinds of situations is through having a deep discussion. I was bothered by the idea of having to participate in a talk to listen to how my feelings are making him feel and convince him that I don't have a problem with him. So I ended up coming across as really stand-offish and also avoiding him for the rest of the week. I eventually started to be able to communicate again and get back to having normal interactions. However it bothers him to let things return to normal without discussing it, while these big discussions stress me out.
I get that he's not okay with being treated that way and that it's important to him to be able to confront people when he feels hurt or disrespected. It's wrong for me to make my friend feel so poorly for just trying to check up on me, but I wish I could have a bad day or a bad week without it having to be such a big deal. If anything comes out that he doesn't like he will memorize it and quote it back to me at a later time, to reiterate how much it bothered him. I may say something in the heat of the moment that comes out wrong, that I don't actually agree with, and it feels really awful. He is always able to stay well composed and well spoken. I'm not saying it's okay to say aggressive things to my friend or make him feel bad, but is it not human to loose your temper on occasion? It's something that happens rarely. It feels like he won't give me any leeway to be flawed with communication in a bad moment. I try hard to be a good friend to him. I don't think I'm mean spirited or aggressive as a whole, but he makes me feel pretty bad about myself. I don't know if I'm a bad friend. Are we incompatible as friends? We normally do great as housemates, but I'm not sure if I want to continue next year because I don't feel safe having a full range of emotions in proximity of him and I feel like we make each other's insecurities worse.
The negative interaction we had with the dog walking thing seems like such a small thing. It seems dumb putting this much thought into such a short interaction and such a brief micro conflict. I know my friend probably felt spurred into getting chores done because the idea of doing something fun motivated him after feeling too down to get much done these past few days, and he probably lost track of time or didn't think it would bother me how late he showed up. He probably feels hurt that I would get so frustrated with him when he needs a friend. He probably feels disrespected that I discounted his ability to turn me down and implied that he's only spending time with me because I make him. Thinking of him like that takes away his agency. I know I could have handled my frustration in a less aggressive way and found a nicer way to communicate my feelings. I could have started by asking why he was so late, rather then letting my insecurities tell me that he's late because he doesn't feel like coming and just didn't want to turn me down. I could have calmly told him how his actions made me feel, rather then venting my feelings on him. I could have just focused on tonight, rather then connecting it to a pattern of our overall friendship. I know that's how he's going to take the interaction and he's going to walk to talk about it when I get home.
I'm dreading going home. I know it's going to be awkward. I know he's going to want to have a discussion about this and things can't go back to normal until we do. I know that I am going to shut down and feel a strong urge to avoid him for days, and he won't let this go. I know that I'm not going to be able to effectively talk with him and he's going to take what ever comes out to heart in a bad way. Anything I say has the capacity to hurt him and he seems to get emotionally wounded very deeply very easily. I hate that. I don't want to cause him emotional pain. I feel like he's holding every negative interaction from all his past experiences with people against me, on top of what ever I may do wrong. I'm not sure if he thinks I'm a bad person or a bad friend, and it makes me feel bad. He won't give me the benefit of the doubt and move on, and perhaps I am doing the same to him.
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2023.04.01 12:12 LiteraryLizard8_ Tricycle

The school bell rang, and Damien left with George to the bakery down the road to buy two coconut strawberry cakes, they found Lucy there, buying a Pepsi and chicken vegetable pie, “thank you” she said, moving to leave the shop, giving Damien a deep sideways look tainted with love, “wait” he said, “what,” “we are going into the woods after this,” it was 5.33pm, he and George had left school late after staying back in the library to finish their biology homework for the week, “sure,” she said, one black pant covered leg crossed over the other above cute AF1s with ruffle socks, twirling side to side, they left with the cakes, and walked through the train station to a secret entry on the other side through a small gap in trees down into a wide drainage system protected from sight by trees and apartment buildings, running through a large, graffiti littered pipe they existed the other side and jumped over rocks in a stream to a thick patch of trees and out into the woods, Lucy found her tricycle behind a thick moss-covered log, “when are you going to learn how to ride the bike without those training wheels,” “when you die,” she swung her leg over the bike and pushed it off through the trees, Damien and George in tow, Damien on the bike he left behind the same log, Damien on foot, the other two were soon far ahead of him, “I have to go guys,” George said, “ok, see you tomorrow” Damien said, he watched George’s form fade into the darkness and shifted his attention back to Lucy, she gave him a seductive smile, and pushed onward, she was the baddest girl in their sister school, wing eye-lined green eyes, dark hair falling off her perfectly symmetrical head in curls.
The moon was now full, just below the majority of bottom branches, bright orange eyes peeking out of halloween lanterns, and green light flickering from candles through green-stained hexagonal metal-glass containers hung on branches throughout the woods, casting a green-orange hue through the woods, Lucy’s tricycle squeaked through the night, Damien behind her on his two-wheeled bike, “I like your ass” he said, observing the soft expanse of her ass going up to a thin waist beneath the short black shirt she took out of her bag, she slowed down on her bike, pulling over next to a large tree, “oh yeah” “you wanna see it” “yeah” he said, blushing, she pulled the sides of her pants down, and stepped out of them, leaving an hourglass in a short black shirt and AF1s with ruffle socks alone with him in the dark woods, she walked to him and dragging her hands down his arms, putting his hands on her waist, she moved up to kiss him, he put one hand behind her neck, pulling at a chunk of the skin on the back of her waist with the other, ecstasy beginning to flow heavily through his body, a crack of twigs sounded behind her, she gasped and looked behind, his hands still connected to her, a pair of neutral appearing solid-orange circular eyes grew through the night toward them, they shifted through space up to them, a pair of sharp white teeth streaked with dark purple-black veins slowly coming out of its black face, a sharp black hand nearly imperceptible against the night reaching out and wrapping around her head, slamming it against the tree at a nearly imperceptible speed, leaving a bloody-bony splatter on the tree, and a body from the neck down on the ground.
The demon levitated backwards, “run” it said, Damien’s eyes widened in fear, turning to run directly away, he sprinted between trees with the demon shifting through space behind him, orange eye the only hint of its existence, each shift sending a cold wave of anxiety through him, a large dilapidated, wooden house came into view ahead, hope filled his eyes, he ran up the stairs, slamming his shoulder into the door, knocking it over and stumbling through into the house, he saw a door at the back and ran toward it, seeing a hallway to the right and a kitchen to the left he threw his bag into the kitchen and began to creep through the hallway on the right, going through an open door into a bedroom, he threw himself beneath the large ruffled blanket on the bed, next to a large teddy bear, lying flat, he heard a shift of wind near the door, and felt a darkness fall over the room, animalistic breathing sounded from the demon, Damien opened his eyes and saw two orange circles come over him, horrid breath seeping through the blanket, it took all his mental effort not to move, the eyes shifted up slightly and a sharp pain stung the bottom of his chin and top of his head.
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2023.04.01 12:05 Lesterjournalist Former President Trump Should Appear in the Court Next Week

Former President Trump Should Appear in the Court Next Week

“The President won’t be placed in cuffs” isn’t a previous sentence we’d heard in America.
Nor have we seen an ex-President need to confess or be not-blameworthy in that frame of mind as he will on Tuesday.
It will be a display that could assist with deciding the result of the following political decision, and inhale new intensity into America’s political divisions.

Trump Should Appear in the Court

Donald Trump has turned into the main previous U.S. president to be accused of wrongdoing, the finish of a political ascent characterized by extraordinary outrage.
After Donald Trump turned into the very first US president to confront a crook accusation over supposed installments made to Blustery Daniels to quiet cases of a sexual experience, the pornography entertainer on Friday responded to the prosecution.
The vote of a Manhattan excellent jury to prosecute the conservative previous president on charges connected with quiet cash installments made for his benefit during his 2016 official mission slings the now-competitor Trump into another time of lawful gamble and confounds his endeavors to get back to the White House.
Taking to Twitter, Daniels offered thanks to her ‘allies’ and added that she would have rather not ‘spill her champagne’, showing that she had been observing Trump’s prosecution.
  • She likewise uncovered that the news had prompted a rush popular for her product and signature.
  • The previous US president likewise called it a ‘politically persuaded witch chase’ to obliterate his ‘Make America Extraordinary Again’ crusade.
  • Trump presently faces dangers to his opportunity following quite a while of legitimate examinations that have never brought about serious results.
The Manhattan head prosecutor’s office said Thursday that investigators had contacted Trump’s legal advisors to set up for him to give up, which could happen right on time one week from now.
Trump is supposed to show up at the examiner’s office to be handled, fingerprinted, and have a mug shot taken. He is likewise expected to show up in court when an appointed authority would list the charges and Best would enter a supplication.
Nevertheless, Trump has dismissed every one of the allegations and named it ‘Political Mistreatment and Political race Impedance’ in a proclamation delivered after the prosecution’s declaration by a Manhattan fantastic jury.
He should fight with a crook case while running again for the White House, removing time and consideration from the battlefield — however, neither the case nor a conviction would block him from looking for or winning the administration in 2024.
The arraignment comes as he is confronting a few different examinations that could prompt legitimate issues for the previous president.
Those forthcoming cases, alongside a common preliminary that is planned to begin in New York one month from now over a reporter’s case that Trump assaulted her during the 1990s, add to a steadily developing haze of embarrassments encompassing him.
Learn more:
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