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2011.01.11 18:08 pksage reddit: pixelated bead art

A place for pixel art made from fuse beads.

2013.01.18 01:04 CrypticFalcon Share all your Perler artwork here!

A place to post all perler, hama, or bead creations. Programs can also go here, as well as tips or tricks in helping your fellow creators.

2019.06.30 09:37 sadnuggetofchicken Pixel Art Templates

Here is where you can dump pixel art templates that you have made, or ones that you have found around the web. Make sure to provide credit when needed! You can use templates to make perler bead patterns and Minecraft pixel art. Have fun!

2023.06.06 03:54 kateKujo New to fuse beads - a couple of questions

Good evening! I've been a lurker for awhile now since I got into beads back in late 2022. I've made a few designs since then but I have a couple of questions.
First, any suggestions for what to do with leftover off brand beads? I received a starter kit for Christmas with off brand fuse beads. I'm working on using up what I have for the off brand beads before I move on to Perler brand beads and I'm not sure what to do with the off brand leftovers I will likely end up with.
I don't want to just throw them out and I've read that it's better not to mix brands because of the different melting points but I'm not exactly sure what to do with leftovers. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
My second question is on a possible purchase. I've been looking at the Cricut EasyPress 2 for melting since it's on sale. I really dislike ironing pieces and I struggle to get an even melt; from what I've seen, the EasyPress would make it much fastesimpler to do so.
It's on sale right now for $129 plus I have a $20 gift card I could use toward it. Is it worth it at the current price / for doing fuse beads in general?
Thank you for any help! The community has been a delight to view in the time I've spent lurking and I appreciate all the advice I have seen and been able to use myself.
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2023.06.05 20:07 AutomaticSir411 Mikey and Raph made from Perler Beads. My favorite turtles. If anyone knows where I can get the other turtles let me know

Mikey and Raph made from Perler Beads. My favorite turtles. If anyone knows where I can get the other turtles let me know submitted by AutomaticSir411 to TMNT [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 11:29 Electrical_Skirt_117 Perler Ideas?

Perler Ideas?
I’ve been making some perler keychains to leave/trade/give away! What would you dig finding in the forest?? Different themes for the mushrooms? These are some of what I’ve made so far.
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2023.06.05 03:34 Dr_Wagerstein Spreading our love for Perler Beads around the neighborhood with some special Where’s Waldo designs

Spreading our love for Perler Beads around the neighborhood with some special Where’s Waldo designs
My sons and I are hiding these around where we live, it’s been a fun project for us. 😊
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2023.06.05 01:58 badatbuttons I'm playing all* the Pikmin-Like games this week!

I'm playing all* the Pikmin-Like games this week!
\Except Pikmin 1 which was just played a month ago, but Pikmin 1 will sub in if other games don't work (looking at you, Sacrifice)*
Hi! I don't post much in general, but I love lurking in this sub and actually have a WR in Pikmin 3 Deluxe Speedruns (Olimar's Comeback Co-Op). I am so excited for Pikmin 4 and wanted to test out all the Pikmin-Like games which is possible since it's such a small genre.
I'll be playing the games in a random order for 2 hours a piece (so 2 games a day). If I want to keep playing after 2 hours, it will go into my game queue and we'll circle back around to it. Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Wild at Heart, and Tinykin are not eligible for the game queue because they've already been played on stream.
If you want to see a sample of all the genre has to offer, come hang out! Chill vibes and lurkers are welcome. Link for my twitch channel is in my bio (and username is the same as here).
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2023.06.04 22:47 FrogJitsu Perler bead art made by my 11 y.o. daughter.

Perler bead art made by my 11 y.o. daughter.
Go Bills!
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2023.06.04 22:38 V3L3ZRA Starting

I'm trying to get in to Making perler designed and i was wondering if i should use 2.5 mm or 5 mm bead
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2023.06.04 15:32 Ematio Yurmi riding a secretary bird! (Perler beads)

Yurmi riding a secretary bird! (Perler beads)
Gonna do a 4x resolution one next time.
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2023.06.04 03:36 Zestyclose_Tour_2957 some bingos i made with perler beads !

some bingos i made with perler beads ! submitted by Zestyclose_Tour_2957 to bluey [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 19:45 trickassbitchtf Advice on how to connect

Advice on how to connect
I make perler bead flowers, and I want to connect them to make a choker or something. I’m not sure how I can do this, or what clasps to use, etc. I know very little about jewelry making but I do think they’d make cute necklaces. Any advice would be appreciated ! :)
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2023.06.03 17:46 Maybeatordsimp Gen loss perler bead I did

Gen loss perler bead I did submitted by Maybeatordsimp to Ranboo [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 09:47 dotheneedful99 Checklist

Checklist of Hidden Preferences

Double Penetration
Slave Fantasy
Golden Showers
Bondage (rope)
Bondage (harness)
Bondage (apparatus - table / chair / cross)
Group Sex
Exhibitionism (being watched)
Anal Sex
Dirty Talk (specific trigger words - slut/whore/explicit acts described in detail)
Cum Play (facials / Ahegao)
Escort Fantasy
Mutual Masturbation
Nipple Play
Anal Play (Beads / plugs / licking the anus / having your anus licked)
Gang Bang (3+ partners at once)
Being recorded
Consentual Non-Consent (rape fantasy)
Ball Gag
Glory Hole
Fuck Toy fantasy
Big Cock
Fake Tits
Tape in an X over nipples
Edging / Orgasm Control
Threesome (FFM or MMF or both)
Oral Sex
Anonymous Sex
Bimbo Fantasy
Daddy Play
Visual Stimulus (Porn / Slideshow)
Being Held
Role Play
Voyeurism (watching others)
Hoisery (lingere / tights / thigh high nylons / pantyhose)
Aurilism (Moaning / ASMR stimulation)
Stimulants - cocaine / alcohol / thc / MDMA / Mushrooms
Wax Play
Tan Lines
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2023.06.03 08:59 pinkylem i made a perler bead eddy !!

i made a perler bead eddy !!
i messed this up when i was first going to iron it by literally hitting it against my iron 😭 i fixed it though, and im really proud!
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2023.06.03 08:47 freddyfan1235 I made a downscaled P-rank pose for a perler bead creation, and decided to just make the full P-rank screen! (some things might be off cuz this is my first attempt at making pixel art)

I made a downscaled P-rank pose for a perler bead creation, and decided to just make the full P-rank screen! (some things might be off cuz this is my first attempt at making pixel art) submitted by freddyfan1235 to PizzaTower [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 07:07 Kira-tempest Looking for a pattern for hellvua boss and hazbin hotel perler bead patterns

Hello could any please help me with trying to figure out a pattern for which ever characters from hellvua boss and hazbin hotel help will be very much appreciated
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2023.06.01 21:48 Psfanboy79 Octopath Traveler 2 custom perler bead sprite commision for a sub member

Octopath Traveler 2 custom perler bead sprite commision for a sub member submitted by Psfanboy79 to octopathtraveler [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 02:02 hotsoupmike Troy and Abed in perler bead foooorrm 🎶

Troy and Abed in perler bead foooorrm 🎶 submitted by hotsoupmike to community [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:08 lukatato Meridell perler beads 💙❤️

Meridell perler beads 💙❤️
I was planning to make little bead sprites of all the Altador cup team logos buuuut...some are way too detailed lol. I'll start with Meridell and see how far I get!
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2023.05.31 23:19 Zestyclose_Tour_2957 Muffin flower made with perler beads!

Muffin flower made with perler beads! submitted by Zestyclose_Tour_2957 to bluey [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:23 k819799amvrhtcom Self-Imposed Videogame Challenge: Trans Ally Edition!

TL;DR (spoilers): You, and anyone who wants to try the challenge with you if it's a multiplayer game, are a trans ally, and your job is to collect $25,000 or the equivalent thereof in in-game money (rounded up to the next smallest divisible part) for your transgender friend's transition in less than 31 in-game years. Everything is allowed. You do not have to finish the game.
Want a new and interesting way to play your favorite videogame? I got one with a transgender theme that is interesting, challenging, easy to implement, and compatible with almost any videogame, so it's a Mario challenge, a Pokémon challenge, a Minecraft challenge, and so on and so forth, all at the same time!

The Plot

You, and anyone who wants to try the challenge with you if it's a multiplayer game, are a trans ally, and your job is to collect money to pay for your transgender friend's transition. You win by acquiring enough in-game money. You are allowed to consult the internet, use passwords from the internet, commit in-game crimes, purchase microtransactions, abuse glitches, use cheat codes, and even hack the game to reach your goal, but is it really worth the effort? You are kinda expected to use the easiest way to win the challenge that you know of.

The Rules

Rule #1: You have to get the money you need for a transition. In order to make the challenge less boring for you, I did the research for you and came to the result of $25,000. However, this value might change if you try out this challenge in the far future, meaning that this challenge technically changes depending on when you attempt it. The value is expected to rise even further with inflation, or perhaps it might be reduced with the invention of more efficient surgery techniques. If the USA ever starts getting the universal healthcare system or a societal breakdown makes these surgeries impossible, this challenge will refer to the cost of the legal name & gender change, instead. And if that also ever becomes free then just choose a different country where it isn't free yet. But this is not going to change anytime soon (When do you think this challenge will become obsolete?) so, for now, you just have to remember to collect $25,000 in in-game money. This applies to every game that uses $ for in-game money. If the game uses £ or ¥ or € or any other real-world value, you'll have to convert it. Here's an online tool for converting currencies, which also supports various cryptocurrencies and custom rate dates. If the maximum amount of in-game money you can hold at once is less then the challenge is simply impossible. This only applies to non-videogame currencies.
Rule #2: If the in-game currency is fictional then you'll have to convert it (rounded up to the next smallest divisible part). It's easy if you can buy in-game money with real money, even if that feature doesn't work because of a glitch or something. Otherwise, you'll have to do some research. If you can't find any direct information on the internet, I would suggest starting here to get a basic idea on how to calculate that. If there are multiple in-game currencies you are allowed to split the price of the transition among them in any way you want, provided you know the value of all of them. If there is no in-game currency then you are allowed to use points instead. If the game doesn't have points either then you can try to invent a substitute currency but it has to be something that would actually work as a substitute currency in the world you're in. If that's not possible either then the only way for you to win this challenge is to raise real money by doing a let's play of the game. But then you'll have to actually pay for a real trans person's transition (yourself included) or donate the money to transgender-related causes to actually win the challenge. Here's a website that lets you donate for transgender causes. If the amount of in-game money you can hold at once is less or you were unable to find out how much you need then you are also allowed to simply collect the maximum possible amount instead because games will never ask you for more money than you can hold for a single product, meaning that this would have to be the in-game prize of a transition, as transitions are always for only a single person. This only applies to videogame currencies.
Rule #3: You do not need to finish the game. All you need to do to win this challenge is to get the money somehow. Please keep in mind that the exchange rate isn't constant. The exact amount you need to win the challenge has to be enough in the moment when you have the amount. You automatically win the challenge the moment this is the case.
Rule #4: You need to get the money in less than 31 in-game years. This number was calculated by subtracting the age at which children begin to have an innate sense of their own gender (4 years) from the average lifespan of a trans person (35 years). If the game has time-travelling elements, you are allowed to use those to extend the time limit. However, it only counts if this actually involves time itself and not just the timer. The same also goes the other way around: Travelling into the future or even moving in relativistic speeds will decrease the time limit. If the time limit runs out, I hope you have a way to return back to the past later!
Rule #5: If you can choose between multiple difficulty settings, you are allowed to choose the easiest one. In fact, you are expected to. Trans people are already on hard mode and the idea of being an ally is to specifically use the possibilities given to you to help those with fewer possibilities than you. If you have the option to select an easier difficulty setting which would make it easier for you to win this challenge, use it. Even if you're already used to playing on a higher difficulty mode. Not doing so would be considered bad strategy on your part. You are allowed to choose a higher difficulty setting, but please only do so if this actually gives you some advantages, like more rewards, more levels, or faster gameplay. This challenge gives you no bonus points for selecting a higher difficulty setting.
Rule #6: Emulation, and all tricks that come with it, are explicitly allowed. Doing so might be against the law but it is explicitly not against the rules of this challenge. The reason for this is because being transgender has been illegal for a long time and still is in many states, forcing many people to break the law in order to live their lives. The police have historically targeted trans and gender non-conforming folks. Stonewall was a riot against police brutality. I am not advocating for doing anything illegal. I am, however, saying that you should never use the law to argue for the morality of anything trans-related, as doing so would be disrespectful towards a huge part of transgender history. Therefore, this rule will remain in effect even if being transgender ever becomes legal worldwide.
In order to make the challenge even less boring for you, I have started researching loads of fictional currencies and how much money you would have to collect there for this challenge so you don't have to.
A Song of Ice and Fire - 19 Gold Dragons and 1 Copper Star or 39 Hands
Albion Online - 4,752,500 Gold
Among Us - 250,000 Stars
Animal Crossing - 2,625,000 Bells
Animal Jam - 69,833 Diamonds
Animal Jam - 2,688,173 Sapphires
Apex Legends - 2,500,000 Apex Coins
Arcaea - 2,550,000 Memories
Archage Unchained - 125,000,000 Coins
Arknights - 30,000 Originium
Ashes of Creation - 3,376,000 Embers
Astroneer - 2,500,000 QBits
Avatar - 166,666.67 Yuan
Azur Lane - 1,531,440 Gems
Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning - 2,500,000 You Thought Points
Banjo-Kazooie - 900 Musical Notes
BattleTech - 2,500 C-Bills
Be Funny Now! - 2,625,000 Gems
Bioshock Infinite - 715 Silver Eagles
Bloons Monkey City - 1,250,000 Bloonstones
Bloons TD Battles - 625,000 Medallions
Bloons TD Battles 2 - 13,000,000 Monkey Money
Bloons Tower Defense 5 - 19,318,182 Monkey Money
Bloons Tower Defense 5 - 150,000 Tokens
Bloons Tower Defense 6 - 17,500,000 Monkey Money
Boomlings - 93,750,000 Gold
Brawl Stars - 425,000 Gems
Call of Duty - 2,500,000 Points
Candy Crush Saga - 250,000 Gold Bars
Change - finish the game
Chronicles of Riddick - 150,000 UD
Clash of Clans - 2,500,000 Gems
Clash Royale - 2,500,000 Gems
Cookie Clicker - 300,000 Cookies
Cookie Run Kingdom - 2,500,000 Crystals
Cowboy Bebop - 13,461,539 Woolongs
Cyberpunk - 11,208,707,759 Eurodollars
Dead by Daylight - 2,500,000 Auric Cells
Demolition Man - 25 Credits
DemonCrawl - 3,125,000 Tokens
Destiny 2 - 2,500,000 Silver
Disco Zoo - 375,000 DiscoBux
Discworld - 150.00 Ankh-Morpork Dollar or 40,000 Crowns
Disney Ducks Comic Universe
Volcano Valley - 2,500,000,000 Volcanovian Pezozies
Donald Duck - 1,250 Bajillion Pecos
Diablo Immortal - 1,800,180 Eternal Orbs
Disney Emoji Blitz - 219,298,000 Coins or 1,315,780 Gems
Doctor Who - 784,094 Credits
Donkey Kong - 999 Banana Coins
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom - 83,334 Whuffie
Dragon Mania Legends - 28,470,070,000 Gold or 950,060 Gems
Dragonball Z - 50,000 Zeni
DragonVale - 500 Trunks, 1 Bag, and 1 Pile
Dune - 15,254 Solari
Dungeons and Dragons - 198 Platinum Pieces, 4 Gold Pieces, 1 Silver Piece, and 3 Copper Pieces
Dys4ia - finish the game
Egg Inc. - 17,000,000 Golden Eggs
Elite Dangerous - 31,250,000 ARX
Exoracer - 400,000 Diamonds
Fallen London - 140,000 Fate
Fallout - 1,605 Bottle Caps
Fate/Grand Order - 42,709 Saint Quartz
Felix the Cat - 12,500,000,000,000 Bakshee
Final Fantasy VII - 1,366,121 Gil
Fishing Planet - 194,159,000 Credits or 1,941,590 Baitcoins
Fortnite - 3,125,000 V-Bucks
Gaia Online - 2,500,000 Gaia Cash or 125,000,000,000,000 Gold or 12,500,000 Platinum or 125,000 Flynn's Booties
Game of Thrones - 25 Gold Dragons
Genshin Impact - 1,500,000 Genesis Crystals
Going Under - 10,000,000,000 Styxcoin
Gorilla Tag - 5,000,000 Shiny Rocks
Growtopia - 875,000,000 Gems
Guardians of the Galaxy - 10,715 Units
Guild Wars 2 - 2,000,000 Gems
GURPS - 140,108,846 Gold, 19 Silver, and 13 Copper
Halo - 57,073.82 Credits
Harry Potter - 3,401 Galleons, 6 Sickles, and 4 Knuts
Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage - 2,916,667 Crystals
High Frontier 4 All - 1 Aqua
HoboWars - 25,000 Points
Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh - 50,283,334 Gleeblos
Honkai: Star Rail - 1,620,180 Stellar Jades or 1,620,180 Oneiric Shards
Hunter × Hunter - 2,916,667 Jenny
Hypixel - 3,375,000 SkyBlock Gems or 2,500,000 Gold or 31,250 Loot Chests
In Time - 3.259 average Gregorian years
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - 2,625,000 Vals
Jacksfilms - 138,889 YIAY Tokens
Jetpack Joyride - 250,000,000 Coins
Juego de Tronos - 8,966,966 Gold, 43 Silver, and 1 Copper
Kamen Rider Build - 25,000 Dollark
Keeper of the Lost Cities - 1 Luster
Kingdom Hearts - 18,797 Munny
Kingdom of Loathing - 2,500 Mr. Accessories
Kirby series - 3,125,600 Gem Apples
League of Legends - 3,250,000 Riot Points
LEGO series - 32 Studs
Limbus Company - 1,750,000 Lunacy
Lord of the Rings Online - 2,875,600 LOTRO Points or 359,425 Mithril Coins
Magikarp Jump - 1,250,000 Diamonds
Mario series
exact price - 277,778 Mushroom Coins or 277,778 Koopabits
Dr. Mario World - 277,778 Mushroom Coins or 375,000 Diamonds
Super Mario 3D World - 👑👑👑 Lives and 99 Mushroom Coins
3D Mario games - 99 Lives and 49 Mushroom Coins
2D Mario games - 99 Lives and 99 Mushroom Coins
Super Mario Odyssey - 9,999 Mushroom Coins
Super Mario Land 2 - 999 Mushroom Coins
Bowser's Fury - 99 Mushroom Coins
Mario & Luigi: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - play until the part where you win the bet against Prince Peasley
Mario Kart Tour - 37,500 Rubies
Mass Effect - 156250 Credits
Merge Dragons - 625,000 Dragon Gems
Minecraft - 64 Emeralds
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition - 4,250,000 Minecoins
Monster Hunter - 2,625,000 Zeni
Monster Legends - 325,000 Gems
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - 2,500 Bits
My Singing Monsters - 500,000 Diamonds
Narnia - 100,000 Lions
Neko Atsume - 1,875,000 Gold Fish
Neopets - 2,500,000 Neocash
New World - 25,000,000 Gold Coins
Nineteen Eighty Four - 25,000.00 Oceanian Dollars
Ninja Kiwi - 625,000 NK Coins
Naruto - 262,500 Ryō
Odd Squad - 25,000 Jackalope Dollars
One Piece - 2,625,000 Belly or 26,250,000,000 Extol
Path of Exile - 6,250,000 Chaos Orbs or 100,000 Exalted Orbs
Pixel Gun 3D - 750,000 Gems
Plants vs. Zombies 2 - 50,000,000 Coins or 250,000 Gems
Pluto Nash - 3 Hillaries
Pocket Trains - 3,000,000 Bux
Pokémon series - 999,999 Pokédollars
Pokémon Go - 1,718,750 Pokécoins
Pokémon Sword and Shield - 175,000 Watts
Pokémon UNITE - 1,531,250 Aeos Gems
Progressbar95 - 125,000 Product Keys
Ratchet & Clank - 38,462 Metal Bolts
Rebuild World - 2,625,000 Aurum
Red Dwarf - 1,308 Dollar Pounds and 25 Pennycents
Rick and Morty - 125,000 Flurbos
Roblox - 2,000,000 Robux
Rocket League - 2,500,000 Credits
Roma - 1,685,519,963 Denarius and 4 Sesterius
Sea of Thieves - 2,291,667 Ancient Coins
Second Life - 8,000,000 Linden Dollars
Shadowrun - 11,208,707,759 Nuyen or 33,626,123,276 Rubles
Slow Life in Another World (I Wish!) - 2,625,000 Nohl
Snow White with the Red Hair - 2,625,000 Dill
Sonic series - 4,556,386 Rings
Sonic Forces: Speed Battle - 2,500,000 Red Star Rings
Spaceballs - 82,667 Space Bucks
Sprawl Trilogy - 1,086,957 New Yen
Spy X Family - 8,203 Dalc and 13 Ostanian Pents
Spyro - 166,667 Gems
Star Trek - 516,235 Federation Credits or 250,000 Darsek
Star Trek (Mari) - 675,676 Renn
Star Trek (United Federation of Planets) - 12,500 Federation Credits
Star Trek: The Next Generation - 15 Bars of Gold-pressed Latinum, 15 Strips, and 6 Slips
Star Wars - 500,000 Galactic Credit Standards
Stardew Valley - 500g
Stormbringer - 186,811,795 Gold, 9 Silver, and 8 Copper
Street Fighter - 3,137 Bison Dollars
Subway Surfers - 225,000,000 Coins or 125,000 Keys
Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online - 262,500,000 Credits
Team Fortress 2 - 10,000 Keys
Temple Run - 250,000,000 Coins
Terraria - 2 Silver Coins
The Ballad of Rika Strong-Arm - 148 Gold Pieces
The Battle Cats - 750,000 Cat Food
The Binding of Isaac - impossible because you can only hold 99¢
The Elder Scrolls - 11,004 Septim
The Flintstones - 7,813 Clams
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - 428,572 Altarian dollars
The Impossible Game 2 - 2,000,000 Blocks
The Number of the Beast - 25 New Dollars
The Office - 250,000,000 Schrute Bucks
The Sims - 19,380 Simoleons
The Witcher - 83,334 Crowns or 63,452 Orens
Tiny Tower - 7,500,000 Bux
Touhou LostWord - 760,000 God Crystals
Trigun - 90,580 Double Dollars
Truxton King - 17,858 Gavvo
War Robots - 3,000,000 Gold
Warframe - 375,000 Platinum
What Mad Universe - 250,000 Credits
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - 2,808,989 Simoleons
World Flipper - 1,000,000 Lodestar Beads
World of Tanks and World of Warplanes - 3,418,997,741,500 Gold
World of Warcraft Classic - 2,375,000 Gold
World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade - 3,500,000 Gold Coins
World of Warships - 9,375,000,000 Credits or 6,250,000 Doubloons
Zelda - 999 Rupees
The values are not guaranteed to be accurate. In fact, I have found many cases of contradictory information on the internet. But you don't care about that anyway, do you? This isn't about the exact value anyway. These are all meant to be rough estimates to give you a sense of scale.

The Motivation

I was inspired by my Pokémon Trans Ally challenge that is about collecting money for a trans person's surgery. If you actually attempt this challenge you'll see that it'll usually be a very long and tedious challenge that will require a lot of experimentation, long-term planning, and doing the same things over and over again for a very long time, especially if you wanna try this as a speedrun. If the challenge bores you out, well, that is the point! The challenge is meant to give people with little or no sense of money an impression of how much money this really is! Now, you could argue that this challenge could theoretically be used to visualize any amount of money, and you would technically be correct, but I still think that a transgender transition is one of the best matches for this challenge because:
  1. A transition is always only for one person. We aren't talking about a company buying another company or a country investing in more infrastructure. This is something within the realm of a single person so it makes sense to have this be a challenge for a single person or a small group.
  2. This is not a luxury item like a famous painting or a private jet. Overwhelming scientific evidence proves that this is a medical necessity that trans people require in order to live like the majority of people. It is not something you want but something you need. So you can really say that acquiring all this money is really something that they have to go through. Therefore, unless you are transgender yourself, I would really recommend you to actually play the challenge until the end, even if it takes you years to actually do so. Not for your enjoyment but to acknowledge trans people's struggles and maybe also to protest against the gatekeeping system.
  3. Unlike people who regularly need medications, the transgender transition is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and is therefore compatible with a challenge that you only play through once and then never again.
  4. Once your transition is over, it cannot be taken from you.
  5. It is not possible to request the costs to be paid for you if you can prove that you cannot afford it, meaning the only way to get it is to actually get the money.
  6. Being trans is not an illness or a disability. Trans people never did anything wrong, neither deliberately nor accidentally. They are simply born with a condition that requires them to get the money. Trans people are therefore as guilt-free as a typical videogame hero.
Do you know anything more expensive that fulfills all those criteria?

The Fun Facts

/uj If you donate gold in Gaia Online, the company will donate money to charity. I find this mechanic to be a really good idea and I would like to see it more often because it enables players to support the less fortunate without having to donate their own money. Just imagine if every game on this list gave you the option to donate $25,000 worth of in-game money which would then be donated to transgender causes and unlock the Trans Ally achievement! I know it would be very cumbersome to unlock, but completionists would definitely go for it and also, it would be done for a good cause!
/rj Did you know you can make it so that every time an amount of money is shown, its value is converted into transgender transitions?
Simply get Universal Automatic Currency Converter, then scroll down to Custom display and enter the following:
Use custom display: ☑
Custom display: ¤ 🏳️‍⚧️
Custom conversion rate: 0.00004
/uj The original post was removed by Reddit's spam filters so I uploaded it again without the links in the list. The original list with the links in them will be in the comments.
submitted by k819799amvrhtcom to transgendercirclejerk [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 14:47 eZGjBw1Z (US) Upcoming ALDI Finds for 6/7/23 (6/4/23 in some stores)

The Upcoming ALDI Finds Ad for 06/07/23 - 06/13/23 is now available. The ad actually starts three days earlier in some stores. A list of items in each category is included below.
Bold denotes items that are new since the corresponding Aldi Finds Sneak Peek ad was published.
Corresponding Sneak Peek Ad post: (US) Aldi Finds Sneak Peek for 6/4/23 (6/7/23 in some stores)
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2023.05.31 02:53 Psfanboy79 Octopath Traveler 2 Agnea (Inventor) perler bead sprite commission.

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