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Charleston, SC

2008.05.27 21:23 Charleston, SC

A community to share news, events, gatherings, stories, and more for everyone that calls The Holy City (and the surrounding communities in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties) home. Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island, Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, Sullivan's Island, Daniel Island, Summerville, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Wadmalaw Island.

2016.05.23 17:51 WestAshleyTV Charleston, SC Uncensored

Anything and everything related to Charleston and the surrounding area, with relaxed moderation! Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties!

2012.08.21 05:16 Charleston, SC

For everyone that calls The Holy City (and her **immediate** surroundings) home. Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley (inside Mark Clark), James Island **NOT** Johns Island, Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, Sullivan's Island, Summerville, Hanahan, and Goose Creek

2023.03.29 08:37 tatumdentist Most Popular Botox Clinics in Charleston, SC

Most Popular Botox Clinics in Charleston, SC
Botox is typically recommended as a complementary treatment to many therapies. At Tatum Dentistry people can provide the Best Botox Charleston SC service. Their professional treatment can boost better sleep. The intensity of headaches will be reduced or disappear by getting their Botox treatment. Call us at 843-577–6453.
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2023.03.29 08:08 Background_Report993 Get The Best Child Support Lawyer in Charleston, SC

Get The Best Child Support Lawyer in Charleston, SC
A divorce lawyer from LaMantia Law Firm or a Child Support in Charleston SC, will be able to handle all of the intricate legal paperwork and ensure that you abide by your state's divorce rules. Contact us at 843-724-6363.
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2023.03.29 03:25 Abroadmap Can someone explain whats going on? Been on zillow for a while, the pictures are interesting.

House has been listed for a while, no idea what's going on in half the pictures. $700k is also a wild price. Why is the bed suspended off the ceilings like that? Why are all the TVs mounted in such weird awkward spots. Why is there no ceiling on the all black bathroom?
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2023.03.29 03:12 Sad-Percentage9289 School board member threatens to "show up on teacher's doorstep with a gun" if they came out as transgender.

In Charleston County SC, a sitting school board member said during a Moms for Liberty event that he would show up on the doorstep of his child's teacher with a gun if they (the teacher) came out as transgender. Please sign and share this petition for his resignation!
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2023.03.29 01:29 dezzyhigh24 Gods. - "Taste" LIVE @ LO-Fi Brewing Charleston, SC

Gods. -
What a fun show, thanks for all the support! IG: gods_sc
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2023.03.28 20:56 SenorScoop [Live Setlist Thread] Tuesday, 3/28/23 - 8:00pm ET - Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA

Poster: Jay Ryan
Official Stream: goosestreams.com
Unofficial Stream:
Tickets: Cash or Trade
Scheduled Start Time: 8:00pm ET
Set 1 ( 8:45 - 10:16 )

Tumble (18)

Time to Flee (10) > Green River¹ (7)

Flodown (10)

Thatch (17)

Silver Rising (9)

The Empress of Organos (4) > Trevor Reads Poetry² (2) > The Empress of Organos (12)

Set 2 ( 10:49 - 11:57 )

Arcadia (15)

Slow Ready³ (20)

Rock the Casbah⁴ (4)

Hot Tea (12) > Turned Clouds (10) > Hot Tea (6)

Encore ( 12:01 - 12:08 )

Escape (The Piña Colada Song)⁵ (7)



Show Notes: ¹ Creedence Clearwater Revival ² Fuck the Pain Away - Peaches ³ Eminence Front jam ⁴ The Clash, Jeff vocals! ⁵ Rupert Holmes
[🍹] Sipping piña coladas
[ ] Tickling the ivories
[ ] Bouncing
[ ] Keyboard Warrior
[ ] CLAV
[ ] 2-Guitar Goose
[ ] Time-traveling to the 80s
[ ] Backstage bananas
[ ] Rocking
[ ] Arpeggiating
[ ] Floating
[ ] Hip swangin'
[🤯] "Are you freaking kidding me right now?"
[ ] Straight Bird'n
[ ] Channeling evil Goose
[ ] Flipping switches
[ ] Razzle dazzle shoulders
[ ] Entering inter-dimensional travel
[❤️] Loving you guys
[ ] Summoning deep space aliens with a mating call
[ ] Crowd Participating
[ ] Wondering whose first Goose show it is
Venue Info: Click Here
Weather: Sunny, 75°F
Check-In: Charlotte, NC Boonton, NJ Bel Air, MD NYC GA Theatre via ATL x 2 SSI, GA North Central MA Seattle, WA Asheville, NC Jackson, TN Pittsburgh, PA Rochester, NY x 5 Marina, CA Los Gatos, CA Athens, OH Lakes Country, MN Lone Tree, CO HTX Decorah, IA ATL Burbs Nashville, TN x 2 GA Theatre via Chamblee, GA Milwaukee, WI x 4 Austin, TX Hartford, CT MFKN ATHENS, GA Denver, CO x 4 Newmarket, NH Augusta, GA Athens via Greensboro, NC Lancaster, PA Baltimore, MD x 2 North Plainfield, NJ San Rafael, CA Auburn, WA Toronto, ON The Floor The Balcony x 2 Indianapolis, IN Portland, OR Madison, WI Green Bay, WI Albany, NY x 2 ATL x 2 Wilton, CT SyraGoose, NY x 5 Macon, GA Newport Beach, CA Lakewood, CO Dayton, OH 🪿 Mount Shasta, CA Charleston, SC Charlottesville, VA NOLA x 2 Baltimore County, MD Bay Area, CA Center of the Universe, NH San Antonio, TX x 2 deep inside Eurekas Castle Chicago, IL x 2 Hackensack, NJ Frederick, MD Vernon, CT White Mountains, NH Ft. Myers, FL Alberta, CAN Columbus, OH x 2 Buffalo, NY x 2 Webster, MA Alameda, CA Cleveland, OH Standish, ME Dallas, TX Weathersfield, VT Trenton, NJ Jackson, MS Kansas City Knoxville, TN Chattanooga, TN Memphis, TN Seneca, SC Albuquerque, NM
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2023.03.28 19:17 BendMyMind What grass do I need

What grass do I need
I have recently completely redone my lawn and seeded with Pennington Contractor Mix ( Perennial Ryegrass, Annual Ryegrass, and Tall Fescue ). It is coming in seemingly well but is definitely a little spotty. Now I am looking for advice on what to do next to make this much more thick and lush.
For context I am in Charleston, SC. The soil is very sandy and under a good bit of shade. It gets about 4-6 hours of sun through the leaves.
What I am thinking of now, is to get some kind of grass that creeps and will fill in all of those gaps on its own. I was considering Zeon Zoysia or some type of St. Augustine. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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2023.03.28 16:38 Professional-Sort848 One of the best and Top hotels in Charleston , SC

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2023.03.28 15:16 pret1mun Downsizing Wheels

I’m probably going to catch some flack for wanting to downsize from my stock 18” wheels to 17” wheels, and that’s fine. Your opinions are noted.
That being said, I have a 2020 Civic Hatch Sport 6MT with the stock 18” wheels that I want to downsize to 17x8s. The goal here is to open up additional touring tire options and have a more forgiving ride. I live in Charleston, SC and anyone who’s been there can attest to how SHIT the roads are. I want to put a 235/45-R17 tire (stock is 235/40-R18) on the new wheels in order to maintain the same circumference of tire and not have to calibrate the speedometer at all.
Would this have a drastic improvement on ride quality, or not much at all?
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2023.03.28 15:04 adamlamar000 35 [M4F] North Charleston SC looking for someone to spend some time with

Hello I will be in North Charleston Thursday night and I'm just looking for someone to spend some time with maybe go out to dinner maybe hang out after. Any women who are interested message me.
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2023.03.28 14:38 whywouldntidothis 38 [m4f] #charleston SC - will cook for luvvin

i'm 38, married/nested and in search of a new connection with a rare person that fits in my heart. A person quick enough to call my bullshit and bat it back, a person kind enough to meet me in the middle, and a person secure enough to need me for me and not what i can provide. I've learned I have room for somebody in a very big and important spot and I'm here to talk to people and find out who that person is. So, that's what comes first. Let's talk.
things to expect from this guy:
I will mention motorcycles at some point. just roll your eyes and act interested in riding with me. it'll be over faster that way.
The nerd is strong over here. I will get excited about childish hobbies and send you pictures. Just roll your eyes and tell me i did a good job. it'll be over faster that way.
An red beard.
Cat pictures to brigthen your day.
Badass mac and cheese.
Impromptu critiques of the human condition from the mouth of a certified misanthrope. just roll your eyes and say "yea, fuck those people." it'll be over faster that way.
About my marriage and circumstances: We are dating separately ENM style and have been very comfortable this way for some time. It would be miraculous to find somebody in my hometown but of course i'm quite used to travelling to maintain a relationship at this point. My goals are a long term, meaningful, stable life with somebody special, and i've come to learn that some distance isn't necessarily a deal breaker for that.
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2023.03.28 13:23 mollytoohey Molly Toohey Yoga Instructor + Coach

Molly is a yoga teacher based in Charleston, SC, who teaches a variety of styles of yoga and has experience teaching all levels of yoga.
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2023.03.28 13:21 mollytoohey Yoga Classes in Charleston Sc

Molly is a yoga teacher based in Charleston, SC, who teaches a variety of styles of yoga and has experience teaching all levels of yoga.She offers Holistic Career Coaching through her signature course, the Aligned Yogis Method, and yoga classes via Private Yoga.
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2023.03.28 11:55 magnoliabrideus Top Rated Wedding Dresses Shop in Charleston Magnolia Bride

At Wedding Dress Shops in Charleston, you can get more options for customizing your bridal look. Brides who want something sophisticated and timeless made just for them can go with Magnolia Bride. Here, you can find an exclusive collection of sustainably created wedding gowns.
Phone: 843-754-1855
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.28 10:13 Chrisdodsonus Best Wedding Bands in Charleston, SC Chris Dodson

On your special day, set the mood with some live music from Chris Dodson Music. With a sophisticated mix of jazz, blues, and classic popular tunes, our Charleston Wedding Bands will provide an unforgettable night of quality music entertainment. Make your wedding even more memorable with the perfect ambiance for dancing and a joyful celebration!
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2023.03.28 04:27 Kamen-Ramen First time visiting Charleston, SC... UH OH...

it may rain for several days...
Any fun "rainy day" things to do that is still very Charleston (i.e. things you cannot do elsewhere, so no catch a movie, go ice skating, etc.) for a young(ish) married couple?
Please no restaurants/bars (we already have a list), no museums, no churches, no shopping.
Things we have planned with weather cooperating:

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2023.03.28 00:46 InevitablePart1657 PCS POV to OCONUS - Alternate port

I'll be PCSing to Hawaii in June, I live in South Carolina. I've got some time in May (student currently) to myself.
San Diego is an option to ship my vehicle from. Would be a pretty cool road trip, and get to see several friends across the states (whether or not the Army would reimburse for mileage is a different question; as is whether or not they would pay for my flight from SD back to SC). This would also get my vehicle out there earlier.
The closest port to me however is Charleston, SC.
My question is: Is it an option at all to make this happen and drop my vehicle there in California? What does the alternate port option look like? Is it too much of a logistic puzzle to trust the Army to not somehow screw up? In addition, any answers of the above questions are appreciated.
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2023.03.27 18:32 Typical_Scholar_3374 Deadstock 1988 Metallica And Justice For All Tour Shirt

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2023.03.27 17:25 ebradio Andrew Bird Announces Tour Dates

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2023.03.27 14:57 villagerestorationus Trustworthy Custom Home Contractor in Charleston SC

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2023.03.27 14:47 lowcountrycoins Buying Coins Online in North Charleston, SC

Buying Coins Online in North Charleston, SC
Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting, Low Country Coins has what you need if you're searching to Buying Coins Online. They have such a vast selection of coins from all over the world that you can never go wrong with your buy. Contact us!

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Buying Coins Online
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2023.03.27 14:43 madlad_films27 Hire The Top Video Production Company in Charleston, SC

Hire The Top Video Production Company in Charleston, SC
Not only do Video Production in Charleston SC services teams have greater know-how with the best equipment and practices, but they also have easy access to them. Hiring the Madlad Films company can be beneficial and it will reflect in your final product.
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