Lithonia lighting track kit

So my buddy made a character

2023.03.30 05:51 DaddyBroly So my buddy made a character

A friend of mine is unsure if he will be playing with us but this is his build.
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2023.03.30 05:49 jrdkrsh B700 VW Pickup

My little VW Pickup has been my go to on B class road for it's ability on the circuit tracks. With the new rally update I got a bit excited after hearing the tracks are a lot more technical than the main game so I decided to run my little truck on all the asphalt tracks. Now I know this little guy will eventually get bumped down quite a ways in the leaderboards but I haven't posted a tune in here in a while and figured now is a good time. For reference this tune currently holds my only top 1000 B class road circuit time on Bolo Ocho (just). Any tips or tricks and feedback is appreciated. Biggest struggle other than the lack of top speed for me is slow hairpin corners I sometimes struggle to get it rotating and it just washes out.

1982 Pickup LX - B 700

Weight 1876 kg
Balance 55%
HP 213
Torque 214 nm
Top Speed 127.2 kph
0-60 6.293s
0-100 12.483s
Share Code 144067728
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Engine 2.8L V6
Drivetrain RWD
Aspiration Stock
Body Kit Stock
Intake Stock
Intake Manifold Stock
Fuel System Street
Ignition Stock
Exhaust Race
Camshaft Stock
Valves Stock
Displacement Race
Pistons Stock
Intercooler Stock
Oil Cooling Stock
Flywheel Sport
Platform And Handling
Brakes Sport
Springs Race
Front Arb Race
Rear Arb Race
Chassis Reinforcement Race
Weight Reduction Race
Transmission Race Six Speed
Driveline Stock
Differential Race
Tires And Rims
Compound Semi-Slick
Tire Width Front 205 mm, Rear 205 mm
Rim Style Sport Kosei RT Sport
Rim Size Front Stock in, Rear Stock in
Track Width Front Third, Rear Third
Aero and Appearance
Front Bumper Stock
Rear Bumper Stock
Rear Wing Stock
Side Skirts Stock
Hood N/A


Tires bar psi
Front 30.00 435.1
Rear 30.00 435.1
Gears Ratio
Final Drive 3.32
1st 4.17
2nd 2.55
3rd 1.70
4th 1.24
5th 1.06
6th 0.90
Alignment Camber Toe Caster
Front -1.7° 0.0° 6.3°
Rear -0.8° 0.4°
Front 35.4
Rear 22.4
Springs kgf/mm lbs/in n/mm
Front 517.0 2895.1 5070.0
Rear 343.6 1924.1 3369.6
Ride Height cm in
Front 14.2 5.6
Rear 14.2 5.6
Damping Rebound Bump
Front 14.1 8.8
Rear 8.4 5.3
Aero kgf lb
Not Applicable
Brakes %
Balance 50%
Pressure 100%
Differential Accel Decel
Rear 35% 70%
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2023.03.30 05:49 jlevy1126 My first impressions of the headset as a new VR user

The passthrough - very good. I can walk around And see what I need to. It works fantastic in a we'll let area!
The controllers - they feel weightless! I was worried about the size being so big but since they are so light IDGAF.
Diopters - wish there was a way to dial in my actual prescription BUT after some fiddling I got it near perfect. 100% happy on this point.
Battery life - ummm wish it was better. And the battery definitely gets hot!
Image quality - very happy! Beat saber looks beautiful. AIO games are nice! No complaints.
Software - probably my biggest gripe is over software. It will hopefully improve over time. I've had a few massive failures with the headset freezing and being unable to do anything but force reboot. Controllers sometimes go "missing" and I have to force reboot to get tracking back.
PCVR wireless - took a bit to get set up right but once I did it was smooth. Small hiccups here and there over about 45 minutes of beat saber. Nothing too distracting and I had fun!
I am missing one of the free games advertised with the pre-order but otherwise everything is what I expected and I am very happy!
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2023.03.30 05:48 she_has_funny_cars [S] [USA-PA] Great quality Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit with: Microphone, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, strap, gear bag. See below for more info & imgur pics :)

Have had this camera for a bit but I’ve always taken great care of it, looking to pass it on! Still works super smoothly, and the kit I'm giving you has all the original geamaterial - even the handbooks and video DVD guides haha. Goes for $299 new online, save money with me especially with slightly older models!
Also will throw in a Takstar attachable microphone you can plug directly into the cam if you're ever recording video, for muchhh better audio, and will throw in a camera case.
Fast and secure USPS tracked shipping, will provide tracking. $5 shipping east coast, $9 shipping anywhere west of the eastern tip of Tennessee.
Capabilities include Built-in WiFi for device connectivity with an iOS app, the standard issue strap, charger and battery. I don't have the exact camera case for this model but I will throw one in for you nonetheless!
I am asking for $190 which I believe is a super great deal for this quality camera. Im about to head out for a few hours, but mssg me and I’ll talk w ya when I’m back, stay chilling!
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2023.03.30 05:40 diamondbeautycompany The benefits of LED teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

The benefits of LED teeth whitening for sensitive teeth
LED teeth whitening is a popular option for those looking to achieve a brighter, whiter smile. But for those with sensitive teeth, the process can be uncomfortable or even painful. That's why LED teeth whitening options that are designed specifically for sensitive teeth, like Diamond Beauty Company's LED teeth whitening kit, can be so beneficial.
Other popular LED teeth whitening options include Snow teeth whitening kit and Auraglow teeth whitening kit. While both kits offer LED lights and a range of other features, they are not designed specifically for sensitive teeth.
In comparison, Diamond Beauty Company's LED teeth whitening kit is gentle and effective for those with sensitive teeth. The kit includes a #1 rated mouthpiece with 32 LED lights and a desensitizing gel, which helps to reduce sensitivity during and after whitening.
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2023.03.30 05:28 Flaky-Investigator-4 [PS4] H: AA50C15C aligned auto EPR W: Weapon Offers

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2023.03.30 05:28 Flaky-Investigator-4 [PS4] H: AA50C15C aligned auto EPR W: Weapon Offers

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2023.03.30 05:23 deadmansbastard Importing midi file to trigger pad?

I’m having a hard time trying to see if this is possible. Basically, I have a hardware light controller with simple scenes and in the past, I’ve used a Cymatic LP 16 to sync a midi file created in Cubase to essentially be an on and off commander to those scenes. If it were possible to apply a simple midi file to one of the pads and link it to another pad with stems or a complete backing track, then I’d be able to do the same thing.
Is this something that’s even possible to do on here? I know there is midi out and I’ve seen people use their SP404 mkII as midi controllers for other synthesizers
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2023.03.30 05:16 Flaky-Investigator-4 [PS4] H: TS25FFR90 Gatling Plasma W: TFJ or a high tier apparel bundle

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2023.03.30 05:16 Dummeedumdum how the earth unfolds

When you look around,
do you not see?
How the corner light
bends its own soul.
The tabby cat perched
on an old red car.
How the dust surrounds her,
illuminates her eyes like a halo.
Do you not see?
How the rain presses gently,
upon the lily-padded creek.
Does the rain not also tap words into your skull?
When the train roars an alarm
behind your house,
beats a drum against its track.
Does its hum not invent a song?
When his eyes meet yours,
and burrows holes inside your chest.
Does not every moss-cracked sidewalk thereafter,
become him?
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2023.03.30 05:08 Blursed-Penguin No Rest for the Wicked 21



At some point during the journey aboard the RCX Yekaterinburg, someone had set up a display in the commons showing the names of all the militaries assembling on Omen, in order to boost the morale of the incoming Russians. Of course, the US’s forces were first on the list, being first to arrive, but then came the Bundeswehr, and then, curiously enough, the French Foreign Extraplanetaries. ANZAC, the Royal Marines, and the JSDF came next, followed closely behind by the remainder of Unified Combat Command. It was an impressive show of force, but it would be a nightmare to coordinate. Svetlana just hoped the people in charge of this whole operation hadn’t slept through their foreign language classes.

The Yekaterinburg dropped out of warp within visual range of the USS Montana, which provided yet another boost to morale. During the Contact Wars, the Montana had driven back a previous attempt to invade New Vancouver near-singlehandedly, routing an Intruder fleet with a mixture of genius maneuver and overwhelming firepower and achieving the highest kill count of any human spacecraft before or since. The sight of the hulking missile battleship and its veteran crew was a welcome sight. It would remain in orbit, raining kinetic impactors on anything impervious to regular bombing.

However, not all was well. When they were still a day out, word had made it to the Russians that the same fleet that had carried out the devastation of New Vancouver had arrived in-system, having more than recouped their losses in the engagement with Admiral Kuznetsov. Instead of a task force of six, it was a flotilla of more than two dozen, with more to arrive in the coming days. Already, there were nicknames for its enigmatic leader, some more vulgar than others, but the most popular of them was “The Cornered Fox of the Void,” the story being that they had escaped destruction by the Nikitovna by showing unbelievable aggression, driving them aside with threats of a ramming maneuver before using their own ships as shields to cover their retreat and evacuation of a further ten thousand captives.

Still, that wasn’t relevant to now. Svetlana couldn’t afford to distract herself with “what-ifs” and whatnot. Determining everything that could go wrong in a war was a one-way ticket to an asylum.

The Yekaterinburg quivered as though alive as it broke through Omen’s aerospatial boundary. Blinding orange light shone through every porthole, and the craft left a trail of white condensation behind it. Svetlana braced herself in her chair, clenching her body when the ship began to decelerate. Someone always braced a little too late and lost bowel control in these descents, and Svetlana was determined not to be the unlucky one.

The G-force let up after a minute or so and the ship settled into a gentle float about a kilometer in the air, its ventral guns scanning the ground below. A moment later, a general alert went over the intercom, instructing all ground forces to prepare for disembarkation. Svetlana stood, grabbing her cap and jogging from the commons to the shuttle bay. Along the way, she passed an embarrassed-looking maintenance tech, who hastily darted into a bathroom.

The shuttle bay was nothing if not hectic, but it was especially frenzied now. Exosuited technicians scurried around, arming and refueling the shuttles. Most of the aircraft were the common dual-engine variant, but there were also a few haulers, with an engine nacelle on each corner of the fuselage instead of wings. Those would be used to offload the various vehicles and heavy machines of their forces.

“Fall in!” their commander shouted. Svetlana and the rest of the officer corps rushed to their places in formation, the enlisted following shortly behind. The shuttle bay was just barely large enough to harbor the men, the shuttles, and the support staff.

Admiral Kuznetsov turned to face his charges, lips pursed and brows furrowed. His uniform was untidy, which was quite unlike him, and there were great big bags under his eyes. He looked like he had aged ten years in a few days.

“Today, men, you are doing what the Russian military has never done: you are landing on a real, not simulated, enemy planet. The backbone of this world’s force is broken, but they are far from pacified, and with the Cornered Fox in our orbit, it is likely they will be receiving reinforcements soon. USSAC is already gathering a fleet to intercept them, but it’s unlikely they’ll be able to decisively engage them before they bring themselves to bear upon us.

“I expect you not to buckle under their assaults, no matter how withering. You will perform to the best of your ability, and you will show these degenerates,” Svetlana cringed at the sheer vitriol in the word. “why Russia was feared and hated for so long. And you will show them that we are still to be feared today. Am I clear?”

“Sir, yes sir!” everyone called simultaneously.

“Good. Dismissed,” Georgy bowed his head and let them proceed to their shuttles. Svetlana, however, took a brief detour to him.

“Hey, are you feeling alright?” Svetlana asked.

“Oh, I’m fine. I’m… I’m just tired. I don’t think I’ve slept in a few days.” Georgy said. He was in his mid-sixties, and it was in these moments that Svetlana was reminded of his age. He seemed smaller and frailer than normal. He had already served long enough to earn his pension, but Svetlana suspected that he wouldn’t have anything left to live for if not for the military, so he remained diligent as ever.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

Georgy frowned, considering whether or not to tell her. Then, he smiled half-heartedly. “It’s nothing you need to worry about, Svetka. Just admiralty things.”

It was a flat-faced lie, but Svetlana understood why he told it. “Okay then. Just… tell me if you need me, okay? You can’t just go on working yourself to death.”

“Well, either I work myself to the bone out here or you do in a mine somewhere in the orgy of imperialism they call a state. Just…” Georgy teared up for a moment. Svetlana couldn’t bear to see the invincible officer cry, so she grabbed him in a powerful bear hug, choking back her own sobs. Georgy soon reciprocated the gesture, wetting her shoulder as he rested his head on her.

“You’re the only thing I have left, Svetka. Don’t let them catch you. Don’t let them take you and turn you against everything we stand for. Please.” Georgy whimpered. In this moment, he was just a fragile, pitiful old man, completely vulnerable, a war hero no longer. This was just too much.

I promise! I promise, I promise, I promise.” Svetlana cried, bursting into tears. For a few minutes, they stood like this, propping each other up, trying not to let the horror of this situation overwhelm them completely. As Svetlana regained her bearing, a fell anger gripped her.

“War should be a curse word.” she spat.

Georgy looked up at her with a similar fire in his eyes. “In-fucking-deed.”

“Everyone unpack your weapons quickly! Los, los, los!” the 467th’s commander yelled as the first of the shuttles touched down on what would soon become Fort von Richthofen. As the loading doors of the hauler unsealed and descended, Hersch turned on the Leopard’s engine and eased it down the ramp and towards the rally point.

A Sternjager in a spacesuit waved them in the correct direction, his special-forces insignia glinting in the harsh blue sunlight. Johann couldn’t imagine what it felt like to be dropped straight from orbit and practically crash-landed into enemy territory. Hersch maneuvered the tank into its designated spot and switched it off, the crew dismounting.

Oberst-leutnant Weiss, Hauptmann Hess and crew reporting for assignment, sir!” Johann saluted the 467th’s commander. Weiss returned the salute.

“Speak with Hauptmann Myers; he’s the Panzergruppen’s leader, he might have something for you to do.” Weiss ordered. Johann nodded, mouthing a quick “yes sir” before running to the outskirts of the camp.

The Panzergruppen were so named for their ultra-heavy suits of powered armor, treading the delicate line between exosuit and war stomper. Just barely short of three meters tall, their armor marked with tallies, an iron cross displayed prominently on each shoulder in metallic paint, they were nothing if not imposing. Johann and his crew were just lucky they weren’t armed at the moment, instead busying themselves carrying two-ton reinforced barriers to the outer boundaries, two men to a wall segment.

Captain Myers saw the three as they approached, no emotion visible from behind his composite-armored gas mask. “Captain Hess reporting for duty, sir.” Johann nodded.

“And I assume these two are under your command?” Myers’ voice was distorted and harsh; he must’ve “forgotten” to maintain his vocoder in order to sound more intimidating.

“Yes, sir.”

Myers grunted in acknowledgement. “String out the razor wire and set up the MG emplacements.”

“Yes, sir.”

The work was long and dangerous, even with cut-resistant gloves. Thankfully, none of them sustained more than a few nicks, along with a few bruises when Hiedrich accidentally dropped an M2 on Johann while they were bringing it to its place in the defenses. A few hours later, they, along with many other tank crews, had succeeded in setting up the beginnings of the perimeter. With luck, the engineers would handle the trench-digging, heavy emplacements, and other heavy lifting tasks of the construction.

With his work done, Johann was on his way back to the base when Svetlana appeared seemingly out of the blue.

“Did they really name this place after the Red Baron?” she asked.

“Gah!” Johann yelped, jumping back. “Don’t do that!”

Svetlana put her hand over her mouth, apparently a habit of hers. “Oh, did I startle you?”

Johann, flustered, tried to play it down. “You just caught me off guard. It’s okay, and, yes, they did name the base after him.”

“Wouldn’t it be a better name for an airfield?”

“Probably, but I wasn’t there to name it.”

Svetlana nodded pensively. “We’ve set up camp about a kilometer to the west. It means we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other, eh?”

A rush of worry flooded through Johann. “Svetlana, you can’t just say that in public.”


“Well, you outrank me, and if people find out about us, they’re going to ask if it’s consensual, if you pulled rank to force me into it…” Johann put two fingers to his lips, collecting his thoughts.

“Even if I say everything’s fine, they might not believe me. I don’t want you endangering your job, Svetlana.”

Svetlana’s eyes widened. “I didn’t even think of that.”

“It’ll probably be fine, but we need to be careful. Just watch who’s around when you’re talking, okay?”

“Alright, then.” Svetlana nodded. They walked in silence from then on.

“Where are we going, anyway?” Johann asked. By this point, they had covered half of the camp.

“I was just taking a tour of the accommodations and thought you would make a good walking partner.” Svetlana shrugged.

“Fair enough.” Johann responded. Just at that moment, a transport ship steamed overhead, a blue-and-purple flag hastily stenciled on one side. It banked a few degrees to the right, then fired its main engines and flew north.

“Who was that?” Johann pointed at the outgoing craft.

“They call them the Free Poslush Army. Turncoats, basically.” Svetlana explained.

“They aren’t all brainwashed?”

“Apparently, they only do that for the people old enough to remember life before their conquests. Must be too expensive to brainwash every one of however many billions they have.”

“Even then, why would the Poslushi fight their own government?”

“Their culture puts a lot of value on mental and emotional abuse; it’s something about expunging hesitation and cultivating loyalty. It’s been this way for centuries, but I guess some people are just meant not to accept it.”

Johann pursed his lips and looked down. “Interesting.”


The bulbous, ovoid craft of the 1st Bombardier Legion were the first to reinforce the 1447th after Wakizashi put in a call for reinforcements, followed shortly after by the sleek, bird-like ships of the Aralu Janissaries and the bright iron-colored ships of Her Dominance’s Twelfth Judicial Guard. Rapier may have had his preconceptions about the Viceroy, but she sure had contacts.

“What do you know of the conquests of our great founder Sunsword, Captain-General?” Wakizashi asked from atop her throne.

“I’ve read every annal of her exploits that I could find, Viceroy.” Rapier replied semi-passively.

“Do you know of the Battle of Jhoda?”

“Yes, Viceroy; it’s the most famous of the Venerable Ancestor’s victories.”

“So you remember her heroic charge uphill to defeat the forces of the Tenth Warlord?”

Whatever divine exists, please no, Rapier thought. “Yes; her courage under fire won the day there.”

“There are two encampments of the enemy located on a ridge our forces can easily access. We can show that our great founder’s strategy remains sound to this day!”

Rapier went into crisis mode. Sunsword won a battle against greater numbers, charging uphill, but that was in the day of swords and spears, when her elite bowmen could devastate the front lines of the Tenth Warlord’s defenses and allow her shock troops to press the advantage. Now, the human forces could bombard the incoming forces with artillery and their odd, tracked vehicles before they could get close enough to start shooting. It would be a massacre, and Rapier knew Wakizashi would, as all Broodmatrons excelled at doing, find a way to make it her subordinates’ fault. He would start storing evidence to give to the Dynastic Commissariat if need be, but now he was undergoing damage control.

“Viceroy, perhaps you should consider what should occur if–and this is a small possibility–we were to lose this battle. Should it not go as you planned, we could besmirch the good name of the Venerable Ancestor, and surely you would not wish to do that?”

Wakizashi straightened her antennae pensively. “You make a good point, but what alternate strategy do you have?”

Rapier racked his mind for information on the ridge Wakizashi was speaking of. Then he found it. “Viceroy, if we could utilize the airmen of the Judicial Guard, we could suppress their forces with aerial and artillery bombardment and use the Janissaries to encircle them. Then our regular infantry and armor could wipe out their fortresses with impunity.”

“Ah, quite the tactic indeed. We will save the actions of the Venerable Ancestor for a later date, then.”

Rapier saluted, then silently went back to work. He may have ha–he stopped himself again, reminding himself that it was unsafe to even think such things. He tried to force himself to believe the opposite, that Wakizashi was his rightful and wise liege, who only occasionally required guidance to avoid being taken on flights of fancy. After all, it would be presumptuous to imagine that she was dependent on him in any major way. It was not his place to question, only to shape the occasionally-optimistic ideas of his liege in more pragmatic directions.

As he told himself this, he just couldn’t accept it. Not to say that he doubted his loyalties, as he never did, but perhaps Khopesh could’ve selected a Viceroy of greater pedigree. There had to be a reason behind her appointment, but Rapier wished he could have less reasons and more rationality.

Still, there was no point wishing for anything one could not work for, and any measure of control over his liege, or her liege, or hers, was soundly out of his reach. The best he could do was fitting the tradition of males of his kind, keeping his head down and bearing pain without complaint.

After all, in a world based upon his inborn inferiority, what else was there to do?


(AN: I have a wiki! I'm a big boy writer now! Once again, subplots cooking up quite nice. Some live, some die, some tell their stories. All's fair in love and war, but that doesn't mean people won't still judge.

Love 'ya!)
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2023.03.30 05:06 InevitableCover_39O_ The 40 most streamed Kanye West songs (updated March 28 )

The 40 most streamed Kanye West songs (updated March 28 ) submitted by InevitableCover_39O_ to GoodAssSub [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 04:30 IEuon drukqs

Jynweythek: time passes as the chime of the anvil is struck and the world is still for only a moment
Vordhosbn: this is very blurry blue streaks with blue and red dots. to me this is just a breed of synthetic materials trying to figure out something relatively important, dunno what, i cant say.
Kladfvgbung Mischk: Immediately, i don’t want to think about it but i see a beach. it’s night time and there are torches lighting a full cave with upside down masks on the wall, nobody’s home.
Omgyjya-Switch7: From brown to a light rusty coloured yellow, this songs is like the sound of neurons trying to convey emotions that they weren’t designed to. It does almost well but they have a complexity of their own. the first of my favourites.
Strotha Tynhe: A mouse is scurrying into a field of Magnolias. it is so happy. But is reached a point with no flowers on sight, and the screen goes dark.
Gwely Mernans: Welcome to the inside of what you didn’t know existed. You are really not supposed to be here but alas here you are. better make it worth it. i think that would be in your best interest.
Bbydhyonchord: Palm trees and extremely reflective water. No sand in sight, only roads. Highway Roads for miles containing nothing but palm trees with lights surrounded by water. you drive for eternity. until you don’t.
Cock/ver10: the previous song has crashed into a wall and created a chemical reaction of intrusive motions within the entire line of driving. The wall it hit didn’t even exist, where are we going? i don’t know but i think the car is on some (aphex) acid. it must rest.
Avril 14th: Stone buildings in fine, colourful grass in the middle of France from an alternate universe. fine mist makes you smile.
Mt Saint Michel + Saint Micheals Mount: little green men with three antennae are sprinting from left to right, they are wearing blue jumpers and now they’re dancing. they don’t have history just enjoy the show. Are you entranced yet? To some folk, This is how to get lost into sound. And it couldn’t be better. If it’s not for you, the door glows for those who see it.
Gwarek2: Richard’s dad has a presence on this track. i don’t know why but i just feel like he has been a major part of this atmospheric administration. i may be completely wrong but this is him speaking from tones. He is working and producing influence through his son. This to me is the bside of qu1.
Orban Eq Trx 4: A bratty, clumsy teenager is riding his skateboard whilst those around him cheer with empty soup cans. he’s about to hit the jump! Will he make it? i’m not sure. he’s pretty drunk.
Aussois: Congratulations! You’ve discovered picturesque time travel. You can now look at any photo and hear the last 6 and a half seconds of audio that was around the event at the time.
Hy A Scullyas Lyf Adhagrow: Have you ever thought an inanimate object could become melancholic? me either, but this is it. i cant tell you what object it is.. you decide that all for yourself. in fact, you decide all of this yourself. Everything can feel.
Kesson Dalek: This sounds like a message of great urgency. it must be answered or everything they’ve ever loved is smashed in a billion shards of obsidian. i wish i knew but then again, i do not.
54 Cymru Beats: This is an AI robot attempting to process a 1:1 ratio of what it’s like for a human to have two small doses of ketamine and MDMA. The glitches are unbearable and unfortunately it’s a robot and gets this test completely wrong. Well, on second thought-
Btoum-Roumada: An empty mall. Vacant. covered in a shine of burgundy. very very dark and heavy emphasis on the burgundy. pretty.
Lornaderek: the car is not clean
QKThr: A windmill in a wind storm, but you can’t hear anything except peace. it is a navy blue sky and dark green grass.
Meltphace 6: A massive orange/tan coloured nuclear reactor with extremely intricate (green) wiring on the inside. the colour is green for a very specific reason but this reason is unknown to me. alexander graham bell from another world is playing his telephone inside. He loves the beeping noises. He’s got so many machines.
Bit 4: Ungodly amount of thin, stretchy material. but at the same time is very brittle and will break upon contact. a very unstable material.
Prep Gwarek 36: The clay soldiers build their very long and flat wall, comparable to the Great Wall. These blocks are somewhat smaller than an Average Toolbox and of an aquamarine blue colour. A timelapse.
Father: The crow in the cage is watching you. it has a human face but the details aren’t there. you can’t tell what they really look like. Don’t answer it if it mimics someone you know.
Taking control: the tunnel is narrow but the space is infinitely long. it just doesn’t make sense in a euclidean world. it has red lasers and some voice disguised in the colour of the darkest sapphire echoing through the entirety of your being. rocks are banging together in such a way that they are they’re own percussion group. you can’t see them in front of you but your mind can certainly hear them. not sure what that’s all about. another favourite.
Petiatil Cx Htdui: A world where homes look like churches. They’re white, made of wood and not very tall. but it would seem something went wrong. there is nobody here, the entire land is empty. why?
Ruglen Holon: Pottery class from 286BC. the fire is really warm and there is bread, although hard and tacky it is filling. a pot is shaping up to be the best, but it takes time. Am eternity it feels like.
Afx237 v.7: Half computer half human hybrid disgusting being is let lose and is causing terror on humanity. there are so many very not fun things going on in this scenario but the monster thing is just doing gang signs whilst strobing everyone to death. what a world to live in! this was the first one i was exposed to, another favourite. the baselines are sex
Ziggomatic17: the pinnacle of past, present and future influence my neurons transmit to one another. i don’t even know what to say for this one. a garbage bin has begun a career in stair falling, in which they create sound people love. it talks too. cute little thing for sure. very polite, big mouth for big sounds. it has a doorstopper as a friend and it’s so annoying but really knows how to make beats so the bin keeps it around. all in all, sometimes things are really nice and it feels good. sometimes you wish it doesn’t end, but you know the best things always do.
Beskhu3epnm: remember the clay soldiers? they’re in a waiting room right now. but there’s tension in here and i can’t seem who hates who but it’s about to get heated !!!! maybe not though. they seem level headed.
Nanou2: duotangs, love, bread, tapestries, aerosol cans - whatever you want. you can finally have it for free and you don’t need to prove anything. just enjoy what you want for once, sometimes you deserve it.
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2023.03.30 04:27 BeckTheDarkOne Melanie Martinez - PORTALS (Discussion Thread)

PORTALS is out now!

Melanie Martinez - PORTALS
Release Date: March 31st, 2023
Track Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. DEATH / Music Video Melanie Martinez, CJ Baran CJ Baran, Melanie Martinez 5:06
2. VOID Melanie Martinez Melanie Martinez 4:07
3. [TUNNEL VISION]() Melanie Martinez, Kinetics, One Love, CJ Baran, Jeremy Dussolliet, Tim Sommers Kinetics, One Love, CJ Baran 4:44
4. [FAERIE SOIRÉE]() Melanie Martinez, Jonathan Hopkins, Glen Garth, Phil Garth CJ Baran, Hoskins, The 23rd 2:43
5. [LIGHT SHOWER]() Melanie Martinez Michael Keenan, Melanie Martinez 4:27
6. [SPIDER WEB]() Melanie Martinez CJ Baran 3:03
7. [LEECHES]() Melanie Martinez, Simon Rosen CJ Baran, Simon Says 3:20
8. [BATTLE OF THE LARYNX]() Melanie Martinez CJ Baran 5:28
9. [THE CONTORTIONIST]() Melanie Martinez, CJ Baran CJ Baran 3:20
10. [MOON CYCLE]() Melanie Martinez, CJ Baran, Jared Scharff CJ Baran, Pearl Lion 2:32
11. [NYMPHOLOGY]() Melanie Martinez, CJ Baran, Nick Long CJ Baran, Justin Greenwood 5:06
12. [EVIL]() Melanie Martinez, CJ Baran CJ Baran 4:06
13. [WOMB]() Melanie Martinez, Omer Fedi CJ Baran 3:31
[Spotify]() [YouTube Music]() Apple Music
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2023.03.30 04:26 matthew0090 Smooth as silk!

Smooth as silk!
I have been searching all over the place for a glass mouse pad for years. Closest I found was a white glass called the Arctic and it was a zillion dollars and was more for boujie appearance than functionality. As you would expect a mouse using a led/light to track isn't going to work on glass. Then I stumbled upon this completely by accident. It has a faint texture on the top glass that not a film, its micro etching on the glass. You would think it was upside down but it's the surface side. My magic mouse has runner pads on it so it's already pretty glidey, but I use an aluminum mouse pad so it makes a scratchy sound. This is pure, smooth like ice, pindrop quiet. I"m a graphic designer and need ultra precision in daily work life. I can't imagine a more perfect mouse pad and it's almost invisible on the desk. The 'small' size is about 3/4 an inch larger than standard size. If you need more space go large but the small isn't really 'small' . Lastly it has some silicone feet stickers. I thought about not altering it's purity but put them on and it's solid as a rock as far as movement. The pictures represented by the company don't do it justice. Could not be any happier about this things.
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2023.03.30 04:15 SteamedDumplingX Seele Guide & Review. THE Best DPS for Ver 1.0, Also Why Bronya is not a good support for her.

Seele Guide & Review. THE Best DPS for Ver 1.0, Also Why Bronya is not a good support for her.
So. I think Seele's Kit in CBT is extremely overpowered. And if it stays that way, then she will surely be a Tier 0. I end up did some theory crafting during CBT and decided to do a full breakdown of her kit and synergy. If you'd like to watch the video version instead : Video Ver.

can maintain 172.5 speed at E1 with just her skill (which is ducking insane)
Insane ult multiplayer at max skill leve without Eidolon (812%)
High speed style works GREAT for content with turn limit (forgotten hall)
Best support: Silver Wolf, Tingyun. Bronya and Astra are bad for her.
Prioritize getting her Lightcone before going for E1

Seele’s specialty is speed. Her base speed is one of the highest in the game, sitting at 115. The game's speed buffs do not consider equipment bonuses, but instead direct use the base speed value to calculate the buff amount. This means Seele will benefit more from speed buffs compared to other characters who generally have around 90 to 110 speed.
Sheathed Blade
Her skill is Sheathed Blade, it does up to 242% of Seele’s attack to a single target, but more importantly, it also gives her a 25% speed buff for 2 turns. which convert to 28.75 flat speed to herself thanks to her above average speed. At Eidolon 1, , this buff can be stacked twice, which effectively can give her permanent 57.5 speed buff as long as you use the skill every other turn. This brings her speed without status from equipment to around 172.5 (this is importent). effectively allowing her to act twice for each time the enemy acts. The speed bonus can even further amplify Seele's damage if you get her light cone because it grants Seele additional stats based on her speed, I will come back to this later.
Her Talent is Resurgence. If Seele kills an Enemy She gains an extra action, and also goes into the buff state. While in the buffed state, Seele increases her DMG by up to 88% for 1 turn. At ascension 6, she unlocks Lacerate, which additionally grants Seele 20% Quantum Resistance Penetration.

Her ultimate is Butterfly Flurry. She deals up to 432% damage to a single target. Now on the surface this number is actually very low. Even the physical MC’s ultimate can do 480% of her attack when used as a single target attack. But this is actually slightly deceiving, When Seele cast her ultimate. She immediately enters the buffed state. That means her ultimate will always benefit from the Damage buff her buff state provides. Bring the actual multiplier to atleast 812%, which is INSANE. Not to mention the additional 20% Quantum Resistance Penetration Lacerate provides.

In The Night
Her light cone In the Night is also incredibly strong. Without super imposing, it gives you 12% free crit chance. but more importantly, it gives you a stack of buff per 10 speed above 100 for up to 8 times. It increases your basic attack and skill damage by 6% per stack, and Ultimate crit damage by 8% per stack. At max stacks you will maintain a 48% damage buff for basic attack and skill, while also having a 68% crit damage buff to her ultimate.
To fully benefit from this lightcone, you will need 180 speeds. and if you have her at Eidolon 1, you will only need an additional 8 speed from your relics. It is not very difficult to achieve as speed can show up as substates for all pieces of relics.
Now if you didn’t get her signature light cone, you can go for either Only Silence Remains or Return to Darkness as a F2P alternative, I don't suggest using Swordplay because you will reset the buff stacks when you try to trigger her passive by killing mod enemies. But over all aiming for her signiture lightcone still is recommanded.
For Relics, Thanks to insane amount of in build speed buffs, it's not necessary to get as a main stats, you can just get a few speed in the substats for relics to gain additional benefit from her lightcone in case you have it. Instead you can focus on getting damage stats like crit chance, crit damage and attack on Seele. Specifically for the Planetary sphere, look for quantum damage bonuses as the main stats, and for Link Rope look for either attack%, or Energy recharge. This is currently the only relic slot you can have energy recharge at. since her ultimate is a lot of where her damage is at. Being able to cast her ult more is going to give her an overall damage boost, though I need to test on release to see if it's actually worth giving up the attack% for.
For the basic relics, the best set is Genius of Brilliant Stars.
As it provides 10% Quantum damage bonus for 2 piece, and 25% defense penetration for 4-piece. But because the 4-piece bonus only works on enemy with quantum weakness. It’s not universally usable. At least until Silver Wolf is released, as she can apply weakness onto enemies with her skill. For fights against enemies without quantum weaknesses, it’s best to run 2 piece Genius of Brilliant Stars for the quantum bonus, and 2 piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat for the attack bonus. Which I’m sure we will get better replacement in the near future.
For the planetary ornament. Space Sealing Station and Talia: Kingdom of Banditry are good choices for the early game. Since Seele can easily meet the speed requirement for additional bonus,
Once you have achieved at least 42% crit rate On seele, go for Inert Salsotto to further boost her ultimate damage. It gives you 15% bonus ultimate damage, for reaching 50% cri, and itself provides 8% crit.
For most of the states just go for DPS related as per usual with Quantum damage bonus being priority, followed crits based on your need, attack% and break effects based on your need. But watch for Energy Regen Rate on the link rope, a lot of Steele’s damage ad buffs are on her ultimate, and it could be a slight dps boost, with higher energy regen. This requires further testing which I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to do during the close beta test.
I think Seele is going to be the best Single target DPS we will have for a LONG time. Especially for end game content like the forgotten hall. Just like Genshin Impact. The end content includes a multistage challenge where you are required to test your team to the limit. What’s different is instead of a timer that determines how well you did, the game instead uses the turn number. Just know that the turns are static sized, with the first turn being 200 point and all following bring 100 points. Seele having high speed allows her to active multiple times per turn, especially with her passive, against stages with mobs, she could potentially act 4 to 6 times, including her ultimate, dashing out incredible amount of damages per turn.
When using Seele, you would want her to your main DPS, as she has insane damage potential with very high speed. For her support options, the best will be Tingyun and Silver Wolf.

Tingyun's skill Soothing Melody provides an attack buff, which is multiplicative to Seele's damage buff, while also providing bonus lighting damage on hit for the buffed unit. because the buff lasts a total of 3 turns, it will be unlikely to have a down time due to the high speed playstyle of Seele. Her ultimate Ritual of the Auspicious Cloud can generate Energy for the target while also providing a damage buff that lasts for 3 turns, which can also further power up Seele's ultimate.

Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf's increase her team's potential by applying debuff to enemy is extremely powerful, if you bring her with Seele on the same team, She can apply quantum weakness to enemies using her skill called "Allow Changes?", letting Seele to utilize the 4 piece bonus of Genius of brilliant. Her debuff focused playstyle also means the speed of Seele will not negatively affect the up time of the utility by quickly wearing it off like buffs on Seele would. The only issue here is we don't know the release date of Silver Wolf yet.
Contrary to popular belief, I find Astra and Bronya to not synergize with her too well. Both of them are focused on making the team faster, either by giving them speed buffs, or by causing them advance forward. The benefit of these type of buffs are greatly diminished due to Seele's already high speed. Plus the low turn number their buff lasts for, clashing with Seele's high speed playstyle, causing her to not actually have the buff for most of her turns. Bronya’s Ultimate The Belobog March Is a relatively good buff consider it boosts attack instead of damage, and being an ultimate allow you to use it at the exact time you need it. But getting it ready will be a huge problem as herself is not very fast.
For future characters, any support that can apply debuff to enemy allowing Seele to do more damage will be good. And for buff supports, those with buffs that have good up time, preferably buff Attack and crit will also be good. Speed related buffs are not very good for Seele due to diminish return and should not be prioritized when other options are available.
In general, I think Seele is a very powerful unit on release, and she’s definitely worth pulling. I’m personally looking forward to getting her to Eidolon 1 with her signature lightcone on release which I think is a very strong power spike for low spender. For free to players, I would suggest prioritizing her Lightcone Before her Eidolon, Her Eidolon doesn't scale nearly as well without her Lightcone.
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2023.03.30 03:52 Brenkin My recently completed collection of the Severan Dynasty

My recently completed collection of the Severan Dynasty
With my recent acquisitions of Macrinus and Severus Alexander, I’ve finally rounded out the entirety of my small Severan Dynasty collection. This collection is fun because the coins aren’t too big expensive, and you can find a wide variety of reverses to suit your tastes.
I’ve prioritized collecting high-quality portraits for my first samples of each Severan ruler. Somewhere down the road I’ll either upgrade the portraits or find some more interesting/higher quality reverses. For now, I’m quite satisfied with the collection!
Coins pictured are as follows:
Septimus Severus: RIC 167. This coin was minted from 200-201 AD, and interestingly enough the reverse features Severus himself dressed in armor with the legend RESTITVTOR VRBIS (Restorer of Rome)
Geta: RIC 34b. This one was minted anywhere from 203-208 AD. Reverse features Minerva holding a spear with the legend PONTIF COS (Priest, Second Consulship)
Caracalla: RIC 308, minted between 213-217 A.D. Reverse features the deity Moneta (Roman deity of money), with the legend MONETA AVG (the goddess, and AVG - Augustus, or Emperor)
Macrinus: RIC 35. The shortest reigning monarch in the Severan dynasty, this coin was minted in 217 A.D.. The reverse features Securitas, the goddess of security. Legend is PONTIF MAX TR P II COS P P - meaning (Greatest Priest, Tribune of the People, Consulship + Father of the Country)
Elagabalus: RIC 153. This piece was minted in 218-222 A.D., and features Victory on the reverse (one of my favourite deities on coins) with the obverse VICTOR ANTONINI AVG - commemorating the Victory of Antoninus Augustus (or Marcus Aurelius).
Severus Alexander: RIC 254d. This might be my favourite portrait of them all, nearly as struck. Minted from 231-235 A.D., with the deity Spes (goddess of hope) with the legend SPES PVBLICA - the meaning of this one should be obvious.
Photos were captured by me using a Canon 6D DSLR with kit lens and extension tubes. Cheap ring light and lamp for lighting. Definitely a work in progress, at some point I’ll get a copy stand to get clearer photos!
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2023.03.30 03:48 JLGoodwin1990 I don't shower with my door ajar anymore

I used to shower with my bathroom door open just a crack. For whatever dumb reason, the tiny, cramped apartment bathroom I’ve had to deal with for the last nine years or so loves to steam and fog up, even with the water on warm instead of hot. And, since my crappy as hell landlord refused to fix the ceiling mounted fan which would have ventilated the room, along with the fact it caused the ancient off white paint to sweat and start developing mold patches in any other case, something which he would’ve charged me to clean, I made the decision to leave the door open a bit to allow to steam to escape. For almost a decade, nothing out of the ordinary happened, and I went about my daily life, the habit becoming a routine in my mind.
That was, up until two months or so ago.
You see, I was alone that day. My roommate had gone out for the day to take part in some bowling tournament, and I had the run of the place for the next four to six hours. As it was my day off from work, I decided to start it off with a long, hot, relaxing shower. So, I grabbed a fresh set of towels from the small closet next to my bedroom door, stepped inside, and, after turning on the water to let it warm up, I hopped in. I’d just lathered the shampoo up in my hair when I heard a noise come from just outside the bathroom. It was almost masked by the sound of the water splashing down on me and the floor of the tub, but it was out of place enough that I caught it. Scrape. It was almost the sound you’d hear if you dragged long fingernails down the wall. I froze, the shampoo dripping down over my face making it difficult to see anything at all. The sound came again. Scrape. For a moment, the thought of someone breaking in flashed through my mind; after all, the neighborhood I live in has the nickname of “Methpire” for a reason. But, if someone had broken a window or forced the lock, I would’ve heard it. The place isn’t exactly big enough to miss those sounds.
Finally, I opened my mouth. “Tyler?” Instantly, the sound, which had begun to repeat itself for a third time, ceased, the entire place going silent, save for the water. I felt a small wave of annoyance zap through me. Tyler, this better not be another one of your games, I thought as I hurriedly washed the shampoo out of my hair. My roommate had a habit, being a horror junkie, in delighting in attempting to play pranks on me, knowing I had a tendency to be a little jumpy. Without shutting off the water, I reached out, grabbed a towel off the rack, and stepped out, wrapping it around my waist. “Tyler, I swear to God, if this is another attempt to scare me, I’m going to kick your ass!” I called, striding across the tiled floor and yanking the door all the way open. I looked around. There was nobody in the living room, or the kitchen which opened off of it. I glanced around, then, just to ease my own mind, I walked, first to my bedroom, then Tyler’s, looking in. Both were empty, and there wasn’t exactly any place for someone to quickly hide in either of them.
Huh. I must’ve just been hearing things. Shrugging my shoulders, I turned and jumped back into the shower to finish up. That evening, when Tyler came back home from celebrating with his team, apparently having blitzed the competition, I decide to question him as we sat at the kitchen table, eating Chinese takeout. “Hey, Ty?” I asked casually, glancing up from my chopsticks. “Yeah?” he mumbled out through a mouthful of his food, causing me to roll my eyes at his lack of manners. “You didn’t happen to come home earlier today for a moment, did you?” He looked up at me, a slightly perplexed expression on his face. “Nah, man. I was at the alley until three, and out drinking with the boys until five. Why?” I searched his face. The guy had a tendency to chew a little too much when he was bullshitting me; it was a tell I’d learned to spot of his, thanks to endless nights of playing poker against one another. “No reason. Just, thought I’d heard something while I was in the shower this morning” I looked at him, smirking slightly. “Thought you might’ve come back to grab something you needed, and decided to try and pull one over on me again”
He let out a huge burp in response, then reached forward and grabbed his bottle of Coke, tilting it back and taking a swig. “No, man” he said simply, using the back of his sleeve to wipe his lips, “Besides, if I’d come back and tried to scare you, you’d have known it” He let out a low laugh, one which, after a moment of studying him, I shared. He was clearly telling the truth. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, bro” I said, dropping my chopsticks into the empty container and hocking it over my shoulder into the trash can. He leaned back, and, using his own empty container, feigned being a basketball player and acted like he was making a free throw; the container bounced off the edge, making us both laugh. I pushed what had to be a trick of my mind out of my head, and the two of us spent the rest of the night playing video games and downing beer.
The next week went by without any other strange noises, and I almost completely forgot the strange incident. Ty had gone out for the evening on a date, and after binge watching all three Creature from the Black Lagoon movies, I flicked the television off and headed for the shower. Hopping in, I softly hummed some 50s tune stuck in my mind and lathered myself up with soap. I’d just put the shampoo in my hair, when I heard the scraping sound again. This time, it was a bit louder, and I knew it hadn’t been my imagination. I became still as a statue again, my head under the water and blurred between it and the shampoo slowly being rinsed out of it of its own accord. I almost held my breath, listening. The sound came again; this time, instead of on the wall, the scrape clearly came from the wooden doorway to the bathroom. I felt my heart thudding hard in my chest. Then, my eyes widened as I saw a shadow filter through the opaque shower curtain. It was the shadow of the bathroom door slowly opening.
I found my voice. “Who’s out there?!” I called, attempting to sound as tough and authoritative as I could. Just like last time, the moment I spoke up, all movement and sound ceased, the apartment going silent. This time, however, the air almost felt charged, as if the tension in it were palpable enough to be cut with by a knife. I reached out, wrapping my fingers around the edge of the curtain as I grabbed the closest thing I could find as a weapon: a full bottle of shampoo. It was a pathetic weapon which likely wouldn’t faze any intruder, but, it was still better than nothing. Taking a deep breath, I wrenched the curtain back, the sound of the hooks scraping on the metal pole almost sounding like a scream in the quiet. Just like last time, there was no sign of a soul. The only thing that gave away that anything had changed, was that the bathroom door was, indeed, standing wide open; the darkened outline of the living room beyond made me feel uneasy. I couldn’t place why, but it almost felt as if the gloom held a threatening atmosphere. Shutting off the water, I stepped out and wrapped the towel around my waist.
Stepping to the doorway, I reached out into the dark and felt around the edge of the door until my fingers found the light switch. Instantly, the dark was banished away by the bright white light overhead. I could see that nobody was in sight in the living room. This time, however, I wasn’t taking any chances. Water still dripping off me, I strode across the living room to where I’d dropped my belt I wore when out on the job as a plumber. I reached down and pulled a rather large pipe wrench from its place, gripping it with wet, and, admittedly, slightly shaky hands. The kitchen was clearly devoid of life, and I focused my vision on the two bedrooms, which lay dark. My door was wide open, but Ty’s was slightly closed. I glanced at the hook on the wall, noting that his car keys weren’t hanging from them next to mine. He’s not home, which means….shit. I felt my muscles tense up. I seriously didn’t want to deal with some homeless junkie who had someone gotten himself inside and was trying to find something to steal, or worse, attack me in some drug fueled rage.
I forced myself to speak loudly and tough as I could. “I’m warning you; if anyone is in here, I am armed!” I didn’t add the fact it was a wrench and not a gun. “If you come out and just leave, this’ll go a lot easier!” Silence. The only sound I could hear was a car passing by outside. I called again. “Look, I’m in no mood for this, so come out, and get the hell out of my place!” Still nothing. But, I felt an odd sensation, one which caused the hairs on my arms to stand up straight, even damp. It was the feeling of being watched. My eyes caught the flicker of movement. A shadow seemed to draw back away from my roommate’s half closed door. I knew right there and then I should’ve called the cops, but, some dumb sense of bravado had come over me, and I wanted to be like those tough guys in the older movies, taking care of things themselves. “This is your final warning!” I called to the bedroom. After about twenty seconds of more silence, I drew in a deep breath, raised the wrench as high over my head as I could, and, letting out a bellowing yell, dashed for the bedroom door as if I were simultaneously a football linebacker, and an Olympic torch carrier.
I burst through the door like a charging bull, the door smashing into the wall behind it with the sickening crunch of plaster breaking. I shot my free arm out and wrenched the light switch up. The room was empty. Ty’s scattered clothes, records and game cases lay strewn about the floor like always. I looked around. The closet. Each of us had a small, walk in style closet on the far wall of our respective rooms. Taking another deep breath, and still holding the wrench above my head like a caveman’s club, I strode to the sliding doors and grabbed the handle, yanking it open with a scream of protest from its track. I forced aside the clothes hanging on the rack. Nothing. As I stared at the back wall, the feeling of being stared at came again, this time from almost directly behind me. I swear I could actually feel someone – or something, breathing down my neck.
Moving on pure instinct, I pivoted around and swung the wrench with all the strength I had – at nothing. There was nothing and nobody behind me. What the actual hell is going on here? I wondered. As I stood there, feeling as though something had been behind me and had simply dematerialized out of existence when I turned and swung, I heard the sound of a key in the front door, then the laughs of Ty and what had to be his date as they stepped inside. “I’m telling you, you did great at darts, babe!” Ty exclaimed. Both of them stopped and stared at me when they reached his bedroom door. I know I must’ve looked weird, standing in his room wearing only a towel and holding a wrench. After a moment of silence, he spoke. “..Uh, Jimmy, boy, what the hell are you doing?” I blinked a few times, trying to find my voice. Finally, I spoke.
“I swear I heard someone in here, man” I said, my voice trailing off slightly. I saw the two of them exchange nervous looks. “What you mean, dude?” he asked, his eyes looking around. “I mean, I heard the exact same sound as last time, only the bathroom door swung open. I came out, thought I heard someone moving around in your room, and came in here” I replied, feeling only confusion and embarrassment sweep over me. I could tell he believed I had heard something, and to ease my worries, he had his date sit in the room, and together, we swept the place, looking in every closet and under both beds. But we found no trace of anyone. I shook my head as he prepared to go into his bedroom. “I don’t get it” I muttered softy. He patted me on the shoulder. “I think the bathroom door may just be a bit loose on its hinges, my dude” he said, trying to reassure me. “I’ll check it out in the morning. Go dry yourself off and get some sleep” He punched me lightly on the arm. “And hey, no scary movies late at night for you, okay? You’re starting to hear things go bump in the night for real!”
He let out a laugh, one which I mirrored, but didn’t feel. The feeling of eyes on me had vanished, but the apartment still held an uneasy feeling. It stayed as I dried off, dressed into a pair of pajama bottoms, and climbed into bed. I could hear Ty in the next room, doing exactly what I figured he’d be doing with his date, and rolled my eyes. Hearing that shit gets old after a while. Still, I reached out, grabbed the remote and flicked on the small TV on my bureau for background noise. It took a very long time to drift off to sleep that night, and when I did, my dreams – nightmares, actually, were of a dark, shadowy figure creeping slowly towards my ajar bathroom door, the sounds of the shower on spilling out from it. As it reached out to push open the door, I snapped awake, sitting straight up in bed with a sheen of sweat covering my face and body.
For the next two weeks, I tried as hard as possible not to stay alone in that place. I only showered when I could hear my friend moving around in his room, or out in the living room. Whenever I knew Ty was going out for any reason, I’d either find an excuse to join him, or just go out and do something in town. The sense of being watched hadn’t returned after that night, but I wasn’t taking any chances. Something about the place just, felt like it had changed. Something almost imperceptible, which I couldn’t place. But, it seemed to do the trick, as nothing weird or creepy happened.
Then, one day, as I was sitting in a café sipping on a coffee, my phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket, and saw it was my boss calling me. Great, on my day off I thought exasperatedly, then hit the button to answer it. “Yeah?” Instantly, I heard the gruff voice of Rick, my boss on the other end, yelling to someone else. “No, no, no! Steven, how many times do I have to tell you, counter-clock ways!” His voice got louder as he must’ve put it back to his head. “James, you there?” he asked. “Yep” I replied simply. He let out a sigh. “Look, I know today’s your day off, but we’re over here at the Bannerman property, and two of the pipes burst” He let out a long groan of frustration. “One of them is real bad. I’m able to get one of them fixed, but, our new employee” his voice took on an undisguised tone of disgust, “decided to make it worse by fucking the pipe up worse” He finished, letting a moment of silence spread out before speaking again. “So, I apologize, but I need you to come in. You’ll get paid overtime, of course” I nodded, more to myself than anything, then let out a sigh of my own. “Yeah, I’ll be in. Just let me swing by my place and pick up my tools” I said.
“Don’t forget to quickly hit the shower before getting over here, James” he quickly added, “You know old man Bannerman gets pissy about anyone not being freshly clean coming in here, due to being a germophobe. So, I’ll expect you to be here in thirty minutes” And with that, he clicked off before I could say anything. Not that I could, anyways. At the mention of a shower, I felt a shiver run up my spine. I knew Ty was out; his bowling team was off in the next town on another tournament. Which would mean I’d have to shower in the empty apartment. And that’s something I really do not want to do. But, I had no choice. If I just grabbed my tools and slipped into my jumpsuit, I’d get chewed out, first by Old Man Bannerman, and then Rick for not following orders set down both by him, and the man we’d contracted to repair and replace the pipes of his huge sprawling mansion.
Sighing, I paid for my coffee and drove back to the apartment. When I opened the door, I had a flash of panic seize through me. I thought the feeling I’d had before would come back as soon as I stepped inside. But, the apartment felt normal, the cloudy light filtering in through the half open kitchen and living room window blinds. I looked around, then shook my head. Stop being such a baby, Jimmy. There’s nothing in here except you. You’ll be fine, just take the shower, and book it. Feeling more resolved, I strode across to my room, gathering my undershirt and jumpsuit. For peace of mind, I also grabbed the same pipe wrench I’d held that night from the belt hanging over the edge of the couch, and carried it into the bathroom with me, placing it on top of the pile of clothes sitting on the toilet lid. For a moment, I debated on just closing the bathroom door, but, like the previous feeling, shook it away and left it ajar. Ty should’ve fixed the hinges by now, anyways.
I reached into the shower and turned the water on, waiting for it to warm up. After I saw the steam begin to rise out from over the curtain, I stepped inside, grabbing the bar of soap and quickly beginning to scrub myself. I rinsed myself off with no problems, then grabbed the shampoo and lathered up my hair. As I scrubbed into my scalp, the soap began to drip down into my eyes, obscuring my vision. That’s when I heard the scraping sound come again. Only this time, it was much louder and more pronounced than any time I’d heard it before. I felt a chill run up my spine, despite the hot water flowing down over it. It came again, just outside the bathroom door. I took a deep breath. “Tyler?” I called out, thinking the sound would stop as it had both times before. But this time, it didn’t. Instead, I heard it scrape louder, almost on the bathroom door itself. I felt my breath catch in my throat as I saw the dark shape of the bathroom door swing open.
And then, the bathroom lights flicked off, plunging me into darkness. There was still a little light filtering in from the living room, but everything was now in gloom. What. The. Fuck. My heart was thundering in my chest as I slowly stepped back. I knew the distance from the edge of the tub to the toilet seat where my wrench lay was less than two feet. I could reach out and snatch it in a heartbeat. The scraping sound came again, loud as I’d ever heard it; it came from inside the bathroom somewhere, near the door. And then it stopped entirely. Aside from the sound of the water running, the apartment fell silent. Not a deadly silence, not a tension filled silence, just, silent. I stared for the longest time, what had to be only about fifteen seconds, but what felt like two hours, at the dim outline of the open door. I saw nothing. I turned to pull the curtain next to me back. And I screamed.
The dark outline of a figure, darker than any of the rest of the gloom, stood almost directly on the other side of the curtain, less than a foot from me. If it’d been any closer, it would’ve been pressing into the curtain itself. It stood completely motionless, though I could tell it was looking in my direction from the feeling washing over me in waves, sending a tsunami of chills through me. I couldn’t tell whether it was a man or woman, or hell, if it was even human. It was a human like figure; that was all I could tell. My breath came out in a ragged gasp, and I involuntarily let out a whisper. “Oh, fuck me…”
That was when it lunged at me. I let out a loud scream as the curtain pressed in against its weight, wrapping around it, and subsequently me as I saw arms reaching out to grab me. The momentum of it smashing into me caused me to slip on the wet shower floor, and I went flying backwards. My head smashed into the tub’s faucet, causing me to let out a cry of pain and stars to flash in my vision as I fell to the floor of the tub. It was still there, as I could feel it on top of me, but it never let out a single sound. Something sharp jabbed into my leg, and I let out another scream at the sudden explosion of pain come from my thigh. Another jammed into my shoulder, and I kicked out at the dark figure inches from my face through the curtain. I felt it impact something, but it seemed to have no effect. Another stab of pain came from my shoulder as whatever it was using, a weapon or…claws, jammed into the wound it had already made. I kept screaming as I thrashed around, trying to jam myself into a position where I could reach out.
I heard furious knocking coming from my front door, but it sounded like it was a mile away. “Help me!” I screamed as loudly as I could, still lashing out. Just as I began to feel woozy, I felt my hand brush the edge of the toilet seat, and with it, the cold metal handle of my wrench. Grabbing it as hard as I could, I swung out with all my remaining strength into what had to be the head of the thing. It seemed to stumble a bit at the blow, and I used that precious second to wrench myself out from underneath it, tumbling over the edge of the tub and onto the bathroom floor. I heard it thrashing about with the fallen shower curtain, furiously tearing at it in an attempt to get to me. But I was stumbling to my feet, noting as I did the amount of blood falling to the floor. I struggled to the front door as I heard it finally break free, crashing back onto the bathroom floor, but still remaining silent. I unlocked the door and wrenched it open, revealing the concerned face of my next door neighbor.
When he saw my condition, his face paled. Before I had a chance to say anything, I yelled. “I’m being attacked, it’s in there!” pointing back towards the bathroom. Grabbing me, he pulled me into his open apartment door, slamming it closed and locking it. He quickly brought me a bathrobe and called the police. As he did, I could hear the sounds of it tearing through the apartment, doing God only knows what. It stayed that way until I heard the wail of sirens coming down the road, at which point, I heard everything fall silent in my apartment. A few moments later, I heard the thundering of steps pound up the stairs to the second floor, followed by the yell of the officers. After a few minutes, my neighbor and I heard the hard knock at his door. “Police!”
I was helped to an ambulance, where I was taken to the hospital. In addition to splitting open my scalp on the faucet, I’d been cut up pretty badly, though by what, the doctors couldn’t tell me. They couldn’t even tell themselves. “It’s the damndest thing” one told me as they sewed the wounds closed, “If it hadn’t been for the fact you’d seen a person, I would’ve said you’d been attacked by an animal. These look like puncture wounds from claws!”
The police never found a trace of what had attacked me. I already knew they wouldn’t. It wasn’t a man who’d attacked me. It hadn’t even been human. The case is still open to this day, though I’ve long since stopped getting update calls from the detectives in charge of the case. Tyler and I moved out of the apartment as soon as I left the hospital; he chose to stay at his new girlfriend’s house while I recovered. He’s under the belief I was attacked by an intruder, as is everyone else I know. I just say that whenever anyone asks. It’s easier that way, then trying to explain what I know won’t be believed. That’s why I’m posting this here. I just, feel the need to have to tell someone what actually happened to me that day. This is a place I know I’ll be believed, or at least, won’t be called nuts for it. That figure simply appeared on the other side of the curtain. I never saw it cross the room, and I know, even in the dark, I would have. And even then. Nothing human could possibly be been that silent.
I also know someone else moved into that apartment since then, though I don’t know who they are. I pray they won’t ever end up receiving a visit from…whatever that thing was. The two of us are now renting a nice, relatively cheap two bedroom house miles away from that place. I’ve never felt the sensation of being watched again, and I’ve thankfully never heard the scraping sound. At least, in my waking hours. I still hear it in my dreams, though. I still see that shape standing just on the other side of the curtain in the dark. It will likely stay there until the day I’m on my deathbed. I always feel tense now when I step into the bathroom to wash myself, but, I’ve always felt safe in my new place.
I don’t shower with my door ajar anymore. I make sure it’s closed and firmly locked before I undress and hop in. I’ve always felt safe in my new place, but, I’m not taking any chances.
Because I don’t know if it’s trapped in that apartment. Or if it can leave whenever it wants.
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2023.03.30 03:45 Rorschach2012 Thinking About Buying In Finally

Hello everyone! New to the community, but hopefully here to stay. I have been looking at buying a used Jeep and finally found one, but know little to nothing about aftermarket modifications.
The Jeep I am currently looking at is a modded 2017 Jeep Sahara Unlimited JK with 93,000 miles on it. I have been doing as much research into the specific model and have found that the 2017 Wrangler JK seems to overall be a solid vehicle with the majority of poor reviews coming from complaints about in cabin noise and overall comfort of the ride (which doesn't particularly bother me).
I am here in hopes that a few Jeep gurus in this community can guide me a bit better in this buying process, and have posted the aftermarket specs of the vehicle below.
The dealer has the vehicle listed at $30,000 and I test drove the vehicle yesterday without any noticeable issues, although I did not take the vehicle over 70mph (which I fully intend to on the freeway prior to purchasing, as the Jeep is lifted and I would like to make sure death wobble is not an issue). I am also curious as to what other potential issues I should be wary of when buying a vehicle like this...
Daily driving a Jeep has always been a lifelong dream of mine, and I am finally at a point in my life where I can afford one. So I ask you, Jeeps, is this the right one, or am I potentially getting in way over my head.
Thank you so much in advance for any help/advice!
Suspension:JKS 3.5” LiftFox 2.0 ShocksRock Jock AntiRock SwaybarsRock Jock lower control arms with Johnny Joints
Steering:JKS Track BarMetalcloak HD Tie RodMetalcloak HD Drag Link
Bumpers:ARB Front StubbyEAG Rear with Tire Carrier
Fender:EAG Flat fenders (steel) with EAG steel wheel well liners. I also put dense foam inserts on the backside of the fender flares to keep them from rubbing the paint off the body
ElectronicsWarn Winch with synthetic line and cover for the winch (can’t remember if it’s the 8,000lb or 10,000lb but it works well).7” LED off-road lights on bumper4” LED light pods on A-PillarVoswitch 8 switch panel. I had all lights and an ARB compressor hooked up to it and it ran great. The button all the way to the left is pressure sensitive. Hold your finger against it and it will brighten/dim the lights
Hike IT-XS Throttle Controller. You can program a code into this to completely disable the throttle. Someone could break in and even start the vehicle, but it won’t go anywhere. I have the manual for this
Exhaust is a Flowmaster Super 10
Wheels are 18x10 Axe Off-road with -40 offset (so no need for a wheels spacer)Tires are 35x12.5.
Mounts on the dash are Bullet Point. The clip to the left is obviously for your phone. The mount to the right of that is for mounting a Go Pro for your off-road shenanigans
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2023.03.30 03:43 Majestic_Bee1852 Has anyone got the Sengled smart light switch to work in HomeKit?

I have the HomeKit compatible hub and my bulbs show up, but I don't see the switch in HomeKit after successfully adding it to the Sengled hub in the Sengled app. Anyone have any luck getting this to show up in HomeKit?
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2023.03.30 03:40 Foxdog175 How to designate a specific time on the timeline as beat 1?

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2023.03.30 03:35 Normul8or Gigabyte Z690 persistant error messages - CPU & DRAM alternating flashing LED errors.

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone out there has an idea to fix my problem that I haven't already tried. As the title implies, I haven't been able to get my computer to post because I've had a persistant error message on my MoBo. I'm using the Gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4 motherboard withan i5 13600KF and Team Group T-Force Delta DDR4 Ram (3200 CL16) 16X2 GB. Since building the rig on Saturday I've spent parts of 3 days, a total of probably 10 hours at least, trying to fix the problem, but to no avail!
Under complete build, I get a double error, with the red LEDs for CPU and DRAM flashing back and forth between one another. When I remove the second stick of RAM from B2, leaving just the solo stick in A2, the CPU LED light is no longer flashing, but I still get the DRAM error light, this time continuous (not flashing).
I flashed the BIOS with the latest version multiple times including times where I cleared the CMOS, even going so far as to remove the battery on a couple of occassions.
I read one post where someone with the same CPU as me who was getting the same errors was able to get to post by using the v.20 of the BIOS, so I tried that, but unfortunately it made no difference for me.
I've tried every step both with and without the graphics card installed, I have an ASUS 4070ti, all error messages persisted.
I tried some older DDR4 Ram from my current computer (Ballistix by Micron "sport" 2x8GB) which of course has been working for years, and the pattern of error messages was the same. Although, given the RAM is 6 years old there is a chance that it just isn't compatible with the MoBo.
I went to the Gigabyte website and looked up my exact motherboard and went to the compatible RAM section to confirm that the T-Force Ram I have is confirmed compatible. Under Team Group I did not find the EXACT 19 digit alpha-numeric code, but I did find one that was 18/19, with one of the digits at the end (which is probably just run number) off by a couple letters. Given this, I don't think it's a compatability issue, but who knows!
Given that the CPU error light goes away when I go to a single stick of RAM it doesn't feel like it could be an issue with the CPU but in order to leave no stone unturned, I did remove my cooler (Thermalright dual towefan) and reseat my CPU chip, ensuring that no pins were bent. However, once again my efforts were to no avail.
So, at this point I have no idea what to do next. I'm hoping that someone here on Reddit is going to bring me a magical solution to my problems, but short of that, I feel I'm probably amongst the rare cases of having a piece of bad hardware. Therefore, I guess the next step is to replace something. Given that I tried both sticks of RAM individually in the A2 slot and they both failed to get past the error message it seems unlikely that the RAM is faulty, but it isn't impossible that this specific T-Force kit just isn't compatible with my MoBo. Having said all that I think I want to buy a different RAM kit first and hope, since it is the much easier alternative to returning the MoBo. But at this point my frustration levels have me so flustered I don't know what the right thing to do is.
Thanks to everyone who has read this far and I really appreciate anyone who can take a stab at solving my problem.
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