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2023.06.08 00:20 PennyHopeWrites I’m a lesbian who fell in love with a man?

Does that make me bisexual? I should add I’m closeted to the world.
I live, and have lived, my life between at least two realities since I can remember. Some are the simple dualities like happy and sad. While others are more complex, straight versus homosexual. I live these realities in secret, like the mom hiding in the pantry to eat the last pack of gushers (because guilty treats are the best) while pinteresting. You won’t catch us, but if you look closely you’ll find the evidence. That ladies and gentlemen is my life. I’m living in a pantry shoving my face with adult guilty pleasures and unhealthy childhood snacks with red dye 4.
I knew I was attracted to women in 2003. I was 20 years old. I was in college and “Thunderstruck” raged through the bar. Every sweaty, horny, drunk boy and girl within the building lined up rows deep at the bar for a mouthful of sweet, watered down, liquor poured from the bottles of barely clothed girls standing on top of a bar. I was right there waiting with my mouth open and head back. My boyfriend right beside me. That man boy I called a boyfriend was the best. I loved him as much as I could and he made me feel beautiful, but he never stood a chance. I preferred the sweaty girl with the thick thighs that grind (now some version of twerking) next to me on the dance floor. I’d never act on the attraction. I’d dream of it. Wonder what my life would be if I’d say it, “I am a lesbian.” My boyfriend was amazing. He was good in bed. He soon became my ex. Then onto the next.
I dated many boys. Most long term for years after that. I always wished they had boobs and a vagina. I wished they had the gentleness of a females lips and the piercing gaze of the barista at the local coffee shop. That’s not to say I wasn’t appreciative of men. The scruffy, masculine ones that bordered between the Jim Halperts and Dwayne Johnsons of the world were especially pleasing. So being in relationships with handsome men who finger fucked me with purpose and held my hips in such a domineering way as a road them in perfect rhythm wasn’t a bad way to spend the hedonistic years of my 20s, but I longed for the females touch, conversation, and love. I would never experience it.
Then I married the greatest human I’ve ever met, never having felt what it was to know the lips of a female.
Now I’m here on Reddit. Working toward a project of coming into the light, my light. Today seemed like the best day to do this.
Hello Reddit. Am I doing this right?
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2023.06.08 00:19 Immediate-Shape-2957 Stuck in a Rut

I am about to start University to finish my education. I am going through a transition. I seem to be stuck in jobs with dishonest people who are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. I keep ending up with horrendous bosses and getting passed by good ones.
I got fired from my last job for doing my job. I was enforcing company policy. I was in a low position of management.
Employees would disappear for hours at a time, while the boss claimed "they are getting better". I would ask them to clock out while "handling their business". The employees of course manipulate the situation by freaking out, "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU BOTHERING ME? YOU ARE TARGETING ME!! THIS IS HARASSMENT. IS HE GONNA ASSAULT ME? HE IS WALKING TO THE BREAK AREA TO CHECK ON ME."
She left her responsibilities for others' to pick up on a daily basis. I would warn them of potential barriers to success... and then they of course happen. They left the doors to the business unlocked after hours in a highly "transients persons" area. Of course these persons came in and stole shit. No surprise there.
She has "problems holding onto good employees because they don't want to work." Her (blatantly) drug addict friend that does most of the work for her is enabled by her. If you have ever known a true addict... in and out of rehab.. doing everything they can to escape responsibility or any type of repercussions for their actions. The only surround themselves with enablers and "fixers". He is textbook addict.
The boss uses statements like, "Well I am the boss, you are not. Shut up, you obviously don't know what you are doing." Ironically, she fired me for the "way I talked to her in feedback I left". She referenced some paperwork (we have to fill it out and leave feedback everyday, which she of course has not done for MONTHS) where I left feedback. I stated a potential issue they were going to run into and said "shame on you" for allowing this to happen anyways. It affected the public they served while her personal paycheck increased.. not the company's value... but her paycheck.
Am I doomed to working with people like this forever? Is this unfortunately the world I live in? Is it me? Am I the asshole here? Or are these people the absolute low-life society-sucking dumbasses I think they are?
I just want to do my job and enjoy the incredible luxury we have of having work and being able to get paid to do it. Then I run into these folks who can't stand the thought of somebody coming into their life and revealing them for who they truly are. All I wanted to do was work and do what I was supposed to do.
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2023.06.08 00:19 moar_pomegranites Trying to work out why automower area looks worse
Title says it all, first two photos are from the one area of my lawn not maintained by the automower, the rest are. It's a 430xh set to max cut height, 3.6 inches, I mow the other area at 4 inches. The area maintained by the automower looks significantly worse, and I just can't figure out why. The area the automower maintains gets proper irrigation, fertilizer, weed control etc. The non automower maintained area gets no irrigation but does get fertilized and weed treatments.
My first real question is, does anyone have a nice looking high cut (3 inches or greater) lawn maintained by an automower? If so whats your schedule like? I run mine with weather timer on and 5 days a week 16 hours scheduled time.
Otherwise I'd just wonder if the way it looks is the best I'm gonna get.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can respond.
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2023.06.08 00:19 Usernamesarehell Overwhelmed by my dissertation

I am taking my MA part time (U.K.) and entering into my final module which is a research dissertation. This course sets up the learners by allowing a mini research project at module 3 ahead of the dissertation at module 6. Due to covid restrictions I couldn’t complete that module and moved to an independent study instead and missed out on the practise round for my diss. I’ve also been undergoing alot of personal life admin due to bereavement and a flooded house. I buried my head in the sand and did not communicate well with my university and they granted an extended deadline for my missed deadline, but did not grant the time back for the dissertation, meaning I started 3 months behind my peers. I don’t qualify for anymore interruptions or extenuating circumstances but I am short on time. The course being part time means I am working full time too (it’s a professional practise MA, and a requirement to keep my place on the course), and my advisor is very blunt and unforgiving.
What can I do to make the most of time and stay on top of my work? It is due mid September, I have ethical approval, but not the participants. I don’t have time to redesign this study if I don’t get anymore volunteers, and I don’t have time to apply for new ethical approval if it does need changing.
Totally overwhelmed. Advice welcomed!
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2023.06.08 00:19 schleep_one Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I

Imma just get to the point, does anyone else feel like this gun is the most inaccurate POS ever when compared to the other rifles? It’s like I can’t crack it and idk if it’s just not the gun for me or if it’s because of the insane amount of sight sway i need go still get used to or what. I actually love bolts too and with any other one, or rifle in general, I honestly feel like I can’t be stopped a lot of the time, but with the Lee-Enfield i’m sooo not confident getting into gun fights and i’m just wondering if anyone else feels similar. It just feels like my shots aren’t hitting when they should so often but I could be tripping.
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2023.06.08 00:19 Admirable-Scratch328 Surgery with left-right confusion -- is it possible?

Hi all, I'm a med student and surgery is what I have always wanted to do. I also have left-right confusion. I am wondering if this is disqualifying in a surgeon. I have done my surgery rotation and it went OK but I had issues, not related to this but institution-specific, that meant I did not get a lot of experience actually assisting as opposed to just watching or retracting.
Before anyone tells me, just use the "L trick" where you extend your hands and see which one forms an "L", yes I have tried and it does not work for me because they look the same to me. Or the trick where you just memorize which hand you write with--I was never able to distinguish L/R well enough to develop a hand preference and am completely ambidextrous (something I personally think I have going for me re surgery!), and usually do not notice which hand I am writing with, I just use whichever seems more convenient. As well as every other trick in the book. Another FAQ, no I don't have dyslexia--reading has never been a problem for me and in fact I once tested this and am able to read text with random letters reversed, or completely backwards, just as fluently as text with all the letters facing the right direction.
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2023.06.08 00:18 justmebeingbored21 am i being crazy?

i don't know if this is the right spot for this but i need some opinions and i don't know if i'll be able to explain the situation for it to make sense but i'll try. i'm starting with some backstory. my partners family doesn't like me. ever since he moved out they've hated me. i'm close with some members but not a lot. the past couple of years had been challenging. i was constantly being trash talked by his family and had a couple really traumatic events happen and they were using them to hurt me. then i miscarried. and it all became too much. i had told a trusted member of his family what was going on and all the things that had happened and that i had recently miscarried and it was becoming too much. this family member tried to speak with the others and told them basically to give me a break and that i had been through a lot and that some of it was something having women's support on as it was something only a woman could understand. they truly were just trying to help so i would be able to breathe a little bit. unfortunately some of the family figured out what she was saying and it was told to a couple people. so this year's mother's day weekend i had to make it public i had miscarried. i wasn't ready to but i didn't want people i loved to hear it from someone else. so i posted that it had happened and moved on. unfortunately it was talked about at the get together the next day and some were saying i was faking it. a few days later my partner and i got a text from his mother about how we had been invited to a family baby shower and sent a picture of the invite. which doesn't sound like a huge problem but my mil doesn't like me and i had been begging for months to be let know when family events were happening so i could ensure my partner and i would be there because my partner never remembers and they've ignored that for months this was the first and only time i had been included. there has been family events since she sent us this text and she hasn't included me in the plans. she's only told my partner. am i crazy for feeling like it was a backhanded thing and i'm just emotional because it's an emotional thing to deal with. or does it seem backhanded? i just feel stupid that i'm so upset but it hurt me so bad especially as people were talking about how i was faking my miscarriage a few days prior. i don't know. i just need advice or opinions on if i'm crazy or not.
edit: my partner and i have been together for three years and he moved out about two months into our relationship so their cruelty has been happening for 3 years straight hence how i can't tell if i'm crazy or not
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2023.06.08 00:18 onism1999 do i have to buy my usfcard before orientation? and how does online orientation work??

hey, upper level transfer, my orientation is online and in like 2 days and ngl i completely forgot about some of the tasks on mybullspath lmao. i only have the usfcard thing and "view my tuition and fees" not done but are marked as required. do i have to get those sorted out? theyre both like grey and the packet i got from my confirmation said (im assuming) theyre things i have to do later. im already registered for all of my classes so far so im just a bit confused.
also, how do i get access to the orientation meeting on teams when its time?? am i supposed to have a link sent or something? does it show up on its own when its closer to the meeting time? nothing is showing on my teams app and i really dont think i was ever given a link. i did the pre orientation course on canvas as well as the overview of my college thing (CAS) so im not sure if im doing something wrong or if im just horribly anxious
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2023.06.08 00:18 Luka_Petrov I have a hard time pronouncing " ר " the way I should and whenever I do my throat hurts , would it be a huge deal if I pronounce it as a Serbian " r " ?

So I am from Serbia and here we do not have such a sound and it is unnatural to me . I had the same problem when I was learning French in school . And for English I have decided to not change my Serbian accent since it does not change the meaning of the words and I am still understandable , but also it adds a flavour to it that I like . In case some of you do not know how a Serbian " r " sounds , skip to 2:43 in this video .
I have a similar problem with " כ " and " ח " , my throat hurts whenever I pronounce it the way I should . More natural way for me to pronounce it is as a " k " ( 2:15 in the video above ) and " h " ( 3:03 in the video above ) .
As said , my question is would it make me not understandable if I were to do it this way ? Also I am not trying to copy the accent that natives have , just as how I never tried to copy American/British accent .
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2023.06.08 00:18 mood_rider What's up with Perry?

In nearly all of the footage I've seen of the current North American tour, Perry always seems so zoned out or checked out of the performance. I know there's some concentration involved while performing but all of the other band members look like they are engaged with each show to some degree. They'll interact with each other, smile, goof around onstage and seem like playing live is somewhat enjoyable. Roger looks like he's going through the motions at times but he will at least interact with the crowd or crack a smile on occasion. Perry just constantly looks zombified, or like he's thinking "I've made a horrible mistake". When he shuffles offstage during the encore breaks or at the end of the gig he looks just shell-shocked. Not sure if he really wants to be there or not, or if he's just doing it because he's contractually obligated or what. Does he need some milk? Who knows. Anybody else notice that or am I just being a little too hard on the poor dude?
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2023.06.08 00:18 AdmiralCrunchy Horn of Roshan

Horn of Roshan
Lore: Broken off piece of the mighty Roshan's horn... he's probably looking for this!
Shareable: Yes
Destroyable: Yes
Usage Alert: Yes
Description: Blowing into this horn will summon the mighty Roshan to a targeted location to aid you in battle. He will burrow from his current location knocking back all units initial location as well as his end location. Roshan will have additional abilities once he is summoned into battle that he will use depending number of hero units around him. While he is on your side; he will do as he pleases, prioritizing enemy heroes with no regards to allies so don't get in his way!
Cast Range: 600
Channel Time: 1.2
Burrow Radius: 300
Knockback Distance: 425
Knockback Damage: 60 + (6 per Minute on Game Timer)
Bonus Spell Search Radius: 1800
Roshan Movement Speed Buff: 15%
Duration: 16


Roshan Bonus Abilities
Bonus Abilities will be active depending on how many allied and enemy heroes are present around Roshan during the duration of the spell. These Spells can effect both allies and enemies. Meepo Clones and Spirit Bear will count towards the count. Roshan will only cast spells if there is at least 1 enemy unit within his vicinity. Cooldown's persist through death.
2 - 3 Heroes
Damage Type: Physical
Pierces Spell Block (On picked up Unit) Pierces Debuff Immunity (On Picked Up Unit )
Description: Roshan will pick up the closest enemy or allied hero and throw them at the nearest enemy or allied hero. This spell prioritizes enemy heroes for both pick up and throw target
Cast Range: 1400
Search Radius: 400
Pickup Radius: 275
Toss Duration: 1
Damage: 20 + (4 per Minute on Game Timer)
Cooldown: 4
4 - 6 Heroes
Fire Breathe
Damage Type: Magical Damage
Description: Roshan will unleash the fire continuous flames in a cone, doing burning damage per second as well as melting away armor.
Starting Radius: 175
Range: 800
End Radius: 225
Flame Duration: 2.5
Stack Accumulation Time: 0.25
Armor Reduction per stack: 1
Armor Reduction Duration per Stack: 5
Burn Duration: 5
Damage per Second: 10 + ( 1 per Minute on Game Timer)
Cooldown: 12
7 - 9 Heroes
Wave of Force
Damage Type: Magical
Description: Roshan will slam the ground unleashing devastating radial waves unleashed front back and to the sides. The closer an enemy is to Roshan the farther they are pushed back.
Starting Radius: 175
Travel Distance: 800
End Radius: 225
Min Knockback: 0
Max Knockback: 700
Knockback Duration: 0.8
Damage: 100 + (3 per Minute on Game Timer)
Cooldown: 20
10+ Heroes
Damage Type: Magical
Beam Spawn Radius: 400 - 1200
Beam Radius: 175
Effect Delay: 2
Damage: 500 + (2 per Minute on Game Timer)
Cooldown: 60
Description: Roshan launches devastating beams of incineration from the sky at all enemy heroes outside 400, but unit range but within 1200 range.
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2023.06.08 00:18 Environmental_Day585 Struggles to pay for Vyvanse, don't know what insurance information to believe online

Hey folks :-)
I am trying to figure out how much I might have to pay for Vyvanse if I make the switch as I'm currently on an immediate-release medication and can't get enough active time out of it. I have a BlueCross-affiliated insurance provider with pretty good coverage which states that Tier 2 preferred-brand medication (which Vyvanse is included in) requires me to pay 20% coinsurance. Their website still tells me that a 30-day supply on my plan is $380, but Takeda's website states that my copay should be $25 to $35 (which sounds more correct if I had a savings card). I'm honestly not sure which one to believe, if either of them. I was told that methylphenidate 20mg would be something like a $40 copay and it only turned out to be $19, but that's a generic so I don't know if it's the same situation.
Does anyone have experience with having to fight their insurance to get their medication covered or otherwise trying to pay for prohibitively expensive Vyvanse? I've been skimming some articles online but I don't really feel that they apply to me. Any advice or stories would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
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2023.06.08 00:18 raphabrb Connecting by Facebook

Connecting by Facebook
Hello, I have a secondary (Playing on PC) account created in 2022 and I linked it to facebook, how do I connect this account in the game? Does anyone know how the procedure is? Ty
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2023.06.08 00:17 Deanerys23 PC Build Advice 1500€ +

Hey guys, first of all, I really don't have much of a clue about PCs and their individual parts. The last PC I assembled myself after intensive research on the internet was easily 10 years ago.
I need a new PC so once again I'm doing some research and getting opinions before I build a new PC again. I have a budget of about 1500 euros +/-
What should it be able to do and what is it mainly used for? Mainly for gaming and therefore should be able to handle current Triple A titles on the highest settings in 1440p, as far as possible for the price. In addition, it should be future-proof. After some initial research I came up with the configuration. For the graphics card, I opted for the 7900 XT instead of the 4070 Ti because it has 20 GB of RAM instead of 12 GB. It's also a bit safer looking into the future, and I don't necessarily need RT or similar features right now. I also opted for the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D instead of an Intel because it has better gaming values. All in all, I'm within my budget.
What do you think, do you have a better configuration for the budget, is this a bit overkill for my ambition? or does mine fit? Would you suggest changes? I'm happy about every tip. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.08 00:17 cheap_asian_man Train track in Palmetto and Bradenton

Train track in Palmetto and Bradenton
There is a CSX train track between 8th Ave W and S Taimiami Trail that goes from Palmetto into Bradenton. I'm wondering if any one living in that area knows how often the they see the trains using that railroad track and does it blow the horn while crossing the roads?
I'm trying to see how much railroad noise is in that area. I also checked the National Transportation Noise Map and in 2018 it didn't show that there was any noise from the railroad there. Not sure if that has changed though. Thanks for any information
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2023.06.08 00:17 the_mysterious_throw Nobody takes me seriously when i tell them i want to die

They say reach out to the people you love. But when i do, when i tell them im depressed, when i tell them i want to die, i want to kill myself, they always say im overreacting. "YOU'LL BE FINE, STOP OVERRACTING OH MY GODDD." So much has and still is happening in my life, mental pain, A LOT of physical pain (that i can't control since its health) college life, etc. All i have is a girlfriend, and my family. But not only does my girlfriend yell at me 24/7, force me to do stuff i don't wanna do, and when i talk about my mental health, my health in general, she says im overreacting, and starts yelling at me. the same goes for my family. I want to die. I know you don't care. I know nobody would care. But i want to die. And since nobody cares, i might as well do it
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2023.06.08 00:17 bitteNameeinfuegen He's to passive or just ignores the root of the problem. Only trying to deal with the damage

He's to passive or just ignores the root of the problem. Only trying to deal with the damage
He's transphobic. He thinks I'm overreacting because "I didn't have it that bad". He is refusing to accept the fact that his wife was abusive to their children. Everything in that passive/ignoring way.
I love him a lot, he's paying for everything. He does care about me. It's just not the support I need. He's in denial. He wants that perfect little family for the outside and is ashamed of me making everything more known.
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2023.06.08 00:17 JackMehoff47 P365 magazine help

P365 magazine help
I currently own a regular P365 and I just purchased an XL grip module. I understand I can’t use my old 10rd mags in the new grip module, but I do have a 12 round mag that comes stock with my gun that has a pinky extension on it.
Sig’s website has a baseplate to replace the extension and make it into a XL magazine. Does anybody have experience with this?
Also, does anybody know of any other means to convert my 10 round mags that I can’t use anymore to fit an XL frame?
Any feedback helps!
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2023.06.08 00:17 Yandere_Pineapple Who's this thin and shiny golden spider?

Who's this thin and shiny golden spider?
I saw this little guy crawling around on the edge of a parking lot, and I've never seen a spider quite this shiny. The video was taken in southern Canada. Does anyone know what species it is?
The video doesn't show it as well, but its back was REALLY golden.
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2023.06.08 00:17 paper--peaches Update: 15 year old dog covered in foxtails

(15 ur old husky was left at my boyfriend’s sisters house while we were out of town and came back with hundreds of foxtails; boyfriend made it my problem to take care of since he was working today)
Thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post with advice.
I was feeling really stressed out and sad about the situation today but thankfully this story has a happy-ish outcome:
I was able to get Senior Dog into a vet. They have kept him for the last four hour and pulled out exactly 90 foxtails out of his undercoat. Thankfully, not a single one of these horrible things made it into his ears, eyes, or mouth. There were a few between his toes but the vet is not concerned. He still has a coat full of foxtails but after calling almost every groomer in the area, I was able to find one that was open to taking a look. We are going to do our very best not to shave him as this can be detrimental to his overall health.
This dog has put me through hell for the past two years but seeing him suffer with these foxtails really broke my heart. I am really grateful that I was able to get him into a vet and a groomer today. He may not have tons of time left but I hope the time he does have is comfortable.
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2023.06.08 00:17 CandidPhilosopher3 How to deal with this?

So I’m in a small team of data engineering composed by 3 devs + team lead. We build small products to the organization in a chill way.
Im 3 years in to the job, it’s a pretty laidback culture.
My team lead (a senior DE) stopped a year ago submitting PRs or even share any code. He’s not aware of product status, not even what it does etc. he doesn’t have a ton of meetings either. He updates notion a couple of times per week.
However he gets along really well. Management loves him, he says non sensical things to management but everything is great. He feels like a consultant.
I have around 5 years of exp and would like to get to senior (I have been doing products from scratch since I joined and managing stakeholders) but I feed he’s dead weight preventing me to get there.
How would you approach this?
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2023.06.08 00:17 Carolbaske But report help

minecraft literally refuses to let me make a bug report so i’m begging someone to do this on my behalf, in the newest update 1.20 the player is no longer able to spawn sea grass underwater with bonemeal, it makes the animation of placing the bonemeal, spawns in the green little particles, but does not actually spawn any sea grass
if someone could please report this i would be so grateful
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