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2023.06.06 04:08 FoldedKatana Texas DPS question

I moved to Texas last month from Florida and have an appointment to get a drivers licenses with DPS tomorrow.
I have a Florida license with M motorcycle endorsement. Do they automatically add it to my new license or do I have to take a test/ class again?
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2023.06.05 22:36 burblerry Quickest route to getting my motorcycle endorsement?

To make a long story short, I need to be able to ride a motorcycle ASAP. I checked NMMSP’S website, but they don’t have openings for the MSF course for a while. I couldn’t find much more info beyond that, are there any other places in town to learn? Any info is appreciated, thanks!
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2023.06.05 17:29 Immediate_Today_3958 Looking for input on motorcycle ownership

Fellow dads (and lurking moms),
I don't want this post to be too long, so I'll give the short story and you guys can request additional info if needed.
Basically, I grew up with ATVs and motorcycles my whole life. Literally from the time I was able to get on and ride (age 5 or 6) until age 17, I had an off-road vehicle of some sort.
From age 17-25, I was not in a financial position to buy another "toy" of that caliber. Once my wife and I bought our house and started down the family path, we prioritized more essential spending (vacations, home improvement, saving for children, etc), especially since there was nowhere to ride at the new house. We've talked at great lengths over the past 11 years about how big of a role riding played in my early life, and how interested I was in getting back into it once we were able.
About a month ago, our neighbor stopped me and asked if I knew anyone who wanted to buy his bike (Kawaski Ninja 650). For those who aren't familiar, this is a "crotch rocket" or street bike. His asking price was well within our budget, and my wife and I discussed it at length before we ended up agreeing to get it. She has no experience riding anything, aside from a side-by-side ATV we rode about 4 months ago.
Our daughter is 18 months old. Almost everyone I've shown pictures of the bike to and talked about it with have told me what a mistake I made and how irresponsible it is to ride now that I'm a dad. In all the years I rode, my cousins did all the stupid stuff (wheelie riding competitions, seeing who could ride on 2 wheels longest, high speed wheelies, indies/stoppies, and speeds exceeding 100 mph regularly), while I was considered a wussy for riding responsibly.
I'm a huge advocate for living your life the way you want. Don't let the fear of death prevent you from experiencing the joy of life, but don't rush toward the grave with open arms. I've only rode the bike twice, maybe 3 hours cumulatively. My speed has stayed around the speed limit give or take 10 mph. I have no desire to ride wheelies or do dumb shit, I just love to ride and miss that part of my life.
Now for the request: Am I in the wrong for purchasing this "death machine" now that I'm a dad? Should I just close the book on that chapter of my life and hold on to fond memories for the next 18 years? I know parenthood requires sacrifice, but I'm also a firm believer in being who you are and this was a big part of me for a large portion of the years in which my identity was forged. Am I to change that now? I'm well aware of the risks and dangers I'm putting myself in, and the consequences my family will face if the worst is to happen, but all of that can easily be said for anyone who drives a car too. In the society I live in (Southeast USA), it's becoming increasingly likely to get killed trying to shop, so is it really exponentially more dangerous to ride responsibly?
Thanks in advance, Daddit!
Edit 1: Didn't expect this much feedback, much less this soon! I greatly appreciate all of the input, both for and against the idea.
Edit 2: Reading the comments, I see that I've miscommunicated a few key points. Again, thanks for all the input, both positive (keep it) and negative (sell it).
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2023.06.05 02:03 Top-Needleworker-516 Is there anyone who has a motorcycle endorsement in Indiana?

Wanted to know if it’s possible?
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2023.06.05 01:39 BetterCaIISauI Upcoming First Year Resource Teach LRC Health Question

A little background. I am going into my in my 2nd full year in education. I started as a career-changer as a restricted license substitute where I tried many different subjects and grade levels. Secondary Special Ed stood out and really interested me. Then to take a step further and really get a feel, I took a role this year as a full-time SPED para in a high school and found I thrive with relationship building and patiently supporting and advocating for my students.
Now going into next year, I will be getting my masters paid for by my new district to get my teaching credential as well as Special Ed endorsement. I just got a preview of my schedule next year. I’ve never seen or heard of Resource Health before. Does anyone know what that is like?
Here are the specs of my initial placement:
Medium sized rural high school in Oregon. Resource Special Education Teacher Caseload of 25 (or so they say for now)
2 periods of LRC Health 2 periods of academic support with my caseload. (Use this to meet SDI minutes?) 1 period of a low level modified math 2 Preps (Caseload and Teacher Prep)
What does resource health look like different than a regular health class?
Also, any veteran advice would be appreciated. I want to plan and be as prepared as I can this summer before going into the school year. I referenced many different tips and tricks in this subreddit and have found this small but effective community to be so valuable!
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2023.06.03 01:13 pacificinjurylawfirm What is Oregon uninsured insurance?

🚘 Did you know that in Oregon, every driver must carry insurance to operate a vehicle? 🚗💨 This includes motorcycles, cars, and commercial trucks. Insurance policies have different components that can be mandatory or added on. One important part is Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage! 📝
In Oregon, every policy carried by a driver is required to carry UM coverage by law. 📋 The minimum amount of coverage under an Oregon UM policy is $25,000. This means if you're in an accident caused by an uninsured driver's negligence, your UM policy will provide coverage up to the limits of the policy terms. 🚦
UM insurance can also be helpful for hit-and-run accidents or accidents caused by unknown drivers (phantom vehicles). Just make sure to report the accident within 72 hours and notify your insurance company within 30 days! ⏰
Did you know you have the option to purchase extra UM coverage? This add-on provides property damage protection for your own car if injured by an uninsured motorist! 😮🚗💥
For more info on Oregon uninsured insurance and how it can help protect you from financial loss due to negligent drivers without coverage, check out: https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com/blog/what-is-oregon-uninsured-insurance 💻

PacifcInjuryLawFirm #Oregon #UninsuredMotorist #InsuranceCoverage #DriveSafe

If you need legal assistance regarding personal injury matters in Portland, don't hesitate to contact Pacific Injury Law Firm at (971) 277-3811 or visit our website: https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com
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2023.06.02 23:06 Fair-Sale-7586 Massachusetts Motorcycle Endorsement

Hi there. I’m a Massachusetts resident. But currently stationed in Maryland as I’m active duty in the Air Force. Can I take the BRC course in Maryland and present my certificate of completion to the DMV to obtain my endorsement in MA? Waiting to call the DMV on Monday. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 15:09 GnomeMcGnome Picking a first bike

Tl;Dr: 5'8 first time rider looking for a motorcycle for about $2500.
Hey all!! I'm sorry for another first bike post, but I'm incredibly overwhelmed.
I will start with a bit of background info, I'm 5' 8", 170 pounds and am in the Denver area.
I'm planning on taking a class this summer to get my moto endorsement.
As for where I'm overwhelmed, it is picking a starter bike. I'm looking for a street, naked, or adventure bike to start with. Not sure which. They all apeal to me. Im looking used (duh) and my budget is ~ $2,500. Looking at Craigslist and marketplace, it seems this should be doable.
I also want a bike that will have cheapish insurance, so no super Motos or anything. And a bike that my parents will approve of. So probably something with less then 500cc displacement and safety features like abs would be nice, but I understand how much more expensive these things can be.
That being said, I would like to be able to do highway speeds if at all possible. And I would prefer fuel injection, but again, not to worried about it.
I was looking at Honda rebels, ninja 250 + 300's and some random Kawasaki adv bikes.
Thanks in advanced!!! Stoked to get into riding!
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2023.06.01 17:57 ZeroKilo9 First Bike - Tall Rider

Hi all! In advance I appreciate all your sage advice on this topic.
Real quick, I am a new rider, just passed my safety course and got my endorsement. I’d like to get a sporty bike to mainly learn on and commute/joy ride with. I want to buy a brand new bike, top limit is 15k.
My main issue is that I’m a big guy, 6’ 5” and 260lbs, medium build, 34” inseam.
I have done a ton of research on tall riders and checked out the riding position websites too. I have sat on a Ninja 650 and I just barely fit in the tank grooves on that and a Z900 that seemed to be a decent fit.
I know a lot of the advice is to just get an adventure bike, but I really want something sportier.
I’d really appreciate any of you taller riders chiming in on what I should be looking at, there’s so many options that going to sit on every single bike isn’t really a reality.
Again, thank you for your time and input and I look forward to becoming a fellow motorcycle rider with you!
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2023.06.01 07:24 rirski Police officer gives speeders a 17 MPH cushion on a central city street with a bike lane

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2023.05.31 16:38 _sn95 NJ licence question

If I complete the MSF course and need my endorsement do I need an appointment to get the Moto endorsement? I do not see any appointments for motorcycle licence online
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2023.05.31 15:55 _sn95 Question about DMV

Do you need an appointment to get your motorcycle enforcement out on after you already took the MSF? There is no where on the njmvc site for a motorcycle endorsement appointment
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2023.05.31 01:14 pacificinjurylawfirm The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident

🏍️ Motorcycle Accident Victims: Don't Face Financial Challenges Alone! 🏥💸
Hey, Reddit! As an attorney at Pacific Injury Law Firm in Portland, Oregon, I wanted to share some important information for motorcycle accident victims. 👩‍⚖️
After a serious motorcycle accident, victims often face medical bills, lost wages, and other financial challenges. But did you know that without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you may not receive the full financial compensation you're entitled to? 🤔 Here's why it’s beneficial to hire a personal injury lawyer after a motorcycle accident:
  1. Experience and Knowledge of the Law 📚
  2. Resources for Your Case 🔎
  3. Maximizing Your Compensation Amount 💰
  4. Advice Throughout The Process 🗣️
Want more details on these benefits? Check out our blog post: The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident
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2023.05.30 23:46 saidmo CA M1 Endorsement question

Im taking my behind the wheel test for my M1 endorsement. Does anyone know if the owner of the motorcycle Im borrowing needs to be present during the test?
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2023.05.30 17:57 pacificinjurylawfirm What can I do to protect myself and minimize injury in a motorcycle accident?

🏍️ Hey there, fellow Oregon motorcycle enthusiasts! 🏍️
The open road is calling, and we know you can't resist the thrill of riding through our beautiful state. But let's not forget safety first! 😇 At #PacificInjuryLawFirm, we want to make sure you're protected and know how to minimize injury in case of a motorcycle accident. 🚑
Here are some quick tips: 1️⃣ Know Oregon's Motorcycle Laws 📜 2️⃣ Gear up for safety (helmets, jackets, pants, gloves & boots)🎽👢 3️⃣ Improve your riding skills with training courses 🎓 4️⃣ Embrace defensive driving strategies 🚨 5️⃣ Know what to do post-accident 👩‍⚖️
For more detailed info on each tip, check out our latest blog post: https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com/blog/what-can-i-do-to-protect-myself-and-minimize-injury-in-a-motorcycle-accident
Remember: safety should never take a backseat! Let the freedom of the ride be balanced with a commitment to personal protection. And if you ever need legal help after an accident, just give us a call at (971) 277-3811 or visit our website: https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com.
Happy and Safe Riding! 🛵💨😊 #PacifcInjuryLawFirm
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2023.05.29 07:10 copencorn Can I get a Navi without M1?

I’m in GA. I want to go to my local dealer and finance through them, but I don’t have a motorcycle endorsement yet. Can I finance without it? Also how long after leaving the lot do I need to get insurance and tags etc. sorry I’ve never bought a vehicle before
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2023.05.28 17:57 pacificinjurylawfirm Riding Without Protection: The Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents

Title: Riding Without Protection: The Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents
Hey Reddit community, as an attorney at Pacific Injury Law Firm in Portland, Oregon, I wanted to share some alarming statistics with you regarding motorcycle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 5,000 motorcyclists were killed in crashes in 2020 alone. This is a major public health concern that affects thousands of individuals and families each year.
One major factor contributing to these accidents is the lack of protective barriers between riders and the road. Motorcycles simply do not have enclosing structures, seat belts, or airbags like cars and trucks do. This leaves riders more vulnerable to injuries when involved in a crash.
Head injuries are one of the most common types of injuries suffered by motorcyclists. In 2020, over 1,500 motorcyclists were killed in crashes involving a head injury—accounting for almost 60% of all motorcycle fatalities. Other common injuries include road rash (abrasions from contact with pavement), back and spinal cord injuries—over 1,000 fatalities were recorded last year due to these injuries.
Alcohol and drug use also play a significant role in motorcycle accident rates; NHTSA data shows that 28% of motorcyclists killed in crashes had blood alcohol concentrations above the legal limit.
To address this issue effectively, helmets are considered one of the most effective interventions available. In fact, helmets saved over 800 lives in 2020 alone! Furthermore, they reduce head injury risk by up to an astonishing 37%.
Increasing public awareness about motorcycle riding risks is another important step towards reducing accident rates; educating people on helmet use and other protective gear while dispelling misinformation on alcohol/drug use while riding can lead us towards safer roads for everyone!
If you're interested in learning more about this topic or need assistance after being involved in a motorcycle accident, you can reach us at (971) 277-3811 or visit our website: https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com
Feel free to read our blog post on this topic here: https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com/blog/riding-without-protection-the-dangers-of-motorcycle-accidents
Stay safe out there. #PacificInjuryLawFirm
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2023.05.28 05:21 Intelligent_Golf_415 Just found out about a outstanding traffic citation that is a mandatory court appearance out of NC back from may. What should I expect as possible repercussions ?

So back in may I got a citation for going 65 in a 45 in Henderson county North Carolina and they gave me a court date for it and I had all intentions on going but it was scheduled in September and maybe a week before my court date I ended up losing control and going off the road flipping and totaling my car.
I suffered from a broken l2 vertebrae and was recovering for the better part of 3 months and during all this happening the thought of that citation disappeared and I completely forgot about it. After my 3 months of recovery I ended up moving to Georgia.
I would’ve thought if I had fta a court date that Henderson county would be trying to contact me by phone or mail but I never got anything until the other day I went to the dds here in Georgia after completing my MSF course excited to get my endorsement but then to my surprise the lady said I had something in North Carolina that needs to be resolved before I can get my endorsement. At first I was like wtf do I have out of North Carolina then it clicked and I felt so stupid.
I called the court house in Henderson county and they told me to come in the morning and get added to the court roster that same day. My big question is with me just not going to the first court date and it being this long since I tried to resolve it should I expect a bigger punishment ? Or what about them suspending my license ?
My hope is they will just give me a fine and some court fees but if they do suspend my license I won’t be able to get my endorsement unless I pay for the class again since the waiver is only 90 days since you finished the class so it would completely ruin my plans to buy my motorcycle I’ve been working towards this past year. This might be a weird or dumb question but man I’m really just looking for some good news.
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2023.05.28 01:14 pacificinjurylawfirm The Importance of Wearing a Helmet While Riding a Motorcycle

Title: The Life-Saving Importance of Motorcycle Helmets #PacificInjuryLawFirm
Hey, fellow Redditors! I'm an attorney with Pacific Injury Law Firm in Portland, Oregon, and today I wanted to share some crucial information about motorcycle safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are a staggering 28 times more likely to die in a crash than those in cars. One simple yet effective way to protect yourself while riding is by wearing a helmet.
Helmets have been proven to be 37 percent effective in preventing fatalities and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries for riders involved in crashes (according to NHTSA). They work by absorbing the impact of an accident and dispersing it evenly across their surface area so that your head doesn't bear the full brunt of it.
When choosing a helmet, ensure it meets safety standards set by organizations like the Department of Transportation (DOT) or Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell). These organizations test helmets for both their safety ratings as well as their ability to protect against traumatic brain injuries caused by impacts at different speeds and angles. Additionally, make sure that you choose one with proper ventilation as this will help keep your head cool while riding which can reduce fatigue over long distances. Lastly, consider purchasing one with Bluetooth technology so you can stay connected while on the road without having to take off your helmet each time you need something from inside it!
Remember: wearing a helmet could save your life. So make sure you choose one that fits well, meets safety standards set by organizations like DOT or Snell Memorial Foundation, and has features like Bluetooth connectivity if needed so you can stay connected on long rides.
For more information on this topic and other motorcycle safety tips, check out our recent blog post: The Importance of Wearing a Helmet While Riding a Motorcycle.
Stay safe out there, and happy riding! #PacificInjuryLawFirm
If you have any questions or need legal assistance, feel free to visit our website at https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com or give us a call at (971) 277-3811.
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2023.05.28 00:13 Important-Rush2980 traffic violation

just got a ticket for crossing double white into the HOV and am about to go to selection next week to make matters worse I was riding a motorcycle with no endorsment. No need to call me a retard I already know, I just wanted to know if anyone has any idea how fucked I actually am.
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2023.05.27 05:51 ZaBaronDV Beyond Red, Blue, and Yellow: The 2008 United States Presidential Election Results

Beyond Red, Blue, and Yellow: The 2008 United States Presidential Election Results
Jesse Ventura's time as President is coming to an end, and it's ending amidst a roller coaster of an election. Since 1992, with the election of Donald Trump, the Democrats have run the show in D.C., championing centrism amidst the right wing party of the Republicans and the left wing party of the Progressives. Much has been accomplished since then: The U.S. has grown in power and influence among the Three Brothers Alliance with the Confederacy and Texas, even diplomatically distancing itself from the former. The economy has been overall quite strong, which has not come at the cost of green domestic policy thanks to the Democrats' walking of the pro-environmental and pro-business tightrope, though a recession appears on the horizon.
And now, it's time for the Union to choose once more. Who will they elect for President?

Joe Biden (D-DE)

VP: Mitt Romney (D-MA)
Nominated by the Democrats to succeed President Ventura was Secretary of State Joe Biden of Delaware, who chose the Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney (a recent convert to the Democrats from the Republicans) as his running mate. While Biden wasn't the most energizing or exciting candidate, he was a sound choice, and tirelessly campaigned to keep the Democrats strong.

John Kasich (R-OH)

VP: Pete Wilson (R-CA)
Back for another round after his loss in 2004, John Kasich of Ohio sent a message to the nascent Whig Party: Good riddance. Republicans knew for a fact that outright victory was impossible, so Kasich's objective this election was simple, if challenging: Make the Republican case, keep the Party strong.

Rocky Anderson (P-UT)

VP: Tom Vilsack (P-IA)
Perhaps the rockiest path to Presidential nomination was that of Rocky Anderson of Utah. While he wasn't the winner outright, he was able to secure the nomination at the expense of John Kerry, who himself thought he had a shot at victory. The Progressives saw that the Presidency was winnable, so Anderson campaigned vigorously.

George W. Bush (W-CO)

VP: Tommy Thompson (W-WI)
The goal of the Whigs was simple: Build on what was won in 2004 and spread the Whigs' message and platform. To this end, George W. Bush, who was previously nominated in 2004, secured the nomination once more. Yet, shocking the whole of the Party, Bush did not choose Dick Cheney as his running mate again. Questions wracked the Party, and Bush kept quiet on the matter, but Bush was a founder of the Party, and a hugely popular figurehead.
Four candidates, four parties, one election. But how did the States vote? In order called, they...

Delaware (3 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Joe Biden's Home State was never in question.

District of Columbia (3 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

D.C. has quite enjoyed the Democrats of late, and quickly was declared for Biden.

Minnesota (10 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Jesse Ventura's endorsement was more than enough to get Minnesota to vote for Biden, and he won the State by well over 10 points.

Vermont (3 Electoral Votes; Carried by Anderson/Vilsack)

Vermont is the home State of previous Progressive candidate and Party darling Howard Dean, and was won by a comfortable margin.

Rhode Island (4 Electoral Votes; Carried by Anderson/Vilsack)

It took some time, due to Democrat challenges, but Rhode Island was called for Rocky Anderson.

Nevada (5 Electoral Votes; Carried by Bush/Thompson)

Outgoing Nevada Governor Jeb Bush was instrumental, and his endorsement carried his big brother to a win in Nevada. This win, and so early on, was seen as a big win by the Whigs.

Massachusetts (12 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

In a shock twist, disaffected Progressive Senator and failed Presidential nominee candidate John Kerry announced his support for Biden and Romney. Between this and Romney being the Governor, a State that was expected to narrowly vote Progressive instead went to the Democrats by a rather comfortable margin. This was a massive blow to the Anderson campaign, and the first sign that things were going in a bad direction...

New Hampshire (4 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Kerry's appeal in New England didn't stop at Massachusetts, as New Hampshire was also carried by Biden and Romney.

Maine (4 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Maine was expected to vote for Biden and Romney regardless.

Connecticut (7 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Failed Democrat candidate and Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman denounced Biden and endorsed Kasich. Whether this helped or hurt Biden is anyone's guess, as Biden won Connecticut regardless.

Iowa (7 Electoral Votes; Carried by Anderson/Vilsack)

A strongly Progressive State and the home State of VP nominee Tom Vilsack, Iowa was some much-needed good news for the Progressives.

Idaho (4 Electoral Votes; Carried by Bush/Thompson)

The Republicans tried, and failed, to keep Idaho out of Whig hands. With this, the Whigs' goal was largely accomplished; Nobody could doubt anymore that the Whigs were more than just a fluke.

Wisconsin (10 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

It was close between the Democrats and the Progressives, with a few Whig districts here and there, but Biden carried the day in Wisconsin.

North Dakota (3 Electoral Votes; Carried by Kasich/Wilson)

As Midwest votes began to come in more and more, North Dakota finally put Kasich on the board.

South Dakota (3 Electoral Votes; Carried by Kasich/Wilson)

The Whigs put up a fight in the Dakotas, but Republicans flipped South Dakota back to red from the blue it became in 2004.

Indiana (11 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Biden's appeal to Rust Belt business was instrumental here, and Indiana was declared for Biden.

Maryland (10 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Maryland's election featured a shocking number of Whigs and Republicans coming out of the woodwork, but went to Biden regardless.

Kansas (6 Electoral Votes; Carried by Kasich/Wilson)

Kansas has reliably voted Republican since 1988 and, although the Whigs came out in force, Kasich carried the day.

Colorado (9 Electoral Votes; Carried by Kasich/Wilson)

Perhaps the biggest gutpunch the Whigs could have received, the Home State of George W. Bush wasn't just lost, but lost to his direct rival. Despite being asked to concede the election now, former Governor Bush stayed in the race, either on principle or out of spite.

Utah (5 Electoral Votes; Carried by Kasich/Wilson)

Utah was close. The Republicans beat out everyone else by fewer than 100 votes.

New Jersey (15 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

New Jersey was Biden's back yard, and comfortable carried the Democrats.

Nebraska (5 Electoral Votes; Carried by Anderson/Vilsack)

in a minor accomplishment for Progressives, Nebraska was flipped green after having voted Republican for the last 4 elections.

Illinois (21 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

With this win, the Biden campaign was knocking on the door of winning the election, and the Anderson campaign conceded the election.

Wyoming (3 Electoral Votes; Carried by Kasich/Wilson)

Whigs were left with jaws on the floor as Wyoming, a State they felt comfortable winning, was carried by Kasich. The Ohioan's "Red West" strategy for this election was paying off better than even he expected.

Montana (3 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Perhaps the closest State of all, Montana was kept out of Republican and Whig hands by less than a percentage point.

Oregon (7 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Progressives have always been a challenge in Oregon, but Biden carried the State.

Washington (11 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

A comfortable win for the Democrats, and now it was all but certain Biden was the winner.

Michigan (17 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Biden came one step closer to a Rust Belt sweep by winning over Michigan with his (and his running mate's) pro-business policy.

Ohio (20 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

With this win, Biden swept the Rust Belt, and all knew his victory was inevitable. Anderson and Kasich conceded the election, and only Bush remained, again, either out of principle or spite.

California (55 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

With this win, Biden finally crossed the finish line, and won the election of 2008. Anything past this was a victory lap.

New York (31 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Progressives poured everything they possibly could in to New York, but Trump's endorsement made victory for Biden inevitable.

Pennsylvania (21 Electoral Votes; Carried by Biden/Romney)

Biden's native Pennsylvania was supposed to be a sure thing, and to be sure it did carry the Democrats, but Republicans came within a hair's breadth of winning the State.


Biden/Romney (D): 274 EVs (42.2% of PV)
Kasich/Wilson (R): 29 EVs (15.7% of PV)
Anderson/Vilsack (P): 19 EVs (31.0% of PV)
Bush/Thompson (W): 9 EVs (11.1% of PV)

Joe Biden (D-DE), 40th President of the United States
It's often said you can't predict politics, and this election has shown that that is both true and not. While Biden was the odds-on favorite, due to endorsements from both the popular former President Donald Trump and the popular incumbent Jesse Ventura, the fact remains that, Progressives aside, everyone, on some level, accomplished what they set out to do. The Democrats held the White House and Majority in the Senate, though they're reduced in the House. The Republicans kept their Party strong, and now Republicans are already talking about another run with Kasich in 2012, his words, actions, and opinions vindicated twice now. The Whigs built on their successes from 2004, and boosted their numbers to carry more States.
There's a number of things that will have to be addressed in the coming years. Will Kasich run again in 2012? Does he have a chance? What will happen to Rocky Anderson, since it's all but certain Vilsack won't accept second fiddle if he decides to try once more in 2012? And what of Kerry? What does the future hold for him? Where do the Whigs go from here, as some start to wonder if they're seeing cracks starting to form in the Party's foundation?
Regardless, Biden has cause to celebrate. Champagne and ice cream all around, Mr. Secretary! Soon to be "Mr. President!"

The Election Map
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