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2023.03.30 19:20 TinusTussenGasss How do I get rid of the small "1 2" that appeared above the row numbers?

The small 1 and 2 make the top row that I have blocked appear and dissapear, I want the blocked row to always show.
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2023.03.30 19:19 DrRichardJizzums How are pug CC designated in M+?

I’m running in the 15-17 range and have hit a point where more coordination with kicks/stuns is required to push further.
For instance: in AV there is a pull with 4 crystal furies for which piercing shards need to be stopped. We rotate aoe cc/stuns (honestly if they even do that) then need to use single target stuns and I’ll use spell reflect when I see one about to go through. I’ll start using my ST stuns but at that point 1 will get through. A few seconds later maybe 2 will get through and I’m at 3 stacks and damage starts to ramp up. Another good example is with mystic vapors. Are pugs taking the time before pulls to mark individual adds to avoid wasting kicks? When it’s one target it’s fine. I’ll volunteer to get the first kick and people will volunteer after that. I feel like right now a lot of this pressure is on me and it can very quickly become chaotic when I’m trying to dodge mechanics, not accidentally pull another pack while dodging, keep an eye on my threat, and simultaneously cycle targets to get multiple individual kicks/stops, all while trying to keep the mobs pointed away from the rest of the group to avoid them getting blasted by frontals. I know DPS need to be helping me in these moments but I don’t know how to coordinate them to help them help me/us.
Eventually I hit a point where I’ve used everything and will not have some kind of CC available for a few seconds to like 15 seconds which is disastrous at times if DPS aren’t filling in the gaps. The more chaotic the situation gets for me, the less focused and less likely they are to even notice the cast going off and aoe stun again when theirs is up so this all has a snowball effect. The healer blows cooldowns when they shouldn’t have to so then we don’t have them when we should be using them.
Most of our wipes are because I have run out of CC and defensive cooldowns.
How are tanks managing the group management side of this?
I see people posting about how at a certain point pugs know what they need to do can can fly through these situations no comms but I haven’t hit that point. This is my first season pushing rating and I have only run a tank through so I don’t really get to see how other tanks are handling this.
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2023.03.30 19:18 Realsan Surgery Scheduled for 1 month out

Previous post:
3-4 weeks ago it felt like a marble. That's when I first noticed something was weird.
Last week it felt larger so I went to my doc. Got an ultrasound, confirmed the mass of 3.2 cm.
So it had grown from a marble to a grape in 3 weeks.
Had my urology appointment yesterday. He basically confirmed everything. Looks like testicular cancer, etc. Plan was to schedule surgery for 1-2 weeks.
Just heard back from the scheduler and I'm in the books for April 26th.
Given how quickly this thing is growing, should I be worried that my surgery is a month out?
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2023.03.30 19:18 ResponsibilityThen62 (Selling) Bourne 5 movies 4k and Hd, Hansel and Gretel 4K, JoJo rabbit 4k, Luca 4k, evil dead 1&2 4K, dirty dancing 4k, beauty and the beast 4k

4K US Codes: 1 Beauty and the Beast - AT/iT/MA/GP/VU - $4.00 2. Bourne Collection 5 movies- MA - $15.00 3. Dirty Dancing AT/iT/VU - $3.00 4. Evil Dead 1&2 VU - $5.00 5. Hansel & Gretel AT/iT/VU - $5.00 6. JoJo Rabbit - MA/VU/GP - $5.00 7 Luca - MA/GP - $4.00
HD codes: 1. Bourne Collection 5 movies - MA - $11.00
AT = Apple TV, iT = iTunes, VU = VUDU, MA = Movies Anywhere
All Disney codes are unsplit
Open to any reasonable offers!!!!!!!
PayPal G&C I’ll handle the fee
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2023.03.30 19:18 Wondershock Maintenance training with a rib injury

I've just recently gone through a bout with bronchitis which lasted 3 weeks—and the near constant deep coughing has left me with some strained intercostal rib tissue/a click when I rub the painful spot. It didn't help that I overtrained one week on the tail end of that—doing 1-2 classes per day (boxing and MT).
This last Monday I went to my usual boxing class and the bad rib burned more and more as I did hooks—by the end of class I was having trouble doing any kind of twisting and I had to skip ab work. After a couple days of taking it easy, the discomfort is manageable, but recovery seems slow.
According to The Internet there's not a lot to be done about rib injuries, and I'm thinking I tore some tissue/cartilage/possibly have a minor fracture. So I'm doomed to take it easy for a couple weeks in hopes that this clears up.
In the meantime, jogging/jump rope cause the rib pain to flare up, so I'm not jumping into those at full force. I've been doing treadmill walking with weights, with a 9 percent grade for 3-4 miles daily to get some kind of exercise. I've also been working on my hip mobility with stretches.
Do you all have any suggestions on what else I could do which wouldn't aggravate a rib injury? Taking time off is really bugging me, and I'd like to make the most out of this recovery time. I just purchased an agility ladder for practicing boxing footwork, but I think that's a little ambitious for this moment in time.
Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have.
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2023.03.30 19:18 Mfch507 F4F or F43 (Trying to reach 4600 followers)

Follow my IG,, and I'll follow you back by either: 1. I'll follow you back 2. I'll follow you with 3 of my alternate accounts You must DM me on Instagram once you followed If you unfollowed, I'll do the same, I'll also unfollow you with my alts, don't think I don't know who unfollowed.
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2023.03.30 19:18 NG2 What a let down..

What a let down..
Big sad 😞
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2023.03.30 19:18 SwingAcrobatic6692 Christian Philosophy

  1. Who's your favorite Christian philosopher?
  2. What's your favorite book on Christian philosophy besides the bible?
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2023.03.30 19:18 snap_judgment Park MGM: In for $700 out for $2,220

I asked the dealers if I could get a picture of the chips while they were coloring up, but the pit boss said no. I was too excited to remember to snap a pic of the chips once my girlfriend picked them up.
I just want to say how much I appreciate the people who post their stories, strategies, and information on things like where the good tables are and how to engage with the dealers. I’ve been wanting to learn craps for years, but could never gather the nerve to try it. Every time I stood near a table and watched the game, it just didn’t make sense to me. I played for the first time last month when a friend hit the table and convinced me to throw down $200 and copy his bets. He wasn’t very good and ended up losing his money, but I started to grasp some basic concepts and stopped copying him. I was up and down across 2 sessions, but ended up leaving Vegas up about $380 after I got lucky on my ATS bet and hit the small and the hard 4 at the same time and then lost some more before walking away. I started watching this sub, watching Color Up on YouTube, and researching on some other sites. I still don’t fully understand the basics, and I’ve got a long way to go on the rest of the table.
This trip:
My girlfriend and I hit Vegas and I was eager to get her to a table. I hit up MGM Grand and ignorantly threw down $500 on a $50 table without thinking. I decided to stick with it, and was quickly up a couple hundred, and then down about $80 before the other players left the table and I decided to walk away. We walked over to Park MGM and found a $15 table. Spent about an hour there and I just took some time to show my girlfriend some basics and explain the various things that were happening. She still didn’t want to play, but she was enjoying the social aspect. They changed the table to $25 and I decided to color up and walk away $200 up. We walked around through Aria and Cosmo and couldn’t find a $15 table at 1:00-2:00am.
We got some food and eventually walked back through Park MGM on our way to the car and my girlfriend spotted a $15 table. Nobody was playing the table, so my GF wasn’t interested. I convinced her it was a good time to just casually play and learn some things. I put down $200 for her and $500 for me, and we started playing. I told her copy my bets until she gets the hang of it. I can’t even tell you if my strategy matches anything in particular, because I still couldn’t tell you the difference between triple lux and a squeeze play…or whatever. My plan is to bet the minimum on the pass line and then match that with odds on the pass and $18 on 6 and 8 once the point is established. If the point hits 6 or 8, I’ll move my bet to 5 or 9 arbitrarily. Just do a little collect, press, collect, press…then start adding bets across the board. I’ll collect a bit more and then start pressing every time one hits. We didn’t get that far on the first several rolls between us. My GF started making arbitrary decisions like, “I like 5 more than 9,” when the point was on 6 or 8 and the dealer was asking if we wanted to move or take the bets down. She was out pretty quickly. I was up and down for a while, and it was looking grim. My GF asked if she could roll for me on my last $50. I asked if she could and the pit boss said yes.
Followed the same plan and it was working. I started putting down $10 bets on pass line odds for the dealers and they started giving us advice, like how high we can bet on pass line odds. Thank god for that, because I had no idea…and I ended up moving up to $25 on the PL and $125 on the PL odds. I also started throwing down $25 and $50 bets on PL odds for the dealers every time the point was established. My GF was repeatedly hitting the point. I have no idea how long that run lasted, but I was up to $100 on the 9 and similar on the others by the time I was done pressing. Probably made the dealers $600+ and they were just having a good time with us and teaching us along the way.
I’ve only played about 5 times over the last month. I’m pretty ignorant about the game, and sort of bet by feel, but I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes in this explanation. I’d appreciate any feedback/corrections on this. Again, thanks to everyone who posts and comments here. It helps a lot.
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2023.03.30 19:18 rubes___ Wolfsburg W 1 - [1] Paris Saint‑Germain W - [2-1 on agg.] Kadidiatou Diani 30'

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2023.03.30 19:18 Gr3n1nter Animal Controls wants to classify my dog as level 2 dangerous pet

Hi All,

I want to get your feedback on how to help my pup. She is a young 1.5 year old corgi/border collie mutt with lots of energy and herding instincts. She's a small dog about 15 lbs. She hates bikes and fast moving things like cars.
Recently my parents left the door open and she got out and chased a kid on a skateboard. She usually just barks at them a lot and then my parents got her to come back inside. However, I soon find out that there was a case opened due to this incident. The Animal Control Police Officer gave me a citation for having a loose dog and apparently she nipped at the kids feet and he had a bike mark. I was fine with the citation since we were at fault here.
Animal Control Officer calls a week later and tells me he reviewed the local ordinance and will be classifying her as level 2 danger dog. I do not think she's a danger, this was just one incident. With level 2 danger dog, there are a lot that entails that I do not want to put her through since she already has some anxiety. She will be required to be muzzled at all times and put in a cage when I transport her anywhere for 3 years. I do not want to do this to her for one small incident.
I plan on attesting this but am looking for any potential help I can find on this forum since the ordinance are quite vague.

Thank you ahead of time.
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2023.03.30 19:18 MysticMarbles Average 2.2 single use plastic bags per drawer handle. 400 drawer handles equals a 1' tall by 3x3 heap.

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2023.03.30 19:18 SatisfactionDue303 Why do I have such a hard time keeping relationships? And just in general I feel very intense or nothing at all. In a very tough place in life rn

Why do I have such a hard time keeping relationships? And just in general I feel very intense or nothing at all. In a very tough place in life rn submitted by SatisfactionDue303 to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:18 rClipsBot 2 MONTH PROJECT ALL IN 1 NIGHT!

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2023.03.30 19:18 i__jump Beginner help

Hey, I am setting up a 10 gal betta tank. I looked and you didn’t have any beginner resources so I am posting here to ask.
What will I need to grow plants in this tank? I already know heater and filter for betta.
1- I want a low lying ground cover “carpet” plant, but I read not to get seeds. What plant should I look for as a carpet plant?
2- What substrate will I need?
3- Do I need a special light to make plants grow
4- do plants go in before I cycle the tank/ “in cycle”?
I am not a technical person so please dumb this down for me. Thank you!
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2023.03.30 19:18 pinakinz1c See how many seats are still available for the FA CUP semi final

See how many seats are still available for the FA CUP semi final
The ticket availbility page is not restricted on the site. So you can use the following link
to get an idea of whats left before your window opens. You can't book until your actual window opens but at least you can get past the buy tickets button.
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2023.03.30 19:17 flacogarcons Wolfsburg W 1 - [1] Paris Saint‑Germain W - [2-1 on agg.] Kadidiatou Diani 30'

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2023.03.30 19:17 stampydog Have the number of mods changed?

Just tried installing the mods through the installer and im not getting the same mods the guides are saying. I'm getting:
1) Community Patch (v 114)
2) Vox Populi (v 16)
3a) VP - EUI Compatibility files (v 1)
4a) Promotion Icons for VP (v 6)
4b) UI Promotion Tree for VP (v 22)
Is this a change that the guides haven't been updated with or do I need to reinstall? Also if this is right do I use one of 4a or 4b and not both?
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2023.03.30 19:17 Typical_Ad_210 I hear ducks quacking at the same time every day, no matter where I am

Is this a psychiatric issue or some form of tinnitus or something else entirely?
Every day for the past several months I have heard ducks quacking at 5.27pm, 7.09pm and again at 11.12pm. Nobody else can hear anything, so I have concluded that it’s not an external source. Also, it happens no matter where I am, so I don’t think it can be an environmental issue. It doesn’t seem to be related to any particular activity or body position either.
It lasts for around 4 or 5 minutes at a time. Constant quacking and sometimes a feeling of tightness across or else pulsating in my head, and / or a fluttering sensation in my ears. At other random times I feel all the sensations, but don’t hear any ducks. I had blocked sinuses a few months prior to the issue developing, but other than that I have had no diagnosed ENT problems.
It is mildly irritating, but doesn’t affect my life to any significant degree, other than making me increasingly worried that I am going mad.
I first noticed the time pattern for the 5.27 “flock” because they happened to say the time on the radio and after that I started noticing it. With the 11.12 one, my wife pointed out that I always mention it when getting ready for bed.
To be clear, I don’t sit around counting down the seconds until it happens. It’s more a case of, it happens and then I glance at my watch and see it’s on schedule.
Could it be related to extreme sleep deprivation? I have very bad insomnia, and average 2-3 hours of sleep per night.
I am aware that it sounds utterly ridiculous, but I am getting worried that it is a sign of some horrible psychiatric, neurological or god knows what else problem. I am too embarrassed to visit my own GP about it, and it seems too trivial to warrant a visit anyway.
Thank you.
45 years old
12st 6lb
C-PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia. Previously ruptured eardrum several years ago, but no problems since
Venlafaxine, propranolol (for anxiety, my BP has always been fine), lithium (800mg dose, to improve the efficacy of the antidepressant. I have no diagnosis or symptoms of bipolar disorder).
Under the care of an NHS psychiatrist and a private psychologist for help with PTSD symptoms
Work full time as primary school headteacher
Mother died very suddenly aged 57 from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Father died aged 70 from oesophageal cancer. Brother died from suicide. 4 sisters, one has anorexia and another alcohol dependency.
Non smoker of cigarettes
Drink 1 unit per week (if that)
Smoke or consume edibles 2 or 3 times per month. Previously smoked one or two joints daily for many years (aged 17-37).
Exercise 5+ hours per week (swimming, cycling, boxing, running, rowing).
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2023.03.30 19:17 Healthinspiration 10 Proven Strategies for Fast and Effective Weight Loss

10 Proven Strategies for Fast and Effective Weight Loss
Are you suffering to shed pounds despite attempting each fad weight-reduction plan and exercising habitual out there? It may be irritating when you no longer see results but do not surrender. There are confirmed techniques for immediate and decisive weight reduction that you may begin imposing today. Here are 10 of them:
10 Proven Strategies for Fast and Effective Weight Loss

Set Realistic Goals

The first step to a hit weight reduction is placing practical dreams. Only try and lose 10 kilos every week, or you may set yourself up for failure. Instead, the goal is to lose 1-2 kilos according week. This is a wholesome and sustainable fee of weight reduction, an excellent way to ensure you hold the load off long-term.

Keep a Food Diary

One of the best approaches to shedding pounds is to hold a meal diary. Write down everything you devour and drink, and be sincere with yourself. This will assist you in becoming aware of regions in which you are overeating energy or no longer getting sufficient nutrients. Once you've got contacted with higher information about your ingesting habits, you may make minor modifications to enhance your weight-reduction plan.

Make Small, Sustainable Changes

Speaking of minor modifications, it is precisely what you must focus on. Don't try and overhaul your complete weight-reduction plan and exercise habitually overnight. Instead, make minor, sustainable modifications that you may stick with long-term. For example, switch out sugary liquids for water or begin taking the steps in place of the elevator.

Eat More Protein

Protein is crucial for weight reduction, allowing you to sense completion and satisfaction. Aim to encompass protein in each meal and snack. Good assets of protein contain lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts.

Focus on Whole Foods

When it involves weight reduction, the fine of your meals topics simply as a whole lot because of the quantity; focus on ingesting complete meals which are nutrient-dense and minimally processed; this approach is fruits, vegetables, entire grains, lean protein, and wholesome fats.

Drink More Water

Drinking water is crucial for weight reduction as it allows you to flush out pollutants and makes you feel complete. Aim to drink at least eight cups of water daily, and greater in case you are exercising or sweating a lot.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting sufficient sleep is essential for weight reduction as it alters your hormones and metabolism. Aim for 7-nine hours of sleep according to night, and try and stick with a regular sleep schedule.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is crucial for weight reduction, allowing you to burn energy and construct muscle. Aim for at least half-hour of mild exercising according to day, inclusive of brisk on foot or cycling.

Find a Support System

Weight loss may be challenging. However, it is simpler if you have an assist system. This might be friends, family, or a weight reduction group. Having a person to keep you responsible and cheer you on could make all the difference.

Don't Give Up

Finally, do not surrender. Weight loss is a journey, and there may be ups and downs. Remember that gradual and consistent wins the race and recognition on making sustainable modifications to help you attain your dreams withinside the long-term.
In conclusion, rapid and robust weight reduction is viable if you are inclined to position yourself within the work. Set practical dreams, hold a meals diary, make minor modifications, devour more excellent protein and complete meals, drink more fantastic water, get sufficient sleep, exercise regularly, discover an assist system, and do not surrender. With those ten techniques, you may gain the weight reduction you dream of.
MUST SEEN : 🔥Shed up to 8 lbs of excess weight in just 21 days!
Just replace one cup of regular coffee a day with Javaburn and watch the pounds disappear quickly. How cool is that?!
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2023.03.30 19:17 StephanusMorio A fix for the commendation system

The current commendation system has conflicting goals:
  1. Incentivize pro-social behavior for match made teams.
  2. Act as a progression gate for Guardian Ranks.
  3. Act as a type of flair.
Of the goals number 2 has the strongest incentive, the number everyone can see next your name goes up. Pro-social behavior is nebulous and the flair you only see when investigating someone's profile or hover over their name in a menu. Because of this, people hand out commendations to everyone every match regardless of their behavior and no one cares to give out a commendation for a specific type of action so it's service as flair has no meaning.
Proposed Solution: Ditch all the goals outside of the reason the system was included in the first place, to improve the behavior of the D2 community and thus the quality of it's match made experience. To accomplish this:
  1. Decouple commendations from Guardian Ranks.
  2. Remove categories.
  3. Allow only a single commendation per match.
  4. Only allow guardians to give commendations to other players they were matched with, not queued with.
  5. Give no incentive to hand out commendations, other than the desire to say GG or possibly the hope someone will give one back.
  6. Create a strong incentive for players to want to earn commendations, such as for every 5 commendations the ability to cash in commendations for a piece of end game gear (I.E. artifice armor or a red border weapon).
This new methodology would create a strong incentive for players to want to earn commendations through pro-social play and remove the conflicting goals that are currently making the system schizophrenic and meritless.
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2023.03.30 19:17 darylboggs What happens if I try a trial membership?

Playing on my iPhone, and I’m curious as to what happens when you cancel a membership or continue it. I was going to do the 7 day free trial with the month membership. 1. If I continue the membership, how much is it a month? Is it cheaper to just do the $80 a year? 2. What happens to stats when you build up the previously capped stats from F2P? When you cancel, do they go back to the capped amount, or will it stay at whatever level you’ve built them up to?
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