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2023.05.29 01:07 CaboDennis17 Bead Lock Bolts

Anyone find anyone that sells the bead lock bolts only? I would like to swap the black ones for white ones (or silver).
Let me know
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2023.05.24 22:46 twich2252 Added a bit of color

Added a bit of color
(Ignore the yellow road splattering the bumpers and wheelwells. Damn ODOT never informs when they're repainting the road markings)
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2023.05.24 15:28 jjdunay There She Is

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2023.05.22 19:01 KatMasque Solid floor mount (tie down cover)

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2023.05.22 01:58 ngbvs Interior bike rack

Interior bike rack
I’ve seen a few comments that you can’t get a bike rack inside a Bronco… Tight fit, but it can be done. Bike is 29” stumpjumper, medium frame, dropper post. Angle the bike to get seat under roll cage then straighten and mount fork. Rack is from Saris, Traps Triple Track. I had to hacksaw a few inches off to make it fit. 2022 4-door wildtrack soft top. Easy to load and unload, even with the limited opening in back from the stupid soft top.
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2023.05.21 00:31 groovygroovy666 25000 in 358 days

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2023.05.20 08:17 MrPeakAction From recent Big Bend trip

From recent Big Bend trip
My long-suffering gf waiting patiently while I take photos…
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2023.05.18 22:44 Used_Industry2828 Big Bend orders

Just watched Long McArthurs new video about Bronco Job 2 starting next week. Looks like all base, big bend, and black diamond trims will have marine grade vinyl and wash out floocarpet delete. Not sure if pricing changed. You can also see no images available on build and price for big bend trim on website.
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2023.05.18 08:11 Line-Working Four Peaks road on “Posing Rock”

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2023.05.18 07:23 Inspector_Nipples 5 tire rotation

5 tire rotation
Hey guys is this the best way to rotate your tires including the spare? (pictured on right) I just realized I’ve been doing mine by taking the spare off and going in a CIRCLE with right rear going to front right and front right going to front left and front left to left rear and than to spare. Should I continue doing my screwed up rotation or next time rotate according to diagram?
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2023.05.17 16:23 KatMasque Interior Bike rack?

Interior Bike rack?
After searching for bike racks, there don't seem to be any interior racks available.
My 6G is a Soft-top Sasquatch, so a roof rack isn't ideal. Hitch or Spare tire racks make me uneasy.
Here is a design idea for an interior rack.
Any thoughts?

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2023.05.17 04:19 m0atzart Sasquatch trim rings - anybody remove or replace them?

I bought some black trim rings for my Sasquatch wheels thinking it would be a simple cosmetic upgrade, and all black wheels definitely look better, imo....but since you are looking at removing 72 bolts with loctite...luckily I thought to browse the bronco6g forums first to get any tips...and was surprised to find some total horror stories from people that attempted to remove the rings to coat them in something or upgrade them. Reports of 2-3 bolts per wheel potentially that were misaligned or mistorqued, or simply stripped. These are t45 torx bolts. One guy reported 17 bolts out of 72 he couldn't get out. One guy ruined the wheel and a bill for $3500 to replace it. Yikes. I took my set of rings to my dealers tire & wheel shop and after looking at them...they told me they couldn't install them and that they weren't intended to be removed. Some people on the forums had no issue either with a impact driver, or by hand with a torque wrench and replaced all 5 wheel rings without issue. I decided to heed the dealers advice and am returning them. Something cosmetic wasn't worth the risk on a vehicle with 2500 miles...but I really like the look of all black wheels... without actually having to buy new wheels. Wondering if anyone else has replaced the rings.
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2023.05.11 02:41 aggies69 Outer Banks 4 door at MSRP

I have been looking to get a base Bronco for about a year with no luck. I recently found an Outer Banks with the metal bumper (a must for me) and the highest technology and convenience package. It’s being offered at the MSRP on the window sticker $56,710. Is this a good deal?
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2023.05.04 17:20 jjdunay What is this

What is this
Found it in back seat after car wash
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2023.05.02 23:55 GarrettSucks 854 days later, my Wildtrak has arrived!

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2023.05.02 21:04 noboltsleftbehind Getting a little sketchy out in Moab! My 2023 Badlands/Sasquatch, 6-speed manual. Crawl gear came in real handy.

Getting a little sketchy out in Moab! My 2023 Badlands/Sasquatch, 6-speed manual. Crawl gear came in real handy. submitted by noboltsleftbehind to Bronco6g [link] [comments]

2023.04.25 22:02 fokaiHI IAG EZ Steps

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2023.04.21 10:31 MallInevitable5497 Any suggestions on tire locks and dash cams?

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2023.04.21 04:32 Special_Fan4269 It has arrived - found this out of state for MSRP! Don’t give up, you can find them. Badlands SaS with High package.

It has arrived - found this out of state for MSRP! Don’t give up, you can find them. Badlands SaS with High package. submitted by Special_Fan4269 to Bronco6g [link] [comments]

2023.04.20 18:19 GarrettSucks Does Ford not do the assembly line photos anymore?

I just got my shipping notification for my Bronco (yay!), but I don’t see anywhere that shows the photo of the build on the line that I’ve seen everyone have. Do they stop doing that?
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2023.04.11 21:38 MurphPEI Reset TPMS after replacing winter tires.

Apologies but in my searches, the answers I found on a procedure for doing it without the tool do not specify it works after a rotation. I'll soon be removing my winter tires on my 22 Bronco, auto, push button start and will want to re-enable TPS after disabling it with Forscan. Tires will be rotated from previous.
Is the tool required when tires are rotated to accurately display in the correct position or do the 'non-tool methods' that people claim to work somehow account for this?
If the tool is required, can you recommend one. Amazon has several in the $20 to $40+ range and I prefer to get a reliable one vs. cheapest.
Thank you!!
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2023.04.10 19:00 Jbronico subwoofer delete

What's the benefit of the subwoofer delete, and is it a noticeable sound difference. I've already heard the audio quality isn't great to begin with, and I just got my build slip to sign and saw it was ordered with the delete. I'm not sure if they can order the original seven speaker package or if it was a mistake, just curious if it's worth getting it changed or not.
Edit: I have since seen that Ford said no more subs for anyone, but feel free to share your input anyway.
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