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Because three people wanted it.

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All about the Disney cartoons that aired between 1985-1999, most becoming a part of the Disney Afternoon television block (1990-1999). Adventures of the Gummi Bears, DuckTales, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Bonkers, The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show, Aladdin, Gargoyles, Timon & Pumbaa, Quack Pack, and The Mighty Ducks. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Wuzzles, Raw Toonage, and Marsupilami

2023.03.22 07:38 NackTheDragon Throwing My GG Theory Into the Ring Before the Finale

While I was reviewing some of the discussion about Episode 66--I stumbled across a question that I admittedly didn't give much thought before: "if GulusGammamon could always evolve into Regulusmon, then why did he want to sync with Hiro?" While watching the episode, I just assumed that Gulus' evolution was related to the spread of GRB throughout the Digital World, tying back to how Arcturusmon is noted to only manifest when Regulus has enough GRB--and my basic monkey brain went back to focusing on the cool edgy dragon kicking ass.
However, while rewatching the episode... I noticed that Regulusmon had the logo associated with Digivice-simulated evolutions (seen only when Gammamon, Angoramon, Jellymon, or Espimon evolves, and never during natural evolutions like Hawkmon>Orcamon or Ryudamon>Ginryumon IIRC). Assuming I'm not just forgetting a natural evolution that featured that logo, then the impression I'm getting is that GulusGammamon was able to evolve to Perfect level due to syncing with a Digivice... except that we're explicitly told that Hiro refuses to give Gulus power, and the only other people with Digivices (Ruli, Kiyoshiro, and Hokuto) are likely in the same boat. Assuming those four are the only people with Digivices, it should had been impossible for Gulus to undergo a simulated evolution to Perfect--but Episode 66 went out of its way to show us a shadowed figure with the logo of the Digivice VV immediately after Gammamon evolved into GulusGammamon.
So, I finally have my likely answer to the initial question of how/why did Gulus evolve into Regulusmon: he just synced with a mysterious 5th Digivice user lol... and that was the moment a lot of the Ghost Game foreshadowing "clicked" for me.
All of these plot threads are what lead me to my current theory: "What if GulusGammamon already had a human partner whose been in the Digital World all this time? If that's the case, then what if a Ghost Games continuation has Gulus abandon Hiro to reunite with his original partner--leaving the latter with solely Espimon?" Of course it's possible that I'm just desperately grasping at straws and the series will reach its ultimate finale at the end of the week, but a lot of these details felt like they lined up a bit too well to just be a coincidence. I figured I would at least share my thoughts before Saturday to get a sense for what the community thinks.
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2023.03.22 07:34 Duhburkuhchur Having periodic episodes of what could best be described as aphasia like symptoms.

Hey, I’m 27M, I’m diagnosed with epilepsy, and currently take Keppra and Trileptal to treat it. I’ve only had 4 seizures in the last 8 years, so my medications are working quite well for it. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 10 years ago, but quit taking medications to treat those 9 years ago, as the side effects were significantly more distressing than the conditions themselves. I don’t smoke, I have quit drinking as of 6 months ago, and use marijuana on very rare occasion.
Anyways, over the last few years, I will periodically have episodes lasting anywhere from a few minutes, to an hour or more, where it almost seems like brief periods of aphasia. It feels as though I can’t think of the right words to chain together to form a coherent sentence. Generally I can still piece together a proper sentence but I feel as though I cannot follow a train of thought and it takes a lot of extra effort to do so. There have been only a handful of occasions where I have actually said something that made zero sense to the person I have been talking to, and it’s always very distressing for me. Occasionally it also carries over to understanding what is spoken to me, with feeling like I am working 5 times as hard to comprehend what I am hearing. I mentioned this to my neurologist, but nothing was found to raise any red flags, so I’ve began wondering if it could potentially be a mental illness rather than a physical one. Either way I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed. Thanks.
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2023.03.22 07:32 discrete_burner Ethan on Indians

So I've been an avid watcher of Ethan and Hila since 2017, but it does break my heart, that the only time Ethan acknowledges us is in context of scam and poverty. I know he uses it to compare extremes, but it is sad knowing what your favourite creator probably thinks of your country.
And no this isn't anything particular what he has said in the recent episodes, regardless I love the show and will always be a fupa trooper, but I do wonder how many fellow Indians are out there watching the podcast? Indian descent and expats don't count!
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2023.03.22 07:31 rgesoo DigitalPlayground - My Wifes Hot Sister Episode 3 Eva Lovia and Xander Corvus

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2023.03.22 07:30 upshotai What do you really think about Gamification? In this episode, Krishna Chaitanya breaks it down, sharing his insights and experiences with this powerful tool for engagement and motivation.

What do you really think about Gamification? In this episode, Krishna Chaitanya breaks it down, sharing his insights and experiences with this powerful tool for engagement and motivation. submitted by upshotai to u/upshotai [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:29 domo1117 I think my cat has twitchy cat syndrome

hello sorry if this is choppy, this is my first ever post anyway, some backstory. I have had my cat since August 2022, and at the beginning everything was normal. He was a very playful kitty until one day we noticed that his tail was moving around like crazy, we thought it was fine until the next morning we found that he had bit his tail and was bleeding everywhere. We panicked and took him to the vet and they couldn’t do much, we gave him a cone and he was like that for a couple of days until he bit it again. we went to another vet where they gave us medicine which made him sleepy. it didn’t stop his episodes but it was helping a bit. we don’t use the medicine anymore since it ran out and he seems to be doing fine without it, but his tail still goes crazy. all we do now is bandage his tail up so he isn’t able to bite it but sometimes he manages to take it off which is very stressful for the both of us. I’m at a loss and I don’t know what to do. I hate seeing him in pain and seeing the bandage on his tail and I don’t know what to do :( I have searched up his symptoms and have concluded that he has twitchy cat syndrome and it says that there is no known treatment for it. If anyone has went through something similar please let me know what you did and what worked for your cat, I just want my cat to be happy and live a good life :(
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2023.03.22 07:28 AgitatedQuit3760 Podcast app on Mac has no way of updating latest podcasts (these are a week old now). Need to force quit and reopen every time. Feels like bad design, am I missing something?

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2023.03.22 07:27 Doja_Cats_Tiny_Chat I started this show about 4 days ago

I remember the promos when it first came out but never watched it until now. I’m on season 5 episode like 7 I think now. Probably gonna be caught up tomorrow.
But this show is lowkey getting to me mentally. It’s making me feel like I gotta stay ready for heat. Be aggressive and manipulative. Like the show legit got me speaking differently. I should probably take a break but I can’t because it’s so good. Like I want to commit crime now just to see if I could handle it.
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2023.03.22 07:26 nosyrosie-lol this story… i’m completely heartbroken but also so happy with the ending. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

this story… i’m completely heartbroken but also so happy with the ending. HIGHLY RECOMMEND submitted by nosyrosie-lol to Episode [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:26 MolassesNo1332 Dysthymia

I over eat & under eat. Can’t sleep at night and sleep during the day. When I have an episode I hate to call other people because I don’t want to “bring them down”. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do anything but lay in bed. I always worry about something bad happening to me. Even though I have hobbies and try do make healthy eating decisions etc. Just ranting because I’m crying for no apparent reason and need to vent. I hope everyone is ok. 🥹
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2023.03.22 07:26 Astice_Pensante Mass Effect Andromeda Entered A New Galaxy Only To Revisit Old Conflicts (03/22/2023)

Mass Effect Andromeda is celebrating its 5-year anniversary today, March 21, 2023. Below, we take a look at how the sequel grappled with the complicated legacy of the trilogy that preceded it.Following up Mass Effect 3's widely derided ending is a bit like trying to write a Star Wars movie that canonically takes place after The Rise of Skywalker. What the hell are you actually supposed to do? Both these franchises seemed to simply avoid the question for a while--BioWare followed ME3 with post-launch DLC and then eventually made a sequel, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Disney has been working on several Star Wars movies these past few years, some of which are reportedly taking place after the events of Episode 9 Link to article
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2023.03.22 07:25 FlexLuthor84 just some thematic questions about elements that I didn't get:

*Spoilers ahead*
If you haven't finished the series may want to skip this thread.
Ok so I just finished the series and it was a bit trippy. Very deep and thought provoking and raw and a wild ride.
Buuuuut I def missed / didn't get some things and hopefully you redditors who are way more artistically inclined and smarter than me can help me because I have a BUNCH OF QUESTIONS that were not clear to me:
  1. Were Marissa and Dre supposed to have been an item sexually or was Dre into her romantically? Dre is a lot more protective of Marissa than being a simple clingy sister would explain, imo.
  2. Was Dre supposed to be autistic or just a "strange person"? Because early on, she seems to be engaging in like "stimming " behaviors with the headphones and finger sucking and other behaviors... but then all that is like magically gone at some point.
  3. What is the weird obsession with food in this show? Why are so many scenes hinged around food? Especially the dichotomy between junk and health food. She kills the one guy and he only has healthy food in his fridge which she clearly hates but then he has all junk in his pantry. She makes the formerly obese guy relapse on a food binge.. she eats while the college guy master bates the cop keys in on it as an M.O. etc etc... why?
  4. (Gonna be politically incorrect here for a second sorry) Why is dre a "masculine presenting" lesbian by the end of the story? I didn't get what prompted that change in her characters appearance and mannerisms.
  5. Why does Harris shutting off the phone service, shut down her access to using the phone? That's not how phones work. All the texts and pics and everything would be there she just would have to charge the phone and turn it on or get it fixed. She wouldn't have to restore service to get what's on the phone?
  6. Why do the Jackson's seem to think Dre killed their daughter when it is confirmed later on by khalids brother when he spoke to the detective that it was a suicide?
  7. Why wouldn't the Jackson's have called the cops on Dre...? like if I was sure someone killed my daughter and they broke in my house, and I felt the need to shoot at them.. i would have reported all that at least.
  9. What do you all think was the purpose of having the detective and Dre have the same last name?
  10. Did Dre kill her own grandmother and that's how she ended up in foster care? What do you think happened to Dre to end up where/how she did?
  11. What was up with that women's empowerment group cult thing near Bonnaroo? Why help dre clean her car of the blood from an obvious murder but then lie to her about getting her passes to the show when they knew that's what she really wanted?
Looking forward to some answers! Thanks!
(Make fun of me if you want, I promise I'm not an idiot but these things just were not clear to me...maybe I was just too tired watching this to ponder it all so I'm sorry in advanced if my questions were obviously answered.)
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2023.03.22 07:24 Lilziggy098 [No Spoilers] Season 1 Episode 9 Song at beginning with Avengers Cosplay

In the beginning there's this song that plays, part of the lyrics are "for years we've been sleepin in convention hall lines" it might say "four years we've been sleepin in convention hall lines"
It doesn't say who made this song, it appears out of no where and gets cut off after a minute or two. It's really weird, I can't find anything about it anywhere, I even tried searching the lyrics with quotes on google to no avail. I've tried quoting the season and episode number, I've tried quoting using "avengers" and "song" at beginning. I can't find ANYTHING, nothing in the description, nothing on the screen, no comments or anything in the discussion thread.
Can someone please tell us who made this song so they can get their credit?
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2023.03.22 07:24 StrongOak I’ve been trying to get through Revolutionary Girl Utena since 2017. Should I even bother?

Currently just finished episode 26. Ep 25 was the first episode since the near beginning where I was truly excited by the show.
I’m trying to get through it because it’s one of the classics and it’s definitely visually beautiful, but it’s extremely repetitive. It’s worth noting that I’m notoriously bad at binging any sort of show, takes me a while to get through almost anything, but 6 years and 26 episodes is definitely higher than average.
It just started /anothe arc where I’m assuming each side character goes through the same exact thing for several episodes straight again. And I know it’s also deeply metaphorical but I feel like it’s so much so that a lot of it is just going over my head and feeling like nonsense. I was going to save looking up meanings for after I finished it in case of spoilers but would doing that sooner make the show more enjoyable? Is there a point where it really ramps up and I’ll be so happy I held out? Let me know your thoughts.
Also if anyone has links to their favorite things that break down the metaphors or maybe even like a guide on what’s skippable that’d be really cool.
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2023.03.22 07:24 thunderkock25 Out of the loop with this Beef between the guys and Ben.

I’ve been a long time fan since the first dozen or so episodes of Drunken Peasants. When the split happened I followed TJ, Scotty, Paul to DFF and didn’t bother keeping up with DP. Since then every so often the guys mention Ben disparagingly. Anyone know why? Was wondering if they’ve ever explained exactly why they don’t like him.
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2023.03.22 07:24 GodJihyo7983 Delivery Man [Episodes 7 & 8]

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2023.03.22 07:23 lemondrop7723 I’m so scared. Is this endo?

Hi! First time poster. I’m feeling completely terrified and would love some feedback around my symptoms. I’ll keep it simple(ish).
Period Past: - Period started around 12. They were uncomfortable and HEAVY, but not very painful. - I started the pill around 15 to help with cramps, acne, and heavy flow. - Switched to IUD around 22. Removed at 24. - Worked on hormone health and had super simple periods and good health.
Period Present: - I’m now 32 and have my period every 27-28 days like clockwork. - I have two days of spotting, heavy-to-moderate flow for two days (heavy meaning I may change a Super tampon every 3-4 hours for about 12 hours), light for one day, spotting for two days - I recently got diagnosed with PMDD based solely on depression during my luteal phase. My doctor added some supplements and the depression is resolving quickly. - My cramps have gotten worse over the last year, from absolutely none to moderate now. I usually have a heating pad, ibuprofen, and stick to the couch for about half a day each period. I generally can weight lift and resume activities the rest of my period. I feel fluffy though.
Why I’m Concerned: - I had a random fertility assessment as I want to have kids soon (so desperately 🥺) and thought to get checked due to my age. I have a lot of follicles (27), but my AMH was on the lower end (1.09). I was not on my period during this test, which apparently can change things? She also said my uterine lining was thick (this was one week before my period). The doctor (not my primary gyn) mentioned looking into endometriosis. - During this assessment, they discovered two cysts: one was 2.9cm and the other was 1.5cm. I am unaware of any other cysts in my life. - One week later (last Friday, four days ago), on the first day of my period, I was cooking dinner and got lightheaded. This happens sometimes if I take an edible, so I just laid down. I did not have any cramps at the time. I then went upstairs to change my tampon and immediately felt immense pain…like a cramp from hell. I also felt like I had to poop so I tried and was about 50% productive. But the cramps kept coming and I was blacking out, fainting, screaming in pain, sweating all over my entire body, nauseous, lightheaded. Still trying to poop with little success. The cramps felt how I imagine contractions do…intense for 2-3 minutes, 30 seconds of relief, then again, repeating for about an hour. My husband drove me to the ER at this point as I’m still screaming in pain and couldn’t walk. It didn’t feel like stabbing pain, it felt like cramps deep in my body. - As soon as I get to the ER, I feel 98% fine. Of course. Felt totally fine the rest of the time - Ultrasound comes back normal, no fluid which rules out cyst rupture (I think). I never spoke to a doctor though, just discharged. - Some very light cramps the rest of my period and some abdominal discomfort. I was still able to weight lift the next day, run, and live normally. I felt (and feel) sore though. - Finished period/spotting today, still slightly sore. My mid-back feels sore, like it’s craving a massage. - Some constipation, although I’m having some BM. I just don’t feel fully relieved.
Other Thoughts: - I don’t have painful sex unless my partner hits a weird angle and then we resume (idk if that’s normal) - I can’t recall painful poops or pee…maybe? - I sometimes cramp around ovulation, though not significantly - I don’t spot bleed, although I did last year post-COVID vaxx for about 2 months
I have an OB/GYN appointment next week, but between this wild cramp episode, lingering discomfort that’s lasting longer than usual and a bit into my abdomen, concerning results from my fertility test, and the cysts (with no evidence of rupture), I’m really scared. My life has been a living hell the last 18 months and I’m finally feeling like myself again…until this.
Should I be concerned or am I overthinking?
Thank you. 🤍
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2023.03.22 07:23 Low_Zucchini_8119 Finding out about filler

Finding out about filler
I didn't realize what a filler was necessarily until mid Shippuden. I understood that some episodes were going to be a bunch of nonsense, but I thought Naruto was developing and getting stronger. He was not. When I did lear what a filler was, I was somewhat disappointed that certain moments weren't actually canon. Thought the Star Village was pretty cool actually.. Guren seemed like a neat character, I thought she'd be around for awhile. And "Rawr" said Tiger Mizuki
I guess at the time I was enjoying some of these episodes (some more than others) and to find out that some ideas weren't even canon was kind of a bummer. I thought Naruto was going around making his mark, like he did in the Land of Waves.
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2023.03.22 07:23 GillyAmory Dex101's new video with Sejun-i...

...and two other cast members from UMAgame and Bloody Game. Interactions between Sejun and Dex are all highlights of the episode for me. Entertaining as always. Go and have a watch everyone! https://youtu.be/6ZH-I0FnlkU
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2023.03.22 07:19 PassCompetitive1662 HOLD ON A MINUTE

Hey everyone-I completely agreed with a lot of what you guys said about this most recent episode of GGE, I felt like rayna was being more vulnerable and they were finally taking some accountability regarding Lewis Howes as a guest considering they never talk about controversy regarding their show (not the best walking it back but at least letting us know they heard us in their comment section of Instagram for that reel with him) UNTIL…y’all made me hopeful enough to listen to that episode on Spotify and even though I didn’t finish (they took forever to get to the topic and not really any new hot takes) I heard them talk about it and felt proud…but I wanted to see their facial reactions when they did since their were pauses after each sentence so I hopped on YouTube only to find…they skipped that part ENTIRELY. On Spotify it’s at minute 23.26 and on YouTube they cut it out and skipped to ads…am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed hell yes. What are your thoughts?? Also @the person who recently asked why we criticize them this is a good example
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2023.03.22 07:18 janwelly Kidding aside, is this a mental health issue?

I've met my partner back in 2013. We love each other (that's what I feel) and we have kids, two beautiful daughters. Every company I hired from, I always cheat. I always assume that this lady/girl I put my attention to, like me or want me. Each company, like total of 8 employers I work for, I always have this episode falling in love to someone and I consistently stalk them on socmed, privately chatting them to engage a conversation and told them lies about who I am. I always impress them, no matter how hard to sustain what image I was trying to show them. I always end up being caught by my partner and always promise her that I won't do it again. Now I decided to work from home to at least limit myself into liking any other people. But every time I go out, hang out with friends and meet someone, this intent to stalk them seems to come back. I want to change. I want to stop. But I just can't.
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2023.03.22 07:16 cpeeler15 Help! 3 year old won’t sleep

I am in need of some advice please. My son just turned three and ever since he was a young baby he has had these random ‘episodes’ where he wakes up (usually around the same time each night) and goes absolutely wild. He sleeps in his own bed and will wake up screaming/ crying hysterically, stretching his whole body as if he’s possessed, and if I go to him to try to console him, he goes mental: screaming go away, go away or kicking/ throwing items at me. So hence I leave to go away and he goes berserk, screaming i want mommy. He'll sometimes get up from bed and ask for snacks or juice, so you get the requested items, and he screams no, i don't want it. This will go on for nearly 45 minutes and I'll never be able to satisfy him.
He pushes you, hits you, throws stuff and bangs on the door! This can go on for an hour. If I try ignoring the bad behaviour but letting him know i am there, he just continues to scream at the top of his longs.
At the beginning of these ‘episodes’ it seems as though his not even awake. We have tried everything in the book, he used to sleep peacefully and only had these episodes every now and again.
When he stays at other peoples houses he never does it. My question is, could these be diet problems, night terrors,.. if so what can we do to return to a peaceful nights rest?
Please can someone offer any advice, I am dreading each night.
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