2014 toyota rav4 transmission fluid check

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2023.03.29 06:47 qwertyqwerty1899 Is this rav 4 a good deal?

New to the car game, any advice would be really appreciated.
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2023.03.29 04:56 No_Government01 Transmission still shifts kinda funny

2014 Tahoe 166k
I’ve been all over this sub posting videos and I just can’t figure it out,
Was having issues where it would kind of rev high past 2k rpm then shift when it’s cold and was having issues in overdrive, it will kind of have trouble deciding wether to shift gears or not, if I’m going 35mph it is like it doesn’t know if it wants to stay in 3rd or shift to 4th and then lower the rpm like it should.
I got told fluid was dirty so i got it changed and I was still having the same issues. The high revs in first gear to second only seems to happen when it’s cold. And when it warms up is when I notice the overdrive issue. ( shifting weird around 35mph) I took it to a local shop and they said “it’s a 6L80 it is kinda of weird getting used to it” but that don’t explain the issues I’m having? I paid for a transmission inspection and I’m wondering if they even did it…there has to be something wrong.
I’ve gotten codes for the rear propshaft speed sensor. And I think that pertains to the transmission? I was also told torque converter by a few friends. Any idea??
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2023.03.29 04:24 qvoth_the_raven 2015 Kia Optima Hybrid or 2014 Toyota RAV4?

My boyfriend currently has a 2015 Kia Optima Hybrid with 118,000 miles. His mom is getting rid of her 2014 Toyota RAV4, with 220,000 miles. She is willing to give it to him. The KBB on his Optima is about equal with what he owes on it, so essentially it’s a one for one trade if he wants it. We are concerned about the high cost of the hybrid battery, no idea when that could hit. So basically…
2015 Optima Hybrid with 118k miles Or 2014 Toyota RAV4 with 220k miles?
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2023.03.29 04:23 qvoth_the_raven 2014 RAV4 vs 2015 Kia Optima Hybrid

My boyfriend currently has a 2015 Kia Optima Hybrid with 118,000 miles. His mom is getting rid of her 2014 Toyota RAV4, with 220,000 miles. She is willing to give it to him. The KBB on his Optima is about equal with what he owes on it, so essentially it’s a one for one trade if he wants it. We are concerned about the high cost of the hybrid battery, no idea when that could hit. So basically…
2015 Optima Hybrid with 118k miles Or 2014 Toyota RAV4 with 220k miles?
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2023.03.29 03:18 h4x354x0r Fulton Ford sold me a car with a bad transmission

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2023.03.29 02:35 formless63 Transmission lines for 2006 LR3 Interchangability?

Hello all - posting as I haven't been successful with google-fu or checking forums for this info.
I have a 2006 LR3 Base (4.0 V6) and the transmission lines need to be replaced. One of them popped and most of the fluid has puked out. I'm not finding much online labeled for the 4.0 but have found a few options for the 4.4. Is it the same between the two engines? Or - anyone know of a source for the 4.0 (either used or new is fine)?
Thanks in advance for any input. Would love to get this thing back on the road.
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2023.03.29 01:32 minnesota420 2013 Honda Civic Sedan 205,000 miles $5500

Hi, I’m trying to buy a car. I found a dark blue 2013 Honda Civic with 205,000 miles.
I am aiming for this car because a mechanic on YouTube named Scotty Kilmer who isn’t sponsored by Honda or Toyota or other car companies recommended this year, make and model. He has a video on the best used cars to buy, but in summation these were the ones he recommended:
2012 Honda Accord, 2012 Ford Fusion, 2013 Honda Civic, 2012 Toyota Corolla, 2011 Toyota Camry.
This car will be used as a daily driver for work, groceries, and the gym. There might be a long trip once every couple of months.
I don’t have the full amount saved up for the car ($5500) but I did get financing on the car through a credit union. The interest rates suck and they always pull your worst credit, but the interest rating is 11.09%. With my credit, that was the best I’m going to get.
I’m assuming that the brakes will need to be changed, the fluids, and the suspension down the road. I’m going to check out the car tomorrow. And see how well it was maintained.
I know how to look on the inside of a car, under the hood and in the trunk, as well as on the paneling, to see if the car was in an accident. I know to check the undercarriage as best as possible, what to look for on a test drive (wobbling when it stops= rotors) weird noises, testing the AC.
The title for the car is a salvage title, but the owner claims it is due to hail damage. You can clearly see that in the pictures on Craigslist. Of course, there is no way to really know what’s up unless you see the car in person. Tomorrow, I’m going to see it.
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2023.03.29 00:26 bspires78 Clutch slips only on launches

2014 Camaro 2LT/RS
I’ve done my best to research this but haven’t found anything. My clutch holds perfectly well in gear once I’m rolling even if I get on the brakes while accelerating in any gear, but it almost feels like it doesn’t fully engage when I launch the car.
The last time I launched the car, it essentially went like this: held RPM at about 3.5k, peg the gas and drop the clutch simultaneously, and of course the wheels spin. But it felt like the clutch was slipping a bit, and as a result it overheated and slipped like crazy when I shifted into second gear. My working theory is that it’s not fully engaging, and the slight slippage overheats it and causes it to slip even more, etc etc.
The same thing happens to a much smaller degree when I’m accelerating hard and upshift aggressively. It doesn’t just bite, it kinda takes half a second to a second or so to meander down to the new engine speed, which is something it didn’t do previously. This all started after it got insanely cold for a few nights when it’s normally 50-60 degrees F, if that might have anything to do with it. It just never went back to normal. I don’t think it’s the fluid, because it uses the brake fluid reservoir and I just had hi temp fluid put in in June 2022, though now that I think about it, it has seen a couple track days. Perhaps air bubbles in the fluid could cause it to have less initial bite force? I only have a very rudimentary understanding of transmissions
My question is, is that a thing with modern hydraulic clutches? I understand I’ve abused the clutch a bit and it’s entirely possible it just needs replacing, which is fine, but everything I’ve heard about clutches is that the first sign they’re going is when they slip while you’re accelerating and already in motion
I appreciate anyone taking the time to read/answer this, if I’m just being dumb let me know lol.
Edit: I’m just gonna replace the clutch. I was incorrect about the first sign of wear being slippage when accelerating, I heard that from people that I know don’t launch their cars, so it makes sense looking back that they wouldn’t say anything about launches. Momentary lack of critical thinking lol. Thanks for the input guys
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2023.03.28 20:22 mgarrity12 2010 RAV4 won't move

2010 Toyota RAV4 - just replaced transmission. Drove for a few days, all went well. Slight jump between 3rd and 4th gear. On way to transmission shop to reset the computer, stopped and got a car wash. Pulling out, car locked up in 1st gear and wouldn't move. Was able to tow home in neutral and wheels move freely.
Have drained and replaced fluids, flushed lines, replaced solenoids, and speed sensors.
No check engine lights or errors showing. When checking computer, seems to stay in 1st gear.
No wheel movement in drive or reverse. Again, wheels move in neutral so brakes are not locked up.
Help!! We are at a loss as to what could be wrong!!
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2023.03.28 20:01 KhoaFraelich REVIEW BMW 220d Coupé M Sport offers driving thrills without the thirst

REVIEW BMW 220d Coupé M Sport offers driving thrills without the thirst

The 2 Series is one of the few modern BMWs not styled with a contentiously large grille. Picture: DENIS DROPPA
The sensible turbodiesel engine was somewhat out of kilter with the racy looks of this low-slung coupé as the car’s athletic shape seemed to call for high-revving petrol power. But that’s not to say the BMW 220d Coupe M Sport is deficient in the performance department.

The four-cylinder 2.0 turbodiesel engine has been a stalwart in BMW’s range, powering several of its larger models with verve and efficiency, and its 140kW and 400Nm feel satisfyingly lively in the light and compact 2 Series.

The respectable seven-second 0-100km/h sprint and 237km/h top speed attest to this, and the 220d has peppy pace when the throttle is thrust in anger, scooting off the line with spirit and almost no turbo lag. There is enough power whenever you need it, whether stealing gaps in traffic or punching past long trucks on the open road.

It’s just that the quiet and low-revving engine has an easygoing demeanour that doesn’t inspire hard-throttle driving, which contributed to the economical 6.8l/100km average we attained in the car.

At R889,706 the 220d seems like the most sensible buy in the 2 Series Coupé range for its mix of performance and economy. The car is also available as the 220i coupe M Sport (R842,590) with outputs of 135kW and 300Nm, and the flagship M240i xDrive Coupe with 285kW/500Nm (R1,138,662). The M2 will arrive later this year as the Alpha of the range, wielding 338kW and 550Nm.

Despite being one of the Munich firm’s smallest cars, the new 2 Series delivers the typical business class BMW experience. The second generation 2 Series Coupé, now more closely based on the larger 4 Series, is more grown up than the 1 Series-based coupé that preceded it in 2014. At 4,537mm the car is 105mm longer than the model it replaces, with increases in width and wheelbase too, and with its 12% improvement in torsional rigidity it feels impressively solid.

Chassis components carried over from the 4 Series further distinguish the new 2 Series Coupé from the compact 1 Series. Standard M Sport suspension and low-profile 19-inch tyres give the car a ride that’s on the firm side, but without being uncomfortably jarring, while the lengthened wheelbase prevents it from feeling choppy. Though there is some noticeable jittering over bumps and potholes, the car generally delivers an acceptably smooth ride.

It may not be Munich’s most powerful beast, but the 220d Coupé delivers the typically slick and pointy handling of compact rear wheel drive BMWs. It’s a treat to throw this car through a curve and experience its pressed-down nature and well-weighted steering, and there are eco, normal and sport drive modes that affect throttle, steering and gearshift responses.

There’s enough power to kick the tail out when you apply the juice too hard, though electronic nannies ensure such playful diversions are kept safely in check.

Inside the new 2 Series the executive flair is laid on with high-quality trimmings. The sporting appeal is raised by leathesuede bucket seats and M colour trim on the doors. The obligatory digitisation comes in the form of an infotainment touchscreen and a digital instrument panel, but user-friendly physical controllers, including the tried and tested iDrive knob, remain for many of the oft-used functions.

Despite the car’s increase in size, the two rear seats remain cramped for adults and are best suited to small children. Boot space is a creditable 390l , however, and the split rear seats flip down to provide extra loading space.

Gadgets include a reversing camera, doors that automatically unlock and lock when you approach/leave the car and USB chargers. Like most German premium cars, the 220d is not overly endowed with features, and items such as electrically adjustable front seats, adaptive cruise control and parking sensors all have to be ticked in the options list.

Larger and lower than its forerunner, the new 2 Series is a more grown-up car. Picture: DENIS DROPPA
The 2 Series is one of the few modern BMWs not styled with a contentiously large grille, and has conventionally sized air intakes — much to the relief of some, we suspect. Instead of oversized nostrils it uses flared wheel arches and a “power dome” on the bonnet to relay a youthful and extrovert aura, aided by sitting 28mm lower than its predecessor for a more sporty and pressed-down look.

Two-door cars are rare these days and the BMW 220d Coupé M Sport makes no pretensions at family practicality. It’s a car that will be enjoyed for its athletic looks and sporty driver appeal, with the thirst of a teetotaller as a bonus.

Tech specs


Type: Four-cylinder petrol turbo

Capacity: 2.0l

Power: 140kW

Torque: 4000Nm


Type: Eight-speed Steptronic automatic


Type: Rear-wheel drive


Top speed: 237km/h

0-100km/h: 7.0 seconds (claimed)

Fuel consumption: 4.8l/100km (claimed); 6.8l/100km (as tested)

Emissions: 126g/km


Electronic stability control, ABS brakes, six airbags, run flat tyres, electric windows, LED daytime running lights, adaptive headlights, climate control, keyless access, cruise control, driving modes, rain sensor wipers, automatic headlamps, tyre pressure sensor, sports suspension, trip computer, infotainment system, suede and artificial leather seats, navigation.


Warranty: Two years/unlimited km

Maintenance plan: Five years/100,000km

Price: R889,706

Lease: R18,998 a month

*at 10% interest over 60 months no deposit

BMW 220d Coupé M Sport

WE LIKE: Fun-to-drive nature, styling, fuel economy.

WE DISLIKE: Cramped rear seat, not overstocked with features.

VERDICT: Driver’s car without the thirst.

Motor News star rating

Design ****

Performance ****

Economy *****

Ride ***

Handling ****

Safety *****

Value For Money ****

Overall ****

The Competition

Audi A3 sedan 40 TFSI S line, 140kW/320Nm — R725,600

Mercedes A200d sedan AMG Line, 110kW/320Nm — R816,095

Source: Heraldlive
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2023.03.28 18:33 ajguy16 Advice on high mileage 2015 Silverado 1500 preventive maintenance plan

My Silverado has 172,000 miles. Bought it used 3 years ago at 152,000 miles. It currently has no major issues and I've stayed on top of normal maintenance (Oil changes, tire rotations, and brakes). While I have no records of what the previous owner did, it seems to have been well maintained. I know it was an older man that used truck for interstate hwy commute only.
I don't want to get any new vehicles over the next few years, so I want to get on top of less-frequent high mileage maintenance items on the truck.
I've successfully done a coolant drain and fill and a brake system flush.
Next I'm planning to do a transmission drain and fill. I have no clue if the fluid has ever been replaced, but I'd like to see if there's any hints that I'll have transmission trouble coming. So we'll see when we drop the pan.

What other things should I be checking or pre-emptively replacing? I'm considering doing spark plugs and wires too. Is this unnecessary if I'm not having any issues?
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2023.03.28 17:29 CokedOutWalrus Resealing the 5 speed

Resealing the 5 speed
If anyone is interested, here are the part#'s to reaseal the 5 speed out of a 2wd KA truck. I believe it's the FS5R30A in my '95. In addition you'll need two Timken seals, part #'s 1981 and 710324 to replace the input and output shaft seals, respectively. These part #'s should work for all years of the 2.4L, I checked the actual fluid seals and they all cross reference from '97 back to '80. Of course always double check your part #'s, especially v6 and/or 4wd guys.
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2023.03.28 06:29 wiredgrl 2004 Toyota Matrix 160k miles for $2.6k

2004 Toyota Matrix 160k miles for $2.6k
I'm looking to buy a reliable used car, nothing too fancy or expensive. It will mainly be used daily for getting to work and school and occasional other drives, not planning on taking the car out of town or for any really long distances. Found this car on FB marketplace and it seems pretty good, my main concern is it being a much older car than im used to so im worried about it possibly having more issues. I do plan on seeing the car and taking it on a test drive before purchasing but id love some more opinions from all of you or anyone that has an older car like this. I appreciate anything anyone can tell me!
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2023.03.28 05:58 Taofey "Recore: Homecoming" Chapter 4

It seems that "upvotes" (and a few downvotes as well) are the best I can hope for. If you are wondering where this story comes from, you need to read the four books under the "Fan-Fiction" tab on the right. The first three encompass the "Definitive Edition", where the fourth takes the story beyond the game, using conjecture based on the content of the "logs" found throughout.
Anyway, Chapter 4...
Chapter 4
Cal Riflin, Cell Leader
3rd Revolutionary Brigade
August 11, 2263, 1409
Hey, guy! You need to be ready to bring us down! If you’re not there already, find shaft 01-Bravo-472-Zulu. If it’s not powered up, find 01-Bravo-453-Charlie and, once the door to the maintenance chamber is open, find the lever tagged ‘Hanger Lift 472’. You might have to charge it by pulling down on it a couple of times but that’s the only way. You have bogeys above you so do not respond. I say again, do not respond! Hoping you can get that done so I come in. Otherwise, I’ll be a sitting duck! You have about twenty, so…”
Jefi: “It’ll take at least ten minutes to get there! I know for a fact there is no power so…”
I tipped the chair over into the bed of the six-wheeled rover and dropped into the driver’s seat. Jefi took one look at me and followed. I hit the accelerator and spun the cat around and headed toward the cross-passage to the section she told us about. It was gonna be close, and, if there was a cave-in…
Cal: “Find that maintenance chamber, Jefi. We’ll go there first to get power to the lift.”
Jefi: “But we’ll be too late!”
Cal: “No we won’t. I won’t let us be! Now, give me directions!”
Jefi: “Okay. It’s the second right! Go!”
The tires screeched on the dusty concrete and we headed down the dark passage, the headlights burning bright and Jefi holding onto the top of the windshield and the door for dear life. I didn’t even think about the seat belts.
The first passage was blocked, but the second…
I took the turn on the left three wheels. Jefi screamed but… If we lived through this, I was gonna have to find a core psychologist for him. For now…
Jefi: “Cross the intersect of the next passage and then take a right at the next one! The maintenance bay should be the fourth door on the left!”
We shot across the first passage and I locked the brakes. A cave-in!
Cal: “Find me another way around, Jefi!”
The tires screeched again as I put us in reverse and spun out into the cross-passage.
Jefi: “Left! Then take the next right!”
I spun the cat down the passage and into the right passage. I laid on the brakes to make the right turn into the next passage and then.
Jefi: “Keep going! It up here on the left. Go! Go! Stop!”
I locked the brakes and Jefi jumped out. I followed at a run to the double doors to the left and he grabbed the handle. Locked! Jefi glanced at me and I saw the purple come to his eyes. Like I said, he only looks like a synth.
He took two steps back and leaped at the doors! Both feet drove into the junction of the two and they almost came off the hinges! Metal doors, bent and would probably not close… much less lock… again!
He ran to the designated banks of big breakers and found the one he wanted quickly. He had to pump it six times before it locked on and the red light came up.
Jefi: “It’ll charge until it gets to full, and then it’ll automatically bring up the hydraulics! Let’s get to the hanger lift!”
Cal: “Which way!”
Jefi: “At the end of this passage! Let’s go!”
I spun the cat and jammed the accelerator all the way to the floor. It was going to be close. The lights came up and that told me the breaker was working and the hydraulics were spinning up. Maybe…
Jefi: “The door is down. We’ll have to run.”
I barely got the cat stopped when Jefi leaped out and ran to the control box. He shoved the handle up and… Damn, that door is slow!
When there was room, Jefi crawled under. I followed into a very huge chamber with a big steel Pillar in the center. This was the lift that brought the aircraft down into the maze of passages that were the cornerstone of what they used to call “Area 51”.
Jefi grabbed several of the big five gallons cans lining the edge of the chamber until he found one with something in it. He ripped the top off and ran to the pillar to pour the thick oil all over it. He ran around it dispensing the thick, slick fluid everywhere!
Jefi: “Get on the control! Pull it down to bring the lift down, and up…”
Cal: “Got it. What are you…”
Jefi: “This hasn’t been used in… well over a hundred years! You might have to exercise it to get the bubbles out of the hydraulics. If it stops, cycle it!”
I ran to the control panel and grabbed the handle.
Cal: “Now?”
Jefi: “Yeah, now!”
I pulled the handle down and heard the groan. It dropped about six inches and stopped.
Jefi: “Take it back up and do it again! Hurry!”
I slammed the handle up and the lift responded. Then, I snapped it down again. This time it lowered about three feet before it stopped. I sent it back up and then, it stopped at around six feet. Up again and, just before I snapped it back down, I heard a big thump on the top of the lift!
Jefi: “That’s her, Cal! Hurry! I’m going to monitor the radio!”
I slammed the handle down and prayed the lift wouldn’t stop this time. It jerked and groaned but continued down, seven foot, eight foot, nine foot,…
A black ship slipped from the platform way up there and all but dropped toward the ground. As the ship settled in the dust, the cockpit was thrown open and a girls’ voice shouted at me.
Close it! Hurry! Close it now!”
I threw the handle back up and watched as she turned in her seat to the… copilot in the back. After the thump that told me the lift was back up, she turned around, closed her eyes and sighed real big. Then she looked at me… kinda with a question in her eyes.
Jefi walked back into the chamber and…
She stood in the seat and this big pistol was in her hand. She was pointing it at Jefi!
Cal: “Whoa! He’s with me!”
The pistol turned on me and I started thinking that wasn’t the right way to put it.
Cal: “He’s not a synth! I’m not the enemy! Who the Hell are you?!”
Okay, that might not have been the right thing to say either, but she was holding that big pistol… an antique like the one I had in my collection in Montana… if it was still there… and giving my buddy grief! And that after he saved her life! She pointed a finger at Jefi and…
Girl: “You! Move over to your buddy. Now!”
Jefi moved slowly toward me, his hands up and his eyes for the big bore of the pistol in her hand. The cockpit in the back of the ship opened and a big AP-3 corebot dropped to the ground! If I could…
Jefi: “Tell her I’m not a synth, brother. Please? I use this frame to get close to them for information and if we need to steal a frame and their white core.”
Girl: “What the heck was that? Special code between you…”
Corebot: “He’s speaking to me, Kiki. It’s corebot.”
Cal: “Kiki? Nice name. I’m Cal and this is my buddy, Jefi. We’re part of…”
Girl: “My friends call me Kiki. You call me Commander Kiari Danali. What’d he say, Kev?”
Kev: “He said he’s not a synth… whatever that is. He’s using that frame to disguise himself when entering the… enemy’s domain. They did send the SOS, Kiki, and they opened the hanger from the inside. If they were part of the craziness outside…”
Cal: “If we were a part of the craziness outside… which we are… we would have to have been crazy to let you in here just to have you point a pistol at us and insult us like this, Commander Danali! Now, either shoot me, go back outside and play with the synths! Otherwise, climb down and let us figure out what we can do to help! First off, where the heck did you come from? Far Eden?”
Kiari: “What’s it to you?!”
Cal: “Well, if SERI got the location of Far Eden from you or one of your ships…”
Kev: “They got into the ship’s computer, Kiki. What if he’s telling the truth…”
Cal: “Hey! I’m right here, you bucket of bolts! You want to play around and let SERI send her goons to Far Eden, be my guest! We’ve burned everything about the new planet to keep her from it! So, go ahead! Shoot me!”
Jefi: “Stop it, Cal! You humans get all excited over the least little thing, don’t you?”
Kev: “It’s the nature of the beast, my friend.”
Kiari: “So now he’s your best bud?”
Kev: “He’s the only one around here trying to calmly assess the situation. I think he and I should talk and you two can fight it out. What do you say, Jefi?”
Jefi: “I’ll show you our setup. Feel free to comment on improvements and…”
Kiari: “What about me, Kev?”
Kev: “Oh! I thought you wanted to shoot this human who ran down here and pulled our butts out of the fire. Go ahead. We’ll be over here exchanging notes.”
Jefi: “You might try a few more insults, Cal. That’s always helpful.”
I watched in shock as the AP-3 laid a big hand to my buddy’s shoulder and they walked toward the passage like two old friends. I heard the laugh behind me and turned around. She was putting the pistol back into her flight vest and smiling. It’s a nice smile…
Cal: “So… uh… are you going to climb down and get on the cat?”
Kiari: “And leave my ship here for anybody to steal? Not on your life! Just follow Kev and he’ll show you the elevator to the sixth floor. That’s our hanger.”
She dropped back into the seat, closed the copilot canopy and lifted the ship to float it toward me. While the missiles, pulse guns and the lethal looking chain gun disappeared into the fighter, I walked quickly after the two bots, certain a crazy woman was now on my planet.
I climbed into the seat to the cat, took the controls and looked back at the AP-3.
Kev: “It’s at the end of the passage. Just pull in to the right and she’ll bring the ship in and set it down. Then we drop six floors.”
Yeah. That’s a possibility using equipment that has stood vacant for a hundred years or more. Dropping is not what I signed up for.
I watched the rearview and the big black fighter floating after us like… like a lethal balloon.
Cal: “How far is it to…”
Kev: “Ten miles. Once we get there, I’ll call the elevator and see if it’s still working. If not…”
Cal: “She’ll just think it’s my fault.”
Kev: “Probably.”
That didn’t help. The most lethal pilot I ever met is a cute girl with the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. And her dark skin is… so touchable. But I’m not going to attempt that any time soon!
I kept glancing in the rearview until…
Kev: “When we were stationed here, she’d get us in trouble flying down this corridor at 50kph… just to see if she could do it. That ship is her life, Cal. Don’t worry about her. Worry about whoever shot at us. They are really in trouble!”
Cal: “It’s not that simple. Once we get to… wherever you’re taking us, I’ll explain as much as I know.”
Kev: “Then step it up. She really can keep up.”
At 30kph, she was floating behind us like it was nothing. It took a little time but, finally, we came to the big elevator. It was one of those with the doors that opened top and bottom and looked like they could withstand a hit from a nuke! I glanced back, certain the black ship wouldn’t stop in time, but it just hovered behind us like nothing. Dang, this girl can fly!
Kev hopped out, tapped in a five-digit code on the control panel, and I heard the thunk as the elevator began to activate. The whine told me it was working… for now. What if…
Jefi: “I contacted our people about the computer onboard the Matador, Cal. They’re going to do a deep dive to see if SERI got anything. If so, we may be too late to stop her. Kev said he’s going to get Kiari to contact the warship if possible and let them know what’s going on.”
Cal: “But won’t that…”
Jefi: “Kev says they have a special communication program developed on Far Eden that lets them channel-hop while encrypting the transmission. He promised to share that with us.”
Cal: “That’s nice of them.”
Jefi: “Isn’t it though?”
Okay. My buddy is thoroughly infatuated with the strangers. I’m just hoping they’re not the forerunners of another Anunnaki like invasion! That would really piss the Andromeda Counsel off! But that’s another subject.
The elevator’s whine slowed down and then stopped. The big doors started to open and Kev had to step on the thick bottom door to make it retract all the way. Not a good sign as far as I was concerned. He motioned us in and pointed to the far wall. I drove the cat in and turned around to watch.
Kev pointed his big metal finger up and spun it around. The girl in the cockpit turned the fighter around right there in the passage and then backed it into the elevator! I remember trying to parallel park and never getting it right!
Once the big AP-3 gave the signal, she lowered the ship to the landing legs and… the elevator sunk three inches. I heard the whine again and it came back up level with the passage but… this could be… dangerous.
Cal: “You know, we’ve been finding many of the deeper chambers around the world have filled with water. This may not be the best idea…”
Kiari: “The generators for this facility are located on the 43rd floor, pal. If there was water, we’d never have been able to get in here.”
Okay. Good point. Maybe I should just sit here and try not to look too stupid.
Kev: “You might want to contact Pike and tell him about the possibility of a computer breach and the negative aspects.”
Kiari: “Got it. Just get us to the hanger, Kev. We need to get Joule fixed up, rearm and…”
Cal: “You’re not thinking about going back out there, are you?”
Kiari: “We will sooner or later. When we do, I want a ship ready to meet the danger at one hundred percent. In the meanwhile, we’ll be looking at everything you’ve got to see what can be done. Once in the hanger, we’ll talk.”
Oookaaay. I’m going to just shut up now.
The elevator jerked a couple of times and made some really scary grinding noises on the way down. Commander Danali sat up there in the pilot seat talking to someone on her communication network, her hand waving at certain points to probably make some point in the discussion. Just before the elevator stopped at the sixth floor, she sat back and sighed, her frown telling me she didn’t like what she heard.
Kiari: “Kev? Pike says they’re… safe for now. Jeff’s gonna make it and they’re waking up the Spec-Ops guys right now. They’re working on the drop-ships in case we need the extra help. We’re supposed to gather intel, stay low and feed him what we find.”
Kev: “Sounds good. He say whether we lost any information on Far Eden?”
Kiari: “He’s not sure. The ITs are going through the ship’s programming right now. It’ll take time but…”
Cal: “We have guys who can… and will… do a hack on SERI’s servers. That’ll tell us if they got anything valuable.”
Kiari: “Go ahead and contact ‘em. It will probably be important before we find an end to this.”
An end… to this? Lady, we’ve been fighting… this for over a century! What do you think you and your little ship can do that we haven’t tried? Then again…
The AP-3 opened the elevator door to… to the biggest room I’ve ever seen underground! There were other ships like hers down here, equipment sitting with a thick layer of dust all over it and… and they all looked pristine, though dust covered.
The black ship revved up and lifted about two inches. Then, with the girl’s hands on the controls, it drifted into the huge hanger following the AP-3 and my buddy, Jefi. Once she cleared the doorway, I drove the cat out and followed.
There had to be at least a hundred of the antique fighters in here! If we had pilots…
But we don’t. We have computer specialists, technicians and a few soldiers and that’s all. Okay, we need the help. I guess it just grates that she’s so competent.
There were a lot of empty parking places too. I suppose they were up there in space in the hanger of the warship. But, if true, where were the other pilots?
Kev led us to a specific parking bay and the ship turned into it. I drove around the ship and parked. As it came in, the magnetic pulses of the antigrav unit in the fighter moved the dust around until I could read… stenciled on the concrete… “Commander Kiari Danali”. I guess she’s home now.
I need to call this in. The problem is, I’m not certain what to tell HQ. “Hey, guys. There’s this cute black girl and her fighter here now and she’s going to solve all of our problems!” Yeah, that’s not going to happen.
I slipped into the back, pulled up the comms and… stopped. The girl pulled something inside the cockpit and steps jutted out from the side of the ship. She stepped out… barefoot.
Cal: “You always fly without shoes?”
Kiari: “Only when I get woke up from cryo under attack! Now, weren’t you supposed to be calling somebody?”
Most of the girls I know… those with darker skin that is… have… ample backsides and with equally ample… chests. Not this girl. The flight suit was fitted to her every move and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.
This girl was an athlete. Okay, a soldier with training and a body that looked like it could handle anything. Including the young eyes of a guy who’d been out here too long with his corebot buddy!
I watched her climb down onto the dusty concrete, step over to a touchpad on the side of the ship and lay her hand on it. It opened and she took a pair of calf-high boots and a large pack from the compartment. She looked around, sighed, glanced at me with a frown and walked toward Kev and my buddy, Jefi.
Kiari: “All these ships were left here, Kev. Where are the pilots?”
Kev: “Don’t know. Looks like the place was abandoned, Kiki. Check the logs in the ready room. They may give us some idea why these weren’t used to put the synths down.”
Jefi: “Maybe they were caught in the Apocalypse. Nobody knew what…”
Kiari: “Say what?”
Jefi: “There was a big celebration after the Anunnaki thing, Kiki. Everybody was into partying and dancing back then. From what I’ve read, SERI used that as an opening to nuke everybody. It was just after the Andromeda Council left.”
Kiari: “Okay. I say again… What?!”
Cal: “The Andromeda Council helped us. They’re the big cheese of the League of Planets… or something. They put Earth in quarantine for the next thousand years… starting about one hundred-fifty years ago. Something about the grays and reptilians breaking rules… or something. They told us they’d be back to ‘assess our worth’ in a thousand years. When they left, SERI took over.”
Kiari: “Still. They’d leave a crew here to…”
Jefi: “They wouldn’t have because by then everybody knew about the alien systems the scientists here were reverse engineering for war. It shouldn’t have been a thing seeing that all countries were part of the World Government at the time, but some of the North American governments still didn’t trust… anybody! SERI only came into being when the Anunnaki… the grays with a healthy dose of the reptilians… attacked Earth. There’s a lot of history here you weren’t privy to, Kiki. You’ll have to catch up quickly so…
Kiari: “I’m gonna check out the ready room, grab a shower and change, Kev. Check Joule out and we’ll get to work on her in a minute. I wanna see what Will left for us in his storage rooms. Then, if we can find a… history channel on the vid in the ready room, I’ll take a look at what’s been happening.”
Cal: “Can I come with you?”
Kiari: “What? You wanna wash my back?”
Although her sarcastic response was probably joking, it touched the angry spot I’ve had for years. Why wasn’t there a better response when SERI took over? Why were we forced underground to avoid her synth minions. Why are kids forced to grow up quicker, never smile, and live in what could only be called abject squalor and darkness all the days of their lives? So, if my response was a little sharp…
Cal: “I want to see the information on this place, Commander. I want to know why there was no retaliation for the preemptive attack on humanity! I want to know where the soldiers were when the hammer fell on the innocent! I want to know why men, women and children had to die when the Neutrons dropped on the big cities… all of them! Why militias had to take up the slack and form the surviving forces around the world! I want to know why the strongest standing army in the world was caught flat-footed when we needed them the most! It might shed some light on SERI’s… mindset at the time and give us a clue as to how to topple her.”
As soon as I saw the look on her face, I felt about two inches tall. It was a mixture of embarrassment, apology and anger, all put together in a sad, angry glance. My eyes dropped to the floor while I seethed. It wasn’t her fault, but, dammit, she didn’t have to come off so cocky!
Kiari: “Com’on. I’ll show you the way to the ready room. And… and you can call me Kiki.”
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2023.03.28 04:47 Tilger 2013 pathfinder CVT advice

Hi We have a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder SV with the code "P17F0" It shakes going from 15 mph - 30 mph. We are thinking we might just take it to the mechanic to do a transmission flush and replace the fluid. While this may not work, it's the cheaper option, which we'd like to try out.
Questions we have: - If transmission flush and replacement of fluid does not work and the engine light doesn't go off, would you replace the transmission to prolong the inevitable? or would you cut your losses and trade it in for a new vehicle? - Would this Nissan have any worthy trade in value in the event we decide to buy new? (We currently have our eyes on the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid that comes out this summer, but of course are weary thinking about the price, but we do like to drive our cars until the wheels fall off.
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2023.03.28 03:49 2008lexusrx350 Stepping on the gas but my car barely accelerates

I have a 2008 Lexus Rx 350 FWD it's got nearly 230,000 miles on the odometer. anyways, for a few weeks now ive been having this problem that only occurs every so often; I'll be going around 20-40mph and when I step on the gas the rpms do what they are suppose to. But the car doesn't accelerate accordingly, there is a loud squeaking noise coming from my serpentine belt, and I think it's the idler pully. My transmission fluid seems fine, it's red when I check the dipstick. What's going on??
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2023.03.28 03:39 amh9427 New to me truck - Blow By and Trans Questions

Bought a new to me 2014 6.7 (104k miles). I am new to diesels but have been looking the truck over. Pretty good bit of experience with old Land Cruisers but nothing diesel. It has 4 year 60k mile warranty that is nearly bumper to bumper, so I’m finding anything I can
Engine- I checked blow by- the cap turned upside down almost doesn’t move. When placed inside unscrewed, it moves a little, not quite jumping but not completely still. What do we think?
Transmission- It shifts very smoothly but I am having trouble differentiating between shift flare or an issue. Is there any way to diagnose an issue vs normal function?
Planning on getting it checked out but wanted to pick the collective internet’s brain. Thanks for dealing with the new guy
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2023.03.28 00:02 Thirsty-Sparrow Clicking sound at 70 mph

2013 Honda Accord Sport 2.4L I-4, CVT transmission, 78,000 mi. Recent work done: fluids change, spark plug replacement.
I hear a clicking sound on in the cabin when the car travels around 70 MPH. It sounds plastic-y. The clicking sound occurs during acceleration and deceleration at around 70 MPH. The sound seems to come from underneath the driver's side dashboard.
What is a checklist of things I should check to determine the source and cause of the sound?
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2023.03.27 23:10 Rose-Red-77 Life Change Weight Gain Brought Me Here

I’m on here because I’m just so incredibly frustrated with my body. My BMI has gone up to 27, and I have a history of polycystic ovarian syndrome, pre-diabetes, etc. 166cm, 74.2kg; Siri or Alexa will convert to imperial for you.
My weight has gone up because of particular hormonal fluctuations around medication changes (I went off PCOS spironolactone medication at the advice of my doctor) & stage of life stuff. Even when I was going to the gym, I was still 72.5kg. Pre pandemic, I was 69 kg, and in 2018 I was 66 kg; my ideal is 64 kg back in 2014. I checked my thyroid last year, all okay. I did have my baseline metabolism checked out of interest and it’s nice and low. Why do I say nice & low? Because you live longer with a slightly lower metabolism, even though you struggle with the pounds.
I stopped going to the gym for a few weeks, weight gone up, so I’ve started up again.
I decided to start logging my calories and increasing my exercise over the last few days and lost 900 g or 2 pounds. 73.3kg yesterday morning. I averaged about 1950-2000 calories, which is low for me. I usually sit about 2300-2400.
Yesterday I went for a gentle walk on the treadmill, did some heat therapy (sauna / steam room) & ate less than I ever do. 1676 calories super low for me.
Today: weight gain back up to 74.2. And no it’s not all fluid, my scale distinguishes that. It may be partly to do with the fact that I’m weighing a few hours earlier than I normally do.
Whatever it is, I’m significantly overweight and my body does not need calories right now. I’m taking all the vitamins and minerals I need through supplements and I’m ready to go 1200 cal. I’ve got an event I’m going to where I’m seeing a bunch of people I haven’t seen for a while, and I’m tired of this weight gain, occurred pre COVID & getting worse, not better.
I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself and make a grand entrance.
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2023.03.27 19:37 Ancient-Succotash991 Selling my 2004 Toyota Celica Gt

Im looking to sell my Toyota Celica but I’m unsure of how i should price it or if its even worth much in general, it has a brand new motor, head gasket and coolant system, the transmission was just replaced a little over a year ago and it has 234,000 miles on it, it has a check engine light due to a misfire in the engine and a fuel injection problem that came with the car when i got it, Ive only had minor little inconvenience issues with it such as strut/shock replacements, leak in the exhaust and front stabilizer pins, the only things that need done to it now is a rear strut/coil needs replaced and my front pins, other than that she runs wonderfully. As far as the body goes shes old and a little dented up but nothing major, no rust and missing a fuel door which is an easy fix. What should I price it?
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2023.03.27 16:00 AutoModerator What Car Should I Buy? - A Weekly Megathread

Any posts pertaining to car buying suggestions or advice belong in this weekly megathread; **do not post car-choosing questions in the main queue.** A fresh thread will be posted every Monday and posts auto sorted by new. A few other subreddits worth checking out that will help your car buying experience are /WhatCarShouldIBuy, /UsedCars and /AskCarSales. www.everydaydriver.com may also be helpful.
Make/Model-specific questions should be asked on Make/Model-specific subreddits. Check the AutosNetwork for a complete list of those subreddits. Also check out our community-sourced Ultimate car buying wiki.
For those posting:
Please use the following template in your post.
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Desired transmission (auto/manual, etc):
Intended use: (Daily Driver, Family Car, Weekend Car, Track Toy, Project Car, Work Truck, Off-roading etc.)
Vehicles you've already considered:
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Do you need a Warranty:
Can you do Minor work on your own vehicle: (fluids, alternator, battery, brake pads etc)
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Additional Notes:

For those providing suggestions: Facts are ideal in this thread, especially when trying to help out a new car buyer. Please help out buyers with sources and reasoning for your suggestions.
For those asking for help, be sure to thank those who take the time to offer you advice (especially those who lead you to a purchase.) A follow up thank you and the knowledge that their advice led to a purchase is a very warm fuzzy feeling.
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2023.03.27 15:45 juareno 140K - What services should I approve?

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