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2023.03.30 19:32 treulseth DAY NINE (pickup)


It's been weeks since I've approached life with the mindset of this 'done list,' rather than being in straight up survival mode. Being spread really thin with performances and social obligations drained my battery way harder than expected, and I've had to spend a good bit of time in recovery

Concepts for Radical Resets:


Broke six miles today!!!
Update: broke NINE MILES



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2023.03.30 19:32 aboredpieceofshit dani be like:

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2023.03.30 19:31 Pristine-Drama-1067 Download Megan Hall Video Reddit Leaked On Twitter – Today Leaked

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2023.03.30 19:31 neomancr More verification that it's fine to have red and and blue lights. Bichael finally got 300 miles. And we climed from water level to the tip top of the Oakland hills.
Everywhere is beautiful and worth getting to on an ebike. I used to go hiking but I'd take a different way since this way is entirely uphill so though its the shortest path on foot its a lot less fun. Actually it's not really fun at all and I'd be like probably gorging on tangerines or something the entire time since I'd be all tired.
I had to shoot a bunch of proprietary drone photos which I can't publish and had a 3 axis gymbal and camera too so if it wasn't for the ebike I'd be carrying this huge back pack that was about 50 lbs.
Part of the weight is because I always carry a couple bags of freshly laundered blankets and panchos to hand out to the homeless if they need them. They also need a lot of socks and bags to wrap their feet.
There aren't really as many homeless people as you'd imagine, I ride every day, when I finally hit 300 miles it dawned on me that's basically half the distance of California, I could have rode to Mexico. I'd just have to chrome my battery to make sure it reflects and doesn't absorb heat and add a fan, bring 2 modular batteries one for power for climbing etc and one for cruising where I'd be pedalling and coasting mostly.
By I guess the grave of God, somehow the thumbnails literally matched perfectly.
That was completely unintentional.
Rode from sea level at Alameda to the top of the Oakland hills, took pictures. When I posted them magically 2 of the thumbnails fit together perfectly.
Also happened to be my 1500th post. So that was weird. What are the odds when the angle I was standing on was so steep and my bike was so laden with gear the kick stand didn't work and I had to lay it on its side. So I was taking shots while standing on as flat of a really steel angle as possible.
When hike by foot I usually go the round about way toward the Mormon temple.
Alao got another verification that blue lights are for ebikes. Regionally were leading the way working with the various dots and I'd actually pick a more electric blue or lighter cyan but I'm deliberately matching the exact blue and red of cops just to show its okay to do and establish the strandard since standards are established by groups from the ground up and don't even need to be laws. I'd rather there be no laws at all forcing people to put blue lights on their bikes but as a safety precaution I have a ton of things you can do with blue and red lights.
I made a post a while ago where I explained the pulsing was due to the camera shutter but then it got hijacked I'm pretty sure deliberately since both the video and the first line explained that. But a magenta light that upon moving trails red and blue at 60hz each would definitely stop the over 50 dooring attacks we've had from Berkeley to sf to Oakland to Emeryville.
Sadly. The cops are not treating it as a violent crime regardless of how many times we face off with them. They just kinda for some reason want everyone to think Oakland is a violent town... I'm working on a case from back in April that's still in discovery. But the refusal to treat clearly violent crimes as violent crimes like classifying attacks on Asians as crimes of opportunity, like someone dropped a 20 and you just pocketed it was enough for a friend of mine to run for mayor fully aware he didn't stand a chance but just wanted to get the message out.
He's worth like half a bill so he can do stuff like that.
Eventually I'll brighten my blues to a lighter shade but nows the time to claim blue and red. If ebikes are so common now I can show you a Monday morning video where you see as many ebikes moving as cars.
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2023.03.30 19:31 advicethrowawayneed Son being taken out of mothers care for the last two weeks and has not seen her child. Need advice if there is any legal steps to take?

Hello Redditors,
(This happened in England)
This is not my case but a friends case so throwaway for obvious reasons, I will try to be as in-depth as possible while trying to keep this as anonymous as possible but we basically need some legal advice as my friend doesn’t know what step to take next.
My friend and her ex-boyfriend (both in their 20s) had a child, the child is now 3 and a half years old now. They split up when their child was about a year old, and have been co-parenting ever since, at first the dad was not as involved but he has gotten more involved in the past year and their co-parenting has been going really well, they both have new partners now.
The situation currently
My friend had taken her child over to her boyfriends mums house, and her boyfriends brother is 6 years old, so they went upstairs to play and my friend had a bad feeling so she went upstairs to check and her Childs trousers were pulled down so obviously she freaked out and asked what happened, and the 6 year old had touched my friends child bottom half inappropriately. The child got scolded by it’s mother and my friend decided the action to take is to not bring her child around this other child as it’s obviously devastating and awful.
The Childs father has since kept their child away from my friend, the mother, and said social services will get involved, they decided to not keep the case open and currently my friend has no safe guarding matters against her and no court orders. The dad is saying to go through mediation and that she will be allowed supervised visits with her son which was supposed to be today and she went over to see her son and the dad refused entry, basically refusing to open the door and she’s gone another day without seeing her son, considering for most of her sons life she was the main caregiver she’s distraught, it’s affecting her mentally. The dad told her she caused an atmosphere when she went over there earlier, even though he refused to open the door. The child was also taken out of nursery 3 hours early on a Friday two weeks by the dad and his girlfriend without my friend being notified.
My friend is unsure what legal steps to take? She is constantly arguing with the dad on text and Ive advised her to stop and to not tell him if she was to take any legal actions, she just wants to see her son so its obviously hard to not constantly ask to see him.
Any advice would be appreciated
Additional info:
The girlfriend is now extremely involved, I don’t think this is as necessary to talk about but it is weird as she has deleted all instagram photos of her and only posted a picture of my friends child, again posting pics together is not an issue, obviously they are co-parenting but she has now ONLY got a picture of a child that is not hers on her social media feed. My friend has asked her to send photos of them out together like she usually does and she would get ignored and the photos would just be posted on instagram stories.
The child has not been taken to nursery in the 2 weeks that he has stayed with his dad and the girlfriend, so now the routine is out of balance, this was never spoken about with my friend.
The Saturday after they had taken my friends son out of her care the dad and girlfriend had gone out clubbing and wouldn’t disclose where the child was and just said he was in a safe place.
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2023.03.30 19:31 CSGOMatchThreads BIG vs Rare Atom / BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2023 Europe - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion

BIG 🇩🇪 2-1 🇨🇳 Rare Atom

Ancient: 7-16 Vertigo: 16-9 Overpass: 16-2

Map picks:

BIG MAP Rare Atom
Anubis X
X Inferno
Nuke X
X Mirage

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇩🇪 BIG
🇩🇪 Krimbo 52-37 89.9 78.8% 1.34
🇩🇪 tabseN 54-45 92.4 71.2% 1.23
🇩🇪 hyped 51-45 74.6 72.7% 1.09
🇩🇪 faveN 45-38 71.0 69.7% 1.06
🇩🇪 k1to 35-44 63.7 72.7% 0.94
🇨🇳 Rare Atom
🇨🇳 Moseyuh 57-47 102.3 74.2% 1.39
🇨🇳 JamYoung 47-49 75.6 72.7% 1.01
🇲🇾 Kaze 40-44 62.8 66.7% 0.96
🇨🇳 Mercury 37-48 69.6 65.2% 0.90
🇨🇳 advent 27-49 41.7 54.5% 0.59

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Ancient

Team CT T Total
🇩🇪 BIG 4 3 7
🇨🇳 Rare Atom 11 5 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇩🇪 BIG
🇩🇪 Krimbo 14-17 71.5 78.3% 0.93
🇩🇪 tabseN 15-18 89.4 56.5% 0.92
🇩🇪 k1to 13-17 61.6 65.2% 0.85
🇩🇪 hyped 15-20 62.7 69.6% 0.80
🇩🇪 faveN 11-18 58.7 52.2% 0.74
🇨🇳 Rare Atom
🇨🇳 Moseyuh 23-14 103.8 91.3% 1.60
🇲🇾 Kaze 21-14 93.7 78.3% 1.47
🇨🇳 Mercury 18-10 91.0 78.3% 1.42
🇨🇳 JamYoung 18-15 82.8 73.9% 1.26
🇨🇳 advent 9-15 45.3 52.2% 0.73

Ancient detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Vertigo

Team T CT Total
🇩🇪 BIG 10 6 16
🇨🇳 Rare Atom 5 4 9
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇩🇪 BIG
🇩🇪 Krimbo 22-14 105.5 76.0% 1.57
🇩🇪 faveN 21-14 82.5 76.0% 1.28
🇩🇪 tabseN 19-19 85.1 72.0% 1.18
🇩🇪 hyped 16-14 63.1 60.0% 1.03
🇩🇪 k1to 7-19 37.6 64.0% 0.58
🇨🇳 Rare Atom
🇨🇳 Moseyuh 22-17 111.7 80.0% 1.57
🇨🇳 JamYoung 17-16 68.5 80.0% 0.95
🇲🇾 Kaze 14-14 50.0 72.0% 0.92
🇨🇳 Mercury 13-21 66.6 64.0% 0.78
🇨🇳 advent 14-17 47.6 72.0% 0.75

Vertigo detailed stats and VOD


Map 3: Overpass

Team CT T Total
🇩🇪 BIG 13 3 16
🇨🇳 Rare Atom 2 0 2
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇩🇪 BIG
🇩🇪 tabseN 20-8 106.5 88.9% 1.72
🇩🇪 k1to 15-8 102.9 94.4% 1.64
🇩🇪 hyped 20-11 105.7 94.4% 1.61
🇩🇪 Krimbo 16-6 91.7 83.3% 1.55
🇩🇪 faveN 13-6 70.7 83.3% 1.20
🇨🇳 Rare Atom
🇨🇳 Moseyuh 12-16 87.2 44.4% 0.92
🇨🇳 JamYoung 12-18 76.3 61.1% 0.78
🇨🇳 Mercury 6-17 46.6 50.0% 0.48
🇲🇾 Kaze 5-16 41.3 44.4% 0.45
🇨🇳 advent 4-17 29.1 33.3% 0.21

Overpass detailed stats and VOD

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.03.30 19:31 Blue_Robin_04 My obsession with Zack Snyder compromised my life.

Hi everyone. I won't waste much time with introductions, nor am I going to justify why I created this account. It is obviously not my main. I was torn between writing this post on confessions or here, but I finally decided to see if any other Snyder fans are in my situation. I'm a neurobiologist, so I know how addictions work, and I can assure you that my dopaminergic circuit is addicted to Zack Snyder movies like an addict is addicted to any drug.

When I was in college, I first watched 300 and thought it was a great movie, the combination of visuals and soundtrack brought me to tears. So, you can imagine my reaction to Man of Steel and Batman V Superman afterwards. Upon leaving the cinema, I found it strange that my wife and son did not find the film exciting. And as absurd as it may seem, it was the cause of a quarrel with her. I'll spare you the details, but already in 2016, we weren't going through a good moment in our marriage, which is why anything, even discussions about a movie, lit the fuse.

In 2017 we divorced. I was hoping to find relief and distract myself with DC movies, but Josstice League came along and dealt me ​​a huge blow. For the following years, I continued to rewatch MoS and BvS, trying to grasp every detail and watching video analyses that spoke of the hidden meanings and references in the films. I became one of the main leaders of the #Releasethesnydercut campaign, and when ZSJL was released, it was one of the best days of my life.

I'd lost my wife, my job was failing due to depression, but I'd gotten a film that I'd wanted for a long time and one that was mostly about hope. He helped me get up. To take back the reins of my life. If Batman had come out of the tunnel of despair that gripped him, so could I.

Then James Gunn came along and destroyed my dreams for good. Now I'm battling depression again, broken only by the failed hope of getting Henry Cavill back as Superman. I live alone, I don't have a partner, I see my son once a week, and when we meet we watch a chapter of the Snyderverse trilogy every time. In 2016 he was too young to understand BvS, but now he is almost as much a fan as I am.

The problem is that by now the Snyderverse has become a fundamental part of my life. I know it will never be restored, but it's hard for me to part with it. I've fought for him so long that accepting that he won't have a future means accepting that there's no hope for me either. He helped me through a dark time in my life and was the only light that enlightened me. I know you'll call me a loser, maybe you'll think I'm a troll, but I wanted to get this off my back. What for some is just a movie, for others, it can be a lifeline. I have to accept that WB has moved on, that Zack isn't coming back, and neither is my wife. I messed up, I mixed my personal life with a movie saga and that compromised everything. Sorry for the outburst. If anyone is in the same situation let me know. If this post violates the rules, the admins are free to remove it. Thank you all.
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2023.03.30 19:30 megablast278 My new Discord server Join for fun Minecraft Events and when i post a new video

(69) Discord #🎊welcome🥳 The Mega's Server
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2023.03.30 19:30 6vasiliskotvxc Naomi Ross leaked on onlyf on Twitter and Reddit, video naomzies – Today Leaked

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2023.03.30 19:30 6vasiliskotvxc Watch Daejhasrizz and Westldnbaitoutzz Viral Twitter Video – Today Leaked

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2023.03.30 19:30 wizzyULTIMATEbreed FIGHTING EX LAYER - A summary of Arika’s April Fools' “jokes” 6 years running (Pt. I)

As plenty of you know, tomorrow is April Fools' Day in Japan (U.S. different timezone), and many of us are expecting ARIKA to unveil an announcement of sorts involving their ongoing passion project, Fighting EX Layer. Last Thursday, ARIKA surprise-released a new gameplay video for a possible next version of FEXL, which includes a brand new stage and some new features, including dynamic camera angles and 3D sidestepping, the likes of which haven’t been seen in any previous ARIKA fighter since “Fighting Layer” (1998). It’ll be interesting to see what the company has to say about it, but first, let’s go ahead and look back at the previous April Fools' announcements by ARIKA that took everyone by storm and put them back on the map. First, let’s look back at the year…
2017: THE BIG ONE. The announcement many of us never thought would even happen in almost 20 years: the return(?) of “Street Fighter EX”! A series no one thought would ever return, due to licensing issues surrounding ARIKA and Capcom over the use of the original characters, meaning Capcom could never use them in a mainline Street Fighter game or their spin-offs. Seeing Kairi, Hokuto, and Garuda remade in Unreal Engine 4 and performing their special moves and Super Combos cancelled into more Super Combos while Garuda’s EX1 theme “Stronger” played in the background brought joy and tears to our eyes. The joke of it was this was originally meant to serve as a tech demo for ARIKA building a 3D fighting game on UE4 for the first time. But by popular demand, ARIKA went ahead and brought the alpha build of the game as a public demo, meaning that old guards got to replay their three favorite characters for the first time since “Street Fighter EX3” (2000), and newcomers got to try out some EX gameplay. Fast forward 4 months later to EVO 2017, and we got brand new footage of ARIKA’s then-unnamed 2.5D fighting game, featuring the aforementioned characters, alongside surprise reveals of Darun and the joyous return of the one and only Skullomania! 💀👍 It became clear to everyone in attendance and those watching at home: The joke is REAL.
2018: Shadowgeist was announced beforehand, and with him came the return of two more characters: Hayate and “Sanane” (Nanase). There was also the announcement of four DLC characters that would be released for free via updates — Pullum, Rosso, Sharon, Area — based on post-launch sales of FEXL, but the “joke” of the trailer was SNK producer Yasuyuki Oda appearing towards the end dressed up as “Savage Reign” protagonist Sho Hayate. Normally, one would dismiss this silly little Japanese developers’ joke and focus on the upcoming release of the game and its DLC, even LOL’ing about Sho Hayate guest-featuring in FEXL, however… Fast forward over three months later to EVO 2018, and we not only got our first look and release schedule of Pullum and Rosso, and a tease of Sharon at the end, but we were left with an announcement no one saw coming: SNK’s Terry Bogard appearing as a guest fighter in FEXL!! THE Terry Bogard! 😃 Ordinary, you think this would be one Hell of a surprise announcement, but it turns out ARIKA had already planned it out in plain sight, we just didn’t notice. That fun developers’ “joke” by Oda was actually a clue/teaser, because if you look closely at the back of his red hoodie, you can see the familiar white star ⭐️ shown on the back of Terry’s signature vest, and the words at the bottom of the white star read “TERRY BOGARD: FATAL FURY”. Terry Bogard was planned ahead from the start, we never even realized there would be a collaboration between ARIKA and SNK! Once again like last year, The joke is REAL.
2019: With Sharon and SNK guest fighter Terry Bogard finally available, the sole DLC fighter remaining was Area, with screenshots and her VA announced, and her being delayed to July with the developer having doubts if she would ever be released. (She did 👍) However, the real “joke” was the “reveal” of a free mobile version of FEXL titled “Fighting EX Layer -α” (pronounced “Minus Alpha”, a reference to Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha), which only showed four playable characters — Darun, Blair, Allen, and Skullomania — and presented the “game” as a fully 3D moveable fighter with a full arena stage (the Training Stage), giving players the ability to run anywhere on screen, which hasn’t been seen since the original “Fighting Layer” (1998). Seemingly, the game remains the same, dashing and Gougis featured, but the real kicker was the entire gameplay was touchscreen controlled, meaning that players could tap the screen to perform auto combos, or they can input special motions like QCF or the “Z” motion with their fingers to perform special attacks and Super Combos, just like the game! It all sounded too good to be true, right? Turns out it was! Because on the very day of the “announcement”, the mobile version was available to download on iOS and Google Play for free! AND THE GAME IS STILL AVAILABLE TO THIS DAY! 👈 (Check it out if you haven’t downloaded already!) Currently, the mobile game only features the aforementioned four characters to play as or fight against, and the only modes are Training and Kumite, but it’s a nice little game to pass the time on your phone or on the go, so kudos to ARIKA for this feat of programming! Once more, THE JOKE… ah, you know the rest. 😉
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2023.03.30 19:29 knoxdiamonds Auction ending today 5pm Eastern ! Current High bid for this 2.01 ct Tanzanite is only $170 Scroll down to the post to Bid !

Auction ending today 5pm Eastern ! Current High bid for this 2.01 ct Tanzanite is only $170 Scroll down to the post to Bid !
Thanks !
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2023.03.30 19:28 damnitmicca Updated About Me & FAQ, ask me anything in the comments!

The basics: * my name is Micca * 26 years old and a Taurus * german/nigerian * living in Germany * university student * 5‘11“ and 158 pounds
There is nothing really special about me, I’m basically just your average girl next door who likes to share her nudes online (all for your viewing pleasure of course 😏) and gets off on the thought of making men cum! 💘
I have a weightloss body - stretchmarks, jiggly, soft tummy, saggy boobs and all oft that, yet I’m not scared to show it all off and I really hope you will like me even with all my imperfections! 🥺
Where are you from? I was born and raised in Germany and I never lived anywhere else!
How old are you? When’s your birthday? I’m 26 and my birthday is on May 7th!
Are you single? Oh yes, I am very single.
What do you study? I study media, political and social sciences! It’s a three course bachelor and it’s a lot. I’m glad when it’s all over 🙃
Are you ever in the US? Have you ever been there? No, I’ve never been to the US! Furthest away from home I’ve ever traveled to was Russia! But I hope to visit the US in the next few years!
You look like Tracee Ellis Ross! Yes, I hear this often! I had no idea until I started posting on Reddit. I didn’t even know who she was 😅
Do you do meetups? No, I don’t do meetups at all.
What are some of your favorite things? Definitely my dog! Horror movies, serial killer documentaries, plants 🪴, nature and especially the woods, Quentin Tarantino movies, asian and oriental food (kimchi fried rice is 10/10), oldschool rap and hip hop (tyler the creator, odd future, tay-k, Biggie are some of my favorite artists), being a hermit at home lol, taking nudes, giving boners 🤪, cooking, smoking weed and listening to music, Rise of Kingdoms, MTV Catfish and so much more!
Will there ever be B/G or G/G content on your page? Maybe, but probably not any time soon. If there ever will be this type of content, you can be sure that I’ll let you know 🥰
Are you looking for someone to create content with? I offer my services. Thank you! That is nice. But currently I’m not looking for someone to shoot content with. Also, most who offer to shoot content with me are from the US and I’m from Germany. So I don’t think that would work out so well! 🙁
Do you have Twitter or any other social media account? Besides reddit I don’t have any other social media account that I’m using actively but I’m planning on bringing my Instagram account to life! It’s @shymicca
What do you in your free time besides doing Only Fans? I love to cook and try out new dishes, watch movies and documentaries, go out for lunch or dinner with friends, game and spend time with my dog! 😍 Oh and I love to sleep lol I’m the queen of naps
Why are you doing OnlyFans? Since I’m a student I’m often short on money, and even though I can pay my bills without the money I make on OnlyFans, many times there is just no money left for anything else and I really want to save up money for emergencies and maybe every once in a while buy myself something nice 🥺 So I’m on OnlyFans to make some extra money. And since I’m my own boss and am more flexible than I would be in a vanilla job, I have a lot more time to focus on university as well 🤓
Another reason is that I always loved the thought about men getting off on me! I love knowing that I’m making men all over the world cum 😋 I love the attention and just connecting with people! Thanks to OnlyFans I’ve become way more confident in my own body and learned that it’s okay to be openly sexual as a woman.
Does your family/friends know about what you do? No, none of my friends or family know what I’m doing. One day they’ll probably find out but I’m not really worried or scared of that. Not because I’m not aware of the consequences but because I 100% stand behind being a hoe on the internet. I’m loving it 😈
What’s on your OnlyFans? What can I expect? - On my page I post mostly pictures and most of them are full explicit nudies! Pussy close-ups are my specialty 😏 but you’ll also find short clips, gifs, pics of my boobs, ass, feet, lewds and some regular selfies. - Once or twice a month I upload a full video (between 15-30 min. long) in which I’m just masturbating with one of my toys. Everything is pretty vanilla over here! - You can expect daily posts but every once in a while there can be 1-3 days where I won’t post anything. I always make up for it though! I’d never just dip and disappear. I love and appreciate my fans way too much to let them down! - I see my OF more like a little NSFW diary and try to let my personality come through as much as possible! And I’m always there to chat with 🥰
Do you make customs and dick ratings? Absolutely! 🤪 If you’re interested in a custom you can hit me up any time! Tell me about your wishes and what you’re thinking of and I’m sure I can do it for you 💖 I do text, audio and video dick ratings as well! All my services and prices are on my tip menu which you can find on both my free and paid OnlyFans page.
Do you offer video calls? Yes I do! I Even though I still get so nervous and a little awkward every single time! 🙈 I offer it to subscribers to my paid page.
Do you have cashapp and sell content over reddit or any other site? Sadly, Cashapp is not available in Germany! So I only sell my content over OnlyFans and ManyVids.
What (kinks) are you into? I’m really into breeding and getting creampied knowing damn well I could get pregnant 🤪 but I like getting a nice facial as well. I guess you could say I like getting cummed in and cummed on 🤤 I’m a little exhibitionist too, the thought of being watched while having sex or masturbating or being seen naked by unexpecting strangers makes me horny af. I’d love to show more of this side of me to you all…I just don’t want to get in trouble lol oh and I LOVE sucking dick and kissing passionately while fucking.
Would you do a gangbang? Yeah absolutely. I’d do B/B/G but not B/G/G.
Are you into white guys by any chance? I’m into all men! I don’t care about the race, color of your skin or whatever else ❤️
What camera do you use to shoot your content? I shoot all of my content with my Sony Z-100.
I answered even more questions on my OnlyFans! If you have any more you can drop them in the comments. I’ll try to reply to every one of them! Thanks so much if you read all of this! 😍☺️✨💘
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2023.03.30 19:28 Pristine-Drama-1067 Watch Video Filtrado De Naim Y Yeri Solo +18 – Today Leaked

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2023.03.30 19:28 owlskye The downfall of YouTube pisses me off.

I have extremely nostalgic memories of YouTube and how fun of a website it used to be in the mid to late 2000’s, before the corporate monetization and greed happened. I remember the pure outrage when they announced Google had purchased YouTube and now it was going to be filled with ads. This was the end of their best era.
Back in the day, YouTube was filled to the brim with content creators that were the sole reason the site was thriving. YouTube paid the creators who made them money, and it was a system that worked. The reason people watched videos was because it was a way for people to portray their skills and humor in an unfiltered way. It gave regular people the opportunity to become stars, and have their abilities appreciated. You could watch a video made by one of your favorite creators and genuinely laugh, because there were no limits (which also was a negative thing at the time with people like Onision and Shane Dawson.) You didn’t have to skip through several ads and be pestered to buy YouTube premium.
It was truly different, and I have no idea why YouTube—or actually Google—decided to destroy something that worked. They destroyed the main purpose of the site. The content creators were the ones making the site money, and so the emphasis was on them and not anything else. They introduced advertisements because their main goal went from making money off the basic premise of the website to making money off ads. One would think an ad or two wouldn’t have such a huge impact, but it did and here’s why:
When a company is paying you money to advertise their product on your website, it comes with a contract that the ad is not near anything that would give the company a bad image. If you did not comply with this rule, you were demonetized. This means a decline in quality of the content put out. Creators had to change their style of videos to accommodate the ads, and people didn’t really like that new content. Suddenly, people who had vibrant and funny personalities turned into basic kid’s content. No swearing, nothing inappropriate, nothing that would be deemed ‘unfit’ for the ads.
So, what happened is: the old creators that single-handedly made YouTube the website giant that it was were forgotten about. They didn’t appeal anymore because everyone missed the “old them”. They faded away, and what replaced them was outrage content & makeup videos. This outrage content became a meme after a while where people had videos titled: “PRANK GONE WRONG!!! EPIC FAIL!!! EMERGENCY ROOM VISIT!!!” but then the video is just someone falling off a skateboard and twisting their arm. Clickbait became the new thing rather than quality content because that’s all that mattered. It made the most money and the videos were so basic and boring that it couldn’t possibly interfere with the ads.
And then there’s the shitstorm that the “beauty community” was. You’d think it was just people doing makeup tutorials, but it wasn’t. All of these big beauty YouTubers became cult-like. It was pure chaos and drama. This was encouraged because it’s what makes money when everything else is boring. It’s exactly the same as when MTV started releasing dumbass reality shows about pregnant teenagers. People watch because it’s a train wreck, not because it’s quality. YouTube had become just one big reality show where everyone acted like immature high schoolers, but it didn’t matter, it made money.
Content farming started where one “company” would make 50 separate accounts and work the system to post the same video over and over again on each account, just edited differently, to farm the most number of views and money. YouTube didn't care because cha-ching, am I right? This was also outrage content as it was usually 10 minutes of someone using a glue gun to make a hairbrush. They would make outright fake content such as putting a cake in a microwave and it comes out with three extra layers, implying the microwave can grow a fucking cake. This was purposefully designed to garner views and negative attention. Bad publicity is good publicity, right.
YouTube was fine with this because advertisers are fine with it. They don’t care that their ad is placed in the middle of a prank video, where all the person does is scream in public. This was only content that kids or teenagers would find funny, and there was nothing left of the old YouTube that we all used to love. YouTube somehow even became a pedophilia content farm, which is just absolutely appalling that people can even think of doing this. Making “kids” cartoons filled with weirdly suggestive sexual content, but it’s borderline so the ads stay. McDonalds doesn’t care that they are being advertised on child grooming content, because the kids watching it will say, “Mommy, I want McDonalds!”
What’s even worse is I bet you don’t even realize the effect this had on internet culture. When outrage content designed for views replaced quality content, then nobody has the motivation to try to be funny or smart to garner an audience. All they have to do is film themselves doing something dumb and they’re famous. Kids watch these people get famous off shooting a paintball gun at strangers’ cars, and they think, “wow, that’s easy, I can do that too.” It evolves into a contest to see who can do the most ridiculous thing for views, or who can do the most dangerous. All of those challenges were an example of this, and people died from it.
In short: the day Google bought YouTube and announced ads changed internet culture forever.
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2023.03.30 19:28 RSAConference What To Expect at RSAC 2023

What To Expect at RSAC 2023
RSA Conference is where the cybersecurity world comes together. You’ll gain insights, join in-depth conversations, and experience solutions that could make a huge impact on your organization and your career. With so much change happening in our industry, we’re here to help you stay ahead of it all.
RSAC 2023 Agenda is Live! Start exploring the industry’s most comprehensive agenda; with hundreds of sessions tackling the latest cybersecurity challenges and best practices in over 20 topics such as Identity, Protecting Data and the Supply Chain and Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, to name a few. There’s something for everyone!
Raise your skillset to the next level. With hundreds of traditional and interactive sessions covering a wide range of topics, you’ll learn about the newest trends, threats, and solutions that can be applied immediately in your job.
Extend your industry connections. It’s a rare opportunity to have so many revolutionary thought leaders together at one time. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact and exchange ideas with professionals who have been through challenges you maybe didn’t even realize you had. RSAC 2023 will offer a variety of formats, from social events and formal group discussions to places where you can engage in casual conversations and hands-on learning.
  • Kick off RSAC 2023 with drinks and hors d'oeuvres as you preview solutions from leading information security organizations at the Welcome Reception.
  • Visit participating sponsors and learn about their latest products and offerings while you sample beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages in the Expo Pub Crawl.
  • Come meet up with old friends or make new ones at our annual CyBEER Ops craft beer tasting event. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers will be served. This event opens the RSAC Early Stage Expo area, and RSAC Sandbox will offer surprise activities.
  • Join us as we celebrate the brilliant minds, contributions, and continued development of women throughout the cybersecurity community at the Women’s Networking Reception.
  • NEW for RSAC 2023: RSAC LoyaltyPlus & First-Timer Reception! If you’re new to RSA Conference and you have a Full Conference Pass, make sure to get in early so you can kick off your RSAC 2023 experience by attending our special Sunday evening reception. First-time attendees can learn the ropes from RSAC veterans, network, and have some fun! Plus, we’ve added even more exclusive first-timer programs and opportunities to ensure everyone’s first RSAC is a great experience!
Connect with pioneering solutions. The RSAC Expo opens the door to cybersecurity technology from some of the world’s leading vendors. This year, the Expo is back at full capacity, so you know that every facet of cybersecurity will be represented. In addition to the Expo, you can get in on the ground floor with show-stopping innovation in the RSAC Early Stage Expo, where cybersecurity’s emerging talent show off their newest products and services.
You can even start connecting with the RSAC 2023 Exhibitors. Visit RSAC Marketplace, which takes the onsite Expo experience and makes it digital! Check our participating vendors, read hand-selected materials, and make a plan to see them live on the show floor!
Keynotes & Speakers. Year after year RSA Conference introduces a rich and diverse mix of insights and perspectives to the Keynote and speaker lineups. As innovators and thought leaders in cybersecurity and other highly influential fields, they’ll no doubt inspire you. The initial lineup of Keynote speakers include Lisa Monaco, the Deputy Attorney of the United States, Rumman Chowdhury, a pioneer in the field of applied algorithmic ethics, and Dr. Michio Kaku, one of the most widely recognized scientific figures in the world today. Check out more!
Innovation Highlights. RSA Conference is filled with brand new, leading-edge innovation. And no matter what you’ve seen in the past, you can’t afford to miss a second of what’s to come! Get a get a front row seat to all the ground-breaking innovation programs.
Discover cybersecurity's boldest new innovators in the RSAC Innovation Sandbox contest. Ten finalists have three minutes to pitch their game-changing ideas to a panel of the most connected professionals in cybersecurity.
RSAC Launch Pad is back for RSAC 2023! Come cheer on three early-stage startups as they pitch their bold ideas Shark Tank®-style to industry veterans for strategy advice and community awareness.
Keep an eye out for the RSAC Innovation Sandbox and RSAC Launch Pad finalists announcement later this month!
Come play in the RSAC Sandbox, where you learn while doing! Explore multiple play areas in Aerospace, Adversary, AppSec, Dark Arts, the Internet of Things, Industrial Control Systems, and lLockpicking. Volunteers operate each station and are ready to answer your questions, give you a guided tour, or the opportunity to test your skills in any of those areas.
Level up your skills with Trainings. RSAC partners with leading associations such as CSA, FAIR Institute, InfraGard National Members Alliance, and (ISC)2, to offer Trainings. These two-day courses take place Sunday, April 23, and Monday, April 24, and offer intensive, hands-on instruction on a variety of cybersecurity topics. Leave with a broader skillset and—in many cases—CE credits. Open to Full Conference Pass, Expo Plus Pass, or Expo Pass holders for an additional cost.
Pricing. RSAC 2023 offers a wide variety of pass types to fit your individual needs. Check out our Pass & Rates page to see current discounted rates.
  • Full Conference Pass – Access to everything RSAC 2023 offers including all Keynotes, Track Sessions, Learning Labs, Networking, Innovation programs, the Expo, and more.
  • Expo Plus Pass – Access to all South Stage Keynotes, West Stage Keynotes (Tuesday-Thursday), Innovation programs, the Expo, and more.
  • Expo Pass – Attend West Stage Keynotes (Tuesday – Thursday), Expo and RSAC Early Stage Expo, Sponsor Briefings, Welcome Reception, and more.
Can’t make it in person? No problem! We’re offering an On Demand Pass. Watch Keynotes and Track Sessions on demand–and earn CE credits. The content will be available approximately four hours after the live occurrence. Plus, browse through hundreds of RSAC 2023 exhibitors in RSAC Marketplace, join exclusive post-Conference interactive session follow ups, and more.
Earn CE Credits. Our mission at RSA Conference is to provide programs that help ensure cybersecurity practitioners around the world get the knowledge they need to spur professional growth and protect their organizations from cyberthreats.
We will be partnering with CompTIA, FAIR Institute, GIAC Certifications, IAPP, ISACA, (ISC)2 at RSAC 2023 to offer Continuing Education (CE) Credits to our attendees. Credits vary by association, as do submission details.
More about RSA Conference
For 32 years, RSA Conference has been a driving force behind the world’s cybersecurity agenda. And over that time, we’ve seen the need to expand our mission beyond yearly Conferences. Because cyberthreats are constantly evolving, and we as a community must continue to evolve, too.
Today, RSA Conference is your ongoing source for timely insights, thoughtful interactions, and actionable intelligence. All designed to help cybersecurity professionals continually strengthen their organizations and push their careers further.
RSA Conference is here to help you build your learning, find smarter solutions, and connect with the community. Join the conversation today. Join RSA Conference, where the world talks security.
Want access to year-round cybersecurity resources? Please take a moment to subscribe so you can receive emails that will keep you up to date on cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and trends, special offers, and announcements.
Stay relevant. Follow us on:
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2023.03.30 19:27 Pristine-Drama-1067 Watch Video Filtrado De Naim Y Yeri Solo +18 – Today Leaked

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2023.03.30 19:27 fabiorzfreitas I'm a total beginner on Notion and I've found a very simple, free template with a system (that the dev himself explained in video) of habit tracking that I want to implement in a general planner. I need recommendations for a planner and to know if it would be possible to implement said system in it

First off, if you want to know about my goals and how desperately I've been trying to find ways to find a tool, you may want to read this Reddit post on /getdisciplined where I was suggested to use Notion.
tl;dr for that post over there is that I wanted to have an app like TickTick, but with incremental habits/goals (e.g. I need to read five chapters a week and it doesn't matter if I do it once everyday or 4 on tuesday and another on wednesday etc).
This free template (from someone I'll soon buy a beer or two, as he's probably my new god) comes with a video where the developer kindly explains how he achieved the function (on habit tracking) I need the most.
So now I'm looking for a more elaborate planner so I can centralize all my needs in one place, then change the "habits" section to work with numbers instead of checklist.
I'm tech-savvy and I'm learning coding, so I fully intend to do my homework and find the exact steps on how to do it.
What I'm looking for now is a suggestion for a template that features:
Again, I'm new to Notion and I'm not sure if I'm asking too much, but I already looked on all 100 templates from the query "habit" and many more from "weekly" and "monthly".
It seems that there's an enormous amount of templates, so maybe there is something which fits my description.
Oh, and I'm perfectly willing to buy a template, if it would be a perfect match.
PS: I'm guessing this is obvious, but Notion is great for note taking in general, right? I love Joplin, but there have been a couple of bugs annoying me for a very long time now...
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2023.03.30 19:27 Unw0kish Thoughts on Duo2

My thoughts on the Surface Duo 2. Hopefully I’m not boring anyone! 😊 Hardware- The hinge mechanism seems a little more ratchety than Duo 1 when opening & closing. The OG model still seems silky smooth in comparison. The camera is much better than the OG Duo, then again, that wouldn’t be hard for most devices against the original Duo. It did make the Duo 2 more useful using it as a primary device. I’m not a big camera aficionado, but I do like to take reasonable pictures when I do take one. Productivity- It’s been a great experience for me using apps side by side. I had Outlook on one screen looking at emails whilst participating in a teams chat on the other screen. Same with MeWe composing posts with my notes in OneNote on the other screen. Using the Duo 2 in laptop mode made typing on screen a lot easier! In my opinion, the keyboards oh each screen can be a little on the small side, which is a challenge for my large digits. Another great way to use the device has been with one of my cheap little stands (see my MeWe post on them) and the Microsoft Folding Bluetooth keyboard with the occasional use of a Microsoft Wedge mouse. It’s a pretty potent combo for times when you do have access to a desk. I’ve always loved the concept of one device for everything & the Duo 2 almost gets there. Productivity is definitely one of the key uses for the Duo's, a pity this form factor won't be developed on as I really like it. Experience- I don’t really watch a lot of video on mobile devices, only occasionally. The Duo 2 coped well with YouTube & streaming services. Watching with video across both screens with the gap in the middle didn’t really bother me, but I did prefer just to watch on one screen without the gap. This worked for me as the Duo 2 could also prop itself up in either tent or laptop postures (note the use of the Microsoft lingo! 😉).
I do like the aspect ration of the Duo 1/2 screens, I guess it gives them a more book life feel! Audio is also good, but again, I’m not an audiophile do most devices are OK to me. I’ll leave the more exacting comparisons to those who are more qualified!! I mainly use the speakers in a device to listen to Audiobooks or podcasts in the evening. The Duo did well in this regard for me. Using the Duo 2 with PhoneLink has also been great productivity wise, being able to access notifications & Android Apps when stuck in the office on a Windows desktop has been a real bonus. Accessing everything across PC & mobile on 1 screen (or multiple screens if you have more than 1 monitor) really makes it a seamless experience. But, that being said, it does take away the experience of the hardware, so I did go back to my mini combo of folding keyboard & wedge mouse. Conclusion- There’s just something about this form factor that just draws me in, it has got to be that I was such a big fan of the Psion Organiser 3 & 5 series devices. That clamshell effect has always been one of my favourites in terms of hardware, the mini laptop effect! It will be a real pity when the Duo range stops being updated. I will be keeping them as part of my mobile museum, they are definitely one of the more interesting devices to appear over the years!
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2023.03.30 19:26 Kilroy_On_The_Road March 14 - 30, 2023 - Start of my travels up the Eastern Seaboard

I launched my 2023 Expedition on 14 March by departing my buddy's house in Goose Creek, SC to go and fetch my 5th Wheel Trailer that was getting some maintenance done on up in Greenville, NC. The Camping World there did not do all that I asked them to do to get my trailer ready for the season, but they got enough of it done to be able to hit the road. I pressed on another 100 miles to my first stay which was back at the US Coast Guard Aviation Base, Family Camp up in Elizabeth City, NC for a 5-night stay. While there I had my F-450 worked on one last time to get the Diesel Boost corrected to restore more power to the engine.
From Elizabeth City I travelled up across the Chesapeake through Virginia and to my next campsite at Assateague National Shoreline in Maryland for a 4 night stay. The campsite was right across the sand dunes from the vast, empty beach and made for a very quiet home but for the wonderful sound of the surf. Assateague is known for the numerous wild horses that roam the island and I certainly got the pleasure of viewing them on several occasions. The have free run of the place and you may be walking down a path and simply come upon them. For me, there was plenty of great eBiking as well; I even rode my eBike up to Ocean City, Maryland to take in the Boardwalk and sights there. That was a 33 mile round trip that day. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful and in the low 60's.
Upon leaving Assateague, I travelled north to Bethany Beach, Delaware about 35 miles to get to my latest destination at the Delaware Army National Guard Family Camp. I've been here about 4 days now and will be departing tomorrow morning to head to my next destination, Belleplain State Forest in New Jersey where I'll be staying for 4 nights. I'll be catching an early car ferry between Lewes, DE and Cape May, NJ. This should be an interesting treat!
While here at Bethany Beach I've been able to explore the local boardwalk, town, and took two eBike rides; one down south to see Ocean Beach again (34 mile roundtrip), and the other northward to see the sights in Rehoboth Beach, DE. I had the pleasure of seeing the now-famous "Brandon Falls" (look it up) and even made my own mocking video while there. I rode on some very beautiful paths around the beaches and forests within the area before settling in for beer and food at the original, Dogfish Head Brewery in downtown Rehoboth -- a longtime destination goal for me ever since becoming acquainted with Dogfish Head beer and their three licensed restaurants over in the Washington DC area. By the time I rode back to Bethany Beach I think I had put in a good 42'ish miles. So far, this early part of my 2023 Expedition has provided some great bike riding opportunities!
I took multiple pictures along the way of places I have parked my trailer and some of the sights I've seen... I'll add a posting with those to share.
Here's to looking forward to April and continuing my travels up towards Boston, MA for a 1 May arrival with stops in New Jersey, US Military Academy at West Point, and multiple points in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts along the way.
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2023.03.30 19:26 Alex_A_T [WTS] Sailor ProGear Slim - Usagaya Limited Kanba Suiren , ProGear Micarta, ProGear FIKA

Hi all,
Today for sale:
01. Sailor ProGear Slim - Usagaya Limited Kanba Suiren.
- Condition [A2] – Excellent. NIB H-M, 14K. Asking 325 300 or OBO
02. Sailor ProGear Micarta.
- Condition [B] (I'm being conservative about the rating) NIB H-F, 21K . Asking $700 620 or OBO. Shipping internationally is included in the price. with converter and 2 cartridges.
03. Sailor ProGear Fika Cup Limited Edition
- Condition [A1] . NIB H-MF, 21K. Asking €260 €240.
04. Wancher SHIKI NO ZOGAN - MOMIJI-GARI - 1911L, 21K H-M nib
Made with Japanese Traditional Art - Zogan. Crafted with both pearl shells and natural wood. It's even more sophisticated than the usual pearl inlay
Condition [A] – Excellent. Comes with the original box. Dipped for nib testing and in immaculate condition. - Price €330 €310
The Usagaya , Fika Cup come in their original boxes and also the Wancher comes in the original wood box.

I can send more photos or you can look my other posts.
Shipping from E.U. Shipping is 22 euro worldwide. Shipping to E.U. is 14 euro.
Please reply here before messaging me.
All sellers and buyers must use PayPal Goods and Services as the method of payment
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2023.03.30 19:26 amybrush My first meal on slow carb diet!

My first meal on slow carb diet!
Today is my first day of eating the slow carb way! I am 25F, 5’5”, and 219 lbs. I picked this diet because I have problems with insulin resistance and I’m tired of my body hurting from inflammation. I am a mom of three toddlers and find I cannot do low carb because of lack of energy. I plan on eating two meals a day with a protein/veggie snack in between and keeping meals extremely simple. I also plan on feeding my family mostly what I’m cooking but supplementing with extra food and healthy fats for my kids! My kids love simple foods and beans/lentils. They are picky so I’m hopeful they will want to eat more. Anyways, I wanted to post for accountability and to provide simple meal inspiration and engage with a like-minded community. Here is my first meal: 2 free range eggs (from my own chickens!) scrambled with cannellini beans and grilled zucchini on the side. I also added a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on my eggs!
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