Ac capacitor 440 vac 50 60hz


2009.01.09 00:12 Volvo

Boxy, but good.

2023.06.07 19:02 shoptecogroup 2.550.107.21 SCHIELE ERE On Delay Timer 3-300 Seconds, Coil 220-240V 50/60Hz & 24V AC/DC

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2023.06.07 16:43 anchorsawaypeeko Can this AC motor just die from age?

Motor is marked:
Fujiya Audio Co IM S275-12BUC 60Hz 120V 1800rpm 8W 0.085A
Capacitor is marked and is in the photos:
473M 125VAC ECQ-UC
Turntable: Mitsubishi DP-420
I took the motor assembly apart and cleaned and lined everything. When installed and powered off, there’s no resistance so the motor is free to turn.
Once turned on motor gets power but spindle doesn’t turn (nothing attached). It just vibrates mildy. When I try to turn it when it’s on there’s resistance. Can I repair this motor? It’s an AC motor so I’m not really sure what could could fail, it just energizes a coil which moves a magnet.
Doesn’t appear to be any capacitors in-line other than the capacitor between the wall and the motor itself that I mentioned. Would like to not have to buy a new motor.
Here’s the link to my post including pictures:
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2023.06.07 08:34 Prestigious-Task-11 Electrical contractor seeking advice/help

Electrical contractor seeking advice/help
I am an electrical contractor and I need to know what’s missing in this existing wiring I am working on . Do I just need to send 120 volts and pigtail it to the yellow and white wire of this breaker so that the shunt CR will turn on ?? Any advice or discussion is welcome .
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2023.06.07 01:45 Admirable-Ring-7182 5x5 grow can you give me some pointers?

I am a few weeks into my second grow and I’m walking into a 5x5 that was set up by someone else prior. They have a nice in-line fan and they had some old mars hydro 300w leds, two of them. I just replaced with a phantom pheno 440 . Before w the 2 300s I was at around 80F and 50-52 RH. With the pheno440 I’m at 86F (100%power on light) and teetering on 49 and 50 RH. This tent is in a workshop but this room is cooled with a portable AC and the ac exhaust is vented through to attic. I have a very small dehumidifier running and also two more fans circulating. I have the inkine fan running about 50% and I have the Ac pointed toward the air inlet side.I tried opening or closing the exhaust holes on the tent to see if it lower the temps. These numbers are during the hottest part of the day, so in the morning and nights they will be lower. can anyone give me some tips? I am growing a handful of autos and vegging three photos on 18 6
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2023.06.06 22:36 wallstreetblcksmth Help finding a capacitor. I have looked online for hours with no luck. Please help.

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2023.06.06 18:33 Maleficent-Wave VA Rating of control transformer

Are typical AC control transformers rated at or near unity for power factor i.e. .8 or higher?
Example: If I have a 50 VA rated AC control transformer with 120 vac primary and 24 vac secondary.
If I use Ohm's law W = VA × PF (50 x.8) = 40 Watts or power capability from the control transformer, is this correct?
Thank you
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2023.06.06 07:06 AeliyaMarine1 Abb F1ms Circuit Breaker - Aeliya Marine

Abb F1ms Circuit Breaker Abb S.p.a. Asea Brown Boveri Abb Sace Division Hatco Parts Sace Megamax F Sace F1 F1ms Non-automatic Circuit-breaker Cei 489 Iec 408 Vde 0660 Bs 5419 Ute 63.130 F1s Iec 947-2 Cei 17-5 In=1600 A Ue=690 V Icw=50 Ka X 1s Ics=100% Icu Yo 200/250v Cc 200/255v Ac Yu 208/220v 60hz Yc 208/220v 60hz M 200/250v Cc Ac Aux.10a 380v A.c.
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2023.06.05 19:26 Glittering-North-774 Is this good external monitor for Model 2022?

Is this good external monitor for Model 2022?
Is this okay to use as an external monitor for my g14 2022 6800s?
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2023.06.05 17:46 shoptecogroup 910-304-391 AEG LS37K-22 Contactor, 37kW @AC-3, 4-pole, 2 Normally Open & 2 Normally Closed Power Contacts

910-304-391 AEG LS37K-22 Contactor, 37kW @AC-3, 4-pole, 2 Normally Open & 2 Normally Closed Power Contacts submitted by shoptecogroup to u/shoptecogroup [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 20:55 feefefewf What do you think about this? Is that Panasonic Gaoo better than Sony Trinitron?

What do you think about this? Is that Panasonic Gaoo better than Sony Trinitron? submitted by feefefewf to crtgaming [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 11:38 wiso_maso Incorrect transformer for LED lights?

Incorrect transformer for LED lights?
Hi, I've bout a single string of LED lamps that I liked, and so wanted to extend it (join/connect) with another two (crating one string, made out of three original single ones). The single string is powered by a 3V transformer (see picture below), so I figured for the power to be maintained (thinking: brightness of the lights in the 3-part string to be the same as in the 1-part string), I'll need to replace the 3V transformer with a 12V transformer (see the other picture below).
While the lights in the 3-part string operate with the desired brightness, unfortunately they... blink (with a frequency of about one blink per second, synchronously, i.e., all lights simultaneously going on and off). I've eliminated all possibilities, and really the only difference between blinking-high-brightness (i. e. under the 12V transformer) and the nonblinking-low-brightess (i.e. under the 9V transformer) is the transformer itself. So what is "wrong" about that 12V transformer below, causing the blinking? What other transformer should I have bought?
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2023.06.04 00:14 Tots2Hots Finally got one... But 100hz

Finally got one... But 100hz
29" LG Flatron. Figured I might as well since I was there and it was 50€ and works 100%. Guy had it hooked up to DTT and the picture looked awesome. Seeing as my favorite generation by far is 6th I think this will do fine for now. No light gun probably but that's fine. Has SCART on the back and composite on the front. Specs say it supports PAL and NTSC so good there. Will keep looking for a 50/60hz Trinitron near me.
There is also a 32" widescreen Sony Trinitron near me that is also 100hz but it's 50€ as well and tempting.
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2023.06.03 18:29 Franky-Fontaine I fixed a Galanz mini fridge starter relay - but is it safe?

My red retro mini-fridge from Galanz stopped working after being in use during summers only for the past 2 years (about 8-10 months of total operation). I would hear a faint sound but the compressor would not turn on when called. I watched a few videos and scanned the comments to find out that Galanz no longer has the replacement starter relay, which is the common culprit. My relay did not rattle when I shook it, but I cracked it open and found the relay disc (capacitor?) looked scorched and it was cracked when I extracted it. I wanted to avoid sending the fridge to the dump, so I checked Amazon for the closest looking starter relay. The original is a 2-pin relay, both pins on one side with markings 1 and 2. No pins where 3 and 4 are marked. The specs marked on the side of the original relay are:
JPQII - 4.7Ohm
EP 19B1
The mini fridge is rated 120 VAC at 60Hz, current 0.8A
Amazon had no match of any kind, but I found a replacement relay with 2 pins NOT on the same side and I ordered it without paying much attention to the specs. It arrived and I realized the pins were marked 2 and 3 (not 1 and 2 like the original). Here are the specs:
Model: uxcell MZ92 - 15 Ohm; rated 125 Watts, 15 Amps Amazon link:\_yo2ov\_dt\_b\_product\_details
I installed the new relay with wires connected to pins 2 and 3 (original pin 1 wires were now connected to pin 3, pin 2 wires still on pin 2). After installing this new relay, I plugged it in and the fridge did not work. So I decided to try extracting the new disc inside the relay and placing it in the original relay housing, so I could use the original pin connections. The disc in the new relay was larger than the original, but I could remove a small half-circle spacer from the original relay housing and the new disc fit perfectly.
Plugged in the mini-fridge and the compressor started right up. The fridge has been running for a few hours, the cooling cycle seems normal. The inside of the fridge is cold, and the compressor components feel warm but not scorching hot. Seems like this fixed the Galanz.
My question: Is there any risk to using the part from the new relay in the original? I used the disc (which someone referred to as the capacitor on a thread) from a relay with different specs but it seems to be working fine. TIA
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2023.06.03 05:58 theseawoof Will this charger work?

Will this charger work?
Assuming it has a barrel connector that fits, would this work? There is a generic charger sold specifically for this unit but the transit time is ridiculous, the spec on that one is 100-240V AC 50-60hz; Output: DC 12V
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2023.06.03 03:52 USGUSG [USA-MD] [H] Dell Inspiron 7567 Gaming Laptop, Gigabyte B450M DS3H WIFI Motherboard, Hisense 55R7G5 55" TV [W] Local Cash

Local Cash - Zip Code 21075 or closeby.

Dell Inspiron 7567 Laptop @ $250
i5-7300HQ 1050ti 2x8GB DDR4 1x256GB M.2 - 60Hz screen overclockable to 108Hz
Used as a light gaming machine and have since upgraded to a PC. In excellent physical condition and no hardware or overheating issues. The battery is starting to swell a bit but it's been like that for a while, it still holds charge and in the bios shows excellent health. Original AC adapter included. I can provide undervolt and overclock settings as well.

Gigabyte B450M DS3H WIFI Motherboard @ $50
Excellent condition and all functions working. Upgraded the board on my NAS and no longer need. Includes the box and accessories. Recommended to do a BIOS update as soon as you can because of the Gigabyte firmware security issue that was in the news recently.

Hisense 55R7G5 55" ROKU TV @ $150
Brand new in box, never opened. 4K UHD LED LCD ROKU TV. I can provide more detailed photos of the box if anyone is interested. It's pretty big and difficult to move from where it is right now but I can update the photos upon request.
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2023.06.02 22:47 darreltan88 Special Gear Enhancement Package is worth it (kinda).

Special Gear Enhancement Package is worth it (kinda).
Wanted to find out if the limited 1760 AC package consisting of 40 T6 enhancement mats + 4 T7 exceed tuners is worth it for spenders. Each T7 exceed tuner upgrades a T7 SSR gear to +7. Turns out that roughly translates to 100 T6 enhancement mats for a +7 T7 SSR gear, which means you’re getting about 440 T6 enhancement mats for the package. Comparatively, buying 1750 AC worth of weekly eternium packages gets you 84000 eternium + 1750 quartz, which translates to 1750/50 x 2000 + 84000 = 154000 eternium (with the best eternium-to-quartz price of 2000 eternium per 50 quartz, bought 5 times daily for 7 days). This roughly translates to (using Anastasia’s Supply Maintenance 1-3): 342 T6 mats @ 450 eternium each; 380 T6 mats @ 405 eternium each (10% consortium buff); 427 T6 mats @ 360 eternium each (20% hot time event buff); 488 T6 mats @ 315 eternium each (10% consortium buff + 20% hot time event buff).
So there you go :)
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2023.06.02 15:42 Vloxalion [USA-PA] [H] 12400 based complete pc w/peripherals & accessories & spares [W] Local Cash

"Bump" of previous post last week. All have been unused/untouched since March 1st, just sitting there or in boxes, except the monitor.
$650 for everything (list 1 and list 2). Not parting out due to payment method precluding shipping.
TL;DR quick overview of all parts
one i5-12400 w/stock cooler, 1 downdraft cooler, 3 120mm tower coolers
two B660m ddr4 motherboards, one win10pro key, and one anti-bending lga 1700 bracket
two kits 3200c16 ddr4, one 2x8gb singlerank other 2x16gb dualrank
one RX460 4gb gpu
two nvme m.2 drives; 500gb sn770, 2tb 970 evo plus
two cases, one matx nr200 clone, other atx lancool 216 and 5pack of arctic p12 pwm fans
two psu, one sfx 600w platinum (w/ 1 cable extension), other atx (300)w F-tier
one 24'' 1920x1200 60hz monitor with a desk clamp arm
cheap mouse and keyboard(keyboard w/RGB!!!....sry)
one set entry level professional speakers and an old sound card
webcam, xbox360 controller, microphone

Local cash only, no paypal(don't have one), quakertown-doylestown area in bucks county.
pet/[email protected]/[email protected]/scent free household, and do not eat near computer area. The second hand items from the 12400 guy exude much less fragrance compared to when they were obtained (assuming his household laundry detergent or similar had fragrance as the source), and I doubt you'd sense it if your own living arrangements have any sort of scented items. They come with all original cables, boxes, manuals, etc I still have. If you want more information about anything, feel free to ask and it will be added. Selling because old 2010 pc with phenom ii x3, gtx460, and 8gb is sufficient for my use case, try for modern hardware again some other time.


Part Name Detailed Comments/Condiiton Currently/Personally Valued at x 1 month ago
i5-12400 2nd hand. H0 stepping, not the more power hungry C0 (C0 is a partially disabled 8core die), and is AVX-512 capable going by the production date(did not verify; see motherboard notes). small blemish/ding(?) from previous owner's cooler on ihs, but can't tell if it was permanent indent or rubbed off hard bit of dried paste. includes box and cooler. 140/140
unknown 6 heatpipe thermalright cooler - possibly the burst assassin non-argb model without fan 2nd hand from the 12400 guy. tower only. has blemish/nick on contact surface. his laundry detergent had fragrance, so i couldn't use it. he also didn't clean the paste off and shipped it in a ziplock bag. i cleaned it as well as i could and replaced the bag. 15?/10
noctua s12b redux 1200rpm 2nd hand from the 12400 guy. same scent problem. can't remember testing it. 10?/5
arctic alpine 17 co BNIB, but box looks beat up 13/8
id cooling se-224-xt-basic used to cool a 3800X for a few months before the faulty mobo went kaput and sold the other parts of it. no 1700 mounting hardware because it was produced before alder lake. the win10pro key from the msi pro mobo is written on a slip of paper tucked inside the instruction manual. 25?/15
Thermalright Assassin X 120 refined SE mounted 90 degrees clockwise for bottom-to-top airflow in sama case 20/15
msi b660m mortar wifi ddr4 mobo vrms have coil whine crackle-hum using turbo boost, most likely related to powerstate/frequency switching (disappears when fully loaded or not doing anything) or concurrent with putting load on the integrated graphics, tried a whole bunch of bios settings to stop it, C1E enabled reduces it. integrated graphics culprit unverified due to case and difficulty with it; haven't tested a discrete card to eliminate igpu cause. latest bios(v19) at the time is flashed, need earlier bios version for avx512 capability, tried to get that instruction set working but found out it involves tainting my kernel and i don't use windows but if you do, the only os-side step is to move the specific intel microcode file out of system32. replaced the ilm with the thermalright one. includes right angle usb3 header adapter. 100/100
msi b660m a pro ddr4 wifi 2nd hand from 12400 guy. has smudge on backside near cpu bracket from alcohol solubility test on the paint; backside is alcohol soluble. has same scent as others from him. he did a bad paste job on cpu area and shipped it that way, i cleaned it up (no socket pins got paste on them thankfully because he didn't remove cpu from the board) tested and it works. comes with windows 10 pro key. the m.2 wifi card was worked, but putting it back in this board... i didn't have enough finger dexterity. one of the contact n!pp!es is bent, needs to be bent back. can't get it back out to do that, stuck. includes piece of factory glue that goes between the contacts and holds the leads in place. treat as non wifi version with potential bonus for trying hard enough. anti static bag on one side MAY have trace of urushiol due to being blown away when airing out onto a patch of cracked concrete where two weeks previously had been a sprout which had been disposed of then the area alcohol-doused then two rainstorms. includes right angle usb3 header adapter. 80/70
thermalright 1700 anti-bending ilm silver comes with thermal paste(used once) and original ilm of the mortar mobo 9/8
teamgroup 2x8gb 3200 c16 2nd hand from 12400 guy, works, had somehow strongest scent of them all. 32//25
timetec 2x16gb 3200 c16 dual rank with hynix 8gigabit jjr ic's (lower binned cjr) remember to lock in the voltage to safe level for that ic instead of auto. partially manually overclocked, enabled xmp then increase to gear1 3466mt/s (what i can tell, max speed with the locked vcssa without loosening timings) and the few timings changed are: command rate to real 1N; did not test tighter than tRRD to 6, tRRD_L to 6, and tFAW to 24; tREFI should be able to be higher than 24960 but didn't test; tRFC has errors at 460, can't remember what 480's result was, and 500 is stable. stressapptest for an hour after each change made, no errors. may go tighter, less than 10 attempts worth of tweaking. 70/65
western digital sn770 500gb 2nd hand from the 12400 guy, but didn't notice scent(was under heatsink). has been secure erased. smart data said 2.4tbw. 30/25
samsung 970 evo plus 2tb 2nd hand from best buy geek squad refurbished. smart data indicated literal open box condition. has been secure erased. smart data says 3.28tbw. 98/80
xfx rx460 4gb 2nd hand from a miner in 2021. was dirty but cleaned it, had mining bios, and the standard bios or other custom bios don't seem stable, but it works with a rx560 bios i modded to rx550 clocks. thought i saw something spherically, iridescently marbled green-yellowgreen falling from it when putting it back together after cleaning but couldn't find the drop or where it may have dropped from, capacitors look ok. single fan version. has annoying blue led. requires 6-pin pcie power even though it draws less than 75w. 45/35
sama im01 hohboy, man oh man, this case.... removing the front panel carefully according to the manual causes the top clips to break(so that's why it includes two spares), and is difficult to work in even though all sides but the back come off. can't put a discrete gpu in because it can't go into the slot all the way; something about the mobo tray being depressed or pci slot design prevents it. front left usb3.0 defective (blips then doesn't work) but the right one is functional. pci slot magnetic swinging screw cover hinge is a bit bent because the top and bottom packaging foam were switched in factory(foam cutouts did not align). matx mobo prevents bottom from having second fan if not want to risk mobo header bending. 60/30
lian li lancool 216 black non-rgb model opened the box and took out the inner accessory box on top but put it right back because became busy and never got around to using it. did not take out the case. almost literally open box. do not know state of tempered glass but jiggling box does not make broken glass sound. 100/90
arctic p12 pwm pst 5 pack 2 used in the sama im01, 3 unused 30/25
corsair sf600 platinum 3 months use. powered the 12400 using integrated graphics, don't think total system power exceeded 150w from the wall. 110/110
thermaltake tr2 430np don't know if it was 2nd hand or not. used to power a windows xp office machine which was bought without one. Don't use more than 350 watts; here is a review of the unit showing why- its F-tier but would personally trust it in a system pulling less than 100 or so from the wall. one cable with 20+4-pin motherboard connectors one cable with 6-pin pcie connector one cable with 4-pin 12v connector one cable with 3 molex connectors two cables with 3 molex and 1 floppy connector one cable with 2 sata connectors one molex-to-sata converter 20/5
cablemod black modflex EPS 4+4 pin 45cm extension sf600 needs the extension to reach the mobo receptacle in the sama case 9/9
hp zr24w + ergodepot J2 monitor arm 60hz, 1920x1200, 24inch. 12 years use. ccfl backlight has been on for ~3.3 years. came with a scratch not noticeable when on most of the time. has smudges from over a decade of use, not trusting myself to clean it without scratching. includes J2 monitor arm (desk clamp), but makes it skew a little. when powered on, it knocks channel 6 out of the airwaves until it is turned off. flickers below 100% brightness. 50+40?(90?)/50+20(70)
tecknet um013 mouse awful scroll wheel. defaults to the lower of the two dpi settings every time it loses power; does not save setting. 2 months use. 6/3
redragon karura k502 rgb keyboard 2nd hand. works, but did not verify all keys. 20/8
presonus eris E3.5 studio monitors were on my desk for 10 days and powered on at low volume for under an hour, may be low amount of specks of dust, and the speaker wire had been connected, but otherwise is as if you opened up a new one. didn't like the space they took up and preferred my headphones, but B&H would not take these back because i told them i used the included speaker wire. no joke. 90/80
samson go mic 2nd hand. works, good shape. usb condenser with omni/-10/cardioid switch and 3.5mm jack. has sticker covering the led to diminish the brightness. 25/15
xbox 360 wired controller didn't use it often, but owned it for a really long time. the left thumbstick has worn down, is low tension, and can drift slightly if off center to the northwest. 10/4
asus xonar dx 2nd hand. used for a few months in 2011 but was too close to gpu intake so put it away. 30/18
logitech c600 webcam model V-U0007 12/5
Summary first number taken from recent reasonable hardwareswap/ebay sales and amazon(when first two no/little results) and second number what i'd pay for the item in question if I was someone else, based on what is known of the condition. Paid 1300+ for just the parts bought in the last year, so imo this is a super deal if you are in the area. Total: 1299/1073
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2023.06.02 11:08 shoptecogroup LC1D150M7 - Contactor, TeSys Deca, 3P(3NO), AC-3/AC-3e, <=440V, 150A, 220V AC 50/60Hz coil, screw clamp terminals

LC1D150M7 - Contactor, TeSys Deca, 3P(3NO), AC-3/AC-3e, <=440V, 150A, 220V AC 50/60Hz coil, screw clamp terminals
LC1D150M7 - Contactor, TeSys Deca, 3P(3NO), AC-3/AC-3e,
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2023.06.02 07:49 Flynn-_- Is this plug interchangeable to something simple like a usb?

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2023.06.02 07:45 code988 Found on the side of the road

Found on the side of the road
Like I said, I passed it on my way to school yesterday, plopped it on my skateboard, and wheeled it back home. It seems like it works but i'm missing the db15 to hdmi adapter for me to plug in my dreamcast and test it out. I haven't really found it on amazon either. Will update when I figure it out.
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2023.06.02 07:34 shoptecogroup 910-304-326-00 AEG LS22K.00 Contactor, 22kW @AC-3, 3-pole, Coil 220-230V 50Hz, 277V 60Hz

910-304-326-00 AEG LS22K.00 Contactor, 22kW @AC-3, 3-pole, Coil 220-230V 50Hz, 277V 60Hz submitted by shoptecogroup to u/shoptecogroup [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 07:55 lepetitemmanuel Les Honor 90 et Honor 90 Pro

Les Honor 90 et Honor 90 Pro
Ils viennent d'être lancé en Chine et nous aurons surement l'occasion d'en voir un des deux chez nous , les Honor 90 et 90 Pro .

Commençons par le Honor 90
On retrouve un processeur Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 boosté à 2.5 GHz au lieu de 2.4GHz
Un écran Amoled de 6.78 pouces et la dimension du téléphone 161,9 x 74,1 x 7,8 mm pour 183 g
Une batterie de 5000mAh avec une charge rapide de 66W et une recharge filaire inversée de 5W
3 versions : 12 GO de mémoire et 256 GO de Stockage , 16 et 256 , 16 et 512
Android 13 et Magic OS 7.1
Pour la photo un capteur principal de 200Mpx , un ultra grand angle de 12Mpx et un capteur de profondeur de 2Mpx
A l'avant un capteur de 50Mpx
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS , 5G , double sim
Prix aux alentours de 330€HT

passons au Honor 90 Pro
Il est équipé d'un processeur Snapdragon 8 gen 1 de 3GHz
Un écran Amoled de 6.78 pouces et la dimension du téléphone 163,8 x 74,9 x 8,1 mm pour 192 g
Une batterie de 5000mAh avec une charge rapide de 90W (50% en 15mn) et une recharge filaire inversée de 5W
3 versions : 12 GO de mémoire et 256 GO de Stockage , 16 et 256 , 16 et 512
Android 13 et Magic OS 7.1
Pour la photo un capteur principal de 200Mpx , un ultra grand angle de 12Mpx et un téléobjectif de 32Mpx
A l'avant un capteur de 50Mpx et un pour la profondeur de champ de 2Mpx
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS , 5G , double sim , NFC
Il est possible d'enregistrer des vidéos en 4K de 30 images/secondes à l'avant comme à l'arrière
Prix aux alentours de 440€ HT
Vous remarquerez les objectifs à l'arrière légèrement différents entre les 2 modèles .
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