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2023.06.06 17:39 Late-Bit5417 Unable to tell who is good or bad company?

Do you have trouble knowing which people are good company and which aren’t? I often have this sort of go with the flow ok you seem cool kind of attitude as long as I find something interesting to talk about even if it’s arguing against each other’s sides for some debate. I enjoy those sorts of conversations and don’t really understand how else to talk to people.
Recently I got out of a weird relationship and in that relationship I would sometimes spend time with the friends of this person. In isolation I thought they were okay or whatever. But when I was getting out of the relationship, I leaned on other friends I had met through the same friend group’s mutuals and the two closest friends I had out of that both were really not into any of the people in the friend group and these are people whose judgement I trust. I could understand why they were saying about the principle person I was in that relationship with but I was a little surprised to hear about the others. In the past too I’ve ended up getting closer to certain odd people who were not great people mostly because they’re the only ones who’ve been able to interest me in conversations. Otherwise I find it really hard to talk to people and I get incredibly self conscious. I worry about alienating people when I find something that’s very exciting for me to talk about and then I go at length about it.
Anyway I’m asking this mostly because I feel a lot of shame related to my choice in people. Why did I spend so much time with person x? Of course they were going to hurt me. I got into that bad relationship entirely of my own accord. I deserve the humiliation. It all feels like my fault and that I keep repeating the same mistakes even though I try very hard to be conscious of why I ended up getting closer to someone who was bad. It makes me feel a bit helpless. Like I just wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I also similarly worry about passing on the right company.
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2023.06.06 17:39 LaticusLad Time Marches Ever Onward: Chapter 3

(Any sentences or phrases wrapped with brackets "[ ]" are designated as inner monologue!)
Thank you to u/SpacePaladin15 for creating this wonderful literary universe!
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Memory transcription subject: Tassak, Arxur Paleontologist
Date [standardized human time]: July 15, 2165
I nervously clicked my claws against the wooden table as I waited for the rest of the invitees to arrive. The UN had brought me to the senate building privately so as to not cause panic, and I was grateful. I only hoped that the people whom I was going to be working with wouldn’t freak out at my appearance.
The war against the Federation and the subjugation of the Arxur by the Dominion had ended shortly after my birth, but the effects of the past few centuries of conflict could not be eliminated in such a short amount of time. Societal ideals have to be rewritten over long stretches of time by strong people with strong will, and there simply hasn’t been enough time to do so. As a result, though it has been many years since the last battle against the Arxur, it was still uncommon to see any outside of the space they already inhabited, and still VERY common to see hatred and fear of us among Fed species. It has always been my ultimate goal to show those who fear us just how similar we are, that is why I sacrificed everything to attend the Meiers Institute of Knowledge.
On the Arxur’s side of the societal coin, it was social suicide to interact with “prey” species willingly. [Oh how I hate that word.] Most of the elders of our society could not get over their hatred of the Federation species, despite the fact that they were under just as much, if not MORE subjugation than we were. When I made the decision to go and learn at MIK, I was shunned from all social groups at home. Not that there even were many, most Arxur rarely interacted with each other if they could help it.
MIK was a chance for me to experience new ideas and try new things. For once, I wasn’t discriminated against because I had front-facing eyes and scary teeth, and I learned just how much I loved socializing with like-minded people. I was finally allowed to let my love for knowledge flourish in a way that other Arxur would never have condoned. I graduated some time later with several degrees and a doctorate in paleontology.
Though to some, the idea of digging up bones and putting them together like a puzzle seemed macabre, it felt liberating to me. I felt like I truly understood the value of life and death. I could look at the cracked tooth of an ancient ancestor of the Arxur or the fossilized chitin of one of the Tilfish’s predecessors and identify a pattern, showing the divergent evolution they underwent to achieve their current form. I could see the similarities all life inherently had. Sometimes the similarities between us were shocking, and occasionally it was kind-of scary, but that only made me more passionate about my work.
I assume that is why the UN decided to send me a job offer 3 weeks ago. When I received it I was ECSTATIC at the prospect. The UN government sending ME, a small-time nobody Arxur paleontologist, an invitation to work with them? If I could tell my past self what I would be up to now, I would almost certainly scoff at myself. Even as I boarded my UN funded private ship to Aafa I was subconsciously wondering if it was some elaborate prank. My thoughts were interrupted as I heard footsteps from the other side of the door. This is it, I’m about to meet my partners, please don’t run away screaming.
A human, a venlil, and a gojid stood in the doorway staring at me. The gojid seemed slightly fearful but hid it well, the human and venlil however just seemed confused. [Okay, okay, they didn’t scream at me. That’s a good start.] The three, along with their escort, settled into chairs at the table I sat at, looking at me expectantly. I straightened my posture and prepared myself mentally to greet them. “H-hi, my name is Tassak. Are you the other three invitees?” The human sitting across from me spoke. “Yes. I hope I don’t offend by saying this but I wasn’t expecting an Arxur invitee.” He raised an eyebrow as he ended his sentence. He quickly started talking again, probably to try and explain his reasoning. “Sorry, I-I mean, don’t the Arxur frown upon interacting with “prey” species?” The venlil and gojid looked at me as I thought of a response. “Yes, they do. I had to cut a lot of ties to get into this profession. Let’s get introductions out of the way please.” “Alright, my name is James. I’m 31 years old. I was born on Earth and now live on Venlil prime. I went to MIK to become a historian. My diet is mainly coffee but occasionally I drink coffee as a treat.” The man smiled as he awaited our amusement, but it never came. James’ smirk faded and he coughed into his hand before continuing. “I was invited along with my friend Lemva, she’s the venlil next to me, and Cayek, he’s the gojid to your right.”
I exhaled quietly, James seemed friendly enough. “My name is Tassak, as I said before. I’m 29. I got a doctorate in paleontology at the Meiers Institute of Knowledge, along with some other degrees. I hail from Wriss I currently live on Earth.” As I finished my statement, I couldn’t help but criticize the way I spoke. [Why did I talk so rigidly, ughhh! My first impressions are going terribly!] James spoke up. “Wait, did we all come from MIK? Weird coincidence huh?” I could tell he was trying to ease the tension in the room. “I thought I would’ve noticed a giant lizard guy walking around campus.” Wait, did he call me a guy? “Uh, I’m a girl, actually.” I spoke timidly. The man before me became as red as a fresh cut of steak. His embarrassment was plainly visible, which I found amusing, it lessened my anxiety slightly.
The venlil that James had referred to as Lemva spoke up, changing the subject. “Weelll… Anyhow, my name is Lemva as James told you. I’m 30 years old. I’m an archaeologist and got my doctorate from MIK. My current home is on Earth but I’ve lived a little bit of everywhere. Me and James have been friends for a long time, we met in the institute’s history club.” Everyone focused their attention onto Cayek as Lemva’s introduction concluded. It took several seconds for him to compose himself. I could tell that my presence was uncomfortable for him, and him being seated closest to me of the three people probably exacerbated that feeling. I didn’t blame him for his fear, but it still stung a little. He gulped and started talking.
“My name is Cayek. I’m a 41 year old linguist who also went to MIK for my doctorate. I was born on the Cradle, was taken in at a young age by the UN after it got bombed, and was offered a home in one of the cities constructed by the Cradle Re-colonization Project, where I now live.” The man stopped talking and I thought he was done, but he straightened his posture and started speaking again. “I just want to get this out of the way before it causes trouble later down the line.” He spoke with a sigh. “I was born in a… you could call it a “hostile” household. My family raised me during a time when hate against… “people who were different” was acceptable. My upbringing cemented a couple habits into me that I’ve been trying to chip away at, so to speak, ever since I saw the sheer good that mankind is capable of. I’ve been attempting to be more open to new ideas ever since. Hell, I even took the anti-cure and tried some-” He gulped. “-non-herbivore cuisine, to get some perspective. So if I accidentally say or do something offensive to you please tell me, I truly want to leave that part of me behind.” As he ended his speech, he slouched and let out a breath he had been holding in. I was surprised by his honesty.
James and Lemva both processed the information. I responded first. “Thank you. You have no idea how much anxiety dropped off my shoulders just now. I was worried you’d all run away at first sight of me or treat me like some bloodthirsty beast. I very much appreciate the effort you’re putting into reforming.” James spoke after me. “I appreciate it too. After all these riots it’s such a breath of fresh air to meet a person that won’t cry if I look at them.” In the past 10 minutes, this man had crammed in jokes at any time he could. I think I’m gonna like him. I could tell that the joke came from a place of sadness though, I could see the sadness in his eyes.
James started to look impatient, he tapped his fingers on the table in a rhythmic pattern while he checked his holopad for the time. “I thought we were here for a job offer. How long is this gon-” The sound of the heavy wooden door opening filled the room, as a small group of well-dressed men and women filed in through the doorway. As my eyes scanned over each person who entered, my heart skipped a beat and I jolted upward to attempt a human salute as I spotted President Zhao at the tail-end of the group. [What the fuck? Why is he meeting with us?] The other three followed my gaze and stood to salute as well. In his surprise, James nearly fell over. My three partners were as equally dumbstruck as I by the sudden appearance of the head of the government.
President Zhao took on a small amused smirk as he witnessed James straighten himself out. “At ease. You may take a seat.” We did as he commanded. “Welcome to the Capitol. It’s good to see that you all accepted your invitations. I can see from your confused expressions that you probably want some answers, so let’s get started.” As Zhao took a seat at the head of the table, one of the men who had accompanied him lifted a briefcase from his side and placed it delicately on the table. The man inputted a code into a small keypad and the briefcase unlocked with a click. Inside was a holo-projector, which the man placed on the center of the table. “Before we begin, our four guests will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, the information spoken of in this meeting must never leave this room.” Another of the officials, a small woman in a black dress, passed four holopads to us, which we promptly wrote our signatures into. The holopads were collected and Zhao spoke. “Excellent. You’re probably all curious about the reason we invited you specifically for this opportunity, why all the security measures and guards, why we’re trying to keep this under such tight wraps.” The holo-projector on the table switched on and briefly displayed the Coalition logo, before transitioning to a hologram of Talsk, the Farsul homeworld. “As you know, for hundreds of years the Federation had been keeping archives filled with classified knowledge and confiscated or outright stolen items. On the nineteenth of june, approximately four weeks ago, after extensive search efforts, we found the motherlode. The Federation had kept many archives but this one was special. It wasn’t a library, it was a tomb. Buried under several kilometers of rock and deep ocean, the Federation sealed away items and information that, if released, could possibly threaten their hold over the galaxy.”
The holo-projector transitioned to a diagram depicting the archive, there was no entrance-way and no exit, just kilometers of water and stone between it and the surface. The hologram zoomed in on the archive, showing a more detailed view of the gargantuan structure. It consisted of several levels, each with a number of chambers housing items or information. At the very bottom of the structure, one chamber stood out among the rest. 10 meter thick walls of an ultra-hard titanium alloy encased a small cell filled with toxic gas. Suspended in the middle of the chamber by hundreds of metal rods was a vacuum-sealed prism of diamond. Finally, inside the prism was a small metal cube along with a holopad.
I felt a chill down my spine as I studied the intricate carvings etched upon the surface of the artifact. I could tell that the carvings were of some language, but it did not match any that I could think of. “Within the records, this artifact was designated as Class-Hydrogen1. The Federation’s information classification system is far too complex to discuss in full, but in summary, the more important something is, the closer to 1 the atomic number of the element it is assigned will be. The classification is then proceeded by a 1 or 2, 1 signifies dangerous information and 2 signifies dangerous materials. For example, in this same archive we discovered an experimental and dangerous singularity generator with a classification of Fluorine2, which has an atomic number of 9.”
“To put into perspective how scary the idea of a Class-Hydrogen designation is, the second highest classification object on record is a self-powered anti-grav receptacle of strange matter. Strange matter will turn any other matter it touches into more strange matter, I shouldn’t have to explain why that is incredibly dangerous. The receptacle was classified as a Carbon2. There are 4 classifications between Hydrogen and Carbon and none of them are being used.” My blood ran cold as I listened. What power could this artifact possibly hold? The question in my mind was quickly replaced by another. Why are WE the ones being told this? Before the window of opportunity ended, I opened my mouth to speak.
“Permission to speak, sir?” Zhao looked at me and nodded. “I still have a question, and I’m sure my partners do too, but why us? Why did you choose to tell us this instead of someone more qualified?” “I’m glad you reminded me.” I heard the clacking of a keyboard as one of the men beside the President switched the holo-projector to a different tab. A close-up of the cube appeared, showing the four sides of the object.
The first side depicts a bipedal creature covered in spikes turning their back on two similar figures cloaked in blood and flames. The creature holds a defiant posture. Flames trail behind them, turning to embers, then to smoke, and then fading entirely.
The second side depicts a small fluffy figure being chased by a dark version of themselves across a variety of settings and locations.
The third side depicts a large being covered in scales bound in chains kneeling on an altar, their arms being stretched to two different sides. On one side a crowd of identical creatures and on the other side a crowd composed of different figures of varying shapes and sizes, both sides pointing weapons at the central figure.
The final scene depicts a man screaming in anger and sorrow pointing a dagger toward a small creature with bloodied hands. Tears stream down his face. A man and woman lie dead in the background.
A gojid, a venlil, an arxur, and a human.
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(This is my first major post on NatureofPredators, any criticism or advice is welcome! I want to make my stories inviting and pleasant to read! Also, please notify me if you find any formatting errors, I'm not very familiar with Reddit's formatting.)
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2023.06.06 17:38 Zekeify Parking outside with a vented hood

It’s obviously less then ideal to have a vented hood if you don’t have a garage to keep your car in but how bad is it?
Bonus question: is it goofy to put an hr style carbon vented hood on a de? Not trying to be a poser lol, I just like the look of the renegade hood.
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2023.06.06 17:38 carterfour36 Can't handle my new job

Hi everyone im new here. I'm 22f and I apologize for the long post but if youll bare with me I hope you're able to give me some advice :) so I just got off the phone with my doctor who wants to test me for fibromyalgia but can't see me for a few weeks still. A little bit of background
Back in 2021 I got a job at a pharmacy where I worked 11 hr days and on my feet for all of it with 2 15s and a half hour for lunch. I was treated horribly by my boss. The gist- he called me stupid in front of customers, made me clean up every mess he'd purposely make, after a year he'd hire a bunch of new girls the same ethnicity as him and would treat me like trash. Smiling, laughing with them, letting them talk, and go on their phones. But the second I did any of that it was " get back to work" or "dont do that again" or hed just say my name in a condescending tone. After a while, I then became really ill all of a sudden. Sick every day, throwing up, constant pain in my feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, and my neck and giving me severe migranes. I began to call out quite often. Missing days at a time with no one to help him. ( which i do understandthat being there all day with no help isn't easy, however i couldnt control my episodes that i was having. After that went on for a bit he then threatened my job every single time. I spent months going to doctors, getting ultra sounds to check for IBS ( which was negative ) and bloodwork, only to be diagnosed with BPD, General and social anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, and insomnia. But still no answer to why I was sick and in so much pain. Now i do have pre-existing body issues such as a short leg which displaces my hip, a double curve spine that affects my neck, and a shoulder injury from many years ago. But ive never felt pain like this until this point. Fast forward a few months and 30 lost pounds later I go on sick leave, then quit, and transfer to normal benifits, to which ran out in March.
Fast forward to now I finally found a job at Value village... however this is even worse physically wise. I've gained my weight back but still continue to feel extremely sick ( not to the point of vomit but close) and to be in constant pain and fatigue. However I started this job 3 weeks ago and it's so physically demanding. I'm in the worst pain I've ever been in because I'm standing in 1 spot all day. It's only for 7 hours but my lord by the end I'm crying so much. 3 weeks and I've unfortunately had to miss 5 days off so far... when I left today my boss gave me a look of disgust and now I'm anxious because I have to ask her tomorrow to work with me until I'm able to see my doctor and provide her with a proper diagnosis and accommodations that may be necessary.
I guess my question here is does anyone else have any experience with this kinda thing before? And should I keep this job and see if things get better or just not risk it and try and go on disability? ( I'm in Canada and I have no idea how it works) I guess I'm just lost and anxious atm. Any advice helps. Thank you :)
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2023.06.06 17:37 minimalhazel Getting charged for things I never ordered- and I hate it

As a fresh apartment dweller I needed to get some internet. Spectrum’s the only place that covers my area. As listed online, it’s $49.99 for their cheapest package which includes internet, tv and a mobile line. Called them and said I only want internet, not the other two. They said that that’s fine but that they’d still charge me the $49.99. Whatever. Get my equipment in the mail. The router and modem literally don’t work unless I use the phone cables they gave me, so now I can’t send it back and get refunded. Check my spectrum app and turns out they’re charging me an additional $29.99 for tv services. I called and said that I asked multiple times (including the day I first set up the account!!) that I didn’t want TV or a mobile line, period. Rep tells me that they’re gonna start charging me $79.99 for internet only and that I’ll “lose the promotion,” which isn’t what the first people I talked to told me. I just submitted an FCC complaint but what the hell else do I do??? I’m a first timer at this and I’ve never set up internet with a provider before. I threatened switching and they didn’t even try to give me a discount or anything (I’ve been told that they do that sometimes out of desperation to keep customers), they just gave me the equivalent of a “damn that’s crazy” and hung up.
Any advice? I’m new to this and as a college student living paycheck to paycheck I really can’t afford any extra charges like TV I’ll never use.
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2023.06.06 17:37 Excellent_Mousse_957 post step vent LONG!!

i took the test june 5 i need to get this off my chest
dedicated was the worst consecutive 6 weeks of my life. i truly never want to go through this ever again. sorry if you think i’m being over dramatic but truly it was so so so bad for me. the choke hold this exam had on me was something i had never experienced before. i ate slept drank and lived step
my scores form 30 41%( pre dedicated) form 26 61% (2 weeks into dedicated) uworld 1 68% 234 (2 weeks out from the test ) form 27 69% with a 97% chance passing, (1 week out from the test ) new free 120 71% (65/75/75) 3 days out from the test
if you’re still studying you got this!!!!!!!!! the test was fair :) u got this. if ur still studying don’t read my post lol. the test ain’t bad u got this.
my scores may look good but i know i failed. the test wasn’t even that bad (at the time that i was taking it) but after a few hours i keep remembering i messed up easy questions, biostats were soooooooo hard, i had so many random biochem and genetics on my test. a lot of the stuff i studied didn’t come up. i thought i would walk out of the test thinking “oh if i had just studied this” but i literally don’t even know what i could have done differently. like even the pharm and micro were hard for me. ithere were random questions that i just didn’t know but it felt like i should have? idk how to explain it. i also feel like i only picked up on 1 maybe 2 experimental questions during the test. and now im questioning even the questions i was sure of. leading up to the test i was considering delaying but hindsight i don’t even know what i would have studied to get the questions right on the test. and that’s why i don’t even know what i am going to do when i fail like i don’t know what i’m going to do different. i’m so terrified of failing bc i don’t know what speciality im interested in and i don’t want this to limit my options. i’m terrified of living the same way i have for the past 6 weeks. i don’t have it in me to do this again. i feel like i gave it everything i had and if that wasn’t good enough to get the 60% to get the pass i quite literally do not know what i’m going to do.
sorry for the rant but i have been on reddit for the past few weeks and i feel like idk who else i can talk to about this.
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2023.06.06 17:37 ImHereImQueer RV park owner keeps shutting off water

I live in Texas at a rather small RV park. Before I moved here about a year ago the area was going through a extremely bad drought. This is important because the park gets it's water from a well that has apparently run pretty dry.
As a result, the RV park owner will shut off water to the park when he feels like it's getting too low. My issue here is that he will not tell anyone, we will just go to wash dishes or use the bathroom and find that it isn't working. It's usually for a few hours and we just have to keep checking because, again, he doesn't let us know for how long it will be. The frequency of it varies, sometimes it won't get shut off for a whole month and sometimes it's multiple times a week.
I'm coming on here to ask the legality of this. I've tried searching online and only found things about apartments, not RV parks. I'm also curious if this falls under "maintenance" or not, as I believe he doesn't have to let us know if it's for maintenance.
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2023.06.06 17:37 TheoxSparkle [8 Juin 2023] Jeudi Bière - Weekly Paris Beer Meetup

📍 Place: Click on this link to see the location of Jeudi Bière !
🕖 Time: 19h (7:00pm), Jeudi 8 Juin 2023
👽 Recognize Us: TBA
Hi people,
Drinks outside in the sun, anyone ? Because that's what's happening this Jeudi evening !
And in one of the most scenic spots of Paris, no less !
See you at JB this Thursday ! :)
💡 Quick Q&A : 💡
What do I bring ??
Bring bottled or canned beer, at least 2 ! I usually bring 4 bottles or cans for the entire evening. Also, some food if you don't plan to eat before. I'll bring plastic cups, but if you can, please try to bring an ecocup or a glass.
But my beer is going to get warm ??
No sir or madam, your OP will provide a cooler and ice to keep your drinks fresh and refreshing, as it should be !
Also please note that this is not a hippy meetup, there will be a shared coolers but drink what you bring and don't go picking randomly someone else's beer.
Where do I find craft beer in Paris ?
Check this out ! The French Beer Geek club has worked on a super cool map of all beer places in Paris and in Île-de-France. There must be something near your place ! (unless you live in the 16ème)
What if I don't drink beer or if I don't drink alcohol ?
That's not an issue. The main goal is to meet and chat with new people, and have a good time ! :)
How old are people coming to the meetup ?
I'd say most people are between 21 and 35.
How long do you usually stay in the park ?
Maybe until 22h this time, and later when it'll get warmer during summer.
Newcomers are always welcome! We're a friendly group of locals and expats that speak French and English.
A jeudi ! 👋
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2023.06.06 17:36 coRReLL_ The thing you cannot defeat---Encounter

After waking up in the morning, the events of last night dawn you the very moment you open your eyes. You try not to think about it. You started the day normally by doing you're daily routine, but you were still wondering what happened last night, were you imagining things? You start up your computer and notice something strange instantly, people playground was no longer on your computer. Checking your steam library it seemed like the game was uninstalled. You thought you were going crazy because you never even deleted the game as far as you can remember. You redownload it and are a bit hesitant but eventually open the game. Everything seems normal and you go to the map selection screen. You selected the snow map because there was no way in hell you were going back to the substructure map. But that didn't matter, when the map loaded in, to your horror it was indeed the substructure map. Trying to change it again you were greeted with nothing but the "resume game" button. You were scared, but not scared enough to stop playing. You started doing random things again, just waiting for something to happen. Eventually you accidentally drop a human down the one of the staircases of the map, scrolling with your camera to pick it up you see it was nowhere to be found. You did eventually find it though, in the reaction room at the bottom of the map, it was [REDACTED]. You started writing down your strange occurrences in a notepad to help keep track of what you saw. Not long after something else happens, a human randomly falls from one of the vents on the map, dying when it hit the ground. Because you wanted to experiment, you took a life syringe and tried to revive the human, but that didn't go well, as soon as the syringe entered the humans body a very loud sound played from your headphones, causing you to jump and almost fall from your chair. After looking at your screen again the human was gone. About 10 minutes later you begin to notice something, your framerate was going down drastically, you check to see what it was and suddenly you see that the pool on the map was filled with dead human bodies, not just the surface pool but almost the entire pool was filled. The lag was getting so bad you could barely move your cursor. You barely managed to click the clear room button. You honestly did not know how to feel at this point, on one hand you were scared and wanted to stop, but on the other your curiosity wanted you to keep going, I think you know what you chose. But then, after an hour of nothing happening your camera suddenly gets locked. You couldn't scroll anywhere or summon anything. The black silhouette appears in the middle of your screen, you couldn't explain it, but you suddenly felt a feeling of dread. Trying to grab the figure would do nothing, you couldn't move, select or even delete it. A textbox was suddenly spawned, with nothing but one sentence, [REDACTED]. Your eyes were tearing up, the dread was getting worse, you tried to ALTF4 out of the game but nothing happened. Your entire computer was frozen. You got up from your chair and just, stared at your screen, the screen that contained that black silhouette, and the textbox next to it. The screen went black and it went back to your desktop. You unplugged your computer and you wrote one final entry in your notepad, called [REDACTED]
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2023.06.06 17:36 jennaisokay We will be going dark from June 12-14. We're a tiny but mighty news community, + (we'd like to think) important to communicating local news and arts coverage wherever our readers are. We may be small communities, but we believe in supporting 3rd party developers. See info below for more.

Original post can be found in Save3rdPartyApps:
What's going on?
A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.
What's the plan?
On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.
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2023.06.06 17:36 Kindly_Bit1937 Silly Tavern won't run in Mac

I got it to run for the first time by a miracle two days ago and then I logged off and then I can't even log in again because the script keeps closing before it can even open the program. I got it to open using the clone repo and run tavernai but all my characters that I put in are gone! How do I access the program with the original run that has my characters on it?
I am using a MacBook Air.
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2023.06.06 17:36 SassaFrazza_Fae <3

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2023.06.06 17:35 neferakitten i think i manifested all the bad things that has ever happened to me.

do anyone of you believe in law of assumption? manifestation? i realized that i was very good at it just recently.
i grew up in a very abusive household. i think one of the ways that i can cope with it as a little kid was being so imaginative. i would always look forward to being alone and just imagining a lot of stuff. either good or bad. i spent the most of my childhood believing that my head is better than the reality because i can get whatever i want.
i carried that behavior until i got older but it was lessened. the thing is, when i dont have something, i would imagine having it. and when i end up having it, i would imagine not having it and how i would feel in that exact moment.
i manifested a lot of things in my life such as things, friendships, situations, and even relationships. whenever i make an assumption or i imagine something in my head before something even happens, it turns out to be even greater, even happier. and when i assume that something would be bad it would be extremely bad.
i just got out from a 3 year relationship last week. i was so heartbroken. i still am, and i am currently trying to heal, grow, and change my reality. the thought of me manifesting this to happen in my relationship will always keep me awake at night.
i met my ex in highschool 4 years ago, we became friends. i had a crush on him but didnt tell him and i would always, always imagine us being together. we had this deep chemistry and connection and he ended up confessing to me a month later. after 4 months we became official and it has been great since.
after a year, the problems started to arise. i tend to destroy great things in my head just to see how i would react to it. i would constantly think about us breaking up or him falling out of love. my ex is a really great guy. no one ever understood me better but him. he loved me so much and made my life better. we were inseparable since but after 3 years he started to change. he stopped making efforts, thats exactly what i was thinking every night. thats exactly what i was imagining every night.
the more he stopped putting work into our relationship the more i start to think about negative things. and guess what? all of that reflected in my life. we broke up last week because he said he didnt feel the same way about me anymore. but he also broke down so much because he loves me, it still makes me feel confuse to this day because he said he loves me but not exactly how he felt before.
i didnt fight for our relationship anymore and i just let it ended. i thought i dont want to be with someone who sees me that way, someone who feels like that about me.
now i am starting to work on myself and thinking about all the things that happened to me in the past. the brain is indeed so powerful, so we should really be careful about our thoughts. we should be careful about the things we feed our brain.
i have a lot of regrets because i feel like i ruined such a great relationship. me and my ex has a lot of chemistry and we still do, for some reason i can still feel him energetically and i am a very spiritual person.
i just want to get this off my chest because its been bothering me so much recently. but i am doing well, im working on my mental health and positive thinking so i dont manifest bad things in my life anymore.
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2023.06.06 17:35 Evoplayer2017 Advice on how to get into the ndt field

Hello everyone!! I am a fresh graduate interested in joining the aerospace ndt field but whomever i spoke to got into ndt only through their employer. So i am confused as to how to move forward with this. I figured i wud first collect the ojt hours for fpi and mpi (160hrs each) and then go for the level 1 exam. But i have read somewhere that i can directly give level 2 exam if i have the collected hrs for both level 1 and level 2. Is this true? Also is is advisable to get into this field without any prior employment? I would like to receive any advise that would be helpful. Thank you
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2023.06.06 17:35 LifeguardKiller cat wakes me up multiple times a night. what can i do? : (

I have two cats, we'll call them Calico and B&W. Both were adopted/rescued as young adults.
Calico is overweight and whenever there's food around, she's eating it. B&W is not overweight, but he's a grazer and likes to eat a little bit and then return to his food later. You can see how this is a problem already because Calico usually eats the rest of his food as soon as he walks away.
I use an automatic feeder and diet food to try and keep Calico at a healthy weight. Breakfast goes off around 8am and dinner goes off around 6pm. Since Calico usually eats all the food before B&W can get to it or eats his leftovers, B&W will ask for more food. He will scream, bite at me, smack at me, scratch furniture, knock things over, smack the automatic feeder over and over, anything to get my attention to give him more food. So, I will dispense him some, but the pattern is neverending.
It's especially worse at night when I'm trying to sleep. I live in a 3 bedroom townhouse with my partner and my roommate. We have to keep the cats in our room at night otherwise B&W will terrorize the house and wake up everyone and if I just keep B&W in my bedroom and lock out Calico, she will scratch and meow at the door endlessly to be let in.
Basically, if I don't keep both of them in my room at night, no one will get any sleep. However, my sleep is the one receiving the short straw. B&W always asks me for food in the middle of the night. He never asks my partner. We've even tried switching sides of the bed to see if that would work; nope.
We've tried putting B&W in the guest bedroom or even our bathroom with plenty of food, water, and a litter box overnight, and that worked briefly until he started crying and scratching at the door endlessly because he missed us.
I'm genuinely at such a loss because it is really affecting my sleep schedule. I haven't gotten a full night's sleep without interruption in months.
TLDR; I have two cats with polar opposite eating habits and it's negatively affecting my sleep schedule no matter what I seem to do.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might be able to do??
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2023.06.06 17:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Pace Morby – Gator Method (

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2023.06.06 17:35 NectarineImportant96 Not physically attracted to the guy I’m talking to

So i recently went on the first date with this guy i have been talking to for 2 weeks but i dont feel attracted to him in person.
We matched on bumble and i really felt a magical connection with him. On the first day we matched he suggested calling and we ended up talking over the phone for 6 hours. And subsequently we would call for 3-5 hours almost every night. On the nights when we wouldn’t call i missed him, almost. And i felt like we were really compatible and had great chemistry and communication too.
Obviously i found him good looking on the app which is why i swiped right. But fast forward to the first date, and things just didn’t hit the same. I wouldn’t say he’s ugly but he’s def not someone i would go for. I can’t see myself kissing him at all and I’m not sure if i will be physically attracted to him over time. But i am very emotionally attracted to him as of right now.
I know in my heart the right thing to do is to let him go, because he’s a great guy and it’s not fair for him to accept anything less than someone who’s 100% into him. And i can’t give him that.
So i need help. Can someone please tell me how i should let him know that I’m not physically attracted to him. But in a gentle way and in a way that’s the least hurtful as possible. Or any advice as to how i should stop letting him on?
I feel really bad because on our date i got a present for him since his birthday is coming up. And at the end of the date i decided to give it to him anyways since i got it for him in the first place. But he seems to really really love the gift and he keeps telling me how much he appreciates it. So i fear he’s like really attached to me now. HELP!
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2023.06.06 17:35 esper_ InfinityMice Vagabond & infinite Control Review

InfinityMice Vagabond & infinite Control Review
These mousepads were sent out to me by InfinityMice, but that doesn't affect my opinions in the review.

InfinityMice Vagabond & Infinite Control


The vagabond and infinite series pads both feature original characters on the front of their packaging and look pretty clean imo. Taking out the pads is just a simple matter of ripping off the tab on the back and lifting the top flap to access them. Their newest line of pads use a custom PU base with the infinitymice logo repeating throughout. When rubbing my hand along the vagabond's surface, I can kinda feel the logos underneath, but it goes completely unnoticed in-game. For some reason, only some areas of the base have that poron-like stick onto my desk, while other parts just lay there. Whether it sticks or not doesn't seem to be an issue though cause there's zero movement when I push on it; and afterall, it could just be the way my desk interacts with the material. Stitching is thin, soft, and sits below the surface. The infinite series pads all come in a dark shade of red and the vagabond has colorful, eye-catching artwork drawn by say0ranarts.

Info Summary
  • Packaging: Flat w/ art design
  • Surface-Type: Vagabond - Medium glide hybrid; Infinite Control - Cloth
  • Design/Colors: Vagabond - Art by say0ranarts; Infinite Control - Red
  • Stitching: Low profile (below the surface)
  • Base: Soft custom PU base
  • Dimensions: XL - 490x420x3.5mm, XL SQ - 490x490x3.5mm
  • Price: XL - $34.99, XL SQ - $39.99
  • Other: Vagabond is a limited edition
Full view of both pads
Custom soft PU base


Friction & Glide
The vagabond is slightly slower than the venus pro. It's balanced and has good stopping power with a soft base to provide extra control when needed. The glide is smooth and steady, which I quite like. The inf-c is slightly slower than the saturn pro, and has similar stopping power due to the saturn pro using an xsoft base, while the inf-c is soft. The inf-c is also balanced, but the glide does feel slightly more controlled than the saturn pro when swiping around.

Speed (fastest to slwoest): first war >= loque > eba > huoyun se > svbc+ >= venus pro > vagabond > p-51 >= tai bao > pa > ac+ > aczero > saturn pro > infinite control > spyre kamek

When rubbing my hand along the surface, the vagabond has a slightly rough hybrid texture to it, while the inf-c is more of a fuzzy cottonball-like feeling. In actual use though where only my forearm and parts of my palm touch, they feel like playing on a marshmellow or cloud. Comfort is top tier on these pads and they feel like the most premium pads I've received thus far – excluding glasspads. The soft PU base makes them both very comfortable to lay your hand on and I felt zero discomfort during a long play session.

Abrasiveness on the skin (roughest to smoothest): eq+ v2 > walhaut white >= loque > venus pro >= huoyun se > first war > vagabond > tai bao >> aczero > saturn pro > infinite control > smooth criminal


In the past, I was so used to the harsher textures of pads like the hien and ac+ that I couldn't really notice the feedback on less abrasive pads. However after adjusting to smoother pads over time, I can now appreciate the feedback and comfort they offer. With the vagabond, the feedback is subtle, yet defined enough for me to subconsciously feel while playing, so I still get a good read on my mouse movements, and there aren't random instances of discomfort to distract and break my focus.
Another benefit to the lighter texture is ease in moving my arm across the surface. With rougher pads, I can feel my arm and skin gripping/catching onto the texture a bit, so transitioning to arm aiming with my sens of 43cm/rev isn't as natural and comfortable to do in some quick instances in-game. In chaotic moments, for example, I've mostly been relying on – and am a bit limited to – wrist motions. I also believe this is why I prefer mid-bases for these rougher pads, since my arm isn't as sunken into the surface and as restricted in movement.
\Trying something different by using clips to show what I mean. These are highlights though, and are exaggerated examples, aside from the ashe clip.**
Here's examples of me performing these quick arm swipes on the vagabond in qp (covering name cause I like privacy :p ): [video link]
And here's one with me mostly limited to wrist movements on a rougher pad (svbc+): [video link]
You can see wider motions aren't as steadily paced/efficient with the svbc+ cause I'm resetting in between swipes with my wrist, while on the vagabond, I'm doing single swift motions with my arm. Kinda rambling, but I'm essentially saying I have more flexibility with arm aiming on the vagabond as opposed to the rougher hybrid pads I tend to use. One benefit I find with rougher texture pads though is playing more reactive and microadjusting faster since they typically have a faster startup/lower static friction. I can also catch myself on the surface with pressure to stop flicks quickly. I can't really say for certain whether there's trade-offs in performance with either approach, but it's something I noticed myself doing when switching between these pads. In short, I greatly enjoy the vagabond for ow sniping and tracking due to the wider range I have at my sens. In scenarios where I'm doing multiple microcorrections in a small timeframe (cassidy and valorant rifling), I prefer rougher textured pads like the svbc+ since I can catch myself more easily on the surface to stop and reset quickly -- at least, that's what I'm running with for now.

InfinityMice Vagabond vs. Other hybrid pads
  • vs Venus Pro: My impression is that they're pretty similar in speed – with the venus pro's glide feeling a little slick on smaller movements. With the vagabond, there's a tiny bit more static friction and stopping power. The venus pro is a little rougher in texture and has an xsoft poron base, while the vagabond has a milder texture and features a soft PU base. With some pressure on the surface, I can get more control out of the venus pro than with the vagabond, but doing so does cause a big shift in speed. Which one you like will ultimately come down to preference and your proficiency with utilizing the base. Stitching is like a milimeter thinner on the vagabond, but it really makes no difference and they are both below the surface. The venus pro's stitching is softer though if that's important to you. It's easier to move my forearm on the vagabond cause of how my skin interacts with the texture and material. Overall, I prefer the vagabond's surface feeling and glide, but the venus pro is a very good option and was previously in my main rotation. Both are high quality options that won't disappoint.

  • vs Padsmith First War: The vagabond's surface feeling and glide characteristics reminds me a lot of the first war, but a little slower overall. I prefer the vagabond more as the base gives me better cushion for control, and it's at a more preferrable speed for me and what I'm most comfortable with. The first war uses a rubber base that moves sometimes on my desk when playing, while the vagabond has a custom PU base that really stays put. I perform around the same for tracking, but the control on the vagabond does give me some added flexibility and benefits me in click-timing. The first war's surface is really nice though, and it's supposedly receiving some quality updates in a future revision, which will be a good faster alternative.

Infinite Control
With the slower surface of the infinite control, I play more disciplined in ow and focus on making my shots count since I can't microcorrect as easily and continuously as with hybrid pads. My first bullet accuracy/precision is pretty good on this type of surface since it has decent enough speed while providing great control. There's no tug either as it is quite balanced with low enough static friction, which is a huge plus in my book. I definitely track worse on fast moving targets compared to faster pads, but it's something I can probably improve on with enough adjustment time. Sure, I would prefer if it was a little faster for ow, but it's pure preference. In val, I prefer to use skates that are faster than corepads since corepads are control-oriented and they feel too slow for my liking for those more quick and precise movements. I don't mind using corepads on it in ow cause I'm doing larger and continuous motions, so the momentum kinda overcomes the slowness.

Infinite Control vs. Saturn Pro
  • vs Saturn Pro: The infinite control competes most with the saturn pro in surface and as another high quality option. The inf-c is the tiniest bit slower than the saturn pro. Saturn pro has less initial friction and similar stopping power with its xsoft base. I don't mind using corepads on the saturn pro, but they're too slow for me personally in valorant with the inf-c. With faster skates, this isn't an issue and they perform nearly the same glide-wise, but I prefer the inf-c since you get the slightly slower glued/weighed down feeling that sort of acts like feedback for control and steadies your shots a little better. In contrast, the saturn pro is a little more open/free in its movements. I can microadjust a little quickeeasier on the saturn pro because of this. And as such, I can track a little more smoothly too. Keep in mind, these differences are minor and I'm splitting hairs. They perform nearly the same in-game depending on what mouse/skates I decide to pair them with. The inf-c has a slightly darker shade of red if that matters to you.


+premium feeling pad
+colorful, eye-catching art (limited design)
+very comfortable balanced hybrid surface
+decent texture feedback w/o feeling abrasive
+not skate dependent
+high quality custom soft PU base
+stitching below the surface
+comes in cool flat packaging
+great size options (490x420x3.5mm or 500x500x3.5mm)
+great price for the quality

Infinite Control
+premium feeling pad
+nice dark shade of red
+very comfortable balanced control surface
+high quality custom soft PU base
+not skate dependent
+stitching below the surface
+comes in cool flat packaging
+great size options (490x420x3.5mm or 500x500x3.5mm)
+great price for the quality


It's pretty awesome of infinitymice to release a whole line-up of pads all at once. There is definitely a surface in their selection that will fit almost anyone, except mudpad users. The vagabond and infinite control are the most premium feeling pads I've gotten so far this year –excluding glasspads– due to their performance, comfort and quality. I would describe them as top tier comfort picks as they are easy to swap to at any time and perform very well due to having some familiarity in feeling with other top performing surfaces. I'm hesitant to call the vagabond my main since in my last review I already said the huoyun se was a contender with the svbc+ as my main, but I can't deny that I perform extremely well – and possibly the best – with it for ow2. The infinite control is a great alternative to the saturn pro if you wanted the tiniest bit more control/slower speed. It's a great option for val, but I typically enjoy something slightly faster and more textured like the aqua control zero. I'm looking forward to seeing what their future art series pads will look like cause I'm really liking the colors and art on the vagabond. The release date on these should be sometime this month, so keep a look out!

infinite pads:
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2023.06.06 17:35 optimumfitnes Why you should Join Group Fitness Ann Arbor Gym at Optimum Fitness Training

Why you should Join Group Fitness Ann Arbor Gym at Optimum Fitness Training
Group Fitness Ann Arbor Gym at Optimum Fitness Training offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to meet any fitness goals. From team sports to cardio, strength and conditioning, group fitness games, and more, this gym has something that’s perfect for everyone! All of the trainers at Group Fitness Ann Arbor Gym at Optimum Fitness Training are certified and experienced in their trade. These professionals have the know-how and the tools to help you reach your fitness goals. Group Fitness Ann Arbor Gym at Optimum Fitness Training knows that working out can get tedious and can easily become routine. That’s why they focus on creating fun and innovative workouts to make sure that your workout stay fresh and enjoyable. Group Fitness Ann Arbor Gym has some of the best and most modern fitness equipment around. From top-of-the-line treadmills and weight machines to cutting-edge strength, agility, and conditioning equipment, your gym experience will be more enjoyable than ever! Group Fitness Ann Arbor Gym has created a great community where everyone is welcome and genuinely supports one another. This is the perfect place to make new friends and find the motivation you need to reach your goals.

Image source: google
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2023.06.06 17:35 Acceptable_Box_7500 Feeling down after my 38-week prenatal check-up

Worry 1: I've always thought I had a high pain tolerance. I got through a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, emergency surgery, and recovery okay, so I'd hoped that would prepare me for a small fraction of labor and delivery pain. But today I had my first cervical check and it hurt like a b**ch. If I balk at a routine check, how am I going to handle the rest of it?
Worry 2: I spent all day yesterday freaking out that baby's movements were reduced, so they did a non-stress test today. He passed, but the nurse midwife described his results as "adequate." She explained that that's probably why I'm not feeling him as much. Some babies are really wild; others are more chill.
The thing is, mine had his periods of wildness earlier in the pregnancy. Also, I can't shake this fear that "adequate" means he's closer to the threshold for something scary. My husband said that's not how it works — that highly active babies can drop suddenly in movement just the same as chiller babies. And I know he's right, but I'm still worried.
Background: I have pretty severe OCD. I knew pregnancy was going to be hard for me, but I've been coping okay through the most of it. But these last few weeks are really pushing the bounds of my mental health.
I have an anxiety attack every other day about fetal movement. Baby passes his kick counts without issue, but I still freak out if he's slow to get moving, or if he only responds to prodding/pressing, or if I go most of the day without hearing from him.
I don't really understand his patterns. I know he tends to be most active later in the evening/at night, but some days he moves almost every hour and other days I don't remember feeling much at all until I prompt him for movements after work.
So many people say to trust your intuition, to follow through if you have a bad feeling. But because of my OCD, I'm naturally inclined to ruminate and worry and imagine the worst all the time. I don't have a gut to trust. So I just keep heading to the hospital to get checked out for minor falls, bumps, and "reductions" in movement. I'm basically spending my kid's college fund on unnecessary hospital visits!
I also feel like I'm starting to annoy my care team. But I know if I don't get checked and something happens, I won't be able to live with myself. This baby is the beginning and end of me; I haven't even held him yet but I know I'll never love anything more.
1) Has anyone struggled with cervical checks but stomached labor pain okay? Is there a strong correlation between the pain of one and the other?
2) Does "adequate" actually mean "perfectly fine; stop worrying" when it comes to NSTs?
3) Any advice for managing kick count anxiety, especially when you're neurodivergent and CANNOT trust hunches?
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2023.06.06 17:34 Illustrious_Glass24 feeling empty asf

me and my bf have been almost no contact since the 21st. i msg him daily and he msges me back very rarely, we play mc sometimes and that’s it. online btw T-T anyways i thought it’d be temporary but today i woke up to all his accounts deleted, like deleted not just blocked.. twitter, mc, youtube (he had like a thousand subs too), , gmail, even spotify / lmao. and possibly discord but won’t know for 2 weeks.. this is all bc he turned 19 today and he feels guilty that i’m 16. it’s fucking stupid bc its definitely not illegal and it’s online lmao like who the fuck would find out anyways. but he says we’re in “different stages of life” and that he just feels shameful when he talks to me YET he keeps insisting he’s never gonna forget about me and he just wants to wait for me to turn 18 to fully love me again. which idk sounds like he found someone else especially since i didn’t even get an explanation for being ghosted.. i feel so fucking empty like. god i sound so fucking stupid but he is quite literally the ONLY person who’s ever gotten me this well and now i feel alone again even though i guess this isn’t much worse than what i was already dealing with.i’ve never felt the way he makes me feel and just the way i could totally be myself and how funny and stupid he makes me god i wish he could just be with me. we promised a lot of stuff to each other and idk it feels like he’ll be back but at the same time it doesn’t. i hope he’s having a good birthday.
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2023.06.06 17:34 aakkii911 Please be a little more kind to yourself if you haven't figured things out yet. You are trying your best & even though it may not seem enough some days, it matters more than you will ever know

I think it's beautiful — how kind you are ❤️ How you care too much - how you give too much. How you express words of honesty in the softest, most genuine way. In a way that inspires others to do the same. How you smile at passing strangers and hold the door wide open. How you respect boundaries and respond gracefully. How you love with no conditions, with so much conviction, with so much commitment. How you make eye contact and listen attentively. How you have the emotional capacity to understand different perspectives. To understand everyone is healing. To understand projections are never personal. I think it's beautiful — how you intentionally choose to be kind - to define who you are ❤️‍🔥
You're more than the version of yourself you see and know. Everyone else you've ever met has seen you differently. You have been a great love, a good friend, a role model. You've been a kind stranger. You've been someone who made another laugh on a bad day and someone who listened when no one else would. You've been good time and time again without even seeing it in yourself. Sure, you could argue people have seen the bad in you. But those are flaws, a normal part of who you are. They don't erase those versions of yourself who were good. You are a complex person who deserves some self appreciation 🌹
You are worthy of the same love you give. You bring value when you show up for others, and also , when you breathe deep and simply live. You long to find your place in the world 🌍 You long to fully present . And I just hope that just as much as you are present to others you are also present to yourself . You see beauty in the life of others and the stories that they tell & I just hope you know, as you listen, you are worthy of being heard as well. You love others so well. You see where light pours through. May you know the same love you give you are worthy of receiving too 💘
You are not you because of the people who left you stranded , you are you because of the path you took after they left you stranded 🛣️ you are not you because of the trauma you were subjected to, you are you because of the courage you mustered to fight through it ; you are not you because of the tears you had to cry, you are you because you never stopped wiping them off ; you are not you because of the battles you had to fight, you are you because you never, ever gave up you are you because of your choice to heal, to grow, to realise, to triumph, to become 👑 You are not a product of pain , you are a manifestation of unflinching bravery and I hope you always remember that. Pain didn't make you who you are. YOU did.
Because the most beautiful gift you can give yourself is the ability to love a little harder every day. With every win, every failure, every breakthrough, every setback, every clap, every frown; every hit 🎯 & every miss choose to keep going, choose to keep learning, choose to be fierce, choose to be courageous, choose to hurt, choose to heal, choose to be kind, and choose to love.
❣️🌹Nothing scares a mountain more than a storm that refuses to settle & before you know , you will be Invincible🌹❣️
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