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TIFU by accidentally showing my employer an email confirming my new job, before I gave my notice

2023.03.30 18:46 Alcatorda TIFU by accidentally showing my employer an email confirming my new job, before I gave my notice

After years of being a TIFU Reader, I have finally fucked up in a hilarious (for you) and awful, awful way (for me) and so I'm now joining the ranks of TIFU Poster.
So this morning I accepted a job offer (yay!). It was a difficult decision because I enjoy my current job and I love my coworkers, but the new position is a better fit with the kind of work I want to be doing. I got an email from the recruiter this afternoon confirming my acceptance.
Because I haven't signed a contract yet, I also haven't given my current employer my notice, and it's been a bit uncomfortable being at the office acting normal when I know I'll be dropping this bomb soon. We are a small company, I'm in a close-knit team of only 4 people, all of us are good at our jobs and we are quite busy. My leaving will be unexpected and not great for the team, and I do feel bad about it.
Unfortunately for me, I now have an even better reason to feel bad.
So this afternoon I was in a meeting with my team, including my team lead and our "manager" (who is also the CEO and whom we all get on well with). We were brainstorming some design solutions (I'm a designer) and my coworker suggested there was a feature in Gmail that was similar to what we wanted to achieve. I was already sharing my screen, so I went to my Gmail...
At the top were 2 unread emails, but below that in the Read section, The Email was the top one, with subject "Job offer" and preview "Thank you for accepting our offer! We're glad you want to join our company." (paraphrasing here)
I didn't realise until like 5-10 seconds in when I immediately opened a new tab and tried to play it off. I am absolutely mortified. No one let on that they saw it, but if they did (and I think that's not unlikely), the email preview left absolutely zero doubt about what was going on.
I really hope my new employer will send me the contract tomorrow (my day off) so I can sign it ASAP and give my notice first thing Monday... and apologise profusely in case my boss saw it. I really really really did not want them to find out like this.
In the meantime I have to try to laugh about it with you guys because otherwise I'll spend the whole weekend cringing... so please Reddit, be amused at my misery.
TL;DR: In a meeting where I was sharing my screen, my coworker wanted to show us a design feature in Gmail. I opened my Gmail and it had the email "Thanks for accepting our job offer!" in full view of my team lead and our CEO. Not sure if they saw.
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2023.03.30 18:45 Louis_de_Funes Student loan debt question

I appreciate the groups advice on this topic!
I have about $137K of student loans refinanced with Sofi right now at 3.365%. I’m only paying $100/mo right now but in July a few months from now, the payment will increase to $4500/month on a 2.5 year repayment plan (but I think I can make it into a 5 year and pay $2300/mo if Sofi allows - I hear they don’t easily budge).
I wanted advice on my two options:
  1. Repay my loans aggressively - I will make enough from my job and sign-on bonus to knock out my debt relatively fast by throwing any extra cash into it. The pro would be to free up the cash flow to eventually buy a house etc., and no longer have a 2-4k monthly payment. But the con would be to give up a relatively low interest debt in this environment.
  2. Delay my loan repayment - I would hold on to a monthly payment for 3-5 years. I wonder if it would make me less likely to get approved for a mortgage etc. Pro would be that I even if I leave my cash in my HYSA it beats the 3.365% by a few points.
I’m leaning toward option 1 since I just want to get rid of this debt, but I wonder if it makes any sense to not pay it off too aggressively.
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2023.03.30 18:45 BeatlesGirl21 Hired a tutor, ended up a nanny....

Beginning of the school year, I was hired to homeschool a family's kids. I am in school for ed. Now here we are, March, and I have become the nanny to this family. If we get education in that is a plus. My heart hurts for these kids because they are not receiving enough emotional support from NPs and I want to meet their needs. I didn't feel like I could leave because the children would be left with no educator and the family's level of influence would make things very difficult for me if I tried to get into a school.
However, the lack of emotional support has created some horrific behaviors that have manifested themselves in the children. I cannot discipline because any threat of taking away electronics is not followed through once I am gone. They are told they don't have to do what they don't want to do- which. makes my job a mess. Also, there are some very disturbing parenting (or lack there of) happening that I can't ignore.
However, I realize the additional duties were the result of my "lack of boundaries" saying that "it is not within my job description" to do certain tasks. This includes cooking for them, cleaning up after them, taking care of their livestock on the estate. I am expected to do whatever is asked due to the high compensation.
So... anyone ever end up in this situation? Just me? help?
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2023.03.30 18:45 filipyoo How My Startup Raised $150,000 With 0 Employee 0 Cofounder

From the first line of code, to having the money in the bank, it took me 4 years of side hustling while having a 9 to 5 job, and 9 months of working on it full-time.
I spent hours digging Quora, Reddit, startup stories trying to find answers to “how to fundraise as a solo founder without a team”. There were more arguments against doing so than success stories.
Things like:
- find a cofounder
- if you can’t even convince someone to join you, how can you convince investors?
- single point of failure: what if you get hit by a bus?
- you can’t possibly do everything by yourself
Those are all valid and justified concerns.

I end up finding the answer myself by going through it for my startup SewaYou after lots of moments of self-doubt.
I’ll walk you through my journey to reach this point.
I hope my experience can help you go through one of the darkest moments in a startup founder’s life - fundraising, because many of us (wrongly) associate our personal and company value or worth with the Yes or No from investors.
Please read until the end to learn how I did it.


Quick personal background: I started my career as a software engineer in Japan 5 years ago, and was building on the side my, now startup, SewaYou, an app to help you find language exchange partners in your area.
During 4 years here in Japan Tokyo, I’ve worked for 3 different companies while side-hustling, quit twice my full-time job and finally get the Japanese Permanent Residency to allow me to legally open and run a company.
I quit my last corporate job in October 2021, so almost a year now.
In December 2021, so 2 months after I quit my job, I got invited to speak at a small event to share my experience as a solo founder.
That talk then helped me get introduced to a few people, and I ended up being introduced to a VC in Tokyo. That was the first time that I got my first step into that whole startup ecosystem.
Got an in-person meeting with one of the general partner of the VC, and then got introduced to another general partner over email.
That was right before the year-end holidays, so you can guess that it was not the best timing to start an investment discussion or business deal.
During the holidays, I also took time to reflect and see whether it’s the right choice to raise VC money at this stage of my project, or should I go with Angels investors instead, or wait a bit more.
Then around mid January, so a few weeks after the introduction email, I sent a follow up email, without much follow up.
Social momentum is real: you’ll be forgotten if you don’t keep that momentum and try to quickly get to a potential agreement.
I also incorporate my project into a real company, a 株式会社 for those who know, which is a joint-stock company in February 22. (2022/02/22).
An easy date to remember and to prepare the legal side in case I might receive investment in the near future.
I know that I needed to raise money at some point, as soon as possible and I can’t possibly grow the project with just my 1-year-ish savings and stay as a one-man show.
Startups is about growth, and fast growth.
So, after that, I started to dig into finding and talking to like 4 or 5 potential angels investors instead, and attended one pitch event online.
Btw, making a pitch slide deck is also pretty time consuming but that helps to understand your business better and think of thing like financials, and go-to-market strategy.
At first, I was pitching angels with the mindset of “I need funding”. This will show in your words as you might sound desperate without you even realizing it.
So as expected, I didn’t get much out of it neither. It’s better to hear a clear No so that you can move on.
But mostly, I didn’t hear neither a clear No nor a clear Yes. That’s a difficult situation you can find yourself in. So I appreciate investors saying straight No.
It’s pretty common to find angels or investors who only invest if there’s a bigger player who leads the round so they can follow.
It also doesn’t help to be a solo founder without a team, nor prior track record of exiting a previous startup.
I wasn’t working neither on trendy projects of the moment to get an extra excitement from investors.
I mean language exchange/learning doesn’t sound that trendy or hot the way NFTs or web3 projects seem to be, right?
So instead, I took all the valuable feedback and just focus on improving the product. That’s a good thing to talk to investors even though you don’t get any investment, they still kindly give you valuable feedback!
So I stopped trying to look for investors, and spent the next 5 months in focus mode just building and improving my app, code, talk to users, code, retain users, rinse and repeat.
I spent time testing hypothesis, adding new features, deprecating features that are not used, improving the app performance, make it more user friendly, get feedback and so on.
I played to my strengths and focus on building the best product possible that people want. Better build a beautiful product than beautiful pitch slides.
Then I started to implement a payment system and try to charge users.
To my surprise, I realized that there’re people who need your product enough to be willing to swipe their credit card. That was a big validation and leverage.
At that time, my app SewaYou, which is a social consumer app, had only around 5000 users with around 700 Monthly Active Users.
At around the same time, after getting my first organic paid users, I got introduced to another VC. One Zoom meeting, one in-person meeting demoing SewaYou app, showing some traction KPIs, talking about the big vision.
They decided to invest. A month later the money is in the bank.
That’s what I take: 2 meetings and an app demo, no pitch deck, and small due diligence.
At the seed stage, you know when a VC or investor wants to invest or not after one or two meetings. If it takes too much time for them to decide, that might not be a good sign.
I was asked questions like:
- How much I plan to raise
- How I’m gonna spend that money
- How much % am I willing to give for the amount raised.
We agree on a % that is less than 10% for this first seed round.
In term of the due diligence, it was pretty basic:
- I wrote a small report summarizing my app usage metrics, like monthly download progress, MAU and other basic metrics.
- I wrote a one page Business Plan with projected revenues and user growth for the next year
- and copies of legal papers like the Company Articles of Incorporation. Fortunately, since I already incorporated my company back a few months ago, this step was quick
Then we started to draft the terms for the investment, with the help of a lawyer that they also introduced. Everything was written in Japanese, even though I can speak fluently Japanese, I still need some time to go through it.
The whole process took around 3-4 weeks, from the terms drafting and having the investment money wired to my company bank account.
That was a good thing to incorporate my company and opening a corporate bank account beforehand, so the investment process can go smooth and quick, because at a seed and early stage, there are teams working on projects without having a company ready.


To recap a little bit my journey:
- it took me 4 years of side hustle and 9 months full-time to build from scratch my app as a solo founder doing everything myself (dev, design, marketing…)
- I had no prior credentials or track records such as second time or exited founder
- time spent from “I want to fundraise” to “the $ is in the bank” was 8 months
- numbers of investors pitched: 2 VCs and less than 5 angels
- pitching event attended: 1 (and it was online due to Covid)
- amount raised: 20 million JPY (which is roughly $150k) for less than 10% of equity
I’ve seen stories where people pitched 98 times at events, reached out to 146 investors, and got 145 “No” and a single “Yes”. How much energy and time were spent on that effort? Fundraising is really hard.
My journey is a bit different, and I hope that can give you more data and founder stories.
Here are lessons I learned and some takeaways:
- as a solo founder, there’s nobody else to hedge against or hide behind, you’re completely out there in the wild
- your army is your product, your execution power and you as a person
- show why you’re the best person to build your specific product
- when your personal story aligns with your startup vision, it resonates.
SewaYou is on a mission to help people unlock and multiply opportunities in life, relationship, and career by reaching an advanced level in foreign languages.
And that’s what happened to me: a foreigner who learns Japanese, landed in Japan, mastering the language and finally quitting my 9to5 job to pursue my dream to build a startup and contribute back to Japan that makes me grow as a person while building my startup.

So what now?

So that’s it, my journey from side hustling to fundraising as a solo founder with zero employee or cofounder.
But like they say: “Alone you go fast, together you go far”, it’s now time for SewaYou to go beyond a one-man show, so I will spend the investment money to start recruiting and build a small team.
I also have this in a video version if you prefer to listen, and also other stuff (like How I built my app part-time for 4 years etc) around building and growing a startup as a solo and foreign founder in Japan!
Thanks for reading so far! 😀
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2023.03.30 18:45 Foine-n-Purty 200m 30-seconds workout

A few years back, I had a co-worker tell me their coach would have the team run like 200m in under 30 seconds, then rest for a period, and then repeat both several times. I forgot the length of the rest periods and the amount of times they repeated the sprints, but it sounded like an efficient conditioning workout. Have y’all done anything similar? I don’t have access to a track, but I wanted to try something like that on a long running trail near my place. I’m not training for anything specific, just looking for a general sprinterval workout for my cardio days. I’ve tried gassers like in football, but it rains a lot where I live and my city parks dept gets on people if they use the athletic fields when muddy.
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2023.03.30 18:45 Timely_Pipe7981 Stopped watching porn 2 months ago (yay!) but recently I’ve been incredibly anxious and worried.

So a few months ago I woke up and decided that I was done watching and downloading porn. Deleted my bookmarks and deleted the porn stash as well. I’m very proud of myself for that because I haven’t had any crazy urges since then. I think I’ve actually taken a big turn in my life for the better.
But since I’m an insane overthinker and worrier, recently I’ve been shooting back to all the times I’ve looked at and downloaded porn over the years (which admittedly isn’t nearly as often as a lot of other people) and I’ve gotten very concerned of the possibility that at some point in the past I may have accidentally downloaded or even inadvertently watched something very bad (like, illegal. You can guess what I’m worried about from that). The frustrating part about it is that there’s no way for me to remember if this even happened in the first place. But the worry has been in my head for a few days now and it’s getting in the way of me focusing.
A part of me is thinking “well if I did, my place would’ve been broken into by now”, but the other part of me is saying “you should be f*cking terrified”.
I know there’s no way for you all to guarantee any kind of peace of mind, but I think any mental help here would go a long way to helping me sleep easier.
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2023.03.30 18:45 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download
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Let me introduce myself, my name is Iman. At the age of Seventeen, I dropped out of high school to commit to the world of online marketing. Within my first year I had made over $300,000+, I had traveled the world working from my computer, I had constructed my dream lifestyle and this was all done through the power of what I teach in Six Figure SMMA. I run my own digital marketing agency based out here in London, although we have clients out in Amsterdam and St. Tropez.
I have my personal brand which is another six figure business…
Then I have a few other smaller income streams here and there. I love the internet! Haha
Damn… I worked hard for this life. I worked hard to create the sort of income where I can take care of my family and not even check the price…
I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.03.30 18:45 No_Teaching_2837 Fanfics about Shep and Kaidans kids?

Would love to read a fic about their kids and how they handle being parents or even a threat that has them protecting their children.
I’ve personally been updating my Sheps headcanon: My Shepard, Lilith (Lilly), eventually retires a few years after the war. Still recovering from her wounds from the battle she tried to do active duty but eventually decided that she just couldn’t do it anymore. Worked on her mental health and trauma and finally lived her life as a military wife. Started painting and enjoying doing nothing.
Lilly and Kaidan married in secret during the war and he still serves as a Spectre. They settled in Vancouver near his mother and after years of thinking she was infertile and fearing becoming a mother they have twin boys.
I still wonder if in my headcanon another threat appears. I could see her dawning her armor again to fight for her children and have toyed with the idea that some like the Batarians or old Cerberus personnel still hold a lot of hate towards her. Been playing with the idea of their children being targeted or even abducted by a faction hell bent on destroying Shepard as she destroyed them.
But would love to see if there are any fics with the Shepard/Alenko kids running around.
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2023.03.30 18:45 thechubbygirl98 I’m fucking tired

I’m tired. Tired of constantly picking up after an almost 30 year old man. Tired of picking up after my child. Tired of taking care of the fucking pets. Tired of the dog waking the fucking baby up and tired of the baby crying over EVERYTHING. Pick me up, no put me down, not like that pick me up again. Tired of being pregnant and being told that if I get my tubes tied I’m selfish because I’m not even 25 yet and what if we want more kids. Who is WE?! Because I fucking don’t want more kids. My husband constantly leaves trash and shit that the baby can choke on our get sick from and I spend my whole day making sure I pick up loose change, open cans of tobacco, open beer bottles and cans, candy wrappers. Who the fuck needs to be reminded of fucking common sense that many times in a day/week? I get bitched at because I don’t work so I don’t have a say about ANYTHING we do, but when I say I’ll get a job I get bitched at because my checks will just go to paying for child care so why would I work? Nothing I do makes anyone happy or content. I fucking hate it here. I hate being a wife, I hate being a parent. I ask for 15 minutes so I can shower and get told no because the baby needs me or someone is busy. I ask for help so I can make dinner without having someone yank on me the whole time or tripping over someone- ya know so I don’t spill hot oil or boiling water on a fucking baby. Nope, can’t have that. Always too busy. But I’m the shitty parent because I want a break. Must be fucking nice to do whatever you want whenever you want and complain about everyone else not doing anything. Everyone constantly needs me and I’m fucking tired of it! I just want to be left alone. Wake up early to take the dog up and get the baby up, stay up late to give the husband attention because you’re neglecting him. EVERYONE NEGLECTS ME ALL FUCKING DAY! NO ONE HERE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT ME. I’m just here to be everyone’s fucking whipping post until I die. I’m just fucking tired.
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2023.03.30 18:44 TopAd7652 Should I accept that my younger brother is stronger than me?

I am 26 years old and my brother is 12, but I think he developed early and he already surpasses me in strength and size. He can lift heavier things than me, he beats me in arm wrestling or when we fight. I don't know if I should accept the situation or if I should do something to improve. Is anyone in a similar situation?
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2023.03.30 18:44 Willow_Tree4010 My encounter with a skin-walker

I just want to preface this by saying, I absolutely love your videos, and I love listening to them while doing another task to help me focus, because I have ADHD, and all of your stories are wonderfully narrated, so thank you for all you do. Now on to the story, I live in California, and due it it’s vast deserts off-roading is a common past time for me, and my family. So one day, as usual I hop in my dad’s Sand Rail, and we take off with our friends to go for a ride in our off-road vehicles. I am just thankful that my dad always enforced the rule of never ride alone, because that day we decided to ride and explore the back roads of Big Bear. It’s a large mountain range only 30 or so minutes from our house, we had a lot of fun that day, up until the incident that is. We were deep into the hill side, a good 2-3 hour ride from any one, or anyone’s house, we were looking for a secret permanent camp spot of sorts. It was the kind of place that only a few people know about, and contribute to it as a hole is some way, wether that be building something or leaving something behind. There were rooms and small buildings built out of near by timber, a barbecue grill with propane tanks, and even a be-begun with shooting range out there. So we were driving around in the middle of nowhere, it was my dads first friends in there silver jeep, we will call them jeep one for simplicity. Followed by my dads friends in their Jeep, we will call them Jeep two, and me and my dad in our sand rail in last place. We were following Jeep one, who had a G.P.S., when Jeep one said over the radio that for some odd reason the G.P.S. wasn’t working like it should. So we were going to try and find the place by memory, we were close to it, so we weren’t worried about getting lost. So we were driving around talking back and forth between the three of us via radio, we were crossing the line of desert and forest. And we were heading towards a big wide turn, with sparse trees on our left, and a more compact forest on our right, with the dirt road separating the two. We stopped half way through the turn and were discussing how to get there, when I started feeling paranoid and anxious. I started looking around to see why I felt that way, when I noticed it was dead silent except for the taking on the radios. It was to quiet, even for the desert, there was no birds chirping, squirrels making calls, nothing. That’s when I noticed a god awful smell, both me and my dad figured it was a dead cow, because this side of the mountain was a free range cow range, despite the desert habitat. And we did see both a herd of cows, and a dead cow that got stuck in a watering hole that day, so we thought it was a unfortunate cow that got separated from the herd and died. While my dad was preoccupied with taking to Jeep one, and two, I was still looking around for whatever was making me internally freak out, I felt as tho there was a top predator looking at me, hunting me, and I couldn’t see it. I was scanning the thicker woods to my right, when I saw it just inside the line of trees, starring at me. Its right side of its body was standing in view, and it’s left side was behind the tree. It had its left clawed hand around the tree, while it’s right arm was dangling at its side. It looked like a emaciated deer, it’s skin was tight around its body, it had a massive pair of antlers on it’s head, tho they looked wrong, they were like two branches on its head. They spiked off in all different directions, and weren’t symmetrical like deers antlers should be. The skin around its face was old and weathered looking, it looked as if the skin around its mouth and nose became so old and brittle that it started to flake off, exposing the bone and muscle beneath. But the worst thing about it was the way it looked at me, just the pure hatred and loathing feeling that they glared at me. Like I am the bane of its existence, and to blame for every bad thing that happened to it. It stood there glaring at me, I sat there frozen in utter terror, I sat there staring at it, and it staring at me. I sat there trying to decided this this was real, or if I had heat stroke, just then my dad and the Jeep’s decided a route to take. The convoy started slowly moving again, the creature snorted and dropped down to all fours. It’s front legs were longer than the back, causing it to stand at a odd angle, and it didn’t help that it’s back legs bent backwards at the knees. It turned and walked deeper into the forest, glaring at me the whole time, as we started to turn the bend I got one las glance at it through the trees. It stood there back to me, but it’s head swiveled to look at me, it then lowered it head to the ground and let out a deep and loud scream, and then it was gone. I could no longer see it through the trees, I heard some chatter over the radio about what that was, or could be. I took the radio from its spot hanging from a bar above our heads, “it’s nothing guys, it’s just a injured rabbit” I said over the radio, my dad turned to me and said “there’s no way that was a rabbit” I replied with “they make those kind of sounds just before they die” “really?!” My dad asked me, “ya, it’s quite terrifying” I sad to my dad, he believed me because I am the animal nerd of the family, and I am going to college to become a exotic vet. I managed to convince the rest of the convoy that it was a rabbit and nothing more, I was worried that they would turn around to see what I was talking about, and have to come face to face with that thing again. We continued with our day, tho I could never fully relax, the whole day I fell anxious and on alert. I can only thank the stars above that Jeep one got his G.P.S. Fixed and we didn’t have to take that road back home, and to this day, I still refuse to ever go back to that place, and I can assure you I never will. If you do decide to share my story, I just want to say thanks, and I hope you have an amazing day
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2023.03.30 18:44 TurqoiseTurtle [USA-NJ][H] Peripherals (Mouses, tablet), XFX AMD 6870 gpu, 32 inch tv, Samsung Odyssey+ VR headset [W] Local Cash, Paypal

Trying to free up some space and get rid of some stuff I don't use anymore and are just sitting there. Mice are lightly used and working perfectly as I switch between them pretty often.
If buying multiple things I'll give a discount as well.
LOCAL ONLY (located near Princeton):
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2023.03.30 18:44 Dry_Highlight_5914 It’s pointless

My whole childhood my dad was a mentally unstable angry person and I felt like it was my job to keep him ok so I spent so much mental energy on him and had so much anxiety every single day that he’d do something terrible. It ruined me. I never had a moment of peace. He died when I was 25 and I thought that maybe I’d have peace. But now my brother is acting weird - it’s not the same but the way I feel is. I feel like there’s not point in trying to be happy bc I’ll get sucked right back in and be yelled at and abused for just trying to help.
I feel like my whole existence is pointless. I quit my old good job bc I couldn’t handle the stress. So now I’m at a low paying low respect job barely making it day to day. I’m so sad all the time and never feel like I can just relax bc of course something will happen and I’ll drop everything only to be told I’m selfish for ever standing up for myself.
I’m just so tired of this. What’s the point.
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2023.03.30 18:44 NotExactlyahero Pedos

I noticed there are a shitton of pedophiles in this sub and mostly lgbtegypt so please be mindful of age gaps ,just because they're not religious or are in the lgbtq+ community doesn't mean they're not pedos , I won't mention names but I had people in their late 20s ask me for nudes fully knowing iam a 15 year old.
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2023.03.30 18:43 forthelongest555 CSP- called reconsideration line and they said check back in 48 hours

Hi friends! First time poster. I wasn’t approved for CSP yesterday in branch. I called the reconsideration line this morning, and was told the reasons for decline were, that my file was young, and I opened a Chase Bonvoy Marriott just over a month ago. I argued a little with reasons such as my age (I’m starting my credit journey later in life) and stable income (80k a& at my job for 20 years) and that this card meets my spending needs the most. I was put on hold for about 20 minutes. Then they said they needed more time to process, and to call back in 48 hours. Does anyone know if this sounds hopeful? Is it a stall tactic? Would they have denied me over the phone immediately ? Thanks all!
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2023.03.30 18:43 Visible-Argument9235 🇨🇦Highschooler exploring Physio career

I’m going into grade 11 with a keen interest in an eventual career in Physiotherapy. I live in British Columbia.
I’m currently selecting my gr11 courses and believe I should take physics , biology, pre-calc, this year and next. Am I correct? I am about 80-85% average for my science courses up until now. I usually get 95-100 in my fitness/conditioning and gym courses. I am a lifeguard right now and have played hockey and rep lacrosse my entire life.
Also, what would you say is my best degree to attain before I apply for a masters? I have explored some options but it seems like many programs don’t automatically have all the required courses that would give me the required courses for certain masters Physio programs.
Also, any tips to start me on the path now? What do you wish you did as a 16yr old to help you get to where you are now?
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2023.03.30 18:42 nintendo_d_s "Doesn't he have autism?" "We don't think he does!"

My parents had my stepsister and her two kids over for spring break last week. She has two kids, a 9yo boy and a 6yo girl. We were always told that the boy has autism, and there was no way for us to verify that because she lives 12 hours away and my parents see her once or twice per year.
Well, for the last week her and the kids were "houseguests from hell" according to my parents. I don't live in their city so I wasn't there for this visit.
My parents are very clean people, and my mom told me that they have to hire professional cleaners for their house because of my stepsister and her kids. I was shocked to hear that!
According to my mom, my stepsister spent the entire week on her phone, ignoring everyone and being extremely rude. She would scoff and roll her eyes when asked to do anything, and did not participate in any of the activities that my parents did with her kids. Also, she allegedly didn't wash her hands for that entire week.
Onto the main point, my mom said that the kids had a blast but my stepsister made no attempt to interact with her kids at all. She said that it's like that all the time for them, and I said "doesn't her son have autism? That makes it extra bad." and she said "We don't think he does! He's just a 9 year old little boy who wants to play. But his mom isn't interested in doing anything with him and his sister."
It's so sad that his mom labeled him as autistic because she can't be assed to take on a proper parental role for him. I'm pretty sure that he hasn't been officially diagnosed with autism - I doubt she would want to put in the effort to get him tested.
And when the kids were going home yesterday, they told my parents that they wished that they could stay. No wonder!
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2023.03.30 18:42 Mushroom_Moonbeam Any other wives with vastly higher libido than their husbands?

My husband and I (both 31) have been married for 13 years. We have amazing sex but it’s not often enough. I was wondering if any other women out there are going through the same thing?
I feel like an ass because I’m initiating sex on nearly a nightly basis. Even if it’s just me giving him a BJ. I get so much satisfaction from pleasing him but he turns me down a lot. Our average is 1-2 nights a week.
He works a labor intensive job and is on a medication that has hindered things in the bedroom from time to time (he recently switched meds to combat this side effect). I try to be understanding of that but at the same time I feel like we’re still so young. We should be getting it on more. He still gives me butterflies. I get excited to come home and see him everyday. It’s hard to keep my hands off him.
It wasn’t always this way. His libido used to be through the roof but it’s really slowed down over the last 3 years. Like I said when we do have sex it’s incredible for both of us. It’s just not as often as I want and I feel guilty that it bothers me so much.
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2023.03.30 18:42 No_Still_6337 Unusual high testosterone(for me) M27

Hi, I did an test today in the morning just for TST and it came back unusually high.
I am an 27 years old male, pretty active(4x a week gym), not overweight, I am getting regular 7+ hours of sleep.
Range was 8.6-29 nmol/ and mine result was 21.68.
Here are the catches,
  1. I am dieting, so I am eating around 2k kcal, which I would expect lowers my T a bit
  2. I have just one testicle, second one was removed at the age of 3 because it was atrophied
  3. I had maybe like 15 tests from the age of 17 because I always though I have low tst(all the time tired, brain fog, not a lot of progress in gym, not a lot of manly features although my father has them, lower libido, undecisivnes etc...). So, my test results were basically always between 10-14 nmol/l, only once I got 16 from what I remember but that was like 3 years ago and my last test in September I was at 10. Otherwise LH/FSH is around 10, so good values.
You can say that's good result and I should be happy, but I went for the test now because in last 1-2 months I have literally 0 libido, even few times my erection just dissapeared, I have hard time getting it up with GF, even if she is trying something, I am extremely stressed and irritated all the time, and in the gym I just dont feel like I am recovering well, even tho I dont train that hard. And obivously I am kinda suspicious of the value since I never had anything even close and I dont think it is standard to fluctate this much.
I will probably visit doctor for further tests mainly about my libido and erections but do you think that this is normal ? And do you have any idea what to ask him for tests? because they usually do just tst, lh/fsh and thats all. Few times they did free tst, shgb (both were on the lower end, but within range). Thanks.
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2023.03.30 18:42 succuglitch My (28F) birthday gift with my bf(30M) using my credit

My (28F) birthday is coming up. I asked my boyfriend (30 M) of 4 years for a Nintendo switch when he was working at a good job. He also wanted to get me a a few flat screen tv because he accidentally broke my LG tv screen and now it’s stopped working. In total it would be like 700ish. Recently some stuff has come up and he won’t able to afford it and then he quit his job because a coworker was starting fights with him causing them to send him home. He has gotten a new job and has barely started a few days ago. He made a proposal that I would get a Best Buy credit card in my name because he has bad credit and I have good credit and that we would use the credit card to buy the switch and the Tv and maybe some games for the switch and he would take care of all the payments for the card. And I would hold on to the card. If he pays it off within a year I/him wouldn’t have to pay interest. I felt weird about it but I said okay and got approved for a 2000 dollar limit Best Buy card. Later on told him never mind about the gifts it’s too much and I feel uncomfortable and he said “I figured out a way to get you what you wanted for your birthday and now it’s not good enough for you. You should be grateful. Your credit will get even better too.” He was mad. I just feel odd about it I have never gotten a gift like this before. And he owes me 3000 dollars from borrowing from me and it feels like he will owe more because he will be using my credit to get me my own gifts. I just regret now for asking for a switch. I need advice.
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2023.03.30 18:42 HyperEnergetic_95 Exhausted all lottery attempts. What are my options?

My employer says they don’t have an entity in Canada anymore and even though my job is fully remote, they cannot give me a work permit for Canada?! Why!!! And return options to US a year later would be decided based on budget? whaat?! Please advise, folks. I have 8 months left on my US visa. They are willing to relocate me to the UK but chances of coming back to US are not 100% a given. How is UK economy anyway? Pardon my ignorance.
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2023.03.30 18:42 Cpt_Kirk124 Liberating a Machine Empire (Or other Gestalts)

What happens when you win a Liberation War against a Machine Intelligence? Normally their old government is replaced with your new one. However, each gestalt is its own entity and therefore there is no government to replace.
Do they still change their ethics to comply with your demands? Or is a new empire propped up which mirrors your government and simply has a bunch of former-gestalt populations?
I'm aware that once the 'Hive' dies then the drones will wither away. Could it be that the empire is simply destroyed?
Prior research into this topic via Google lead me to a few threads from years ago. They claimed that the Liberated Gestalts become "Despicable Neutrals" which is a Futurama reference. These threads went on to state that this governent is a placeholder and should never show up in game, leaving me at a loss.
So what actually happens?
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