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2023.06.07 13:18 SpeakIndya96 Air India

Air India
Air India: 'Looking closely at the situation, know why America said this about the Air India plane that landed in Russia

Air India
Air India flight AI173 from Delhi to San Francisco had a technical glitch in one of its engines on Tuesday. The pilot immediately contacted the nearby Magadan airport in Russia and sought permission to divert the flight. After this, the aircraft was safely landed. Meanwhile, the US is also closely monitoring the situation.
The Tata Group-owned private airline said in a statement last evening that flight AI173 from Delhi was diverted to Magadan in Russia on Tuesday due to engine failure. The aircraft landed safely carrying 216 passengers and 16 crew.
An unknown number of US citizens
State Department Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel told reporters that he is aware of a US-bound flight that had to make an emergency landing in Russia. We are closely monitoring the situation. When Patel was asked how many American citizens were on the plane, he said that I am not able to confirm at this time how many Americans were on the flight.
Patel said that the plane had taken a flight to come to America. So, there is certainly a possibility that there are US citizens in it as well. He said that continuous talks are going on with Air India. Patel said I understand that another aircraft is being made available for the passengers.
The alternative flight will leave on June 7
Air India will arrange an alternate flight from Magadan to San Francisco on June 7 to ferry the passengers to their destinations. All the passengers and crew of AI173 will depart from this aircraft. All are currently staying in local hotels in Magadan. The authorities there are fully cooperating with us to ensure that the passengers reach their destinations safely at the earliest.
Also Read: Brij Bhushan Case: Brij Bhushan Singh\'s difficulties will increase! Delhi Police reached home and recorded statements from 12 witnesses
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2023.06.07 13:11 WildernessTech physical symptoms only, no trigger, but on a schedule?

I'm working on getting this sorted with medical help, but any advice (even random thoughts, I'll chase down whatever research I need to confirm or deny) is appreciated. I get physical symptoms only, although it's worth noting that I've spent a lot of my adult life training in high-stress situations, so we are talking adrenaline dump feelings, but no increase in heart rate, but guts go bad, body clenches, generally on edged-ness, at worst some change in recall (names or details can get difficult) or speech when it gets really bad (I have the words, but my brain decides that everything else is more important than speaking) No "mental" symptoms or triggers, and the pattern is about 12 hours of intermittent "attacks" every three weeks or so, almost to the day. In general, it's just an inconvenience (again, I've trained in this realm a lot, so I have a lot of really well-developed coping skills that happen to apply). Every symptom I get is pretty typical for your "way out of comfort zone" or "first ride at the carnival in years", not full "fight/flight/freeze" level, but I know that everyone's scale is different (I did spend the better part of a decade training people in dealing with this sort of thing) I'm just out of my depth when it comes to having no outside stimulus at all (and I'm absolutely serious, sometimes the 12 hour cycle will start a couple hours before I wake up in the morning, sometimes it starts in the middle of the day, and I have to fall asleep to the tail end). It's weird, maybe I'm just an odd little duckling, but if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. I don't want to color the pool with any of my other medical info, so let's leave it at "comfortable with chronic illness" (although I'm pretty open on other subs, so if you really want to know, it won't be hard to figure out) It's a shot in the dark. I'm sorry I don't have a lot to add back to this sub, apart from saying that there is no shame in the struggle. I know myself enough to know that my ability to help is limited to where I am and what I can be a part of, unlike some of the other subs. So with that said, thanks in advance for any ideas at all.
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2023.06.07 13:11 couloirjunkie Godello and Nebbiolo tasting

Godello and Nebbiolo tasting
Last night we had a superb tasting of Godello and Nebbiolo from Spain and Italy respectively. Highlights included a superb 1961 Barolo from Franco Fiorina (dates, tobacco and stewed plums) and a flight of increasingly amazing Godellos culminating in two really special, but different wines from Raphael Palacios - the tropical fruit driven As Sortes, which was reminiscent of fine white burgundy, but with melon, peach and figs and the incredibly balanced and rich Sorte Antiga which lingered on the palate with finesse and harmony. Almost too much to describe in terms of flavours.
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2023.06.07 13:05 afternoondelite92 Question from a passenger.. I heard the fire warning bell during a several hour flight (737-800) from the cabin

Was on a flight a few months ago, about a 3 hour flight on a 737-800, was near to the front of the plane, about 2 hours in I am sure I heard the fire warning bell alarm from the cockpit for 5-10 seconds. Gave me a mini heart attack but the flight landed without incident.
So my question is, what caused it? Do the pilots test the alarms during flight? Are false alarms common? Is there some other alarm not fire related that triggers that bell sound?
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2023.06.07 13:05 loveleahh_ "Working class American vacation" Starter Pack

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2023.06.07 13:05 AccomplishedVoice641 proof of income when you have a side hustle or get paid in cash and need to rent a apartment

if you get paid in cash have a side hustle or are self employed listen up!! Im a server here in las vegas ,Nevada at a fine dining restaurant a make average of $200 to $300 a night after tipping out all the staff that needs to be tipped out due to my tips being so high my pay check only shows some pay period that i only made $45 because of all the taxes i have to pay on my taxes so its like i make less then min wage on paper i have been trying to rent a apartment ever since i got here from Italy a month ago. not 1 landlord would rent to me because i was new on the job my pay stubs only showed for $45 and i had no rental history. i make a offer to one landlord that i pay for 1 year rent up front they told me NO! I needed proof of income that was verifiable and rental history and i was tonew at the job. I was living in weekly slum hotels for past 5 months paying more in fees then i would a apt. I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO.I was very skeptical but someone here told me about proofofincome and they are very legit they were able to provide me proof of income and verify my employment with AND ALSO give me landlord and rental history.
This is how it works you call them up and explain your situation they ask you a few questions of what kind of work you do now and they match you up with one of many website companies that they own and verify that you work there and earn xxxx and have been there employee since xxxx and same with landlord they get the property owner details of a city you tell them and live in and they will act as if they are your landlord. The way they do it and make it legal is they are listed as a answering service so they get paid to answer the phone and say whatever you pay them to say they gave me a company name a 888 phone number and when anyone called and asked about me they answered accordingly and if it was not for them i would still be homeless today. they have a a rating with BBB they have been in business for 8 years but are new to reddit again i dont want to post the phone number here but you can find them here proofofincome they do not charge you till you get to see your work! they are legit i wanted to share my experience incase someone is in same situation. I am so grateful to them I told them I would tell everyone about them. hope this helps and good luck !
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2023.06.07 12:58 webookflight Online Flight Ticket Booking: Pros and Cons

Online Flight Ticket Booking: Pros and Cons
Booking flight tickets online has become increasingly popular in recent years, with individuals preferring the convenience and flexibility of booking from the comfort of their own homes. However, there are pros and cons to booking flights online, and it's important to consider them before making a decision.
  1. Time-saving
Booking flight tickets onlin...
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2023.06.07 12:52 chrissypharaoh Going to return my m1 mac studio. Can you recommend me a build that could beat the new m2 mac studio for around $2000?

I am going to return my m1 base mac studio since I’m under costcos return window … since I just got it recently but only used it once. The new mac studio was announced yesterday and is better than the first one I just got lol. I am wondering if I should go for that or build a pc??? I never built a pc before. Last time I bought a prebuild pc it was a big regret but I can reuse some parts from that old pc I have laying around (monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, harddrives, case (ehh probably want a new one it’s boring))
However, I am flexible with using windows because I am a tech person and I love tinkering with video games for fun (mods etc). I also play my ps5 EVERY DAY but can only imagine what will happen if I have a super pc since I’ve been tied to apple for a decade 😂
I am interested in learning how to do AI software for photo / videos since my M1 Macbook Air cannot do any of that.
I got the Mac Studio because I wanted something that can handle everything I throw at it (video wise) without converting to proxies … but when I installed everything I need on it, I realized mehhh it seems like the same thing I could already do on my laptop, lol! It sure can edit pretty fast without a hiccup though. Can’t game on it though. Video Ai software doesn’t seem to work because of drivers I think… :(
I found out a lot of ai apps work better with windows (and nvidia I think) and I would also love to learn how to do 3D things like animation or modeling eventually if I have enough charisma to try. I already took a beginners course in college years back but need to brush up on that.
Every computer I’ve ever had I have never been able to learn how to do what I wanted to do because they’re too freaking slow for my patience or incompatible for it. Last time I tried 3d animation in 2015 with my 2011 imac for class I was frustrated as hell! 5 days to render a 3 minute video lol and sometimes would crash so I kept restarting the project.
Of course I will be using Adobe Suite, latest Vegas… resolve. I need to learn how to use audio software too since I’ve always avoided that since I never really needed to. I know the basics of audio editing but it’s been a while.
I graduated film school and I want to continue my passion on a desktop rather than just a 13” screen laptop (yeah I know I can just connect my macbook to a monitor but bleh). I already have 1080p monitors but down the line I can upgrade maybe to an ultrawide qhd… or even a 4k. I do have a 4k tv but it wont be used for my computer— too huge.
No means will be doing professional work just yet… i never got paid for anything. I am just trying to kick myself back into the groove of content creation and eventually get better by making things again consistently like I used to years ago.
I only play on my ps5 and switch these days but would be nice to have a modern PC that handles all the latest gen stuff. Would love to try all the cool new software that utilizes the latest technology out nowadays.
I would probably like to see if it’s possible to squeeze in a rtx 4080 into it. Or does it even matter these days amd or nvidia?? Whatever it better and more budget friendly. Trying to not go past $2200 range after taxes. I don’t care if the case is super fancy or has all these rgb lights on it (unless it’s cheaper to do that e.g. fan is rgb and it costs less than a non rgb fan). I just want something that can handle everything a content creator would want to do, reliable, doesn’t make me stressed out too much, and does the job.
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2023.06.07 12:51 Key_Storage_7970 Astral Aviation launches scheduled flight to Tel Aviv

Astral Aviation launches scheduled flight to Tel Aviv
Astral Aviation inaugurated its maiden flight from Nairobi to Tel Aviv on June 5 on its Boeing 757 freighter which will operate on the new scheduled route. The inauguration ceremony held at Astral’s hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport was attended by the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya Mithika Linturi and the Israeli Ambassador in Kenya Michael Lotem along with other guests, says an official release from Astral.
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2023.06.07 12:50 danielrosehill Has anybody ever connected through Ben Gurion (LLBG)? If so, what's it like?

Random question but I figured this would be the right subreddit for it.
I live in Israel and hence travel to and from Ben Gurion on a somewhat regular basis. However, I've never used the airport to make a connection between two other destinations.
I realized recently that I've also actually never heard of anyone doing this and the connections/transfers area that you pass on the way to passport control looks pretty small.
Purely out of curiosity: has anyone ever transferred through the airport? Is the transfers area as dinky as I'm imagining?
And what kind of routes would LLBG be used as a transfer for (given the recent surge in flights to Dubai I'm guessing that it might be a stop on a US/Europe -> LLBG -> Dubai itinerary but even then imagine Istanbul is a much more likelier Eastern stopover point).
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2023.06.07 12:48 musingsofanobody Bali to YYZ with a Stopover in Singapore - will I get my checked luggage?

Hi everyone, I’ve used my points for the first time for travel from Bali to Toronto, with a Stopover in Singapore for 34 hours and a layover in LA for 9 hours.
Will I get to grab my luggage in Singapore, and then have to re-check it in to my flight onwards (to LA then to Toronto)?
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2023.06.07 12:45 ShameZealousideal688 hgjh

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2023.06.07 12:41 piskachiu I was really sad yesterday because of an online meeting where my voice got shaky and I could barely say something reasonable. But, by the looks of it, it seem like a pretty common reaction. I need to work on my communication skills asap

I’m writing an article for a philosophy magazine, and English is my second language.
I’m fluent in the language, I’ve been learning it for four years now.
However, I’m still not fully confident, and depending on the situation my language skills can vanish out of thin air.
That was the case yesterday. I know that there was a possibility that my voice would get shaky and once that happen I’d be screwed. But honestly, I thought it would be okay.
I was gotten by surprise when someone asked me a question about how I apply justice in my daily life.
Jesus, I’m pretty sure that that was a bit uncomfortable for all of them as well. I had to stop for a moment where I “forgot” a word to take some deep breaths because it felt like I was running out of oxygen.
I don't think I made much sense in my answer, because all I wanted at some stage was to stop talking. I’ve tried to control myself, but not able to. It felt like it was getting worse and worse only.
I finally stopped talking, and the feeling of relief came in for a second. Only they asked me another question minutes later and there I go again. This time I tried to say the least I could, however, no luck, “fight or flight” response was activated once again.
A few years ago this would have been the worst experience of my life and I’d cringe over that for decades and judge myself.
The only thing I did when we finished was to tell myself it was okay and that “we” will work on public speak together.
I mean, it was not a room full of people, it was four other people editors from a philosophy magazine so I felt a little bit intimidated.
Anyway, I don't know, I think I’m more like taking it out of my chest.
But I’ll work on this until the day I’ll be in a room full of people, and be okay, no shaky voice, no despair, no anxiety.
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2023.06.07 12:35 peliccancars12 Pre-book Economical Cab Transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Heathrow Airport TW6


When it comes to traveling between airports, reliable and comfortable transportation is crucial. If you’re looking for a hassle-free transfer from Stansted Airport (CM24) to Heathrow Airport (TW6), Peliccan Cars is here to provide you with a seamless experience. Our reputable cab service ensures that you reach your destination on time and in style, all at an affordable price. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of pre-booking an economical cab transfer with Peliccan Cars and how it can enhance your travel experience.
Convenience and Time-Saving
Traveling between airports can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re in a hurry or unfamiliar with the area. By pre-booking your cab transfer with Peliccan Cars, you eliminate the need to wait in long queues for taxis or navigate public transportation. Our professional drivers will be waiting for you at the designated pick-up point, ensuring a prompt and convenient transfer. This saves you precious time and allows you to relax and prepare for your onward journey.
Reliable and Punctual Service
At Peliccan Cars, we understand the importance of punctuality when it comes to airport transfers. Our experienced drivers are well-versed in the best routes and traffic patterns, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient journey. By pre-booking your transfer, you can rest assured that our drivers will be there to pick you up on time, regardless of your flight’s arrival or departure time. We monitor flight schedules to accommodate any delays or changes, ensuring that you reach your destination promptly.
Comfortable and Well-Maintained Fleet
We take pride in maintaining a fleet of comfortable and well-equipped vehicles to cater to your transportation needs. Our vehicles are regularly serviced and inspected to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, we have a range of vehicles to accommodate your requirements. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a comfortable ride from Stansted Airport to Heathrow Airport in one of our modern and spacious cabs.
Cost-Effective Pricing
At Peliccan Cars, we understand the value of providing affordable transportation options without compromising on quality. Our competitive pricing ensures that you receive excellent value for your money. By pre-booking your cab transfer, you have the advantage of knowing the cost upfront, allowing you to plan your travel budget accordingly. Say goodbye to unexpected expenses and enjoy a cost-effective journey with Peliccan Cars.
Safe and Secure Travel
Your safety is our top priority at Peliccan Cars. All our drivers are licensed professionals who undergo thorough background checks and rigorous training. We strive to create a safe environment for our passengers, implementing strict health and safety protocols. Rest assured that you’ll be in capable hands throughout your journey.
When it comes to traveling between Stansted Airport CM24 and Heathrow Airport TW6, Peliccan Cars offers a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective cab transfer service. By pre-booking with us, you can enjoy a stress-free journey, punctuality, comfort, and peace of mind. Our commitment to excellent service ensures that you’ll have a positive travel experience from start to finish. So why wait? Book your economical cab transfer with Peliccan Cars today and let us take care of your airport transportation needs.
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2023.06.07 12:28 Technical-Phone8515 Used car broke down on holiday two weeks after purchase, dealership won't help with any extra costs

[ENGLAND] Hi, any advice would be greatly appreciated! My brother bought a used car a couple of weeks ago from a reputable dealer, and he then took the car on holiday to Spain. The gearbox completely packed in two days into the holiday, and he's racked up costs of around £2,000 on hire cars, getting the broken down car back to the UK and flights home. The dealership are saying they will refund the car under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but they won't cover the out of pocket expenses. Does he have any legal rights to claim some, or all of the extra expenses from the garage? He does have travel insurance but they're kicking up a fuss too, saying it's up to the dealership to pay.
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2023.06.07 12:24 holo710 How do you expose yourself to new experiences and stimuli if you have sensory issues?

I’ve learned how important new cognitive and social experiences and spaces are for me. I love traveling, especially, and it helps me feel balanced and in flow. Without it I get very stressy, burnt out, and intensely nihilistic at the same time which is an awful combination.
However, I have extreme sensory sensitivity. This makes nice sounds (live music, etc) a euphoric experience but discordant sounds, electricity, machinery, HVAC systems, etc unbearable.
This was not as much of an issue growing up because my family is as sensitive to sound as I am, and everything was tailored to that. Also we had a car to go everywhere which I’d nap in and use as recovery time or hide in the car to collect myself.
Currently I live in a major city. I love my school and have a good apartment. However, I hold all-nighters most days to avoid the sheer amount of electronic and motor sounds, smells, etc or how they drive me crazy even from the other room even with earplugs. The main ways to get around the city are bus or train (or Uber) and a train ride puts me in fight/flight at the edge of sensory overload, a round trip means a sensory meltdown. Bus is a little better but significantly limits the travel space.
How do you balance an intense need for new experiences, play, and people with being extremely sensorily sensitive?
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2023.06.07 12:20 Many_Love291 Compensation

My flight to from Nice to London was delayed in March, causing me to miss my connecting flight. On the 31st of March they said we will transfer your out of pocket expenses to your account. After chasing 3 times, I still don’t have the money I last chased it 2 weeks ago and still don’t have the funds. What should I do at this stage? Thank you
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2023.06.07 12:17 Ivan_NVS Where to store backpack in Valletta for a few hours

Hi all, we are checking out from accomodation early in the morning and have our flight late in the evening. We will use the time to walk around Valletta some more, but carrying our bags around can be tricky. Is there any place in Valletta where we could securely store them for a few hours, like shopping mall lockers or something? Is that even a thing in Malta? They are not super big, ~25L
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2023.06.07 12:14 airlineasiatop Promotional fares to Kathmandu with Malaysia Airlines - Airline Asia

Promotional fares to Kathmandu with Malaysia Airlines - Airline Asia
In conjunction with the introduction of this new route, MAS is offering all-in return economy class promotional fares of RM1,200 for travel from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Baru to Kathmandu. Scheduled to commence on Sept 1, the flight will operate on a thrice-weekly basis, with flight MH170 to depart from Kuala Lumpur at 8.35am and arrive in Kathmandu at 12.30pm, with return flight MH171 to leave the Nepal’s capital at 12.20pm and arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 6.55pm. A two-class configured Boeing 737-800 aircraft will be used for this route. Economy class travel from Kota Kinabalu and Kuching starts at only RM1,878. Booking for these fares can be made from July 9 to July 16, valid for travel from Sept 1 to Dec 31. -
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2023.06.07 12:09 peliccancars12 Pre-book Airport Ride Transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Heathrow Airport TW6


Are you tired of the stress and uncertainties that come with last-minute airport transfers? Look no further! Peliccan Cars is here to provide you with reliable and convenient transportation services. In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of pre-booking your airport ride transfer from Stansted Airport CM24 to Heathrow Airport TW6 with Peliccan Cars. Say goodbye to the worries of catching flights and enjoy a seamless travel experience.
Peace of Mind:
Pre-booking your airport transfer with Peliccan Cars offers you peace of mind. Rather than relying on taxis or public transportation, you can rest assured that a comfortable and reliable vehicle will be waiting for you at the designated pickup location. Peliccan Cars prides itself on its punctuality, ensuring that you reach your destination with ample time to spare.
Professional and Experienced Chauffeurs:
When you pre-book your airport transfer with Peliccan Cars, you can expect nothing but the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Our chauffeurs are well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about the best routes to ensure a smooth and efficient journey. They are committed to providing excellent customer service and will assist you with your luggage, making your travel experience stress-free.
Tailored Services:
At Peliccan Cars, we understand that every traveler has unique requirements. We offer a range of vehicles to accommodate individual preferences and group sizes. Whether you're traveling alone or with a group, Peliccan Cars has the perfect vehicle to meet your needs. From luxurious sedans to spacious vans, our diverse fleet ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride for all passengers.
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Contrary to popular belief, pre-booking your airport transfer can be a cost-effective choice. With Peliccan Cars, you have the advantage of transparent pricing. You'll know the exact cost of your journey upfront, without any hidden charges or surprises. By eliminating the uncertainties associated with hailing a taxi or using ride-hailing apps, you can budget your travel expenses more efficiently.
Time is of the essence when it comes to airport transfers. Pre-booking your ride with Peliccan Cars allows you to save valuable time. Instead of waiting in long queues or searching for available transportation options, your dedicated chauffeur will be ready to whisk you away as soon as you arrive. By optimizing your travel time, you can focus on enjoying your journey rather than worrying about logistical arrangements.
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Whether you have an early morning flight or a late-night arrival, Peliccan Cars is available round the clock to cater to your airport transfer needs. We understand that travel plans can change, and flights can be delayed. With our 24/7 availability, you can rely on Peliccan Cars to be there for you whenever you need us, ensuring a hassle-free and flexible travel experience.
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2023.06.07 12:07 OrneryLitigator How much time to schedule and complete a cross country move this summer?

All my furniture and stuff from the 2BR condo I sold in December is sitting in storage in Las Vegas.
I'm looking at houses outside Houston, Texas. I may make a cash offer soon.
I could conceivably close in 15 days, but I haven't contacted any movers yet, so I'm not sure how long it will take to schedule and complete the move of my furniture to the new house. I would use a full service moving company.
I'm not sure if I should be contacting movers now without even having identified a house or knowing when I'd be able to move in (I could buy a home under construction, could be a resale).
Can anyone give me a ballpark estimate as to how long it would probably take from the time I contact a moving company to schedule a move until the time the furniture arrives at my new house in Texas?
Like, if I contact movers now, will they say "The earliest we can pick up your stuff in Las Vegas is 3 weeks from now and then it takes 3 weeks to get there" (a six week timeline)
Or is it more likely to be "We can pick up your stuff in Las Vegas in 3 days and get it to Texas a week after that" (a ten day timeline).
Or somewhere in between?
Would it be a lot cheapefaster if I moved in September instead of June-August?
Any advice, guesses, etc. would be appreciated.
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2023.06.07 12:03 Independent_Level_20 One Way Ticket from Stockholm to LAX

I'm trying to find an affordable way to return from Stockholm on Sunday, July 9th (or around that time).
I have chase ultimate reward points from the sapphire reserve card that I can transfer to iberia, but I'm having a hard time finding the (one way) flight on Iberia website when logging in.
If I search for a roundtrip flight (with a random return date on the 27th) it's $789 with ARN -> MAD -> LAX as the outgoing route.
Searching for the one way flight on Iberia s website results in >$2000 for the same one way flight (more than double the round trip).
When I try to log in prior to booking the flight, I am unable to find the flight - it just no longer shows up. It states "sorry, we can't show you the flights. For reasons beyond the control of Iberia, we can't show you the flights available at this time".
Can anyone else me understand what's going on? Why can't I find the same flight after logging in?
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