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2023.03.31 04:56 Grady_Clampitt My first oompaville reddit post

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2023.03.29 14:45 Asleep-Policy-9450 What episode?

Which episode had oompaville piss for a minute?
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2023.03.29 09:01 yoowoohoo Quicky Oompaville/NickycadoAvocader sketch

Quicky Oompaville/NickycadoAvocader sketch
Does this belong here? Who knows, truly. Graph paper is the only paper.
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2023.03.29 06:46 SergeantTuna Idea for BeefCanyon

I got the idea from the video of you and oompaville reacting to tiktoks (Tast Foot Bugs... w/Oompaville) Where you mimicked one of the tiktok voices at 7:27 (look at the timestamp to know which one Im talking about). The idea is where theres a tiktoker who isnt talking yet using the TTS voice, but in the video its revealed to be an old guy who is being forced into doing the voice. Kinda similar to the garfield video.
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2023.03.28 00:15 Brilliant-House-8584 Decided to rewatch the meatcanyon, oompaville and Nick muckbang vid :)

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2023.03.27 18:21 Kill_me_with_joy Scrolling through Twitter and found this

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2023.03.27 05:19 Material_Curve_4136 Oompaville lookalike with Kurt Cobain

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2023.03.27 03:04 Alarming-Drag8048 Why he kinda look like oompaville

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2023.03.23 01:03 Bunnii_Chanel Oompaville reacts to Cam's Squirrel TikTok

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2023.03.22 21:07 sandyreadthat81 Bill looks just like Oompaville

Idk if it’s just me, but Sheriff Bill oddly resembles Oompaville. The resemblance is uncanny and a funny coincidence because Oompaville is a fellow gun enthusiast.
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2023.03.22 19:38 BobyTK Genre: Lo-fi

please help me find the song around 0:24 into this Oompaville video
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2023.03.22 16:51 _escapevelocity Did Oompaville really said that 😳😳😳

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2023.03.22 06:05 fucking_kruger HUGE title DRAMA😱

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2023.03.20 07:20 MrBojanglesSR Looking for an episode with Oompaville in it

What's the episode where Oompa was saying “fungal”
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2023.03.17 22:18 BillywopShophop YuB V. Oompaville. Who will win?

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2023.03.16 03:34 Verm2424 Oompaville

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2023.03.15 21:19 Honest-Assistance-80 Nikocado Avocado Gets Destroyed by oompaville of socksfor1s Friends

https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ACZ6kjBu0sA Link plz watch
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2023.03.15 06:26 jarnisjaplin I asked an AI to show me Oompaville as The Grinch

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2023.03.13 05:23 Outrageous_Bee6966 [Friendship] [Relationship] 17F

Hi, I’m 17F looking for friends or a relationship. 16-18 is the age range, LGBT+ safe space.
A little about me! I like watching TWD + Oompaville + Kwite. I listen to mostly pop music but I listen to quite a few different genres. I like voice calling sometimes, but especially when playing games. I play animal crossing, gangbeasts, and roblox.
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2023.03.13 01:11 BillywopShophop We want YOU!

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2023.03.11 23:13 InkDemonAlternate The Damage Is Done and The Foodists Continues to Skyrocketing

One last thing I wanted to tell you about Malagasy Clay Eaters, They still lurking on the shadows looking for channels like this is very easy to find channels like brand names, information, collection of personal data including Google search, YouTube search and other more including two victims are Queen Aurora and Dumbfoxfurry aka Bryn the Fox, Both of these victims got information leaked by Clay Eaters including Foodist trolls enjoy more fun with two individuals who got doxxed and ruined them both into the sad tragedy of information on the Internet call it spotlight effect. Foodistzen and his unhinged friends follows attention about Foodistzen, It's a perfect complex with Foodist Army themselves to destroy their lives, ruined people lives and make them angry some more pissing them off. It's really strange how The Foodist gangs are still trying to ruined Dumbfoxfurry and Queen Aurora and more victims will be over screw up by infamous trolls, If the foodists willing to destroy people's reputations for small creators with 30k subscribers to 1k subscribers then, The Foodists are willing to destroy their reputation by doxxing and information in the Social Media world that we live in that Social Media held accountable to ruined people's lives. Foodists already have tactical tools like impersonation call it Swap effect, switching personality by recreating data of names and profile pictures with awful framing on one victim to another victim inspired by snatching bodies from Destroy All Humans from PS2 to Xbox One to PS4, Which is too dangerous to get framed by anonymous personalities whoever did it and why they did it.
Malagasy Clay Party associated with Irin 911 is I ARE TECH, behind the mask of Your Channel Sucks epidemic between 2015 - 2016, team work with Robarate and Smilk back in years ago when they milking Sonic99rae for views and ruining her life. I was the one who started to hating her for clout that I started to bullying her and her videos are cringe that I don't like, Every content creators has more subscribers then people's channels for competition and beat the high score from Markiplier to MrBeast, If you want to get rid of these YouTubers, You're not gonna do that and That's completely cringe and hated on you, The society doesn't want you here and you should get lost, get a job, get a life and live yourself until you passed away for your legacies.
This entire whole world is crashing down when it comes to COVID-19 Pandemic, COPPA, Elsagate, EDP445 effects, Negative memes, MAP Pride, Foodistzen fandom, UTTP fandom and etc, You have no ideas about these rhetoric willing to cohesive riling up with join the gangs of Savetion, Necrotron, Matthew Lav and other more members of Clay Party, They will find me quickly including Keklord and Price are still out there who apart of AFF (Anti Fandom Front) find information about me, No matter what happens if I was disappeared off the Internet, I'm deleting all my accounts including Discord, YouTube, DeviantArt, Twitter and bunch of them, I won't be here until things getting better but people will remember my name, Just god damn great I hate myself as the online persona for myself and I need to escape from the Internet and the pipelines will know my name forever, This history will be stuck for the rest of the god damn life. I'm afraid I won't return from the Internet or Social Medias.
I need sometime to get rid of my controversial past from harassment, bullying, impersonations, stealing, death threats and more, I won't be here this gonna be it. My final journey is gonna be over soon if this happen, I will disappeared off the Internet, I gotta miss you all of you, UTTP, Clay Eaters, The Foodists, MaximilianMus stans, Anti Fandom Front and of course ImJayStation stans watching their content for years and one day your life is in trapped in Internet landscape, They're coming after me and they started to ruined my life, My family needs me... I'm leaving Bendy and the Ink Machine community soon, sooner or later I won't be here because this is gonna be a wild ride for me. My last hope is gonna escape from the Internet, I finally set myself free, I wanna be free from the prison of the Internet that the place have done, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Red Kiwiz, Mini Ladd, Nikocado Avocado, That Vegan Teacher, Dharr Man, Aphmau, JellyBean and everybody in YouTube community is slowly decaying the website into the dust, without good things in Nostalgia world of YouTube, Look back in time, take your time and watch old videos from 2005 - 2013, Look back to old videos and you'll see what happen until you finally prove it to became a content creator to success to failure to prison, That's what the cycles about being yourself as the content creator, So yes i'm leaving the communities of social medias, fandom and internet too, So.. My last hope willing to say goodbye to everybody who I joined YouTube from the past 11 - 10 years after I joined YouTube in August 2012 to April 30th, 2013, My final words will be say "The Internet War begins to the end of the Internet War, When the war started in comment sections battling between spam bots and trolls from any faction groups from Antis, Framers, Disgusting Furries and etc, Once the war ends in certain years to the reach the next century is 2100 AD, Your future awaits till your legacy improved or not improved till the end" That's my final words that I had to say, It's about me leaving the Internet and never come back because of infamous Neo-UTTP groups reaching comment sections to spam thousands of comments to ruined every channels they could. Don't listen the other people who being lied to you or using you to get framed by manipulation words towards every humans, So if you possibly reading my post correctly, It's time to prepare to change as the movement is waiting for is commentary channels, improve your skills to stop them, improve your skills to stop online persona celebrities from inspiration from YouTubers, Just remember that including TikTok Stars are the ones who populated by young fans to enjoy watch her content to brainwash children into the mindless zombies to ruined themselves into the clout chasers, clowns, trolls and whatever people are gotta be bad or not, You had to deal with them in order to stop them or won't stop them.
Please stop false accusation against any wrong YouTubers like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, DanTDM, The Daily Does of Internet, Penguinz0, Pyrocynical, SomeOrdinaryGamers, Oompaville and others, Their reputation is getting ruined by degenerate people if you or they willing to do that, Leave them alone or your reputation is done by cancelling you to understand the world is about inspiration by content creators and all that expect bad YouTubers big and small like Foodistzen, MeowBahh, MaximilianMus, Savetion, Nikocado Avocado, Dominic Schmidt and others are making cringy content or hateful content on YouTube for attention span for views and gaining money to get exposed by commentary channels, Just remember that. If you are bot, cringy, troll, fake prankster, allegation dramas, controversial figure and etc, You are stuck in the Internet landscape forever and ruined your life by making YouTube channel to start your own career in your path. One day you need to do something with worst people on the platform must be taken off of the YouTube community including Twitter and Social Media apps/websites, Do the right thing for YouTube community that Neal Mohan won't listen that he enjoy chaos to watch the community burned to the ground, Where is the true CEO of YouTube, Where is it? If Neal need to do something about awful content creators on the platforms, Yes they must be taking off of the platform of YouTube, Everybody must do something about YouTube problems for years and waiting until the future appeals or not appealed by CEO of YouTube, That's why is multiple endings you have to choose the path between saving YouTube, leave YouTube to rot, YouTube and Google got bankrupted by majority of people and advertisers and so on, Whenever like it or not, It's all up to you. whenever the time comes to Silicon Valley companies and Big Business companies, They're going to get rid of us and got troubled by legal lawsuit against each one of us are prime suspects. If this happen or not, This is gonna be it. There's no return back to saving small and big creators like Markiplier, MrBeast, Acheeto, Dark Box, Kadi Wright and the others, Yeah the whole thing went collapse in many pieces and destroyed by entire world of epidemic of dramas.
That's all I give you information about Clay Party and UTTP group, Yeah i have no words have to say.
submitted by InkDemonAlternate to u/InkDemonAlternate [link] [comments]

2023.03.09 02:29 smubtozz AT THE 0:55 Mark, Most Likely Around Soviet Era or Some Major War (Just my guess), Maybe Eastern European? Here is the clip of it.

At 0:55 of this Oompaville video there is a song I cannot find. Can anyone find it?https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxej82bwvD4ypywsiMKjZCHGpDh84X6UGO
Thank you!
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