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2023.06.07 18:12 drunkfishes [S] [USA-MN] 73 rolls of film

Hoping to sell everything as a lot. Will break down if it doesn’t sell altogether within a day. $500 OBO
Been shooting film all my life, I’ve come to the point where I haven’t shot any in months and I’ve realized my digital camera does everything I need. Time to offload what’s left of my film.
Everything shown here is cold stored, lots are likely expired, and lots are re-rolled canisters from my dad which you’ll be able to see (they’re all labeled). Lots of old, rare black and white stocks that he enjoyed shooting.
Lot includes: NO BOX, EXPIRY UNKNOWN: -1x Kodak 400 -1x Ultramax 400 -1x Arista EDU 200 -1x Fuji Super HQ 100 -2x Foma 100 -2x Neopan -2x Tmax 100 -3x Panatomix X -2x Adox CMS 20 -3x Plus X 25 -2x Pan F 50 -1x Plus-X 25 -5x UFX 400 -11x UFX 100
BOXED, EXPIRY NOTED: -10x Kentmere 400 sealed, EXP 2025 -3x HP5 400, EXP 07/2024 -6x Delta 400, EXP 07/2023 -3x Pan F 50, EXP 10/2018 -3x TMAX 100, EXP 12/2021 -1x Ortho Plus, EXP 09/2022
MISC: -9x Panatomic X 32 with plastic case -1x UFX 100, 100 foot roll
Comment here before pm’ing, will post a lot of 120 film tomorrow.
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2023.06.07 18:12 lostandwanderin Could this be pancreatitis, or something else?

For reference I’m a 32F, 8 months postpartum, never a smoker, non-drinker, relatively healthy diet, but do have a cup of coffee a day, on occasion a caffeinated soda. I am active, walk daily, hard work-outs twice weekly. Basically sums it up.
Yesterday while making dinner I noticed my lower chest / upper stomach hurt. It was like something was sitting on it, or I had a burp that was “stuck”. I ate dinner, and noticed things progressively got worse. The pain intensified and started to wrap around my back. No position was comfortable. Took a bath to ease thinking that would help, and nothing.
Around 3am I caved to the pain and went into the ER. Immediately did labs (urine + bloodwork) EKG, and started an IV.
Originally the doctor came in and said “so far all your labs are looking fine. I think it’s gastritis, I’m going to give you an antacid to drink and see how you feel. If you still have pain, we’ll give you something for that too.” Not 2 minutes later he comes back in “Ok, not gastritis because your Lipase came back elevated.” Normal ranges at my hospital was 60-140U/L and my level was 420. Doctor said it’s likely acute pancreatitis with those numbers, and usually see people in more pain when numbers are in the thousands. He continued to ask me if I take certain medications, drink, etc. Which I don’t because I’m a nursing mom.
Because of my pain he wanted to rule out an obstruction. Did a CT scan with contrast and results from that were all normal.
After giving me a dose of pain medication, and it wearing off in 15 minutes he said the only criteria for admitting would be: 1. High lab levels - which I didn’t have. 2. Gallstones - which they didn’t see on the CT (and didn’t do an ultrasound) 3. Can’t control pain in the ED - which is where I was falling.
The doctor left it up to me whether to try and treat at home, or be admitted. I opted to treat at home to get back to my kids. He prescribed 3 days of pain medication. Said there were no dietary restrictions. Doesn’t know what caused it. Did not recommend any follow-ups with GP or elsewhere. Basically, if the pain gets worse just come back and be admitted.
Left the ED 5 hours later, a little confused and deflated. No one could answer my question of can you get pancreatitis without gallstones? Should an ultrasound have been done? Is there anything I should look out for? Last thing my nurse said was “pancreatitis can be very dangerous so if you don’t feel well, come back.”
Does this sound like a normal presentation of pancreatitis? Thank you.
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2023.06.07 18:11 InteractionHot2553 Kik- Momlover0 Wickr- Dirtywalt62 Looking for someone to caption/edit/toon my Irish mom grandma or sisters! I have pics of them all and nudes of mom I found on my dads phone. My mom is a huge Karen and has 36E cup boobs! Dirtier you are the better. Not interested in trades/tribs/feeding

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2023.06.07 18:10 barbzstan2003 Happy Hour @ The Plaza (Fountain Square) Event

Happy Hour @ The Plaza (Fountain Square) Event
Hello! Looking for a fun way to meet people in the area? Come out to the Fountain Square Happy Hour! Cornhole, food, drinks, networking, music, and more. Flyer is attached and you can register with the link provided. See you there! Eventbrite Link
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2023.06.07 18:10 hose233 In the midst of the Messi news, let’s not forget…it’s Matchday!!! Our Herons take on Birmingham Legion tonight 8pm - US Open Cup QFs!!!! VAMOS ROSANEGRO!!!

In the midst of the Messi news, let’s not forget…it’s Matchday!!! Our Herons take on Birmingham Legion tonight 8pm - US Open Cup QFs!!!! VAMOS ROSANEGRO!!! submitted by hose233 to InterMiami [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:10 Xzenergy Cube [Chapter 6]

“You’re trying to get me reassigned, is that it?” Eris wrung his metal hands together, the plastic and steel giving off soft screeching which added a tensity not uncommon to him.
“I found something, there was something down there.”
Eris leaned back, “a glove wouldn’t have lasted this long without an entanglement array.”
“It wasn’t a glove–it was something else. There were smaller machines with it.” Gareth tried to find the small imperfection on the jet black table where he had his first meeting, but it was no longer there. This was a different table, from another meeting chamber.
“How many different machinations have we encountered in these old places? It’s probably a def-sec droid wandering until its bearings rot out,” Eris replied, “what I do know is that Trigam Hesst and ten other engineers dropped out of entanglement last night and are said to be in the wind.”
Gareth straightened, “Trigam joined Theron…”
“I wouldn’t dwell on that, Gareth. Nobody could stand the guy, eight months was his longest lead underling. It was a matter of time. And for them to attack you like that? They knew their tickets had been punched.” Eris shook his head.
An alarm chimed and the entrance doors whooshed open, revealing the security attache that seemed to never leave the Triarch’s side. They entered the hall and dispersed, one to each corner and two to the doors.
The Triarch approached the table and gestured for the standing Eris to take his seat, “we find ourselves meeting at another crossroad.”
He sat and folded his ivory and gold hands together, optics focusing on both of them. Gareth glanced at the strange marking on the outer left panel of Triarch’s arm. Three small triangles in line, one after the other. Perhaps a tattoo? He couldn’t tell.
“I’ve been told you’re in good health.” He said to Gareth.
Gareth nodded, “I’ve been through worse.”
“Are we talking about the fall? Or the attack?”
Gareth looked up, “the attack was somewhat of an inconvenience. Eris has informed me Trigam and my crew have all disentangled?”
The Triarch nodded, “it’s true. We’re initiating scatter protocols and shutting down the outgoing array. They’re trapped here, for now. We’ll find them, their crimes carry a heavy debt. You’re being absolved of their glove bonds.”
Eris leaned in, “and of that, we are immensely grateful.”
“Hopefully we can put all of this in the past and move on to the moot with better heads,” The Triarch displayed a small blue digital clock, its holographic hands ticking down the hours until the meeting of the Cube units, to gather and make sure all was going to plan.
“What about the underground site?” Gareth asked.
A silence fell between the three, a feigned moment of reflection.
“The area you fell into is non-viable. Far too many hazards to warrant an excursion.” The Triarch replied.
Gareth tensed, “This hidden sector is remarkably well preserved. There could be invaluable information-”.
Triarch folded his hands together, “it’s simply not an option. With the rogue workers unarrested and you being a prime target, separation from the Cube would increase the risk of harm towards yourself. Harm towards the Ministry.”
“Which is totally understandable-,” Eris added.
Gareth shook his head, “with an excavation team and two security gloves, I could sweep through the complex in less than a week. Data I’ve already recovered leads me to suspect something of relevance lay below.”
“You really don’t understand the word no, do you?” The Triarch scoffed.
Gareth leaned back, “If I’m off Cube, then perhaps Trigam will be motivated to find easier work. It would take much more for them to commandeer the necessary things-”.
Triarch shook his head, “the answer is and will be; no. Now, if there isn’t any other matter to discuss, I’ll be leaving you an itinerary. You’re to follow it for the next seventeen days, until we arrive at the moot.”
The glimmering admin stood and moved to the exit, stopping just before the door, “I suggest you take measures to examine your behavior very closely. This meeting will not happen a third time.”
The exit whooshed close and Eris stood, making his way to the opposite door without a word. 
“You’re not going to support me in this?” Gareth asked, standing and following Eris, catching up to his heel with a small skip.
Eris stopped and raised a finger, but remained silent and turned forward keeping his quick pace.
“I’ve found something to keep me occupied and now suddenly it’s off limits?”
“You know that’s not what this is. You were told to go to your lab and instead, you did the same thing you always do. Not listen to a single word.”
Gareth had to walk quickly to keep up, “ I was on my way, I can’t stop and gather supplies?”
“We both know what you were doing, so don’t give me that. This is on you now, I need a fucking sleep cycle.”
“Eris!” Gareth shouted into the cloud.
The admin stopped and turned to face him, “have you considered maybe it’s time to leave restoration? Take up another discipline, or return to a baser one from your storied past.”
Gareth felt the sting of the separation. He understood that Eris couldn’t afford to continue taking the collateral he had been.
“Fine, I’ll return to my lab and hovel if that’s what you really want. But there’s something in that base.”
Eris had turned and started down the narrow walkway once more, “I don’t care if there’s a nude beach and free vodka down there. Please try to stay safe Gareth, that’s all I will say.”
He watched Eris walk away, fidgeting as he went.
The stress he himself was imparting to those around him made him want to vomit. It created a knot in his stomach, guilt and anxiety beginning to creep their way in like a smooth oil which coated the brain and forced all color and feeling away.
“Rube, have we run anything else on the artifact?” Gareth asked, remembering the strange lead box he recovered from the vault incident.
There was no reply.
“Rube? Command access.”
Still, silence on his end of the cloud.
Gareth turned and brought up the junction logic path, calculating the shortest route back to his laboratory.
“Rube, if you can hear me, initiate lockdown on the lab and my quarters.”
The distance to his personal sector, in the upper quarters of the Cube, was ten solid minutes away and Gareth rushed the entire length, heart racing. Rube never went offline, something was wrong. Images of lab contamination flashed through his mind, whatever in the lead box leaking into the space and destroying everything.
He pulled up the command log, which was empty of any directive towards the box. Just because he hadn’t told Rube to do anything didn’t mean there wasn’t another possible sequence of events.
He hadn’t even scanned the box for leaking radiation.
Panicked, he rushed through the pneumatic doors to his lab and found nothing amiss. Besides the fact that Rube had been force restarted and the lead box was missing from its bay. He had been robbed.
“Eris, I have a problem.” He pushed the message to the admin.
Eris groaned, “for god’s sake, what now?”
“They hit my laboratory, Rube has been shut down and I have an artifact missing.” Gareth replied, sweeping over the rest of his lab. Nothing else seemed to be out of place.
“I’ll send forensics.”
Some time later a team of scanning drones arrived and began looking over every surface in the chamber. They were accompanied by a controller supervisor, who stood in the center and interpreted the data coming from the scans.
“How’s it looking?” Gareth asked him, after a while of silence between the two.
The controller, Mek, shook his head, “there’s almost nothing. A single ping on the local module station. There’s a small nick on the surface of the interface. I’m analyzing it for any foreign contact traces.”
Hmm, it’s unlike Trigam to be this clean, Gareth mused.
“More likely a drone, not exactly sure how it passed all the visual and digital checkpoints though.” The operator finished.
They both stood for a moment transfixed by the irregularity.
“I’ll be in my personal quarters, if anything else comes up.” Gareth said, turning away without a reply and striding out of his lab.
He wanted to drop by the printers and grab an urn if he could. The last one was disrespected and he felt the urge to make it right. The door opened and he was met by a massive wall of security glove, amber glow washing through the corridor.
The security glove, whose name Gareth had forgotten, turned and looked down, “you’re not to leave your sector for the next seventy-two hours.”
Gareth cringed but conceded and backed away without a word. He stood in front of the closing door, rage spilling over.
They lock me down, but I’m the victim, he thought.
Of all the things he had done and seen, he felt like the Triarch was chastising him. Like a boy too naive to realize he’s stuck his hand in a running gearbox. Like he hadn’t spent the last three hundred years serving the Ministry, trying to work off his debt in any manner that was asked of him.
“System restore initialized, rechecking cache parameters.” Rube’s ethereal voice came over the cloud.
“Rube,” Gareth sighed, “what the hell happened?”
The AI was silent for a moment, as it began to recompile the data stream right up until he was deactivated.
“My logs do not have sufficient information to form a solid hypothesis.”
Gareth moved to Rube’s access control module in the lab, making sure to give the forensics drones a wide berth.
“Current system status indicates the remote access protocol junction is still active.” Rube confirmed.
Gareth shook his new optics laden head, “how were they able to retrieve the artifact?”
Rube spent another couple of seconds forming his response, “It is possible a small scatter drone was used to physically remove the sample container.”
“I should make it known that I had already removed the datagram, which is now being analyzed and processed.”
Gareth would smirk if he had a mouth.
He moved to the edge of the control module, peering deep into a running window of metadata and streaming code. It was all storage parameters and audit log interfaces.
Gareth shifted forward, “wait…did you see that?”
The lines of shifting data stopped, “there is an internal link command interface, encrypted.” Rube announced.
Gareth backed away from the running module and turned towards his own quarters, “please route and extract to my terminal.”
His personal quarters were immaculate, no clutter or unnecessary disorganization. In the corner, next to his sleep dock, was his personal terminal, which he plugged into using one of the data access cables peeking from the chest of his frame. He let out a sigh as the data came streaming across the flat crystal display.
Authorized User Access Key:
“Shit,” Gareth whispered, “it's encrypted using a hash table algorithm. Rube, can you run this interface through all of the recorded prism tables we have?”
Rube began the process without a word, silently running the access interface key through an enormous group of hash key repositories, used to decrypt datagems found in the field.
“Estimated time to hash decryption: fourteen hours.”
Gareth sighed once more, “that’s not terrible I suppose.”
Gareth sat down on a rough hewn square of metal, covered in a rubber material meant for grip. His mechanical body had no need for physical rest, but he did so anyway, freeing up some space for his mind to think.
He listened to the soft squeaks of metal on compressed rubber and ruminated on the apocalypse that took place on this wasted sphere. He tried to imagine the fall, tried to picture the end of all things below the skies of Kine, but his imagination remained slumbering. He was too upset at the Triarch to ponder.
Too upset at the imposed curfew.
Rube’s voice interrupted his frustrated stream of thought, “incoming communication from Huew Korrin.”
Gareth sat forward, “Huew, how are things?”
A voice like water running over rough gravel came through the channel, “I heard about what happened, those fucking scumbags. They’ll be welcome additions to Yok, he loves assholes.”
“Yeah,” Gareth shook his head, “they’ve got me locked up now.”
“They put you in a cell!?” Huew asked.
“No, no, they stuck me in my quarters. Seventy-two hours.” Gareth replied.
“You’re the one that got attacked!” Huew roared.
Gareth shrugged with his hands, “for my own protection.”
“Heard that one before,” Huew growled, “you’re lucky they didn’t send you off world.”
Gareth chuckled, “at this point, I probably wouldn’t argue with that.”
“Bullshit, you belong in your lab. It’ll be a lot harder to figure out what happened here without you.”
Gareth huffed, “there are twelve other Cubes, I’m sure they’ll come to a conclusion. My professional expertise is currently under scrutiny.”
“If I got spooked everytime someone scrutinized my work, I’d be in an asylum.” Huew laughed. Huew was a mechanical engineer, everyone in the Cube looked at his work on a daily basis.
Gareth shared the laugh, but at the back of his mind he could feel the chords of his thoughts tighten and stretch taught.
“Listen,” Huew continued, “I don’t know what you think you did to deserve this, but you didn’t. Just put your nose down and you’ll get to the other end soon enough, these suits are jumpy, that’s all.”
“The suits are slowly pushing me out of my job.”
“No, they’ve put you on a two day time out. Don’t act like it’s fuckin’ severance.”
Gareth couldn’t argue, Huew was right. If he couldn’t survive two days by himself then he had much bigger water to tread.
He tried to divert, “how’s your end coming along?”
Huew gave a heavy sigh, “well, there’s so much on the ticket system I can’t read the fuckin’ thing. I’ve got jobs coming out of my goddamn ears and not enough people to plug 'em up. But that’s not unusual for me.”
“Maybe I can help? Get my mind off things.” Gareth suggested.
He could hear Huew shaking his heavy metallic head, “you're too good to be a grease monkey, Gareth. Far too much in that head of yours to be turning wrenches and running lathes.”
“I’ve run a lathe before, I actually quite liked it.” Gareth replied.
“Oh I’ve no doubt you’d be able to do the job and do it well. It’s the other monkeys.” Huew said, allowing silence to hang between the two for a moment.
“Right,” Gareth sighed, “the other monkeys.”
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2023.06.07 18:09 poopsock32 Why have I had daily brain fog throughout my entire life?

21M, 5'8", 190lbs, White, Daily morning-early afternoon brainfog, None diagnosed
I've had brain fog for at least the first 3 hours after waking up for as long as I can remember and its incredibly frustrating. My parents, annoyingly, are essentially skeptics of modern medicine and I have not seen a doctor in over a decade, with one exception for a debilitating wrist injury. I am currently a student and will not have the finances to see one myself for at least 1.5 years, which is when I'll graduate.
Every day after I wake up I feel like my brain is in a haze which slowly starts to fade away around noon, after I eat lunch. The fog makes it hard to concentrate on things and leaves me with no motivation whatsoever. I work best at night mainly because the fog has completely faded, though sometimes it will last right up to after my dinner, which I try to eat earlyish due to this. Getting direct sunlight on my face in the morning improves things somewhat, but it isn't always feasible.
Some notable factors: I grind my teeth very badly at night but have been wearing a bite guard to sleep for the past ~8 years, on the very rare ocassion I forget to put it on my sleep quality is noticibly worse and my jaw hurts. I snore and often wake up stuffy. My sleep schedule is currently relatively consistent (12:30AM - 8:00 AM) but this problem was worse when it wasn't in the past, as I used to go to bed very late every night. I used to have problems falling asleep and ended up using very small quantities of cannabis (anything greater than "very small" quantities would exhaserate the issue) every night for years, which I stopped doing about a month ago both hoping it would help with this issue and also realizing I didn't need it anymore.
I vape nicotine daily, more heavily in the mornings when my brain fog feels worse. I've tried using moderate quantities of caffeine in the past (200mg energy drinks + cup of coffee later) to wake up but have some stomach issues as well, so this was not sustainable and only was somewhat effective, I currently have 1 cup of tea each morning instead. I got into a habit of taking small-medium amounts of kratom every day as it noticibly, but slightly, improved things, but its a habit I'm trying to drop. Over the past 2 months I've started taking small quantities (5-10mg) of adderall or ritalin, whichever I can get (but never both), most mornings with a break every other week to prevent tollerance. This, quitting cannabis, and fixing my sleep schedule all around the same time has had the greatest improvement but still hasn't really solved the issue. Weirdly the ritalin just seems to make it easier for me to do things despite the brainfog, whereas the adderall helps to clear it up much faster rather than just help me push through it.
Also, I do not skip breakfast, but usually it is relatively light consisting of a large smoothie. Heartier breakfasts do help to speed up the process of clearing my head quicker when they are convienent for me to have though.
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2023.06.07 18:09 No-Result-5531 Need help with my monitor

My monitor quite old and i think i need to replacement soon but as old it is it has decent specs 75hz has vysnc on it and has good colour quality ( i game on it with my ps4 tho) I didn’t like playing in tv so i started playing in it for 3 about years now, the monitor is view sonic i think 2010 monitor i don’t remember what resolution but i see it quite good I didn’t have any problem just yesterday it turned black screen when i was using it on my computer it hade signal but no screen tried Win+ctrl+shift+B it refreshes and can see for only about 1 sec and turns black again plss help me i dont have the budget for it right now i need a fast fix then i can buy a new monitor end of this month 1-not software problem 2-not computer problem 3-not cable problem (imp idk i chanced the monitor settings called digital and analog last week so idk if its the problem) What should i do ??????? Thank u
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2023.06.07 18:09 Circuit_Deity De School Set Reports: 28/4 , 29/4, 5/5 and 3/6

Long overdue set reports! I promised one for Pariah’s set on 5/5 a while ago and never followed through - here they all are, spurned by my return to our favorite basement after a month abroad. Consider it a miracle that I recall enough to write this up 😵‍💫
Friday 28/4:
Arrived at around 2:30am, and stood in the no tickets line as always(I find it is usually shorter and quicker than getting a ticket). My favorite selector there(sassy, “let’s see those IDs loves!), and in within 10 minutes.
My roommate, partner and I first spent some time in the garden smoking and socializing, but quickly made our way down for Orphx, who were finishing up their set - a bit slower(134bpm?), hypnotic, great live set and loved watching those two work in unison. Nothing that got me into stampede mode but nice to hear a bit more of a classic Detroit sound in the basement.
UVB took over and things began to blur for us - the M my partner and I had taken earlier started to make itself known and we fell into the groovy trap UVB set for us. Dancing separately but as one, feeling like you’re the only person dancing in your own little black hole on the dance floor. Such a lovely feeling opening your eyes when the beat gets harder and seeing the crowd writhe together.
Around 6am I was helping a person clean up their bottle that fell from the front right bass boxes when a friend in their group(clad only in a full body harness, you were v hot btw) offered me a wet wipe as a return favor. His smile was so genuine and lovely, and the wet wipe revived me! Such a nice little moment on that dance floor, it’s these kind of moments I seek out on these nights 🖤
Refreshed and full of love, we kept dancing until close, UVB delivering a booming, relentless set without it getting tiring. Seeing DJs like him playing reminds one that certain people just have the ability to master a soundsystem - kick after kick without it getting mushy and boring.
A lovely closing and a nice bike ride home - first one for me this year where the weather was warm and beautiful. A little joint and lots of rest to close out my consciousness for the day.
Garmin watch step count: 48,512
Saturday 29/4:
Rested a little and brought my partner to Schiphol, attended a fun BBQ in Leiden, and then return to Amsterdam with an itch to dance again. UVB’s closing had left me unsatisfied and with a need for more untz untz.
Arrived again around 2am, same situation as the night before. Met an Irish couple in the line(I say couple tentatively as they claim they’d broken up a month before but were still all over each other), and gave them some leftover party favors before making an Irish exit(like a magical drug fairy).
Went downstairs to Ben Sims shepherding the floor into a raucous scene - wonderful crowd that evening, who were all letting go completely. I joined a group up front who I see often(tall femme person with leopard print hair, lingerie top to bottom, tall skinny masc with slicked back hair and 00’s style Oakleys - forgot your names if you guys are on here!), and danced danced danced.
Kerrie took over for Ben around 5 but I felt the groove wasn’t there; she played very hard, a bit too much, and the bass felt very muddled. The type of techno you’d get at Verknipt - fun to dance hard to for a little while, but unsustainable. Nonetheless, I stayed until closing, driven by some kind of stubborn determination to see the night out twice in one weekend.
On my way out, I saw the Irishman I’d met earlier, standing sadly by the bathroom entrances. He’d been shrugged off by his companion, and was distraught. Gave him a hug and a pep talk, and cycled home. A kind of melancholy reminder that not everyone has a good night.
Garmin watch step count: 24,337
Friday 5/5:
Was very ready for this one! Had felt soooo shit the previous week after my double header, so when I woke up Friday with the dance bug, I knew it was meant to happen. Enlisted my roommate/trusty dance partner to join me, and we arrived a bit early, 12:30am or so. Did so because I wanted to catch the tail end of Loek Frey, who I’ve become quite interested in, seeing some of his online sets.
He was playing a slow, hypnotic set, full of bleeps, bloops, and intertwined melodies. Great slow start in the basement - sound was good and I’d love to see him play a later slot in DS sometime! Just know he was holding back some banging because of the time slot.
After a toilet and smoke break my roommate and I decided to stay upstairs for Roi Perez’s set - what a lovely decision! It truly felt like a night at Pano where everyone is happy, celebrating, in unison. People waving and smiling at each other from across the room, Roi gleefully leading us into the morning. If you were there and you saw a tall, black haired man losing it on the raised podium, that was me. There was a moment went Roi transitioned into a song(ID unsure) with heavy gospel vocals, and the light person took the cue and suddenly the bright yellow spotlights flooded him with light from behind - a moment I’ll never forget. He appeared like some kind of angel of techno, delivering us to hedonism and salvation.
After he finished, with light peeking in the windows behind, my roommate and I thought about leaving on a good note and skipping the migration down to the basement - but we stayed, and I’m so glad we did.
Pariah was still in his first hour downstairs, keeping it easy and danceable, but not apocalyptic. However, this quickly changed. The last two hours downstairs were the most insane sonic experience I’ve never had the pleasure of witnessing. It was like what we had just experienced upstairs had gone to the dark side; a seething, undulating mass of noise that shouldn’t have been music but yet made us DANCE!
Pariah showed us what an absolute master of sound design he is - I felt like there were times he wasn’t even selecting a track, just isolating the perfect different waves and then slowly combining them into an overwhelming beat that drove the crowd crazy. So many moments that night when insanity broke out - cheering, stomping, arms all in the air. It was like he was playing a live set in the style of Stef M, but on CDJs. Unbelievable.
When the set ended, the crowd cried for more and he cried back “I’ve run out of tunes!” I saw more people come up to him after and thank him for the set than I’ve ever seen for another DJ there before(myself included). My best club night ever, by far.
Garmin step count: 47,718
Saturday 3/6
I’d said in a thread here that I was going the night before, but my roommate and I weren’t feeling it after roomie night with the others, so we saved our energy for Saturday.
Usual time of arrival, around 1:30am; walked right in - also the first time I’ve had one of the security guards make a comment about the stickers on my phone case(“Ik hoef t niet voor jou te uitleggen, hé?”). Felt good, haha.
Went straight downstairs right when DJ Shahmarab was handing off to Crystallmess - who demonstrated good DJ skills but I felt not a great connection with the dance floor. It seemed we were all eager to get into a dance trance, but they kept transitioning to very hip-hoppy edits and it was hard to get into a groove. An interesting style to hear in the DS basement, but not really my thing. Thusly my roommate and I spent a good part of this set socializing upstairs in the garden.
Went back down to catch Juliana Huxtable, and felt a similar style, but with more extended periods to dance - a bit more boomy and thumping with more classic techno elements. Danced until around 6:30 when our bodies told us it was time to head home!
Overall not as notable as the aforementioned nights, but still fun to be there on a quieter night, and I saw my friends(leopard print/oakleys) again!
Garmin step count: 38,970
Now really looking forward to SPFDJ this weekend and Het Weekend later this month!
Love to hear if any of you guys were also at these nights and have similar or contrasting experiences!
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2023.06.07 18:09 barbzstan2003 Happy Hour @ The Plaza (Fountain Square) Event

Happy Hour @ The Plaza (Fountain Square) Event
Hello! Looking for a fun way to meet people in the area? Come out to the Fountain Square Happy Hour! Cornhole, food, drinks, networking, music, and more. Flyer is attached and you can register with the link provided. See you there! Eventbrite Link
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2023.06.07 18:09 littleninabeanie I can't cook

As seen from the title ,I can't cook for the life of me. Not even a simple cup of chai. I've burned not inly food but a whole kitchen once. I took classes for a year and still I can't cook. For that my family member make fun of me and ask what I'll do if I get married and how no one will want me if I can't cook. It's getting exhausting listening to those insults and not do anything about it. Why is it that its completely fine if a guy can't cook but absolutely mortifying is a girl can't??? My mom spent months teaching me how to make a simple white sauce and finally gave up a few weeks ago.
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2023.06.07 18:09 Pinkbike_bot Pinkbike Predictions: Who Could Win the Second Round of the XC World Cup?

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2023.06.07 18:07 Former_Molasses_7073 Women have stricter body standards than men do in dating

My belief is, women have stricter body standards in what they seek in men, then men do in women.
This is because of the following:
  1. Women prefer fit to muscular body types , many surveys show this. They prefer fit to muscular over skinny or chubby bodies.
  2. Models who are women have a wide range of body types on social media. The concept of "curvy" or "thick" is one of the most popular body shapes now.
  3. There is no male equivalent of BBW women. There is no positive adjective to describe a man with extra fat in certain areas, but for women, there's "thicc" "voluptuous", "curvy" and so on.
  4. There is no representation of overweight or obese men in fashion modeling, while there is plenty of overweight or obese women in modeling.
  5. Male celebrities are rarely if ever called out for being too muscular or not realistic, but women whom have lots of plastic surgery are often called out for it.
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2023.06.07 18:07 by_the_bayou So… I did a little experiment with my monstera’s adventuring root. Now I’m not sure what to do! Any advice for my little colonizer?

So… I did a little experiment with my monstera’s adventuring root. Now I’m not sure what to do! Any advice for my little colonizer?
Like…. Could the roots in the cup become its own plant? Do I need a bigger pot? The lad’s getting a little out of hand… please help!
submitted by by_the_bayou to houseplants [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 18:07 Tree_pineapple Started cycling to work (1.3mi/0.5km), nauseous for 30 min after - normal if out of shape? Am I doing something wrong? What can I do? Will it go away over time?

I recently (like 5 days ago) started biking to work using a beach cruiser. It's about 1.3 miles on terain that is 50% flat and 50% inclined (the steepest ones are about 10 degrees-- if I dont have enough momentum beforehand, I have to walk the bike up the hill). Including stoplights and parking, it takes me about 18 minutes door to door.
After every ride, I'm very nauseous for about 30 minutes. Is this normal for someone who is out of shape? Before this, I never exercised except walking at a slow to moderate pace on flat terrain for about an hour a day, and I get tired just walking up 3 flights of stairs or a steep hill. (I can briskly walk for miles on flat terrain, but any incline kills me.)
Is the nausea likely just from over-exertion? Will it go away if I keep biking? Is there anything I can do in the meantime to prevent it? I'm not sure I can lower the intensity of the ride besides just walking parts of it, since I already go at the absolute minimum speed possible up the inclines (the ones I don't have to walk up) and on the flat portions, I don't feel like I'm exerting myself very much.
Additional details about my routine: -Morning commute is 30 min after waking, only 1-2 cups coffee with sugared creamer on stomach (no food) -Temperate climate-- 60F and cloudy -Probably not a dehydration issue as I've been drinking 8-16 oz of water each time I commute, on top of my normal water consumption -Electrolytes or blood sugar issue could be possible though
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2023.06.07 18:07 Rough3Years I find the twins oddly inspirational. Let me explain...

I'm not going into their plastic surgery addiction because no way in Middletown, Connecticut is that inspirational.
I actually admire their approach to life. I feel like it's a good representation of American grit. Case in point:
-No singing abilities and no talent whatsoever: Goes ahead and make terrible songs. They bring themselves out there to appear on TV.
-No money: They're always together with scrubs who leech on them, and they, in turn, leech on their dad. I also doubt that TLC pays them much. Notwithstanding, they put up their own business and they're trying to make it work. (I also don't think House of 11 make them any money, but hey.)
-Positivity: I don't think any of their manifesting, vibes-cleansing and vision boards work, but I like how those things keep them positive. Also, they don't hate on others' success, like their rich Miami cousin who's successful because she married rich (lol).
I'm not American, so as an outsider, I notice in them how great Americans are in being confident, driven and optimistic despite the odds. It's refreshing to see the "fake it until you make it" in action.
I do see that they are very much lacking in culture (super crass outfits, spits out espressos and oysters, no substance at all, to name a few examples...). That's something that they can't fake here in Western Europe, for example, and they will never make it here; that's for sure. But, I do admire their spirit.
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2023.06.07 18:06 Kerrpy Poetry that Bilal Wrote in Prison (Perhaps some probative value?)

I was searching for Bilal related materials and, along with the pictures I posted in the other post, I came across these poems that were all but scrubbed from the internet. The "Tacenda Literary Magazine" is the source, although it seems only this and one other particular edition was taken down out of a total of twenty available for download.
The gist of these poems seem to be centered around the motif of Bilal grappling with his imprisonment. I know it seems like a stretch but I wonder if there is anything in these poems that perhaps some armchair Reddit psychologist finds interesting.
In case anyone was wondering, the source is here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Acknowledgement - Ahmed is part of the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program at the DC jail and has taken courses in journalism and public affairs."
I Rise
The doors open I hear the clanking of the chains
I hear the music of the keys
As they follow step of the boots
"Go In" they say "Step In" they say
fear in my chest, Tremble in my feet
I ask, Is it the color of my skin
Or is it the name of my kin
I wonder CAN I RISE

I see the light of disappointment
The darkness of the deep
The paleness of the life
The sweat of the cold skin
The stiffness of the spine
In all the faces known and unknown
I wonder CAN I RISE

The bed that breaks the backs
The floor that crushes the knees
The chairs that mold the bones
The food that digests intestines
The blanket that suffocates lungs
The shoes that corn the heels
I wonder CAN I RISE

All in kitchen say, They can't
All the doctors say, We can't
All the C.O.'s say, You can't
All the nurse says, She can't
And the dispensers say, They can't
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

The nights are lonely
The days more so
Lost in the loud
laughter of the C.O.
The loud bangs of metal doors
The shouts of "COUNT TIME" seem far but clear
Everything's far that felt so near
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

I like to play in the gym, but my hand does not want
I like to run on the court, but my feet don't want
I like to watch others score, but my eyes don't want
The lifeless bodies with no goals
The harsh hearts with no souls
I touch and see everyday
But I say I can Rise and I WILL RISE

We gather in the room
All hearts filled with gloom
Eyes looking for the light
To make us shine bright
Here comes the hand of prayer
And washes off layer after layer
The grim shadows of sorrow
Giving us hope for tomorrow

We gather in the room
All brains with nothing to loom
Empty hands with nothing to do
Thinking what? having no clue
Now comes a lady with a pen
She leads us into the book of den
The doors are opened for our minds
The windows fling with no blinds
I learn, we learn, I laugh, we laugh
Bright eyed, supportive, with a scoff
My teacher tells me that YOU SHALL

With the power of the books
With the strength of the smiles
Looking around in all the nooks
with my pen I tread miles
I tell my loved ones, I am fine
I tell them my teachers are divine

All the teachers say they can
And the librarian says she can
And the admin says we can
They guide and bring us to dream
They teach us, tell us, how to dream

I know we wear orange today
I know we are here today
But I know not what tomorrow holds
But I am sure it's made of gold
I RISE with the candle light
I RISE with the sun so bright
I RISE with my morals high
I RISE with my head held high
I RISE with my vision clear
I RISE with my life in steer
I RISE with love in my heart
I RISE with my soul apart
I RISE with the color of my skin
I RISE with pride in my kin
In My Mind's Eye by Bilal Ahmed

The sun is shining bright
I see my shadow in the light
Sharp and clear it stands
Through the window as it lands
The grass is green outside
The trees swaying far and wide
I close my eyes and feel the breeze
The pollen is going to make me sneeze
The clouds travel in the blue sky
The daffodils open without a try
My mind has opened this eye
A different one, not one with I cry
The silence of the deadening rose
Is this a butterfly tickle my nose?
The book that I am hushed in
The painting that I am brushed in
Takes me leaps and bounds
To see the scenes and hear the sounds
What do I see far away?
Is it a person or a thing a lay?
Is it moving or standing still?
As I focus I get a thrill
It is ME standing in the day
Looking up and arms away
Is it still orange I am wearing?
I am still here! I look staring
Zoo by Bilal Ahmed

A trip to the zoo was always fun
sky was clear and hot in the sun

A sunny bright day, blinding light
everyone is about, left and right

Hard to find parking in the mid of town
Metro is a good choice, just ride it down

Two pandas greet us at the double gates
Calendar says Zoo's open on all the dates

Of course we carry a lunch box with us
Sandwiches and cold drinks for all of us

We stop, we drink, we stop, we eat
We are hungry and sweating in this heat

We see snow cones, we run to them
We buy them dripping there and then

We laugh and play as we cool down
Hand in hand singing into town

We see the lions, zebras and elephants
We visit snakes, amphibians and ants

We come upon an exhibit huge
It looks like a tall big refuge

We enter and see a big hall
It is lined with bars around the wall

Then there is glass to see through too
Is it here when you see a reflection of you

Is it a building where primates are living
Each in its cell, wait! What are they giving?

They are giving each other love with looks
They are passing time with their books

They jump, they climb, they swing, they scream
They curl, they squeeze, they tire then dream

Day in day out the routine they follow
As time goes their eyes grow hollow

They have plates, cups, spoons and heap
They stay busy, look busy and sometimes sleep

People walk around and watch them with awe
With their transparent lunch packs in their paw

They see the drinks, cotton candy and snow cones
They smell and see all the colors and tones

Are they the slaves, or are they primates? NOOOOOO! They are humans just only inmates

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2023.06.07 18:06 1munchkin1 Is this a regular Consent form for Rhinoplasty?

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2023.06.07 18:05 Technical-Cable-1361 I found this gem on a caramel ice cream recipe and I am so glad I did

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2023.06.07 18:04 Major-Lag Polygroup Summer Waves return outlet cup question

I'm trying to make a 3D printed adapter for the Polygroup Summer Waves return outlet cup. Does anyone know what thread type and size it has? Also, what are major and minor diameters? What I have got is kind of weird - 2.82 2.69 inch
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2023.06.07 18:03 PassengerLast3297 Never Miss an NHL Game Again: Get Premier Access with the Best IPTV Subscription at GetPremierIPTV

Never Miss an NHL Game Again: Get Premier Access with the Best IPTV Subscription at GetPremierIPTV

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End of Third Period: The Final Whistle
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Join GetPremierIPTV today, because the NHL isn't just a game - it's a way of life!
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2023.06.07 18:03 agit_bop supplementing medication with caffeine?

hi! so sometimes my medication doesn't feel "enough" and like i need a cup of coffee on top of my normal dose of ADHD medication. the problem is, although you would think that other stimulants like caffeine and nicotine would have a synergistic affect on your medication, i find anecdotally that it often doesnt? that when i combine caffeine with ADHD meds, it sometimes dampens the affect of the latter.
does anyone know of any studies that have been done corroborating this or otherwise?
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