My stihl chainsaw won t start

My Summer Car Won't Start

2018.01.15 05:56 Humorous_Humor My Summer Car Won't Start

For people that play the game "My SUmmer Car" that can't get their car running.

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A sub dedicated to the animals that share this crazy existence with us and put up with our sorry drunk asses n’ antics. All varieties of pets welcome <3 We don’t discriminate.

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2023.03.30 20:41 GarbageOpossum Unemployed roommate with a weed problem keeps avoiding issues and hasn’t paid rent in 3 months

Last year my boyfriend (22M) and I (21F) decided to becomes roommates with a friend (22F) we’ve had for a couple of years so we could afford a bigger apartment and living expenses would be easier. We were also doing it so our roommate could kind of get away from a bad family situation at her home. Perhaps she exaggerated but she would tell us stories about her family stealing her money, items, weed, and breaking her stuff. So we all decided to move into a nicer apartment complex that our other friends also lived at. They are a married couple who was living with a friend of ours. He moved out three months ago and since our current roommate hated him now she will go over to their place everyday exactly at the time they get off of work. Everyday exactly at 4:30 she will put her earbuds in, scurry out the door, and usually not say a word to us besides “bye”. She usually returns at 1:30 in the morning.
She is currently unemployed and has been for around 4 months. She kept telling us she would get a job but only started really searching a couple of weeks ago because we brought it up with her. She keeps reassuring us she has the money and that it’s just the ATM that’s messing up, or that her family took her money, or that it’s gonna be there any day now. My boyfriend believed her but she first started saying this over a couple of months ago. We have gotten no money for groceries, rent, utilities, and she has stopped cleaning. I believe her viewpoint on the matter is that if she stays in her room all day and hangs out with our friends all night then she can’t really be expected to clean or have responsibilities here. She stays in her room and smokes weed all day. Weed that our other friends have given her. She has told us that she cleans their apartment for weed. She has also told us that she’s essentially a buffer to their marriage struggles and has been put in the middle of the arguments. She complains about it but I can’t imagine it’s all that much of a problem for her since she’s constantly with them anytime she can be. It’s annoying because now those friends won’t even hang out with my boyfriend and I, they just make shitty excuses and then ghost us. Which isn’t really that bad since most hangouts have devolved to only smoking weed and watching movies rather than playing games or actually having good conversations. It’s just annoying because now all three of those friends ignore us to exclusively hang out with each other every day. That’s its own thing, whatever, but the very least a roommate should do is pay rent. I’m even more annoyed because we live in a state where living expenses are not even that expensive. Her rent is only $290 a month. She has avoided the issue so much she now owes us a total of $1,100. We have no proof of this though and are unsure of how to get the money. Breaking the lease would be another $1,100 and I highly doubt she’d be able to afford $2,200. We already have another friend we would move in if she left since he at least has a consistent job and a part time gig that in itself would cover rent. I just don’t know how to go about this issue since I told my boyfriend I was tired of dancing around the issue and wanted to confront her directly.
So I stoped her before she darted out the door and she gave me the deadest look and seemed exasperated as she took out her earbuds. I told her that last week she said she’d have the money and she didn’t so she absolutely needed to get the money or a job because this behavior was unacceptable and my boyfriend and I are struggling financially because of her actions. She just brushed it off and said “Yeah, I’ve got a job on Monday. I start then. Is that all?” She never mentioned what it was or where the job would be. I tell her that I’d really like to have a bigger discussion for at least 5 minutes and she puts her earbud back in and says “Okay. Is that all?” And then leaves. I had been discussing this with my boyfriend for an hour about what we should say and she just bolted out the door so she could get her weed, nicotine, and alcohol fix from our enabling friends who seemingly keep her around as a weird sort of maid/third partner in their relationship. It’s just annoying since she can’t even do the bare minimum of being a roommate. If she literally just paid rent I wouldn’t really care what she does but the combination of it all makes me hate her. I hate that my boyfriend and I essentially pay for her to have a vacation from her shitty family while she does nothing but drugs with our other friends while my boyfriend and I work night shift. All she does is stay in her room and play Minecraft. I’m going to have to start picking up more hours at work to cover it all and I’m just feeling an incredible amount of resentment but I literally do not know what route to take besides a legal route that I’ve never had to do before with such a limited amount of proof besides a few texts.
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2023.03.30 20:40 rin4sar Your perception of me is different

I didn’t ball my eyes out because I regret telling you that I wanted to leave the organization or because I “wanted to take revenge”, I balled my eyes out because of the trauma you put me through and things you said that made me realize you never really loved ME. Your perception of me is so different than reality, that I am shocked of how little you know about me. I was a kid who had woken up and watched my parents being brainwashed by old men to the point where they told me I was worshipping satan and was going to die. Do you not realize that I don’t believe in a god or demons? Do you realize how insane that sounds to anyone who has not been brainwashed for 50 years? You say you are broken because of me? I was the one who lost my family, friends, people I grew up with and whom loved me. Now I can’t even look you in the eyes or see you in the streets because the trauma you put me through left me with scars that cannot be healed. My eyes start watering and tears fall down uncontrollably, because my brain couldn’t process what happened. You continue on with your life normally. I’m left with trauma for all the shitty things you said and done. You did me so wrong and I hate it. I hate that you saw everything I did like competition. I hate that you saw me like a person who only wanted revenge. I hate that you couldn’t see me like a kid who needed to be loved. People see others in a lense that reflects who they are. I wish you could see me like who I am and not like a reflection of yourself.
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2023.03.30 20:40 mrssquishy29 Always annoyed and stressed since I was diagnosed with PPD

I was diagnosed with PPD and PPA 2-3 months ago, it’s been very rough even had some suicidal thoughts at the time which was the cause for me to get help. I’m on medication and I was talking with a therapist but it made my anxiety worse when I’d have therapy appointments so I haven’t been back since my first few appointments. I thought I was getting better with PPD and PPA but this week has been rough. My daughter just turned 6 months old yesterday and the past few weeks we’ve been miserable. She won’t nap, won’t take a bottle, screams all day for fun it seems, and I’m just so tired with a headache constantly I just want to give up again. I wish I could curl into a ball in bed and never leave which is exactly how I felt when I got diagnosed with PPD.
I’ve also been extremely angry not at my daughter her screaming gets unbearable somedays but I always walk away and take a minute to clear my head then go back to soothe her. I’m just angry about life in general, I hate being home all day, feeling like I’m doing everything myself, always being alone, and never really getting that much of a break. I love my husband and my daughter so much, I’ve always been that person to make sure everyone else is taken care of before myself and lately I’ve felt so spread thin that I’ll breakdown at any moment. I’m getting a break next weekend to go out and get a haircut and I’m so excited because I just want to escape from all of the responsibilities for a minute, I’m just so tired. I’m tired of making sure all of the laundry, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, taking care of our cat, suppers on the table, and just everything’s scheduled and in place to be done.
I’m so tired of everything riding on my shoulders it feels like, like if I don’t do it it’ll never get done and it’s all up to me. I just want a little bit of the day or maybe a whole day that I don’t have any responsibilities, i always know the minute I’m home all of that responsibility is gonna be put back onto me and it’s making me so frustrated. I just want some help but the help just isn’t possible, my family refuses to make an effort in my daughters life, my husbands family lives states away, and my husbands working, taking classes for work, and in college at the same time. I know I need to be the one to do these tasks because he has so much on his plate already but I’m just so tired and irritated it has to be all on me. I don’t really need any advice i just needed to vent about everything. Thanks for reading if you did, I’m sorry it’s such a long post.
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2023.03.30 20:40 firstman0 My son was scammed by a woman at Walmart.

My son, who’s 18, is very naive and don’t know how to say “no”. A woman accosted him at a Walmart and asked him to buy some baby food with tears in her eyes. He thought it would be a few $$ but she bought a breast pump that was more than $300 and baby food are expensive. She moved really quick and he didn’t realize how much it was total. He ended up spending more than $680 on her. He walked away when she started demanding gift cards too. He said he swiped his card because he was intimidated by her. Anyway, I told him to work hard and pay it himself. The question is, is there anyway he can do anything about this? We made a police complaint/report cause that woman is a known scam artist around my area. She has been doing this for a long time. But I guess the police cannot do anything because she has not “stolen “ anything. Can I call the credit card company to explain or file a fraud case? Just curious. Thank you.
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2023.03.30 20:40 LilLostInLifeAgain 24 [F4M] #UK/US - Any traditional guys still out there?

If so then where have you been for the last year?!
Helloooo, so I’ll start with my dealbreakers to save you and I time. If you’re younger than me, in a relationship, female, unwilling to swap photos early on or you already have children, please don’t message me. Nothing personal, unless you’re cheating, in that case you’re gross lol. (Seriously, the amount of married guys who message me in ridiculous)
So, onto the positive stuff! My ideal guy would be confident, funny, intelligent, has his life in order, can hold a conversation. Knows what he wants from his life and from a woman. Physically, I prefer taller guys with some muscle. Not really into skinny or chubby guys, sorry. I take care of my body and want a guy who does the same. A workout partner would be great too!
I’m 5 foot, about 85 pounds/38 kilograms. No I don’t have an eating disorder, my GP says I’m fine and I’m happy and healthy, just small lol. I’m blonde, have long hair and I’m in good shape. I have some curves, I’m not flat but I wouldn’t define myself as thick or anything. Also have three tattoos.
Relationship wise I prefer a more traditional type. Where the man takes lead, works, makes the big decisions etc and I’d stay home, do housework, look after the kids etc. Ideally I want to have 2-3 children.
Sexually I’m submissive, I don’t want to get into kinks and stuff publicly as I think it’s a bit strange but yeah, I’m not very flexible on that, I don’t like taking the lead in that department so I hope you can!
I’m currently in the UK, but I’m open to other locations within reason.
If this interests you! Send me a chat, let’s see if we can connect!
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2023.03.30 20:40 Newadvika Can I just stop taking injected palipiderone cold turkey? I’m 17, it’s 117 mg and I have been taking it for 2 months as I was coerced onto it. I don’t have psychosis, schizophrenia or anything of that sort and it was wrongly diagnosed.

I heard from a few people that due to it being injected, I can just stop it cold turkey because it’ll just flush out of my system normally giving off the same effect of tapering. However, I want to know if this is true. For context, my doctor is an ABSOLUTE psychopath and acknowledged I have no violent or criminal history on file he knows of but threatened to send me to jail. I have seen him a grand total of ONE time before this appointment, where I was completely calm and well spoken. The reason why he threatened this type of thing was because I asked him to taper me off the meds because they’re causing cognitive decline and anxiety I’ve only faced on these meds.
My dad is physically and emotionally abusive, my mom is subservient and does whatever my dad tells me and is equally horrible, and they obviously won’t change the doctor. I was put on these meds because I had a bad psychiatrist before thiswho my parents forced me to see who violated HIPPA multiple times and told people I was a schizophrenic because I thought my sister molested me. The previous doctor was also equally weird, and asked me offensive repetitive questions about my sister EVEN after the DCF report was concluded. Like “do you want your sister to go to jail?” and “why were you so close to her before she molested you” repetitively after insisting I was making the whole thing up, clearly showing that he just asked it for some ulterior motive.
The new doctor says a lot of off color stuff like. “It’s not a matter of the evidence, it’s a matter of what the trained professionals who have been in school for longer than you know” and “it’s not a matter of believing you or not, it’s a matter of me treating you.” He is downright insane and I am considering a lawsuit once I can get out of this hellhole.
Honestly I don’t have the resources to currently call the police, or file a lawsuit. With how much psychiatry has done, I think I’m literally just going to move in with my uncle or best friend and stop taking the meds altogether. So I need advice.
If you want a full list of the symptoms it causes, my first post says it.
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2023.03.30 20:40 ghshr7 Causes of sudden vibration of a diesel?

After idling for around 10 minutes the vehicle just started vibrating a lot to the point where the whole vehicle was shaking and it sounded louder too but the revs didn’t really go up. It soon went away and hasn’t happened since then but I’m just curious as to what could cause this.
It’s not my car so i don’t have a lot of info on it but it’s an early 2000s Nissan Suv
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2023.03.30 20:40 Comfortable-Ninja142 Doing game development online from Las Vegas, is it worth it

So I’m doing game development and I’ve just finished my first prerequisite class and I’m wondering if this is the right move. I live in Las Vegas Nevada and Im worried I won’t be able to find a job. Like if it’s on a “know someone” basis. In that case I “know” no one😬😐 I’m wondering if I can switch my major and if I should
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Hi all ! Haven’t made a post in awhile but I’m currently trying to downsize my collection and help pay for some other stuff.
timestamp -
GM Ace Riv Brass Elmax - $110
this one has some scratches on the scale I tried to get it pictured best as I can, other than that blade is in good condition, original edge, safe to say has been carried, only flipped by me.
WE Mote S35VN - $105
no visible flaws on this knife, not sure of its history but I’m gonna assume it’s been carried also, good small size could be a fifth pocket knife if wanted.
Manix 2 REX45 - $100
this one was a project from previous owner, some stonewashing here and there on the blade and some custom scale or could be dyed not sure, but just trying to let it go for a good price as you’re probably gonna need to do some work to it, detent could be better it’s pretty light.
Maxace Black Mirror M390 - $120
Not much to say on this one, I believe it’s lnib condition, was not used or carried, only flipped.
Serge EDC N690 - $155
This one is a really cool knife love the blade shape, has some weight to it, I don’t see this blue ti pop up as often, not sure if it’s been carried or used, I’m gonna say cut paper to be safe, ano is starting to show its age, other than that it’s in good condition and action is great.
Chaves Redencion Street M390 - $255
This one has been used to cut paper nothing harsh, edge could probably use a touch up, great knife not sure if it’s been carried, but not by me, love the size more than the full one, good size to edc.
Custom Ti SAK - $155
Was gonna keep this one to carry around, but could use the money, it’s super nice and interesting, I never got a chance to use it so condition is great not sure if the maker of the scales or anything sorry about that just listing for what I have into it.
WingmanEDC Mach1 Elmax - $100
Got this knife to see if I’d like a mach3 and sure enough I did, the action on this one is super nice, although it does have a crack on top of scale and clip has some scratch, pictured it as best as I could, recommend trying one of these to anyone.
SBD Apex Tanto Front Flip S90V - $265
Super cool knife great design by Brian Nadeau, this one was not used or carried, I am the second owner I believe.
Brass smock scales and Skinny Micarta PM3 scales - $120
Selling this as a combo, both have been put on, but in good condition.
Olamic Whippersnapper Bolsterlock CPMS90V - $475
Really didn’t wanna get rid of this one, super fidgety fun knife, this is sheepsfoot model, small markings on the scale tried to picture it best as I can, stock edge not sure if has been cut or carried but only flipped by me.
Shirogorov Hati with Dept13 CF Scales Vanax 37 - $850
Got this as my second shiro and it did not disappoint, I was not aware that the scale was aftermarket but it’s a really good one, it unfortunately did not come with the stock one. Was never carried, I cut 1 paper to test the edge, and that was about it, hate to let it go but could use the funds.
SPK Shark Cruwear - $280
One of my first fixies and this one does not disappoint, love the edc size of it, has some scratch from previous owner, not sure if edge is original but I’m gonna say no but super slicey, recommend getting one to try.
Please let me know if I missed anything, all knives should come with their boxes unless stated otherwise, PPFF Shipped. Thanks!
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2023.03.30 20:39 WonderfulYam2440 i’m about fed up with lithium

had to increase my dose to 750 (i was on 900mg for a hot second but decreased to 450 bc of memory issues) and i feel terrible. I’ve been sluggish and slow and tired, thirsty obviously, and i felt very very suicidal last night and suddenly for a few minutes during a class. i’ve been on lithium for 2 years at this point and I know it’s helped in combination with things but holy fuck there has to be something else out there. I can’t deal with the side effects anymore. i’m not new to the dose change side effects but this time it’s really fucking me over.
What else is there to try?? I don’t want to do this anymore and i don’t have time or money to go to the hospital if the intense suicidal ideation doesn’t go away. I’m on lamictal, lithium, wellbutrin, and seroquel for reference. i’m not willing to try depakote either.
idk if i need to just wait for it to level out again or start titrating off of it the next time i see my doctor. honestly i’m sick of it
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2023.03.30 20:39 Relative_Quiet My son started doing Karate. I’m not sure if I should practice with an under 5 years

My son is under 5 and we started doing Karate at a place few months ago. My wife and I take turns going by ourselves with him and the other is with our other kids at home. We try to practice with him because it’s every week, but I’m wondering if we are forcing it too much and not just letting him enjoy the time he has there. I don’t wanna make him hate it because we come home and do the moves.
Should this be just for fun or should i continue to practice with him?
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2023.03.30 20:39 Aggressive-Roof-4797 Work from home or work in person for $2 more an hour?

Hi everyone,
Currently I am working from home at a call center. It is an entry/mid level position helping people in the community who are low income. I recently got offered a job that is about a 30 minute drive for $18 an hour working as a case manager. This position would definitely be a step up for me, and they do help with tuition reimbursement, and I am going to be starting graduate school soon, they will even help with LMHC licensure hours. My current position doesn’t offer any benefits for school. In your opinion, would it be worth the move? Stay at home for convenience or spend more time and money on commute for this higher level job?
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2023.03.30 20:38 ineedcoffee7 Starting to feel resentful of my (27f) boyfriend (30m) and don’t want to

My (28f) bf (30m) have been together for 5 years. He was in a band when we started dating, and he’s still in the band now. They have definitely made a lot of progress and gotten bigger, but I am still worried about the future. I am finishing up my masters degree and when I’m done I really want to get married and have a family. My boyfriend wants these things too, but I feel like I am maturing at a faster rate and it’s starting to make me resentful. He struggles with depression and anxiety and has gone to therapy, got on meds and made lots of progress which I am proud of him for. But he hasn’t had a stable job in a few years. He leaves often to record music and go on tour so finding a job is obviously difficult, but I feel like it’s not an excuse. He makes a little money from music, but not enough for us to start the life we want. I am now 28, and I don’t want to waste my time even though I love him dearly. He is extremely loyal to me when we’re not together and trust has never been an issue. I just feel like our lives may be going in separate directions and it’s making me very sad. I feel like I keep waiting around for things to happen or for us to be able to be an adult couple. I am very confused because he’s very important to me but I also fear I will stay in this for too long and then not be able to have what I want which is a family. I was always supportive of his music and still am, but I want him to focus more on our life together now. Anyone who has been in a similar situation and has advice, it would be appreciated!
TL:DR feeling resentful of my long term bf and his life choices
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2023.03.30 20:38 DirectAndHonest Biopsy Confirmed Genital warts

I (24 F) got the call this morning from my derm that what we thought were skin tags are warts. I am at work so I don’t think I have had the time to process but I am devastated. I just started seeing someone and I am thinking about just ghosting. How do I continue living? Dating? Any advice would be helpful. Feeling pretty hopeless
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2023.03.30 20:38 throwaway_blue22 TIFU by sending 😂 to my realtor

Going to start this by saying this happened today, which was a pretty good day up until I sent the message. My parents are looking to buy a house in the city I go to school in. Since they are out of state they asked me to house tour with the realtor.
We have been going on tours for a few weeks now and it’s gone mostly well. I tend to make jokes sometimes to keep the mood light, some of the houses aren’t in the best shape and it can be little disappointing when the pictures and what it actually looks like don’t match up. The realtor is easy to talk to and if I have a question I send a quick text.
As usual a question comes up and I send a quick message asking about the buying process. She answers and then asks if I’m still interested in a house I really liked from last week. Unfortunately it had a bunch of offers on it soon after but it was possible a new offer could be placed.
We had joked about the house being a gem and losing it a few days before and I thought it was funny she knew I was asking the previous questions because I was still hung up on the house, so I replied “Yes 😂 this was about 890”. She read it and didn’t respond so I followed up with another question figuring the emoji didn’t go over well and feeling guilty about being unprofessional or seeming like I don’t take the process seriously. She didn’t respond. I’m hoping I haven’t ruined things by being to causal and now she will only see me as a kid who jokes around too much. Probably just overthinking the whole thing, but I’ll cut down on the jokes.
TLDR: Got to comfortable with my realtor and sent the 😂 emoji possibly ruining any chance of being taken seriously.
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2023.03.30 20:38 fillinupspace My wife won’t let me go down on her no matter how much I try

I’ve given her oral a couple of times and she loved it. Had the strongest orgasms ever. But she’s so self conscious of her “saturation” down there (it gets like a monsoon down there really quickly). Honestly doesn’t bother me, it’s a turn on for me. But how do I go about having that conversation with her? Do I bring it up when we’re lying in bed? Or while we’re having sex? Do I just force my face between her legs and go? The couple times I’ve done it I just went for it and she tried to resist but I begged her to let me so she did.
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2023.03.30 20:38 Everest310714 Is my heart rate increasing because the Vyvanse is peaking?

I’m on Day 3 of Vyvanse 20mg (with 75mg of Effexor XR which I’ve been on for a few months). Morning through 2pm are great. I’m calm, no longer scattered and running about. No longer interrupting people or speaking without thinking. I’m more organized my home is no longer a mess. By 2pm like on the dot I notice my heart starts to race (100-110 bpm) while sitting. Now I’m hyper aware of my heart rate in general and have some heart anxiety (but it’s gotten A LOT BETTER) so I don’t know if that’s making this worse or last longer? I’m super skinny so on a normal basis I’m aware of my heart. I took my BP and that was normal 104/66 so it’s just my pulse. As a note, my biological response to anxiety is increased heart rate.
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2023.03.30 20:38 flowingfiercely Possible seizure caused by EBV ?

Long story, writing from a hospital on a phone, sorry for any mistakes in advance.
A month and a week or so ago I began having sore throat, so i took a few days off work and got better with only over the counter medication.
Went back to work, after two days again woke up next day almost unable to speak or eat because of sore throat and fever. Decided to go to a doctor, got prescribed antibiotics for tonsillitis.
Took them once every 8 hours for a week, didn’t feel any better.
Decided to go to a ENT, he looked at my throat and said i have a herpes. Gave me another antibiotic (herpesin?) i think for a week. Didn’t help at all again, the symptoms stayed the same and fever only increased.
Another week passes, i go to the ENT again and get another new antibiotics. These finally start working after a few days and so I just rest at home for a few days taking them and trying to gargle with salt water etc.
On 13th March (5 days after i started taking the third antibiotics prescribed to me) I had a seizure. Last thing i remember was doing something with my hands and realising that my hands don’t listen to my commands and at all.
My girlfriend called an ambulance and i was admitted into an ICU for 4 days which i don’t remember any of it.
Now the doctors are very very difficult to get the diagnosis out of as of yet, but from what i’ve understood I had mononucleosis that somehow got into my brain and I got encephalitis.
They say it’s very uncommon and I have no history of epilepsy neither does my family.
Has this happened to anyone else ? So far the results i’m getting back say I should be okay, but as this is my first time ever getting into a hospital i’m not really sure what to expect.
Sorry for the long post and if it’s maybe off topic, I’m just slowly getting back to my senses and all of this has been very scary for me and perhaps I’d just wanted to speak my heart out and see if anyone can relate.
Thanks everyone so much for the read.
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2023.03.30 20:38 PsycholDoc Struggling to make babywearing work

Hello! FTM of an 8w.o. and new to Reddit and this community. I’m a big fan of babywearing. Except that I’ve never been able to make it work for me. I had one time when baby was 2 weeks old that he let me carry him in a solly wrap. Since then, I’ve tried solly and tried a ring sling thinking that’ll be easier. But no matter how careful I am about positioning him and following all the instructions, he doesn’t like it. I’m open to trying other carriers but I’m worried I’ll buy new ones and they won’t work either. Baby strongly prefers being able to look over my shoulder whenever I hold him. He complains about pretty much all other carrying positions (this is referring to when I carry him in my arms, not in carriers). Would love advice and suggestions. I recently found out I have low supply and LC suggested a lot of babywearing, which made me feel all the more sad that I haven’t been able to make it work. Thank you all!
Edit: I’m open to trying other types of carriers, but just wanted to get some guidance here first before I buy things on my own.
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2023.03.30 20:38 ImpossibleZero 5 Y/O Marcus (GS) Account was Locked Last Week Because of Something I did over 2 Years ago...

Today after 9 days of having my Marcus account locked, and them finally receiving my notarized affidavit of identity at their P.O. box... After over 4 hours on the phone, a long email, and making a CFPB report, I finally have my answer of what went wrong. Can you guess what I did? Well before I reveal it, I need you to listen to a word from my sponsor... just kidding, Here is the answer: I updated my phone number. Thats right, and I can pinpoint the day it happened from an email confirmation. On Feb 20, 2021, I updated my number and it didn't get flagged by their fraud department until March 21st, 2023 for an account I have actively used the new phone number for as verification since... then confusion, panic, and anger ensued.
Well the 21st started out like any other day. I have my own business, and I use Marcus as kind of a central hub account as it is easy to send large sums of money outbound from there. The day prior I had just sent out a large sum to pay for a new truck purchase at an auction, but then I got an email that would change my life for the next 9 days, but felt like forever.
"Action requested: Please call us back about your account". I call in immediately and I'm informed my account is locked for fraud protection and they cannot tell me the reason until I am verified. I think oh no problem and I give them my last 4, DOB, passphrase, and the last step is a pin to my phone number. After several minutes of them sending me a pin multiple times, I just wasn't receiving it, and I'm thinking that is really odd. I ask if they can just email me the pin code, but they said "no, we need to verify through your phone." I wasn't able to piece it together until now, but since my new number was flagged as potential fraud, they were trying to send it to my dead phone number from 2 years ago and they for some dumb reason wouldn't or couldn't tell me that my phone number was flagged until after I verified my pin that was going to a dead phone number... yeah... makes a ton of sense.
They then transferred me to the fraud department, where when I finally got ahold of someone, they said they would call me back in 2 minutes for verification reasons where again they were trying to call a 2 year old dead phone number, but I didn't know that. So after 20 minutes of no call back I called again, and at this point I am starting to get frustrated, but on their side since I didn't take their call on my old dead phone number they have now brick walled me.
They are now telling me the only route to go is for them to mail me this affidavit of identity and get it notarized, then mail it back to their PO Box. Then I start to panic, because I know that will take over a week and I need access to my money, and I don't know the extent of this fraud or what is happening! Is someone intercepting my texts? Do I need to be worried about my other accounts? Future me here: "Nope just the old phone number and a horrible fraud department", but I am thinking the worst because they refuse to tell me what's going on. I tell them to let me upload my passport, DoD ID, drivers license, hell whatever they want!
Nope! Goldman Sachs doesn't have a customer email system, but don't worry I was told "that is something they are working on"... yeah since when? the year 2000!?... No secure place to upload verification documents? I'm sure its coming any day now... so I beg them "please just hop on a video call me with, I can sort this out in a matter of seconds"... "sorry sir we can't do that"... "can you at least priority mail me a pin code to my address that has been on file for the last 5 years"... "sorry sir we can't do that".
The only thing they did allowed me to do is print the form instead of waiting for it to come in the mail, and I was able to send it off to the P.O. box they gave me. I asked "when it gets there will you be able to unlock my account"... "no sir, you will have to call in"... "can you just call me?"... "no sir, you will have to call in"...
So I rush to the notary before the end of business and mail this thing off, and then its time to wait... then call to check if they got it, 30 minutes on hold... explain everything, "nope we didn't get it yet"... then wait some more... call... 30 minutes on hold... "no...", wait some more and call... meanwhile I am checking my accounts and everything looks good, but I have to scrap together some money that I didn't know I would need, and end up paying tons of fees and making tons of additional calls to sort out my business situation... and then finally after 9 days they got it... not to mention that I got their mailed AoI after only 3 days.
TLDR: So then today they tell me "The reason your account was locked is because our verification service wasn't showing your name for the number you had on file"... "Wait the one that has been utilized to log in to my account for the last 2 years?"... "yeah that one, so we referred to your prior number, but don't worry I put in a $4 request so you can get reimbursed for the notary fee and the inconvenience"
A multi-billion dollar bank in 2023 ladies and gentleman... holy
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2023.03.30 20:37 jocewin Ovasitol (myo-inositol) taking it: Before food vs During vs After?

First I just want to say thank you to this community! I started displaying early symptoms of PCOS after a miscarriage two years ago.. Didn’t realize it was PCOS until the end of last year. Since discovering this community I have felt less alone & more empowered to tackle this head on. Reading about everyone’s experiences & recommendations has drastically helped me.
It’s been about one month since I added Ovasitol into my routine & I’m thankful that it’s worked positively for me so far. (First time I’ve seen the scale go down in 2 years! Have lost & kept off 5 lbs so far.)
I’m taking it according to package instructions right now. I take it after I finish my meal. I start with 1tbs ACV mixed in 8oz of water & drink that 10 mins or so before my meal. Then after eating I mix Ovasitol with just water (but sometimes also add 1 tsp of psyllium husk for extra fiber.) I do this twice a day, with my first & last meal. After I’m done eating I walk for 10-15 mins. (I work from home & if I can’t get outside immediately after, I will step in place at my desk)
I’m happy with the results I’ve noticed so far by incorpating Ovasitol into my routine like this.. more insulin sensitivity & feeling less cravings has really helped me.
I have seen people comment that they take Ovasitol differently… either before their meal, or sip on it during their meal. I’m curious to know what type of results y’all are seeing by incorporating Ovasitol (or any other brand of myo-inositol) these different ways. What made you take it different than the package instructions & how has it made you feel?
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2023.03.30 20:37 Maleficent_Word_2061 Booting into windows issue

I have a Ryzen 5 7600x with a gigabyte b650m d3sh mb. I can’t find the right boot settings to boot straight into windows with I start up my pc. Any advice will help greatly. Also I have to wait like 10 or 20 second then soak F2. Eventually it will boot into windows
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