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2023.06.05 15:19 Army_Bot Summary For: Weekly Question Thread (05/29/2023 to 06/04/2023)

Hi! Does anyone know the policy on sending a private in basic a portable charger? I did already get the green light to send it by a former DS that i know, but was wondering if anything special needs to be done regarding how it is sent? Thanks in advance.
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I'm going to transitioning from the Navy to the Army via an interservice transfer. I have four years, a deployment, and a lot of memories under my belt. I am electing to come back in as an O-1 into the Army as I have no interest in the limited job prospects that an O-3 with no Army experience would bring me, and frankly I don't give a shit -- it's just 4 years. My (fairly promising, at least based on what the Army side said) goal is to eventually be infantry.
Coming in as a new Army officer, what should I expect, both from the position of coming from a different branch and generally as a "new guy" Army officer?
What stuff (most likely) stays the same coming a ship, specifically ship-life? What changes the most?
How best can I take care of my people while still accomplishing the mission? I know this looks very different between branches. It's always a delicate balance.
What does the "daily grind" of a combart arms community look like? What's the "unnecessary BS day-to-day" that you guys get up to? (I can think of plenty of examples in the Navy, but I'm not sure they translate 1:1).
BONUS: What are your best and worst interaction stories with your fresh LTs?
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Im 25 with a bachelors in CyberSecurity, also an Eagle Scout. Have not done much volunteer or team leadership since then. Nor do I have much work experiance.
Am I too uncompetitive for an OCS slot for 17X?
I spoke to a recruiter who mentioned going enlisted at E4 with 17C, then after 1 year of training and 1 of actual work, applying for OCS then.
Is that a realistic scenario or classic recruiter talk getting my hopes up in order to boost elistment numbers?
Prior medical history includes inactive IBS + depression from a couple years back.
Also, what are the timeframes for getting in with both of these options?
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Is it worth getting Emt certified or Paramedic certified before going Army? I got DQ at meps and was told I need to wait a year due to medication I was on last year. I'm trying to find something to fill my time for when I'm able to enlist next year. Is this a good idea or a waste of time?
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I have been recently promoted, and clothing and sales is currently out of stock of my current rank, so I am unable to update my AGSU. We have room and uniform inspections soon, and my first line is attempting to make me wear my AGSU with incorrect rank. I have been looking through AR670-1 as well as AR700-84 trying to see if there is a reg against this, but have been unsuccessful in finding one. If there isn’t, I’ll deal, but I’m not too keen on wearing a previous rank. Any help backed by regs would be appreciated
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I’m going National Guard. I’m still working through the beginning process with my recruiter. Here’s the catch: I wasn’t born in the US. I was born in Kazakhstan.
I was never naturalized because when I was adopted into my family in 2002, the Child Citizenship Act passed in 2000 stating that the amendment is “to provide for the automatic acquisition of U.S. citizenship when certain conditions have been met.” — I have met these conditions and am a legal citizen of 22 years (Section 320 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This amendment states that I also do not need a certificate of citizenship, which I never applied for as I legally do not need one.)
I have a passport, a social security card, a legal photo ID and a birth certificate. I DO HAVE a permanent resident card, but it expired years ago. I was a baby when my parents got it and they never renewed it. However, I am a US Citizen. I’ve lived here my entire life. The problem is, my recruiter insists that I must have that Permanent Resident Card up to date. I would do it in a heartbeat, but it costs $500.
Why is my passport, ID, SS card or birth certificate not enough to prove my citizenship? I’m frustrated and my parents are getting short with me constantly asking about it.
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Kind of a situational question. My wife is scheduled for C Section June 21st and it looks like I may get PCS orders before then. If I do, and the kid comes, what do I do? Soonest my wife’s doc says she can move is 6 weeks postpartum and my wife can’t look after our first kid and newborn while she recovers from surgery. Is there anything I can do to report closer to the end of baby leave? I’m a geobachelor.
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I just have a couple questions about how having a GED will affect my enlistment. I've heard it makes you ineligible for bonuses, but what about contract options? Could I still get an Option 4 contract? Option 19? If not, how many college credits would I need to move into the Tier 1 education category?
also, how do you increase your chances of going to certain schools (Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, etc) if it's not in your contract? Going in as a 68W (Combat Medic) if that makes a difference
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Is there some regulation against sending a SM on a deployment/rotation when they are very close to ETS? Say 6 months out?
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Im a dumbass and made and said a lot of stupid ass shit that some hater who had it out for me has been basically (not really) 'blackmailing' me with that was on my laptop (private, never uploaded) which he hacked into . It was a bunch of questionable shit I said that basically makes me paranoid reasonably that I could possibly be court martial'd but I was never arrested or anything, and I'm sure the guy would upload it again if I joined the Military just to tarnish my good name. I said all this when I was 18 , but basically this dude came to my house and threatened my family with a knife and I responded, 'not so good' , and as a result, I was basically 5150'd and had lied to the people saying I was suicidal resulting in a medical documentation which has made me fearful of ever going to MEPS. So at the time I was 'isolated' so in attempt to expose the fact that there was a legitimate danger I reasonably tried to court attention on Twitter and basically did and said everything that could ever allow me to hold a security clearance before deleting it.
My perception of the event was that he was threatening my family with a knife, but to the outside world, he simply slashed my families tires. Basically he baited me and fell for it. There was much more to the story but if I could go back in time I probably would not have reacted the way I did but I was 18 and my mind was barely developing.

I was 5150'd and I was told I could never hold public office and I am barred from the Medical field . This of course was a lie, but it's BASICALLY on my Medical record and it's a huge red flag. So naturally, unable to join the Military, I was unable to complete my mission and of course, was put on medication for some time (7 months) until I can figure out what to do. So I been working warehouse jobs ever since that day . I am 23 years old now, the incident happened when I was 18. I was and still am a cross country runner who is fit and healthy , who can complete the physical requirements just fine but the 'Moral' and 'Medical' is what's preventing me from joining, open to debate. I haven't made the same dumb mistake of reacting to my families tires being slashed since and learned from that experience .

Obviously the Police knows what was on my laptop because this dude went around with the unauthorized material he was not allowed to have and actually put the content in DVD's around the city hoping someone would pick it up and read it , and I actually worked at a warehouse which actually had a police officer who worked there at the warehouse to check the hard drives for CP (i dont know the deal about that) , and he found the very same DVD filled with the content of my basically unhinged responses that I never uploaded to the internet .

Basically this dude mentally ruined my life but I wasn't the only 1 he has done this to, he has hacked into multiple people's laptops and slashed other people's tires before and distributed information and he has been arrested in the past .

I was wondering if I could be court martial'd for unprofessional conduct before I even join the military or am I just overthinking this? I basically had this huge 4 hour clip of a rant about his twitter account on my laptop that was perfectly constitutional legal but if you took things out of context it sounds like something that would have me arrested if I was in the military , and I never uploaded it, nor planned to. maybe it's just all in my head but as you can imagine , the real problem isn't my speeches that were on my laptop but the 5150'd , which was at the time and information I had at my disposable,a completely reasonable reaction to a violent threat.
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PCS’ing to Schofield tomorrow, any tips?
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Does anyone know if you still have to have a physical copy of your profile on you? I remember reading somewhere that you don't and your commander can look at it
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I recently graduated college and am looking for advice in terms of what I should expect/request in my contract for 68W MOS. I got my B.A. in cellular biology in the beginning of May and have been set on enlisting since my junior year; now that I'm in the last couple of steps with my recruiter before going to MEPS, I wanted to know if there was anything I should ask for based on my scores/degree (520 MCAT, 99 ASVAB, 146 GT) in terms of rank or guaranteed admission to schools (such as Airborne) coming in. I am looking at the 2-year contract as of now because I do want to apply to medical school down the line. If I enjoy my time, I am open to staying longer in the Army. However, there are some characteristics I currently need to work on that I know enlistment will provide (as opposed to OCS which would mean an extended contract) in addition to education benefits. Also, the alternative would have been doing a gap year in a lab or clinic which doesn't pay much better and is something I have done my fair share of. Any help is appreciated; thank you.
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This is kind of a weird question but i really want to join the army but my family is telling me that it’s impossible for me to join because unfortunately my parents passed by suicide and that alone will disqualify me. I’ve tried googling it and looking all over the internet to find a. Answer but I can’t find it. Is there any truth to that? Thanks if answered.
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I’m a drill right now and I’m looking at being Force reclassed and looking for a new MOS. I saw 51C and was curious if anyone knew what the day to day looked like? Or if anyone knew of any MOSs that were chill 9-5 jobs.
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How does the average person become an officer in the 75th or special forces? Even for support roles, don't most people have to go through the qualification training and fail?
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Do you ever feel remorse for the innocent civilians you slaughter in the name of imperialism and the military industrial complex?
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I've always had a draw to service, but my athletic opportunities usually kept me from it. Out of high school, I had the opportunity to play college baseball and passed up on trying the academy route. Once I got halfway through college, I wanted to try ROTC, but I was a starter on the baseball team and balls deep in a mechanical engineering course load, so it didn't seem feasible to add to my plate.
Now, I'm going on 24 with 2 years of experience as an ME in product development. Is there a military route for someone like me who does have a college degree, but is beyond the point of an ROTC college program? Is my specific degree useful for the military?
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I'm joining the Army soon, within a month or two. I've come up with an MOS list I made based on what I'm interested in (this is NOT a list of my available jobs based on my ASVAB score, just some jobs that sounded interesting based on the field I was looking into). I was mostly considering Logistics and Supply, but I am open to other potential fields, and jobs that aren't in the list below. Like I said, I want to do something in logistics and supply, but more so, just something non-combative that allows me to travel to most bases. What do you guys think about it? Any recommendations? I do plan to do something in law enforcement after I get out, but my MOS does not have to relate to that. Here is the list. The first two are the ones I'm currently considering, and the ones in parentheses are the ones I'm interested in.
(Cargo Specialist 88H)
(Unit Supply Specialist 92Y)
(Automated Logistics Specialist 92A)
(Ammunition Specialist 89B)
Ammunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist 89A
(Corrections/Detention Specialist 31E)
Culinary Specialist 92G
Medical Logistics Specialist 68J
(Military Police 31B)
(Motor Transport Operator 88M)
Petroleum Supply Specialist 92F
Transportation Management Coordinator 88N
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Can someone please answer this question? If by some chance a person is granted a moral waiver for one felony possession charge on their record Will that allow you to join infantry or be around guns in general? Or would you have to have your firearm rights restored?
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Do you guys still have to have an NBC mask as part of the uniform when out in the field? If yes, do you still practice going into full MOPP gear?
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Completely off topic to Army. Has anyone used a gaems vanguard with the steam deck? Found one for cheap for field purposes but I can't find anything that says it works or not with the deck.
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30 year old with great Asvab and physical tests, no medical problems other than anxiety counseling in 2020. Problem 1: I have a large hand tattoo on my right hand. It’s a animal with some foliage and stuff. It is not on knuckles but descends from half sleeve down wrist and over top of hand.
Issue 2: I was discharged from navy boot camp in 2019. Long story. Mental health and personal reasons. I have an re-4 jfc on my dd 214. ( navy parting gift) I have authorized documents of treatment for my condition signed from doctor and no treatment or problems with mental health since early 2020 and no medication ever needed. Is there any shot I’d get approved for enlistment in the army ? @7hillsrecruiting
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Can someone please describe the process of renrolling into DLC? I did not complete it in the 720 day window however I am not barred from reenlistment (yet).
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Hey there ! I’m working things out to go to sign a 37F contract in the USAR soon since I had a high enough score on my ASVAB, but my recruiter confirmed that I would have to go to FSPC or Fat Camp due to being 2% over what’s allowed for body fat before I attend basic. I don’t mind basically getting paid to workout and learn about nutrition, but I’d love tips and just overall things to prep for before I have to ship out to it.
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i got Fort Sill as my first duty station im a 94T and i have family how is the on post housing or should i just rent a house off post
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I have a uniform question that i can not seem to figure out using ar670-1 or the pam currently i have been wearing my improvised hot weather combat uniform but the one i was issued back in 2019 apparently is the first generation that has the mesh lining in the pants and no velcro on the top of the shoulder pockets and my first line was telling me he doesnt think this is authorized anymore since a newer version was released so he asked me to look into the regulations but i cant find anything saying if i can or cant where it the most i know as of right now is the ihwcu is authorized but i have an older version apparently but its also what they issued me at ocie so im trying to find if anyone can help me out or knows if i can still where this i dont wanna buy a whole other uniform just because this doesnt have velcro on the top of these pockets
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What is the most realistic special operations group someone can join for the average person?
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Do you need a DA Form 1610 to attend the BAC? Fort Moore's website states you cannot attend BAC in a leave status, but how would anyone walk on if that's the case? And soldiers do walk on, I've heard firsthand.
I'm attempting to attend Airborne on leave before I PCS, is it possible? I just commissioned, and will be working for Cadet Command all summer before I PCS to BOLC.
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Can i join the ranger Special forces with a red/green color blind?
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Is someone able to join if blind in one eye
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As a prior enlisted, when I go to meps will the councilor just tell me my duty station I’m headed to after I pick my Mos? Will I have any say? How does that work from your experience
Any personal opinions and experienced insight is appreciated
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If someone becomes an intel officer, can they tryout for the 75th or the special forces?
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I have just returned from TDY, for Family separation pay, do I need to fill out 1561, or is it a special pay request on IPPS-A. Can’t find any answer from S-1, or other SM. Any help would be appreciative.
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I want to join the army, Can I pick a supply Mos with a ASVAB score of 41 and CL of 90 ?? The army website says yes I just wanted to know if the website is accurate. (92A/92y) Mos
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How long does it take for my rank to update in my email? I was promoted to SGT yesterday and it didn't update yet. It updated automatically for others in my unit. Do I need to update my CAC?
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I'm enlisting in the Army Reserve as a 35L and soon to go to basic in a few weeks. I have a couple of questions that are hovering over me since I'm counting down the days to basic training. I'm a lot older then most of the trainees are going to be in basic. I fear if I get injured or recycle for whatever reason. Will they change my mos because I didn't meet the allotted time slot for 35L AlT? Will I become over holdover until the next class? How frequent are the courses if held over? And also to add if any directions toward course work should I start studying to familiarize myself with?
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Anyone have an idea on what finance battalions are? Gonna be shipping out as 36B and I generally understand what the job will entail but lots of the comments I’ve read say “oh they’re reforming 36B into finance battalions”. Is this a good or bad thing?
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Prior service coming in; USMC to Army, E5. I’ve already gotten some good anti-cringe advice on general differences between the branches of service, but if anybody has advice on stuff to bring/not bring to AIT (I only got a bootcamp packing list) or tips I’m all ears.
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Is it common for people to become shorter from the ruck marches?
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Can you have nicotine in AIT, may be useful to add that I’m doing split training where I do basic one summer then do AIT the next.
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How does reclassing work? My window will be hitting soon and it’s time to move on. Will I have any Mos available to me? Duty station as well? I heard a lot about undeover strength Mos and how they affect reclassing. Any info on how it works would be great. Thanks fellas
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Is having a iep when I was in school a disqualifyer if not do I need a waivet
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I can barely do 5 push-ups, and I’m leaving for army basic combat training in 1 week, any recommendations?
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Pollen Allergies @ BCT Jackson
I am shipping out to basic training at the end of June. Has anyone had any experience with sick call during training and/or reception when dealing with seasonal/pollen allergies?
If this affected you, did you get prescribed anything or go to sick call any once in a while? I lived in GA for a stint and the pollen down south was not my friend so trying to prepare for the worst if possible. Not taking any meds right now.
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Can MPs join the 82 Airborne
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just graduated AIT, would it be possible to trade my duty station with another soldier for both of our benefits and we're both consenting ? he's got schofield hawaii and i have fort george meade maryland, im a pv2 he's a PFC and we have the exact same training and MOS? thanks.
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2023.06.05 15:17 stonescoldtakes NFL Update: 05/29/2023 - 06/04/2023 - OTAs Week 2!!!

— Individual Team News + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Pittsburgh
Arizona Cardinals:
This team cannot unload folks fast enough it seems. They are now looking to potentially move on from LB Isaiah Simmons who in many folks eyes has not lived up to the hype from the draft. WE shall see if they can get anything for him if they do decide to move on. The storyline I am most interested in watching this year here is first how long Kyler Murray will be out and second how rookie QB Clayton Tune is developing. It seems like they took him so they could try out a young QB in the interim while Murray is working his way back. Apparently thus far he has been doing well in OTAs.
Atlanta Falcons:
Not too much news from the Falcons but many will be excited to hear about Kyle Pitts expected to be back for the season opener. Hopefully this is the year he can really break out but a lot will depend on the QB Desmond Ridder actually being able to throw him the ball unlike the past quarterbacks he has had who have not made things easy.
Baltimore Ravens:
Good news here because receiver seems to be a position where the Ravens have struggled to get good production. With new OC Todd Monken that should start to change and with an added emphasis on the passing game it inevitably should change as more throws are made.
Buffalo Bills:
Great move here signing Ed Oliver to his extension. He is a key piece of that d-line and helps hold them together. I personally don’t believe they or really any of the other teams that have said they are out on DeAndre Hopkins actually are. To me it appears more to be a message saying they are not going to be paying him the money that WR Odell Beckham got earlier this offseason. Only time will tell. Great news for the team that EDGE Von Miller should be back by the season opener. Personally though I would take my time with him and would be overly cautious to make sure he is fully healthy. Hopefully that is by week 1!
Carolina Panthers:
The hype appears to be real for the Bryce Young but it is what every team says about their rookie quarterback who is a top pick so hard to decipher how folks are actually feeling. I am excited about how Frank Reich will use WR Laviska Shenault because I have always been impressed with his athletic ability and expected him to break out more. It seems this could have been the type of role he has been waiting for.
Chicago Bears:
A lot of news around the future stadium of the Bears. It appeared a couple weeks ago that everything was moving along as planned and no issues had come up. This week there was nothing but concerns and problems. I wonder if these are all real storylines or if it is something they are using to try and negotiate more with the government to get help with the stadium. In more football news is appears that WR DJ Moore and QB Justin Fields are enjoying working together and developing a good connection. This is important to give Fields someone he can trust like he did his receivers at Ohio State.
Cincinnati Bengals:
Not too much football news here but they appear to be ready to take on the Chiefs again this year and make a deep playoff run. Also, it appears at this point that the team will keep RB Joe Mixon based on comments from the team and HC Zac Taylor. This offense per usual will be an exciting one to watch.
Cleveland Browns:
Good news and good vibes are finally coming out of Cleveland. Feels like it has been while. QB Deshaun Watson appears to be benefitting from having a full offseason and getting work in with his new receivers. He has been pushing hard for Hopkins and the Browns would make sense as a good landing spot for him given the prior relationship Watson and Hopkins had during their time in Houston. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well things appear to be going so far this offseason.
Dallas Cowboys:
Similar to the Bills I don’t think the Cowboys are actually out on Hopkins but probably sending a message that he needs to bring down his asking price. I wonder sometimes if they are still saving room for RB Ezekiel Elliott to come back here and play especially with them gaining the $10.9m in cap space after the deadline. Also, hopefully the team can get something done with CB Trevon Diggs sooner rather than later because he has been an impactful piece on defense despite the big plays he occasionally gives up because he can change a game with one of his interceptions.
Denver Broncos:
Not too much news here but they did find their replacement for K Brandon McManus in Elliott Fry. I would say less news from this team this offseason is better because ever since QB Russell Wilson struggled it seemed like the media was out to get him and the team any chance they had. HC Sean Payton must be running a pretty tight ship.
Detroit Lions:
All good news this week which should be good for morale. Seems they have strung together a couple good weeks during their OTAs. Great to see that RB Jahymr Gibbs is getting some reps in and showcasing his abilities that made the team feel the need to spend a high draft pick on him. Great to see as well that Penei Sewell at the young age of 22 taking on a leadership role and getting good work in as well. With that said OC Ben Johnson could be prepping and is expecting for the offense to have a big year.
Green Bay Packers:
It appears that it may be a bit tough in the post Aaron Rodgers era as expected. However, it does sound like there is less front office drama now that they are not having to work with him in the offseason. Time will tell whether the drama was more caused by a lack of good communication as Rodgers claimed recently or by the former Packers QB himself.
Houston Texans:
Good news about CJ Stroud but again as I mentioned with Bryce Young it is hard to find a team that drafted a top QB in the draft not raving about their quarterbacks progress at this point. The joint practices they have setup will be great for QB CJ Stroud. The Dolphins and Saints should each have tough defenses this year and will give Stroud a bit better of an idea of what to expect from an NFL defense in a real game.
Indianapolis Colts:
Looks like the Colts are trying to get receiver help but haven’t decided on any yet. This is the team that should go out and get Hopkins. They need a true #1 receiver and Josh Downs while I think he will be really good would benefit from having a big bodied possession type receiver in Hopkins. Also, it would give QB Anthony Richardson more of a safety net in terms of a WR that can help him progress and see things that he may not have picked up on otherwise.
Jacksonville Jaguars:
I am really excited for the Jaguars this season. They are kind of the forgotten team in the NFL most years but appear to be poised to make a deep playoff run this year. WR Calvin Ridley is going to be a huge difference maker this year and should benefit from QB Trevor Lawrence continuing to progress going into his 3rd NFL season.
Kansas City Chiefs:
Sad news to hear about Norma Hunt’s passing as the whole league mourned and sent their condolences. They are also supposedly out on Hopkins which I believe means they are really saying we need you to come down on price. The Chiefs though per usual have revealed though their secret weapon in WR Justyn Ross who many had forgotten about due to him sitting out with an injury his rookie year. It looks like Ross may be back to prior form when he was making plays at Clemson with Trevor Lawrence.
Las Vegas Raiders:
Even though the media and some fans were starting to worry about Jimmy G’s foot surgery it does not appear McDaniels has any worries about him missing time because of it. Will be interesting to see what the team ends up doing with Renfrow with all signs from earlier in the offseason pointing towards a release or trade.
Los Angeles Chargers:
Not much news here but it was great news to get confirmation from OT Rashawn Slater regarding his health and to hear WR Keenan Allen’s thoughts on rookie WR Quentin Johnson. This team should give us what they think they will every year and go far in the playoff this year.
Los Angeles Rams:
Not much news here but signed WR Tyler Johnson who can help them make some big splashy plays on offense. DC Raheem Morris helped saved a drowning child and credited his AED training. Always cool to hear these stories about NFL coaches and players leaping into action to help and save other in the community.
Miami Dolphins:
This team appears to be click on all levels so far this offseason and there appears to be a lot more good coming with the team working to get a Wilkins extension done before the season and may even still end up with RB Dalvin Cook here soon. Tua being completely healthy at this point doesn’t feel like much of a surprise but it does appear that he is trying to take on more of a leadership role after finding his confidence last year. My main worry though with Tua is that last year he still was very much a rhythm quarterback in my mind so when he got knocked off that rhythm he had some really bad games. However, when he was able to keep in rhythm he at times looked like the best passer in the league. It will be key this offseason now that he knows the offense to be able to play off rhythm when necessary and make those plays that the top quarterbacks in the league make if he wanting to take the next step.
Minnesota Vikings:
It appears that the Vikings are in a holding pattern and I imagine are hoping to get a trade package they approve of for RB Dalvin Cook. Sooner or later though it appears that Dalvin Cook will not be with the Vikings this year. Big win though for the fans and locals in Minnesota with the team paying off their stadium early and saving taxpayers a bunch of money. Might get some more buy in from good press like that.
New England Patriots:
Not much news here but it appears things are moving along really well in comparison with last year at this time. QB Mac Jones seems happy and is working hard. It will be tough for this Patriots team with how stacked the division is but maybe a big move to get Hopkins and some improvement from the offense and Mac Jones and who knows they may be right up there with everyone else in the division.
New Orleans Saints:
Another team where things just seem to be clicking so far is here in New Orleans. QB Derek Carr seems to be doing a good job taking on a leadership role and working with teammates such as TE Juwan Johnson. Things will be going even better if WR Michael Thomas can actually return for camp and find a way to play near a level that he used to. Right now in a wide open NFC South it appears that this team will be the favorites to win it going into the season.
New York Giants:
Not much here which may be a good thing for a New York team to get a break from all the media. This season will be an interesting one with how the team went all in on QB Daniel Jones. It kind of feels like besides the Eagles the rest of the division is up for grabs with no true strong contender emerging yet.
New York Jets:
Good news on the Quinnen Williams front and in keeping Aaron Rodgers happy. Williams and the team are not far off in contract talks which hopefully means something will get done here very soon. Rodgers has been raving about the Jets communication skills which was his main gripe with the Packers. Now lets just make it clear that he does not need to be pulling the sled.
Philadelphia Eagles:
Man what a difference one decision can make. Jalen Hurts I imagine would have been in Seattle had the trade happened for Russell Wilson. I bet Eagles fans are happy this didn’t pan out but it does not mean they need to cut Wilson any slack for not wanting to play in Philly if these teams meet in future seasons or end up playing each other in the Super Bowl. Eagles appear setup to be the main threat in the NFC.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Not much out of Pittsburgh per usual but the good news is that Broderick Jones is progressing nicely and is already getting 1st-team reps at Left Tackle. I am sure QB Kenny Pickett is pleased with that.
San Francisco 49ers:
Things are moving along just fine for the 49ers. Exciting to hear that S Ji’Ayir Brown is making good progress and apparently had 4 or 5 interceptions during OTAs. I imagine the team is also very pleased with the progress QB Brock Purdy is making in his recovery from elbow surgery. He appears to be on pace with the original timeline. If this team can figure it out at the QB position they just might be the most complete all around team up there with the Eagles.
Seattle Seahawks:
Gotta love HC Pete Carroll. It seems like so far it has been pretty unanimous that all those that are playing or coaching football do not love the new kickoff rules. I am sure folks will find ways to take advantage of it though. Once again this week WR Jaxon Smith Njigba was impressive and should be establishing himself within that offense. Seahawks could very well be a sleeper team in the NFC that was good last year but that folks are paying a ton of attention to this year.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
This team has all the big name weapons at receiver one could ask for as long as they stay healthy. It was great to hear that Chris Godwin is getting his explosiveness back. Now not surprisingly it comes down to the QB battle and a big part of that is gaining respect from those veteran players and coaches in the building. I still feel like this battle is QB Baker Mayfield’s to lose at this point.
Tennessee Titans:
Sad news this past week here as well with the passing of Bob Hyde. Also, finally some negative news about one of the Quarterbacks from this year’s draft. Will Levis has been struggling. However, this should not be viewed as a bad sign because every rookie is going to struggle and Levis with his situation has the benefit of time.
Washington Commanders:
Seems we are inching closer and closer to the Josh Harris Group’s bid being fully accepted by the owners after some minor adjustments. From the actual team and players it sounds like things are going really well and maybe better than a lot of folks expected. CB Emmanuel Forbes has been doing well in the slot and QB Sam Howell is looking the part and taking charge. The Commanders will be a fun team to watch this year and see how they end up when it is all said and done.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:

Restaurant of the Week: (Pittsburgh - Burgatory)
Get excited Pittsburgh fans and all folks going to a game here! Burgatory is only a half mile from the stadium and has some of the best food so far from the restaurants that have been featured. One of my personal favorites is the Piggy Butter & Jelly. Yes, that is a burger with peanut butter and jelly on it. Don’t question it just try it. However, if for some reason you do not my other recommendation would be The Triple B which is a Bison, Beer Cheese, and Bacon burger. Hence the name Triple B. You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu and the important thing though is that you don’t forget to grab a shake as well. My personal favorite is the Oreo Peanut Butter Pie shake. They are open every day starting at 11am and closer at 9pm everyday except for Friday and Saturday when they close at 11pm. Hop on over and enjoy this delicious food when in town for a game!
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2023.06.05 15:00 AutoModerator Welcome to r/EASHL: Posting Guidelines, Flair Filter Usage, Discord Server Link, EASHL League Directory, and Other Useful Links

Please take a moment to read through this post and familiarize yourself with some of the rules and features of this subreddit. Thank you!

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Posting Guidelines

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2023.06.05 14:41 Schainy Andromalius update

[Update Notice]
Time: The Hero's Town will be closed for maintenance at 2AM on June 6th(UTC-5) for about 30mins.
Highlight -Enhancement of Andromalius Soul Orb. -Soul Card - Fallen Angel Sariel -Outfit Contest is going to start!
Update Notice
Time: The Hero's Town will be closed for maintenance at 2AM on June 6th(UTC-5) for about 30mins.
Highlight -Enhancement of Andromalius Soul Orb. -Soul Card - Fallen Angel Sariel -Outfit Contest is going to start!
  1. Andromaolius 7* orb added
  2. New Soul Card Fallen Angel - Sariel "“Star of Annihilation”, Sariel. Sariel is the most silent and intimidating Fallen Angel, she cares about nothing but killing. She has been a fatal weapon for her whole life, ever since the day of her birth."
Race: Fallen Angel, Human Slot:Gear Quality: M Cost: 9 Bonus: 2★: Star of Annihilation (Basic) Get 12% All Elemental DMG bonus; if Rune Energy is above 960, you shall get extra 6% All Elemental DMG. 4★: Uprising Killing (Adv.) MP -2/sec; All Elemental ATK +10 for every 2 MP lost due to the Fallen Angel Soul Card effect, up to 20 stacks.
🎉[New Events]
  1. 7 Days Sign-in Event Time: June 7, 04:00 - June 20 23:59:59 UTC-5 Get qualification: June 7, 04:00 - June 13 23:59:59 UTC-5
During the event, buy qualification and sign in to get rewards like Outfit - Football Girl.
  1. Outfit Contest Voting time: June 14, 00:00 - June 27, 23:59 UTC-5 Settlement time: June 28, 00:00 - July 4, 23:59 UTC-5
☄️Current Theme: Cyberpunk
Voting Stage: 1. Heroes can upload their outfit combinations based on the current contest theme. Each hero can only upload once, and modifications are not allowed after uploading. 2. Heroes have 3 likes per day. After liking others' works 3 times, they can claim daily rewards. Only 1 like can be given to the same hero on the same day. Like counts and daily rewards refresh at 4 AM. 3. Enter the search bar to view other heroes' works by searching for outfit titles or hero names. 4. The popularity ranking page will display the top 100 popular outfits across the server. 5. The popular outfit interface will randomly showcase the splendid outfits of various heroes.
Showcase Stage: 1. After the voting stage, it will enter the showcase stage, where heroes can view the top 100 popular outfits across the server. 2. Heroes who have submitted their works can claim their ranking rewards on the ranking rewards page. 3. No likes can be given during the showcase stage.
  1. Royal Theater Time: June 14, 00:00 - June 27, 23:59 UTC-5 Rules:
  2. Spend Rubies to warm up the theater. Each time, you will receive 1 item from the special prize pool and 2 items from the regular prize pool.
  3. Once an item is drawn from the special prize pool, it won't be put back, while items drawn from the regular prize pool will be put back. After warming up for 20 rounds, you will receive all the popularity points.
  4. Collecting 10 popularity points allows you to summon stage actors and receive exclusive outfits, dynamic emojis, and frames as rewards.
  5. After a player has drawn all the rewards from the special prize pool in 20 rounds, subsequent draws will only provide 2 items from the regular prize pool.
  6. After each warming up, there is a chance to trigger an Easter egg, reducing the cost for the next warm-up.
  1. Optimization of the Recharge Rewards in Rubies Deals (100,000 Rubies): -The exclusive Chat Box - Gold has been added with permanent usage rights. -The reward of 10 Mythic Skill Token has been removed. -For heroes who have already received the Recharge Reward before the update, we will distribute the exclusive chat box via game email.
  2. Added Fate Key in the daily limited purchases.
  3. Fixed the bug where Core Runes could be purchased with diamonds.
  4. Correct some typos.
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2023.06.05 14:37 its_vf WAFL 2023: Sebit Kuek putting hand up to cover for injured star Sean Darcy

Fremantle forward Sebit Kuek believes he can help the Dockers cover for the absence of injured ruckman Sean Darcy.
Forwards Jye Amiss, Josh Treacy, and Luke Jackson have all found form during the club’s four-game winning streak, but a spot in front of goals may become available with Jackson set to spend more time in the ruck due to Darcy’s “moderate” hamstring injury.
The high-leaping Kuek, who was taken out of East Perth in last year’s mid-season draft, said he was ready for the step up to AFL level.
“I can see myself breaking into the team,” he said.
“It’s just opportunity. The boys are going well right now. When it’s my turn, I’ll be up and ready to go.
“I’ve got really good coaching. (Development coach) Adam Read and the boys, they’ve got me to the point where I really know the game plan.”
Kuek has kicked 13 goals in eight WAFL games for Peel this year, including a bag of four against Perth in round two and hauls of three against West Coast and West Perth in rounds six and seven respectively.
The 22-year-old said he had improved greatly over his 12 months with the Dockers.
“Bringing consistency each and every week is something I’ve been working on,” Kuek said.
“It’s just about bringing effort each week and grinding away.
“Sometimes things don’t play out the way I want but there’s always next week, that’s footy.”
Kuek is one of several key position options to come in for the hamstrung Darcy, with recruit Josh Corbett and big-bodied ruckman Liam Reidy also performing strongly at the lower level.
submitted by its_vf to FremantleFC [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:28 sonofabutch No game today, so let's remember a forgotten Yankee: Truck Hannah

The entirety of Harry "Truck" Hannah's major league career came with the New York Yankees -- all three years of it. But if you include his participation in the minors, he had a long career, beginning in 1909 with the Tacoma Tigers in the Northwestern League and ending in 1940 with the Memphis Chickasaws in the Southern Association. He is one of only a handful of players to have a hit in five different decades!
Of all the forgotten Yankee with memorable nicknames -- No Neck, Stanky the Yankee, Sailor Bob, Spud, Slow Joe, The Mummy, Birdie, Bump, and Grandma Johnny -- there's something to be said about the sublime elegance of a big, brawny catcher nicknamed Truck.
James Harrison Hannah Jr. was born 134 years ago today, on June 5, 1889, in what was then the Dakota Territory. (It would become the state of North Dakota about five months later.) By age 2, the family had moved to Seattle, Washington.
As a kid, he was called Harry, but by the time he was playing baseball, he was universally known as Truck. There are several stories as to how he got the nickname. Some said it had to do with his imposing size -- he stood 6'1" and weighed a solid 190 pounds -- and others because of the way he could block the plate as easily as a truck could block a street. Other sources say the nickname wasn't comparing him to a motor vehicle but to a horse, or rather a truck horse, as horses that pulled heavy wagons were called at the time. His daughter, Helen, said he got the nickname simply because he was "big and slow."
Another explanation, a little less colorful, was that Hannah paid the bills in the off-season by working as a truck driver!
Hall of Fame Umpire Billy Evans said Hannah was adept at the catcher's trick of distracting the batter with a steady stream of banter while behind the plate:
"Truck Hannah always has been an object of interest to me when catching. Aside from always doing a pretty good job receiving, he never failed to have a line of conversation that would make a bigger hit on the vaudeville circuit than some of the stuff used by some monologue artists. Hannah keeps up a continual chatter from the time the game starts. Of course, his conversation is largely directed at the batter, in the hope that his line of talk will take the mind of the batter from his work, the making of base hits. He seeks to keep the batter from concentrating, and from the many strikes slipped over by the New York pitchers, I would say there was merit in his system. Hannah's conversation is never objectionable. He usually has the batter laughing at some of his talk, rather than sore."
But Hannah used more than just banter to distract batters. As the pitch was being delivered, he would sometimes spit tobacco juice onto a player's shoes, toss pebbles onto the plate, or throw dirt at their hands on the bat!
Hannah got his start in professional baseball as a 20-year-old third baseman with the Tacoma Tigers in the Northwestern League. When the team needed an emergency catcher, Hannah was put behind the plate and stuck there for the rest of his career. Over the next five years he played for five different teams in four different leagues, until in 1914 finally catching on with the Sacramento Wolves in the Pacific Coast League. The PCL at the time was considered by some to be a third major league, or at least the minor league closest to major league competition, and Hannah was regarded as one of the best catchers in the league. He drew interest from several major league teams, including the Tigers, Phillies, and Browns. But it was the Yankees who finally acquired him, paying $4,000 to acquire his rights after he hit .292 in 569 at-bats in 1917.
Truck pulled into the Polo Grounds -- not Yankee Stadium, which wouldn't be built until 1923 -- as the foundation was being laid for a dynasty. Jacob Ruppert and Tillinghast Huston purchased the Yankees in 1915 and immediately set about reversing the fortunes of what had been for years one of the worst-run teams in the American League. The Yankees, as they became known in 1913, had only winning season in the last 10 years.
The new owners set about making changes, acquiring a number of valuable players: Wally Pipp, Home Run Baker, Ping Bodie, Aaron Ward, Urban Shocker, and previously forgotten Yankee Bob Shawkey.
After the 1917 season they made the biggest change of all, firing well-liked manager Bill Donovan and replacing him with former St. Louis Cardinals manager Miller Huggins, who over the next 11 years would lead the Yankees to six pennants and three World Series.
Huggins made another move, acquiring from the St. Louis Browns future Hall of Fame pitcher "Gettysburg Eddie" Plank and veteran second baseman Del Pratt. The latter would be a good player for the Yankees, hitting .295/.348/.394 (106 OPS+) over the next three seasons, but the 42-year-old Plank refused to report and retired instead. In return, the Yankees shipped out five players... including starting catcher Les Nunamaker, who had been with the Yankees for four seasons.
And so, needing a catcher to replace Nunamaker, the Yankees paid the Salt Lake City Bees $4,000 for Hannah. He was expected to battle 22-year-old Muddy Ruel to be the backup to the 25-year-old Roxy Walters, who had been Nunamaker's understudy since September 1915, but Ruel would be drafted into the U.S. Army and Walters broke his finger in an exhibition game 10 days before Opening Day. By the time Walters was ready to play again, Hannah was hitting .288/.432/.356 and had thrown out 19 out of 34 basestealers; over the rest of the season, he would maintain that pace to lead the league in CS% (55%) as well as in double plays as a catcher (16). His batting average would fade dramatically, however, dropping all the way to .220 by the end of the season, but he was still contributing with a .361 OBP in 312 plate appearances. Walters's bat never got started at all, and hitting just .199/.239/.236 in 205 plate appearances.
Technically a major league rookie when he joined the team, the 29-year-old Hannah was treated like a veteran from his four seasons in the well-respected Pacific Coast League. In addition, he was -- literally as well as figuratively, at 6'1" -- one of the few players on the team who could see eye-to-eye with the 6'2" Babe Ruth when he was acquired prior to the 1920 season. When Ruth got into squabbles with diminutive manager Miller Huggins, it was often Hannah's duty to keep the peace.
Yankee shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh, the Yankee captain from 1914 to 1921, described one such incident to long-time Yankee PR man Marty Appel in 1974:
"Once we were leaving Boston after a tough loss, and Babe was drunk, and he said he was gonna throw Huggins off the train! He was heading for his drawing room. On the way he stopped in the men’s room and punched this huge mirror. It fell into a million pieces. Me and Ernie Shore and Truck Hannah pulled him down to the ground and sat on him until he passed out. Truck — a big guy — puts him over his shoulder and moves him to the next car."
At the end of the season, the Yankees were happy enough with Hannah that they traded Roxy Walters to the Red Sox. For the next two years, the catching duties were almost evenly split between Hannah and Ruel, who was back from the Army with the end of World War I.
The "Muddy-Truck" tandem was colorfully named but disappointing, with Ruel hitting .255/.325/.306 (71 OPS+) in 560 PA and Hannah .243/.313/.317 (70 OPS+) in 553 PA. Catcher in those days was very much a defense-first position, and both had good gloves, but the Yankees (even with the newly acquired Babe Ruth having an 11.7 bWAR season) finished three games out of 1st in 1920.
Ruppert and Huston asked Huggins what the team needed to win, and his answer: a catcher.
At the end of the season, the Yankees sent Hannah back to the Pacific Coast League, and traded Ruel to the Red Sox for previously forgotten Yankee Wally Schang, the first in the long line of great Yankee catchers. In his five years with the Yankees, the switch-hitting Schang hit .297/.390/.406 (105 OPS+), and in the 1923 World Series -- the first of 27 won by the Yankees -- Schang played every inning of every game, went 7-for-22 (.318) with a double and three runs scored, and allowed just one stolen base.
Hannah would stay in the Pacific Coast League for the next 22 years as a player, coach, and manager. He had a great year with the Vernon Tigers in 1923, hitting .346 with 23 doubles and 6 home runs in 370 plate appearances. His final plate appearance came on May 19, 1940, when he was managing the Memphis Chicks. Two weeks shy of his 51st birthday, with both his catchers injured, Hannah caught both ends of a doubleheader and went 1-for-6.
Hannah retired from baseball two years later after his St. Paul Saints lost 15 games in a row -- 11 of them by one run! He said he couldn't sleep anymore, replaying every loss in his head over and over, second-guessing every decision he made as manager.
He retired to his ranch in Southern California, but remained active enough in the regional baseball scene that when the Los Angeles Angels played their first major league game in 1961, Hannah was selected to catch the ceremonial first pitch.
Truck Hannah died on April 27, 1982, five weeks shy of his 93rd birthday. His wife, Helen, died in October, a month before what would have been their 70th wedding anniversary.
Keep On Truckin':
Near the end of his career, Truck Hannah was interviewed about the rigors of being a catcher. He said during his 30 years in baseball he'd broken every finger on his right hand at least twice. "What the hell, it's all part of the game," he said. "It sure was fun while it lasted. Even with busted hands and fingers and everything else, I wouldn't have missed it for the world."
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2023.06.05 14:12 P5YD33 Coddit Mondays #4

Coddit Mondays #4 submitted by P5YD33 to teenagersbutpog [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 13:01 Drifts_72 Scotland in European Football for the upcoming season

National Coefficient
Following the 2022/23 season Scotland has somehow managed to hold onto its place as the 9th highest ranked nation in Europe, albeit with a smaller gap between us and lower ranked nations.
7th - 🇵🇹 Portugal - 56.216
8th - 🇧🇪 Belgium - 42.200
9th - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland - 36.400
10th -🇦🇹 Austria - 34.000
11th - 🇷🇸 Serbia - 32.375
12th - 🇹🇷 Turkey - 32.100

15th - 🇨🇿 Czech Republic - 29.050
For the start of the 2023/24 season Scotland will remain in 9th place with a slightly larger gap over our competition.
7th - 🇵🇹 Portugal - 45.316
8th - 🇧🇪 Belgium - 34.400
9th - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland - 29.650
10th - 🇦🇹 Austria - 27.800
11th - 🇨🇭Switzerland - 27.775
12th - 🇹🇷 Turkey - 26.600

15th - 🇳🇴 Norway - 23.625.
UEFA Access List
Celtic - Champions League Group Stage
Rangers - Champions League 3rd Qualifer
Aberdeen - Europa League Play Off
Hearts - Europa Conference League 3rd Qualifier
Hibs - Europa Conference League 2nd Qualifier
Slight change here with the new format, UEFA are planning on expanding the Europa League qualifiers which currently don’t have a 1st or 2nd round in order to expand the tournament as a whole.
1st - Champions League Group Stage
2nd - Champions League 3rd Qualifier
3rd - Europa League Play off
4th - Europa League 2nd Qualifier
5th - Europa Conference League 2nd Qualifier.
Uefa Champions League - Group Stage Seedings
Celtic are more or less set in stone, excluding a miracle in the qualifiers they’ll be in Pot 4 of the Champions League with the likes of Newcastle and Lens. Interesting to see how Celtic do this year given that Ange is set to be leaving.
Uefa Champions League - League Path seedings
Uefa Champions League - Group Stage Seedings
Uefa Europa League - Group Stage seedings
Rangers are seeded in both their qualifying rounds and will either be in Pot 3 of the Champions League or Pot 1 of the Europa League.
The Play off will be a hard challenge for Beale with it being against either PSV or Marseille (assuming they both win), both doable ties but it’ll be hard fought.
Unlike with Celtic there’s no chance of Rangers seedings changing, which is a slight relief because ending up in Pot 2 of the Europa League with some of the teams that have qualified could be a death sentence, looking at Pot 1 I can’t remember there ever being one as strong as that in recent years.
Europa League - Play Off seedings
Europa League - Group Stage seedings
Europa Conference League - Group Stage seedings
The Europa League Play Off is drawn in the most outrageously complicated way considering every other qualifier is just seeded and unseeded.
3 teams from Pot 1 are paired with 3 teams from Pot 4
3 remaining teams from Pot 1 are paired with 3 teams from Pot 3
2 remaining teams from Pot 3 are paired with 2 teams from Pot 2
All remaining teams from Pot 2 are paired with each other.
What this means is Aberdeen will play either a Pot 3 or a Pot 4 side. There’s some beatable sides such as HJK and Lugano while some bastards of a tie such as Slavia Prague and Olympiacos.
If Aberdeen were to advance they’d be the first Scottish side outside the Old Firm to ever qualify for the Europa League group stages and would be seeded in Pot 4. Losing would put them in the conference league where their seeding is undetermined .
There’s simply way too many variables to actually predict which pot they’ll be in and we probably won’t know until the Play offs are finished, however all Scottish clubs who could have qualified would have been in Pot 3 in the past 2 editions of the tournament.
Hearts and Hibs
Europa Conference League - 2nd Qualifier Seedings
Europa Conference League - 3rd Qualifier seedings
Europa Conference League - Play off Seedings
Europa Conference League - Group Stage seedings
Hearts start unseeded in the 3rd Conference League qualifier, Unlike with Aberdeens draw this is just a simple Seeded vs Unseeded tie.
With Hearts starting unseeded if they manage to beat any of the top half of the seeded category they will take the seeding of their opponent and be seeded for the Play off tie. Meaning that to qualify they’ll need to beat a team from the top half of the seeded category and the team from the bottom half, or an unseeded side who beats one or the other.
Hibs will start seeded in the 2nd Conference League qualifier, If they are to advance they’ll be in the exact same scenario as Hearts.
The draw will really make or break the Edinburgh clubs, you could get some absolute gifts or be playing Juventus away (UEFA pending) to qualify for the bottom tier of European football.
If you’ve got any questions feel free to ask and i’ll try answer as best as I can. Shout out to @UefaRankings for making the images I used.
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2023.06.05 12:59 Mammoth-Ad-6962 Head of youth development

Why’s this guy not doing his job?
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2023.06.05 12:30 JollyJadenTNT Agent Jones vs Booster Gold (Fortnite vs DC Comics) rewritten connections

Snarky, goofy, bigmouthed, incompetent blonde space/time-hopping characters using (specific pieces of equipment to do so) who are basically regular guys who overly rely on their weapons and technology to dependency. They both start their journeys with family stuggles, which in turn lead to a chain of events that lead them to find "solutions" that could help their families. Despite this, their solutions had flawed motivations involving self-promotion, causing them to use their space-time hopping power to commit questionable actions (Jones joined the IO, and wanted to get a higher position in ranking, however the IO was secretly evil and used Jones to go to different realities and kidnap people. Booster used time travel for fame and fortune, and setting up things to make it seem like he saved the day). However, they eventually realize their mistakes and attempt to redeem themselves, reassesing their priorities and learning to become true heroes of the multiverse, even willing to make great sacrafices.

They both join a group of superheroes (The Seven and The Justice League) who, however, really are not fond of them, as both peers and even enemies alike hate them for their personalities, and this is not helped as both learn to accept that. They work secret jobs of protecting the multiverse that nobody else knows, as the only people who are aware of their job are people in their field, as no one else even know of their existence.

Both have also stolen futuristic weapons, and recruit other people thoughout space and time. Both also eventually gain the respect from members of said hero team. One of these members is a blue high-tech armored character who they were on the wrong foot with at first, but they eventually become friends/partners.
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2023.06.05 11:45 autobuzzfeedbot 10 Ways Rey's New Jedi Order Must Be Different To The Prequels

  1. Rey’s New Jedi Order Should Really Pay Attention To Force Visions
  2. Rey’s New Jedi Order Should Seek True Balance
  3. Rey’s Jedi Order Should Not Be A Military Asset
  4. Rey’s Jedi Order Should Have Less Formal Training
  5. Rey’s Jedi Order Shouldn’t Recruit Padawans At A Young Age
  6. Rey’s Jedi Order Shouldn’t Be Attached To The Republic
  7. Rey’s Jedi Order Shouldn’t Have A Rank System
  8. Rey's Order Shouldn't Have A Jedi Council
  9. Rey's Jedi Order Shouldn't Forbid Relationships
  10. Rey's Jedi Order Shouldn't Have A Temple
Link to article
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2023.06.05 11:09 eatmahpls I don't know what I should get.

I don't know what I should get.
Should I get the t55am1 or get a talisman for the bmp2? I'm also on console so we don't get vehicle packs on sale too often if there's a upcoming sale. I also have the T-80UM2 and T-80UK if a talisman would be good for that as well. Thank you for any advice and good luck on the grind my friends.
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2023.06.05 10:29 Big-Possibility4553 Liste des plugins ChatGPT par catégories

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2023.06.05 10:24 Bluedagger NJED - PVP Wormhole Corp Recruiting Experienced Pilots Across US and EU TZs

New Jovian Exploration Department
In-Game Public Channel: NJED Bar & Lounge
Killboard: Zkillboard
Out-of-Game Public Channel: Discord
Our Home: Vanilla C4 with C3/C5 Statics
Activity: Peak activity between 16:00 - 22:00 and 02:00 - 06:00
Who We Are:
Membership Perks:
Who We Are Looking For:
If you’re interested in learning more about NJED, please join our Discord to chat with our recruiters and fill out the application form.
Also reachable in-game through our public channel, NJED Bar & Lounge, and messaging leadership:
Esil Onnlin, EU Time Zone Recruitment;
Anaya Harper, US Time Zone Recruitment; and/or
Bluedagger, CEO
Testimonials and Exploits:
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2023.06.05 10:12 adesigne ChatGPT plugins list in one place by categories

ChatGPT plugins list in one place by categories
Ai tools by categories
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2023.06.05 10:11 adesigne ChatGPT plugins list in one place by categories

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2023.06.05 10:05 adesigne ChatGPT plugins list in one place by categories

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2023.06.05 09:29 rsrglobal Success Ratio of RSR Global

Success Ratio of RSR Global
The goal of RSR Global, an international recruitment agency and consulting, is to rank among the top education and recruitment firms in the global healthcare and manpower sectors. They promise to find the most qualified people and use their knowledge of identifying professions in hospitality and healthcare to successfully place them in positions that suit them. They each have offices spread across 15 and 21 countries, respectively. RSR Global has been named one of the "Best international recruitment agencies," and their website and YouTube channel both contain success stories. Despite the fact that the search results do not specifically mention their success rate in matching job hopefuls with employers, they have been honoured as one of the "Best international recruitment agencies" and have been recognised for their work in this area.
Recruitment Agency in uk
RSR Global in london

RSR Global Agency in UK

#hospitality jobs in uk
#uk agency for nurses
#doctor jobs in the uk
#hospitality recruitment agencies london
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2023.06.05 09:00 AutoModerator Guild Recruitment Megathread

Please keep all your guild recruiting to this thread. You may repost your advertisement once every 24 hours per guild or user. You can also try posting on: swgoh_guilds
There's also some Discord servers for recruiting: https://discord.gg/XZC9qfx https://discord.gg/GpUvgQ3 https://discord.gg/WxgwxHj
You can also find a guild on the swgoh.gg recruitment site. If you are a guild leader or officer, be sure to set up your guild page there.
One of the major features of the game is the ability to form guilds. Being in a guilds opens up new activities such as Raids, Daily Guild Activities, Territory Battles, and Territory Wars.
Guild Activities
Daily Guild Activity Calendar:
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2023.06.05 08:39 Educational-Nose223 John Thornhills Ambassador Program Reviews Reddit :⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - John Thornhills Ambassador Program Review - John Thornhills Ambassador Program Does Work?

John Thornhills Ambassador Program Reviews Reddit :⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - John Thornhills Ambassador Program Review - John Thornhills Ambassador Program Does Work?

John Thornhills Ambassador Program Reviews Reddit :⚠️Scam?⚠️Must Read! Before Buy - John Thornhills Ambassador Program Review - John Thornhills Ambassador Program Does Work?

So you’ve heard about John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program and you’re wondering if it’s a scam. It’s always important to do your research before investing time and money into any online program, and that’s where I come in.
John Thornhills Ambassador Program Reviews
I’ve spent the past few weeks doing thorough research on the Ambassador Program and I’m here to share everything I’ve learned with you. In this review, we’ll cover all the important topics so you can make an informed decision about whether this program is right for you.
John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Review – Key Takeaways
  • Product Name: Ambassador Program
  • Creator: John Thornhill
  • Overall Rank: 4.5/5
  • Ambassador Program Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam
  • Who is it For: Newbie to Expert in Affiliate Marketing

What Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program?

The John Thornhill Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for individuals who are seeking to make money online and work from home. This program is designed to train and equip you with the necessary tools to become a successful affiliate for John Thornhill’s products.

john thronhills ambassador program review

One of the unique aspects of this program is that the commission rates are higher than those of traditional affiliates. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to promote high-ticket programs and courses that can result in even greater earnings.
Even if you have little to no experience in online business, the Ambassador Program is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You’ll learn how to generate daily sales and automatic income streams, allowing you to earn money 24/7.
The program includes five traffic systems that will teach you the techniques to quickly generate a substantial amount of traffic and increase your earnings.
The best part? You only need to invest 2 to 4 hours per week, and you’ll still see results. After a few hours of work, you’ll learn how to maximize your efforts and achieve even greater success.
John Thornhill’s success with ClickBank is one of the highlights of the Ambassador Program. He’ll share the strategies he used to become successful, and you’ll find them easy to replicate for your own success.

Who is John Thornhill?

John Thornhill is a seasoned business coach who’s helped numerous people launch and grow their own successful ventures.
One of the things that set John apart is his effective methods, which have helped many budding entrepreneurs earn significant amounts of money. His Ambassador Program, for example, has been a game-changer for many of his clients.
John is also a top seller on ClickBank, a popular affiliate marketing platform. Thanks to his savvy understanding of how to generate more revenue, he was able to rake in an impressive $1,362,342 through the affiliate model.
In recognition of his expertise in the field, John has been selected as a Product of the Day Vendor. This is a clear indication that he knows how to identify the right products to promote and help his clients make more money.
So, if you’re looking for a reliable guide to help you start your own business, John Thornhill might just be the coach you need.

How Does John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Help You Make Money?

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Attend the Free Webinar and Join the Program
The first step is to attend a free live webinar hosted by John Thornhill. During this webinar, he will explain the program in detail and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to join the program, you will be granted a license to sell John’s products and earn 100% of the sales commissions.

Step 2: Get Your Landing Page and Webinar Funnel Set Up
Once you’ve joined the program, you will receive your own landing page and webinar funnel. These are the tools you will use to invite others to a webinar and promote John’s product.

Step 3: Connect Your Funnel to Your Email Autoresponder and ClickBank Account
To start promoting John’s products, you’ll need an email autoresponder. John recommends using Aweber, which you can connect to your funnel. This way, people who visit your landing page will be directed to your email list, where they’ll receive approximately 99 promotional emails over 30 days. The emails will include links to John’s products and your affiliate ID.
You will also need a ClickBank affiliate account, where you’ll enter your affiliate ID. This ensures that the emails you send to your list will include your affiliate links.

Step 4: Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Landing Page
To make sales and earn commissions, you’ll need to drive targeted traffic to your landing page. This can be achieved through various methods such as paid advertising, social media, or search engine optimization. As people opt-in to your email list and purchase John’s products through your links, you’ll start earning commissions.

In summary, the John Thornhill Ambassador Program is a great way to make money with affiliate marketing. By following these four steps, you’ll be able to promote John’s products, build your email list, and earn commissions on every sale.

What’s Inside John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

If you’re curious about what’s inside John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program, let’s take a peek together.

The DFY Webinar Funnel
This part of the program provides you with a pre-made funnel to attract traffic and capture emails. The funnel’s goal is to promote John Thornhill’s programs through a webinar. You don’t have to worry about creating the funnel from scratch, as it’s already done for you!

The 99 Email Scripts
With this program, you’ll have access to 99 email scripts that you can use to promote John Thornhill’s products to your subscribers. No need to spend time crafting your own emails, as John Thornhill has already written them for you.

Traffic Training
Getting targeted traffic to your webinar funnels is essential to promoting John Thornhill’s products to your audience. With the Traffic Training provided in the Ambassador Program, you’ll learn how to get quality web traffic and build your list.

Your JV Page
The Ambassador Program allows you to hire affiliates to promote John Thornhill’s products for you, and you get to keep half of the revenue. This means you can build a team of affiliates and have them do the promotion for you.

Overall, John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program gives you all the tools you need to effectively promote his products to your audience. With the pre-made webinar funnel, email scripts, traffic training, and the ability to hire affiliates, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Who Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program for?

If you’re tired of the 9-5 grind, living paycheck to paycheck, and not having anything left over at the end of the month, this program is for you. Additionally, entrepreneurs who want to diversify their income streams and have a business partner to guide them through the process will find this program helpful.
Maybe you’re not interested in creating your own product or doing the research required to succeed in affiliate marketing. That’s okay! This program will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you don’t waste your time or make any costly mistakes.

How Much Does John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program Cost?

The initial investment is only $497. However, you will need to pay for email autoresponders on a monthly basis, but don’t worry, there’s an initial free trial. The cost for email autoresponders is just around $15, which is pretty affordable.
But wait, there’s more! You can also opt to enroll in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program, which costs $4,997. This program is more advanced and will teach you how to develop a product that you can sell to others. Keep in mind that this option is completely optional, and you may not need it right away.
If you’re still undecided about whether to invest in the Ambassador Program or not, you can always sign up for the free webinar. It’s a great way to get a better understanding of what the program entails before committing to anything.

Praises For John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for people looking to make money online through affiliate marketing. Here are some reasons why you may consider joining the program:

John Thornhill is a Proven Online Marketer

If you are looking for a mentor who knows what he is doing, then John Thornhill is your guy. He is among the top 1% of Clickbank’s Best Earners and has a million-dollar business that he is willing to share with you. With his training and products, you can have confidence that you are on the right track to making affiliate commissions quickly.

Easy-to-Follow Formula
The Ambassador Program is straightforward to follow. It is designed to help you generate passive income every day without having to spend all your time in front of a computer. With a stable income, you can finally have the freedom to enjoy your day while still earning money.

Promote Multiple Products
With the Ambassador Program, you can promote multiple products to your list, allowing you to make more money from one person. This means you can earn higher ticket commissions from your leads without having to sell to them repeatedly.

Traffic Training
Generating traffic is the hardest part of online marketing. However, the Ambassador Program offers great training on how to get online traffic that converts into sales. You will learn how to build a website, create your own product, and attract the right audience to your site.

Money-Back Guarantee
If the Ambassador Program does not meet your expectations, you can get your money back. The program comes with a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.
>> Visit John Thornhill’s Official Website To Learn More

Criticisms For John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

At almost $500, some people might find it expensive. And it’s true that not everyone can afford it. But consider this: you can learn everything you need to know about making money online from this program. So the price can be justified.
In fact, John Thornhill could sell it for even more. However, he wants you to succeed without having to shell out a lot of money from your pocket. That’s why he has lowered the price to a very reasonable level.

Requires Time and Effort
Like any course or program, the Ambassador Program requires time and effort to succeed. You won’t get rich overnight just by joining the program. You need to put in the work and follow the steps outlined in the course. But if you’re willing to invest the time and effort, you can definitely see results.

Not a Guarantee of Success
While the Ambassador Program can provide you with the knowledge and tools to make money online, it’s not a guarantee of success. Ultimately, it’s up to you to take action and apply what you’ve learned. Some people may not be able to achieve the same level of success as others, even if they’ve completed the program. But if you’re dedicated and committed to your success, the Ambassador Program can be a valuable resource.

Requires Self-Motivation
Since the program is self-paced, it requires self-motivation to stay on track. You won’t have someone checking up on you to make sure you’re following through with the lessons. It’s up to you to set aside time to work on the program and stay motivated to complete it.

Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program an MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

You may wonder if this program falls under the category of an MLM or pyramid scheme. Although there are some similarities, the program is different from these types of schemes.
Firstly, the Ambassador Program is not an MLM because it doesn’t require you to recruit others to promote John’s products, although you have the option to do so. In addition, the program involves promoting other people’s programs as well, making it even further from an MLM structure.
Moreover, the program is not a pyramid scheme either. In pyramid schemes, people are typically invited to join and pay money to participate with the promise of getting a return on their investment. However, in the Ambassador Program, people receive something in return for the money they pay. It’s also not an invitation-only scheme, meaning anyone can join the program.
In conclusion, the John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program is a legitimate program that’s neither an MLM nor a pyramid scheme. It provides an opportunity for individuals to promote different programs and products and earn commissions in return.

Is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program a Scam?

John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program is not a scam. This program provides a step-by-step formula that allows you to promote one or multiple products without having to figure things out on your own.
As someone who’s made money online, I can attest to the importance of following a mentor with a proven system, and John Thornhill fits the bill perfectly. With his Ambassador Program, you can learn the ropes of affiliate marketing and start earning those big bucks without worrying about falling for a scam.

Other Things You Should Know

What Are The Requirements to Succeed With Ambassador Program?
All you need is a free ClickBank account and an Aweber account (which offers a $1 trial option), and a willingness to put in some effort.

How do I Get Paid?

Every Wednesday, ClickBank will deposit your funds directly into your bank account from all your sales. The process is automated, so you don’t have to worry about it.

I Don’t Know How to Drive Traffic. Can John Thornhill Help?

Yes, he can! John Thornhill has generated millions of clicks to his websites, and he’ll show you how to get 100% free traffic. Plus, his paid traffic training is immediately implementable.

Do I Need Any Special “Tech” Skills?

No, you don’t! The interface is straightforward and requires just a few clicks. Plus, John Thornhill provides step-by-step training in the Members Area to get you set up quickly. This program will work for you, no matter what skill level you’re at.

How Long Does it Take to Set Everything Up?

You can get up and running in less than 30 minutes.

What if I Need Help?

John Thornhill is committed to helping his students succeed. He’ll be available to help you throughout the process.

Final Verdict

If you are struggling to start a digital business and don’t know where to begin, you can consider the John Thornhills Ambassador Program as a helpful resource. This program offers fantastic money-making opportunities that can change your financial situation for the better.
One of the best things about this program is that it’s easy to implement. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll be on your way to success in no time. Plus, the procedures have been tried and tested by countless people, so you can rest assured that they work.
If you’re ready to take your digital business to the next level, then give the Ambassador Program a try today.
>> Visit John Thornhill’s Official Website To Learn More
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P2W or what ?
  1. Photo guys what stats are this and 2. Photo my stats
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2023.06.05 08:32 excellencegurleen Become A Professional Digital Marketer In 90 Days That Companies Are Looking For?

Excellence Academy are the best Digital Marketing institutes in Chandigarh Providing World Class Digital Marketing Course in Mohali Especially To learners, Housewives & Other Who Are Looking For Web Designing classes. We Have Taught more than 6000+ Students in the past 10 Years. You Will Be Able To Rank Faster & 100% Organic Traffic on your Website That Deliver Better Results. You Will Get Assured Job After Completing Your Course. Digital Marketing training in Chandigarh are Provide good Salary in india and other Country We Have Approximately 30+ Recruiters Who Are Waiting To Hire you
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