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Come and discuss recent episodes of Bizarre States podcast hosted by Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser. If you have a terrifying tale, email it to [email protected], and don’t forget to keep up with the latest releases and paranormal activity from Bizarre States on Facebook and Twitter. Please note i'm not afflicted with Nerdist or Bizarre States. I know it would be cooler if I was.

2023.03.25 10:53 ForDepth Tainan meetups?

大家好 This sub doesn’t seem too active but I’m in Tainan for another week and could use some friendly activity companions. I’m in the East district nearish NCKU.
Things I’m down for: Eating (particularly spicy foods) Movies: new John Wick anyone? Hiking. If you have an extra bike I’m down to cycle. Going for foot massages Billiards or ping pong Gaming (board or video) Cocktails/ bars (on the weekends) Language exchange (my Mandarin is pretty poor) happy to help review English writings as well. Day trips. Pretty open to any suggestions too. Have done most of the touristy things in prior visits, but happy to tag along if that’s on your list. Running partner (so I don’t go home weighing an extra 15lbs lol)
Me: I’m working US hours on weekdays, so unavailable after 8pm. MBA & work in finance, visiting family, based in NYC. 40/M. Ok using Line or Whatsapp.
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2023.03.25 10:47 cavoodle11 West Coast recommendations

Hi fellow Redditors, hope you are having a great weekend thus far. My friend and I (Females in our fifties) will be in your beautiful isle in three weeks and travelling by car clockwise, Hobart to Hobart. We have all our accommodation and a few trips and activities locked in but have decided we don’t really want to stay in Maydena after Strahan. There is nothing that we are really interested in doing in that area, we clearly didn’t research that part well. Could anyone please share alternate towns to stay that offer to do other than hiking trails ( I had knee surgery 9 months ago so am still being careful). We have broad interests so appreciate all and any ideas/ recommended places, thanks so much!
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2023.03.25 10:46 SSM1228 Cherry Blossom Merch

Anyone been to the store for the cherry blossom stuff? I can’t get up to the arena/team store and I didn’t see it online. Would gladly Venmo for a shirt or hat! Unless there are online links but I didn’t see any the other day
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2023.03.25 10:43 Onemoniter Spy Android App: A must for all the parents

Spy Android App: A must for all the parents
It’s always a major concern for parents to monitor their children now or then. Parents have no idea what their children are up to when they aren’t around them. If the children are not monitored, they can get caught into trouble. This at times, becomes a reason for either the father or the mother to sit back at home and fulfill the duty of a responsible parent. The core responsibility of a parent is raising their children to become smart, confident and responsible. Let us see how a Spy Android App can help the parents
Significance of a spy Android app
Using a Spy Android App is the best solution for parental control. With help of this they can maintain a good and trustable relationship with their children. A study shows that an effect of an Android Spy App, separates the moral growth of the children. For keeping the children on track, Spy Android App is the perfect choice.
When parents allow their children to use phones they should talk to them about the responsible behavior and its moral values. Following are some factors that will help you in guiding and maintaining a healthy relationship with their children.
Controlling factors
If you wish to keep a contract with your children, you can give out all the details of the agreement. You can even mention the duration of the monitoring process to them. With the help of this agreement, you can remove the uncertainness and awkwardness between you and your children. The best thing the parents will get with this agreement is that their children won’t feel a negative behavior towards them. With the help of Spy Android App, you can keep your children aware of how to use their cell phones in the right possible way. This way, the safety of the cell phones too is assured and children are also guided to not provide any information to strangers online. Parents even have to teach their kids to not share any videos or pictures online as it can lead to cyber-crimes and cyber bullying.
Spy Android app- an excellent parenting technology
Usually children are very shy when it comes to keeping a check on them. It’s a very common and increasing situation that the children spend most of their time on the internet, they even take along their phones to the washrooms. They are so busy in their cell phones that they never really spend quality time with their parents.
For working parents, it is difficult to neglect their office work and keep a check on their children’s social media. Children love making friends online and even start sharing personal things with them. They rather start to believe that virtual world is everything and there is nothing in the real world. They become very dependent on the technology and this later can become a huge problem for the parents. So, Spy Android App is very essential to fix and end these problems.
With Spy Android App, you can listen to the conversation of your children and see to it what they are doing on an everyday basis with their phone. You can notice their behaviour and also get to know that what is going on in their mind. Also, be prepared as you might get to know a few things that you might not even have thought of. You can view what all your children post on social media. You’ll have the control of their phone but they won’t know about it.
The Spy Android App works in the best efficient and effective way for the parents. It’s a smart way for the parents to figure out if something fishy is going on in the minds and lives of the children. Following and keeping a check on children can be difficult but, with Android Spy App, these problems can be resolved in a minute.
Why onemonitor is the best Spy Android App?
onemonitor is a consistent and dependable Spy Android App which guarantees you your child’s safety without you being around them. It provides you an access to your child’s phone to keep a check on what all they are exchanging from their cell phone. All the Information be it deleted or old text messages, WhatsApp’s, calls, recordings, images, history, GPS locations, social media accounts i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat and various other mobile applications that are running can be tracked with onemonitor Spy Android App.
Features of onemonitor Spy Android App
  • Spy Call Logs
  • Tracking all the Installed Applications
  • Listen to Call Recordings
  • Track GPS Locations
  • Hidden Voice Recorder
  • Spy Facebook Chats, Spy WhatsApp Chats, Spy Instagram Chats
  • Spy Tinder Chats, Spy Line Chats, Spy Kik Chats,
  • Spy Skype Chats, video and call recordings
  • Track Outlook emails, Google Emails, Yahoo Mails
Highlights of onemonitor Spy Android App
  • Tracker for Call logs
  • Tracker for GPS locations
  • Ambient recordings
  • Tracker for instant messenger messages
  • Tracker for Text messages
  • Tracker for URLs
  • WhatsApp monitoring
  • Facebook monitoring
  • Line Messenger monitoring
  • Skype Monitoring
  • Kik Messenger Monitoring
  • Hike App Monitoring
  • Instagram Monitoring and much more
What to do to buy onemonitor Spy Android App?
Buying onemonitor Spy Android App is just a few clicks away. Switch on your phone, connect It with the internet then open your browser. Open www.onemonitor.in. Check your phone’s compatibility on the ‘Compatibility’ page. If your phone is perfectly compatible with the Android Spy App then click on the ‘Buy Now’ page. You can even check the various plans available on the ‘pricing’ page. There are three plans available i.e. premium, standard and ultra. You can see to it which plan suits you the best. You would be asked to fill in a few details in order to complete your order process.
Once you’re done purchasing, you get a mail on your e-mail id. IN this mail, you are provided with the installation guide that will help you in installing onemonitor Spy Android App on targeted android phone. If then also you need any help, you can contact on the details provided on the website.
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2023.03.25 10:20 Automatic_Pick_6552 How to fix this hole in my shirt? I wasn’t doing anything major and it just split across the lettering. Any ideas?

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2023.03.25 10:17 Soul_Sleepwhale Bilibili Gaming vs. Oh My God / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 10 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia Eventvods.com New to LoL

Bilibili Gaming 1-2 Oh My God

Oh My God secure a spot in the top 6 going into playoffs
BLG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter OMG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube


Winner: Bilibili Gaming in 28m MVP: ON (4) Match History Game Breakdown Player Stats
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
BLG akali yone tristana wukong sejuani 58.5k 19 10 HT1 H2 O3 M5 B7 M8
OMG kindred galio zeri jayce taliyah 45.9k 8 0 H4 M6
BLG 19-8-44 vs 8-19-18 OMG
Bin gnar 3 5-2-6 TOP 0-4-6 2 kennen shanji
Xun vi 1 1-2-9 JNG 2-2-2 3 xinzhao Aki
Yagao leblanc 3 5-0-7 MID 2-4-3 4 sylas Creme
Elk jinx 2 6-2-10 BOT 3-4-2 1 xayah Able
ON thresh 2 2-2-12 SUP 1-5-5 1 rakan ppgod


Winner: Oh My God in 27m MVP: Aki (9) Match History Game Breakdown Player Stats
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
OMG kindred galio leblanc lulu taliyah 52.6k 16 6 C1 CT3 I4 H5 B7
BLG yone tristana vi kennen ksante 47.4k 12 3 H2 I6
OMG 16-13-46 vs 13-16-31 BLG
shanji rumble 3 2-4-13 TOP 2-3-6 2 jax Bin
Aki wukong 2 6-1-9 JNG 1-4-8 1 sejuani Xun
Creme aphelios 1 4-2-6 MID 2-3-5 3 ryze Yagao
Able sylas 2 3-2-8 BOT 8-2-3 1 zeri Elk
ppgod thresh 3 1-4-10 SUP 0-4-9 4 blitzcrank ON


Winner: Oh My God in 28m MVP: Aki (10) Match History Game Breakdown Player Stats
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
BLG yone tristana akali blitzcrank rumble 48.4k 14 3 H2
OMG kindred leblanc vi sejuani wukong 54.0k 19 6 HT1 C3 H4 O5 O6
BLG 14-19-30 vs 19-14-44 OMG
Bin kennen 3 3-2-6 TOP 3-2-8 4 viktor shanji
Xun xinzhao 3 1-5-6 JNG 5-3-12 1 leesin Aki
Yagao sylas 1 4-2-3 MID 6-2-6 2 vex Creme
Elk jinx 2 4-3-7 BOT 4-1-8 1 aphelios Able
ON thresh 2 2-7-8 SUP 1-6-10 3 nautilus ppgod
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.
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2023.03.25 10:00 KatakuriLoveDoughnut Rate my team, first day playing

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2023.03.25 09:47 lavendergay really conflicted

I’ve been able to buy food now, just non perishable staples, some greens, food for my dog, and oat milk for tea and smoothies. One more day before I get paid. But even though now I’ve eaten and I should be happy for honouring my recovery, I also liked how skinny I felt today. After I bought the groceries I lost the fear of instability, and I am so grateful for the help I’ve gotten from this sub. It’s honestly the best community I could ask for and I feel guilty for even thinking this. But today I wore a tight shirt and low rise jeans and I looked so good. I’ll keep eating though. tomorrow I have the day off and I’ll go to the gym and do some cardio and keep caring for my body that way. I just wish eating less due to a really serious issue didn’t make me like my body so much
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2023.03.25 09:37 Juneinthesky Various outfit I tried

Various outfit I tried
I'm still somewhat on the journey and wondering what I should accommodate or not so I'm still trying on outfits. I loved the black shirt and black dress but hated the white dress and white t shirt.
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2023.03.25 09:34 mcashmore01 Value?

What is the best way to value my jerseys? Is there a website that can find the value of my collection. I have been searching on online shops but can’t seem to find many of my shirts.
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2023.03.25 09:33 Inevitable-Rooster79 Cutty Quotes

Can anybody recall any good Cutty quotes? I got a Cutty’s gym t-shirt and wanted to use the quote as a caption. Thank you kindly!
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2023.03.25 09:31 Sonalikaur01 Best place to visit in kasol

Best place to visit in kasol

place to visit in kasol
Tosh is another rural destination of Kasol which is a green treat for tourists visiting it. This place has one of the best hikes in Kasol. The best way to reach this village is to hike up the mountain and witness the magical wonders of this small town of Kasol. Stunning mountain views and refreshing hiking experiences will keep you entertained throughout the day. You can visit many cafes at this location while exploring other places of interest in Kasol. If you can't wait to get to Tosh Village, more European experiences are certainly on the way.
Walk by the Parvati River
Parvati River
Marking its place in one of the best things to do in Tosh, a walk in the serene environs of Parvati river is indeed an unmissable part if you trace the region. Located at an elevation of 7,900 ft this enticing river exhibits spellbinding images of lush green blankets contrasting with the sparkling azure of lake.
If you are visiting with your partner then what can be better than walking hand-in-hand with your beloved at this tranquil setting.
Timings: One can visit the Parvati river anytime!
Entry fees: There is no fee to walk beside the river but if you wish to enjoy camping then that’s paid.
Visit Manikaran Sahib
Manikaran Sahib
Another destination that marks its place on the list of peaceful countries is Manikaran. Located in the Parvati Valley, at an altitude of 1760 m, this beautiful city attracts visitors from all regions.
The pilgrimage of Manikaran Sahib the Sikh is a place of immense religious significance and is visited by devotees from all over the region. In addition, the suburbs of this picturesque destination are divine and excellent for residents of harmony.
Location: The exact address of Manikaran Sahib is Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Road, Distt. Kullu, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh 175105.
Timings: It is open all the time, from sunset to sunrise.
Entry fees: There is no entrance fee for Gurudwara.
Take a Long Walk to Malana
Long Walk to Malana
Of all the things to do in Toshi, seeing this charming village that preserves bits of history is truly unavoidable. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then this is a real paradise for you with lots of exciting adventures. Located 9,938 feet above sea level, it is one of the most magnetizing tourist destinations. You can enjoy the true essence of tranquility while walking to Malana. So leave the basics behind and gear up for a trek up to Chanderkhani Pass and Rashol Pass, the attractions of Malana village.
Location: Is located at a distance of almost 40 km from Tosh and en-route one can also visit Manikaran.
Timings: One can walk to Malana anytime, but witnessing early sunrise and sunset is well-suited.
Entry fees: There is no fee to visit Malana.
Trek to Kheerganga
Trek to Kheerganga
Wondering what to do in Tosh? Have a 'once in a lifetime experience' on the Kheerganga trek which is a combination of easy and challenging terrain. Undoubtedly, this place is an adventure lover's paradise as this place is brimming with wonders of scenery.
Tranquility is entwined in the aura of the hills and is ideal for taking solace in the lap of green nature.
Location: It is located at a distance of about 7 km from Tosh.
Timings: One can trek up the trail anytime!
Entry fees: There is no fee, but you need to pay if you opt for tents or cottages.
Try Israeli Food
Israeli Food
Treat your taste buds to drool-worthy authentic Israeli food! If you are visiting with your group of people, then this is an activity not to be missed. Here you can enjoy delicious delicacies such as Falafel, Hummus, Shawarma and several other variants.
With amazing cafes like Buddha palace, Pink Floyd, Cafe Freedom and many more, you can taste exotic Israeli cuisine.
Location: Streets of Tosh are flooded with Israeli Food joints.
Timings: From early morning to the evening one can enjoy authentic Israeli Food.
Entry fees: The cost for two is about 300 INR for a basic meal.
Shop Souvenirs
Shop Souvenirs
Don't miss wandering the local streets of the picturesque town, which is truly one of the best things to do in Toshi. Who doesn't love part of the journey back home?
Here you can explore like a true explorer as the streets are plush with semi-precious stones, woolen wool, loose t-shirts and lots more, which is just perfect for shopping.
Location: One can buy souvenirs from local streets of Tosh.
Timings: The markets open from morning 10:00 AM to evening at 8:00 PM.
Entry fees: There is no fee to enter the square, only pay for what you like.
Take a Spring Water Bath
Spring Water Bath
Another surreal wonder situated in Manikaran is the Manikaran Gurudwara which contains hot spring water said to have supreme healing powers. Here you can immerse yourself in a state of excitement, as the surroundings are a perfect blend of calm and freshness.
This spiritual place is visited by devotees from all over and is a major pilgrimage site.
Location: The exact address of Manikaran Sahib is Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Road, Distt. Kullu, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh 175105.
Timings: It is open all the time, from sunset to sunrise.
Entry fees: There is no entrance fee for Gurudwara.
If you are planning to visit Himanchal Pradesh so kaslo is one of the best place to explore your experience with Flyshop .
Flyshop is one the best platform to plan your vacation in cheap price.
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2023.03.25 09:18 align812 Should I spend Super Sea Snails on my Splatfest tee?

“The star level may be increased with Super Sea Snails for 1 (first), 1 (second), 5 (third), 10 (fourth), or 20 (fifth) Super Sea Snails per star, or by purchasing additional copies of it from Man-o'-Wardrobe for 10,000 (first), 30,000 (second), 50,000 (third), 100,000 (fourth), or 200,000 (fifth) Cash per star. Increasing the star level beyond 2 stars will increase the gear experience gained by a cumulative 3.333…% up to 10% additional experience at 5-star level. “ Inkpedia
I want to take advantage of the pre-event and the splatfest to win as many gear abilities as possible. I play salmon run a lot but still, I was wondering if it's worth spending super sea snails on the festival t-shirt. I thought that maybe one or two was still a good idea, but I’m not sure (is not like I use them a lot to be honest). In any case I still have some to spare.
PS. Please let me know if anything doesn’t make sense. I play in another language and I translated using the Inkpedia so I’m not sure if those are the exact names (Potenciadores should be Gear abilities and Supermoluscos should be Super Sea Snails)
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2023.03.25 09:14 P1D3H_14 Question about the farm shop.

I’ve put a spoiler just incase someone hasn’t seen the show.
I have one question about the shop. When Jeremy opened the shop he was told he was only aloud to sell things that he made or that was within a certain a certain area.
You see constantly that he sells things that are not from the area. The pineapples, the T shirts etc.
My question is. If he knows this why does he keep selling these types of things that break the rules?
It’s kinda bugged me keeps getting letters about it but continues to sell things that are against the rules.
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2023.03.25 09:08 VG7396 My aunt just loves to Gaslight and deflect. First thing I see this morning aswell! This is nothing compared to what she (and mostly everyone else in my family) can be like...

My aunt just loves to Gaslight and deflect. First thing I see this morning aswell! This is nothing compared to what she (and mostly everyone else in my family) can be like... submitted by VG7396 to insaneparents [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 08:57 RaisinRemarkable3866 Dreamt of a wedding

This is the second time I dream of a wedding. The first time, I was walking down the aisle alone(my father passed away last year so my subconscious knew that I guess) and my current boyfriend was waiting for me at the end of the aisle then I suddenly woke up. The second time I was doing wedding preperations then I tried on my white wedding dress. My boyfriend was wearing my dead father's t-shirt(I thought nothing of it while I was dreaming but I was so weirded out when I woke up). This time I didn't walk down the aisle but I was definitely doing a lot of wedding preparations. And by the way, there were guests outside waiting for us.
My mom often tells me that weddings always symbolize death in the family or someone close to us. Is that true?
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2023.03.25 08:56 ScotJohnDanSteve Diem Mirecki Are you having any fun?

Basic Information

Name: Diem Patrice Mirecki. Don’t read into his name meaning ‘by the day’, it was chosen before his mother knew the truth about his dad.
Age: 16
Hometown: Galveston, TX, but his mom’s work has them moving every six months or so.


Godly parent: Apollo, the god of…too many things. Poetry, music, art, archery, truth, plague, healing, light, and- of course- the sun. It might sound overwhelming to have a dad that’s the master of everything, but Diem has never felt pressured to live up to any of it, his mom was pretty good at leveling him out.
Mother: Verona Mirecki. While they don’t have the most conventional mothechild relationship, they are incredibly close.
  • Occupation: Verona is a Locum Tenens Physician aka a traveling or substitute doctor, hence all the moving she and Diem have done.
  • Age: 43.
Grandpa: George “Geo” Mirecki. He’s a cantankerous old man, but he shares the same slick wit as Diem. He’s been dealing living with slow-progressing dementia that keeps him from caring for his grandson while his mom is away.
  • Occupation: Long retired family physician, he lives in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Ages: 73


Faceclaim: Justice Carradine
  • Eyes: Hazel, with more brown and gold hues than green. When he truly smiles his eyes shrink by half and the creases at the corners are sure to become wrinkles before he’s 30.
  • Hair: A thick, dark brown mess of curls that he spends more time than he’ll readily admit taming and twisting and placing just so.
  • Build: Diem is tall for his age (5’11”), with a beanpole-esque physique and lean but strong musculature.
Voice: Loud and clear, his voice is cheery and warm- the kind you can hear a smile at any time until he’s really down. A quiet Diem is a deeply sad Diem.
  • Clothing: He's a real jeans and t-shirt kinda person. Loose-fitting band shirts are his favorites and they're usually covered with some plaid button-down that's never buttoned. Actually, even when it's cold and he's wearing a hoodie, even that is topped with one of his plaid shirts. It's kind of a comfort thing.
  • Accessories: His knives, always. Other than that he has a few piercings in the cartilage of his ears, one ring through the lobe of his left ear, and a variety of sunglasses that are either on his face, his head, or hanging from the neck of his shirt. The sunglasses don't actually help recover his eyes any easier from his heliokinesis ability, but he likes to think they do. Plus it's harder to tell what someone's thinking if you can't see their eyes.


Positive traits: Friendly, good-natured, bold, quick-witted, courageous, passionate, generous, energetic, loyal
Neutral traits: Shameless flirt, forthright, restless, forgetful, loud, observant, rational, pressurized, intelligent
Negative traits: Quick-tempered, indulgent, careless, reckless, selfish, impatient, domineering, defiant, competitive

Godly Information

Claiming: Diem was claimed on his eighth birthday. It involved a poorly timed swing at a piñata, a real goose egg, and a hefty dose of guilt.
Weapon: A pair of double-edged celestial bronze throwing daggers. They are an ongoing project he's been working on (or re-making) at the forge for the last six years. Despite the time spent on them, they don't transform- this is mostly because he’s half certain that if they looked like mundane things, he’d lose them- but he does keep them strapped to his forearms.
  • Weapon Mastery: Diem inherited Apollo's knack for marksmanship. His skill for aiming applies to ranged weapons (archery, spears, daggers, etc.), basketball, and- maybe his favorite party trick- tossing food into other people's mouths, and means that when the situation allows for him to focus, he rarely misses.
  • Vitakinesis: ...Diem isn't a great healer. Laying hands on someone who has been injured and (badly) singing a hymn to his father- his voice might cause psychic damage- he can heal minor wounds like cuts, punctures, twisted ankles, and deep bruises. But this always leaves him feeling sluggish and weakened, so he tries to use this as little as possible.
  • Heliokinesis: Son of the sun god, Diem has the ability to manifest sunlight through his... skin. The brightness of his glow ranges from "nightlight on the way to the bathroom at 2 am" to "don't stare at the sun, you idiot!".


Hobbies: Reading, climbing, eating (is eating a hobby?), bothering people, hiking, exploring the forest, swimming, nail art, skateboarding, doing other people's hair, biking.
  • A great pen pal, he regularly writes letters to the friends he’s made across the country.
  • Wears reading glasses.
  • Loves music, but hates headphones- out loud or nothing
  • Ambrosia tastes like watermelon Jolly Ranchers- though once it was grape.
  • He has a wicked sweet tooth and can almost always be found with some kind of candy in his pocket.
  • He will always take a bet.
  • He loves to read but hates sitting still, so he can be found walking aimlessly through camp with his nose in a book. He doesn’t have a favorite genre, but his favorite book is House of Leaves- the weird style of writing appeals to his ADHD brain.
  • He's a hopeless, but fleeting, romantic- the kind to picture an entire future with every person he's attracted to, only to lose interest shortly after or get drawn in by some other imagined future.


Verona Mirecki was not the type to be smitten by a man with a pretty face, she was sensible and focused and a hard worker. That's what she was doing when she met Apollo, or Alex Wiley as he'd introduced himself, she was in the last month of her residency at a busy hospital in Galveston and once she realized the blood on his shirt didn't lead to a wound, she didn't have time for him. He was not deterred, and she eventually fell to his charms.
The pair had a brief affair because neither was really cut out for a long-term relationship. Verona had plans to work for Doctors Without Borders and Apollo had the sun. Guess whose plans changed when a squealing, squirming, perfect Diem was born nine months later?
Now with a son of her own, Verona settled into a free clinic near her parent's house in New York until the baby who had quickly become her world, was old enough to travel with her. The pair were inseparable when they weren't separated by school and work. Their relationship was closer to that of best friends than mother and son, trust was inherent and secrets were non-existent.
So when a package, addressed to her, appeared with nothing but "Alex Wiley" as a return address, Verona opened it with her son and they discovered his new reality, together. Since then, he'd spent as much time as he wanted at Camp Half-Blood, and she had been able to take the positions around the world she'd always dreamed of. Postcards, letters, Iris Messages, and as many visits as possible kept the pair as close as they'd ever been and the freedom to do as they wanted, kept them happy.


Diem had made an appearance in Camp Half-Blood during 10 out of the 12 months over the last eight years; all except for March and April. His mom had always made an effort for them to be together for their birthdays: hers in March, his in April; this year would be their first apart.
Without any prior March experience, calling the current weather situation at camp weird would be... weird. For all he knew, it always snowed heavily the week before April or maybe global warming was creeping up on the gods. Whatever it was, he didn't skip a beat before doing his damndest to enjoy it.
Donning his thickest hoodie and wool plaid, Diem doubled down on his socks and left the Apollo cabin making a beeline for the lake. He wasn't going to swim; he may enjoy getting his heart rate up but didn't have a death wish. No, he dug out an intertube from the snow on the shore and turned back to find the steepest part of half-blood hill. It was the perfect day for sledding.
OOC: He's been here on and off for a while so he's open to prior relationships etc! As far as the Now section goes, feel free to encounter him anywhere along the way: outside his cabin, at the lake, on the way to the hill, after sledding, mid-sledding blah blah blah, just gimme the rp, please. <3
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2023.03.25 08:31 Far_Maintenance_175 How do I dress more “city” or just generally more modern?

So I’ve grown up in rural Ohio my whole life. I don’t really like the term but my family would probably be considered rednecks. My family has always been supportive of my expression and being a lesbian. From a young age I always dressed for comfort, not what was necessarily socially acceptable for a girl to wear. Men’s shirts, shorts, the occasional jeans and a sweater if I had to dress nice. I still do this today.
Don’t get me wrong. I see no issue with how I dress. I love my casual sense of style and no one really minds it. But ever since I started going to college I noticed people out a lot more effort into their appearance here. And I kind of want to do that sometimes too. That, as well as I know most interviews or dates won’t really enjoy me showing up in jeans or shorts lol.
I’m considering moving to Columbus, a big city and transferring colleges. Everyone there seems to dress nice pretty regularly. Very modern, very cool looking. I do kind of want that. Now I’m not strictly masculine- sometimes I’ll wear a women’s top or sweater just because, but I’m not one for things I’d be uncomfortable in. I don’t like skirts, and while I’d like to try some dresses I don’t think I’d enjoy em.
Anyways, anyone have some tips on dressing in the big city? I don’t really know where to start. I obviously don’t want to spend a fortune but it seems like I might….
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2023.03.25 08:29 super_spy_ Beginner and struggling

I am a total beginner in website making. I am trying to make a website for a business I am starting. I brought the domain and tried wordpress for weeks. But it is not my cup of tea. learned nothing and still at ground zero. can anyone recommend me any tool that is like drag and drop or a pre-formed templates that I just need to put the data in. Imp side info- Website is for a clothing brand (t-shirts) -Based in India -don't have any budget so please don't say to hire someone. I am a student trying to start work with no backup
Any help would be appriciated
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2023.03.25 08:24 Human_Dig_4545 Does this count ?

Let’s start this way : I was always fascinated by mantides. When I studied biology I was allowed to hold one for the first time & I was so happy…
Fast forward 7 years I was doing some acid and hiking in the US with some American friends(I’m from Germany). We reached a pretty big open area where some kind building had burned down long time ago & all of a sudden I felt called to the opposite side of that area. I went closer and somehow my vision seemed to zoom in on some bushes and I new where I had to go. The bushes had thorns and on top of it was a pretty big mantis that got caught in them and couldn’t move. My friends where surprised how I could’ve possibly seen this from so far away. I carefully freed the mantis and it stayed for a minute before moving away.
I still remember the feeling of it somehow calling out to me ,how special that moment seemed & think about it from time to time . 4 years have passed since
I just recently heard about encounters with mantis beings and wondered if that falls in the same category or just being in touch with nature.
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2023.03.25 08:19 amw232 PLEASE help: laundry & room cleaning

I’m diagnosed ADHD and I have the absolute hardest time cleaning my room or doing any laundry. I’m currently sitting on my bed which is a bare mattress with a blanket on top because I haven’t washed my old sheets. My room is covered in clothes. I never seem to put them away, I just make piles around the room in laundry baskets, lay them over my open dresser drawers, or over a chair. I mostly rotate through a small portion of my clothing to wear because that’s all I can manage to pull out of the piles and wash, and I still can’t do that often enough. I’m getting back acne from wearing the same dirty shirts. My room is a mess in general. It’s BAD. Everything I need/use is laid out on a surface like my desk or nightstand. If I put it away I always end up leaving it out again so I don’t forget about it. I’m able to clean small amounts at times but I seem to get distracted or paralyzed very quickly. This has been a nightmare to think about dealing with and at the same time I feel so incredibly guilty for being so gross and unproductive. I haven’t had my boyfriend in my room for about 6 months because of the state of it. I’m so embarrassed. I’m going to be starting a very intense job in a few weeks that I know will leave me with no energy outside work; and I really want to get things to a manageable level before then. This has been very distressing and I know it will just make me more stressed when I’m working. If anyone has any tips or tricks they use for laundry or cleaning I would love to hear it; I desperately need help.
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2023.03.25 08:18 AnyHand6168 Two months into a relationship & I found out he’s not divorced and still had something going on with an ex gf. 37F, 31M

Okay bear with me through this because I’m still in shock and can’t believe this is real life. I’m not posting to get advice on the situation, I ended things and have no intention to ever allow this man into my life again. I want to be reassured that this isn’t normal and that there are still good men out there!
I met a guy on a dating app who seemed very well put together, had a good job, interesting hobbies, took care of himself, and was kind and fun to be around. We also had a lot in common and just really clicked. Our first date was a hike and he seemed like a good human being.
I noticed off the bat he had attachment issues, he was an adopted child and said he got a divorce over the summer after being separated from his wife for two years. He has 3 kids and his wife and kids live in another state. I assumed attachment issues due to all the above. And to be honest I was a bit thrown off but figured I’d see how things progressed. It was apparent because he wanted to spend A LOT of time with me and I had conversations with him and he seemed to understand and generally was very adult about my request for our own personal time. But he also talked about moving in together (not now, but in a few months when my lease ended) and overall seemed to want to move the relationship at a rate I wasn’t comfortable with. Again I made it very clear what was and wasn’t okay with me.
Fast forward 2 months in, his ex gf (not “ex wife”) finds me on social media and tells me he’s still married and on top of it has been trying to get back with her. She shows me emails and calls, etc. this is the same ex gf that he told me was stalking him and trying to get back together with him. To be honest I always take what guys say about exs with a grain of salt but in this case he spoke very highly of his “ex” wife but poorly of the ex gf so I assumed it was bc the ex gf was malicious towards him.
Anyways- needless to say I was really shocked and thrown off guard. Not only was I hurt but also upset for my judgment call on this guy. I just want to know this isn’t normal and that there are decent men out there looking for a genuine connection without a wife and ex gf 😅
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