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Welcome to NearDeathExperiences! Here you will find stories of how people almost died, and how they felt during and afterwards! It is preferable that your story is an actual near-death experience although in certain cases, close calls will be approved. Please read the difference in definition below.

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Almost dying, almost getting seriously injured . . . almost. No actual death, dismemberment, or gore; this sub is for close calls or things that could have gone much worse. This is a Safe For Work sub.

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Did you know that 100% of people who drink water die? This subreddit has been created to raise awareness for how deadly water is to humans, and frankly, everyone and everything. Join the movement!

2023.05.30 23:58 XenaTheNomad Religious trauma from abortion

I was 4 weeks pregnant when I had a medical abortion in the state of Nevada in 2018. I was extremely lucky that my experience occurred before Row V. Wade was overturned, and that the clinic I went to did not have protestors outside. The pills I took caused vomiting, terrible cramps, and had me in bed for 2 days. However, I grew up as a conservative Christian, and the shame and religious trauma that I've experienced from my decision far outweigh any physical pain I endured during the abortion. I have come to Reddit seeking other women who have dealt with this. It's been 5 years and I still get triggered easily. Are there any other women here with a similar background who have had to overcome the religious shame from getting an abortion? If yes, how did you overcome it?
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2023.05.30 23:57 Fearless-Respond6766 Prideful Earrings

Prideful Earrings
What I did today:
Play with rainbows Drink coffee
How about you fine folks?
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2023.05.30 23:57 peachpinkfoam Ladies, how did your bridesmaids help on your big day?

Hi everyone, I'm planning to ask some friends to be bridesmaids so they can help me out on the day itself, I'm guessing it will be hard to do certain things when I'm busy getting ready, such as getting food, water, pinning up the dress from the back, etc
But I'm curious, what else do bridesmaids need to help with?
I want to get hired help for ushering and the registration table and I'm not sure if there's anything else I should think of. Any tips?
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2023.05.30 23:57 SneedsFeedAndSeed54 Botting in Air RB. Major Issue.

Botting in Air RB. Major Issue.
Hello, a little bit of back story before I go into this. I’ve been playing the game on and off since release. I’ve taken long breaks, I recently came back and have been enthusiastically grinding out the US Air and Ground trees. I’ve noticed a worrying trend, which is that bot accounts seem extremely common, and unfortunately are getting MORE common as I play.
Using today as an example, I played about 20 games, I noticed 3 definite bots during my gameplay. I wasn’t looking for them, I just happened to notice because of how they were flying in game, and then confirmed my suspicions based off of their player stats.
What I’ve observed, is that in air RB, there is a not insignificant number of bots programmed to fly a premium plane, bomb a single base, and either fly into base AA, or fly straight towards the edge of the map, and fly until they run out of fuel or the game ends. These players make no attempt to flare, they don’t change trajectory, they don’t respond in chat, and they are clearly NOT just noobs in prems.
This player in particular was in an F4S, bombed one base, flew directly into base AA and died. The only reason I noticed was because he was the last player alive on the enemy team. His account has almost 1400 games with the F4S, minimal kills, almost no survived games, although it does appear that at some point a real human was playing on it.
This is a MAJOR issue. I noticed 3, I’m sure I didn’t notice many more in just 20 games. To put it into perspective, that’s 1300 games that the one player ruined for their team, by not being a real player. The WR reflects that, as I’m sure as the F4S, he was his teams top BR’d plane for many of those games.
There is currently no option to report these bot players to Gaijin. I recently left a game (EFT) after years of playing it because of the developers inability to combat cheating. It would be a real shame if this game goes that route, and from what I can see, the cheating epidemic is only getting worse.
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2023.05.30 23:57 Open4busimiss Ballooned up after quitting alcohol and nicotine within a couple days

35M, 170lbs, 5’10”
Meds: Bupropion 75mg/day, Zoloft 100mg/day
Alcohol, nicotine vape, marijuana
I recently had a relapse with alcohol after nearly two years of sobriety (1 Liter+ a day of vodka for a few weeks). I started taking bupropion a few days before I relapsed (did not know the risks of mixing with alcohol) and recently decided enough was enough and tapered myself off the alcohol over the course of 5 days. I am on day 4 of zero alcohol and my withdrawals have passed other than the intense dreams and sweating in the night. I feel mostly fine and one of the side effects of the 5 day taper was that I felt so awful I did not want nicotine or marijuana at all. I’m 4 days clean from all substances other than the prescriptions above. I intend on staying this way and am back to attending daily AA meetings and speaking with my therapist twice a week.
My question is, is it common to puff up like a balloon after rather rapid alcohol and nicotine cessation? I’ve been running daily for the last few days, eating healthy, and hydrating. Is it all water weight or could it be something more serious?
I am unable to see my doctor until end of next week, otherwise I would just wait and speak with him. My concerns are kidney failure and less importantly (but still important to me) how bad I look right now. I look like I’ve gained another 10 lbs in a week and I can tell my coworkers are talking behind my back.
Any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.30 23:56 Dingleator I cannot deal with people

I made a post here a while ago about how my parents dogs killed a pet tortoise and basically the whole point was to illustrate don't have predator and prey animals together as pets. The world isn't a dream land where Bugs Bunny and sylvesta the *** get along. Dogs will eat animals that can't defend themselves for sport and food.
Follow up from that is that my parents lied to my sister and said that the tortoise had died coming out of hibernation and he died peacefully in his sleep.
I told my dad things like this will always balance out and protecting people now will only cause harm later on. things always balance out. I think specifically and have told both my parents that not telling her this information may mean she gets a pet tortoise again in the future and has it in conjunture with pet dogs, which will inevitably lead to the same thing that has happened twice before already.
This week I overheard my dad ask my mom whether my sister had mentioned about getting another tortoise... I'm not 100% what he meant by this. He could be considering getting another tortoise which I now find to be sick and am really questioning their intelligence at this point or he could generally be worried that she may want another one and that of course is not a good idea at all with 2 dogs! He also said he had a hard time Picking him up so understood my moms reaction. Again I didn't like it either and am now an advocate for not having pet predator and prey animals.
Anyway. A few days later, I also found out that someone who lives a few streets away has a greyhound dog and 10 bunnies and now muzzle the dog because it killed 2 of their previous bunnies. Who the fuck owns 12 bunnies and and a dog?! What is actually wrong with people?
I don’t know I'm just so angry with people. I sat out a pub last week and had a dog barking endlessly. People get animals because they are cute and sometimes cuddly and have no responsibility towards it's self or other animals that it may come into contact with. These are adults, making shitty decisions that cause harm to other animals. There was actually a post on here a few days after mine about someone having to tell an owner to get their dog away from a tortoise at a park. I think she thought that her dog wanted to play. What world do people actually live in. They think dogs are cute and harmless but it's basic biology how the animal kingdom survives through a food chain.
Again, if anything is taken from my post, as most of you are dog free anyway, don't let other people have predator and prey animals without knowing the stupid risks you are taking when doing it. I actually don't have a problem with people owning a dog. But please for the love of God, have some responsibility and keep that predator away from prey that it simply sees as food!
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2023.05.30 23:56 TheLucky_Legend Has Wakes powers grown from being stuck in The Dark Place?

After watching the recent trailer for Alan Wake 2 (admittedly a couple dozen times) there's one thing I haven't seen many people mention. How did Wake write Alex Casey into existence?
Based on lore and other people's theories/ comments the power of Cauldron Lake doesn't allow you to create new things but instead manipulate already existing people and objects. Due to Wake being stuck in The Dark Place for over a decade now is it possible his powers have potentially evolved which was slightly implied in the AWE DLC for Control?
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2023.05.30 23:56 pnwgrey five years

in the aftermath, i deleted our conversations so that i could not torture myself with them. so that i could not waste hours upon their beaches, sifting through words like grains of sand, hoping to find a single treasure that would tell me where to go next. what to do. who to be. how to be.
i've always been more of a writer than a mathematician so maybe that's why i can't seem to perform the esoteric algebra required to repair our connection. there is something more substantial than radio silence between us now. my heart finds less than nothing whenever she re-traces the paths that used to lead to you. whatever existed between us is now a black hole, consuming any possibility of meeting again in this lifetime.
sometimes i wander so far out into that desert that i forget i'm made of seafoam. i disappear for a while, evaporating into the ether until it drops me, inevitably, back to the ocean. i wander. i evaporate. i coalesce. again and again.
i tell myself that the lessons i learned were enough. the person i've become, so much better and stronger and smarter than the woman i was when you knew me, she is enough. but that is not enough for me. i need more. i want to be more. for a while, that wanting can seem like enough of a beacon to keep me focused.
but then my restless legs begin to wander.
there are countless reasons why we cannot know each other, all very logical and practical. -we cannot keep the lives we have and pursue a life where we are friends. -i became frightfully untethered when things blew up and didn't know how to handle my reaction to the chaos, so i used it to burn every bridge and then obsess over the ashes. to put it eloquently: i was an unhinged asshole. -most importantly: you do not want me in your life. because if you did, we both know i'd be there.
i don't know what else there is to say other than i miss you and i wish there was a way for me to know it was all real and not a dream my desire conjured up one sleepless night.
then again... even if i knew the full, objective truth, i'm not sure it would be enough to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.
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2023.05.30 23:56 geodude885 The uncomfortable reality of competitive overwatch

Absolutely, I can make those changes. Here's the revised version:
This is something I've been quietly observing over the past 6 months in the Overwatch community, and I'm surprised it hasn't attracted more attention. I'm not sure why, perhaps there are more of these individuals than I initially thought. Maybe I'm the minority in this. Maybe it has become so normalized that people have become desensitized. However, it's making the game almost unplayable for those who choose to play honestly and fairly. If you're a regular in NA competitive matches, you probably already know what I'm talking about. For those who are not, you might think I'm talking about hacks, macros, or lag switches. No, this is much worse than all of those.
It all started around Christmas time in a typical King's Row match. I was getting outplayed by a low-level Mercy player who insisted they weren't smurfing. I was taken aback because they were playing incredibly well. Quick reaction time, hitting every heal and damage boost, even when I would use a my most complex rein combo (a recently removed exploit allowing a basically unreadable attack). These were extremely difficult for even the best players to counter. Naturally, I accused them of being a Smurf given their low level of 96. They swore they weren’t, so I asked, “how are you doing this?” They replied, “I’m cracked bro.” “Yeah, yeah, but actually if you're not a Smurf, how?” thinking they might be using some sort of auto counter program. They said, “No bro, I’m literally smoking crack right now.” At the time, I thought this was just a typical gamer joking around. However, in retrospect, this was just the beginning.
Several weeks later, I was browsing through low viewer Twitch channels. I stumbled upon someone somewhat known in the Overwatch competitive scene, who I won't name for obvious reasons. They were just doing typical Overwatch streamer activities, but every 10 minutes or so, they would turn their camera off for a short period. I was somewhat confused but assumed they were smoking marijuana. After about 30 minutes, I assume they forgot to turn their camera off because I saw what they were really doing. Smoking crack. You might say, oh, maybe it was just a marijuana pipe. No, I know my way around different types of pipes, seeing as my uncle Ron would consistently have me working at his tobacco shop when I was 9. Once they realized they didn’t turn their camera off, you could tell they felt embarrassed, but tried to play it off like they didn’t do anything. They were playing incredibly well during the course of this stream, dying maybe once or twice in 40+ fights. I didn’t think about this too much after, there are degenerate drug addicts in every game.
Now this is where I started to notice this was a problem. A while later, I was in a voice call in the Overwatch training discord with several very good players. They were helping me out, giving me tips, and overall we were having a good time. 20 minutes in, one of them said, “crack time?” And the others replied, “crack time.” Somewhat confused, I looked at my 4th monitor to see their webcams, and they were legitimately smoking crack. I asked, “are you guys really smoking crack?” One replied, “you have to if you want to be good at this game.” I was shocked and left the call after this.
Since then, I have noticed more top-level Overwatch streamers smoking it. As well as seeing “crack time” typed in the chat often. This is something a casual console player who is not as involved in the discord
would never even notice. However, it is starting to become rampant in the community. I love this game and try very hard to become better because the mechanics feel so good to me. Yet every day I continue to struggle, and with every passing day, I come a little closer to picking up the pipe.
This is the uncomfortable reality of Overwatch competitive servers. It's a problem that needs to be addressed, not just for the health of the game, but for the well-being of the players involved.
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2023.05.30 23:55 Careless-Ad-6328 Clomid for post-surgery T treatment?

3 months post surgery my testosterone levels are ridiculously low (173). Talking to my doctor he prescribed 25mg of Clomid daily to stimulate production in the remaining testicle.
He seemed to feel this was a better option than full-on replacement therapy, at least initially. So that's where I'm at today, just getting started on a 90 day course.
Has anyone here gone this route? How did it go?
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2023.05.30 23:55 Jaded-Yesterday2342 Do all pastors act like this?

Baby Christian here I’m a [18]F as well. So I’m not in a church yet and I have slowed down on reading my Bible because I’m excited about joining the military, but my friend(Muslim) ran into this guy and he was telling her about Christ. She was like I have a friend who just turned fully Christian and she told me her testimony to him and he was like Oh I’d love to meet her and talk with her so my friend wrote down his number and gave it to me. I decided since I had asked for a sign from God to speak to meet that this was it, but then a when I text him and stuff he first off has kids and then he asked me about life on campus. I’m like yk it’s good but I’m not staying since I’m going to the military and he’s like “oooh did you ask God if that was the right thing to do?” I was like yeah I asked if I should continue the process. Then he goes I love to see you at the church I’m like ok I can make it well I actually couldn’t cause my mom had the car but at the time I didn’t know🤦‍♀️. So I’m like right when the service starts “I can’t make it sorry, but is there any other services?” He waits like 4 hours and calls me, but I didn’t feel comfortable talking on the phone so I didn’t answer and he goes “ I called you and wanted to say too sad you didn’t show up I really wanted to meet you” and I was like “my bad I couldn’t show and meet too, but is there any services during the week?” Then he waits til the next day to reply and say yes they have some during the week day. After that he texts me saying “hey do you want to go get coffee I’d like to get to know you?” And yk I’m [18]F and idk how old he is all I know is that he graduated(college) in 2019. So I go like “unfortunately I will not be on campus since the school year has ended for me” and he goes “Hey that’s great. So are you out til fall? Or for the military?” You know I don’t know what’s going on I ask because do all pastors well I don’t think he’s a pastor maybe just a sort of leadership. Do all pastors act like this?
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2023.05.30 23:55 Dex_42 Help needed

I have A custom corrXY, marlin firmware, motors at the back. I have problem with the homing, I want it to home front left but 0.0 is at back left. Any ideas how to fix it. I tried homing x min y max but the safe z homing doesn't work with that. Also my probe doesn't want to deploy, I'm using a touch probe that is activated at x max and retract by pushing on a raised bed part (bolt). I did try to use klicky probe in marlin to set specific positions for it.
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2023.05.30 23:55 InfamousRoughs How did Michel Côté die? Tributes pour in for Quebec acting legend who dies aged 72

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2023.05.30 23:55 Storm-Phoenix That’s rough buddy.

That’s rough buddy.
Yes, my character is somehow brothers with Master Chief. I dunno how it happened, but it did.
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2023.05.30 23:55 Peridot14 Friend & Neighbor's Dog Separation Anxiety

I have a dear Friend who moved into our apartment complex after a time of housing insecurity. We advocated for this friend to get them into our close-knit small apartment unit because we knew they would be good for rent and we could support each other by being in the same building. Overall it's been wonderful save for one thing.
Friend has a really sweet senior Shiba Jack Russel terrier mix named Jack. We genuinely love Jack, but since Friend has been going to work in a new job, Jack mournfully howls every. single. time. Friend leave for work- and their bedroom where Jack chills shares a wall with ours. For the past couple of months pretty consistently jack howls for 15-25 minutes when Friend leaves and wakes me up an hour and a half or so before my alarm. I work retail and I'm a designer and really need my sleep to recharge from human interaction lol.
Friend knows this and we have been brainstorming solutions. Friend rides a motorcycle that is parked right outside their window and we discovered that Jack hearing the bike was upsetting him (he loves to ride with Friend) so Friend will push their bike out of the alley to the street before starting and Jack will still bark and howl. Jack is not food motivated so a snuffle treat mat and peanut butter in a Kong have not provided real distraction. We put an audio book on while Friend is gone so it's not quiet and still no luck. Jack obviously is just very distressed by Friend's leaving- previously Friend did not live alone. Friend is very good about walking Jack and getting him outside before and after work.
I feel bad because this is putting a strain on our relationship. Jack has been registered as an emotional support animal which is how he could get in in the first place in our dog-free building. I've noticed lately now that it's warmer and the windows are open Jack is even MORE sensitive to other noises. I've heard him barking at my other neighbors when they are parking, when people come & go in the building, and even at times when I'm playing a podcast through our speaker system in our place. I am growing increasingly worried that our other neighbors (who do not have a friendship with Friend) will start to complain. Since Friend does not have much money and had struggled to get into an apartment, there's been a lot of stress about this.
Can anyone with experience offer some advice? Anyone had a similar situation you were able to resolve? The only thing I can think of is that Friend already wanted a cat... I want to be like GET THE CAT NOW so Jack isn't as lonely lol. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 23:55 Dunkl3zahn Passed Az-104... Some thoughts.

In this past week I both initiated and completed my studies for the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification culminating in sitting for the Az-104 exam.
I came across this subreddit and used the highly recommended resources of both John Saville's azure masterclass and Scot Duffy's udemy course. I believe both of these resources managed to adequately (and in Saville's case, exceptionally) cover the concepts required. I feel like I completed them with the understanding of what everything was, what it was used for, and how to, broadly speaking, implement it (i set up an azure account and set up/tore down resources along with what i was learning about, but some things werent really feasible). However, when it came down to take the practice exams (scott duffy's and tutorial dojo's both) i found that the exam didnt really test on that knowledge. The vast majority of questions came down to gotcha style questions of "did you memorize that you need a standard sku public ip for a standard sku load balancer" type things. in effect, it felt like a lot of the tested material was "did you memorize this easily looked up knowledge" as opposed to "do you have a core understanding of the principles involved". i cannot imagine in any real scenario involving infrastructure planning that an individual is require to know, off hand, these minute nitpicking details. and even if they did, id still want them double checked?
i suppose my point is, i feel the test isnt really a good measure of understanding the material, and im a bit disappointed. has anyone else had this experience/feeling?

(as an aside, the case study questions seemed to be more in line with this expectation and i was pleased with)
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2023.05.30 23:54 Professional_Elk1921 WAMC- please help and be realistic.

Hey guys, first time posting here. So, I just graduated college after 3 years this May (was in an early college in high school) and I genuinely want some honest feedback on my application chances for right now and where I should shoot in terms of MD schools. I will be applying for 2024-2025 cycle.
I have ties to New York, born and raised in Long Island move to North Carolina when I was a freshman in high school, however a big chunk of my family and godmother lives in downstate New York still. Also have ties to central and southern Florida as another big chunk of family lives there too. (I have a big family as you see). And my immediate family live in NC.
Here's my stats for context:
uGPA: 3.62 sGPA: 3.45 strong upwards trend MCAT: 520
So, I would have to calculate my cGPA due to the dual enrollment courses taken in high school. I didn’t do as great in high school but I was 16-17 and not as mature then. So, my cGPA might actually sit at 3.4-3.5. I'm not sure how much my high school dual enrollment affects my application but please let me know!
Major: Public Health with a conc. in pre-health
Goals: to serve my community, advocate for health equity, leadership in medicine, work in underserved communities
non-Trad student, just graduated this may but will apply next year
NC resident, URM - Black (Caribbean), Latina (Caribbean)
Clinical paid: 1000 hours in urgent care in an underserved area will have 2000+ by the time of application
Non-clinical volunteering: 900 hours as group leader for kids at my church (have been doing it since high school) will probably be at 1000+ by the time of application.
Research - I did nonclinical research on STDs among college students for a semester approved by the Institutional Review Board. This research was required for my class so idk if this counts.
Shadowing - none yet, working on getting those.
Other ECs/Leadership:
Leadership: was an Ambassador for my Major for a year
was in a minority pre-health honor society for 2 years
was in 2 school non-profit organization of young professional and collegiate students who dedicate the time to push towards the advancement of women of color
Was also in Modeling organization at my school as well (really stepped out my comfort zone here lol)
love traveling: have been exposed to many different cultures from this. (that and from being from New York too.)
School List:
Brody School of Medicine
Wake forest
NYU Long Island
SUNY Downstate
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
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2023.05.30 23:54 WelpOopsOhno Construction? in complex + less than 24 hour notice that I need to relocate

Hello there! (Sorry for the long post and I hope these questions qualify for this subreddit). If I choose the option of a makeshift stair from the two options given to me this morning, and they can't do that now, do I still have the option for them to put me up in a hotel? And how much notice are they legally required to give me before I have to leave? Does the landlord showing up at my door and making an offer he can't or doesn't keep constitute as a notice that I need to relocate? I'm in New York State.
Here are all of the details just in case they're important: I am in a new apartment (~2 months). There is a hired company here doing work to replace things that violate a code. I rented under the knowledge that my apartment was newly renovated (the apartments being in the process of being renovated is why the complex's buildings were no longer condemned), that the balconies of all the buildings would be replaced in a few days (it's been over a month and they just started today), and I was under the expectation that I would be living in my apartment during the process of the upstairs deck being replaced. The property management company (we'll call them B) has office hours that end at 4pm. They're the company that manages the landlord's (we'll call him A) properties. We'll call my housing program case manager C.
Reasons I didn't want to relocate to a hotel (that were also explained to the landlord and the property management company): I have 1 cat and of course his litter supplies, food, pet fountain, and litterbox. I'm on food stamps and most of my food is currently refrigerated and needs to be cooked prior to eating it. I'm low on food stamps because I won't receive next month's allotment for a few more days, and I'm expected to have relocated by tomorrow morning and will not be returning for a few days until the work is finished.
  1. @ 11am - 12pm: at some point A knocks on my door and explains the city said they're overdue and they have to fix the code violations, and that's why it's noisy, becqusw th balconies are going to be replaced. A says they can either put me up in a hotel or try to make a makeshift stair for me while the deck is being renovated, because of safety reasons. I choose the makeshift stairs.
  2. @ 3:08pm: the property management company (B) calls me and says that because I don't want to move to a hotel, I can move in to another apartment for a few days, but I have to leave today. I ask if I can bring my cat, cat supplies and litterbox, if I can bring my food, and is the other apartment clean. B says yes to all of that and explicitly tells me "it will be clean before you move in".
  3. cont'd I say that sounds great but I can't agree to anything without speaking with my housing program case manager (C) first. B says okay and they can contact C for me. I say okay if they want. B hangs up. I send C a text about their incoming phone call.
  4. @ 3:37pm: C calls me back (she missed the call from B) after seeing my text. I explain things as best I can but I'm interrupted by a call from B, so I merge the two calls. We're not in a three way conference call: B, C, and myself.
  5. cont'd B tries explaining the situation to C. Nowhere in any of these conversations has B mentioned what hotel I would be going to and talked over C while C was asking. B says that I can move into another apartment for a few days, but I would have to do so tomorrow morning. C asks if I will have any access to my apartment during this time. B says no. C asks when I have to be out. B says I have to be out by tomorrow morning.
  6. @ 3:43pm C excuses herself to find something out and hangs up. B also hangs up. I try to call B to clarify something that was said - that the entire 2nd floor needed to be renovated - because I was told before moving in to my apartment that my apartment was already renovated. I also want to know what hotel I would put up in. So I try to call B multiple times but there is no answer except voicemail.
  7. @ 3:48pm C calls me back and says she had made a call to find out if there was any transitional housing space available, but the answer is no. Me moving into another apartment for a few days is nixed due to known bedbug concerns from an apartment in the same building as the one I was offered. C wants to know what hotel the landlord would be putting me/the others up in. I tell her I don't know and I can't get ahold of B.
  8. @ 3:50pm C hangs up and tries to call B. After, she calls me back and says she also couldn't get ahold of B so she left a voicemail and sent an email. Neither of us know what to do with me at this point. I say I'll ask the on-site maintenance guy for the landlord's phone number. I don't know if my friends who I stayed with in March/early April would be willing to take me back in with my cat, because they already have 6 cats, and they just lost a rescue cat they were really close to, but I'll ask them.
  9. @ 4:03pm I text the maintenance guy asking for the landlord's phone number. He asks me what's going on. I detail the situation of the phone calls. He says the company should have notified me a week ago. I say they did not. (B didn't even try to call me! I don't erase anything from my phone logs and I checked for any missed calls from them. Other than today, the last call I had from B was on the 17th because they wanted to make sure I was going to pay my rent, but I had turned the money order in already and I had the receipt from it. I also have pictures of the money order and also pictures of the receipt after turning the money order in, but I didn't mention that part. I also checked my mail on Saturday evening/night for my electric bill but my mailbox was empty.)
  10. @ 4:38pm The maintenance guy texts me that he tried to call the company, no answer. So he also tried to call the landlord, no answer.
There is 1 actual hotel that I know of in my city. Nearby to where I live are three motels, two of them are well known for being seedyrowdy/unclean, and the other one chose not to renew my lease last February. All three of the motels usually have DSS tenants and all three of them are interchangeably called hotels and motels.
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2023.05.30 23:54 etherealsmear My first time saying this

I’m drunk right now for starters, and despite that fact, I WANT to get sober. Even know in my inebriated state, I WANT to do better for myself and my future. But sometimes, I just want to die. And to me, the only sober people who GET sober are those who want to live. Not getting sober leads to death. But in a sense, that’s what i wantED, when my use was at its greatest. So in my own head, if using was what lead to death, then by all means, give that to me especially when it feels this good. But I have dreams that I want to accomplish. There’s a whole lot of “buts”, and that fact alone makes me believe that I truly DO want the best for myself. I do. I know I have too much trauma and anger to get through. I know my pathway to sobriety revolves around doing things differently, but how do you do so when you’re constantly around the things that make you drink?! And what makes me drink IS MY FAMILY, but you can see how I can’t escape them. Even now, I’m fighting that urge to get another drink and just switching it for water. That small fact makes me happy cuz I know I don’t want to get even more wasted, and that water is helping me. Knowing I’m helping myself in even in the smallest way is making me so proud right now. Some part of me acknowledges I want to get sober. But i’m so angry and the things that make me angry are shit I’m still surrounded in on a daily basis. How the FUCK did y’all get over this hurdle?! I’ve heard the saying “you can’t sober in the same environment that made you drink” but some of us have no fucking choice. I absolutely cannot be homeless right now. What did y’all do to forget this hatred?! This anger and revenge. What things did y’all do that made this all BETTER FFS :(?? Cuz I absolutely cannot act on this anger AGAIN or I’ll end up with even worse charges. Just anything please.
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2023.05.30 23:54 giov1234 I need your help, I can’t smoke anymore

Dear fellow stoners, I’ve been smoking for 9 years, but since this year I can’t enjoy smoking weed anymore. It all started when one day after a joint I was feeling as if I couldn’t breathe and I needed air, and also like a pain in my chest, it was horrible it was as if I was dying. I’ve tried to smoke a couple of times more but I was always feeling terrible. After a couple of weeks of not smoking I was still having random anxiety attacks and I even went to the emergency room thinking that I had some heart issue, but the doctor said everything was fine. After not smoking for a couple of months I’ve decided to buy a Pax vaporizer, which finally gave me back the joy of smoking. However even if I don’t get panic attacks anymore, I feel like I’m not breathing right or enough and it becomes a conciouss obsession to focus on it, it’s like a lump in my throat, I only feel well after an hour when I still feel stoned but I don’t have this sensation anymore. Did any of you experienced something like this ? Did you overcome it ? I really miss smoking as in the old days, I would sell a kidney to be back smoking a joint in my bed with my girlfriend. Also, some of you might need to read this, DON’T SMOKE TOO MUCH ! It’s okay to smoke but don’t start smoking all the day everyday otherwise you will probably end up like me
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2023.05.30 23:54 Willing-Hour3643 Widows and widowers, have you ever met someone who resembled your deceased spouse? And how did you react?

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2023.05.30 23:54 weorm Advice on coming out to immediate conservative family

posting this in this sub so it gets more traction but hey so i am about 8? months on testosterone now, i was on a low dose for a while so my balls haven’t completely dropped yet lol but my voice is definitely a bit lower and my face is more square. i am originally from florida but now reside in indiana far from immediate family. i’m out to my sister and she accepts me and i’m out to my mother because she went digging through my life and found out pretty early on when i started t (did not go well, it hasn’t been acknowledged since). my brother and father i have not been close with since adolescence but still see every other couple of months. i am not financially dependent on any of my family save for my car insurance & phone plan but i don’t think it would be a serious enough concern for them to take that away from me. i’m very scared because my father has always been pro-trump and whatnot and i used to be very close with another trans guy growing up and for the most part my family was respectful but would ask/say things to me that were very inappropriate and hateful/judge mental. i have to see my father and mother and i assume my sister and brother will be there (my brother is a carbon copy of my father) in some weeks and im very afraid im going to get put on blast. i want to come out to them beforehand but im literally terrified and i have no clue to go about it. i know this is harsh but if worst came to worst i could live without the men in my family but im more concerned about how i will be treated once i come out. i don’t know how to go about it and i don’t know any other trans people with conservative families so i have no outlet/support for this and im sure some people on here have been through this and have some words of advice/what you did when you came out (i hope). the date kees getting closer and i keep transitioning and everyday im so paranoid and scared about it. every time my brothefather calls me and say they just want to talk i feel like someone just told me the worst news of my life 😭 words of advice/how to proceed with coming out would be so awesome please and thank you😭😭❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹
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