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Torn between two used bikes

2023.06.07 22:18 BJozi Torn between two used bikes

I've been on the look out for a carbon (endurance) bike and two have popped up near me, both used bikes bought 2020. One if a Cube Attain GTC SL (red, Ultegra groupset 2x11, 105 hydro brakes) and the other is a Orbea Avant (blue, tiagra groupset, hydro brakes).
On spec alone the Cube is probably the better bike? But I really like the look of the Orbea, and to be fair looks do count a little. They are probably both around the same price, I might get the Orbea for slightly less (not enough to justify buying used 105 2x11 to upgrade).
Here's a link comparing both models:,cube-attain-gtc-sl-2020
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2023.06.07 22:16 VitaeSummaBrevis Preparing for OMCS next year. Advice?

I have a physics BS and I became really interested in machine learning. I have very basic knowledge of R, Python and C. But not nearly at the level for an OMCS. I would also like to be able to gain employment as a SWE or at least have that option open to me.
I don’t think I’m ready, obviously, for the OMCS program, but I could be ready for it next year. In the meantime I’ve already been taking upper division statistics courses at my undergrad Uni to learn the theoretical basis of ML. Unfortunately that stuff is rather advanced and I will have to take another course to even get to multivariate regression in depth.
I’m wondering what courses I should look into taking from now to next year to prepare? I think I work better when I have a strong foundation in a subject so I’m thinking of taking 2 courses in C/C++ covering things like pointers, memory etc then one of the data structures and algorithms course in C++. These courses are going to be expensive, like $700 each
Is that a good idea? And what other courses should I look into taking? I noticed they require knowledge of Object oriented programming - so does this mean I should just take a class or 2 in Java fundamentals?
I imagine for discrete math I’ll just buy a textbook and go through the important sections.
I don’t think the MOOCs or coursera or whatever stuff will help me, as I need the pressure of deadlines and letter grades badly.
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2023.06.07 22:16 almenjr [ McLaren Senna ] Had this pull up next to me near John Wayne airport.

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2023.06.07 22:15 theiryan Pain under right rib goes after gas

Currently in the midst of being diagnosed for IBS but my doctor told me IBS is most likely and tests are just ruling out unlikely outliers.
Main pain location more recently has been in the upper right under my ribs.
There’s a focal spot near the middle and a feeling of discomfort and tenderness to the touch overall.
However, this feeling often seems to fade after passing gas. Any idea what this may be? I’ve had a friend mention it could be gas trapped in the corner of the large intestine.
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2023.06.07 22:15 TJ104_Lp Karzahni v2

Karzahni v2
He’s a quite simple build and with the addition of a 3D printed olosi I think he looks awesome. And if you have any ideas for improvements let me please know.
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2023.06.07 22:15 Low_Coat608 Need some advice or opinions on trying to be social active or introducing social aspects into my life

I'm M 23 in Utah. I have been a (very) big background character to the world and every social experience I've been in since my early youth. I feel like I get a pure anxiety rush when I try to socialize or have side conversations with absolutely anyone and everyone. I have social media but only have at most a small handful of people I wish I could call friends, but in honesty they are just people that side in my friends list and never talk or interact with me. I have trust issues with my own family and I feel like an outcast within an outcast family. I am no where near the mental aptitude to comprehend to social norms or slang vocabulary. I have lived by the Golden Rule norm with modified self life rules I follow formyself. Use to be Mormon when I was in my youth and left the church when I was 16 due to how the church was treating my family and myself. Due to all the bullying from members and kids(around my age group) in the church and other students in schools. I felt the eager need around when I was 15-16 years old to leave the church and take care of purely myself from that point forward in life. Never asking for help or advice along the way. Join the military when I was 17 ( split ops program) and was uncategorized discharged when I was 19 due to implications I will not go into. I have always been a sit in the back corner of the room and listening to everything around me. I have tried dating apps, going to bars, clubs, small resorts, and other plossible interactive social gathering styled places. I feel so much exclusion for some reason when I do try to change, and in the sad result I feel shut down or out casted from everyone I have ever met. I have tried small talk, long talks, talk when necessary and being positive with my actions to show enjoyment with other people. Sadly at the end of everyday I always get removed from any social media from people and in a in person situations as well. Should I seek a therapist for proper counseling? My health and emotional position have fallen to a very dangerous position that I feel like could go down hill at any moment on either. I have spoken to multiple doctors to try and get a non bias opinion on what I should do. The annoying part is I have gotten so many opinions from all the doctors, and I have a completely mixed position of action to take. My Financials have been horrible because cobid and loosing a healthy job and loosing the position of continuing college due to Financials and social awkwardness and self doubt on my own knowledge of most topics (mostly due to the fact people press it in my face that I don't know anything or that my knowledge on any subjects are incorrect even when I only speak about topics that I have valid facts to back my own knowledge on the topics I speak about) so in the end result I don't talk almost if not at all sadly when I am with people. I have no contacts of people I can try and speak to freely on any of this and I am in no financial position for a therapist and can't upkeep on trying to see doctors about my dody functions failing.
If you have read all of what was above I am most sorry that it was probably painful to read and possibly understand, but please I am asking for advice and opinions to do in this matter of time before I make a bad decision that could ruin my life. If DMing me makes it easier or something by all means go for it. If not I will try and attempt to reply to any comments. This post took me 3 days to write and mentally allow my self to ask for real help but sadly in a bad way and no going directly to a therapist or a professional.
Thank you again for reading all of this and I wait for any advice.
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2023.06.07 22:15 hhkhkhkhk Just started Guafacine and am EXHUASTED and emotionally stunted

Hello all!
My doc recently perscribed me Guanfacine (Intuniv) to help with the the crashes I get after Concerta (Particularly bad days I cry and get over emotional).
I've been on it for nearly a week and my moods have been great. It's really evened things out in terms of the ups and downs I would have on Concerta. But, I'm exhausted! Like, getting up and moving makes me feel like I'm going to faint exhausted.
This is troubling because I do regular weight lifting and I felt so dizzy/lightheated that I had to quit in the middle of a session. I've got a lot of focus but I also feel that my emotions are blunted a bit. I'm a naturally bubbly, energetic person and while I enjoy the calm...this makes me feel as if I can't even laugh some days?
So...will this pass or do I need to try something else?
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2023.06.07 22:14 TheGiwiNinja [QC] APSF 15510 V2 Pre Owned

[QC] APSF 15510 V2 Pre Owned
Looking for some very casual thoughts on this beautiful 15510 I’m planning on purchasing from a resale forum. This will be my first Rep
First three photos are from first reseller after TD, last four are from second reseller.
  1. ⁠⁠Dealer name: ReSale
  2. ⁠⁠Factory name: APSF
  3. ⁠⁠Model name (& version number): AP 15500 with A4302
  4. ⁠⁠Price paid: (Keeping this confidential, price is reasonable based on similar sales)
  5. ⁠⁠Album Links: N/A
  6. ⁠⁠Index alignment: Looks good, light seriously affect color and framing of this face
  7. ⁠⁠Dial Printing: Looks great
  8. ⁠⁠Date Wheel alignment/printing: Looks great
  9. ⁠⁠Hand Alignment: Looks great
  10. ⁠⁠Bezel: Looms fine to me
  11. ⁠⁠Solid End Links (SELs): NA
  12. ⁠⁠Timegrapher numbers: N/A
  13. ⁠⁠Anything else you notice: Light scratches mentioned, I will be scratching this watch much more upon wearing it, so I’m happy with its relatively new state.
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2023.06.07 22:14 Advanced-Spinach1190 GRAND REOPENING DIY SWAP EVENT

Thanks to this wonderful group of people here I am launching the grand reopening of the DIY Swap Event! I know many of you love these events and I’m happy to announce that this one will be the biggest and best one yet! Some of you are aware of recent events that caused me to almost go out of business so I have implemented new rules. Please read and understand all rules before requesting to come! I can’t wait to see you all and I have free gift bag goodies for each guest to celebrate! (Limit 3 per guest)
How it works: this is a DIY/recipe learning exchange event. You bring your duplicate DIY or recipe cards you have in your storage and drop them as donations at the designated donation areas. You then enter the community learning area where the streets are lined with DIY cards. You learn anything you need and leave the ones you know. I replace the ones you learned with the ones you donated to keep the event going. This is a free event. Please read all rules below:
  1. Upon arrival you MUST drop your donations FIRST before heading to the community learning area. To the left of the airport is a beach. You can leave them there and on the boardwalk. A second location for donations is on the beach to the right of the airport. I will be collecting them as they are donated to make more room. DO NOT pick up, learn or pocket any donations cards on the beaches.
  2. No pole vaults or exploring areas that are barricaded. I have added blocks to keep and guide players into designated areas. Please do not attempt to escape to different areas .
3 do not enter any other beach other than the beach’s designated for donation near the airport. If it’s barricaded it’s off limits
  1. After you have donated please make your way to the gift section and take 3 grab bag gifts home with you. Do not open and then drop them again. They are all a variety of cookies, sweets, shakes, cakes or pies.
  2. Do not under any circumstances learn more cards than you donate. I use your donations to restock the cards so I can keep a good stock for the next visitor
  3. You must learn the cards on the spot. There is absolutely no pocketing of cards and taking them home. You pick it up and learn it and move on to the next. If you already know it then please drop it back in its place
  4. If you see ANY suspicious behavior or people not following rules please report it to me via messenger on Reddit. I will be taking note of who is who so they can be reported if they break rules
  5. Have fun!
I will be taking 3 guests at a time. Most visits last 10 minutes. Please comment if you want to join HERE in this post so I can assign you a number. I go in order. I try to let someone know if they are up next. If you don’t respond I have to give your place to someone else I’m sorry. You can still join later.
I will be very busy organizing donations and restocking so please keep an eye out for me and respect my island and rules :)
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2023.06.07 22:12 Janglesh [F4F] Where Man Dares Not Go (Greek mythology Amazon roleplay)

Alessa loved the summer. The little place where she’d been born and raised was a boring, sleepy tree village that was all too peaceful and quiet for the young woman. Not to mention filled with the elderly and hardly populated with anyone her own age.
They lived on the edges of the land where the House of Artemis resided but Alessa had never got to really be free like her other sisters of Artemis.
Things were different when summer hit. Every year she made the pilgrimage to the capital Themyscira City for its’ countless summer festivals, all incredibly elaborate and bustling with tourists. Her first year as an adult also meant it was the first year where she could make this trek on her own and really enjoy the festivities to their fullest.
Thousands of women from all over the massive continent flocked to the capital during this time; it was always so exciting seeing all of the children playing in the rolling hills and large fields outside the city walls.
Not to mention all of the important High Priestesses and other officials who’d arrive to Themyscira City with their legions of Priestesses and other followers.
If you were lucky, you’d maybe get to see an Immortal too. Only Demi-Gods, as the Gods didn’t simply let mere mortals bask in their presence. Though considering that they were the original Amazons it was still incredibly exciting.
And in any case, the diversity of the city mixed with the diversity in tourists tended to make the Amazons forget about the…tensions between the various Houses of Themyscira.
Themyscira had once been a place to get away from the wars and squabbles of the gods, but after hundreds of thousands of years of development the continent was split between regions ruled by the different political Houses, each devoted to their own God or Goddess. Even the mortals were all descended from the Gods original creations, so Alessa supposed this made some sense.
But things had been getting worse over the past hundred years and the capital was like a powder keg even during joyous times such as these.
Alessa parked her pegasus Percy about a hundred yards from the front gates of the city, a heavy sigh left her lips as she hopelessly gazed at the hordes of people orderly making their way through the gates. Ugh, it’d probably be hours before she could get in.
She’d hoped she could have gotten there early but Percy’s wings had gone tired. Even then, he found it more fun to prance through the hills and Alessa had to chase him around for nearly a half hour.
“Ugh, this is wonderful. I’d be eating Tarhkaran Squid or watching the Daughters of Artemis marksman contest if we could only just fly over the walls. We’d likely get shot down.” The raven haired young woman rolled off Percy and collapsed onto the soft grass.
Only after a moment of rest was she suddenly greeted by the sound of heavy, thunderous steps. The Warrior Caste that belonged to Argos, home to the House of Ares. Alessa quickly jumped onto Percy and the frightened horse squealed as it pushed itself several dozen feet into the air to avoid the marching battalion of soldiers.
Their carriages were carried by several massive, gnarling beasts that were practically treated as pets where they were from. This was always the most intimidating part of the summer festivities to Alessa, representatives from the various Warrior Castes would gather together in the capital as a show of peace.
Amazons had once been a tribe of exclusively warriors in the early days, but things changed once they’d removed themselves from the violent and warmongering ways of man. For the most part.
She gazed in awe at the hardened soldiers. Black steel armor. Helmets that shrouded their faces. Blades and spears heavier than a normal person could reasonably carry. And glowing with various enchantments.
“Wh-whoa!” Alessa managed to gasp. The entire crowd of civilians parted to let the warriors through.
The Warrior Castes only seemed to show up to the capital more armed every year. She was surprised the Argosians hadn’t come with twice the artillery as anyone else just to flex their might. There really was something eery in the air this year. Some even called for the cancellation of the festivals this year. Alessa truly hoped her suspicions wouldn’t come to fruition.
Hello everyone! You can call me Janglesh. My timezone is PST, I’m a 23 year old multi para writer looking to worldbuild a greek mythology setting taking place on Themyscira, home of the Amazons!
This is an idea that I’ve been really craving to explore and flesh out with someone who loves worldbuilding just as much as I do! I left aspects of the world and culture and plot a bit open so we can come up with things together, and everything is also up to change if you have your own ideas! I’d really love to contribute to this world equally with someone and conjure up a setting and story that’ll really set our imaginations on fire!
The basic setup is that thousands of years ago, the original Amazons created their own realm to get away from the war between the Gods over who controlled the human realm. Themyscira is home to only women, the descendents of the original Amazons. It is a massive, fantastical realm full of amazing creatures and magic gifted to them by the Gods.
It’s divided into several regions, each controlled by worshippers of each God. Things have been peaceful but lately there’s been growing tension.
I’d love for this to have an ensemble cast, I enjoy having multiple character types working off of each other and trying out different dynamics. Obviously we’d still each have mains that we focus on, though.
General Requirements:
•Be an adult. The roleplay will be sfw, but I’m pretty uncomfortable with writing with someone who’s not an adult.
•Be interested in conversing and discussing the roleplay, as well as mutual collaboration. Collaborating and brainstorming together makes the rp so much more fun! OOC chatter is also appreciated.
•Be detailed and multi para.
•Be willing to write multiple characters, I will do the same. We’ll have mains, but I love having side characters and stuff to make the world and story feel more three dimensional and fleshed out.
And that’s it!
DM me and we can discuss the plot and characters! Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.07 22:12 payformypudding What is currently going on with Matchmaking

I am sick and tired of this act. What is going on? I deranked 300RR in the last 3 weeks and cannot win. My Winpercentage is nearly bottom 20%. I gain no plus on a win but lose 25. I cannot stand my teammates anymore. I am a support player and the last 2 acts I got to ascendant by being helpful with util and strats while still getting some kills and clutching rounds. This act my Playstyle is bascially useless. My Teammates Overheat and Egopeek all the time. They dont listen to my calls, sometimes even on purpose to annoy me and are just genuinly being mean. I have a lot of AFKs and trollers or just people that dont have a mic and do whatever they want. I feel like I am in Bronze again... Every second game the enemy team has some last act Gold Guy (I usually play Diamond 2 lobbies due to my massive derank) that casually drops 35 or something while breaking the mentality of my team to the point where they dont even feel like trying anymore. Everything I try feels pointless. I play support? Duelist loses his Ego-Fight and we cant do anything. I play Duelist? Prepare for either 5 duelists or an initiator that doesnt use util paired with a smoker that doesnt really feel like smoking. I just won 2 Games? Well now I will have to get stomped in 4 in row! Its getting unbearable and I dont know how to deal with this. I was about to be Ascendant 2 I just downranked to diamond 1. The Enemy Team has good aim, movement, util usage and my team usually is 1 guy speaking in a foreign language and 3 guys that do whatever they want and ignoring me totally.
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2023.06.07 22:12 Lu193_ Fairy godmother sleep times? Help?

Anyone know the fairy godmothers sleeping times yet. It’s currently 21:12 for me and she’s been asleep nearly 3 hours.
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2023.06.07 22:12 Sure-Swimming774 Hair products causing sudde breakouts- help!! (VERB brand)?

Hair products causing sudde breakouts- help!! (VERB brand)?
I’ve never had problems with acne on my face, even as a teenager, but since ~December my skin has been the worst it’s ever been. I keep breaking out on my forehead, cheeks/ears/jawline, neck, upper chest, and back. I’m not used to having visible breakouts and my mental state is suffering from it. I have always had fluctuating levels of cystic bacne but now it’s really bad and spreading across my shoulders- I don’t feel comfortable wearing a lot of summer tops (or a swimsuit) because of it. Not posting pictures of that because I really do think it’s gross on me.
I’m 99% sure that my skin problem is from my hair products, since I’m breaking out at my hairline and places where my hair touches. I think it’s the VERB Ghost Shampoo. My conditioner and after-shower hair products have been the same for a year+ so I think they’re fine- even though the Shea Moisture conditioner has lots of oils, I’ve been using it for years without problems.
During the winter I ran out of my usual shampoo so I’ve been using my sister’s (VERB ghost shampoo) and my skin has been awful ever since. I have good hygiene (regular bedsheet changes, shower nearly every day and exfoliate weekly, I don’t hang out in dirty clothes). I live in a city where the air quality sucks but haven’t experienced skin like this in previous summers. I know it’s not dietary because I’ve done elimination diets before and I’m not eating foods that trigger my skin.
I don’t have the money for a new shampoo for like two weeks - is there anything I can do to get rid of this acne or stop it from happening? I wash my face and re-wash my back/chest after my conditioner rinses out but it seems like there’s still residue or a chemical reaction even though I make a real effort to wash scrub off any conditioner on my body.
Any idea what ingredients could be the problem so I know to avoid them? I’m good with 90% of products I try, but I I also reacted badly to the Cerave cream-to-foam skin cleanser which was unexpected to me. Any secret washing techniques to get rid of lingering hair products would be super appreciated too.
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2023.06.07 22:12 nross2099 How do I deal with this guy?

How do I deal with this guy?
So here’s the situation. Cuba is the only person in the game who has a navy. I’m playing as Arizona so I have no homeland harbors of my own. Basically what I want to do is annex Houston so I can get subs to hard counter him. He knows I’m trying to do this so he constantly bombards Houston with his navy. He started with corvettes which I easily destroyed with my strike fighters but now he’s countered me and is bombarding with frigates now. He can’t take land from me. I’ve been absolutely wrecking him on land. Since we started war I’ve already taken almost all of Louisiana from him and he’s helpless. I’m not gonna be able to get him out of the game completely without a navy though, which I can’t build because he’s near constantly bombarding my only options for harbors. Don’t want to waste the resources annexing just for it to get taken by him or rouge state. I can’t really keep troops in there for any length of time without them getting wiped by bombardment. I have a ng holding it from insurgents currently but I usually pull them soon as he shows up with frig. Florida and Haiti are also in his coalition so I need a navy asap
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2023.06.07 22:12 kvthxrine Garage-less house?

Does anyone have any experience with buying a home that doesn’t have a garage/building a garage? Or should we just pass on this one?
My fiancé and I have been looking at houses for a bit over 3 months now in the central Minnesota area. We’ve submitted a couple offers but have been rejected for one reason or another every time. Inventory hasn’t been great but there’s been a few gems here and there. This morning, a house came up for sale in the area we’ve generally been preferring. The house is completely updated and has a GORGEOUS and large kitchen (very uncommon in the homes we’ve been looking at), tons of storage, and is just overall very charming. It checks every box except one, a garage. It doesn’t even have a storage shed.
As mentioned, we live in Minnesota. Winters are long here. Garages are a must for us because of the amount of snow we get and how cold it gets here. Plus we need somewhere to put our lawn mower, shovels, rakes, etc.
We really like this house and it’s within budget (though towards the top of it), but looking at the average cost of building a garage makes my head spin a bit. Our realtor said she’d definitely be able to help us with the process of contracting and getting a good deal if we want the house but I’m still a little nervous about all the dollar signs. We’d definitely have to finance a new garage because we absolutely can’t fork over that kind of money plus a down payment, closing costs, and still have enough savings left over for emergencies.
Does anyone have experience with building a garage that can clue me in on the process, pricing, etc.? Though we prefer a two car garage, we are just fine with a one car garage. I’m also wondering if we should just consider this house not for us and keep waiting for something else to come up. I don’t know if it’s worth it to put that kind of money just into a garage when nearly all of the other options in our budget have a garage, they just aren’t updated or only have minor updates.
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2023.06.07 22:11 Azurite87 Returning to maintenance calories

Since around mid 2020 ive been on a calorie defecit, i have taken breaks here and there but i have lost around 2.5 stone all together (and grew like 2 inches taller while doing this just due to age)
I have recently gotten back in to tracking my calories as i want to fix my "skinny fat" that i caused from a defecit, too much cardio, and 0 weight training.
The thing is that i seemed to have reached a point where i eat in a defecit and my weight stays the same, can someone explain what could be happening here?
What will happen when i move up to eating my maintenace calories, will i gain weight or stay roughly the same? Im trying to eat more especially protein wise as i wasnt getting nearly enough, my goal is to grow some muscle and reduce belly fat. I am just worried that eating above what is currently keeping me at a steady weight will just increase my belly fat. I am trying to work out as often as i can although i dont always have time and it can often be a 15 min half assed unplanned workout with some dumbells and squats in my bedroom.
I will also update this post in a couple weeks with progress as im sure there are others interested in this/in the same position.
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2023.06.07 22:11 Blabeds Sou babaca por querer me afastar da minha amiga

Na minha escola, existem dois turnos diferentes para as mesmas turmas. Eu e minha melhor amiga (chamarei de A) estamos no mesmo turno. Há dois meses, uma das meninas (chamarei de B) do outro turno passou para o meu turno. Ninguém gostava dela, mas eu e minha melhor amiga nos sentimos incomodadas em deixá-la sozinha, então decidimos nos juntar a ela, formando um trio. No entanto, devido ao que já tínhamos ouvido sobre ela, nunca compartilhamos coisas pessoais em nossas conversas. Todas as nossas interações eram superficiais, mas isso não é o motivo deste relato.
Duas semanas depois de ela entrar no nosso turno, B começou a namorar um rapaz (chamado de coitado) conhecido por ter relacionamentos curtos. Isso se tornou uma piada entre nós. O rapaz é repetente e não está na nossa sala, mas tem a mesma idade que nós. B costumava falar mal de uma garota (irrelevante para a história) que era da sala do namorado dela. Essa garota estava namorando um rapaz (chamado de pivô) que estava na nossa sala. Pivô terminou com sua namorada há algum tempo.
Na semana passada, A faltou a semana toda e, portanto, não viu nada do que aconteceu. No entanto, ela me ajudou a chegar a uma conclusão, e eu obtive algumas informações que revelarei mais adiante. Percebi uma aproximação entre B e Pivô, o que não me agradou por várias razões:
  1. Eu gosto de Pivô, e ela sabe disso.
  2. O namorado de Pivô é o melhor amigo dele.
  3. O namorado de B é inseguro em relação a ele.
  4. Ela costumava falar mal de Pivô.
Até o momento, não falei nada sobre isso. Nesta semana, foi passada uma tarefa que valia pontos apenas por copiá-la. Tanto A quanto B faltaram no dia. Eu enviei a tarefa para o grupo, informando que havia tudo o que era necessário para copiá-la. Elas preferiram copiar na escola no dia seguinte, e eu concordei. Na manhã seguinte, acordei com um print vindo de B, mostrando uma conversa com Pivô, na qual ele dizia que ditaria a tarefa para ela no dia seguinte. Eu comentei que o namorado de B ficaria bravo, e ela disse que apagou a mensagem, então não estava correndo perigo.
Na escola, B e Pivô começaram a ficar juntos. A é muito amiga de Pivô e tem a senha do celular dele. Ela entrou na conversa entre B e Pivô e tirou vários prints para mim. No intervalo, eu e A discutimos as possíveis consequências dessa situação, e a consequência mais provável é aquela que nos fez querer nos afastar: basicamente, B deixaria coitado para ficar com Pivô, e as pessoas da sala ficariam bravas comigo e com A. Além disso, essa atitude vai contra nossos princípios e, além da opinião alheia, não queremos nos envolver em um triângulo amoroso e trair a confiança de coitado, que é namorado de B.
Gostaria de mencionar algo que talvez não interesse a ninguém, minha "paixãozinha" por Pivô definitivamente acabou, pois ele está agindo contra meus princípios e, principalmente, não gosto da ideia de estar com alguém que provavelmente me trairia, já que está flertando tanto com minha amiga quanto comigo (não esperava que ele me devesse "fidelidade", mas ele mesmo afirmou que ficaria apenas comigo). Portanto, decidi me afastar de B, já que a confiança que eu tinha nela desapareceu por completo. Basicamente, é isso!
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2023.06.07 22:11 Gloomberrry I'm so tired of looking for a place to sleep.

It's been a shit show of a few months....I was so excited to move in with some friends on May 1st.....low and behold after we payed the application free my best friend of the last 7 years decided living together would "ruin our friendship" and dipped, leaving me and my then roommate scrambling. We were able to extend our lease one more month, but after we pay another application fee AND an admin fee, she decides she's no longer mentally stable enough to live with me. Unfortunately I could not extend our lease any further so I've been couch surfing as of June 1st....and I really thought I'd be able to handle it but it's been so bad for my mental health. I feel like I'm barging in on friends space. Both of my friends are guys (im a chick) and expect me to share a bed with them. Which at first didnt seem like the biggest of deals, but the expectation of snuggling in exchange for a place to sleep has been putting into perspective how unhealthy these friendships are....And I was so excited about applying to this apartment complex by myself, even paid another 300$ in admin and application fees, but I found out today I was rejected and I'm not sure why, even though I was qualified. So now I have to figure out what friendship I'm going to put a strain on this evening or if I'm just going to sleep in my car again. I've spent all day apartment hunting but it's looking like it's going to be nearly 3 weeks until I can move in somewhere else assuming everything goes without a hitch....Im starting a new job on the 16th, which pays well so it should help the process, but the timing has been just so horrendous....I feel like the universe is trying to break me
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2023.06.07 22:11 Weltkunstxk Looking for Card Recommendation With Upcoming Travel Expenses

I'm up for an OCONUS PCS and will be having to do a lot of travel in the near future, and with that comes a lot of expenses. As is tradition whenever I transfer or take a vacation somewhere, I get a new card to easily hit the sign up bonus; but now I am afraid I am running out of cards.
Currently have: AMEX Platinum, Gold, Blue Cash Chase Sapphire Preferred Chase Ink Unlimited Capital One Quicksilver Discover IT A bunch of more minor cards
Spouse has: AMEX Platinum, Gold Capital One Quicksilver
My spouse recently applied for an received the Chase United Infinite Card as we will be booking our travel on United Airlines and will use the United Card to hit the signup bonus as well as the 5% miles.
So that leaves me open to finding another card with which to spend all the other costs such as hotels, food, household items, etc etc. I am ineligible for Chase cards due to their absolutely stupid 5/24 rule (I was denied for the United originally for no reason other than it); I was considering getting a Charles Schwab Platinum as I have a Schwab account, but open to other recommendations.
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2023.06.07 22:10 Rs3vsosrs I lost out on a big promotion into management to a fellow supervisor and it makes me want to quit.

So myself and another supervisor interviewed for an internal promotion into management and the other supervisor got the job. It came with a nearly 50k a year raise.
After they got the job I went to the plant manager and told them I wasn't going to stay there for years and be stuck being a supervisor the whole time. They just said to be patient and keep learning which I had been doing. But this just feels like a major kick in the chest. And I really feel like I'm going to be stuck as a supervisor for 10 years and miss out on getting a shot at being a manager.
And the thought of having to hear what the other supervisor and current plant manager wants me to do all day and getting in trouble because of stuff they want done not getting done while the former supervisor gets to relax in the office is going to make me boil over eventually.
What should I do? I love the field I work in, I make decent money, and they keep telling me to keep working on growing. But I don't feel like being the "lowest" form of management for an extended time because I really just get to do what in told instead of doing the telling. AND the supervisor spot is still 90% blue collar, where I want that high paying mostly white collar job.
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2023.06.07 22:10 Weltkunstxk Looking for Card Recommendation With Upcoming Travel Expenses

I am in the military and will be having to do a lot of travel in the near future, and with that comes a lot of expenses. As is tradition whenever I transfer or take a vacation somewhere, I get a new card to easily hit the sign up bonus; but now I am afraid I am running out of cards.
Currently have: AMEX Platinum, Gold, Blue Cash Chase Sapphire Preferred Chase Ink Unlimited Capital One Quicksilver Discover IT A bunch of more minor cards
Spouse has: AMEX Platinum, Gold Capital One Quicksilver
Oldest card is 12 years ago FICO Score around 750 Income around 65k
My spouse recently applied for an received the Chase United Infinite Card as we will be booking our travel on United Airlines and will use the United Card to hit the signup bonus as well as the 5% miles.
So that leaves me open to finding another card with which to spend all the other costs such as hotels, food, household items, etc etc. I am ineligible for Chase cards due to their absolutely stupid 5/24 rule (I was denied for the United originally for no reason other than it); I was considering getting a Charles Schwab Platinum as I have a Schwab account, but open to other recommendations. My main interest is hitting a good signup bonus with the money I'm going to spend anyways.
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2023.06.07 22:10 EmeraldVolt Is it legal to submit a copy of a marriage document?

My wife and I got married last week and got our marriage certificate notarized the same day because it was important for us to have the same wedding and marriage day. We just now went to submit our wedding document to the probate office because we immediately went on our honeymoon and just now got back. The lady at the probate office rejected it because when I was writing the date during the notarization process I messed up at first and wrote something that wasn’t a number so I scratched it out and wrote the date properly next to it. The notary didn’t correct me or say that that was invalid and stamped it anyway. The probate lady said the state won’t accept anything that’s scratched out or whited out. This made me really sad because if we have to redo everything, in the eyes of the law we wouldn’t have been married for our honeymoon or the day after. Is it legal/ acceptable just to scan it, erase the scratch out and print a copy without white out or scratch outs?
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