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2023.04.01 12:01 AutoModerator SeattleChat Daily Thread - Saturday, April 01, 2023

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
Weather Links:
Seattle Weather Forecast
National Weather Service w/ Graphics
National Weather Service w/out Graphics

Covid Links:
DOH Instructions
WA DOH Corona Page
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2023.04.01 11:55 cassycuppycake Deja Vu For Tuesday

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2023.04.01 11:43 uacrisisorg Day 401: Putin signs Russia’s new foreign policy doctrine

⚡Ukraine marks liberation of Bucha. Ukraine’s armed forces already use Joint Direct Attack Munition. Putin signs new foreign policy doctrine⤵
Ukraine marks liberation of Bucha. Ukraine’s armed forces already use Joint Direct Attack Munition. Putin signs new foreign policy doctrine.
Four European leaders visit Bucha on one-year anniversary of liberation
On March 31, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and leaders of Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Moldova visited Bucha to pay tribute to the victims of the Russian war crimes committed during the occupation of the city.
The visit marks one-year anniversary of Bucha’s liberation. President Zelenskyi, Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger, Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, and Moldovan President Maia Sandu visited the site of a mass grave near the church of Saint Andrew the Apostle where bodies of Bucha residents were found.
Ukraine already uses Joint Direct Attack Munition against Russia
Ukraine’s armed forces are already using Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force Command Colonel Yuriy Ihnat said.
“We are using JDAM,” Ihnat said on television. Ukrainian fighter aircraft employ the Western-made kits to conduct precision strikes against high priority targets, he added.
In December 2022, reports surfaced that the U.S. plans to send JDAM, a guidance tail kit that converts existing unguided free-fall bombs into accurate, adverse weather smart munitions to Ukraine.
JDAM is compatible with various types of aircraft. The munitions’ tail section contains an inertial navigational system and a global positioning system guidance control unit.
The U.S. has previously used JDAM technology for 907-kilogram conventional bombs, dropped from bombers and fighters.
Putin signs new foreign policy doctrine
Russian President Vladimir Putin told a Security Council meeting Friday that he signed a decree, approving Russia’s new foreign policy concept.
He said he had to amend major strategic documents following “serious changes” in the international arena, Russian media quoted him as saying. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov presented Putin with an updated foreign policy doctrine.
Lavrov said the start of what Moscow calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine had ushered in “revolutionary changes” in world affairs that now needed to be reflected in the concept. The document names the United States as the main threat to international stability and driver of an “anti-Russian line”. It outlines how Russia could take “symmetric and asymmetric measures in response to unfriendly actions against Russia”. Russia will seek to create “conditions for unfriendly states to abandon their hostile policy toward our country.” Russia will seek strategic partnership with China and India, the concept reads.
Human rights situation in the occupied territories. Ukraine in Flames #386
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2023.04.01 11:35 LucioIsMineBitches Marinette is not a normal girl with a normal life...

Marinette room is big for a Parisian appartement. If you want to have some informations on prices in Paris, here's this article : https://realadvisor.fen/property-prices/city-paris

Her wiki page says the 21th but there is only 20 arrondissements. If it's was in real life, Marinette would live in the 5th arrondissement of Paris which is an expensive one.

The average salary in the 5th arrondissement is around 36 083 euros per year which is 39224,03 dollars. The national average salary is about 20 590 euros per year which is about 22382,36 dollars.

So to begin with, Marinette's family is very comfortable, they earn way more than an average french people.

Plus you also have to look at the hobbies. Marinette is a designer, she likes to sew. Sewing is probably one of the most expensive hobby.

I know it, because I'm sewing too (I'm not living in Paris) and I can tell you that it's everything but not cheap.

Fabric is expensive. Meters and meters of good and nice quality fabric are expensive outside of the Capital, so in Paris, it's can only be more expensive.

A good starting sewing machine is almost 100-200 euros (107-218 dollars). Then you also need needles, thread, pins, ruler, markers...

Oh and I forgot, Marinette has a dummy in her room. It's around 130-150 euros for a very basic one.

Not to mention, you have to have space for sewing. To cut fabric, you need place. Square meters are very expensive in Paris, if she have the entire sewing materials and sew with no problems, she is probably not "average" girl.

Think about it, the girl has a freaking dummy in her bedroom. I'm living in countryside and even in my room who is nice, I can't fit one.

She has a place to do makeup in her own bedroom, a sort of sofa (this kind of things are very expensive), multiples carpets... And with all of this, not even a closet for clothes. She doesn't have a closet in her bedroom when she is supposed to be a stylist...

There isn't a single delinquent in her school. Everyone is nice and kind except for Chloé and Lila who are the mean girls but otherwise, everything is perfect... The school is always proper and clean... There's isn't a single teenager smoking or trying to sell drugs...

Her best friend have a very popular blog around Paris who is watched by thousands of people, so she is an influencer who doesn't even need to show her boobs to have views which is very very rare. (Because let's be honest, most famous females influencer tend to show some cleavage or attributes to gain some followers.)

Nino is a DJ at a very young age who already have a DJ set... But at least a DJ set is still less expensive than Marinette's sewing hobby. I would even argue that Nino is the most normal dude of the entire class, which is probably why he isn't appreciated.

Chloe is the daughter of the mayor, she's rich and spoiled...
Sabrina is the daughter of the police "chief" because Roger is the main police officer in the episode, so he isn't a simple policeman. And she hangs out with a rich chick (although we can argue that she is being abused by Chloe).
Adrien is the son of one of the most famous fashion designer of Paris. Also rich and privileged.
Juleka is the daughter of a famous rockstar...
Alix's dad owns the Louvre Museum, just that...
Max created a smart IA robot who can move and thinks on it owns to the point of being able to become akumatized like a real senti-being. If he isn't the son of a couple of robotics engineers, I no longer understand anything.
Kim is friend with a nerd like Max... Usually, jocks doesn't give a fck about nerds and if this school is an elitist one, that's mean Kim parents are rich enough to enroll him in this institution, because Kim is a monkey brain and it's probably not his grades who helped him to get inside the school.
Rose had a date with a Prince from another country. Oh and she is also the rock singer of their band, very normal for sure...
Zoe lived in New york and speaks french perfectly... Half daughter of a rich model celebrity (Audrey)... Very normal...
Nathaniel is a mangaka at already such a young age... But okay, at least it's not too unbelievable.
Lila is a liar for sure, but for some reason, she has 3 moms, have been in different schools under different identities and she has a basements with wigs and costumes... Very normal indeed...

I would say that Nino, Mylene, Ivan and Nathaniel are the most "normal" persons in their class, which may be the reason of why they are underrated. They are "too normal" compared to the rest.

Not to mention that they can somehow privatize an entire football field to play there as in the Penalteam episode... Like how is that supposed to be "average" and "normal"?

It's like Emily in Paris, I'm amazed at how these kind of shows are portraying an "average" representation of the french society.

People in these shows, never have money problems, live in perfectly clean areas, never have daily life problems such as late common transports or bad weather...

Everyone is handsome, every place is amazing... There are almost no strikes.

I thought that my country was known for it's strikes and protests but in this show, the only protests we have is Mega leech for some trees and a park.

In both show, the Paris who is described is the rich Paris, the one for the rich people and the elitist. Marinette is definitely not a normal girl, she is a rich parisian girl who is lucky to live in the best places of Paris which is not the case for lot of parisians.
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2023.04.01 11:34 chimpaznee [Round 124835] Surprise puzzle! Please give me the answer, which is a word.

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2023.04.01 11:21 StreetwiseHercules0 41 [M4F] #Jacksonville, NC. Looking for a younger (18-25), secretly kinky, woman (AFAB), who enjoys, or wants to be an older man's sexual playing.

Looking for someone who wants to be used as a sex object / Toy / Victim, shared with my friends, and constantly used for your body, preferably on a regular basis, but one time playdates are fun too.
Me: Dominant/Top, White, Straight, DDF, Veteran, 6' Tall, and much stronger than you. I'm single, live alone, and my kids are grown.
Chat me if you are enthusiastically curious. Please include your age and location in your first message if it's not obvious from your profile. If you send a pic, send one with clothes on. If I want to see you naked, I'll undress you myself.
Kinks: ● 1950s Household ● Abduction ● Accomplice ● AgePlay ● Anonymous Sex ● Asphyxia Play ● BDSM ● Being Your Father's Age ● Bondage ● Breath Play ● Bruises ● CNC ● Coercion ● Creampie ● Crying ● Daddy/Daughter Roleplay ● DD/LG ● Degradation ● Domestic Abuse ● DubCon ● Exhibitionism ● Face Slapping ● Forced Orgasms ● Free Use ● Groping ●Orgasm Control ● Pain ●PainKink ● Physical Abuse ● Public Play ● Public Orgasms ● Race Play (Asian, "You dirty little chink.") ● Rape Play ● RapeKink ● Rape Kink ● Remote Control Vibrators In Public ● Sexual Slavery ●
Cities In/Near Eastern North Carolina: ■ Albertson ■ Atlantic Beach ■ Beaufort ■ Bell Fork ■ Beulaville ■ Bogue ■ Bridgeton ■ Calypso ■ Camp Lejeune ■ Cape Carteret ■ Charlotte ■ Cherry Point ■ Clayton ■ Coastal Carolina Community College ■ Dover ■ Dunn ■ Durham ■ Emerald Isle ■ Fayetteville ■ Garner ■ Georgetown ■ Goldsboro ■ Greensboro ■ Greenville ■ Hampstead ■ Havelock ■ Holly Ridge ■ Hope Mills ■ Hubert ■ Jacksonville ■ Kenansville ■ Kings Grant ■ Kinston ■ Knightdale ■ Leland ■ Lumberton ■ Magnolia ■ Maysville ■ Midway Park ■ Morehead City ■ Murrysville ■ New Bern ■ New River ■ Newport ■ North Topsail Beach ■ Ocean View ■ Pelletier ■ Piney Green ■ Pink Hill ■ Pollocksville ■ Raleigh ■ Richlands ■ Rocky Mount ■ Rocky Point ■ Rose Hill ■ Salter Path ■ Smithfield ■ Snead's Ferry ■ Spring Lake ■ Stella ■ Surf City ■Swansboro ■ Tarboro ■ Trenton ■ University Of North Carolina at Wilmington ■ Vanceboro ■ Wallace ■ Warsaw ■ Washington ■ Watha ■ Whitakers ■ Wilmington ■ Wilson ■ Winston-Salem ■
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2023.04.01 11:01 allChickensFearRice 🇺🇸 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁩󠁡󠁿 📺 📰 KMEG Sioux City, Iowa News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News

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2023.04.01 10:24 Ebb-Ill Made a new load order any advice and 2nd pair of eyes would be appreciated thanks in advance

Xbox one series S: Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Mods: 150 / total space used: 4.94 / free space: 65.23
Master Files:
-USSEP -USCCCP -USMP SE -Lux - Master File -Lux - Resources -Lux Via v1.6 - Master File -Lux Orbis - Master File
-Cutting Room Floor -usmp cutting room floor patch -Even Better Quest Objectives -EBQO Cutting Room Floor Patch -cheat room -quest debugger -Guard Dialogue Overhaul -usmp gdo patch -World Encounters
Overhaul Menu/UI/Font Changes:
-sovngarde a nordic font bold -oculus main menu and loading screen replacer -Dialogue Interface Reshaped -skyhud dissonance preset
Quest Alterations:
-JaySerpa's Quest Expansion Bundle -Better Thieving Updated -darker brotherhood V2 -Jiub's Opus & Arvak's Skull Quest Markers -Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers -gildergreen regrown
-Ars Metallica -Mystic Condenser updated -bandolier bags and pouches -cloaks face masks and all sorts 2 -free crafting -wearable lanterns
Game Mechanics/race editions:
-talkative dragons -better horses -unread books glow sse -Wear Multiple Rings -Recover Cities- Quick -Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions -Improved Adoptions- Multiple adoptions -Add-On
Level Progression:
-50 pct more perk points
Perk Overhaul:
-ordinator -Guild leader perks
Magic addition and Overhauls:
-Odin -ordinator compatibility patch
Item and Loot Leveled List:
-DLC integration
Enemy NPC Leveled List:
-a side order of dragons
-chapter II -audio sfx overhaul
-DAWN dramatic atmosphere, weathers, & nature
Grass / Landscape Mods:
-enhanced landscapes -skyrim grass performance
Landscape/Grass Fixes:
-Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods -Landscape Seam Fixes
Skin Mesh & Textures/Skeletons:
-realistic ragdolls and force, impacts and no death animation bundle -RS Children optimized -Argonian hatchlings -Khajiit caravan kittens -sivaas raan creatures and wildlife -bellyache’s tougher dragons -Shadowmere replace
Idles and Animations:
-360 Walk and Run Stand alone -Headtracking - Fully Scripted -Sustained magic
General Mesh/Textures:
-Magical Forces and FX bundle full -cc camping embers xd patch -Tamriel reloaded hd aio -detailed terrain lod lite tamriel reloaded -skyrad's skyrim aio - smim -lockpicking interface redone -divergence complete aio 1k 512 -towns guards armor retexture 1k -elaborately opulent textiles -royal armory reforged -black and gold ebony weapons -black and gold ebony armor -elsopa quivers redone -belt fastened quivers -awesome artifacts anniversary edition -Awesome artifacts ordinator patch -enhanced night sky
-Undead Beloved -Serana Dialogue Edit -Serana Dialogue Add-On -Serana dialogue add on SDE patch -Run For Your Lives -Crime Overhaul
NPC/PC Immersion:
-Rich Merchants of Skyrim -Realistic Conversations -Immersive Patrols lite -double beds are for two people -more tavern idles
NPC/PC Facial Modifications:
-lein's skyrim npc overhaul -divine skins and bodies for men and women
Interior Lighting/Decorating:
-distinct interiors aio optimized
Light Multiple Exterior Edits:
-elsopa hd hand painted road signs 1k -hd unique handmade signs -bridges of Skyrim -Carriage stops of Skyrim -CSOS survival patch -Divine forest
Single Area Edits:
-fort dawnguard brighter and cleaner -heartwood castle guard version -valsteinn castle expanded se follower version
Multiple Area Edits:
-clefj's house collection -spaghetti's cities - main cities aio -Spaghetti's towns - riverwood -spaghetti's main cities - trees in cities -the great cities, towns and villages bundle -mystical scholarship the magical college bundle 1k -magical college of winterhold anniversary patch -college curriculum -menhir standing stones of skyrim -Lux Orbis v3.0 -lux orbis USSEP patch -lux orbis Cutting Room Floor patch -the great cities, towns and villages bundle lux orbis patch -Lux orbis mystical scholarship / mystical college of winterhold patch -lux orbis embers xd patch -Lux Via plugin -lux via Cutting Room Floor Patch
Unique Item Locations:
Combat Mods:
-violens -archery tweaks aligned crossbow and ordonator bundle -archery skill set -Blade and Blunt -blade and blunt Timed Block -Mortal Movement blade and blunt
Unique Follower Mods:
-My Home Is Your Home -odahviing serving you at last
Quest Mods:
-Civil War Quest Immersion Bundle -Faction: Pit Fighter -faction pit fighter Travels Add-On
Map Mods:
Bottom LO:
-Lux (v6.3) -Lux USSEP patch -lux anniversary cc patch bundle -lux Cutting Room Floor patch -magical college of winterhold lux patch -lux the great cities, towns and village bundle patch -lux embers xd patch -AFT AE -jayserpa’s quest expansion bundle aft ae patch -Relationship Dialogue Overhaul -rdo crf + ussep patch -usmp rdo patch -rdo aft patch -Serana dialogue add on rdo Patch -Dawn waters w/ natural waterfalls -Sacrosanct -Growl -Alternate Start -Even Better Quest Objectives alternate start patch
A few tips if you plan to make edits to this load order. Hope they help make sense abit on how things work if I’m wrong on anything I’m still learning and far from an expert and happy to receive any advice
readmodsand place them in load order according pay attention for compatibility issues with other mods. Basically if it is a similar category for example weather mods they will have issues with other unless they have patches
Keepaneyeout for patches between certain mods place the patch after the 2nd mod is downloaded
Texture/mesh mods overwrite each other and can be stackable most cases (not always read descriptions and compatibility) place te texture you want to keep below it will overwrite the particular item in that bundle if your doing a single/multiple textures
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2023.04.01 10:02 allChickensFearRice 🇺🇸 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁶󠁡󠁿 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁴󠁮󠁿 📺 Tri-Cities News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News WCYB Tri-Cities area of northeastern Tennessee and southwestern Virginia, which includes Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City

🇺🇸 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁶󠁡󠁿 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁴󠁮󠁿 📺 Tri-Cities News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News WCYB Tri-Cities area of northeastern Tennessee and southwestern Virginia, which includes Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City submitted by allChickensFearRice to N_E_W_S [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 09:40 SpencerReid11 Help and inspiration for a long time out mod enjoyer

So I haven’t played fallout for ages and starting to get that itch but looking at my LO compared to my optimised Skyrim ones, it’s terrible, I was still a rookie when I last played. Need to start from scratch.
I have deleted everything that’s not essential to me and the remaining I’ll list below.
My question is, are these mods old, been replaced by better ones that do the same thing or better?
Bonus: recommendations for alternate start, immersive mods, weapon mods, one handed pistol wielding, clothes, textures, weather, anything really.
Thanks for taking the time.
Edit: I’m on series X
Settlement electricity overhaul
Sim settlements lite
USO base game (core components)
Cheat terminal
Sim settlements (nobody’s leaders)
—some sim settlements City plan packs—-
SKK workshop ownership utilities
Insults for all
Effective melee blocking
Dog rugs
Renamed bobble heads for convenience
No built limit (all DLC)
Settler sandbox AI expansion
Swappable vault wall lights
Vats freeze fix by JDBruce
Automatically lower weapons
Locksmith - lock your doors and windows
Survival quick save
Ballistic weave unlocked
Kcore’s simple - ballistic weave
Give me my bottle back
Everyone’s best friend (dogmeat)
Place anywhere
Optimised building textures
Ponytail hairstyles by Azar
CBBE curvy AIO
English full dialogue interface
Lookup failed - creation club - full dialogue interface fix
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2023.04.01 09:35 RugbyBot Match Thread - Brumbies v Waratahs Super Rugby Pacific 2023 Round 6

Match Thread - Brumbies v Waratahs Super Rugby Pacific 2023 Round 6

Venue: GIO Stadium, Canberra Weather: 15 C, Clouds
Match Threads: /rugbyunion/wiki/matchthread


UTC BST CEST (+2) AWST (+8) AEST (+10) NZ (+12) more
08:35 09:35 10:35 16:35 19:35 21:35 more tz


Brumbies Pos Waratahs
James Slipper 1 Tetera Faulkner
Lachlan Lonergan 2 Dave Porecki
Allan Alaalatoa 3 Harry Johnson-Holmes
Nick Frost 4 Jed Holloway
Cadeyrn Neville 5 Ned Hanigan
Rob Valetini 6 Taleni Seu
Rory Scott 7 Michael Hooper
Pete Samu 8 Will Harrison
Nic White 9 Jake Gordon
Noah Lolesio 10 Ben Donaldson
Corey Toole 11 Dylan Pietsch
Tamati Tua 12 Lalakai Foketi
Len Ikitau 13 Izaia Perese
Andy Muirhead 14 Mark Nawaqanitawase
Tom Wright 15 Max Jorgensen
Rhys van Nek 16 Tolu Latu
Fred Kaihea 17 Tom Lambert
Sosefo Kautai 18 Daniel Botha
Sam Thomson 19 Zac Von Appen
Jahrome Brown 20 Hunter Ward
Ryan Lonergan 21 Harrison Goddard
Jack Debreczeni 22 Joey Walton
Ben O'Donnell 23 Harry Wilson
Stephen Larkham Coach Darren Coleman
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2023.04.01 08:58 elefriendjaipur Elephant Activities in Jaipur: A Memorable and Responsible Experience

Elephant Activities in Jaipur: A Memorable and Responsible Experience
Elephants have been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. Jaipur is home to several elephant activities that allow visitors to engage with these majestic animals. Elephant activities in Jaipur range from elephant safaris to feeding and painting. In this article, we'll provide a detailed guide to the various elephant activities available in Jaipur.
2. Elephant Sanctuary in Jaipur
Elephant sanctuaries are a great way to learn about elephants and their behavior. Elefriend Elephant Farm in Jaipur is one such sanctuary. This sanctuary allows visitors to interact with elephants and learn about their behavior, diet, and lifestyle. Visitors can feed and bathe the elephants, learn how to communicate with them, and even ride them. The sanctuary also offers a unique opportunity to spend the night with the elephants.
3. Elephant Safari in Jaipur
Elephant safaris are a popular tourist activity in Jaipur. Visitors can take a ride on an elephant's back and explore the forests and hills around the city. Elephant safaris are available at several locations in Jaipur, including Amer Fort and Nahargarh Fort. These safaris provide visitors with a unique perspective of the city and its surroundings.
4. Elephant Ride in Jaipur
Elephant rides are another popular activity in Jaipur. Visitors can take a ride on an elephant's back and explore the city's monuments and historical sites. Elephant rides are available at several locations in Jaipur, including Hawa Mahal and Jal Mahal. These rides provide visitors with a unique and memorable experience of the city.
5. Elephant Painting in Jaipur
Elephant painting is a unique and creative activity that allows visitors to interact with elephants in a different way. Visitors can watch as elephants paint canvases with their trunks. The Elephant Village in Jaipur is one such place where visitors can witness this unique activity. Visitors can also purchase these paintings as souvenirs.
6. Elephant Feeding in Jaipur
Elephant feeding is another activity that allows visitors to interact with elephants. Visitors can feed elephants with fruits and vegetables, learn about their diet and nutritional requirements, and even help prepare their food. Elephant feeding is available at several locations in Jaipur, including the Elefriend Elephant Farm and the Elephant Village.
7. Elephant Care in Jaipur
Elephant care is an important aspect of elephant activities in Jaipur. Visitors can learn about the daily care and maintenance of elephants, including grooming, bathing, and feeding. They can also help in the care of elephants by assisting with their daily routines.
8. Elephant Conservation in Jaipur
Elephant conservation is a critical issue in India. Jaipur is home to several conservation projects that focus on the protection and preservation of elephants. Visitors can learn about these conservation projects and the efforts being made to protect and conserve these majestic animals.
9. Best Time to Visit Jaipur for Elephant Activities
The best time to visit Jaipur for elephant activities is between October and March. During this period, the weather is pleasant, and visitors can enjoy the various outdoor activities without discomfort. The summer months (April to June) can be extremely hot, while the monsoon season (July to September) can cause disruptions to outdoor activities.
10. Tips for Elephant Activities in Jaipur
Here are some tips to keep in mind while engaging in elephant activities in Jaipur:
  • Respect the elephants and their space. Avoid approaching them too closely or making loud noises.
  • Follow the instructions of the trainers and handlers at the elephant facilities.
  • Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing that allows for ease of movement.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Carry water and snacks to stay hydrated and energized throughout the activities.
Elephant activities in Jaipur offer a unique and memorable experience for visitors. From elephant safaris to feeding and painting, there are several ways to engage with these majestic animals. It's important to ensure that these activities are carried out responsibly and ethically, with the welfare of the elephants as the top priority.
Q1. Is it ethical to engage in elephant activities in Jaipur?
Yes, as long as these activities are carried out responsibly and ethically, with the welfare of the elephants as the top priority.
Q2. Can visitors ride elephants in Jaipur?
Yes, visitors can take elephant rides in Jaipur. However, it's important to ensure that the elephants are not being mistreated or overworked.
Q3. What is the best time to visit Jaipur for elephant activities?
The best time to visit Jaipur for elephant activities is between October and March.
Q4. What should visitors wear during elephant activities in Jaipur?
Visitors should wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing that allows for ease of movement.
Q5. Are there any conservation projects in Jaipur that focus on elephant conservation?
Yes, Jaipur is home to several conservation projects that focus on the protection and preservation of elephants.
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2023.04.01 08:38 jimmyroberts_cats94 RIP to us monday-tuesday 🥴 via KUTV's Chase Thomason on Facebook

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2023.04.01 08:34 TheBlueValiant I am genuinely so glad that I got rejected from almost every dream school.

Getting rejected from 7 schools in a row this week hit like a truck. But now that I look back, I am so glad I did. If I got into a school like Harvard or Princeton, I wouldn’t be happy with the locations or environment. It would probably just be a repeat of my current life where I try hard but feel horrible all the time and depressed. However, I wouldn’t be able to resist attending.
One school, USC, came through for me. And I am so excited! I can get out of my horrible rural town, and live the next 4 years in beautiful weather in the city of opportunity. I am literally ecstatic. I know people on here will tell me that giving up the cheap cost of going to a T50 state school that I got into to pay back probably 150k in loans is fucking stupid, but I thought about it and realized I don’t care. I will find a way to reduce my costs somewhat, and I can’t bring myself to turn down this dream of mine. Besides, USC will give me great opportunities that will help me pay it back later.
I really think that the rejections needed to happen for me to be happy. I think this is a sign of fate. My guidance counselor told me all year that I would end up where I’m supposed to be, and I think that somehow, she was right.
I hope you all find a great future in wherever you end up attending. And if you aren’t happy, there is always the option to transfer, on top of several other life paths. Make the most of the next four years.
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2023.04.01 08:34 k_dao Questions about WPI from a CS student

Hey all,
I'm an international student who've got admitted to WPI with a major in Computer Science, and the registration deadine is coming up but I'm still stuck between WPI and another school. Because of that, I have some questions regarding WPI as follows:
  1. Location: is WPI far from the city centre, and are there any great and/or bad experiences living in living in Worcester (I'm particularly concerned about the weather, since I come from a tropical country, so I'd love to know more about how to cope with the cold here).
  2. Activities: I really want to know your club recommendations, specifically CS and engineering-related clubs, but any club will do.
  3. Courses for Comp Sci: are there many projects/researches in the curriculum, or do I have to independently search for them? Do the professors hold classes most of the time, or will they give the undergrad classes to TAs (since I've heard that does happen in some schools)?
  4. Honors College: I've been invited to Honors College, and I want to know what kind of privilege I can have over non-Honors student. Will I have access to special facilities, and can I actually lose my status if my grades drop?
  5. Opportunities: is it easy to land an internship in WPI, and will it be difficult balancing intern jobs and studies at the same time? I'm going to do my best to keep my FinAid, so I don't want to risk and lose it all, but I also want to gather working experience at the same time.
These are my questions, and I'd love to hear your answers, since anything will help me tremendously with my decision-making.
Thanks a lot guys and have a nice day!
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2023.04.01 08:32 Fenrir555 [BATTLE] Tripoli Ravished; Rhodes Down


The Knights Hospitaller lead a series of raids against the Ottomans in a mix of galliots and frigates. They were focused on the Aegean territories and more importantly, the shipping therein. There was also a small force under the command of Andrew Barton who struck out at the coast of Morocco, but the great distance needed to sail out and back as well as the small force limited its effectiveness to gather wealth. The Greek and Ionian coastlines are targeted with great effectiveness by the larger Knights fleet, and the Ottomans had not yet prepared a defense force. However, eventually an Ottoman response force was able to defeat and repulse the pirates off the Thracian coast. The Knights also struck out at shipping that looking to end up in Muslim port, and that meant that multiple times they attacked often Italian merchant shipping as well. While they did not enslave the sailors like they often did for Muslim ships, they were still happy to often take its cargo. This would help the Hospitallers return with fat pockets.
Knights Hospitaller gain ƒ335,221 in revenue

March-May 1509

Barbarossa Blues

In the reaction of both the general Italian Wars and in particular the Barbarossa Brother's despoiling of Elba fleets across the Mediterranean Sea had gathered in activity. First, the Spaniards continued their general annual activity throughout the Mediterranean, one of the few naval forces constantly projecting power throughout the Sea. They had already gathered in January, and moved to assist the French and Papal fleet that was gathering in Lazio to remove the Muslim pirates from the Tyrrhenian Sea and follow up with an attack on the haven of Tripoli. Meanwhile, the Barbarossa Brothers had prepared three fleets to strike deep into the Western Mediterranean. The first Muslim fleet was lead by Oruc Reis, attempting to raid the Tyrrhenian Sea directly into the Spanish and French-Papal fleet. However, the latter fleet was having significant logistical and organizational issues as the complicated structure and disparate forces took its toll. The Spanish had prepared earlier than anyone else though, and were able to quickly respond to Oruc's thievery after only a few successful raids. Greatly outnumbered, Oruc was forced to eventually retreat back to Djerba after losing his galleass in a battle against a large group of frigates. Oruc had originally wanted to fall back to another secret base, but there were major issues in its creation and the fear of a retaliation force greatly superior to his own forced his deeper retreat. Additionally, the Papal-French fleet was well aware of the Barbarossa's base on the island of Gorgona. As they torched the base, the second and third fleets struck out to Algeria to take port and attack Spanish shipping on the other side of the Mediterranean. However, the third fleet was caught by Spanish patrols in the region to begin with, and forced to return and rendezvous with Oruc's remnants in Djerba. Only the second fleet was able to make it to the Zayyanids and strike. A force of Egyptian ships and soldiers also make their way into the pirate bases of Tripoli and Djerba, hoping to eventually strike out as well.
At this point, the final fleet to attack Tripoli had set off. The fleet itself was massive, combining the substantial Genovese fleet with the Papal-French force and the Spanish who sailed separately, along side them. Many of the galleys were full of marines and well-paid veterans of the Italian Wars which had just recently died down. The Barbarossa fleets in the area with the Egyptians attempted to slow down the attackers and capture or sink stragglers, but the opposing force was much too massive and concentrated to allow them to make any decisive action. Oruc himself was forced to flee Tripoli days before the Christian fleet arrived, knowing to stay was a death trap. The Christian fleet dropped multiple forces off in different coastal locations both near and far from the haven itself, while preparing a main landing force. Galleys and galliots used ship-based artillery to damage the lacking defenses of Tripoli itself, greatly damaging fortifications at the cost of a fair few ships. The main landing goes smoothly, and the converging attack quickly leads to the fortress and town of Tripoli being brutally sacked. Though Jacopo V of House Appiani, ostensibly the organizer of the reprisal raid for Elba, tried to limit the barbarity of his allies and soldiers it was to no avail. The army taking it was much, much larger than the location could supply or its population was and communication between all the different soldiers and camps made organization downright anarchic at times. As the fires of the first week of looting crackle in the night sky, the Spanish then bid their farewells claiming that they have achieved their goal of helping destroy Tripoli. While the Genovese and the Papal-French fleet remain, the Spanish sail off to Djerba where one of the other major pirate havens remain. While limited to just the Spanish, a similar story is heard there as the Spaniards lay siege. Once again artillery strikes and numerical superiority lend itself to a bloody, but successful series of assaults. Back in Tripoli, Jacopo hoped to find many of his subjects who had been captured and put in chains by the Muslim pirates. By the grace of god, he found his relative Beatrice d'Appiano d'Aragona who had been kept as a prized prisoner. Many of the other captured slaves had been solved off by the time of the return attack, and the razing of Tripoli had killed off many of those who had remained. The lack of supplies and dangerous weather forced the Papal-French and Genovese fleets to return to Italy and Naples to regain supplies, do small repairs, and plan for the future.

Aegean Escapade

The Christians had not gathered the only large fleet in the Mediterranean. The Ottomans had deployed their massive fleet in full force, having been recently rebuilt in one of the only arsenals around. Alongside the deployment of their fleet Sultan Bayezid had called upon an army of tens of thousands to serve as marines, besiegers, and soldiers for hire. The first prize Bayezid had set his eyes on was the Genovese colony of Chios, a relatively small but economically important island. The island was the only location suitable for the growth of mastic), worth its weight in gold. Many involved on Chios itself had their entire lives based around the growth and trade of the good, and Bayezid was happy to threaten the security of such a lifestyle. In this, he had gained the loyalty of the Governor of Chios on behalf of Genoa. Lacking any response from the Christian world, Genoa herself included, that secured a hope of victory and security in the wake of the Ottoman fleet Bayezid found good news when the fortress and town of Chios had surrendered the moment Ottoman troops landed. There were a number of other fortifications established on the island, and many of them either through zealotry or a lack of trust in the word of the Muslim fought to the end. This meant Chios had not been fully secured or conquered until the second week of April. With Tripoli about to be set to siege at that time, the Ottoman fleet then prepared the attack on the true prized jewel Bayezid sought - Rhodes.
The island fortress of the Knights Hospitaller was one of the most formidable defensive structures anywhere. The Knights Hospitaller had maintained a constant schedule of improvements and additions to the fortress, in recent particularly in ways to counter the development of siege artillery from both land and sea. The Knights had a constant cheap labor source - the slaves that their income was also dependent on - and in turn developed their own teams of masons and engineers. Its harbor was protected by a massive iron chain and a recent improvement had doubled the length of the dry ditch. Tenailles were created along both the inner and outside rings of internal ditches, meant to dramatically limit the ability of attacking forces to utilize numerical superiority. They had also established their own artillery force to be used defensively, and the battlements necessary to compliment them. The Ottomans vast strength on both sea and land outside of the fortress, however, meant that they were able to easily land massive groups of men who encamped on the island. The Ottomans offer a no strings attached surrender offer, which is immediately refused by the Knights. The Ottomans return with the digging of their own defensive ditches and earthworks to compliment the siege artillery brought to bear. They had also brought with them one of the largest collections of sappers ever seen in history, meant to undermine the massive fortifications with specifically targeted locations to essentially create weak spots where there otherwise is perfect balance. The back and forth nature of the attacker and defender on Rhodes had meant that the Ottomans were repulsed with relative ease only twenty-nine years ago. Their commander, Hersekzade Ahmed Pasha, aimed to return with their own new developments to challenge the bastion.
This experience lead Ahmed Pasha to adopt a more cautious policy regarding the siege. Hoping to utilize the highly trained and numerous sapping companies accompanying his army, he limits the artillery usage at both land and sea and is careful regarding the use of assaults. The Ottoman artillery is focused on the Hill of St. Stephen where they have the best angle against the Posts of Germany, Spain, and Auvergne. Each Post was a unique "tongue", or in this case an ethno-linguistic group of significant standing within the brotherhood of the Knights Hospitaller. They were each therein their own fortress, often with their own secondary or even tertiary walls, from the shared primary exterior. It was here that progress would be made up until the month of May, when events elsewhere would come close to Rhodes. The Spain Post has a large breach caused by the clever use of land mines on a specific location continuously, something impossible for the defenders to repair mid-siege. Post Germany also has significant wear and tear from effective cannonfire, but Ahmed Pasha is hesitant on its usefulness. Post Auvergne has struggled significantly, with Knights defensive cannoneers wrecking havoc on portions of the Ottoman siege camp. The Ottomans had also set up smaller groups against Posts England and Provence, where the Knights defenders have been able to retaliate in great effect. The Ottoman fleet in many ways serves as a mobile wagon train, shipping in massive logistical efforts to keep the island army supplied and in high spirit.

June-December 1509

The Battle of Rhodes

The Genovese had every intent on attacking the Ottomans and assisting the Knights in defense of both Rhodes and Chios. They needed support, however, to hope to meet the strength of the Empire. Pope Martin VI had lent the Papal fleet, and the French theirs, to save the Knights as well. The Knights fleet still existed in harbor as well, capable of sallying out to assist the Christian fleet in a potential battle. It was then decided that a recovery force would be deployed, in the aim of defeating the Ottoman force in full. There were already troubles brewing as they set off, however, as they soon found themselves entirely dependent on the good will of Venetian ports beyond Naples. They could not make the careful but effective long sail to the non-Venetian Aegean ports, Chios and Rhodes, for the Turks controlled access now. This would continue to be a thorn in the side of the Christians.
In the middle of June, the Christian fleet sprawled itself out against the Ottoman fleet who prepared a defensive position alongside the coast of Rhodes on their left flank. The Christian fleet held a very small advantage numerically in galleys and frigates, and an equal share of galliots, but they were greatly outnumbered in the important supply and transport bergantins. The Ottomans may have a smaller force of galleys, but they had a much superior collection of war galleys, forged in the Ottoman arsenal. They also included a sizable amount of carracks and two galleasses. Both sides have brought on their decks large collections of professional soldiers meant to support the marines in boarding actions.
The two sides go into formation in different styles. Additionally, the Etesian Winds were lighter than normal and at the back of the Christian fleet, giving them some help on the attack. The Genovese and their allies go into a straight line, organized loosely by ranking local commander. The Ottomans oppose them in a Y formation, with the outstretched branches intending to be able to envelop small gaps and prevent retreats while the rear line reinforces. Shortly thereafter, under the scorching sun, cannonfire rings out as the lines approach the first melee. While the artillery in use is still under much need of development and improvements, the Ottoman cannons are able to destroy a large portion of the Genovese bergantins upon approach. This would carry into the initial clash as the Ottoman left and center flanks were able to push into the now V-shaped formation of the Christian fleet within the top half of their Y fleet. The right flank, itself approaching the beach of Rhodes, was nonetheless repulsed by the Knights own fleet. As the melee develops and initial casualties start to escalate, the initial results turn on their head. The Ottomans put extra pressure on their right flank to stem the initial loss and in turn was able to push deep into the Christian fleet, taking a number of the Christian galliots. This came with a loss of support in the center and left, where the Christians had pushed the Ottomans to the point that their right flank was at risk of being cut off. This devolved quickly into a stalemate itself, both sides locked in very bloody combat. This changes when a force of Italian venturieri, commanded to do so by a Perugian Baglioni, landed on the beaches of Rhodes that had been untended by Ottoman defenses focused on the citadel of Rhodes. They were able to outflank the Ottoman ships, as the battle at sea acted in many ways as an extension of the land beside it. This maneuver was able to put pressure on the Ottomans once more, though the smaller size of the Christian fleet was now making itself felt to Andrea Doria and the other admirals. Even though the beach landing had so far been a success, morale within the Christian fleet was not strong against the Turkish tide. This showed itself as the battle waged on and on, where the Christians continued to slowly and painfully gain an advantage. The issue came when a particularly effective deployment of the Ottoman galleasses with a handful of carracks in the center of the Y formation straightened out much of the initial battle line. Both sides at this point had called upon all of their reinforcements, and the Christian fleet was now noticeably smaller though both were much smaller than they had started. The center push could, if not remedied immediately, threaten to potentially cut the Christian fleet in half. Simultaneously, the Ottoman siege camp at Rhodes had gathered a raiding party that had defeated and captured the landed Italian venturieri. The Christian admirals were able to manage an organized fight that consolidated their forces without losing en masse, and they enacted heavy damage to their enemies. Their soldiers, however, eventually cried out for release and were forced to give the day up. The Christian fleet was once again wholly dependent on the Venetian ports of the region and what they could, and wanted to, provide. This allowed the Ottomans to hound them until they were out of the Aegean. There was no attempt to return, with much of the cohesion lost and the Ottomans in an even stronger position.
The siege of Rhodes raged on in the back as well. The brothers Knights had impressively prepared a new set of earthworks had been built in the location of the earlier land mine breach in Post Spain. News was worse elsewhere though, as Post Germany and Post Auvergne have recently had multiple portions crumble against sustained Ottoman bombardment. Ahmed Pasha then ordered the first set of assaults in the siege on those two Posts. Post Auvergne ends up being a bloody affair for the Ottomans, as thousands of Azabs die in the breaches by small groups of Hospitallers. While there were also thousands dead in Post Germany, there the Ottomans had been able to hold a position within the walls. The Hospitallers were forced to give up the first spot within the primary walls.
This situation worsens for the Knights as a strong corps of Janissaries then move into Post Germany, where they kill a force of defending brothers and then make another breach with mines on the second set of walls. Assaults are also held on Post England and Post Auvergne, with the first assault establishing a beachhead before being repulsed by a follow up attack. Post Auvergne shares the same fate, the second time the Ottomans have failed to take it. Post Spain is assaulted, and with the Knights only having earthworks remaining, are easily pushed back. The Ottomans now hold the entirety of Post Spain and Post Germany, but all other Post have either held or are untouched. Morale within the Knights in terms of the strength of their beloved citadel is unbothered. Their morale in terms of the belief that their storehouses will remain full and the Ottoman fleet dispersed by the monarchs of Christendom are not as strong. Ahmed Pasha has successfully taken portions of the citadel, something not yet achieved. Victory is not entirely at hand yet though, and the siege has eaten a terrible cost to the Empire. A cost that would become all the more painful when news hits from Konstantiniyye...

Earthshakes in Konstantiniyye

While philosophers immediately began to ponder the meaning of the earthquake in the capital, the reality was the city was horrendously damaged. A few thousand immediately died in the quake, with the neighborhoods of Galata, Buyukcekmece, and Izmit suffering hundreds of destroyed homes and mosques. Portions of the Wall of Constantinople collapsed and the brand new Bayezid II Mosque had its dome completely destroyed and foundations damaged. Only the Hagia Sophia remained mostly intact. The Sultan's own sickness included, the future certainly does not bode well for calm and serenity for the Osmanoglu. Expectations are for the all the issues of 1509 to be resolved quickly and without fail, lest the patience of some wear thin.
  • Majority of Barbarossa fleets destroyed or forced to retreat
  • Tripoli razed, heavy casualties to Christian forces, Oruc Reis flees
  • Djerba also falls to the Spanish, Hizir Reis raids from Algeria
  • Christian fleet primarily lead by the Genovese engage the Ottoman fleet
  • Ottoman combined fleet and army had taken Chios and set siege to Rhodes
  • Ottoman fleet wins with heavy loss of ships and men
  • The citadels of Rhodes are under severe threat with the Ottomans near the interior, but has not fallen yet
  • Konstantiniyye has been hit by a major earthquake, massive loss of human life and urban development as well as defenses. A certain bridge has been a casualty too
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2023.04.01 08:25 nuraman00 The Beverly Hills 90210 Show Podcast: Episode 56: California University 101.

Matthew Porretta (Dan Rubin), Zachary Throne (Howard McDermott), and Director Gilbert Shilton are guest hosts.

"The Little Fish" is also discussed.

* The "set dressing" for the Beverly Hills Beach Club was left up for a 3 months. The city of Santa Monica didn't want it, so I think they had to take it down.
That was part of the reason why there were no more episodes at the Beverly Hills Beach Club.

* The plot of Steve cheating on the placement test, came from Charles Rosin's real life.
When he was at the Universit Of Wisconsin - Madison, he saw a redhead in front of him. He looked smart, so Rosin cheated off of him for the math portion.
He told the dean that despite his placement tests scores, he was going to scale back on the math classes.
He would later see that redhead at Berkeley.
* When Rosin was in middle school, he had to make up a play based on a book he had to have read, before the civil war.
He never read a book, and made up a play about John Brown's attack.

* Throne auditioned for Josh Richland. He didn't get it.
When he was leaving the room, Jason Priestly sees him and says hi. He had known Throne from The Heights.
Jason and Shilton told Throne to come back and read for Howard, and he got the part.

* A few episodes in, Brian Austin Green told Throne that there was going to be a meth plot.

Brian Austin Green stops by.
* Green had known Throne, from when Green and Throne promoted their FOX shows together, Beverly Hills 90210, and The Heights.
* Throne and Green got along great. Green said it was a fun story line.
* Green is in a documentary called Kid 90.
Soleil Frye Moon recorded a bunch of stuff, including her interview with Green a few years ago.
Green did it, but never really thought it would be published, because a lot of these things never get released.
To his surprise, 3 years later, it was released.
* Brian Austin Green saw Jason Priestly and Ian Ziering recently. He complains that they are 10 years older than him, but he has the grayest hair.

* Shilton loved working with Tori Spelling. She was always prepared, knew her lines, and never missed a beat.

* They weren't going to have Andrea get pregnant from the first guy, so they introduced Dan.
* This was the first time Porretta had a recurring role on any show. So it was cool for him to keep working with the cast and crew every week.
* He hadn't done too much stuff before, and he was still young. He had just finished the movie "Robin Hood: Men In Tights".
* His whole experience with the show was great.
*He loved working with Gabrielle.
* He didn't really know what was going to happen. He said you get the script, and evolve.
Then one day, when he got the next script, he said "Oh wow, Dan's going south". (As in his behavior.)
* He likes plain croissants more than chocolate chip.

* Shilton says having background extras was important for the college scenes. It creates the impression that everyone has their own world and agenda.

The Little Fish:

* Shilton says he had no issues with Shannen, during any of the times he worked with her. Everything she did was well, and look at how great her perforance was.
* The shots from the ocean's point of view was logistically challenging. They had to create some pipes.
* Mollin says there was a lot of conversation about how the fish would look, when it was caught.
They ended up using only dead fish, and Shannen would move the tail with her baby finger, to make it look alive.

Why Brenda and Dylan didn't kiss:

* It's better for the heat between them if they don't kiss.
* Brenda wouldn't do that after what Kelly's been through.
* Dylan was going to go back to Kelly.
* They did not want to compromise their moral compass.

* Brenda and Stuart eloping was slotted for a huge ratings push.

On Andrea reviewing the Peach Pit for the Condor:

* Larry Mollin once had lobster bisque in hot weather, and got food poisioning.
That's why it was written for Andrea to order the lobster bisque at The Peach Pit.

On Andrea and Brandon both not working for the CU Condor:
* There needs to be less of a production for the set, if Andrea is pre-med. If she works for a paper, then they have to have a newspaper staff and newspaper room.
And for Brandon, they wanted him in campus politics.

* Larry Mollin's junkie friend said you can put crystal meth in orange juice, to get some nourishment.

* Throne recalls one of the episodes where he had to come through a door, and say one line.
He rehearsed walking and hitting his mark a lot this one day. He did it so many times, he eventually forgot what his line was.
He was embarrassed. He thought he was going to get fired.
As he was leaving, Porretta came in for his scene.
A crew member named Diane then said "Matthew, do you want me to tell you what your one line is"?

* Porretta recalls a time when they were about to film a classroom scene.
They had to fix the lighting, so he had a few minutes.
He was getting very nervous.
He went to the bathroom and started talking to himself.
When he gets out, the sound person comes up to him and asks if he's ok.
Porretta says yes.
The sound person says "we can hear everything you're saying in the bathroom."
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2023.04.01 08:24 k_dao Questions about RU-NB from a CS student

Hey all,
I'm an international student who've got admitted to Rutgers-NB with a major in Computer Science, and the registration deadine is coming up but I'm still stuck between R-NB and another school. Because of that, I have some questions regarding Rutgers-NB as follows:
  1. Location: is Rutgers-NB far from the city centre, and are there any great and/or bad experiences living in living in New Brunswick (I'm particularly concerned about the weather, since I come from a tropical country, so I'd love to know more about how to cope with the cold here). Also, is it compulsory for international freshmen to live and eat on campus?
  2. Activities: RU-NB is a big school with lots of clubs and events, so I really want to know your club recommendations, specifically CS and engineering-related clubs, but any club will do.
  3. Courses for Comp Sci: are there many projects/researches in the curriculum, or do I have to independently search for them? Do the professors hold classes most of the time, or will they give the undergrad classes to TAs (since I've heard that does happen in some schools)?
  4. Honors College: I've been invited to Honors College, and I want to know what kind of privilege I can have over non-Honors student. Will I have access to special facilities, and can I actually lose my status if my grades drop?
  5. Opportunities: is it easy to land an internship in RU-NB, and will it be difficult balancing intern jobs and studies at the same time? I'm going to do my best to keep my FinAid, so I don't want to risk and lose it all.
These are my questions, and I'd love to hear your answers, since anything will help me tremendously with my decision-making.
Thanks a lot guys and have a nice day!
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2023.04.01 07:55 Anxious_buddy09 Ahmedabad Summer is lighter?

I moved to the city after almost five years and felt very different weather than old days. It's April and we are not using AC, early morning felt like winter. This was the city that gets rain at the end of June, with no weather disturbance, It was like just harsh summer. but this summer is different. We are seeing changes based on northern and western patterns! I never noticed this before. Is anyone else feeling the same?
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2023.04.01 07:54 StepwiseUndrape574 Alledged GTA 6 Beta Tester Dishes A Ton Of Details In Latest Leak

Time sure flies, doesn't it? We are about to ring in a brand new year, and as we do so, the release of Grand Theft Auto V is now more than six years old (and is fast approaching five years on PC). Given the time that has elapsed, it is certainly possible (maybe even plausible) that Rockstar Games is deep in development on Grand Theft Auto VI. To that end, a supposed QA tester claims to have the skinny on the next installment.
We should preface this information with a disclaimer. There is no way of knowing if the supposed QA tester is what the person claims to be, or if any of the leaked details are accurate. All we know is that it's been a long time since the last Grand Theft Auto gaming (though Grand Theft Auto Online has been receiving continued updates and support).
What is interesting about the situation, though, is the anonymous source first posted the leak on Reddit, and it was removed by the moderators. It's not clear if perhaps Rockstar Games pressured the mods to take down the content. All that said, let's jump into it.
The folks at Dexerto managed to preserve the post. According to the original poster, the map in GTA VI is "huge" and covers to major cities, those being Carcer City and Vice City. Carcer City is based on Boston, and Vice City is based on Miami.
According to the leaker, GTA V is a "schoolyard playground" compared to the massive map in GTA VI. The leakers says Rockstar Games improved the weather effects and polished things up, borrowing from its experience on Red Dead Redemption 2.
"The map is huge, like stupendously huge, hence the game's emphasis on air travel. It makes GTA 5 look like a schoolyard playground. There is an array of atmospheric effects that bring out the life in everything. Light pollution, hurricane winds, morning fog, etc. I've never seen an open world game this realistic before," the leaker wrote.
Grand Theft Auto V Plane and Traine
Assuming all that is accurate, it would be a good opportunity to inject real-time ray tracing into the mix, though there is no mention of that. Instead, the focus is on the size of the map. The leaker says it's so big that it's "a little awkward traveling from Boston to Miami," in part because there are no other major cities in between them, in the game. Expect a lot of air travel, if that's the case.
The leaker also says GTA VI will again put players in control of multiple characters, just like in GTA V. One of the protagonists is said to be "an undercover cop or something," and other might possibly be a sibling. In addition, the leaker says Rockstar Games "complete revamped" the mission design.
"You can permanently abandon some missions or take different routes that sprout different consequences," the leaker says.
For more supposed details, you can check out this screen capture on Imgur, uploaded by another Reddit user (Colonize-Mars).
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2023.04.01 07:06 RugbyBot Match Thread - Chiefs v Blues Super Rugby Pacific 2023 Round 6

Match Thread - Chiefs v Blues Super Rugby Pacific 2023 Round 6

Venue: FMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton Weather: 19 C, Clouds
Match Threads: /rugbyunion/wiki/matchthread


UTC BST CEST (+2) AWST (+8) AEST (+10) NZ (+12) more
06:05 07:05 08:05 14:05 17:05 19:05 more tz


Chiefs Pos Blues
Oliver Norris 1 Jordan Lay
Samisoni Taukei'aho 2 Ricky Riccitelli
John Ryan 3 Nepo Laulala
Brodie Retallick 4 Cameron Suafoa
Tupou Vaa'i 5 Sam Darry
Samipeni Finau 6 Anton Segner
Sam Cane 7 Dalton Papalii
Luke Jacobson 8 Hoskins Sotutu
Brad Weber 9 Finlay Christie
Damian McKenzie 10 Beauden Barrett
Etene Nanai-Seturo 11 Caleb Clarke
Rameka Poihipi 12 Harry Plummer
Daniel Rona 13 Rieko Ioane
Emoni Narawa 14 AJ Lam
Shaun Stevenson 15 Stephen Perofeta
Tyrone Thompson 16 Kurt Eklund
Aidan Ross 17 Ofa Tu'ungafasi
George Dyer 18 James Lay
Naitoa Ah Kuoi 19 Patrick Tuipulotu
Pita-Gus Sowakula 20 Tom Robinson
Cortez Ratima 21 Sam Nock
Bryn Gatland 22 Corey Evans
Liam Coombes-Fabling 23 Jacob Ratumaitavuki-Kneepkens
Clayton McMillan Coach Leon MacDonald
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2023.04.01 07:02 Environmental_Lie_26 Architectural Cad Service Provider

Architectural Cad Service Provider
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We provide Architectural Cad Service in Cities like New York, Washington, Illinois, Oregon, California, Los Angeles, Texas, Panama, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Alabama.
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