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2023.03.29 11:48 MedicalUprising How Much Is The Journalist Worth? »

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2023.03.29 11:48 No_Performance_585 I don't know what I'm doing wrong

Im stuck in silver and I'm getting sick of it. I win lane about 9/10 times. I even stomp my lane frequently. I know my matchups, itemization, runes etc. and am confident to play against most champions. Sometimes playing lane agains other silver players honestly feels like I'm playing against bots. They are so insanely bad sometimes I just run them down 5/0 and have double their cs by minute 15. All for nothing.
Even when I stomp lane I often can't win the game. There is always someone insanely fed that carries harder than me (usually the jungler). I try to lure the enemy jungler to my lane as much as possible and waste his time but even then it seems like they somehow get fed af and carry.
Or the enemy just has some cancer perma cc comp and I can't play the game.
Just now I played a game vs vex. I ended my lane something like 6/1 and had an enourmous cs lead. All useless when enemy mordekaiser is 8/0 and Khazix 10/2. I can't carry vs both of them alone. On top of that enemy botlane (who got hardstomped by my bot) is Zeri yuumi so no matter how terrible they are I can't do shit because both these champions are cancer broken and should be removed from the game.
This is not just one game. It's literally always like this. Idk what Im doing wrong but it feels like that I'm much stronger on lane than in the late game. After all on lane I'm alone and can kill my enemy by simply being better but in teamfights it doesn't matter if I play Vlad, silver teamfights are so chaotic it almost feels like pure luck which team will win
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2023.03.29 11:47 LtCol_Davenport Color Space - How to handle Photo, Editing and Print?

I am trying to get into color management, grading and printing. At first, I thought I got it all clear, but now I have much confusion in my head.
  1. I shoot RAW, and in the camera I HAVE to select a color profile to use. The general consensus, it is that's AdobeRGB.
  2. When I import the pictures on my computer, I edit them on a (what I thought it was) good 4K monitor, but with "just" 99% of sRGB coverage.
    1. First discrepancy here. How it is handle a photo in AdobeRGB if my monitor can not even show the full sRGB spectrum? May I get misrepresented colors?
  3. When/If I import a photo from Lightroom to Photoshop, it convert it in ProPhoto, which I discovered like one month ago it was a thing (I was still thinking AdobeRGB was the best eheh). Looking around, it seems people suggest you to edit photo in ProPhoto as it is an even bigger color space.
    1. Now we have 2 "problems" here. Not only it was shot in AdobeRGB but viewed on an sRGB monitor, now it is also converted to an even bigger color space!
  4. Finally, get to print it, and...If I have understood correctly, depending on the Ink/Paper have an almost complete different color space, that partially overlap those common 3 I have just mentioned. Furthermore, the ProPhoto color space it should be much bigger than the average print, so many color I see on screen (if I see them, given my monitor), will be cut out, resulting in a different print even if using .icc profiles.

Something that's been suggested, given that: I have a monitor that can only show sRGB and for general printing sRGB should be more than fine; Since at least I know the color I see on screen should be all (or a good part) be reproduced on paper, that I just stick my editing workflow with that (sRGB). So I convert my images I want to print from AdobeRGB to sRGB first, edit them, already in sRGB and export in the standard JPG sRGB, in that way I should be reasonably confident on how the print would look like. Any truth?
For what it is worth, my monitor it is calibrate with ColorChecker Display, and for the records, I am using en Envy 27" 4K.

I am kinda lost. Any help or clarification, even not directly related to my question will be welcome.
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2023.03.29 11:46 Ilikebigcockz Needing some advice

I’m not fairly new to the game, I know some stuff on how to do the combat, my only issues I’m having is my defence, I can’t seem to read when I’m gonna get gb’d or I’m eating lights and/or heavies.
Any advice or tips to help me improve my defences would be much appreciated.
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2023.03.29 11:46 MaximaRosas How Much Is The Journalist Worth? »

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2023.03.29 11:46 GroundbreakingHair5 Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain
Hi! This hole that our drainpipe runs into constantly has standing water in it. The water yesterday was level with the top of the hole, so I emptied out as much water as I could and used a trowel to scoop up the dirt in the hole (mainly mud, some stones from our front garden). However it still seems like the water level isn't decreasing and I'm worried having standing water there will cause damage or flooding.
Is this a serious problem and if so, how should I resolve it?
Thanks so much for the advice.
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2023.03.29 11:45 fukinathoughts Omg, this got really long

I guess that's how long it's supposed to be. 🧺☮️🏛️
I've been contemplating the thought I've been aware of lately, 'i am the only one here,' bc it's not a course statement, not a quote, yet it feels so right. I did not say 'i am alone'. I am standing in the cave, and I am aware of seeing this body me looking at 3 body people who turned into me. This awareness, watching the body me, experiencing, is me.
When I picture the 'cave vision' I recently experienced where I really saw (Carl Jung said everything in the awake state is you, like a dream. Plz correct me if I am wrong here) that all the people bodies are just me, and are symbols of some part of me, that 'they' are a part of me that seems to do that, whatever it is, I was so relieved and felt like I could rest.. I am the dreamer, I am awareness of the dreamer, of the character.
So seen as somebody else, they, anyone I see as a 'body person', as some one else, are illusions. It is 'a you' in the egoic illusions. Every one is a part of my dream, 'my' illusion. I am not 'in the illusion' the illusion is 'in me', in mind.
An illusion of me interacting with 'you', conflicting with 'you' in my mind, who I made up, thought up, imagined up, made an ego for, dreamed up, is illusion bc I do battle with my self disguised as an other. Twoness. A hallucination. I am the only one here. It is all only 'happening' in my mind. Conflict, which needs another by definition, is a thought that I think I think based on the illusion of other, based on a dream of needing to be other than I am. It could be my 'self' that is other. But I am Christ in truth. Right now. I am in heaven where I 'stand', thinking up fear, thinking I have to 'make it' on my own, having to study acim and understand it and 'get' it, bc otherwise....
It, everything is in my mind. You cannot think a thought that is outside your mind. You are in my mind, but since you are in my mind, you are me. Thoughts leave not their source. Everything that is in your mind should be there, bc this is how we learn. We look at whatever thought comes up and welcome it without judgement.
And my greatest fear...that as I understand these ideas I will go manic bc I had almost all of these same insights while I was manic in 2014. This fear seems real and legitimate. I have asked for the hs's Answer and trust it will come. Hell is not real. And in this moment, I am not an illusion, I am not a story. I am not created for conflict. When I battle 'something' in my mind, I experience fear, and i seem to become who I am not. There is no 'you' 'out there'. We are all I., Christ, at one with our Father.
We have also attempted to make concepts of God Jesus HS Christ. We imagined them up with our understanding. It is virtually impossible to grasp who they are. All is God and all is love. If I need to know more, I will be told.
I am, and I am innocent. We all just got a little confused about our identity, our labels, and our Father, Jesus, holy spirit, Christ, Christ Mind. They are our help, bringing us to the awareness of truth. There is nothing to be saved from, in Reality. 'Ask and receive. What's so hard about that?' - Jesus, acim.
Chapter 23
What you remember is a part of you. ²For you must be as God created you. ³Truth does not fight against illusions, nor do illusions fight against the truth. ⁴Illusions battle only with themselves. ⁵Being fragmented, they fragment. ⁶But truth is indivisible, and far beyond their little reach. ⁷You will remember what you know when you have learned you cannot be in conflict. ⁸One illusion about yourself can battle with another, yet the war of two illusions is a state where nothing happens. ⁹There is no victor and there is no victory. ¹⁰And truth stands radiant, apart from conflict, untouched and quiet in the peace of God.
Conflict must be between two forces. ²It cannot exist between one power and nothingness. ³There is nothing you could attack that is not part of you. ⁴And by attacking it you make two illusions of yourself, in conflict with each other. ⁵And this occurs whenever you look on anything that God created with anything but love. ⁶Conflict is fearful, for it is the birth of fear. ⁷Yet what is born of nothing cannot win reality through battle. ⁸Why would you fill your world with conflicts with yourself? ⁹Let all this madness be undone for you, and turn in peace to the rememberance of God, still shining in your quiet mind. (ACIM, T-23.I.7:1-10;8:1-9) Dream Figures, Robert Perry
'We are the dreamer'
The dream figures are figures in our dream. Therefore, we are the ones pulling their strings. We are making them act out. But since they seem to be someone else performing these actions, it is obvious that through the dream figures, we are carrying out actions that we don’t want to admit we are doing.
Projection We project the darkness in us onto the dream figures for two reasons:
We can’t bear to admit it’s in us
We still want to see it acted out
Our compromise is that someone else acts it out. Now it gets done, and we get to be innocent for what is done. But our denial that we are the ones doing it also causes us to feel victimized by the dream figures.
There are many explanations for why the dream figures attack us:
We project onto them our own murderous thoughts, so they are murderous
We project onto them our murderous thoughts, which are thoughts of treachery against ourselves, so the dream figures are treacherous to us. They turn on us.
We project onto them the sinful things we did that we don’t want to admit we did. Now they do those things to us.
We project onto them our own desire to get vengeance on ourselves, so they get vengeance on us
We project onto them our desire to attack ourselves for what we’ve done to others, so they attack us
We project onto them our need to be punished, so they punish us.
We project onto them our own hatred of our Creator, so they hate us, their maker.
We project onto them the abusive motives we have given our body, so they abuse our body
We project them out of our need to judge and condemn. So they become figures that attack us and so “make” us judge and condemn. Our need to judge and condemn seems to come from them.
With several of these there is a clear “boomerang effect.” We make the dream figures out of some impulse of attacking something else (other people, God, attacking others with our body), and this makes dream figures that attack us. I can only assume that some sort of psychological justice principle is at work here. It’s as if when I project out there my own murderous thoughts, they morph slightly and take on their “just” form of murdering me.
We assign the dream figures double purposes
Consciously, the dream figures are supposed to do our will, to fill our needs, to save us from the dream. Unconsciously, they are supposed to attack and punish us and turn on us. When the dream figures fill this unconscious need, they frustrate the conscious need. And since we have denied the unconscious need, they seem to be acting against our will.
(There is so much good stuff in this section that I almost posted the entire section....fukina)
'May all who enter here be welcomed as Christ.'
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2023.03.29 11:45 Loths (Creation Kit) Assigning dialogue to vanilla voiced custom follower

Hello! Searching for this hasn't given me much answers (there is Joseph Russel's great guide for custom frameworks and voices which I'll have to try but I'd first like to see what I can do within the vanilla framework) I hope someone can help out.
I made a custom follower for myself who uses a vanilla voice, he has Favor and Combat dialogue that's affected by his set relationship to the player (Siblings, and I've never heard some of these lines before) but I want to give him idle dialogue from HirelingIdles, that is from other NPCs with his voice type. I tried copying one of Erandur's more generic lines and changing Speaker NPC but that doesn't seem to have an effect. I want to go even further and use other dialogues from the game to add to the custom follower, but no idea how to approach this.
Also, I have the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul mod and used to have Follower Commentary Overhaul (superseded by RDO? not sure) and I'm curious to how they can help me since they add more dialogue to the vanilla voices, do I need to have RDO as master and assign its new dialogues to my follower, or will it already affect him in the game based on voice?
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2023.03.29 11:45 Fuxkbro Here we go again with yet another post about an old Singaporean lady screaming for the reserved seat.

Apologies for any language used here and I do not meant to offend anybody. I just want to note I am an Angmoh (expat how you know it) and I’ve been living here for majority of my life. Also just want to note I have recorded the whole encounter. I have all the respect for everyone living in this country and do not mean to hurt anybody but instead raise awareness.
Today I entered the train at Bugis station and was met with a Singaporean (S) lady screaming at a white lady (W).
Apparently W was sitting on the reserved seat and S proceeded to scream at her for not giving up the seat. W started apologising as she was reading a book and did not notice the (not so old) lady standing in front of her and gave up her seat. S continued to scream at W for the next 5-10 mins and it’s racist remarks saying “I don’t care if you’re white, we all have to follow the rules here” HOWEVER, did not ask another younger gentleman to give up his seat who (I assume) was Singaporean. S continued to tell W to go back to her country while calling her racist even though W had never said anything racist, instead said “I may be white but I have every right to live in this country as much as you do” to which S continued screaming at.
After about 7 mins of continuously screaming and every other passenger on the train shaking their head at S and me being stuck in between feeling very uncomfortable for being white too, W asked S to shut up and leave her alone, to which S started screaming W is “rude and racist” and told her to go frick herself (like that’s not rude right?)
I’d just like to point out I didn’t join the argument even tho it was very tempting, and I hope everyone starts to normalise that the reserved seats are not only for old people, but also for people who feel unwell/pregnant/injured etc. some people have invisible disabilities and I think that should be understood too. Even I earlier today had to give up my seat for a pregnant lady when a young man on the reserved seat didn’t bother. I’m afraid of what would have happened if I didn’t at this point.
Even I had a surgery earlier this month, if I took the reserved seat, do I deserve to be yelled at for not giving it to an older lady? Please help me understand.
TLDR: Singaporean lady was screaming at a white lady for 10 mins for not giving up her seat while she was reading a book. Called her racist and rude while being racist and rude. Let’s please normalise the use of reserved seats not only for older people but also injured/sick/unwell etc?
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2023.03.29 11:45 EndersGame_Reviewer I never thought of pizza that way before

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2023.03.29 11:45 No-Protection3672 I want to help

Burner account.
I am a 20 year old Israeli, and I'm sick of just watching the news and feeling like shit about what my country does to our brothers and neighbors. I am a peace loving individual and it makes me sad to see how we treat others.
My first issue is education. For my whole life I hear only perspective of Israeli and Zionism, and i always saw many holes in the logic, but I still never really received a different perspective. Even though when i see zionist news and opinions i can logically examine them and see their flaws, i don't really have much exposure to the other side. most media outlets will not have honest coverage. So my question is how can i educate myself with proper information that isn't biased to either side.
My second question is what can i actively do. I want to do something to change the situation. i know this is a big hope, because the forces of violence like government and army are much stronger than any one individual. but there must be some organisation for jews and palestinians to work together.
please reply or message me with any information, thanks in advance
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2023.03.29 11:44 _SomeonePleaseHelpMe About how many reviews have you done and about how many likes have you gotten since you started doing Amazon Vine reviews?

This is a genuine question, as I feel as of now, I don't see much feedback from Amazon about how good our reviews are.
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2023.03.29 11:44 Dirus GPT for Recipes with whatever is in your fridge

Does anyone have or know how to create a GPT shortcut that can suggest recipes?
I tried making my own by revamping another user's shortcut (David Cohen's Rephrase with GPT), but I don't know much about creating shortcuts, so can only edit others work. Anyway, I got stuck on how to have the conversation continue.
My idea was to have the user type in the ingredients available in the fridge
Ask the user to choose from a list of cuisine styles
Input the text and cuisine style into a text that includes a list of cookware and always available ingredients. Then ask "ChefGPT" to suggest 3 recipes from that information, but only the name and a short descriptive sentence.
(This is the part where it fell apart for me)
The user would choose one of the three recipes then ChefGPT would share the recipe and ask if you want to copy or try again or even send it to notes or something.
Much appreciated
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2023.03.29 11:43 UOSenki I surpise they didnt use this simple tactic to sell Bluray...

I read the full manga, but only check out anime here and there. 1 thing i notice is the kiss and make out, etc... scene is done in much longer time, with lot more spicey protrayed, more action.
Mei and Yuzu first kiss: In manga Mei just kiss her feel qutie fast, real kiss happen in only 2 panel, 5 panel include begin and end, Yuzu look like she is confuse and still not sure what just happen. while in anime, she get kiss for like whole 5 second, then she try to break out but Mei hold her, she truggle but get molested for like another 20 second XD. the whole thing going on for like a full minutes, she look like she just climaxed XD. this is pretty much same for all other scene. if you they did it like in the manga, probally make it tamer with it spicey's reputation
Anyway, my point is, why dont they just keep it short, just like the manga, and the bluray will have the bonus uncensored "extendted scene". I guarantee it will boost the sell up sky rocket. (just need to make sure Advertive it so people aware of the bluray have such bonus). I mean that is pretty much the selling point of bluray for many anime, or how some anime make a Ova bonus and thing is more horny in that ova episode.
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2023.03.29 11:43 5w6kvg9rf How Much Is The Journalist Worth? »

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2023.03.29 11:42 Top-Code-4882 Is there a way to see organic vs paid traffic on IG account ?

My IG account reached 200k people within the last 30 days, iam intrested in seing how much of that is organic and how much is paid.
Do anyone know if thats possible to get that information ?
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2023.03.29 11:42 Infinite_Web_80 Does anyone know how much iI should charge for this piece of diamond willow? It is 9 1/2 foot tall. Any info will help.

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2023.03.29 11:41 Inevitable-Cat901 Ever had a sub that seems to good to be true?

So I’ve been on OF for just under a month (on a throwaway account here) and so far it’s going well. Got a good following and a mix of chatty subs and lurkers.
Recently I gotta sub who has been sending huge tips everyday (often over $50) and seemingly asking for nothing in return except just a bit of mundane chat about life. He just likes to tell me about his day etc. it takes a bit of time up but he hadn’t asked for anything particularly sexy. I send a few nudes and mini clips but just as a little thank you.
It just all seems a bit to nice and easy and worried there may be some sort of ulterior motive and wondered if this is the norm? My partner is wary and I am a bit too but can’t see how it’s a scam as I’m not really having to give much in return…
Any comments and similar stories would be welcome!
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2023.03.29 11:41 Doomshit123 I'm so overwhelmed, filled with dread and dissonance.

Where do I even start?
I feel deeply ashamed everyday, deeply guilty. I want to do things to progress and enjoy my life but I genuinely feel disabled (not physically), I just can't do anything.
When I say disabled, what I mean is that while I can do minimal things to be a "functioning" person like wake up on time and go to work but the entire time I feel completely hopeless and out of it, I can't do things that matter to me or things that I need to do. I can barely even do anything that is supposed to be leisure because I'm locked in my head and can barely derive joy from things. The only times I feel like I can enjoy things now is if I'm smoking weed. I feel as though I'm not completely immersed in my life. I'm constantly tired, guess I can thank my sleep schedule for that but every time I try to fix it, I get decent sleep for a couple days and inevitably fuck it up because of my impulses to stay up late. I always feel more alive and slightly better at night. I don't know why but my impulses just have such a strong hold on me that I cannot resist them whatsoever. Do I enjoy feeling like a zombie everyday? I just feel fucking depressed, it's probably all my bad habits making me think this way.
Maybe I don't have the right structure for my days? I'm currently conscripted which makes me just feel bad in general because I always thought it's a waste of time, and now I know that to be a fact. I could never get used to the structure of school and honestly the army feels the same way, just much more boring and depressing, I don't feel connected to even a single person in my base. Add the fact that smoking weed is highly illegal especially in the army (without a medical permit) and if I get caught it can put a stain on my civilian life later on, not like I can see that far forward, so I say fuck it anyway.
Then I have my dad who looms over me and it makes me so fucking anxious and filled with dread. It's not like he is constantly fighting me nowadays. He always asks me if I'm doing productive things but I fail everyday. I feel like I have to lie to him, it's what I always did. I live with him and help clean the house but sometimes I fall short even in house chores. I have a hard time not lying to him about everyday small things because when I'm truthful, he doesn't understand me and doesn't really care to listen. If I lie, I feel a little relief short term and then it all explodes anyway.
He told me that I'd never survive without him all alone, that I'm incapable of doing anything myself. It's all true and I hate it. I hate relying on him but I don't have a choice right now, still I'd like to pull my own weight somehow. Even if I could go live by myself or with roommates, or with my mom, I'd never be able to make it work and it won't fix shit. He constantly says he loves me and tries to get close but it's such a big cognitive dissonance because in my childhood and teenage years I absolutely despised and resented him, he treated my mom like shit and would often break stuff in angry rampages, hit me, verbally abuse my mom and me like it's nothing, scream at us for what felt like almost every day, etc., I thought about just ending it all pretty early on but not seriously, I don't think those thoughts even registered in my brain correctly. This is such a shit thing to say, but I don't love him and wish I could function on my own so I wouldn't need to interact with him.
Sometimes he asks me if I see him as my pet dog (as in he thinks I degrade him in my mind or don't think much of him) or if I would care if he dies. If I'm being completely honest with myself, I'd love to never see him again. I don't feel any love for him, I'm sorry. Today I'm gonna go back home and tell him that everything is fine like usual, like everyday. If I tell him the truth he would not get through it because he always tells me that I am everything he has. How the fuck am I supposed to react? I feel like a parasite in his home, yet he tries to comfort me and say that he supports me while ignoring all the years of pain he so comfortably inflicted on me and my mom.
I don't know how to deal with anything, the only coping mechanisms I've learned are things like reckless behaviour, overeating, smoking weed, forms of escapism, daydreaming, spending too much...
Today I had some suicidal thoughts that kind of led to me making this thread, I quickly snapped out of it like I usually do thankfully but it led me to think a bit. If I can just make all my problems disappear by simply taking the right pills and never wake again, then are they even problems in the first place? Maybe life isn't all I thought it was supposed to be and the actual answer is that life is just endless pain. I don't want to slog through it anymore like a helpless piece of garbage. Even if I get my shit together, get a degree, get a well paying job, strengthen bonds with my friends and find people I could call family for real, make sure I don't treat my kids like my dad treated me, in the very end it doesn't matter because I just don't see how I can get out of this hole. There's just never a way out. Even when I feel like I'm starting to make progress I always fall back down further and it's harder to try again.
I'm so fucking confused. I wish I could find a way in life because sometimes there's moments that I feel are worth experiencing but it's not worth going through the agony my head puts me in. I want to cry but can't. I want share this with someone who actually cares but the friends who do genuinely care for me probably don't want hear my sob story, everyone has their troubles, what makes my problems worth listening to? Guess I'll throw this into the void that is Reddit and hope someone can share some kind words or advice.
I want to find a solution or die, I admit I'm incapable of doing it myself.
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2023.03.29 11:41 you_know_juno Reading Legendary (Caraval) after reading Once Upon A Broken Heart and I need to share this [possible spoilers]

Pretty sure I can't open Reddit again until I've finished the series after posting this but I need to vent about this to people who may understand haha.
I read OUABH first and am now reading Legendary and I have to say - I'm so so curious and a little scared! I was totally digging the romance between Evangeline and Jacks and thought nothing of Donatella and the rumours, but now I'm scared of how this is gonna go! I don't know if this is stupid but I actually don't want Jacks to love Donatella, I want Jacks and Evangeline to end up together! 🥲 I also don't want to start disliking Jacks..
Anyway, see y'all in a day or 5, I'll probably have finished Legendary, Finale and the Ballad of Never After by then... And then it's waiting for a Curse for True Love.
Ps: I haven't read this much in years and I'm so glad I stopped forcing myself to read stuffy literature and just dove into this fantasy series! CAN'T. STOP. READING!
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