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2023.03.25 01:35 babyxxpigeon17 A Niagara vacation

It was so terribly cold. Snow was falling, and it was almost dark, when out of the blue, my wife called me at work. "We're going to Niagara Falls for the weekend. I got us an awesome deal!"
We had both been working at our first "full-fledged" jobs for a year and had reached that moment after graduation when you suddenly realize you can't make that impact on the world your student enthusiasm once promised. At first, I just sighed. It was the dead of January, and I had already expended all my energy on a week of inconsequential stress. I just wanted to collapse on the couch for two days. Sarah felt a similar weary exhaustion. I could tell. Her tone was more hopeful than excited, but she had dreaded the routine we were sinking into and was trying her best to pull us free.
I looked to the ceiling and adjusted my telephone headset. At that time I was working at Stats Canada on the tele-query desk. I took a deep breath and, as convincingly as possible, said, "Sounds good." I don't think she bought it, but we went nonetheless.
This was Niagara Falls before the casinos when there was a very distinct off-season. When we got to the hotel, we were given the details of our "lovers' special". One dinner to be used either Friday or Saturday, two breakfasts, a roll of tokens for the arcade, 10% off some "4D" movie ride experience, and a 2-for-1 coupon to Max Tussaud's. I guessed it was Madame's nephew? We also got a bottle of sparkling wine in our room and chocolate treats on our pillows. I was impressed. It sounded good.
When we got into our room and saw the "bottle" of wine - basically an aeroplane-sized glass and half - and the chocolates - "fun wrapped" Oh Henry's left over from Halloween - we both started to laugh. The tone for two wonderful days had been set. We decided to cash in on our dinner coupon right away.
The restaurant off the lobby had hopes of being better. There were huge panoramic windows that promised a view of the gorge. Unfortunately, they had some winter moisture problems that day, and it felt like we were defrosting amid the dripping streaks and foggy patches. The decor was your standard booths and tables though the "romantic" lighting was unique. Dollar store battery-powered tea lights were lodged inside thick tumbler glasses and shed a muted pleasantness in a "what a great idea for a craft" sort of way. I had a feeling they were created by our waitress since she was the one who always seemed to be fussing with them. Only one other couple was in the dining room, so she attended to us immediately.
"Can I get you something to start?"
"Sure." "Thank you, that would be nice." We both responded simultaneously.
"And what would the lady like this evening?"
Sarah smiled at the flattery. "I think I'll have a glass of white wine." She glanced over at me to see my reaction. This was a subtle cue of the mood to follow. Diet Coke was usually the beverage of choice. She didn't normally drink alcohol. One glass numbed her nose and made her giggle far too easily. When she did drink, however, it meant she was comfortable with my company and open to anything to follow. I raised my eyebrows in a debonair way.
"And for the gentleman?"
"Do you have Foster's on tap?"
"Yes we do."
"I'll have a pint please."
Sarah smiled at the happy memories I invoked. At university, Foster's was my signature beer. It was at a time when Crocodile Dundee was a known name, and Australia was inexplicably cool. 15 cent buffalo wings and a pitcher of Foster's was the Tuesday night special at the London Arms pub. There the Classics Club would meet and, as a group, circle the wagons and drink ourselves into extroverts.
As soon as the waitress left, Sarah smiled at me. She reached out and held my hand across the table. With my gaze on hers, she slipped her foot from her shoe and slowly began sliding it up my pant leg.
"I got a pedicure this morning." She announced seductively.
I nodded and pretended I didn't notice her invitation. "What colour?" I asked.
"I'm not telling." She teased. "You'll just have to find out later." Her devious little smile was gorgeous.
"Mmmm. I can't wait."
When the waitress returned with our drinks, we immediately retreated to our personal spaces as if we had been discovered by the chaperone. Sarah opened the menu and began to salivate at the variety.
"Can we add an appetizer to the package dinner?" Her question seemed innocent enough.
"You're on the package?" Our friendly waitress disappeared, and we were no longer a lady or a gentleman. She ripped the menu out of Sarah's hand and took mine before I had even opened it. She then scurried to her podium and brought back a tattered, grease-stained, photocopied page that we had to share. We both burst out laughing.
The waitress was flustered that we were not as bothered as she was. "The drinks are NOT included!"
"What choices do we have?" I asked, expecting the usual chicken or fish. I had been on many packages before with my parents.
"Coffee or tea." The waitress snapped.
Sarah and I looked at each other in amused disbelief.
"I'll have coffee please." I didn't even flinch at the ridiculously limited package. I was eager to get my order in early.
"And I'll have the tea!" Sarah followed my lead. "Can I have some milk with that?"
"Yes." The waitress snarled.
"Fantastic!" I enthused.
"Yes, great! I'm glad we got the package, Honey." Sarah joked.
The waitress stormed off and returned sometime later with our lettuce-only salads drowned in Kraft's Italian dressing and our chewy chicken dinners, which she had thoughtfully allowed to cool. She tossed the plates on the table and left us to peacefully devour our deal. We didn't see her again until we requested the bill. For some reason, we found it amusing to leave a generous tip, which of course, defeated the purpose of the package, but we didn't care. It was fun.
The rest of the holiday was marred with similar off-season products and services. The wax museum was only half open, so we couldn't see the pop stars of the seventies. I didn't think it was a problem, but Sarah pouted playfully. She really wanted to see young Bowie. Meanwhile, the arcade was particularly stingy about spitting out coupons. So much so that Mike, the scraggly-haired repair guy, ended up escorting us from game to game and repairing the devices on demand. In no time, he was acting like an old drinking buddy. He joked and laughed, then, out of the blue, revealed that working at the Niagara Falls Fun Centre wasn't his career choice, that his dream was to be part of a travelling carnival. He desperately wanted to see more of the world, he explained and socialize with a greater variety of "wildlife." Mike winked at Sarah to punctuate his meaning, then began advising her on which games to play.
Sarah was partial to Skee ball and clearly had career potential in the sport, but Mike quickly pointed out that the token-to-coupon payout was not the best. In a furtive whisper, he revealed that The Storm Stopper was your best bet, provided the arcade had left it on its original factory settings. He assured us the ones here were "cool." The game had lights that ran around the outside in opposite directions and you had to hit the button at just the right spot to win. It looked impossible, but Mike was right; if you calculated tokens in versus coupons won, it was the best deal. It only took a little practice to win a minor jackpot every 5 or 6 times.
We would cheer each win as if Toronto had won the Stanley Cup. I would give a quick fist pump and a full lung "Yes!" while Sarah would jump up and down screaming, "WhoooHooo!" Of course, in the end, when we cashed in, "Mike's secret" only bumped us up from a key-chain flashlight to a "deluxe" nail beauty set. Mind you, it did come complete with clippers, scissors, a file AND a cuticle scraper. Not only that, it was all neatly packaged in a paisley-patterned pink and green plastic vinyl case. Mike was so pleased to give us our prize and to be honest, we were thrilled to win it if only to see his broad chicletted smile. It was more of a trophy than a grooming set.
That night, I made reservations for us at a fancy Chinese food restaurant - the Bamboo Garden. When we arrived, we had half-expected renovations of some sort. Instead, the place was immaculate. Gentle pools teeming with goldfish highlighted the epic black and red Ming dynasty decor. Real candles flickered on crisp white tablecloths. Again, the restaurant was virtually ours. The reservations on my part were entirely unnecessary. In fact, as soon as we entered, they knew us by name and guided us directly to our table. A live lounge piano caressed the air, its notes danced vaguely around familiar harmonies until finally, as if prompted by our presence, a song emerged immediately accompanied by the velvet voice of oriental karaoke. It was our song remastered
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2023.03.25 01:35 Khab_can Freestyle libre 2 is such a disappointment

I've been using the freestyle Libre 1 for years, and recently switched to Libre 2 (because apparently the 1 is not in production anymore?). Since I switched, I've been appalled by the performance of the Libre 2. I've never had as many sensor errors as since I've switched. The sensor keeps telling me to try again in 10 min. With the 1, I am pretty sure I had these errors maybe a couple times a year, but with the 2 it feels like it's a couple times a week. I've also had a sensor fail to start, which never happened to me before. Oh, and the battery life on the reader is laughable. Man I'm so upset that I actually am going to switch to the dexcom. Good job Abbott!
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2023.03.25 01:34 WesternTraditional97 What are your Uber experiences in RD?

I am asking because my experience with Uber was very sketchy and the drivers were not really abiding by the rules.
We wanted to go from beach near SD to the Zona Colonial in SD. The first Uber driver told us that he's going to cancel our ride and we should give him cash. Uber price was around $600 and he was asking $1.500 in cash.
Finally, we did not go with him.
But we had more similar experiences and even our friend experienced the same from another Uber driver.
If you know why this is happening, please share your opinion.
What makes sense for me is that Uber has very low prices and Uber drivers just want to simply earn more and skip the app.
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2023.03.25 01:33 burneracc505 9 month update: Was addicted to both benzos and kratom concurrently. Felt helpless for quite a while. Feel better then ever now and want to thank this wonderful support group!

So several months ago I made a post airing my frustrations and feelings of helplessness. And I'm proud to say life is 100X better then it has been in 10 years.
CONTEXT: About 8 months ago I was hopelessly addicted to Bromazolam and Kratom, simultaneously. I also caught COVID before my detox appointments. I posted here out of desperation and in look for guidance. Was on 5mg bromaz a day and 20GPD of Kratom.
Shortly after my initial post I was seen my a detox specialist (Thankfully). They were very empathetic and non-judgmental. For the first week the prescribed me 3mg of clonazepam ( really think they put me on too much) and various helper meds for my Kratom addiction. Side note: they were really pushing for me to get on subs, but that would be making a solution even more complicated. They enlisted me in 3 different counseling/support groups. They groups were key in meeting like minded people struggling with a similar issues, and I'm so thankful for them.
Flash forward to today. Still attending a SMART aftercare group. But I am completely Kratom free as of 9 months a few days ago. As for the benzos, they have been slowly tapering me to the point that I'm on 600mcg of klonopin and due to drop to .5 in a week. Never thought I could get this far, and won't lie. It's been though sometimes. My first doc dropped me from 3mg of k-pin to 2mg in a single week and... Yeah, not a good time. But since then my new doc is going slowly at my own pace. Was in my darkest place when I started and I finally see hope.
My question is. I've been doing the klonopin taper as advice by medical professionals, but I was wondering if it would be okay to ask to switch to diazepam instead on klonopin. I'm having to cut my pills in 1/4th and it's really inconsistent. I want to ask to switch to valium just to make it easier to slowly taper. I know .5 k-pin is equal to 10mg diazepam. Would it look suspicious asking for a different benzos? I know I'm labeled as an addict, so I'm very careful about what I ask. Do you guys think it would be appropriate to make that suggestion, or should I just continue with my current plan? I have to buy a fancy pill cutter and it still is inconsistent. My doc is very understanding, but I worry about asking about a different scheduled substance to replace what I have.
Any and all opinions welcome, and I appreciate all feedback. Thank you!
EDIT: Was 8 months ago, not 9. My B!
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2023.03.25 01:33 teo_many A look back at BOTW Development - a summary thread of CEDEC 2017

A look back at BOTW Development - a summary thread of CEDEC 2017

Link skydiving in an early prototype
On march 3rd we celebrated six years since BOTW came out, and this video by Zeltik reminded me of the 2017 CEDEC conference, a closed doors event for japanese developers that leaked in 2020 (well, it really leaked on september 2017, with various Japanese reporters writing about it in great detail, but Nintendo abruptly asked them to omit the photos of the panels from the articles, so between the language barrier and all, some of those photos came to western attention only in 2020, despite it being public knowledge all the way back in 2017).
I thought this last month or so before release will be the perfect opportunity to look back in detail at how BOTW's development was a pivoting point both for Nintendo internally and the industry in general. It also might be informative to those wondering what the hell the team has been doing for the last six years, as these panels help us to understand the workflow of the previous title.
I didn't want to make an unecessary post, as plenty of people reported this both in written form and in video, so i'll try to keep this brief, only as a summary of the panels, linking every source i could find, posting only images that Nintendo hasn't directly asked to be removed from the internet, so i won't put another toll on the mods of this sub, but you'll be able to find everything in the linked sources, thanks to the foreseeing of the people i'll mention, and the powers of the Wayback Machine.
Photos from the CEDEC conference in 2017
The Zelda team attended CEDEC 2017 to show off their masterpiece, to the surprise of other developers, who remained in awe. At the time it was reported as a huge deal, since Nintendo wasn't usually keen on sharing their work at this type of events.
In fact the Zelda team was so proud of BOTW, they didn't just attend the CEDEC event, but they also partecipated in later western events, like the GDC, where they shared similar insights, albeit in less detail.
Nintendo themselves published a lengthy documentary on youtube shortly after the game's launch.
While you can find a lot of photos and brief explanations from the 2017 CEDEC slides, the most complete work of translation has been done by Matt Walker, way back in october 2017, with multiple threads on Medium.
You can also find better inline version of it, complete with images, at this github page, which is probably the most complete and understandable summary that exists of those talks. If you're still eager to know more, i'll link below the japanese articles from 2017 by panel, using wayback machine.
(an in-browser translation won't be perfect, but will be enough if read with Matt's work in mind)

Field Design - Open Air concept - Wayback Machine links from three different articles: 4gamer,,
Production management - the Zelda editor
Art Direction - graphics as layers - IGN
UI - Immersive Design -
Sound Design - Open air
Q&A - Debugging tools - IGN

A few more notable posts, about BOTW's development timeline and a couple of translated interviews:
- A look back across BotW's release and development timeline, to theorize the release date of the sequel in the future
- Looking into how BotW's development process went
- Famitsu BoTW Developer Interview translation (1/2) part 2 linked in the post
- A translated interview on the development of BotW

Enjoy the readings and if you have any more notable material please link it in the comments, as i probably won't edit this post with updates for long. I'm currently planning to stay off reddit pretty much all april, as i'll be buried by work, and if the last pokemon launch was of any indication, the game will probably be dumped by pirates a week or so before release, at the end of expect that too.
Cheers from Pasta Land 🤌
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2023.03.25 01:33 Yoshi_UwU Nintendo Switch Online

Hello, I am curious and wanted to ask what happens with the octo expansion when I bought it and after that bought Nintendo switch online premium with the GameCube games and all that stuff will it disappear because it is in Nintendo switch online or will I keep it because I bought it before?
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2023.03.25 01:33 petermobeter anyone else woken up by VERY loud sound no1 else heard/dreamt of dark bottomless chasm of death?

so, i experienced something in 2020 that i always assumed was just a brief bout of Exploding Head Syndrome, but browsing thru experiencers lately im starting to wonder if it was something paranormal.
so in 2020 (in late June, by my records), i hadnt slept for several days, and i was trying to sleep in my bed, when just as i was starting to pass out, i was woken up by an incredibly loud and long beep. it was like a nintendo squarewave sound. like BEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! i got up out of bed and lookedall over my house trying to figure out what had caused the noise, and ultimately i couldnt find anything!!!! nothing was out of the ordinary.
now, after that, i can’t remember if a day or 2 passed or not (this was a few years ago, remember). but anyways, eventually i angrily got back in bed, and tried to sleep again. and i actually fell asleep!!!!
but i immediatelly started dreaming that i was looking out over a bottomless pit, which abstractly represented DEATH. the solid land behind me represented AWARENESS. looking down into that pit was the scariest thing i had ever experienced in my life. i frantically backed up onto solid Aware land so i wouldnt fall in, and then woke up.
as soon as i woke up, i was aware that my lungs did not have enough oxygen in them. it felt at the time like they were deflated flat. so i GULPED and GULPED and GULPED down air into my lungs for what felt like 10 minutes. only when the fear of suffocation started to fade, did i start to realize that, Actually, i had plenty of oxygen in my lungs and was totally fine.
over the next few days i was TERRIFIED of falling asleep, in case i died again. over the next few months-to-a-year, i was mildly terrified of ever seeing that one video transition where the image shrinks away inside a circle of black, like at the end of a Looney Tunes cartoon where it says That’s All, Folks
after i recovered from this, i actually spent some time googling “loud sound wakes you up” “bottomless pit of death” “hypnic jerk” etc etc. i found posts on sleep disorder forums by other people who had experienced startingly similar stuff! so i assumed it was just Exploding Head Syndrome (a sleep disorder)
has anyone else experienced anything like this? does it mean something specific in the Experiencer community? please leave a comment if u know anything about this <3
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2023.03.25 01:32 Uifresen30 What class should I play? You decide. Tally all the replies after a while.

this is going to be a long read. (Btw I’m PVE only player and spend most of my time solo)
Just to preface this probably wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t so fixated on my mindset of only playing one characteclass and having one main and no alts(aside from holding cps). Lot of people have great fun playing one class and switching it up for excitement but I really really want to just stick with one. The reasons are many but it’s a hassle managing multiple characters and I think variety aside, someone who spends all their time on one character will have achieved more than someone who spreads their time evenly on all three. Also not going to mention strand experience as they all feel at a similar level and I like them all the same.

At 89 hours on hunter and less than an hour on both of the other class combined I got bored of Hunter. I thought maybe it would be fun to play the other two classes. I just felt the hunter experience was so-so. class ability is just a slight dodge, it doesn’t really help that much, reloading weapon or refreshing melee is just average. Arc you spam melee, solar you spam throwing knives, and void is just void.
At 60 hours on warlock I was getting the same feeling again. Looking up and down to my hunter and titan on the character screen. There was nothing about the class ability that made me want to play it. Healing rift? Nothing game-changing. Empowering rift is great but I don’t want to be forced to stand in one position… Nevertheless starfire solar is great, melts everything. Well is awesome while the other super is not good at all. I didn’t touch void or arc much. I grinded lost sectors until I had all the exotics for warlock except chest pieces. The thought of this is going to get boring and I’m going to have to try another class never popped up until it did at 60 hours in.
At 30 hours on Titan I’m in deep deep trouble. Having done lightfall and the witch queen three times and moving on from hunter and warlock and I’m still not feeling right with a titan. Solar hammer throw melee is kinda odd as it just bounces off some targets and I don’t like to run after the hammed to get it to refresh esp if I threw it from long distance. Void ward of dawn feels really useless. It doesn’t tell me how much weapon damage It increases but I don’t feel it’s significant at all. Aside from making you invulnerable it doesn’t do anything else. Thundercrash arc is great but I don’t think arc has anything else going for it. Suffice to say I got bored eventually.
I can’t decide please help.
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2023.03.25 01:31 DiscoDigi786 Magnetization Thoughts

Hey folks, I hope all is well. I’m hopeful one or more of you can assist me with tips for magnetizing my mech bases.
Thus far, I have used green model airplane putty, milliput and straight up super glue to attach magnets to plastic bases. However, roughly one magnet in five seems to come off pretty quickly after setting. Not a major problem, but enough to tell me I am probably missing something.
My process:
1) Bathe each mini in dish soap and warm water.
2) Allow to dry thoroughly overnight.
3) Place pea sized amount of whatever putty or glue I am using, then put a 4x1mm magnet on 2 sides of of the base opposing one another, then press the base on my hobby mat to level the putty or adhesive out.
4) Allow 24 hours to set (or whatever the directions for the material say) while ensuring minis are not near any metals that may attract magnets from the bonding material.
The magnets that fail to adhere do not seem consistent to one type of adhesive. Maddening! Also weird: my metal battletech minis on plastic bases do not seem to have this problem, even though I have used all the same bonding options and procedures
Scoring the bases was going to be my next step, but after I engaged in a few stupid arguments RE: the KS, I realized I was not contributing positively to the sub. Hopefully this post can both serve as a helpful resource to anyone having similar problems or looking for best practices to magnetize plastic minis and a mea culpa for being unhelpful in the sub.
To whatever mod had to lock that convo, my apologies for my being a child. I should know better than to be drawn into silliness.
May all your DFAs be lethal, friends.
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2023.03.25 01:31 CantEthan I want others opinions.

I want others opinions.
How has nobody been talking about the recent influx of console players in pc lobbies. I am diamond 3 currently and still fighting off these invincible console players. I have clipped a few of them and I can't believe my eyes. I am literally four body lengths outside of their bullet stream and I'm still taking damage. I counted it last night 10 out of 12 deaths I had in diamond were to console players. Some of them I had already knocked two of the players and die to the third. The two pc players that I killed have way better stats and are a higher rank than the console player. Why am I able to one clip a 20b 4k pc wraith from the low ground and then I'm just completely unable to track a console caustic on the same level as me. Idc about aim assist values I'm on roller as well but like bruh I know how my aim is and within 3 seconds I went from one clipping a sweaty wraith from low ground to potato aim on a caustic. It feels like on roller that my aim assist is pulling me off of the player where the game thinks they are but are actually not on my screen. Now I would say it's prediction error but I get that on pc players as well sometimes so idk. Is it all just high ping players and the norm for console is packet loss and high ping due to their shit wifi? The last clip in this video I had full red armor and hp and this kids bullets were nowhere near me for 3/4 of his clip. Death recap shows he hit me for 225 without missing and I was like ok this is actually a problem.
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2023.03.25 01:31 Tanuki1029 Cover for a fic I'm finally publishing! (both by me)

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2023.03.25 01:31 Rovul_ I feel like I almost died, but didn’t.

I didn’t actually almost die but a heart attack wouldn’t be out of the conversation. I was doing the laundry in my basement and thought I heard something outside so I lifted the blinds that covered the high window of my laundry room.
On the back of this blind laid the culprit, a horror that nearly killed me on the spot.
A giant.
Hunting .
Wolf spider.
Which I have never seen before. So as a person who has never seen this thing before and as any person with arachnophobia would do I immediately ran to get a shoe and squash this bugger into paste.
I missed.
And the thing sprinted up the side of the blind and up into the rafters of my ceiling. I have no idea where it is. I have never screamed louder in my life. And I am now upstairs shaking, afraid to go back and bear witness to that thing again.
Note: My bedroom is down there, and I’m almost certain that it wants me dead.
Another note: I am 19 and play UNI American Football. I am so disappointed in myself.
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2023.03.25 01:31 RexSecundus Veterans served together reunite on Reddit after 20 years!

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2023.03.25 01:30 the_rubixer People seemed liked this joke so I thought I would post it

This is a long one but it guarantees a smile. Best part is you won't forget it and can now share it with the world.
So, a guy has been working for the last 20 years as a train conducter and one day runs over a car while it was crossing the tracks. He was immediately arrested and sent to court where the judge found him guilty and gave him the death penalty by electric chair the next day.
The train conducter is brought to prison later that day and when the officers come round to his cell to ask him what his last meal will be he says a banana. The officers were confused but got him his banana anyway.
Morning comes around and the train conducter is being strapped to the electric chair. After everything is double checked they flip the switch. Nothing happens. By law if it fails the prisoner is set free so the train conducter was released.
Later that day, the train conducter got on another train and crashed it again! He was arrested again and sent to the courthouse where the same judge sentenced him to death penalty in the chair.
He goes to prison and the officers come around to his cell and ask him what would his last meal like to be and just like the last time he said a banana. When morning came around the next day the officers had tested the machine multiple times before hooking it up to the train conducter. They flipped the switch and when nothing happened he was set free.
The extremely lucky train conducter then got another train later that day and crashed agian! He was arrested again, brought to the same judge again, and given the same sentence.
The guy went to prison later that day and when the officers asked him his last meal he said a banana. But the officers refused and said they were on to his little trick and gave him and apple instead.
Morning once again rolls around and the guy is strapped to the chair. They had used it all morning and now that the train conducter hadn't had his banana they were sure it was going to finally work. They flipped the switch and . . . nothing happened! The officers were speechless. They were so sure they had figured it out. So they ask the guy to tell them hows he's doing this.
The guy replies with "I don't know, I guess I must be a shitty conducter".
If you actually read all that thanks. Went on a bit longer than I thought. My friend told me that joke 3 years ago so you will never forget it.
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2023.03.25 01:30 seaseal1 People don't realize how agonizing ADHD is.

Just last year at 26 the possibility of having ADHD was presented to me by a friend who said I had the telltale signs. I was one of those ignorant people who thought it was just bouncing off the walls energy, but when I read into it I realized that I related not only to the symptoms that fall under ADHD but that many of the testimonies I had heard from others brought me to tears as I had suffered in very similar ways.
I had just lost my health insurance and it's been a nearly year-long battle to get any kind of plan to get me to a doctor. I got my appointment. It was a month-long wait of worrying whether or not I genuinely had it, if it had been something else, or if I was just lying to myself and everything was just an excuse for my awful choices in life.
After almost an hour of answering questions, the doctor almost made me think I didn't have it, but he told me that I had a strong case for it and confirmed the diagnosis. All the guilt and worry I had been feeling had evaporated and I walked out feeling the peace of mind. He put me on 20mg of Vyvanse and I went home waiting for later in the day when I could go pick up my prescription.
Come 5 pm I'm at the store waiting in line, and then they tell me the price. $500 dollars for a month of Vyvanse. I can't afford that, but the pharmacist insures me she'll send the info over to my doctor so he can tell my insurance it's needed for my health. It'd take 72 hours and I'd be good to go. 72 hours passed today and it turns out nothing was done. I had a breakdown and spent a good two hours today just avoiding my family so I could bawl my eyes out.
Thankfully, I can call my doctor directly Monday and get this sorted out. After months and then days of waiting, I'm burned out and tired again. This awful thing called ADHD is hurting me every day and I can't describe that pain to anyone, but I'm sure many here who suffer from it understand how debilitating it is. I just hope and pray that when Monday rolls around I can get my problem sorted out.
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2023.03.25 01:30 PrestigiousSky9527 [fully lost]"The Lost Music Video of Professor Chaos from South Park"

(For better understanding of this post, it is recommended to have knowledge of the South Park series up until the sixth season)
When I was a teenager, between 2000 and 2010, I was a fan of South Park and consumed everything I could about the series, including videos on YouTube. At that time, there was a series of videos in which music video clips were recreated using characters from the series. There was a version of Haddaway's "What Is Love" sung by the character Chef and a version of A-ha's "Take On Me" where Kyle takes the place of the boy who takes the girl into the comic book world, and Catman takes on the role of the adversary who chases the young couple (for those who didn't understand this part, just watch the original clip).
There were other videos that were apparently made by the same author because some animations, like Catman playing a kind of piano, appeared in more than one clip.
Of all these animations, my favorite was the one about Professor Chaos. I don't remember the lyrics of the song, but I do know that "chaos" and "money" were words that appeared frequently. On the other hand, I remember in detail the story that is told in the clip.
The story of the clip is as follows: Professor Chaos and General Disarray are seen inside a blue van written "chaos mobile" or something similar. The van drives towards one of the snowy mountains that exist near the city. When they get close to the snow of one of the mountains, a kind of mirror comes out of the van and begins to reflect the sunlight, generating a beam. The solar beam is pointed at all the snow-covered mountains seen in the music video. The next scene shows the van fleeing from a flood caused by the melting snow. In the next scene, we see that the van has escaped the path of the flood, and then we see the city of South Park flooded. Soon after, Professor Chaos is seen on top of one of the buildings in the flooded city, throwing some brown things into the water that look like three dots, and begins to smile. At the same time, we see General Disarray playing a harmonica (the sound of the harmonica can be heard in this part) and a green dollar sign flashing on the screen (in this part, the word "money" is heard several times).
After these scenes, we see Officer Barbrady climbing up the building where Professor Chaos is located, who becomes irritated with the policeman's presence. Barbrady also becomes angry and points his finger at Professor Chaos. We see General Disarray playing the harmonica one last time, and then we can see the blue van being chased by a police car on a snowy road. Some scenes that have already appeared in the music video are repeated, such as the flooded city and the green dollar sign flashing. Shortly thereafter, we see the pursuit of the vehicles in a desert with cacti. The music video ends with the blue van crossing the border into Mexico, and then we see Officer Barbrady, angry and painted red. The last scene of the music video shows Professor Chaos and General Disarray inside the blue van, smiling while Professor Chaos sings the last parts of the song.
I have no hope that this material can be recovered, but if anyone is or knows an old South Park fan who also saw this clip, I would like to know if this person at least remembers the title of the song. This was one of my favorite songs from my adolescence and I would love to hear it again.
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2023.03.25 01:30 mahlouie Pain near kidney on one side only when breathing in deep or moving a certain way

Feeling pain left side of back near kidney when i breathe in deep or move my back a certain way. I’ve had 2 stones before but don’t remember this happening the other times. Doc gave me an antibiotic and then imaging would be next step. Has anyone experienced pain like this and it end up being a stone?
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2023.03.25 01:29 mattperkins86 I can't do Geology where I live. And all the courses near me relate to the mining industry, which is directly opposed to the reasons I'd want to study Geology.

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2023.03.25 01:29 slowwber Celebrating Two Wins That Hurt

1st Win: I did an exposure therapy with my therapist today where I had to make cake mix and handle the raw eggs. I wasn’t stressed too much until we put some of the cake mix on the floor and I then took my hand that was not washed and got some cake mix on my finger. I went from a stress level of 35/100 to 75/100 when I licked my finger. I nearly broke down crying because of how sad I was to go past the point of no return. I couldn’t use any ritual to “save” me.
2nd Win: Last night I was pouring scalding water on my running shoes in case there were parasites on them. However this morning I thought maybe I didn’t get the ends of the shoes. So with a tight window I just boiled water and dipped my shoes into the pot. A sense of relief from satisfying my ritual led to me thinking that I had then contaminated my pot with something horrible like TRIGGER WARNING FOR A SCARY BUG (prions). I started thinking that I need to buy a new pot or how I could possibly replace my dishwasher. However, right now I am eating some cake with a fork that may or may not have been washed at the same time as the pot. There is no going back now.
I’m scared as fuck and worried I have introduced a deadly disease to my household by doing something so ridiculous and stupid. However, I know there is a part of me trying to reach beyond the anxiety and say, “It’s going to be what it’s going to be…”
Just needed to vent since I don’t talk to my therapist till Monday. I hope anyone struggling today knows you aren’t alone.
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2023.03.25 01:29 rgesoo XXXmas Greetings. Bad Santa Claus Alexandr Great Fuck me near the Christmas Tree

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2023.03.25 01:29 cjnshrmpoby Does anyone else find the mechanics of blasters to be kind of backwards?

Does anyone else find the mechanics of blasters to be kind of backwards?
To give you an idea, here's an old schematic from the first essential guide to weapons and tech.

Now Blasters use blaster gas (basically plasma) as ammunition which is stored in an internal chamber. The blaster pack serves as a battery and determines how many times it can be fired before having to switch the pack out.
That never made much sense to me. Especially considering how the blaster pack would still be expending energy even when not fired by running the blaster's passive systems. Wouldn't it make more sense to have an internal rechargeable battery and a removable gas chamber?
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2023.03.25 01:28 ltuzia How my builds have changed from 0-500 hours

I thought it would be interesting to keep track of changes since I recently hit 500 hours in satisfactory. I have compiled a lot of screenshots over playing the game in this time so I organized and typed a bit on here about each album. There are a few more random comments on the imgur albums linked in this post as well. Maybe other people will find it interesting hopefully as well though I mainly made this post for myself to look back on in the future.
My first save when I downloaded the game I started in grasslands. I played 21 hours or so before I abandoned the save and started over again. Most buildings are built on the ground or hanging way up in the sky because I thought to verticality would be interesting to look at... only there are no supports and it doesn't make much sense like storage. I did have fun placing some things within trees at a nearby coal source I found to expand power shortly before quitting. First save album :
Second save I played for 35 hours on it before abandoning it. It was the first save I tried using a couple mods in as well. However this was a bad idea and led me to start over again. A hour or two before I left it I had installed the first few to try out, and one of them unlocked all the recipes? I didn't mean for it to do that, and didn't see in the description it would. Opps lol. Anyways when I noticed all my auto saves were gone so it led me to restart because it was too overwhelming seeing all these choices and things I never seen before yet.
In here though I tried to take notice of the things I learned from first save like using foundations to support factories more, and not making storage way up in the air. so it is more accessible. It also includes my first covered factory, and with me experimenting with things like hiding belts more between foundations. I also tried to focus on learning more about pipes and how to place them in more aesthetically pleasing ways. The second save album is here :
The third save is my current one, although I think I might restart it soon again, or just spend time to delete like half the map. I am still undecided on which. In this one I started in the northern forest. I really really like it here and probably will always start again here in the future. I have over 300 hours in it right now, and the rest of the 150ish comes from playing with a very close friend I tried to get into the game (around 45 hours on their save) and then some people's regular or dedicated servers.
The first thing I saw when coming down from space was being greeted by alien fauna.
One of the things I focused on this save was reconsidering my storage area to be both easy to travel to, and out of the way. So one of the first buildings I placed (and then later decorated some as I unlocked awesome shop things) was a storage area. It includes several floors, and it quite tall because I really liked the result of clipping containers through foundations. Later I changed the foundations to catwalks and I really like the result. Storage area album :
The reinforced iron plate factory was one of the first ones I built and involved things like very tightly hidden belts and lifts and many floors. It is quite large as well compared to my other builds so far. And at one point had ramp foundations 4m to access each floor that were annoying to jump up. Those were later removed and a simple hyper tube from f1 goes all the way to the top. RIPS album :
The next larger build I made is modular frames. Well besides rotors/stators which has been expanded so many times I don't think it is reasonable to show it since it doesn't resemble its original form at all anymore. Unlike how storage does... with some decorations. It is also the first time I used vehicles at all. It is to take them to where I was eventually making heavy modular frames (though the vehicle wasn't intended for that originally and only meant to bring back to storage... a very convenient thing). I believe it is 20/min in here right now. It has some more things in consideration like floor access that I learned to do better from RIPs and previous saves. Modular frames album :
At some point around this time I started making a huge sky road. It.. turned out very very eyesore. I want to delete it and rethink my transport. Album :
An attempt to make compact build... featuring coal towers. Like my idea from the previous save with the refineries before I abandoned it. It turned out badly, but I am much much better at the game now I feel like and have a more in depth understanding of belts and pipes and building techniques.. so I want to come back and redo this as I envisioned it properly at some point as well as upgrade the miners. Album :
HMF is the first time I tried to make a circular building, but I never got the production numbers I wanted. And didn't decorate it since I wanted another two or three of these circles with additional buildings nearby connected by sky bridges. Link :
In there you will see another building that did not turn out how I had in my mind. We didn't have the corner pieces. I didn't want a giant triangle top. I thought it would be so cool to have it shaped like the other 3 sides on all 4 and a diagonal corner.. however the building pieces will not allow for this. The inverted triangles do not fit where they need to so I can't make it. (I hope you add them coffee stain). It contains some HMF component production. Album :
Around this time I was able to have the opportunity help decorate someone's refineries and fuel generation. They were completely in the open and I closed them off while they worked on something else in their save. I really learned a lot about clipping stuff while doing so. Unfortunately I don't have very many images saved of this and everything is of WIP stuff and not the final result. Album of that work :
I also kind of messed around with packaged fuel for like 10 hours. I don't know why I had so much confusion doing this, but eventually I got it to work and it is still running with a sink even now over 100 hours minimum later. It is ugly though since I was testing stuff. Image :
At this point in my save I really really needed to expand power, so I ran around the map looking at fuel locations until I found one that I really liked. It was in this mushroom crater area. However what I didn't know when I started it is that it is going to be reworked... and considering what they they did to spire coasts that is going to make any building there unable to work what what I imagined for it... so I abandoned it only partway complete and hooked up. Though I connected to main grid. It is quite large and was going to produce something like 70k power or 60k idk. I am so sad to abandon it though because I loved the thought of a giant middle building with lots of generators across the biome with pipes hidden under the ground. Album link here :
So I ended up with some power so I went to work on aluminum (mainly batteries) stuff... which I ended up accidentally building in yet another map rework area. So that got abandoned too lol. Features some very closely placed foundations to avoid clipping into trees and branches and other parts of the geography. A very challenging place to build, but I imagined it to be soo cool looking to see an army of drones coming out of the forest.
Of the parts of the battery production I finished I fully decorated and finished the silica I needed for it. This place is honestly my most favorite build of everything I made. I took so many lessons from previous designs when making it. Like considering how I will travel inside, how it looks from outside. The truck station unload/load issue with multiple stations. The transport of silica (once battery production was up and running) etc. The truck entrance was to take overflow elsewhere. The drones where going to transport silica to batteries but for now has a conveyor belt. The outside of it looks very interesting and structurally sound to me. Also it is avoiding the natural trees in very close ways so it looks like it has been built there for a while and trees grew around it. And it just barely avoids the toxic gases inside. Absolute favorite factory of mine! Link here!
And then I still needed to eventually expand more fuel yet again, so I started working on this area which I think is safe from reworks? At least it better be LOL. The idea I had was hovering power generators with several towers. I am only using one oil node right now and I will NOT be building another 8 of these and everything else twice more to use the rest of the oil here. The towers themselves are too much work to hide pipework as best as you can to keep the hovering sci-fi feel I wanted. Very WIP to more finished stuff at the end of the album. However it is still my current project on my save so it isn't fully complete yet. Album link :
And finally my last project that I just finished a day or two ago (I needed a break from fuel piping on my save). The aluminum plant on a dedicated server I was invited to. It was really challenging to work with the resource nodes they already were extracting form. So I had to use some very far away ones. However It turned out nicely and I really played around with power switches a lot in here. Resulting in a modular power control of the factory outputs. Very happy with how it turned out, but the wiring was a pain to figure out the first time. The decoration is very open aired inspired. All together I think I spent around 66-95 hours building this, the bus, the train line, and supporting factories for it (silica, rubber, batteries, ai limiters, copper ingots). Album here :
And now I am at 505 hours played on steam. So much time, but I still feel like I can change things. Lots of things I would like to try more of in the future. But I really like my progress so far. Maybe I write another update post again in the future.
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