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2023.05.16 00:04 No_Remedii Different UPC's, Same Rifle?

These are exactly the same, right? The different UPC's are throwing me off. Also, both have the same SKU, just in a different order. However, one is nearly $300 more.
I just want to join the club. Tried searching for a post about SKU's, but didn't see any.
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2023.05.08 15:51 smilingpanda87 Silencer for Tavor 7 or buy TS12

I would love to buy a silencer for my Tavor 7…but all things being equal the cost isn’t far removed from me just picking up the TS12 (which I think is the cat’s pajamas). I know these things aren’t equivalent and serve markedly different needs. Has anyone else been faced with this conundrum? Budget is the issue. I can only wrestle away cash from the family budget for something like this once every two years.
OSS 7.62 at local shop $1,200 + tax stamp
TS12 KYGUNCO $1,300
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2023.04.25 04:10 instigata4 [Handgun] SAR USA 2000 9mm 4.5" 17rd Pistol - Stainless, $409.99 free shipping, kygunco

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2023.04.22 18:58 otakugrey I accidentally stripped a screw that came with free scope rings and I don't know how to figure out what screw to replace it with.

So I got a deal on a rifle that basically came with a discount scope, free rings and a free paint job. It's this set here -
Now I screwed up and stripped one of the screws, so the whole scope won't fully secure itself to the rails. The rings came with very little packaging that I threw away months ago. But I figured I can just look at a photo of the deal and match up that with other product images, right, well I looked at this image and....
Those scope rings look NOTHING like what came with my rifle. They're using a different set of rings for the image of the deal, and now I don't know what screw to replace it with. I have a photo though! Can anybody please identify it? There's a CCI Stinger .22lr for scale.
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2023.04.20 20:06 dilnad Great deal on a 10/22

Hope it's cool to post this hear. Apologies if not and it gets whacked.
Basic synthetic stock carbine from a very reputable company for 260 bucks seems pretty nice.
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2023.04.07 01:39 scoot2424 Kygunco/Ammo Inc 9mm under .25 car with shipping

Decent Deal. GTG supplier
Kygunco/9mm/Ammo INC
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2023.02.08 04:00 8433672843379 What is the cheapest AR-15 I can get?

Hey guys,
I'm on a budget. I do need a rifle, just like every sane American does. Time and money are big limitations for me now, so I would appreciate any advice, especially with the legal climate being what it is.
Current contender: ANDERSON AM-15 - (Without the mag)
$394.39 + WA sales tax + transfer fee = approx $450-500?
AFAIK Kygunco offers free shipping, and ships the upper and lower separately. I was thinking of Puget Sound/Sound Gun Transfers: ($15)
Any better ideas or suggests? I am looking for the cheapest possible AR. I already have a ccw that I rely on for self-defense and CCW, but ofc a rifle is important too. Thank you in advance.
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2023.02.07 17:45 Magmars_Dad Fedex delayed package

So I ordered a Ruger .22 Charger last Tuesday and it shipped the same day from KYGUNCO. The estimated delivery date was Friday the same week and was excited for it's arrival. Fast forward to today, the package is delayed and the estimated delivery date is 'pending'. It's showing that it's in Memphis, TN and has been for that past 2 days (yesterday, and today)
This isn't the first time, I've had problems with Fedex either. I ordered ammo about two months ago and it just never arrived. Wound up getting my money back and ordered more but this time it was delivered via UPS and arrived when it was supposed to.
Has anyone else had major problems with this company relating to guns? Their customer service is fucking garbage and they act like they have no clue what the hell is going on. I wish all firearm companies would stop using fedex as their carrier and go with UPS because I've NEVER had a problem with them.
Frustrated man.. sorry had to vent lol.
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2023.02.06 02:31 greatthebob38 [Rifle] Henry Big Boy Steel Side Gate .357 Mag Carbine Large Loop - $900 KYGUNCO IN STORE ONLY

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2023.02.03 23:53 Benchmademedoit Moment of weakness…NKD

Moment of weakness…NKD
I’ve been making a point to stop at my lgs of choice every couple weeks to window shop the knife bar and price check some ammo. Continued that tradition today and immediately found the new Kerahaw releases…. I mean for $65 you’re not gonna not.
Then I walked 20 feet and found the shootout I’ve been crushing on (for significantly cheaper than I’ve seen in the online market). At this point I’m already committed, right?
Throw in some stickers and and now I’m wearing a smile and making a mess doing test cuts on my stack of junk mail.
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2023.02.02 21:11 Naldo5711 Canik Full Size Threaded Barrels in Stock

Saw these come in stock today. I believe KYGunCo also has them for a few dollars more. Number PACN0008:
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2023.01.11 19:58 scootymcpuff KyGunCo cancelled my order

So this is what gets me: they have a page dedicated to “Celebrate freedom in IL (while you still can)” that’s been rolling all the way up until last night. ITS STILL THERE RIGHT NOW but with a banner saying “most of these items we can’t sell due to the new law”.
So in the email they blasted, they state that since they can’t ship “assault rifle parts” to IL, they’re cancelling orders. I placed my order last week (6th) and they didn’t ship it. I confirmed with two of their reps yesterday and this morning that the order would ship.
I called their CS and they said after talking with the shipping manager they’re unable to send because of the new law. So I asked if I could talk to somebody who could make that decision and left a message with one of their CS managers and sent another email specifying that since I had placed the order and was just waiting on delivery it’s fine to send the lowers.
So yeah. They don’t have a presence on Reddit anymore, but I thought I’d give a special shout-out to u/KyGunCo for cancelling a perfectly legal order. Thanks guys. You’re part of the reason this country is going to shit because people won’t read past the headlines.
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2022.12.03 12:17 DaddyD80 First Buck (Kentucky)

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2022.11.27 02:52 Gatecrasher [Review][Negative] - Very Negative - Kentucky Gun Co - Cancelled Benelli stock PART order because "policy"

TL;DR: After years of waiting, the Benelli C-Stock was finally on sale at reasonable non-scalper price from KyGunCo. KyGunCo cancelled my order because of some internal legal misconception and "policy".
This is the stock that comes STANDARD on the M1014 model. Which is sold everywhere -- including my "ban state" -- and which I own, bought at a local store, and have sitting in front of me. And needed the PARTS since my stock was messed up and I've been using duct tape to fix it.
I ordered this. It sold out within minutes (obviously). And my card is charged.
Fast forward to today, two days later. And KyGunCo sends me an email cancelling my order out of the blue. Claiming "your state law bans this, and our policy says no parts".
They take my notes, claim "my supervisor said so", and that's it. I finally asked if they could please consider changing their internal policy, as it's not only factually wrong, it's in poor taste (like Optics Planet and "flash hiders" or "complete uppers", as if bolt actions aren't a thing).
I'm really, really disappointed in KyGunCo. Especially since they were supportive of us during "Freedom Week". And I had them in high regard as heroes, until this email and stupid policy. And ESPECIALLY since I'm legitimately trying to fix my gun with its buttpad held on with duct tape!
And yes, I'm aware of laws saying "no blacks (guns)" -- but they are equally immoral, unenforceable, and actually illegal-laws (Bruen but w/e). And other stores acknowledge that and don't enact "internal policies" beyond bare minimum legal requirements, empowering these segregationist policies. KyGunCo apaprently doesn't do that.
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2022.11.15 20:17 drumedary [Review][Positive]

Ordered a Rough Rider .22 last Tuesday, it was at my ffl Thursday. Unlike any other store I've ordered from before, all I had to do was click my ffl and place the order. No further phone calls, emails, having my ffl send them a new certificate even if they had the current one on file. Easiest order I've ever placed. Very user friendly store.
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2022.10.07 06:40 Admiral-Sushi How to tell if P10 c is Us made or Czech made online

Hi. Is there a way to tell if a CZ p10c (Non optics ready) factory new listing on sites such as , omahaoutdoors, buds, etc are US made or Czech made? I am finding conflicting information. An older post said that 95130's are US made and 91536's are Czech but I am finding p10c's with code CZ-95120.
Images on these sites vary and seem non indicative, for example omaha outdoors listing picture says Kansas city and KYgunco's shows a czech made one. Curious if anyone has any definitive answer on how to tell, going to give a few of the sites a phone call to see what they say.
Update: Doing some digging, it is looking to me like 91531 is 3 dot sight, 95120 is tritium front serrated back. Looking at a few used gun listings, I have seen a Kansas City 95120, but only Czech made 91531. Not sure if this is concrete or not but it is looking like the 91531's are more often, or entirely, czech made.
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2022.10.04 21:54 Kingblur Early christmas build for my Father inlaw! PSA lower, Aero parts and an upper from CBC industries. Not completely done but done enough for reddit.

Early christmas build for my Father inlaw! PSA lower, Aero parts and an upper from CBC industries. Not completely done but done enough for reddit. submitted by Kingblur to ar15 [link] [comments]

2022.09.21 20:10 Sirliftsalot97 8.3 gen 2 x39 is in stock
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2022.09.17 13:55 FischlandchipZ Sarco's Carcanos: Not Ethiopian(?), Defiantly not RTI!

Sarco's Carcanos: Not Ethiopian(?), Defiantly not RTI!
TL;DR, probably not RTI guns
Hi guys, awhile back I got an email from Sarco, where they began selling milsurp Carcanos again. They had the m91 folding bayonet carbines for $165, as well as the cut down m91/24 carbines for $249. Not sure if those prices are great, but figured cheap milsurp rifles sub $300 aren't easy to find these days, so I took a chance and bought one of each.
A few other online retailers sell these, like Classic & KYGUNCO, and no idea how those are or where they get them from. Most of what I see online are from Royaltigerimports, which if you know anything about them...their guns are often in awful condition. They imported a big batch of milsurps from Ethiopia, which were stored in an open shed warehouse, so they're covered in dirt and rust, the stocks are dry or rotting...nasty stuff!
Nothing wrong with Ethiopian guns as a concept; they certainly have a lot of history, but for the prices RTI is charging, not worth it, especially if you plan to shoot them. So I took a chance on Sarco, hoping they weren't from the same source.
Here they are, straight out of the box:
Looking pretty good! The stocks were in great shape, no cracks. Metal has patina and some surface rust, but finish is still present. Both the wood and the metal def had some cosomoline and dirt/rust to clean, but overall were in okay shape. Not pristine, but not RTI. I took apart and did a full strip and clean of the M91 carbine, and the only issue was some more substantial pitting due to rust under the barrel band (safe to shoot? Will need to get photos later...). After cleaning and oiling it, the trigger and bolt operate pretty well. Ample rifling in the barrel, but havent checked the bore. Everything seems to function as it should. Hope I can shoot it soon.
Most importantly, it should be noted that the guns are marked as Imported by Sarco. Makes sense, as Sarco has the FFL license that allows them to import their own guns. I have no idea where they imported these from, but if you are are concerned about them being guns from RTI and distributed by Sarco as a retailer, worry not, Sarco has imported the guns themselbes.
IS it worth the money? Up to you. They definitely aren't unissued museum pieces, and cleaning them does take work, but very cool to experience buying a retail milsurp and getting to clean it in 2022!
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2022.09.16 02:35 7a3yYEw0 [Review][Positive]

Ordered a Glock 43X MOS for $491.06 out the door on 9/6 and paid via electronic check. Order confirmation indicated checks are held for 10 days, but to email proof if it clears sooner. Check cleared and proof sent on 9/9, shipped on 9/12, and arrived at FFL on 9/14.
10/10 would order from them again.
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2022.09.07 20:23 Never_fucking_curses [Rifle] Henry model X .357 mag. In stock at KYGUNCO. $876.99 with text a check.

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2022.09.06 00:01 HEAT-FS [Meta] For my fellow compulsive grail-searchers, I compiled a list of all the authorized retailers from the MT website that actually sell MTs (and arent shitty gunshops that dont list MTs online) so you dont have to look through that godforsaken map. Shops I like have a <3 <3 <3 next to their name

Urban EDC Supply*
Deepak Chorpa
EDC Specialties
Recon 1
Ross Cutlery
Knife & Carry
Crimson Tactical
Bass Tackle
Lee's Cutlery
===========New Mexico==========
BMC Tactical
Cobalt Kinetics
Northwest Knives
Oregon Rifleworks
Rainier Arms
Castle Gate
Mustang Tactical <3 <3 <3
Florida Armory
The Hollow Grind
Shark Coast Tactical
Razor Sharp
Gun Dog
Gear Barrel
Manly Toys
Recon Rifleworks
St Nicks
Nashville Tactical Lounge
eKnives <3 <3 <3
SMKW <3 <3 <3
BladeHQ <3 <3 <3
North River Outdoors
Tristar Edge <3 <3 <3
Southern Blades
Kenzie's Optics
===========South Carolina===========
Southern Edges
City Arsenal
T&K Outdoors
===========North Carolina===========
X-Ring Customs <3 <3 <3
NC Blade
Ye Olde Cutlery
===========West Virginia===========
Knife World WV
Patriot Knifeworks
CFO Knives
===========New York===========
JT's Knife Shop
SP Firearms
===========New Hampshire===========
Sawyer River Knife Co
Eagle Valley
River's Edge
USA OTF Blades
Area 419
Way of Knife§ion=product&sort=newest
Warrior Knife Co."search_source"%3A"product"%2C"results_order_by"%3A"relevance"%2C"results_order"%3A"asc"%7D&post_type=product
Centennial Knife
Blademans Knifeshop
Altamont Outdoors
DLT Trading
American Edge <3 <3 <3
Omaha Knife
Northern Knives
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