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2023.03.29 18:03 MattonArsenal MINI SE Custom Order Delivery Timeframe

Close to putting in an order. What are people currently seeing on delivery time?
Dealer said about 6 months, but I wanted to crowd source to see if it might be longer or shorter.
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2023.03.29 18:00 platinumsparkles 🚩In 2017 Citadel paid $22.6 Million to settle charges after lying about how they handle retail orders🚩 FYI: The BIG 4 SEC PROPOSALS disrupt their entire business model of being able to do whatever they want with our orders🎉This is one of the sources I cited in my comment letter!!

🚩In 2017 Citadel paid $22.6 Million to settle charges after lying about how they handle retail orders🚩 FYI: The BIG 4 SEC PROPOSALS disrupt their entire business model of being able to do whatever they want with our orders🎉This is one of the sources I cited in my comment letter!!
But the SEC’s order finds that two algorithms used by Citadel Securities did not internalize retail orders at the best price observed nor sought to obtain the best price in the marketplace. These algorithms were triggered when they identified differences in the best prices on market feeds, comparing the SIP feeds to the direct feeds from exchanges. One strategy, known as FastFill, immediately internalized an order at a price that was not the best price for the order that Citadel Securities observed. The other strategy, known as SmartProvide, routed an order to the market that was not priced to obtain immediately the best price that Citadel Securities observed.
"Citadel Securities made misleading statements suggesting that it would provide or try to get the best prices it saw for retail orders routed by other broker-dealers," said Stephanie Avakian, Acting Director of the SEC Enforcement Division. "Internalizers can't suggest they are doing one thing yet do another when it comes to pricing trades."
As a “wholesale market maker” or “internalizer” that specializes in handling retail orders from investors who are customers of other broker-dealers, Citadel Securities executes approximately 35 percent of the average daily volume of retail equity shares traded in the U.S. markets, according to the SEC’s order.
“These two algorithms represented a small part of Citadel Securities’ internalization business, but they nevertheless affected millions of orders placed by retail investors because of Citadel Securities’ large role in that market,” said Robert Cohen, Co-Chief of the SEC Enforcement Division’s Market Abuse Unit. “We are focused on the execution of retail orders and encourage investors to ask brokers, and brokers to ask internalizers, how they are determining best prices for retail orders.”
The SEC’s order finds that Citadel Securities, which has since discontinued the two algorithms at issue, violated Section 17(a)(2) of the Securities Act from late 2007 through January 2010. Without admitting or denying the findings, Citadel Securities agreed to be censured and pay $5.2 million in disgorgement of ill-gotten gains plus interest of more than $1.4 million and a penalty of $16 million.
They may have retired those 2 algos but who knows what type of algos they have now? Single-Dealer Platforms (SDP's) are so ridiculously under-regulated considering how much of the market they're allowed to be in control of.

Comment on the Rule Proposals! - You can cite this press release in your comment letter if you want!
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2023.03.29 17:58 This-Pomegranate3900 need advice on my front axle

I've got a 1996 Ford f150 5.0 302 4x4, the axle is the TTB (twin traction I-beam). My issue is when I put the truck in reverse, the front end squats down, causing the top of the tires to go into the fender wells (makes it look like the ball joints are bad). When I turn while reversing the front tires chirp on asphalt/concrete and sometimes drag on gravel/dirt.I've installed a couple of new parts over the past 3 years, and it still does it.
New parts •heavy duty coil springs •a-arm bushings and brackets •axle pivot bushings •heavy duty grease able upper and lower ball joints
Old parts •cheap shocks ( I think I paid 50 bucks for the pair) •sway bar end bushings •Main sway bar bushings
If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the issue I'm having, please let me know. I'll try and post some pictures later when I'm home from work.
Thank you for reading. Have a nice day/night.
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2023.03.29 17:56 Confident-Ice-4608 Wany to raid?

Hello Guardians, If your interested in end game activities like raiding, dungeons and other activities then you could find a place with us here at TdDe (The Death Dealers Elite)
We're a long running clan that's started in alpha D1 and are still going. We don't take the game to seriously but do like to do activities why still having fun. We do challenges and have good fun in pvp also.
If your interested drop a reply or dm me.
Happy gaming
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2023.03.29 17:55 quiloxan1989 Just a reminder that this is the number 1 drug dealer organization in the world.

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2023.03.29 17:55 spartachilles The Social Democratic Convention of 1936 A House Divided Alternate Elections

The Social Democratic Convention of 1936 A House Divided Alternate Elections
The Primaries
At the direction of President John Dewey, who had long favored the general public playing a greater role in democratic decisions, the Social Democratic National Committee under Chairman Robert Morss Lovett had spent the years leading up to the campaign of 1936 pressuring local state parties to adopt direct primaries and caucuses. Despite the resistance of local party bosses who preferred to retain control over the course of their state delegation to dispense as a political favor, the 1936 primary season thus proved one of the most active in the party’s history. However, the first shock of the campaign would come before any votes had even been cast, when Secretary of the Interior Sherwood Eddy fainted while giving a speech to farmers in the Mississippi Delta. Entering the campaign as a favorite thanks to the support of the popular President John Dewey, fears of the 65-year-old candidate’s ill-health and concerns about his advanced age were only compounded as he insisted on receiving no medical treatment and proclaimed his faith in the powers of God to heal him. Despite his eventual full recovery, irreparable damage had been wrought on his campaign and his younger opponents seized on the opportunity to present themselves as a new generation to carry on the leadership of the Social Democratic Party.
First on the docket of contests would be the Washington state caucuses, where the heavy influence of local worker’s syndicate leader William Z. Foster pushed the state to award all of its delegates to Governor Norman Thomas in an early victory. With Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace as the indisputable farmer’s candidate, the next several contests saw much of the Midwest and several Southern states fall in line behind him in their caucuses, only interrupted by a New Hampshire primary victory for Vice President Howard P. Lovecraft that many dismissed as a fluke of local peculiarities. However, those who were quick to dismiss the Vice President found themselves shocked when the much more hotly contested Illinois primary also produced a victory for Lovecraft. Since the reclusive Vice President had never once made a public appearance in support of his campaign, preferring instead to produce flowery campaign literature, many of his opponents questioned how he possibly could have managed such a feat. Theories ranged from mild suggestions that there was an éminence grise backing his campaign, to accusatory claims that Lovecraft had earned the backing of local mobsters, to strange attacks contending that his occult practices swayed the outcome of the election. The suspicions only grew with his shocking victory in the New York primary, where Governor Norman Thomas and New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia had ground each other to dust in a vitriolic battle for domination in the state. Although the Lovecraft tide began to ebb with a masterful pro-Sinclair campaign in California’s primary orchestrated by political novice Robert A. Heinlein and a Pennsylvania victory for Norman Thomas managed by retired Marine general Smedley Butler, it was clear by the time of the convention that Lovecraft was a force to contend with.
The Presidential Balloting
Scheduled to take place in President John Dewey’s home city of Chicago in recognition of the retiring president and perhaps as a tactic to minimize the influence of the insurgent Thomas and Lovecraft campaigns, the 1936 Social Democratic National Convention opened with an air of uneasy scheming. To much media attention, the famous Blackstone Hotel became the site of a meeting between Frank J. Hayes and several leaders of the party’s left wing such as John Keracher, Paul Blanshard, James W. Ford, and Sam DeWitt, while the noted absence of Norman Thomas sparked a rumor mill suggesting that Hayes had felt snubbed by his sudden usurpation of power over the Impossibilists. Although the outcome of the meeting in this smoke-filled room remained mysterious, it only added more uncertainty to the convention when the delegates finally assembled in the newly built Chicago Stadium. In the divisive atmosphere of the hotly contested presidential nomination, it proved especially challenging to find a keynote speaker agreeable to all of the parties in attendance. Ultimately, the honor was given to the historian and traveling lecturer Harry Elmer Barnes, who had supported the campaign of President Dewey but was otherwise relatively politically detached. While briefly successful in unifying the convention against “the menace to our civilization who insist on living in a ‘fool’s paradise’ of smug conceit and complacency and insisting that nothing is wrong in this best of all possible worlds,” Barnes’s speech took a turn for the controversial when he reached the topic of foreign affairs. By admonishing Integralist powers abroad for attempting to upset the balance of power while also denouncing the idea of foreign interventionism as inherently unjust, Barnes managed to antagonize virtually all of those in attendance at the convention.
When the convention’s chairman Arthur J. Altmeyer motioned for the presidential nominations to begin, the tension in the air was palpable. A nomination speech by former Missouri Governor William Lincoln Garver for Vice President Howard P. Lovecraft that veered into tracts on Theosophy and the occult only furthered the spirit of animosity. Perhaps worst yet was that after the results from each state had been tabulated, Vice President Howard P. Lovecraft had managed a shocking plurality of the vote and held a quarter of the delegates in his grasp. With the nomination of the controversial Vice President already seeming likely, the second ballot only further tipped the scales as a shocking betrayal took place. Many of the Impossibilist delegates freed from their initial pledge to Governor Norman Thomas suddenly flipped to support Vice President Lovecraft, apparently having been courted by the indefatigable Frank J. Hayes in a quest to take back control of the party’s left wing from the pacifistic radicalism of Thomas. Such a development left the remaining candidates in a quandary: with the remaining Thomas-pledged delegates obstinate in their refusal to back any of the more interventionist candidates in the running, it would be impossible to nominate someone other than Lovecraft without a unanimous vote of confidence from Wallace, Sinclair, and LaGuardia. A slip on the third ballot as some delegates sought to get ahead of the seemingly inevitable nomination of Lovecraft only further heightened the urgency of the situation. Thankfully for Lovecraft’s opponents, a stampede was averted after Sinclair campaign manager Dean McHenry successfully begged Chairman Altmeyer for a recess.
Candidate 1st 2nd 3rd
Howard P. Lovecraft 290 366 394
Henry A. Wallace 281 288 284
Fiorello LaGuardia 195 197 185
Norman Thomas 167 90 90
Upton Sinclair 147 150 142
Sherwood Eddy 19 8 4
Anticipating that a compromise would need to be reached and privately hoping that it might position him for the nomination, New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia was the first to reach out to his fellow candidates to suggest that they discuss the terms of an anti-Lovecraft coalition. However, rather than responding to the summons of LaGuardia or his campaign managers, Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace was instead photographed entering the Congress Plaza Hotel. While the well-furnished hotel was known for its grisly connection to the serial killer H. H. Holmes and its frequent hauntings by ghosts, it was clear to most observers that Wallace had gone there with another purpose in mind which would be revealed to a journalist by the hotel’s indiscreet concierge: Room 441 of the hotel was occupied by the mysterious Russian exile Nicholas Roerich. The pair had become acquainted in 1929, when Wallace visited the Roerich Museum in New York City and became entranced by one of Roerich’s paintings, questioning the museum secretary for over three hours about Roerich and the museum. When Roerich, who had become the Minister of Culture under Russian President Irakli Tsereteli, was forced into exile after a coup ousted Russia’s democratic government, Wallace insisted that the Dewey administration grant him asylum. And as their relationship grew closer, so too did the clouds of controversy, as the pair were known to deeply and seriously discuss matters of Theosophy, mysticism, and even the occult to an extent that Wallace was known to refer to Roerich as his “master”.
While there was no recording of the agenda or outcome of the meeting, its vibrations were felt throughout the city, and not just metaphorically. Allegedly, at the same time as the meeting between the two took place, Upton Sinclair received an urgent phone call that his wife Mary Craig Sinclair had been beset by an episode of fainting. Rumors claimed that when Sinclair rushed to reunite with his wife, she revealed to him a telepathic vision that had been given to her by spirits watching over the convention. Thus, with Chicago seemingly beset by otherworldly forces, the delegates of the Social Democratic Convention once again assembled to proceed with the balloting. It was as if an occult hand was manipulating the convention with puppet strings from above, as when the fourth ballot was counted the unthinkable had happened. To the collective horror of his opponents, Vice President Howard P. Lovecraft had been nominated for the presidency. Unsurprisingly, when the results were announced the convention halls descended into utter pandemonium. As tempers flared and Reverend A.J. Muste jumped atop a makeshift soapbox to denounce “sinister influences” poisoning the convention, New Yorker Charles Solomon attempted to lead a bolt from the convention only to find that the doors had apparently been locked.
Candidate 4th
Howard P. Lovecraft 553
Henry A. Wallace 202
Fiorello LaGuardia 161
Norman Thomas 90
Upton Sinclair 91
Sherwood Eddy 2

The Vice Presidential Balloting
While the chaos in the convention hall was reminiscent of that which plagued the party’s acrimonious 1912 convention, it was clear that chairman Arthur J. Altmeyer lacked the force of personality which John M. Work had displayed all those years ago. Faced with a party tearing apart at the seams, Altmeyer weakly gavelled for the vice presidential balloting to commence. However, there was little parliamentary decorum to be found in the convention halls and many of the delegates refused to respond to Altmeyer’s attempted roll call. With most of the state delegations ripping themselves apart, only one stood to nominate a candidate: West Virginia for Frank J. Hayes. With shouts alternately denouncing a fifth column of Integralists in the party, the influence of the occult on the party’s leaders, and the apparently insatiable ego of Hayes, the next roll call saw the boycott grow to consume nearly half of the party. With any reasonable opponent to Hayes remaining in the ranks of the boycott, the balloting thus came down to a vote of confidence where Hayes narrowly achieved a quorum to legitimize his victory. Yet as the doors of the Chicago Stadium finally opened, it was clear that the dust had not settled on this outcome.
Candidate 1st
Frank J. Hayes 588

The Social Democratic Ticket(?)

For President of the United States: Howard P. Lovecraft of Rhode Island

For Vice President of the United States: Frank J. Hayes of West Virginia
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2023.03.29 17:54 mortarman13 Clutch cable quick tensioner replacement

I have a 2020 Street Bob with 4200 miles on it that at the end of last season had the quick tensioner for the clutch cable give out 40 miles from home. Upon inspection the quick tensioner is a cheap plastic hunk of junk where all the tension is kept by a cheap red plastic clip (that's still somehow $30 or so to replace). I brought the bike in to the dealer today wanting to put a standard clutch cable on it, but was informed that the connections for the cables are different and they weren't sure if there was an after market cable made that could replace it. Has anyone encountered this issue as well? Are there any more reliable options for this? I ride to Sturgis most years (from the east coast) but don't trust this piece of plastic to not leave me stranded. Feeling like if I'm stuck with it then I'll be selling the bike and getting an older one like I used to have. Appreciate any feedback here.
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2023.03.29 17:54 wrestling678 Edge on who he wants to face in the future: I’d love to get in there with a guy like Montez Ford. I’d like to get in there with Sami Zayn, we’ve never been in there together. That would be fun. Kevin Owens, we wrestled once in Madison Square Garden, untelevised. It was a blast. He’s another guy.

The Hall of Famer and former world champion spoke with SportsNet Today to hype his showdown with Finn Balor at this weekend’s WrestleMania 39. During the chat, Edge reveals that he had a list of people he wanted to work with once he returned to WWE.
I had a list of guys that I wanted to get in the ring with and a list of talent that, if I can help in any way, I wanted to be able to try and help as well. On the female side, Rhea Ripley was one of those. So the whole formation of Judgment Day and all of that was to honestly try and help Damian Priest, Ripley, and Balor get a better foothold within the company because I thought they deserved it. I think they’re all really, really talented,” said Edge. “If I look at it, I’ve wrestled AJ, I’ve wrestled Finn, I wrestled Priest, I wrestled Roman, I wrestled Daniel Bryan, you know, those were all guys on the list.
I’d love to get in there with a guy like Montez Ford, because I really feel like his upside is that he’s going to be champ someday, I truly believe that,” Edge continued. “I’d like to get in there with Sami Zayn, we’ve never been in there together. I think that would be really cool, really fun, too. Kevin Owens, We wrestled once in Madison Square Garden, untelevised. It was a blast. He’s another guy.
I’d love to get in there with Sheamus. Honestly, almost, maybe more than anybody. Because I feel like at this stage in our careers, and with the story that we could tell now, the kind of match we could have now, it’d be so much better than it would have been 15 years ago, ad he’s a guy that no matter how many years we’ve both been in the company, we’ve never had a one-on-one match. That seems crazy to me. So I feel like that needs to be rectified,” he said.” I’d like to get in with this incarnation Drew McIntyre. It’d be good to get in there with Rey [Mysterio] again, you know? I’m just having fun. Honestly, that’s the beautiful part about it.
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2023.03.29 17:52 WhomstDeFuck Survivor - Can't get pass stage 10, any advice?

I'm usually on able to get past stage 9 in Survivor and I wanna do better to get more rewards so I was wondering if you guys could share the highest stage you've gotten to and what team and gear cards you use.

For context, I use BN Batman (Basic Damage dealer. Overpowered Super Pill, Metal Morningstar, Knife Collection), BN Lord Joker (Special 2 Specialist. Tantu Totem, Master's of Death Cart, Quake Engine) and Bronze Solomon Grundy (I honestly don't know why, I just use him but with Astro-Harness). I get up to stage 9 before my team is wiped. At which point I swap for any of my stronger characters just to clear the stage then cashing out.

From my knowledge, I believe a good survivor team should have a Basic Damage Dealer, a Special Specialist, and a DOT Specialist. I'd appreciate it if you guys could share your teams and gears so I know what to aim for.
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2023.03.29 17:43 coffeequeen0523 Thanks, I love this person's approach to winter

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2023.03.29 17:41 babyyosh Random Hot Takes that have been on my mind lately, feel free to discuss

1) WWE should allow one of Raw or Smackdown to be PG13 bringing contrast in styles of the show. They feel very similar lately other than one being red and one being blue
2) AEW needs to stop with the “dream match” nonsense and give more context/story for guys like Vikingo and Cobb other than them just having “bangers”
3) Seth Rollins character right now is incredibly annoying. He used to be my favorite guy on WWE’s roster but I find him insufferable anymore. I hope Logan whips is ass
4) MJF should go to WWE when his contract with AEW is up. If what they’ve done with Cody is any indication, he’d be in great hands
5) WWE’s commentary sucks other than Michael Cole
6) Dalton Castle should be on national television every week
7) Montez Ford has the potential to main event wrestlemania one day
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2023.03.29 17:37 efd5803 Diesel Engine

Which diesel is the better option? The LM2 or the LZO. I drive about 1500-1800 miles per month with my clinical rep job and am in the market for a new vehicle. I have a Ford Edge right now and there is only room for myself and one passenger when all of my stock is loaded up. Really like the redesigned interior and the diesel fuel mileage is better than my ~20-22mpg I’m getting now.
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2023.03.29 17:35 SteadyFingers Casting what ifs?

What are some casting what ifs you find interesting? Whether it be if you would or wouldn't want to see someone in a role or how it would affect some people's careers.
Kurosawa wanted Setsuko Hara for the Masako/Wife role in Rashomon. That role made Machiko Kyo extremely popular and showcased her talent as an actress. I've wondered if it would have helped Hara be less attached to her Ozu, innocent characters roles. And how it would have affected Machiko's career, would she have been as in demand? Would a later role have made her popular?
Emily Blunt couldn't be Black Widow in the MCU because she was contractually obligated to do Gulliver's Travels. I would have loved to have seen her in the Black Widow role.
Sean Young in Batman (1989). She was originally cast but got hurt during a horse riding scene that never made the final movie. I've wondered if being in this hit would have helped her career and given her the opportunity to get better roles. I've heard she can be difficult to work with (don't know if it's true) so that may have affected her career too even if she was in this. I personally would have liked to have seen her in the role as well.
Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt were originally supposed to be in Ford v Ferrari but it fell apart. I would have loved to see them in the roles and to get to see them in a movie together again.
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2023.03.29 17:34 TheLoveKraken What's your preference for floor mats?

So I was looking at getting new mats for my Fiesta as the Ford ones the previous owner put in it are starting to look a little tired where my heel rests, and after a little searching I've noticed that it seems like all the Americans online seem to go for rubber mats rather than carpet.
Personally I'm not really a fan of the look of rubber and I'm curious if people have similar preferences here? Maybe you like those slightly naff diamond stitched pleather numbers that I seem to spot ads for everywhere instead?
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2023.03.29 17:33 tamarlk Spring!

Lakewood sure looks pretty in the Spring!!!!
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2023.03.29 17:32 Lost_Public1873 Dumbest criminal award goes to …

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2023.03.29 17:32 Junior_Fly_9507 Heater/ AC not blowing out any air?? Anyone had similar problems? 2019 Kia CEED

Heate AC not blowing out any air?? Anyone had similar problems? 2019 Kia CEED
Problem as stated in title. Was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and had any success resolving the issue. Car has already been to dealer once for this issue.
(It is not all the time it probably happens one journey a week) but still rather annoying!
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2023.03.29 17:31 beanislife 2023 CRV Hybrid Sport Windshield Defect

Recently bought a new CRV Hybrid and I quickly noticed a glass defect in the windshield. Over toward the passenger side near the pillar there is a 6 inch tall by 1 inch ripple in the glass. When looking through that area the vision is distorted. Anyone else have this issue? Dealer is swapping the windshield but I’m just curious how common the problem is.
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2023.03.29 17:30 ogreatgames Forza Horizon: Lively Racing Experience - Xbox 360 Game

Forza Horizon: Lively Racing Experience - Xbox 360 Game

![video](vl07dnjh30z81 " Experience fantastic street racing while riding different types of racing cars in Forza Horizon. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#xbox360 #racing #action --
Forza Horizon for Microsoft Xbox 360. Rule the road and aim to go as fast as possible! Drive along the open streets and tear up the track with vehicles from excellent car brands such as BMW, Ford, Honda, Dodge, Hyundai, Chevrolet, and more! Experience intense realism and accurate car physics as you take on the Forza Horizon Festival. Drive fast aggressively and earn popularity to unlock special events. Play different race types, such as point-to-point, drift, and rally, while pumping your gas to the absolute limit! --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.29 17:28 AntaresBounder Ford email says its scheduled, but Ford website says only order confirmed?

I've got an email from Ford that says production is scheduled, but when I go to track order or sign in to my Ford account... it only says order is confirmed. No schedule date.
What gives?
I've waited more than 2 weeks after the "scheduled for production" email to see if the Ford website would update. But no luck. Anyone else run into this issue?
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2023.03.29 17:27 EchidnaReal3827 GREAT NEWS! I Just got my VIN number after 3 weeks of waiting. Question about this. Can you answer?

Hello Everyone, I just got my VIN number from my dealer. My SUV is made in Korea 100%. First off, that is exactly what I wanted and is good news.
After you got your VIN number, how long did it take to get your car? Does this mean that they will be building the car soon? How long does it take?
Any input is greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
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2023.03.29 17:27 humanarystew83 Cloud City Realistic RP QBCore Davidscloud RolePlay Non-Whitelisted Active Staff FREQUENT UPDATES

About Davidscloud: Davidscloud is a long-standing gaming community that believes in creating a place for all gamers to get together and enjoy playing various games together without worry of pay-to-win spoiling the enjoyment. Our community is friendly and works together to achieve a place everyone can find something to enjoy. Cloud City is a community of mature roleplayers who are looking to recruit other like-minded adults for some drama-free, action/comedy-rich roleplay. We have a special place in our hearts for people that are brand new to GTA RP. We’ve all been there ourselves, and know it can be hard to take that leap. We could be your first home, or your new one! Here, you’ll find a fully developed city with all the bells and whistles, with more on the way. Come join us, and see what all the fun is about!
Features: Something for everyone! -Fleshed out discord for members to hang out and communicate outside of roleplay. -QBCore framework -Actual custom content/scripts (written and actively worked on by our team). -Active Development with daily updates and planned DLCs -18+ populated city with men and women, at all hours of the day and night. Members from multiple continents. Drama and Greifer free, no shit lording tolerated. -200+ Imported Cars, 1500+ imported clothing items (Non-Esl) -Buy and customize your own house -Own/Stock/Price items at your own store -Available activities include restaurants, paintball, hunting, gambling, fishing, trucking, and more for civilian RP. Many more activities are coming in planned DLC's! -Hiring citizens for Local PD, State PD, Judges, Lawyers, Car Dealer, the highest paying jobs in the city -Unlimited business potentials! -Criminals can rob convenience stores, NPC's, Jewelry Stores and Banks. They can also start their own Gangs/Criminal Organizations -You can find and craft items and weapons at locations all across the State -You can find, cultivate, process and sell Weed, Coke, Meth, Heroin, Vicodin, LSD! -You can chop cars for useful and valuable parts! -A 30-day daily rewards system that rewards money, weapons, and vehicles -Free Casino spins every 24 hours for a chance to win casino chips, money, and vehicles, if you're lucky
How to get started: Join the fun! 1.) FiveM Server Address: Search “Cloud City RP” in FiveM and connect. No whitelist application needed. 2.) Join us on Discord at:​
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