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What are my chances for 2024 match season ?

2023.06.02 01:23 ElFrancotirador94 What are my chances for 2024 match season ?

What are the chances for an International Medical Graduate (IMG) from the Dominican Republic, who has passed Step 1 on the second attempt, achieved a score of 248 on Step 2, has a solid research background as a Clinical Research Coordinator with 10 abstracts, 2 poster presentations, and 2 publications, has strong Letters of Recommendation (LOR) from US physicians, graduated in 2019, and does not require a visa to work in the USA, but lacks United States Clinical Experience (USCE)? Would it be advisable for me to resign from my position as a research coordinator and instead prioritize pursuing observerships or electives to gain United States Clinical Experience (USCE) in the near future? Thanks
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2023.06.02 01:23 THEbeautifuLIE How would modern women respond to genuine equality in 2023? ((specific instances below))

I, personally, champion “equality” in certain cases & “equity” in others and these questions (while provocative) are sincere. Ladies (for this conversation, speaking strictly from the “equality” side):
(1.) Quotas - would you be in favor of quotas/affirmative action in the workplace to ensure women are represented equally in all positions of economic & political power throughout our entire society. . .if that also meant women must be equally represented in each of the male-dominated disciplines (manual labor, refuse collectors, oil drilling, swordfishermen, logging workers, flight engineers, landscaping supervisors, power-line installers/repairers, structural iron workers, roofers, mechanics, steel workers, etc), regardless of danger, hours worked, compensation & qualifications? ((please resist the low-hanging visceral response: “🥴WeLL, tHeRe ArE sOmE wOmEn WhO dO tHoSe JoBs🥴!” Let’s stick to the specifics of the question, please.))
(2.) Abortions - would you be in favor of abortions being 100% legal (no stipulations, no qualifications, no conversations); “My Body, My Choice” (w/no questions asked). . .if that meant men have the right to “abort” any & all responsibilities (financial & otherwise) for children they don’t want (in the same manner that women abort their responsibilities for children THEY don’t want)?
(3.) Marital support - would you be in favor of men paying alimony so that the ex-wife can continue to live the life she’s grown accustomed to (while she was married). . .if that meant the ex-wife also had to perform her typical wifely duties for her ex-husband so that he could continue to live the life he’s grown accustomed to?
(4.) Physical conflict - would you be in favor of men going to prison for physically assaulting/abusing their wives regardless of how often it’s occurred (“🥴I only did it one time🥴”) & how hard he hits her (“🥴I barely touched her🥴”). . .if that meant every single time a woman hits a man (she initiates the violence), regardless of how often it occurred or how hard she hits him (“🥴I’m just a girl - you have to restrain me or walk away🥴”)?
(5.) Toxic masculinity - would you be in favor of harsh punishments for men who display, what modern women describe as, “TOXIC MASCULINITY” regarding the abusive language & mental / emotional distress they inflict upon women (regardless of anything they’re “dealing with”, any reason (excuse) a man can invent). . .if that meant women would receive the same punishment for those same TYPE(s) of actions (mental, emotional, verbal or physical treatment of any kind that any man deemed “abuse”) - EVEN when under extreme stress (work/family), during particularly uncomfortable-to-downright-painful times every 30-day period or so, throughout pregnancy & nearing the due date, experiencing menopause, etcetcetc?
(6.) Being heard / Having a voice - would you be in favor of any/all women having a voice &/or platform where they can speak on ANY issue in ANY manner about ANYone (even male-specific subjects; 100% freedom in media & the public eye). . .if that meant men are afforded precisely the same freedom; no matter WHAT they are saying, how they are saying it or who they are saying it to?
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2023.06.02 01:22 Savings-Ad-3340 I'm sick of living in fear. What can I do?

I'm 27, still living at my parents due to - like the title says - living in fear. I'm too afraid of moving out of my parents house because I'm scared I'll get fired from my job, drain my savings and be on the streets.
I hate living like this. I'm perfectly capable of living on my own but this fear is holding me back, and has now for years. I have nearly 25,000 saved yet I'm still afraid of moving out. Because of this I'm also looking for studio apartments or very cheap 1 bedroom apartments. I'm also not going to buy furniture or even a mattress, as I feel it would be a waste of money. I'm debating on internet as well, but I might have to get a plan regardless. But what happens if I setup an internet plan, move into my new apartment and then I lose my job? I've had a terrible experience with job hunting these past few years and I think it has traumatized me in a way.
My closest friend wanted to be roommates but in the end I told him no. He was pissed, but at the same time he also looked for apartments without even telling me to begin with. That, and I hate having to rely on other people.
Whenever I walk into work I have this sinking feeling I'm going to get fired or I messed up somewhere (I work in project management, so mistakes are bound to happen eventually). My boss says I'm doing fine (I'm still new to this field) but I'm still full of anxiety.
What can I do about this? I'm seeing a therapist to help alleviate this issue, but it seems like nothing really works.
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2023.06.02 01:21 IReallyNeedT0FindIt [PC] [2002-2007] RTS with three main races (forest elves, humans and demons) that felt Warcraft 3 but cheaper.

Platform(s): PC. I highly doubt that it was released on consoles.
Genre: RTS.
Estimated year of release: 2002 - 2007. My father brought me a CD with this strategy around 2007, and it definitely got a lot from Warcraft 3.
Graphics/art style: Something between Warcraft 3 and Age of Empires 3: little bit more realistic character design and better textures than in Warcraft 3, but overall looked worse than AoE 3. Art style was taken like from classic fantasy games, where each race had distinguishing building and character styles with their favourite colours. Elves had camps with natural structures built with leaves and wood and had everything coloured in green with a bit of violet and red. Humans lived in medievil cities with stone buildings coloured in white, blue and gray. Demons inhabited infernal settelments, with lava gurgling around infernal-looking obsidian buildings coloured in black, red and orange.
Notable characters: All three races had their own units who served almost the same roles, but I can recall only several of them. Elves had elvish bowmen, huge stone (or wooden???) giants and wolf riders as their cavalry. Humans had knight cavalry and giants that looked like giants from Clash of Clans. Demons had an expensive unit called Angel of Death of something like this: it had only 1 hit point, but was invisible and dealt massive damage to units and moderate to heroes and buildings. Each fraction had their own heroes (like in Warcraft 3) which were stronger than their units, but I can't recall anyone except a demon's hero who looked like Urgoth from League of Legends, but his legs were his own, fleshy, not metal.
Notable gameplay mechanics: Basically it felt like Warcraft 3, but with lesser options. As in any RTS game, you had to collect resources to build and create your own army to defeat your opponent. You had your main building (a forest palace, a stone town hall of an obsidian building(?)) where you could buy new buildings and upgrades. I do not remember all resources you had to collect, but there were wood, stone and gold for sure. You could build barraks and other buildings to make units and to upgrade them. You also had to build walls and towers to protect your base. Towers and other buildings (not all of them) had an upgrage which placed a blue eye on top of them and revealed invisible units around. Your heroes could upgrade their special abilities, mostly nukes or buffs (no examples in my head). As in Warcraft 3, you couldn't have a huge army because of the resources restriction you had to balance your supplies and number of units. I also remember that there were neutral buildings and camps scattered across the map where you could find additional supplies or hire unique units.
Other details:
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2023.06.02 01:20 No_Pomegranate_1494 Legal Repercussions of Taking A Family Members Ethics Test While a Minor

Obligatory throw away account so my family doesn't see.
Several years ago while living with my step mother she asked me to take her ethics exam so she could be licensed in the field she was going into (not medical). I did this for three reasons: 1. To this day I am scared of her and especially of telling her no. 2. She said she would pay me $20. 3. Even if I said no I do not doubt she would have found a way to make me do it eventually, by coercion or force if necessary. I was a minor at the time and I didn't have anywhere I or my sister could go temporarily if things went south. So I took it and passed with flying colors, and she got her license.
Fast forward to now, a person outside of my family filed a report to the governing body about this issue and directly named me in the report. While I wasn't originally worried when I heard this news, multiple family members have expressed concerns about the legal repercussions I may face, and how it may affect me in the future as I am exploring Federal employment. The regulatory body already has my information but has not contacted me so far.
I have grown worried recently about these ramifications, as while I think this would be a clear case of acting under duress as I was a minor, I am far from a lawyer. I am also worried about what may happen if I testify against her, as before she left the house for the last time she threw my sister and relatives out before taking nearly everything she could, including one of my firearms and some custom woodworking I did. Due to some issues like figuring out the serial number of the firearm I have delayed reporting it, as well as hoping to get it back through diplomatic means, however I will be reporting the theft tomorrow to the sheriff. I am the definition of a broke college student, and will barely be able to pay for my next semester, let alone a lawyer.
So I ask you this reddit: What is your advice for dealing with this situation, and how worried should I be?
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2023.06.02 01:19 sixtyninefourtwenty2 AITA for accidentally ignoring my boyfriend?

I(18M) and my boyfriend (18M) are in a long distance relationship, he’s not in school and I am, we keep having arguments about me ignoring him.
My mother recently got a surgery done, and I’ve basically become her caretaker while my dad’s at work. I basically do am of the housework for her while my brother(12M) sits on his ass and plays video games all day. Basically I’m busy all the time, and I do my best to text my boyfriend throughout the day and tell him what I’m doing.
This weekend was the first time I got a break, I stayed overnight at a friends house and texted my boyfriend while I was there, I texted him until around 3 the next afternoon, where I said I was going to see a movie with my friend. I guess I didn’t clarify if I was going that day or another, I thought it was implied but looking back, I should’ve said something. I text him again after the movie, but he is texting really dry. I ask what’s wrong and if it was me leaving. He said something like “yes and its weird you knew why” and I was confused and said it was basically a guess and he said he’s upset with me.
I was going to text him back right as the movie was starting, but my friends started yelling at me to watch the movie and check my phone later.
We just keep getting into arguments about me not texting enough when I’m busy and have told him so.
I am not allowed to stop helping my mother until I go to her and ask “am I excused?” I’m not allowed near my phone until I do everything that she asks of me. I understand why my boyfriend’s upset but I don’t know how to fix it.
AITA for forgetting to text him?
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2023.06.02 01:19 BurritoUzumaki123 Minoxdil really worth it this young?

I'm 16M (17 in a few days) and loosing hair. I still have a year to go until I'm 18. I don't want to start finesteride and minoxdil because I've heard that I'll have to use it for the rest of my life everyday. I don't want that type of dependency especially since my life is literally just starting out I'm fucking 16 and have hairloss. In what world is that fair? I've always had a dream of having luscious thick hair. But never achieved it because my school didn't allow long hair. Now getting into college my genetics aren't allowing me. What can I do to slow it down or recover it. I want to fix it. I have that softboy nerd sort of look which is dependent a lot on my hair. It's messing me up completely.
Tldr: As stated earlier. I want to grow my hair but don't want to become completely dependant on minox and fin for the rest of my life. I'm nearly 17M.
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2023.06.02 01:19 Akumaka Need some advice from you professionals

I have several concerns about this tree, and I was hoping the folks in this subreddit might be able to give me some advice.
It consistently has black spotted leaves every year, the trunk is split and damaged, and something is boring into the exposed wood and leaving sawdust.
In addition, prior to my buying the property, two other trees that used to be nearby died of some kind of rot and nearly hit a neighbor's house falling over. I am anxious about the possibility that this tree will follow suit.
Any advice or information would be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 01:18 thespottedwaffle Want free sod? I got you.

To be honest, this stuff isn't good. Clearly, I don't want it. It's got crappy crab grass and fescue that was put down last summer as a holder for dirt, so it's not going to make a front yard statement. It's got not one but TWO (oh, yes, TWO!!) layers of plastic netting that make it nearly impossible to till without clogging your machine. It comes with a lot of grubs that look like they'll grow and form a rebellion. It comes with a lot of sweat and cursing.
Want it? DM me fast- it'll bake itself in the heat and looks worse than it does now. Just come grab it for free!
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2023.06.02 01:18 TheClownIsReady The first boss fight has taken all the fun out of the game for me..

I should preface this by saying I am admittedly not the best at games that emphasize deflection. I prefer instead to be aggressive with attacks and to dodge when necessary. I find it hard to consistently get the precise timing of deflection down. Still, the first couple of hours I spent on the game were a lot of fun. I was getting used to the combat and enjoyed exploring the intricate interconnected levels.
And then, Odur.
First of all, I only see opportunities to deflect when he is at a distance/turns green. I’ve tried deflecting his attacks up close and it’s never worked. I’ve deflected successfully up close with mini-bosses but never here. Second of all, even dodging doesn’t seem to help avoid some of his attacks. I’ve tried every direction to dodge in and he hits me nearly every time with certain attacks. I’m aggressive in this fight, the only way to do real damage, but you are constantly and cruelly punished for your aggression here. Your health bar is also insanely low at this point for such a demanding, tight, up close, and damaging fight. One bad chain from him and you’re nearly done. Having just four potions at this stage is ludicrous. I find just the first stage challenging enough and I’m almost always out of potions by the time the 2nd stage begins.
I’ve tried a string of different “talents” combinations and they make no difference. I have the hammer and halberd and they make no difference.
I’m on the verge of uninstalling the game, which is a shame but, unlike some, I’m not going to try fighting this guy 300 times before I might win. I’d rather play another game where my time spent and invested is rewarded. I applaud the devs for making a unique and interesting Soulsborne game but the difficulty spike for this first boss is as off the charts as any I’ve ever encountered. I understand the concept of presenting that first tough challenge to a new player but the game seems to be doing everything here to get me to quit. They succeeded. The game simply isn’t fun anymore.
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2023.06.02 01:17 Loki3z Lost and lost the taste of life

Everyday I wake up, knowing how lonely I am it wrecks me up. Not a gf to talk to and not a single friend near you who's willing to listen to your pain. Having a hard trying to cry it off every night but every attempt I made ended up with a failure. Gaming, which is the most enjoyable thing I do to help me get through bad days became some what of a burden. Neglected my own hygiene. Therapy sessions didn't help me at all and I'm considering taking meds for my depression because I had enough.
I'm aware that life is beautiful, but what is life if you have no one to share the joy and pain with? My heart hurts so bad just by the thought of me begin alone. I have mixed feelings constantly shifting between sadness to anger, then back to begin normal again. I spent my money on psychics just so I can have hope to attach to, but no use. It's hard live knowing there's this big void in you.. the void that was left by the very person you loved.
It's really cold and lonely at here...
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2023.06.02 01:17 CampCrystalLake1980 I got a CV removed with dashcam footage! I hope your account got deactivated, Shanya!

Tuesday afternoon, near the end of my shift, I stopped by Zaxby's to grab a bite to eat. I ordered, and immediately after, an order pops up on my phone. Zaxby's going 1.5 miles for $5.50. I accepted. Our orders came up at the same time which was VERY quick. The food was fresh and hot. I remember thinking, "This is going to be a super fast delivery, Shanya!"

I get to the apartment, reach in my hot bag, and this food is steaming hot. I set it at the door, go to take a picture and the spiral of death comes up. 20 seconds later, "Something went wrong. Application encountered unknown error" or some bullshit. I don't know about you guys, but when this happens the only option is to select "Handed Order Directly To Customer". I even opened up messages and tried to send a photo that way. "Message could not not be sent" Great. I'm not restarting my phone and I didn't want to call her while standing at her door, so I knocked. Shanya comes to the door. I say, "I'm sorry, the app wasn't working so I couldn't send you a picture." I realize now this is probably what got me in trouble. She picks her food up off the doorstep and says "That's fine." I end my shift and go home.

Later that night, I log in to schedule a shift and there's a Contract Violation. Order Never Arrived. Zaxby's. I only did one Zaxby's order that day so I immediately knew who it was. I thought, "Thaaat biiitch!" Her food had to be on-point. And we even spoke to each other! I immediately submitted details via the app. I included everything in that description that I could think of. Apartment number, customer name, what she looked like, the app glitch, and told them I would be sending video.

That same night, I got my SD card out of my dashcam and used ClipChamp to piece it together. I showed the interior of the car when I pulled the food out of the hot bag. You could clearly see it was Zaxby's. I then switched to the forward facing camera which showed me walking from my car, with the food, up to the second floor where her apartment was. You could see the building number in the video. About a minute later, I come down the stairs empty handed and get in my car. After finishing the video, I called support back to request an email that I could reply to with a reference number. I replied to that email and also sent a separate email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with a link to the video and the reference number in that first email from support.

Today around 4:00, the Contract Violation went away. It worked! I tried to include *everything* in this post so you guys can do this yourselves if you get a CV. I recommend getting the video sent the same day you receive the violation. It usually takes 24-48 hours to "Process" the violation, but get it in as soon as you can. Always try to park where your camera can see the address or at least a building number. I probably should have called her, but who knows if she would have answered. I have a suspicion that this person was a dasher, but I'm not sure. Shanya, if you're on this sub, shame on you. If your account isn't deactivated, I hope stray cats piss on all your future orders.

Be safe out there. Don't let the low-lifes win! And may the tips be in your favor.
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2023.06.02 01:17 Specialist_Carrot_48 Concussion settlement with doordash driver(negligence)

I was driving a Nissan versa Note 2019, the other driver turned directly in front of me at a double green turning left, striking head on on the passenger side. My head bounced off the airbag, i went to the er, got a CT scan few days later. I was clear but still have bad brain fog because I already had brain fog from sibo/sifo. I saw a concussion doctor and they raised my amitriptyline, I got an increase on my pain meds from my pain doctor, i am trying to get to PT but nearly becoming homeless and recovering from concussion has made that difficult. I see the concussion docs in a few weeks again, but im going to schedule with a neurologist.
Anyway, the other driver was doing doordash and was negligent by looking at their phone and not checking for oncoming traffic. A police officer witnessed the accident at the intersection. The other driver admitted in text message that he did not look for oncoming traffic, which I believe is proof of negligence without subpoenaing his phone records.
My question is, once I attend PT for several weeks, continue to see concussion doctors for ongoing brain fog(I had another wreck and concisson that was a little worse this time last year too, super fun lol, but that one was my fault I hit anyone I ran into a bus LOL) how much do you think I should try to get out of them. Do you think I need a lawyer or would that reduce how much I get?
This situation nearly made me homeless, and forced me to move out of my home due to lost wages, idk if that factors into pain and suffering. I got raises on my ADHD meds and antidepressant because of the worsening of issues I already had. I'm worried because of the craziness I wasnt able to get to PT very quickly, but I'm going to argue recovering from the concussion and lack of transportation plus nearly losing my home made it very difficult. I'm still going to go though, i went once but they weren't adequate, I have scar tissue from a back surgery two years ago and chronic back pain and it made it worse like I said I got a raise on pain meds. I need instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM) to break up it up and get the spasms to stop and the muscle work correctly.
Sorry for the book, but I think i have a good case here, him being a dordash driver(considered commercial driver so higher standard of care here) plus obvious proof of nrgkigence. Do you think I can get over 10k? Do I need a lawyer, or could I threaten them with a lawsuit myself showing the how their driver admitted to negligence over text in his description in the accident. Thank you for any insight. I've never been in a situation like this but I know my sister and mom got over 20k on their whiplash settlement. There is also new concussion research showing 50 percent still have symptoms 6 months later, and some never completely recover. This has messed up my life beyond recognition, but if I get a good settlement and lost wages I can turn it around.
Accident was on April 20th, I've only been able to get to PT once because of the craziness and how out of it i have been with brain fog. I hope I make a full recovery but I have gut issues which I believe is slowing the healing process. But like i said, I have a lot of evidence of pain and suffering from getting increases on almost all my meds. Thanks for any insight and sorry for the wall of text lol
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2023.06.02 01:17 ScorpioLaw Frustrsted with my dry weight and ascities.

I don't know what's going on but I was 41kg about 8 weeks ago(rememver 41kg). I was very dissapointed when I read that as I am desperately trying to gain weight.
I have hepatoenal and my refractory ascities means I need to be drained about every 10-14 days. Usually about 5 to 6.
Well after that weigh in I've steadily been getting drained less per paracentesis and each week been weighing in more and more.. Now you may ask why is this a dialysis problem!? Well yesterday I left dialysis at 46.7kg. I thought no biggie as they have been not getting all the fluid out and I get a paracentesis tomorrow!
Well today they only got 2.8. I didn't even realize the nurse pulled the needle out. It got stuck on my intestines which is common and he used the ultra sound for a second . Thougjt he was going to adjust it and bam needle is out. I was like uhh so we are done? What?! He said yup.
I could still feel the jiggle! I look like a mixed race malnourished starving Ethiopian whos 7 moons with child...r
Where the fuck is the rest of the fluid? Why does my belly jiggle like so!? Even if I am gaining weight there is 2l unaccounted for. Why was I averaging 5 plus liters and now to this which is the lowest it has ever EVER been.
It is so frustrating. I am getting so incredibly angry because I cannot account for all the fluid weight. My ankles, heart, lungs, and limbs are fine.... Ugh.
Nurse said oh that's great you're getting better! Lady I cannot create urine where the hell is the fluid going!? I have been using the bathroom less and why suddenly am I only getting 50% less per procedure.
It makes zero sense and I'm getting worried now. I already left a message with my doctor. Going to see if I can get in an extra day as while I generally aim for 2l at dialysis? I only get about 1.5 before cramps start effecting me. (Wish they'd give me medicine for cramping as well since I've been cramping even when I am perfectly hydrated.)
Anyways this is very troublesome as it makes knowing how much to take off an issue. I don't like being an asshole but I'm going to have to. Each time I get poked there is a relatively high chance for SBP which has nearly killed me in the past.
This is my first summer with Dialysis. Can sweating cause me to lose more liquid than normal? I barely do but maybe it adds up?
Sorry for ranting and wish you all the best of days. Cheers fellas and ladies.
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2023.06.02 01:17 scubvadiver Got my HazMat and Tanker on my license officially today!

Very extremely happy. Going through all the red tape is always fun, but now I'm hoping I can start a new, hopefully much simpler and easier, chapter in my trucking career. Already applied to a fuel hauling place near me. Hoping they'll take me at 1 years of experience instead of the 2 they want and no TWIC card yet, heh.
Fuel haulers out there, or just HM and Tanker guys in general, give me your best wisdom.
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2023.06.02 01:17 ConcertDowntown333 My vagina is a crime scene

I 34f have 2 older teenage children. I started dating recently and want to prevent the possibility of being pregnant so I looked into bc methods and decided to try the nexplenon. It has small amounts of hormones according to my OB and wouldn’t be noticeable “hardly detectable amounts of hormones in urine” so I got it. Fucked me up mentally. Had trouble with increased mood swings irritability and spotting that lasted 3 months. I swapped it for the copper iud 2 weeks ago thinking non hormonal was the way to go! I got it placed and nearly fainted during the process. We had to stop but I got through it. 10/10 on the cramps worst I’ve ever had almost as bad as contractions. Now I’ve spent the past 3 days bleeding nonstop through thick overnight pads every 20-30 minutes. Er said my blood levels are fine and so was the iud placement but thankfully my ob was curious and called the er to clarify what they meant when they said it was “hanging in the cervix” and my body is expelling the iud. So instead of having a hot girl summer I’m wearing fucking depends and passing blood clots every time I sneeze or cough. In all my actions to prevent pregnancy I’ve traumatized and fucked my body up and I’m pissed. I have an appointment in the morning to remove the iud and now I have no protection from pregnancy for the next 3 weeks and it’s terrifying. End rant.
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2023.06.02 01:17 Unusual-Bag-2616 27 M4F looking for someone near me who wants to be FWB, dms open if interested send ASL. Would like to chat on Snapchat

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2023.06.02 01:16 Flaky-Razzmatazz7949 FIX CREDIT SCORE HIRE A HACKER

You must have heard much about legitrosehacker2AT GMAIL DOT COM
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SIGNAL +1 (863) 732 7599 from upwork, as she is one of the best credit repair experts that I have worked with. She assisted me in several ways including erasing all my late payments, inquiries and bankruptcy from my report. I’m glad that I could be able to get approved for a car loan and get the eviction off my report across the Trans union and Experian. You can send her an email about how to fix your credit through legitrosehacker2ATGMAIL DOT COM
‬Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
SIGNAL +1 (863) 732 7599
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2023.06.02 01:16 Glad-Ad-1408 AITA if I tell my friend I can’t be around her if she shoves her restriction in my face?

Hey everyone, I (F20) have been struggling with bulimia since I was 14 years old. It started off as anorexia and I was sent to the psychiatric ward after passing out at school, it was obvious I wasn’t eating for a while. For the last year or so my recovery has been great, I gained a lot of weight though but at some point I stopped looking at the scale. My bestfriend (F19) I’ve known since the sixth grade watched me go through this and even told me to get help multiple times. Last December, she and her boyfriend broke up and ever since she’s been on a weight loss journey. It was going great at first, she would share her milestones with me and go to the gym every day and make homemade meals, I was very happy for her. But for the last two months she’s gradually grown obsessed with watching the scale. She tells me that she only has a soup per day and walks 10k+ steps. She’s constantly texting me about weight and how much she’s losing, how many calories she’s consuming ( usually under 600 ) and how happy she is. I started to avoid her but it’s nearly impossible since she’s really close to me. It’s triggered my relapse, I can’t stop counting calories and stepping on the scale. She knows what I went through but I can’t help not blaming her because maybe she’s just blindsided just like how I was? I tried talking to her about how what she’s doing is horrible for her health and she simply doesn’t care. I’m afraid of falling back into my old habits, would be a bad person if I stopped talking to her completely?
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2023.06.02 01:16 kaiguy42069 Large video files being automatically deleted from files app

I have around 100 GB of video files downloaded (around 170 files in total) on my 512GB iPhone 13 Pro Max in the files app. My total iPhone storage used is only around 256GB. When I download anything large, the video files are deleted without notifying me. My only guess is that it seems to be keeping the total size of the files app under 100GB for no reason. After downloading, I see that the number of files has dropped and I have to go through the process of deduction to figure out what video files had disappeared. Even if I download a large app or anything in the Apple TV app, the number of video files will decrease again. My iPhone is nowhere near full capacity. How do I prevent this?
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2023.06.02 01:15 denny_gey i desperately need hrt but have no access. anyone have advice or ways to help??

hello. created a reddit account just for this. im at my limit
im a 15 year old trans boy who lives near d.c. it's a pretty democratic area, but my parents are pretty religious and VERY transphobic, to the point where they've said they would resent me, not contact me, or take away college funds if I transitioned.
luckily I'm pretty male-passing and am able to safely use the men's restroom and locker room (shoutout to binders), im going to be a junior in high-school soon, and through the final years before I can move out it will be increasingly harder to pass as other boys mature while I don't
my dysphoria is devastating me - hrt is the only thing I need to be truly happy. I'm already on antidepressants and meds for a sleep disorder, dysphoria is literally the only problem in my life right now, but it's the only one my parents won't support me for.
is there ANY way I can get hrt as a minor without parental consent. I don't have money but im extremely desperate and would do whatever it takes to start testosterone.
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2023.06.02 01:14 razzdawg Apartment sublet

I sublet an apartment at the Standard near USF from someone for June and july but moved in really late May. The contract was weird and said $3000 instead of $2000 (basically three months instead of 2) so I emailed and called and got it confirmed that it’s $2000 but has to say that since I was moving in May. I also got a letter from them in the mail saying the May rent was already paid and I would not have to pay it. Anyways I moved in late May, paid the first months rent, and now it’s June 1st and my account portal is saying I need to pay a balance for June of $1000. Has anyone else had this issue? Am I actually being charged for three months even though they said May was paid and it’s not possible for them to take two payments for May (from me and the person I subleased)? I’m just confused because I paid $1000 when I moved in late May and I already see a balance due for June that’s due June 3rd. Please someone with any information let me know
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