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2023.06.03 13:15 coffeelover12345_ Mum making gender reveal party difficult

(Not MIL but my own mum, hope it’s okay to post it here 💗)
I’m hosting a gender reveal next week in my parents‘ garden. I told my mum that she doesn’t have to do anything and I’ll take care of all the food, drinks, decoration etc. I’m a really organised person and my mum is someone who does everything randomly and last minute. Also me and all of my friends enjoy food that is more light and modern, while my mum cooks mostly traditional heavy dishes with lots of oil. We’re doing a summer garden bbq and had agreed that my dad would do the bbqing part. My plan was to buy some light meat such as marinated chicken breast and some grill cheese for barbecuing that my dad will make. And then prepare a few nice summery sides for a buffet such as a mixed salad, a pasta salad with rucola, cherry tomatoes and pine kernels, a couscous salad with lime, spring onion, fresh mint and pomegranate, oven-baked baguettes with herbal butter, a caprese platter, fresh water melon, and some stuff like that. All of my friends love this style of food equally as much as I do.
Now my mum is insisting she also wants to contribute to the buffet which tbh I already suspected because she just never accepts a no. I tried to stay calm and agreeable and told her okay I’m fine with her contributing one thing but that it would be good if she could tell me what it is so that we can plan accordingly and don’t have similar dishes etc. First of all she kept telling me that she doesn’t know and wants to decide spontaneously and that she’ll make a few things. Knowing my mum I was already alarmed and told her it doesn’t work like that and asked her to at least tell me what she wants to make. Turns out she wants to make meatballs. Like, as a side for barbecued meat…!? I told her that this doesn’t really make much sense and asked her why don’t you make your delicious tzatziki dip which goes well with the barbecue. To which she said „yeah I’m making that anyway“. She then announced that she’d also make potatoes in the oven (I know that dish and it’s not like some nice light baby potatoes with rosemary or something but it’s overcooked potato slices swimming in oil) and in addition she’ll also make eggplant-garlic-mash.
I was already getting upset but tried to stay calm and told her that I’m making several things that I know everyone likes and we don’t even have that many bowls nor that much space in the fridge and it will just be a small round of my closest girlfriends and me (9 people) and none of us are heavy eaters. And I asked her again if she can’t just make the tzatziki dip and that’s enough. She got extremely angry and said that she will make whatever she wants in her own house and that she and my dad don’t like this type of food and they want to eat meatballs and potatoes and she will put the stuff on the buffet and she’s sure people will eat it anyway and yadayadayada.
Am I in the wrong for being so annoyed with my mum? I was telling myself to just let it go and let her do her thing cause it doesn’t harm anyone but I find it such a pity to throw away so much food! Also I find it embarrassing to present a buffet for 30 people although we’re just 9 girls, it looks as if we were some gross people who eat whole truckloads all the time. And last but not least this is just not the style I was going for, I wanted everything to be light and summerish.
My mum has always been like that, she can’t let people do things the way they want. She always has to interfere and make everyone’s life difficult.
Any advice? I already told her that this isn’t helping me but adding further stress but she doesn’t care 😭
Hosting somewhere else unfortunately isn’t an option anymore and also I don’t want to cause a huge rift now over this cause my mum is a difficult person anyway.
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2023.06.03 13:14 journaltech What Is Network Security Key For Hotspot iPhone?

What Is Network Security Key For Hotspot iPhone?
What is Network Security Key for Hotspot on an iPhone? It is a crucial element of network security that protects your device and data from unauthorized access while using the internet.
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2023.06.03 13:14 Hopeful-Ad3285 Help with points pleAse!!

Download the app using my code please 🥺🥺thank you all I need the points for stuff for my place I can’t afford much rn
Can you do this for me? Accept this invitation, we can each earn up to $50!
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2023.06.03 13:14 j9gff Compatibility for a Ryzen 7 5800 (OEM)

I have a prebuilt Lenovo Legion which has a R7 5800 OEM edition cpu (non X version).
I recently built a pc with a Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite AX V2 rev1.3 motherboard and due to budget constraints I bought a R5 5600 cpu for it. This board does support the R7 5800x so I am wondering if I would be able to take out the R7 5800 from the prebuild and use it on my B550 board.
From what I have read the 2 cpu's are almost identicle, its just the OEM non X version is not available for purchase to consumers.
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2023.06.03 13:14 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (courses)

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2023.06.03 13:14 Firm-Detail-9140 Has the area around West Croydon Station ever been in a worse state?

I've lived in and around Croydon for about 10 years now. Every now and then I go West Croydon way for a train.
Honestly, I don't think it's ever been this bad. Just endless people loitering around doing nothing. Megaphones shouting about how we are all born into Islam and should accept our faith. Then a few meters down the road someone telling me I'm Christian and should pray to god or I'll go to hell. The never ending tannoy announcing the 'last day everything must go' sale at the watch shop that been having a last day for over a year. People shoving leaflets in your face from all over the place. Homeless people absolutely plastered and stumbling around.
It's an assault on the senses. Don't ever remember it being this bad?
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2023.06.03 13:14 FarradoN [acne] What are you doing about photosensitivity?

Hi, I noticed that I’m really sensitive to the sun, and whenever I’m out for couple of hours it almost immediately breaks me out.
What should I do? I’m already using sunscreen and avoiding direct sunlight.
To be honest I’m not even sure if using skincare products worth it - it indeed helps my acne when I’m indoors, but the trade off of photosensitivity maybe not worth it.
I have probably combination skin - the T zone is very oily and the rest dry-normal. I have also noticed that the t zone gets less irritated from sunscreen, and breaks out far less.
This is my regime:
Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser Paula’s choice azelaic acid booster La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Matte Moisturizer EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46
Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser Differin (adapalene 0.1 gel) benzoyl peroxide 5%
I would like your help because I’m so lost…
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2023.06.03 13:14 Metranisome best salts for ooey-gooey cheese sauces

I'm looking into salts to use to make some gooey cheese sauces. For those out of the know, nacho cheese sauce, and other smooth processed/commercial cheese sauces use a citrate salt to make the sauce smooth and gooey. As far as I know there are several options of citrates-- sodium citrate and potassium citrate being the most commonly used as food additives.
The options I'm weighing are sodium citrate and potassium citrate. Does anyone work with these or have a preference? I'm thinking potassium citrate might be a better option since its also an easy dietary source of potassium (as opposed to extra sodium) but its more than twice the price by weight so I thought I would try and ask to see if anyone has a preference or if anyone has noted a taste/behaviotexture difference between the two. Lastly if anyone knows of an even better food additive to make cheese sauces gooey please let me know and I will look it up as well.
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2023.06.03 13:13 No-Time-4845 2x Rythm lab [drum kastle for eurorack] with A-RYTH-MATIK [Euclidean sequencer] really funny to use for marking some polyrhythm. more info on spad_electronics pages :)

2x Rythm lab [drum kastle for eurorack] with A-RYTH-MATIK [Euclidean sequencer] really funny to use for marking some polyrhythm. more info on spad_electronics pages :) submitted by No-Time-4845 to eurorack [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:13 Glittering_Boot_3612 KDE Connect not working when mobile phone and pc connected to same wifi network

I have been using kde connect for three months now but i don't like the fact that my phone hotspot has to be turned on while using kde connect.
it doesn't seem to work when my mobile is connected to same wifi network as pc.
is there something i can do about this
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2023.06.03 13:13 Dub-DS Availability of 3-months fibre contracts?

True, AIS, etc all seem to only offer 12 months minimum contracts for fibre internet, no matter the speed. There are monthly VDSL contracts available for condominiums (although at rather slow speeds), but I couldn't find anything of the sort for a rented house.
I wouldn't mind getting a 12 months contract (and just use 6 months of it), but I won't be staying at a place for longer than 3 months.
Any experience with this or information on how to acquire fibre internet for the time? Sure the unlimited mobile could be used for tethering, but that isn't optimal.
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2023.06.03 13:13 Piripuz Strange problem with keyboard

Hello! I am having a strange problem with my laptop keyboard: some keys doesn't work while pressing shift: for instance the 8 key is working just fine, but I cannot press left shift 8 in order to type a '(' (while right shift works just fine in this case), or, in order to type capital j, I have to use the left shift since righht shift j does nothing.
I'm pretty sure this is an hardware problem since I tried different OSs on that pc and the problem is always the same.
Has anyone ever seen something like this? Do you think changing the keyboard will solve the issue or is this likely to be a motherboard issue? Can someone think of a way to physically check whether the keyboard is working fine? This is my first time trying to disassemble a laptop keyboark and I could't get access to the membrane (I wasn't brave enough :)
Thanks so much!
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2023.06.03 13:13 Bubbly_Hat779 Going to Tbilisi

Hi, I'm going to Tbilisi for a week tomorrow and was thinking about what things I should do there to get the most out of the trip (i.e learn about the culture, food, etc). I wanted to ask here because I'm sure the locals or people who live there know the city much better. I was thinking about renting a bicycle and cycling through the city.
Also, I'm a 19 year old male (second year in uni), if anyone is in Tbilisi and would also like to explore with me, feel free to message me :)
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2023.06.03 13:13 tragically_ if you swap a throttle body, MUST the ecm be reprogrammed/flashed?

so I have a used throttle body newer revision, I want to swap for my old one. curious if the ecm will accept it or must it be programmed/flashed after the swap?
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2023.06.03 13:13 JoeCommitMama A rant about grouping up in matches

I'm pretty sure you've experienced it before; your team getting pushed back to your spawn while the opponent spawn-camps them. That's an edge case, but it does bring to mind an annoyance of large numbers; the helplessness of attempting to slow the horde while you get picked off due to the sheer amount of damage you sustain.
The solution seems simple: just use Pokémon that excel in damaging multiple enemies, like Gardevior, Chandelure and Decidueye. However, all three are easily picked off when rushed; which is likely since almost every Pokémon has a dash or mobility-based move of some sort. Hell, Decidueye wouldn't even have the sight range to aim at and weaken a mob of opponents before it gets overwhelmed. You'd have to run far to get a safe distance away, and by then your opponents probably would've scored already. You could have a brave-yet-awfully-not-bright scapegoat to give Decidueye a good view, but chances are that they've prepared for it by waiting to ambush the backliners in, well, bushes. Plus, they won't be alive to provide a view for long.
Playing their own game to fight back probably won't work either since you only have so much time to react before one lane gets swarmed; and your teammates would either be too far away to react in time or already taken down by the mob of opponents. Also, when would you even be able to assimilate a large group to fight back; let alone deal with stragglers opposite with lots of points in tow.
One of the only sort of reasonable resolutions I can think of is a minor penalty for needing a large group to take down smaller groups of opponents. An example would he having their location revealed for longer and/or preventing them from scoring or defeating bosses/mini-bosses for 2.5 to 4.5 to 7.5 seconds based on their advantage in numbers, which should probably be reduced by 3s for every opponent taken down if they trickle in. A large group likely shouldn't be punished for defeating one feeble opponent though; there's an obvious reason there.
For a fancier solution, I propose a new Held Item which grants a shield that blocks 13%/14%/15% when the holder is attacked by more than 1 Pokémon on the opposing team and an additional +8%/+9%/+10% for each additional opponent.
Granted, if they were to be implemented the solution is to be a combination of both since being punished for teamwork isn't the best feeling and a Held Item that heavily reduces the damage from a group of opponents would be so powerful that all frontliners would always use it.
Take this with however many pinches of salt you'd like, I'm more of a casual Pokémon Unite player who puts it down for brief periods of time. If you think anything I said is dumb, at least bear the strength to show a degree of respect while doing so, since a response that's just a list of insults isn't something you'd intend on taking to heart.
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2023.06.03 13:13 as_abuv_so_beloe Leaving My Job of 8 Years for the Better

I (36F) have been trying to figure myself out - who I want to be, what I need in life and for the foreseeable future. Part of this process is this feeling that my current job, which I've been dedicated to for almost 8 years, no longer serves me and that maybe it's time to move on. I can't shake my feeling that my time in the company is drawing to an end in a good way.
I've been trying to practice acceptance and in doing so came to the conclusion that my needs aren't in the best interest of my current employers or even feasible at this time and for a while. A year or two ago, I would have been pissed about it and looked for jobs out of spite. I would have insisted that my bosses owe me and screwed me over or took advantage of my dedication/loyalty. I don't necessarily think that's the case, nor would it do me any good (or matter) to think that way.
My employers are good friends of mine and have always been open to and address my concerns/needs. They offered me my current position a couple of years ago, knowing I wanted to get my foot in the door and back into the system full-time. I am compensated well in my benefits package and my pay is standard for my degree and experience levels in our state. My hours are okay, my work/life balance is great. My team is small and we have been out on our own little island for the most part for years. We support each other and I try to advocate for their needs/issues as much as I can.
I am in a dual patient care and leadership position, which leans more toward the leadership end. It feels more like a customer service gig - especially lately - which pulls me away from clinical practice. I spend a lot of time doing damage control and making sure our providers get their notes done, fix any of their errors, and remember to send in prescriptions/do paperwork. In the past year, one of our office branches has been dealing with quite a few issues which takes up time and resources of upper management and has affected my location to some degree. I didn't get the job transfer I was promised because of it. There's no room for growth unless I get my NP license, which I have no interest in. I haven't been happy here for these reasons plus a few others I left out because you would be reading this post all day otherwise. I have been open with my discontent with my supervisors.
I know upper management is very busy - not just trying to catch things before they hit the floor at our sister branch, trying to get everything back in order there, but also their lives outside of work. I've had a lot of email correspondence with my supervisoCOO about my concerns and frustrations. He gave me plenty of positive feedback and validated my concerns for a while. He is very optimistic that things will work out and our branch will flourish again, and he will make sure what has happened to our sister branch won't happen to us. But his correspondence about these things has started feeling kind of empty or trying to explain himself for not being as present. His problems are pretty big compared to mine and honestly, I feel like I'm just complaining to him more than anything at this point. He always says we need to have a meeting with the other higher ups to figure these things out together, but these meetings never happen. No one has the time.
So, I decided in the last few weeks to start seeking employment elsewhere. A job opening popped up while I was casually looking and it's something I'm really interested in, I qualify for, has good hours, and great benefits. I applied for it. I was notified that my application was forwarded to hiring manager already, which means I may be contacted for an interview. I used my COO as a professional reference and let him know he will likely get a call about it. He told me he appreciated the heads up and transparency. Some of my colleagues see this as an opportunity for me to use my potential departure as leverage and asked if COO made a counteroffer, but that isn't my intention and he didn't, nor did I expect him to. They have to do what's best for them, I have to do what's best for me. And that's okay.
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2023.06.03 13:13 Alexa_GraceXo my (19f) boyfriend (22m) lost his job and stopped paying rent 3 months ago, he is now claiming he’s “too broke” to get me a present for my birthday this month.

the title pretty much explains everything but to get into more detail when my bf & i met he had a job as a mechanic which paid pretty well but a few months ago he lost it due to new management at his location, well anyways i figured since i’ve been making good money lately that i would cover the rent until he gets a job so whatever he has in savings doesn’t completely deplete (we have lived together for about 8 months prior to this which he paid all the rent & bills / expenses all but the last month or two i was buying groceries) so i really didn’t see it as a very big deal but he has put minimal effort into looking for a new job & usually claims wherever he’s trying to apply at “just isn’t hiring” it’s starting to get old especially i wasn’t expecting to be paying the bills for this many months while he sits around watching tv or playing games on the computer meanwhile i’m 19 and running a business.. 😅. idk how to go about this and could really use some advice. my boyfriend didn’t seem like the type of guy to sit around all the time while his woman takes care of the bills. he had a great work ethic and would still help around the house. i’ve tried talking to him about his mental health & how it’s been affected recently and if that’s maybe why he’s been lazy. aside from that he wasn’t “broke” when he lost his job. he was spending lots of money on vapes and other green things which i’m not gonna name bc idk how touchy this sub is about that lol. he said to me the other day that he wants to wait until he gets a job to get me my birthday present this year as he doesn’t wanna “half ass me” and buy me something cheap when he could buy me something better… what upsets me is he knows i’m not a materialistic person honestly when it comes to gifting i care more about the thought behind it and the appreciation rather than quality or value. plus he knows when my birthday is, it’s super shitty knowing i’ve been busting my ass to make sure he feels valid and appreciated yet he can’t even take my feelings into consideration for my birthday. should i warn him to get his life together or else i’ll be leaving?
TDLR: boyfriend has been out of work for months and puts minimal effort into looking for work while i’ve been paying the bills & doesn’t want to get me anything for my birthday.
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2023.06.03 13:13 Nebeldiener CC BY-ND 3.0 Song for Video

Hey, I'm working on a video, for which I need music. I found a song with a CC BY-ND 3.0 licence.
I have no idea what applies here. In one hand, it says: "copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially." and on the other: "If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material."
So what applies here? Can I use the song for my video if I don't change the song?
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2023.06.03 13:13 yassinesgr21 aa

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2023.06.03 13:13 ItsallLegos New to Dirac and possibly Multi Sub Optimizer. Some advice needed.

I recently purchased a Arcam AV40. I’m still in the middle of setting everything up with a couple of new subs, new power amp, etc, so I’m trying to look ahead and prepare for what’s coming during some free time that I have while away from home.
I’m trying to figure out what route to take with the 4 subs I have. I’ve got 2 martysubs and 2 devastators that will be powered by a CVR D-3004. The devastators are new and are replacing two tekton cinemasubs, which are being sold. Previously, I just used REW and a minidsp 2x4hd to do the best I could to get a flat response, which worked out pretty well with some trial and error over and over, however at the MLP, the bass was clearly not as powerful as a lot of other spots in the room. It was more “felt” than heard.
I recently found out about MultiSub Optimizer (MSO) and now have a processor capable of DLBC. My question is what route would be best; and I don’t mind tinkering. Do I go with DLBC? Does it have the tools to optimize if I want to make adjustments (based on measurements) after it does its own correction? Would that even be necessary (is it that good)?
Or do I go with the MSO and start from scratch using it and the minidsp?
I am running 7.4.4 so there’s room on the arcam to control each sub channel independently using DLBC if I want to go that route.
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