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2023.06.07 11:51 Sea-Association-3094 Why did I have a super in and out self aware dream the other day when I was really tired?

I’m laying in bed now and I only just remembered that this happened the night prior. What happened was I stayed up really late that night, until 7:00am because I had a very lowkey anxiety attack and didn’t want to sleep out of a kind of fear.
I started to drift asleep however when I decided that ‘yeah I need to pass tf out’, I started having this nightmarish dream, about something or someone trying to harm or kill me, that’s all I remember. However, what was different was that it felt like a video game, I would say to myself, or something would say to me in the dream: ‘it’s okay if you are about to die just wake up’ and then when I woke up out of it, like I’d taken a VR head set off, I would close my eyes and warp back into the dream, like I’d instantly fall back asleep and ‘pop the vr head set back on’ if you will and re-enter this dream that felt like a game, and this happened about 3-4 times before I got pretty mad the dream kept going and it was freaking me out (it was a night mare).
I then briefly remembered being awake saying to myself, ‘If I switch the sides of my body I’m lying on then maybe my dream will change’. I switched sides and then I just went full REM and woke up in the morning/lunch time.
What causes these? Because I haven’t had anything like this experience. Was it because I was abnormally tired?
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2023.06.07 11:51 PlugAdapterTypeC What happens to assets and reports when joining two Individual accounts into one Shared account?

Hello, I can't seem to find much info on this. For those who have joined their Individual accounts did your assets merge into one big pool, and when generating reports for the shares that you have bought individually what does it say (who bought them, etc.)?
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2023.06.07 11:51 FluffyNugg0202 I need advise

I'm planning on starting the process of breaking up with my boyfriend tomorrow. I've made up my mind that we don't want the same things anymore and he's told multiple people today that he wishes he knew what he wanted in life before he got into a committed relationship. We've been together for 5 years and for about the entire relationship he's cheated on my with multiple women. I stayed because I was happy when we weren't fighting and I didn't know he was cheating. We've lived together for about 2 years and I've relied on him financially the whole time. He promised to give my dad money for a car so my dad could put me on the insurance so we could get out of my parents house and get an apartment. I just don't feel like I can be with him anymore I'm not really happy anymore I'm just hiding my true feelings so he can be happy and do the things he wants to. We started to have an open relationship and it's been healthy for the most part and I was okay with it because it was someone we knew and I trusted but I don't think I want that anymore and I don't want him to accuse me of lying again when I was okay with it at the beginning but that's what happens everytime we start something I'm okay with it it's healthy and nothing is wrong but then something happens and it gets too serious and I don't want him to do it anymore I don't know what is wrong with me what should I do
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2023.06.07 11:50 12nb34 are declining aka What matters is the ratio of positive tests to the number of tests aka the test positivity rate... I don't know if you remember it, but at the beginning of corona all countries were only reporting their detected cases. The discovery of the test positivity rate happened later 🙂

are declining aka What matters is the ratio of positive tests to the number of tests aka the test positivity rate... I don't know if you remember it, but at the beginning of corona all countries were only reporting their detected cases. The discovery of the test positivity rate happened later 🙂 submitted by 12nb34 to corona_links9 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 11:50 VincentD90 The Future of The Brotherhood of Old [Sort of a mod announcement]

I have some big news about the future of The Brotherhood of Old. I'm mostly writing this as a commitment to myself so that I actually do it, and also as a rallying call to those who may be interested in helping out. Feel free to read along as I think aloud. This will be a long read, so buckle up.
I have decided to cancel development of version 1.2 and shift my focus to developing version 2.0. This will obviously push any updates outside of 2023.
What is version 2.0?
As stated in the previous announcement for version 1.2:
My main objective is to completely remake and restructure the final few quests, mainly "The Cults of Darkness" and "The True Brotherhood" as these are the most complicated and complex quests in the mod and often have issues running properly.
That will no longer be the main focus. What I aim to accomplish with version 2.0 is something I've been wanting to do for many years but have not had the time to do until recently... So now you're probably saying "Come on man, get to the point!" So, without further ado:
Version 2.0 at its core, will be a complete rework of the entire mod. While not rebuilt from the ground up, sweeping and extensive changes will be made. Making all of this happen will be no small feat, so I would like to take this opportunity to open things up to the community. I would like for this mod to turn into something made by a team. It would be great to have a team with diverse skills and ideas all contributing to it, rather than everything coming from the vortex that is my head. I am looking for talent in writing, level design, quest development, Papyrus, and 3D modelling. If you are interested in signing up, please fill out this form.
Here are some of the main things you can hope to expect:
A rewrite/revision + extension of the main story.
More focus will be spent on player choice and freedom, rather than a story involving you basically babysitting the chosen one. While Vala Amatius will still be a key part of the narrative, it will no longer be strictly centered around her. Additionally, this will no longer be a story that assumes you played through or remember the events that happened in Oblivion, but it will reward those of you that have/do.
It will dive into exploring the history of the Dark Brotherhood and how it got to the point where it is presently in the original Skyrim story. You, the player, will have first-hand experience figuring out what exactly happened, how to prevent it from ever happening again, and how you plan on rebuilding the Brotherhood. Will you recruit new assassins first? Will you have new Sanctuaries opened? Will you restore the Black Hand, or operate on your own? Will you drive it all into the ground? The choice will be yours. You as the Listener will take a more active and hands-on role in how everything plays out. The story will no longer force you in any one direction, and you will have choice and agency at every turn. The decisions you make will play a pivotal role in how the story plays out and subsequently ends. While the Night Mother will still offer you suggestions on what to do and where to go, the final decision will always rest in your hands.
There will be a handful of interesting and fleshed out characters for you to choose from when recruiting. You will have freedom to choose among the characters you like, and will no longer be forced into selecting the ones that the mod chooses for you.
Each character introduced, which will include existing ones like J’Zakar, M’Jirra, Undil, Azuk and of course, Vala, will all have “loyalty missions” similar to how it’s done in Mass Effect. For those of you who don’t know what that means… Essentially, you will have the option to talk to each of these characters about their backstories, which will lead to you going on a little personal adventure with them if you so choose. By the end of these loyalty quests, you will be able to take each of them as a follower and companion who will also be marriageable if you want that.
Who are we up against?
The Crimson Scars, who are the primary antagonist of this story, are an ancient splinter group of the Dark Brotherhood made up entirely of vampires. They believe that Sithis has ordered them to extinguish all non-vampires from the Dark Brotherhood and will stop at nothing to see this become a reality. In the original mod, they only show up near the tail end, and are basically shoe-horned in without much explanation. This will be changed in a big way. You will now encounter them much earlier on and they will be an active threat you experience throughout. Rumor has it that you may be able to join them, but that’s just hearsay. Subsequently, the Morag Tong will no longer be a part of this story and will be removed from it entirely unless there is a good reason for them to be involved.
New Sanctuary and location overhauls:
All of the new locations added by the mod will receive complete overhauls and will look far better than they do currently.
New items, weapons, and armors:
In addition to the bonus rewards you receive from quests, there will be new unique weapons and armors that any self-respecting Listener would enjoy.
So that’s basically it. It’s a very lofty and ambitious goal, but it is one I am committed to bringing to life. Again, if you are interested in helping me make this happen, please sign up by filling out this form.
Thanks for reading, Tom Tesoro
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2023.06.07 11:50 narwhal36912 I’m worried about how my depression effects my partner

Earlier this week I was emotionally stomped on by my family and it turned into me spiraling into a depressive suicidal episode. I cried for hours and (it was so bad my eyes were puffy all day the next day even though I wasn’t crying) I called him so I wouldn’t be alone. I kept thinking about just dying right there and he kept telling me that I matter, I’m important, etc. It got so bad (my family saw me crying and made fun of me) that he came over to pick me up to get something to eat and get me out of here. We went to a convenience store so I could have something to drink and he went in while I waited in the car. He came back not only with the water I wanted but my favorite bag of chips and a single red rose. I couldn’t stop crying when he handed it to me and just said thank you. We drove around and he parked at our favorite spot. We talked for hours and I couldn’t shake the feeling I had of impending doom and how this was the last time I was going to see him. I kept crying and saying I was sorry that I was like this and he just hugged me and told me we would get through this together. I felt worse because he kept coughing and his voice sounded different and almost lost and I hated that because of me he wasn’t home when he was obviously sick and stuck talking to me while I’m crying like a baby. I told him how I felt like a tumor draining life from him and that everyone would be happier without me. I told him my regrets. I told him how everything that makes me happy just feels like a distraction from what I ultimately always come back to. I told him how I wished he had a normal girlfriend that he didn’t have to worry about. I told him that I was so sorry that I thought I could get through life and gave him false hope about our future. And he comforted me as best as he could. I eventually got tired from crying and stopped (feeling drained). I told him how I didn’t feel like I was going to be around for much longer and asked if I ended up doing the worst that I would like for him to fulfill one of my dreams for us. That broke him and he cried and held me and promised me he would if I did. God I felt like such an asshole after that because he was so calm up until that moment. The night dwindle and I got tired and he drove me home (comfortable that I wasn’t going to do the worst). He told me I was so strong for sticking around this long when it’s been hard for me and that he was proud of me and wants to be there any way he can. I went to slept when I went inside too exhausted to do anything. The next morning I woke up wanting to watch all the movies I wanted to watch in theaters. I got one of those movie pass subscriptions and asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go to the movies with me. I think he saw it as progress that I was okay but to me it was almost like when it’s a dogs last day and their family gives them chocolate and a big burger before they’re put to sleeping to ease them before they go to the farm upstate.
After that he told me he had a dream last night and I can’t help but like I make his life worse. In the dream he said that I was recording videos of us going on dates, traveling and celebrating. He asked why I was recording more than usual and dream me said, “I’m recording them for you to have when I leave”. He asked what I meant and I said, “I’m not going to be here any longer”. He started pleading to me in the dream and hugged me and I moved his arms to the side and told him “goodbye (bf), I love you”.
After he told me about the dream he told me how much he loved me and we talked about it and my concerns about how I’m effecting him and he said he wanted to make it clear that I am loved and my presence means something. After hearing that I couldn’t help but feel like I was psychologically torturing him. I mean over the years I’ve had my share of suicidal episodes but this one feels different. I’ve been upfront about my mental health since the first week of us dating telling him afterwards that I understood if he wanted out since it’s a lot and we could still be friends. He refused to break up with me and now here we are 5 years later. At times I was certain I would do it I wanted to break up with him to make it easier beforehand ignorantly assuming if we weren’t together it was gonna hurt less. He can see through me and knew what I was doing and comforted me while asking what was wrong. Outside of these episodes I have we’re a great match! We like the same things, we can read each other so easy, we laugh a lot, and we have improved each others life. I would not have stuck around had it not been for him. Sometimes I just feel so bad that he got stuck with me. I mean constantly being on the fence about life and death doesn’t really help you out when planning for the future. He deserves a stable future with someone without having to worry about finding them lifeless. He deserves a nice person who’s average worst day ends with them eating a pint of ice cream or something that average non depressed/suicidal people do. I mean now my episodes are in his dreams. I mean I’ve invaded his subconscious mind with my horrible thoughts. The man literally can’t even rest without worrying about my well-being. I don’t know what to do. I just feel bad that he evens wants to love a person like me. I’m just a waste of time.
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2023.06.07 11:49 whothiswhodat Various Questions (FTP) 4M Old

As the title states I've a bunch of different questions and would be grateful if someone can answer them.
  1. Till what age can I swaddle my son?
  2. Till what age can I give my son a pacifier so as to not harm his teeth growth?
  3. When the pacifier goes away, how to do you soothe the baby? Is there some way other than rocking him in my arms?
  4. For the past 1-2 weeks, my son has started screaming non-stop. Happy, sad, bored, hungry, in pain, diaper change, it's NON STOP SCREAMING!!!! When does this phase end?
  5. I read that at about 5-6 months baby starts developing their teeth. Is it true? And at that time the baby is constantly hurting. How can I aid my son through that process since pacifiers would probably be out of the picture?
  6. This one is random. My son wears diaper pants but often his pants are wet on his hip area, but the diaper is absolutely light & dry. How is that happening? I make sure to put on the diaper very neatly everytime.
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2023.06.07 11:48 SeparateDrivez What Happened To Zane Breakiron?

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2023.06.07 11:48 BadlyFavorite What Happened To Zane Breakiron?

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2023.06.07 11:48 Eastern-Stand-8588 So what would happen if like Pat Mahomes, Joe Burrow, or one of the NFL’s other “golden boys” was found to have bet on sports?

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2023.06.07 11:48 kizgj Voluntary HECS repayment or Super payments?

Hi, wanting some general advice on what would be better to throw minuscule money at per week. I come from a "low-socioeconomic" background and have literally no one to ask for sound advice lol.
$21k HECS debt, $8k in super (23 F). I also have $10k in a HISA which takes $167 of my pay per week. $5k in holiday funds - content with this amount at the moment so I just put money into it when I feel. I earn $45k/ year. I have generally low expenses - rent, phone bill, power bill, the occasional use of public transport and internet - most of which is split with my partner. I live minimally so I can stay within the confines of my budgets easily. Super is paid at 10.5%, my HECS is paid $10-15 a week through my work. I generally have anywhere between $250 - $400 per week after bills and savings. Pending on the week and what's happening in my mum's life, I send money to my family.
I was wanting to put around $100 - $150 per week into either.
The HECS debt is intimidating because its a large amount, but the low Super worries me because it seems relatively low for my age? Are either worth putting weekly voluntary payments into? And should I prioritise either? Or just 50/50 the amounts I want to voluntarily pay per week?
My HECS is being paid at an incredibly slow rate through work so I was thinking that might be worth focusing on, but I read voluntary payments of Super can reduce my income tax also? That seems beneficial but could potentially slow down my HECS debt being paid off?
Thanks in advance! :D
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2023.06.07 11:48 kayleystas Older dog is bullying younger pup

I’m literally losing my mind. I have three Alaskan malamutes - 2 boys and a girl. My girl is 9 years old, one boy is 7 and the other will be 1 next month. Both older dogs accepted the pup into the pack and it’s been wonderful.. up until 2 weeks ago. My older boy stopped playing with the pup completely and now he growls at him and gets instantly annoyed anytime he’s in the same room. I have no idea what to do and what happened to cause this. I feel bad because the younger pup just wants to play with him. Any advice on how to break the tension and make them best friends again? Thank you for any help!
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2023.06.07 11:48 FlamboyantCursor What Happened To Zane Breakiron?

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2023.06.07 11:47 Gablepres Stanton Swann, Lord of Stonehelm

Discord Username: JB Allye#1218
Character Name and House: Stanton Swann
Appearance: Stanton Swann is an older man, regal in bearing and strong-backed despite his mostly-grayed hairs and wizened eyes. He stands a bit shorter than the average knight, five foot and ten with a lean and powerful frame honed by constant exercise and battle. Scars line his body beneath plate, male and cloth, and a blade wound traces a white streak from the left side of his neck nearly to his ear.
Age: 45
Gift: Leadership
Skills: Strategist(e), Tactician, Cautious, Covert
Talents: Running, Horse breaking, Swimming
Starting Titles: Lord of Stonehelm
Starting Location: Storm's End, with Quentyn Baratheon.
Family Tree:


Stanton Swann was born in the first moon of the year 162 AC to the Lord Ryger Swann and his wife, Lady Lynesse. He was the second born of their children, but the first to survive past his first year, and he bore his elder brother's name. An altogether normal child, at least by most standards, Stanton grew up healthy and mostly happy, though not without challenges. Ryger Swann was a harsh taskmaster and an equally stern father, and though Stanton would not be a man until his sixteenth year, he wasn't a 'boy' by his ninth.
Stanton took to his harsh instruction well, and though he was not the most skilled warrior in the Seven Kingdoms (not even the most skilled in his own keep), he was a very intelligent young man above all else, something that his father both appreciated and cultivated in the boy. In matters of state, he was competent, in matters of court, he excelled, but it was in tactics and warcraft that the boy showed his genius. His father, no slouch in command himself, was overshadowed by the son, and he hardly minded. Instead, he simply drilled the boy further.
By now, though, it was time for the future Lord Stanton to start doing the business of Lords, and part of that was squiring for a worthy knight. That worthy knight was Brus Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End, and while not as harsh as Ryger Swann, Brus didn't take it easy on the boy. In his own words, he knew 'the lad can take it'. Take it he did. Stanton proved a worthy second to the Lord Baratheon, and along the way would cross paths with, and befriend, his son, who he affectionately knew as 'Billy'. Though Billy himself would be afield as a squire, they spent some time together as children that would only become more common as they both stepped into lordship.
After his ascent to knighthood, and with it, his ascent to manhood, Stanton would return home a different figure than he was when he left. He walked with a newfound confidence and ease about him, with the look in his eye of a young man who had supreme faith in his own abilities and poise. Already a strapping young man, this made him something of a heartthrob within court, and he had no shortage of flirtations with various women of the realm in his wilder years. One such conquest, and the one nearest to his heart, was Carolei Estermont, second daughter of the Lord of Greenstone. Arranged to marry a Rosby man, Stanton would charm her into breaking her arrangements and eloping with him to be wed in Stonehelm, and through means that no man or woman in the House of Stonehelm can decipher to this very day, he was somehow able to convince the Estermonts that he'd done them a favor. Alas, the marriage was far less eventful than the courtship. Despite... vigorous attempts, the two could not seem to conceive, and Stanton worried that the troubles that plagued his own parents with their children had been passed down to him, after a fashion.
Sadly, the life of a lord is not all flirtations and dalliances. Soon enough, Theory would become Practice, and Stanton marched to war for the first time at the age of 24... alongside his friend, the Lord William Baratheon. Stanton was no warrior, or at least, not a particularly outstanding one, but as a tactician he was immaculate. Mostly an outrider for the Marcher forces accompanying the host, Stanton would claim few notable scalps of his own, but his men would demolish the flanks of the opposing force in concert with the royal army, and he would quickly acquit himself well as a leader of men, earning praise from his father and his fellow Lords alike. What few were willing to talk about openly, including Stanton, was his other, more... unsavory activities in the war. Stanton was the leader of the forces ordered to flush the would-be-usurper out of hiding in the Dornish villages and countryside, and he took to the task with grim determination, hunting his quarry with a viciousness and ruthlessness that disturbed his men, though they followed their orders without much protest. Many scars still line the Boneway, and Stanton can claim credit for a troubling number of them.
Though his father would linger on for five more years after the Red War, he would abdicate his seat in favor of Stanton due to his advanced age, leaving the 25 year old as the Lord of Stonehelm. By this time, he had finally had a child, born while he was away at war. A hearty baby girl, who his mother named Shirei. Stanton, uncharacteristically, was rather miffed at the situation. Seven years he'd been wed, and after seven years of trying the gods saw fit to spite him with a daughter. He would never share his feelings with his wife and daughter, however, instead doting on her in the same fashion he doted on his wife. Despite his actions in the war, the image presented to the realm was one of a devoted husband, a devout knight, a fair lord, and a loving father.
All that would subtly begin to change.
As he aged, Stanton would continue trying for a male heir, but once again, a long drought would plague his line. In that time period, William would be blessed with a family of his own, something that caused no end of private envy in Stanton, though he dared not speak it aloud, out of love for his dear friend. He would quickly take to the heir to the house of Storm's End, Quentyn, and even at his young age Stanton treated the boy with the same love and respect he held for his father.
That said, Stanton's subtle descent continued. Conflicts with the Marchers of the Reach over their new conquests drove a wedge between former allies, and Stanton was quite vocal of his personal distrust of their former comrades-in-arms, a position he still holds to this day with much more vitriol. Once a gregarious and outgoing man, Stanton would slowly become reclusive and stern, much like his father. A public feud with Richard Morrigan drew censure from William, and similarly verbose and public displays of vitriol towards their Reachman neighbors only served to make it clear that something was very wrong with Stanton Swann.
That wrongness would only elevate further with time. As he grew older, Stanton became paranoid that the Marcher Lords of the Reach were spying on their Stormlander neighbors, a belief that he came to hold so closely that he would pace the floors at night, seeking anyone who acted suspiciously. A long-time family servant, Lyle, would be found to be acting 'suspiciously' one night, and rather than act reasonably,... Stanton would beat the elderly man to death with a fire iron...in front of his daughter. As it turned out, Lyle had been skimming from the Swann coffers to afford better accommodation for his family, but Stanton had no proof of such a thing, or even a suspicion of it, before killing the man.
Stanton's new demeanor was not a temporary fit, and his episodes have continued, though much more commonly in private now, as William was able to convince his longtime friend to ease his temper, if only somewhat, and the one thing that hasn't changed about Stanton in his later years is his love for 'old Billy boy'. Even going into his fortieth year, the man had no sons, only two more daughters to his name, which meant that unless there were some miracle, Shirei would be the executor of his will and estate, if not the Lady of the house, as he himself had only one brother, and that brother is a Maester. Atop all this, his daughter was hardly a 'catch', a plain, mannish woman much like her father in her stoicism but not nearly as intellectually inclined. If anything, he wished more that Quentyn Baratheon, or Damon Morrigen, the nephew of his hated rival Richard, could be his son, but alas, such a thing was impossible.
Now an aging, bitter man, Stanton Swann turns his attention towards his legacy, that of a good man turned a bitter, wizened butcher by war and time. Skirmishes alongside the Carons against the Dornish, border disputes with the Reachman, and the appointment of his dear friend William as Hand of the King loom large over his head along with the state of his house, and Stanton has come to a realization. He cannot die without a male heir. He mustn't. And he would do anything, and he meant anything, to make that happen.
Even things that no sane man should consider.


Character Name and House: Shirei Swann
Age: 21
Appearance: Shirei is a tall and lean girl that looks much like her father when he was a younger man. with a slight figure, sharp features, and deep brown eyes. She has a few scars of her own from afield and minor accidents with the family sword, but otherwise remains an unassuming, if not particularly beautiful woman.
Gift: Champion
Skills: Swords (e), Defender
Talent(s): Swimming, Singing, Woodworking
Starting Title(s): Heir to Stonehelm
Starting Location: King's Landing, with the Hand.
Note: Shirei is the current bearer of Swan's Song.


Shirei Swann is the first of the three daughters of Stanton and Carolei Swann, and from birth she was always a strong, boyish little thing, though not as much so as she is now. Stanton and his wife doted on her, as any good parents would, and Shirei grew up loved and healthy, surrounded by care and comfort. Among her household servants, an old man named Lyle, who had seen her father reared, was her favorite, and the old man would constantly watch over the little Lady as she played in the yard or caroused around court.
Shirei never knew her father as the world had known him before his turn for bitterness and hatred, only seeing how others reacted to the man. With her, he was mostly gentle, though sometimes his temper got the better of him, or he was harsher with her than was warranted. The man never struck her, never abused her, the most he did was perhaps raise his tone to her a bit too harshly, and he would always apologize upon doing so, assuring her that it was not her fault that he was troubled so. She believed him, of course. She loved her father dearly.
Alas, this perception of her father was colored dramatically by the death of her first and oldest friend. She was hardly ten when Lyle was caught 'acting unusually' by her father and beaten bloody before her, her mother, and her then infant sister Serra. The beating was an uncomfortably long one- Lyle, an old and frail man by now, was dead long before Stanton stopped swinging the iron. The experience traumatized young Shirei, and she's never quite gotten past it. She also hardly believed the tale that Lyle had stolen from the family coffers.
Aside from that, however, her childhood was fairly typical, though not entirely so. Family friendship with the Baratheons meant that Shirei spent some time around Quentyn, and she envied the heir of Storm's End's skill at arms, learning the sword and shield to better accompany him in the yard and join in on his carousing, whenever he stayed in Stonehelm for a short time. The same would be said for Damon Morrigen, nephew of her father's most heated and hated rival at court, who she bore very little ill will towards. In fact, as they were both about the age where one begins to think of such things, Shirei quite fancied him, though as the heirs of their respective houses, such a match was all but impossible.
Stanton did not discourage his daughter's pursuit of arms, especially when she showed quite the knack for it, and grew into a rather tall and lean woman, taller than him in fact. He didn't encourage it, either. If anything, to Shirei's dismay, the man seemed utterly indifferent, passing off onto her the family sword, Swan's Song, and telling her not to do something stupid.
Now a woman grown, unwed at twenty, and positioned that she may one day lead a House Swann that has alienated all but its closest friends, Shirei is uncharacteristically nervous under her mask of stoic acceptance. Fearing for her father's declining mental state and her own place in the wider world, Shirei nonetheless does what she sees as her duty. Currently, she's petioned her father to remain in King's Landing, partly out of loyalty to her 'Uncle Billy', and partly out of a desire to be away from her father for some time.
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2023.06.07 11:47 theclumsystol What Happened To Zane Breakiron?

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2023.06.07 11:47 TellingInterval What Happened To Zane Breakiron?

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2023.06.07 11:47 StrikingLawyer3133 Success Story....

First i want to say thank you to this group. I was diagnosed with mild erosive gastritis about two months ago and from Monday i haven't been taking my Nexium in the morning, i am eating normal foods and even managed to drink during the weekend. Though as a precaution i am taking my itopride at night.
I was diligently taking my meds with the supplements suggested and i honestly believe that is what hastened my recovery. Also probiotics (i highly recommend).
StillContinuing on this healing journey and praying for healing for everyone here. That pain is no joke and the inconvenience 🙄
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2023.06.07 11:46 Jolemz What the heck was this guy doing?

I work for a corporation in IT. We had a guy we'll call Milo working for about 5 years as a Linux Engineer. He had a certification from a few years ago that was three Linux versions behind what we are using. At this company, an engineer title makes significantly more money than the rest of us "advisors" or "seniors". Anyway, I've worked here almost two years on the Linux team. Interacting with this guy about work was difficult. He couldn't stay on work-related subjects. Most answers were how he doesn't know something, then has a story that goes with why or how he doesn't know. Or it was stories about the good old days of floppy drives and DOS, then he would talk about going to Jamaica a few times a year for vacation.
Here are some examples of incidents over the last year or so: * He made a scheduled task on a server using the wrong password for a service account, then he was tasked to figure out what keeps locking the service account, and he said he has no idea but is able to spend 2 months on the project. * He was tasked to do some code modernization on a list of scripts that do certain functions. He said he wanted to re-write them in the Ruby language. After 3 months the scripts were useless - he copy/pasted some of the content in each script so the files were bigger, and the date was updated but could not be used. * He "worked from home" and was assigned documentation for our systems. He had old documents and was told what to update and was sent diagrams to insert into the documents - the docs were saved to make the date change, and no other modifications were done. * Destroyed a server with a "find" command - easy to do, it was a rookie mistake, but this guy is holding the position of Linux engineer. He either didn't own up to it, or he sincerely didn't understand what he did. * Tasked to create role-based access control for identity manager for our network. Not simple, but he is an engineer so this should be the level of his day-to-day job. After 8 months, zero progress was made on this. We had our network inspected by a vulnerability team. It was discovered that an unauthorized person could make accounts for people. The team said role-based access control should be set up to prevent this. * When patching was done, he never did follow-ups to ensure everything restarted if needed or if services were intact after a restart.
We have a requirement to have the latest Linux certification. Milo said he was really concerned about this because he passed version 5 a few years ago after taking it 4 times, and he didn't know how he passed.
Management knew about his activities or lack of, and they shuffled him from manager to manager with low ratings every review he got. No one had done the paperwork to fire him until our manager did. It turned out that he had three years of things like this happening, so I only saw a small slice.
When his name is brought up to other people on our team and other departments, there are similar stories of his destruction. I've asked around, and he didn't talk to anyone else about Jamaica, that was just me. I'm wondering if it was just to keep me off task or distracted for some reason.
My big question is just why? Was he actually incompetent and we were getting 100% of him always, or was he just doing things to waste time at work to go home?
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2023.06.07 11:46 Fragrant-Yellow-2186 I just finished code geass and have some questions

  1. Is Lelouch dead?
  2. Will Lelouch forever remain a bad guy for the world?
  3. What will happen to CC, is she still immortal?
  4. What will Suzaku do with geass?
I know about Lelouch resurecuctuon movie, but I want to know what happens in real timeline
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2023.06.07 11:45 throwaway-ZT Can someone please read this and tell me what you think happened?

Context: I had to go try get some help at the ER this weekend (not that it helped much, public health in my country is in shambles, I waited a lot of hours in a very cold place, all alone).Because I was afraid something serious was happening to my brain because the pain I felt in my head was not something I've felt before and it was unbearable, it made pass out and throw up
And last week Monday to Friday, I went through this cycle of not eating for over 48 hours while binge drinking vodka, eating the smallest bit because I felt so weak and ill, again not eating for over 48 hours while binge drinking vodka again until I felt extremely weak and ill again. So I was truly not doing well
So I was completely offline Saturday and Sunday, I didn't even take my phone. Monday I told him about being in the ER and the unbearable pain in my head, that I passed out and threw up from the pain, that I didn't take my phone. I hide my ED and alcohol issues from him because I do that to everyone in my life since forever.
Today, he literally said "how do I even know you were really in the ER? How? If I don't even have a photo of you there?" What the fuck is that supposed to mean? What happened here? I'm so confused. I never lied to him or cheated or did anything to not be trusted.
I literally only hide my ED and alcohol issues because I hide it from everyone my entire life, I don't hide anything else about myself / my life and I don't lie. I hide, I don't lie as in "no I haven't drunk, yes I've eaten" because he never asked me questions like this before, ever.
That was so shocking to me that I got so confused and I can't think straight due feeling weak, crying a lot for hours, panicking for hours (I haven't had a drop of alcohol today yet). A photo? I don't know what's happening anymore and I feel like I'm going crazy
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2023.06.07 11:45 Cold_Conversation_74 Did anyone else find maddie annoying alot?

tbh i dont use reddit so im not too big in the in depth conversations, but i was surfing to see if anyone felt this way as well? the benefit of the doubt thing that simon constantly hinted at with maddie rlly was too real like i mean she literally vouched for everyone whenever simon would bring up a new suspect and then eventually say…”oh u were right lets get to the bottom of this and what they did” and for me i found it very annoying. Like bro are u rlly combating simon about mr anderson bc he oddly rlly close to u and even gave u his NUMBER(which idk ab yall but thats very weird if i asked any of my hs classmates). like the way simon got irritated EVERYTIME she would say(oh this cant be them or oh no way)….like bro we on the third suspect by now n the first is smb who REALLLYYY broke ur trust, like stop giving these ppl the benefit of the doubt. i just feel her ignorance(even tho she did apologize to simon eventually) made me very much dislike her, also the little things she did like when simon is literally testing and she’s belligerently telling n yelling at him to tell anderson to check his phone n email…like bro he’s trying to test😭😭😭 u can easily juss watch anderson behind him n eventually wait till he opens up his phone(seriously i dont even understand why she went through all tht trouble eventually the avg human being is gonna unlock their phone in the matter of 1-2 hrs in 2023…she couldve just watched behind him to see him put it in himself). Also the time where hes gettin taken in by the cops and she’s annoyingly yelling “SIMON WHATS HAPPENING SIMON WHERE ARE THEY TAKIN U?!?!” like bro SHUTT UP u act like he would kno or could even tell u in the first place☠️idk things like this rlly made her annoyin to me at first. I feel like the only reasonable person to overthink on why or if they would do it is obviously her mom. Idk like why was she even skeptical ab nicole after tht flashback like thats also weird vibes bro is literally obsessed w u tryna be u tht could b motive to kill u. like idk IF I WAS DEAD I WOULD BE QUESTIONING EVERYONEEEE but hey ig maddie is too…considerate? gullible? whatever just a rant sorry if its choppy just finished the show at 5am. 8/10 great season good plot progression and wrap up idk why ppl hate the ending it makes alot of sense. Also i dont hate Maddie still a good mc n i feel she did develop overtime but just found her insanely annoying at first.
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2023.06.07 11:45 Surca_Cirvive Final Fantasy XVI demo most likely coming this Sunday

Some steamers have confirmed that they have sponsored streams on Monday, the 12th, for Final Fantasy XVI. Ludwig was among the biggest streamers to spill the beans earlier today.
Another content creator by the name of Blittzz (who also attended the preview events) sent out a notification on YouTube for this Sunday, the 11th, to his subscribers where he would be playing the first few hours of FFXVI on his YouTube livestream. This was taken down, and if I had to guess he was setting up alerts in advance to go live that Sunday when the demo drops.
The FFXVI “pre-launch” event will be happening this Sunday, and I suspect the demo will be dropping during that.
TLDR: Lots of sponsored streamers are prepping to stream the game/demo on Sunday and Monday. Some have spilled the beans a little too soon. Demo likely coming out on the 11th. It covers the first two hours of the game. Your save progress will carry over when the game releases.
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