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2023.06.07 14:12 n8millerhighlife 38 [M4F] - #Central Pennsylvania - #PA - Chip Looking for his Joanna

Welcome to my little corner of reddit!
I'm looking for a partner for the end of the world. (I'm only half joking about that by the way.)
Disclaimer: Please don't ghost. If you're not interested, just say so.
About me:
I'm an aging punker and liberal leaning. I'm a lover of all things weirdand ridiculous. I'm located in Central Pennsylvania. A divorced father of two. (We share custody 50/50 and there's minimal to no drama.)
I have my own place, my own car, a stable career, a good credit score and no unreasonable or excessive debt.
I pride myself on being vulnerable and authentic always and I don't mind showing that to my partner.
I'm emotionally intelligent and emotionally available. I've been described as witty, playful, attentive and funny. I'm definitely an old soul. I jokingly say I'm an analog man in a digital world. To me, it's not about the destination, but the journey.
I'm an avid music lover. I collect vinyl. I also dabble in woodworking and DIY. I love to kayak and be around water. I'm a huge fan of documentaries and I do love a good cheesy 80s horror flick. Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I love animals. I love both dogs and cats equally but I'm currently a cat dad.
I'd describe myself as someone who usually takes the road less traveled and I kind of do my own thing when it comes to my interests. I've been told that I'm more of a chaotic good. My Myers Briggs personality type is ENJF-A if that tells you anything.
My love languages are quality time and physical touch. After some consideration, it's kind of impossible to have physical touch without quality time.
Some of the physical touch I enjoy is receiving beard scratches, giving from behind hugs and foot rubs to my partner. I'm also a snuggler and hopeless romantic.
I have the time and energy to put into someone. I've done a lot growing over the past couple of years and I finally feel like I'm ready to find my forever.
I'm also not vanilla.
Here's a pic of me.
About You:
I tend to be more attracted to feminine energy and girly girls but I understand if that's not for everyone. I'm open to all races and ethnicities. I do have my preferences but I'm definitely not picky.
I love curvy, cute and cuddly women for sure.
I'd love for you to not be vanilla as well and somewhat exploratory. Please have a sense of humor. A good flirt to roast ratio is a love language all it's own.
Please be located close by or willing to put in the work to communicate and travel or host of need be, because I am.
Please also be consistent. I don't want to be the only one to carry on the conversation. Ghosts need not apply.
Please have an open heart and an open mind for love. I promise you if you do, our lives will both be enriched by one another.
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2023.06.07 14:12 Comfortable-Draw-896 Some things are not adding up.. 🤔

To start with, your LI catches you before Ivy can go in with the kiss. Earlier, he told your MC about her grafting hard (seeming annoyed), but then let her put her hand on his thigh and then goes to lean in for a kiss. It’s too bad our MC was caught, because I really wonder what would have happened.
Later Ivy will tell you about Roberto’s secret. If you do that answer in the game, it’s wrong. She lied to you and basically says you’re gullible.
Later after she takes your LI on a date, they hold hands. He doesn’t pull away. They both agree to never admit to what happened on the date. When he once again catches MC, he pulls his hand away and of course you can’t talk about it.
And of course once she’s kicked off, you can pay gems to find out all he did was talk about MC. But, why would they agree to not talk about it? Why would she hold hands with someone who basically said no 3749293 times? She’s lied before about stuff, including earlier that day. She’s never liked your Mc, so why would she want her to win?
At this point, I know she’s kicked off, so no real reason to lie, BUT I have a huge feeling she will be back at casa. Her story didn’t seem done. Is this where we find out the truth? I definitely think so.
As for Amelia; I could also see your original LI and Amelia getting together at some point. She seemed like she got some answers right and was paying attention to what she said. I guess we will see if she got into the bed on purpose (after hearing what MC would want him to do) or she went there to finally confess her secret from earlier. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she’s pretended to be MC in the past and that’s how she got Zeph, even if he knew them both. I would hope the islanders can tell them apart though, I certainly can…but it feels like mistaken identity will happen at some point (possible next week). This could be accidental, or could be because Amelia is jealous of all the attention from MC, especially if you tell her you’re also into Roberto.
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2023.06.07 14:12 Nervous-Living2824 How a shouting guy chased me at a waterpark

This is not going to be that scary like other stories you can read here, but when it happened to me it was really really frightening. Also I apologize because it might be a little long.
So this happened a few weeks ago in the countryside at my neighbours (and friends) waterpark.
It was the second day that it opened in the season and there was only one pool in use. Like I said before, it was our neighbour's place. When we arrived (my friend with her parents and my parents and me) me and my friend (I'm going to call her Anna from now on, it's not her real name) went in the pool while our parents were at the buffet having lunch. Before I continue, I would like to mention that we are both girls and minors.
I remember seeing a group of people, about 3 or 4 guys and 2 smaller girls. I think they were siblings, but the point is, there were no adults with them. They all played and had fun together, and I remember looking at them and thinking: 'ohh it's so nice seeing the older brothers playing and having fun with their little sisters and everyone looks so happy!' (seeing love among people always makes me emotional).
As time passed, Anna and I got hungry so we went to the buffet where our families were. When we got there, we saw that same group one or two tables away from us. I was standing there, Anna sitting, and I saw them staring at us. Again, I didn't think much of it.
After lunch only Anna and her mother were in the pool. The next things didn't happen to me, and at that time I didn't realise it was happening, Anna's mother told us later. She heard the guys from that group telling one to go up to Anna. That guy was in some way mentally disabled. I really don't want to offend anyone by saying that, I don't think that a disabled person would be less than any other person. It was not their choice but it is the people's choice to bully them or think differently about them which is just so so so dumb. Anyway the other boys encouraged him to go up to Anna. She didn't notice any of this happening, and by accident, she went to her mother right before he would have gone up to her. Then they heard the encouraging guys say 'come back, her mother is here'.
Later when we were all in the pool, I kept noticing that they were always looking at us and that one guy following us everywhere. My mother went out of the pool, I was with Anna and her mom when the he came up to me and said hi. Of course, i said hello because there is nothing wrong with this. But I have severe social anxiety and I wasn't feeling very comfortable. He was staring at me so strangely... Anna saw this too and she started to feel uncomfortable too. Her mother told us what had happened before then the three of us decided to go to my dad who was not very far from us.
The guy came closer, he even followed us when there were two adults there with us. By this point we were feeling really uncomfortable so we decided to get out of the pool, my mother was outside anyway. So nothing bad could happen right? Wrong. As we were getting out of the pool, we heard the guy come after us while he shouted: 'wait for me' and 'don't leave me'. We could see my mom so we went that way. Anna started panicking, so she decided to run. And because of her, I started to run too. After it happened, of course I know that it was a bad thing to do but at that time I was so creeped out, I couldn't think normally. I took off my slippers, because i couldn't run in them. When we got to my mother, i didn't have time to explain what's happening, because I really had to go to the bathroom. I gave her my slippers and run through this grass field that unfortunately had smaller branches and rocks lying there. I wasn't wearing my glasses, so I couldn't even see what i stepped on while being chased by a shouting guy. When I got to the women's bathroom (what was completely empty), I felt so relieved. I slipped a few times because wet, muddy foot and shiny bathroom floor are not the greatest combo 😅. I went in one of the stalles. Everything was quiet. Then I started hearing this heavy breathing coming from the doors way. I knew it couldn't be a woman, because it was in such a deep voice. Like a guy who's tired from a run. Of course after the past events a thought it was him. At that moment I was thinking: 'this is it'. I knew that if he stood in the door, there would be no way for me to get out of there. I haven't felt that scared before. When I could no longer hear the heavy breathing, I slowly got out of the stall. When I went out, I could see him going in the man's restroom's way and my mother yelling at him. Apparently he wanted to get into the women's bathroom. Later my father spoke to him and after that he stopped following us (but when he passed by or when they left he was looking at us).
I don't blame him, I think it wasn't his fault, but the other boys' who encouraged him to go up to us. I'm quite sure they were just pulling a prank on him by telling him that we looked like we'd be interested in him. And honestly I don't think anything that bad would have happened if he got to us, but like I said, i have severe social anxiety and I'm a little paranoid too so the things that were happening made me feel very uncomfortable and scared.
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2023.06.07 14:11 AleristheSeeker [Online] [PF1e] [Spheres of Power] Looking for DMs for a collaborative "One City Setting"-project

[Online][Pathfinder 1e][Spheres of Power]
NOTE: This post is searching for DMs - if you're a player looking for a game, you'll sadly have to look a little further.

Tales of Tomboro

System: Pathfinder 1e, Spheres of Power, Might and Guile (being added to the wiki as we speak)
Platform: Discord / Various
Time: N/A
This is a somewhat odd ad. I'm not looking for players but rather around 2-4 other DMs that might be interested in a collaborative project.
This project entails:
  1. Creating a setting together; I have tried my best to build a "foundation" that can serve as a base to build upon
  2. Running own games within the same setting, cooperating with the other DMs to synchronize changes the different groups have made in the setting and share them
  3. Every now and then, holding Events that allow the different groups to interact
  4. Sharing ideas, feedback, expertise, etc. to create fun campaigns, build out the setting and write the story of the players in the setting, but
  5. Communicate and cooperate with other DMs to avoid and solve conflicts, both between visions, people and, quite honestly, me.
Some general remarks about the setting. None of this is set in stone, of course, but is part of the "foundation" (ironically):
  • the Setting is, so far, meant to be only a single City. Anything (far) beyond the city walls is "off screen"
  • this City is a large metropolis built on mysterious ruins that offer a multitude of chances for adventures
  • it is a City of adventurers, with people from all corners of the world (let's not get too deep into the worldbuilding implications here) and of any vocation
  • the biggest (although not by much) attraction is the "Great Academy of Magic", which is both a center for magical research and university
  • the city is relatively peaceful, as of right now - although that is bound to change.
Now for the introductory text - this is originally written with players in mind, but might still give a general idea:
Somewhere in some world, between one or another mountain range and any forest, lies the mystical City of Tomboro. It is home to the Great Academy of Magic, a multitude of people, one stranger than the last, a mass of unexplored ruins that form its foundation and countless adventures and oddities, ready to be found by those brave or crazy enough to seek them out.
What lies beyond the city walls is wildly uninteresting in the face of the largest city on this world, filled with magic and mistrust, companionship and conspiracies, adversaries and adventure. Will you seek out the riches of the ruins? Get to know the townsfolk and help it with its troubles? Are you but a student, coming here to study at the Great Academy of Magic? Perhaps you have always lived here and are down on your luck after a mishap with the Thieves' Guild? Or perhaps you are looking to become part of the dark underbelly of the City that keeps the nobles entertained? Perhaps, you are destined for greater things, such as becoming a noble yourself?
Whatever it is that has brought you into this city, it will be something the bards will sing about (perhaps even with instruments, if you're not too stingy...) and that will inspire others to do the same - or the opposite, depending on how you fare.
Welcome, to the City of Legends, past, present and future! Welcome... To the City of Tomboro!
Thank you for even reading this far, I know it's a lot. Here is a Link to some further information if you're interested in the idea in general.
If you're interested or have additional questions, shoot me a direct message - I'll be happy to answer!
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2023.06.07 14:10 Ok-Courage8751 My expwBPD is keeping our house hostage

Me and my expwBPD bought an apartment together in the summer of 2021. We are in The Netherlands so the real estate system is perhaps a bit different from the US, but we are both owners of the apartment (equally) and also both debtors of the mortgage (also equally).
It’s a very, very long story, but I’ve only been able to live in the house for 1,5 months before I had to leave the house in January of 2022 because the domestic violence escalated very quickly and very badly. I feel I’ve escaped with my life.
Ever since I’ve left the house he said he wanted to keep the house and I was fine with that, that whole house was ruined for me anyway because of everything that happened there. I went NC 9 months ago except for contact through email that’s necessary for the handling of the house. It’s now one and a half years later since I had to leave the house and I’ve received countless and countless of emails from him saying that ‘’he’s in the middle of the process of his mortgage application’’ blah blah blah, NOTHING has happened. I suspect he can’t be approved for a mortgage because his income is too low and he knows this, and he’s just trying to string me along so he can stay there as long as possible. Recently I’ve emailed him I’m done and no longer want to facilitate him keeping the house and I just want to sell to a third party. Ever since then he’s decided to ignore my existence as if he’s not squatting in a house that’s owned by me.
This has kept going on for so long and everything he says is so nonsensical (his demands and version of reality are truly ridiculous) that I have no other option left than to sue him, so that’s what’s going to happen. It’s legally an easy and straight to the point case so I don’t expect any legal difficulties. I’ve hired a lawyer and the whole process of suing will start soon.
This is going to be hell because I know him well enough to know that he will experience this as the most victimizing thing that’s ever happened in the history of victimization and will feel 100% entitled to retaliate. He will split, have a crisis and probably try to prevent or delay the sale by saying he will kill himself, me or others if it goes through (I don’t rule out that he will actually do it either).
Has anyone been in a similar situation to mine? Does anyone have advice for me?
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2023.06.07 14:10 napgremlin Am I being sensible here?

Reposting this from uk personal finance cos the post got deleted and the mods started moaning about how it will never make sense to buy a new car financially if the old one still works, despite my question being about whether my budget sounds right so never mind trying here instead.
Am I being financially irresponsible replacing my car?
I’d really like to get a different car, but I’m worried that I’m not being sensible as I usually am very rigid with money.
I’m 23, currently take home £2350 (that’s after defined benefit pension contributions too - I’m also expecting my salary to increase by roughly 4.5% soon). I own my own house with my partner which costs me £600 for my mortgage and bills as we split 50/50. This includes £60 towards a three year 0% loan on a kitchen. This doesn’t include £40 a month for my phone which is 0% for two years. No other debts. No dependants.
I like to save 20% a month into my emergency fund, I don’t always do this every month though, but I’ve currently got £5000 in this pot and £3500 in another pot which I’ve committed to spending on new carpets and a sofa! I did have more but we’ve replaced the boiler and done the bathrooms up too.
I’ve had my current car for 5 years, I own it outright, 2015 reg and it’s probably worth about £4k. Truthfully there’s not much wrong with it as I’ve always looked after it, but I just don’t really enjoy driving it all that much. I’m also wanting to swap to automatic.
I’ve been looking at a PCP for a 2021 car which works out about £300 a month. Insurance would be £50 a month and I expect to spend about the same on petrol. Maintenance cost/tax etc would either come from the rest of my disposable income or savings.
I’d really like to be a bit insensible and treat myself, and I feel on paper that it’s affordable but could do with someone sense checking me. If I’m being an idiot then I need to hear it but likewise could just be me being a bit overcautious.
(Car in question is a Cooper S)
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2023.06.07 14:09 No-Fold4173 PDFs in landscape mode

Hi everyone, I use my 6.5-inch phone to read books and pdfs. I read in landscape mode and scroll, but the eyestrain problem is very annoying(same experience with my laptop)
Darkmode & Bluelight filters are good but not enough. I can't take a break when I'm lost in something I enjoy(until my eyes hurt)
I can't afford anything more expensive than Libra 2 and I know that zooming won't feel good
I will buy it anyway because I already read enough epubs to make it worth
My question is: How is your experience with Libra 2 when it comes to reading PDFs in landscape mode?
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2023.06.07 14:08 kayjay1973 Alternaleaf EOFY deal

I already have a pharmacy (Candor) but I know there are probably a lot of people coming here to read up on how to get a prescription. I had no specific reason to go fully online with Candor and I've been super happy with them so far, but if you're OK with doing telehealth, Alternaleaf are doing half price consultations which equates to $39 for the initial consult. Read through the posts and if you feel they will be good for you, it might be worth a go. Especially if you're watching your budget. Need to save as much as you can with the prescription costs 🙂
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2023.06.07 14:08 Niks_bg This is fine

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2023.06.07 14:08 FlyleafNero090 I left my mom at the hospital and I don't feel bad.

Idk how much detail to put but my dad died 8 months ago and my mom moved in with me and my fiance in our house that we had recently bought because she couldn't make it on her own but over time I realised my mom is a narcissist and every boundary set for her is an attack. This weekend we tried to set another boundary and she just started screaming "I'm grown! I'm grown! Fuck you! Fuck you!" Then 3 days of silent treatment from her and yesterday shit hit the fan. I was at work. She tried to act like nothing happened and everything was fine like she normally does. My fiance is over it and tired and wasn't just going to let it go. So she was like what's wrong? And he said he's keeping the same attitude and so should she. She tried to play dumb but that didn't work. She went downstairs and got the title to her car and boat threw it at him and said to split it between the grandkids. Then proceeded to walk out the door and turn to my preteen son and said "This will be the last time you see me I'm going to go kill myself." My fiance got her keys from her while she was punching him in the chest and she took off running on foot. I got off work and called the cops. 2 hours later she walks back says she took 5 pills and needs to lay down. We tell her she need to go to the hospital. EMS comes and it take them 45 minutes to convince her to go and her story has changed to "I only took 3." Around 8 she calls and she is groggy sounding and she's asking me to take her some clothes and toiletries. And I do and I'm mad and frustrated. I get to the hospital and i can't find her. I try to get them to take the bags but they won't cuz they don't wanna be liable which is understandable but I really didn't wanna see her. I go in and I'm like "Here is your stuff. I have to go put the kids to bed" and try to leave. She said hold on I'm gonna convince them to let me leave and you can take me home. And I lost it I don't remember what all I said. I know I told her if it was just the pills they wouldn't have tried to keep her. And she just kept saying I'm fine I'm fine. I was just hot from walking. And she never apologized for any of this not for a damn thing. The doctors come and they are like what's going on? She starts saying I changed my mind she is going to take me home. I said no I'm not. She just looked at me like a gapping fish. She started hollering at them. I said I'm leaving they agreed and said they think that's best. And I walked out. And I feel bad about not feeling bad. Like that's my mom should feel something other than relief. Thank you I needed to get it out.
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2023.06.07 14:08 Aaravos_Midnightstar Please help me with my interpretation of the show (long post, sorry!)

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to activate the spoiler function before posting so I had to change it in the editor. Makes it really unattractive to read but I hope it's still ok. My apologies
Hi everyone,
I have just finished S1 and there are many things I still don't really understand. Perhaps you can help me with some of them.
This post is going to be long (I'm sorry!) because I want to explain where I come from with my current understanding. I hope that makes it easier for me to convey what I am actually trying to ask and for you to point out where I might have gone wrong and misunderstood something.
Btw, please treat me as if I know no MCU lore. I have watched a couple of movies some years ago but I wasn't super invested in them. I don't remember any lore details, esp. those pertaining to time travel, multiverse logic etc. (I also haven't watched anything from the Dr. Strange or Ant Man franchises.)

So I'd like to start with my current understanding (and perhaps you can already point out what's wrong) and then I'll follow up with my questions:
My current understanding
The Sacred Timeline is a loop. As long as it is stable and maintained there are no multiverses (this is already where I'm not sure - but as far as I understand breaking the sacred timeline is what will trigger the creation of multiverses in the first place, which the next phase of the MCU then aims to explore?).
(The alternative would be that there are a couple of multiverses who exist in parallel but they are written in a way so that no Kang can start a war? It wasn't clear to me.)
But back to the "no multiverse" perspective:
There is just "The One" timeline that plays over and over again. Variants are created if events occur that deviate from the predetermined path of the loop/the one time line (as Sylvie puts it "Sometimes time/the universe tries to break out").
The time loop does not have to play out the exact same way but a core formula needs to be followed (hence classic Loki didn't die at Thanos' hands but he still had a certain role to play.)For example, on the sacred timeline Loki is supposed to be a man and his life always has to play out a certain way (he serves as a catalyst for the growth of the avengers (so they can be their best selves), while he himself is always alone and can only cause death and suffering with his own hands - he can't break out of the villain role). If he deviates from this looped fate - e.g., by being born a woman, by killing Thor or by leaving his isolation to be with his family - he leaves the the pre-written story of the one sacred time loop and causes the emergence of a new branch/alternate timeline/parallel universe. This deviation, if left unchecked, would result in an alternate timeline/a branch/a parallel universe that would the exist in addition to the sacred timeline. (As would any other branch that is caused by another person.)
At the same time, the TVA propaganda makes it sound as if there is no time loop as "the end of time is still being written". An end indicates that the time line is actually an ongoing/straight(ish) line and not cyclical. This is what everyone seems to believe.
However, if there are (currently) no multiverses - and my understanding is that this is what the characters believe in the show? (again not sure...) - then for variants to exist, some form of time loops/traveling to the past are a prerequisite.
The creation of our Loki's variant is a good example because he is created due to time travel altering his previously established life history: Normally he'd been taken away and then Thor 2 etc. would have played out. But when the avengers go back in time he can escape that one timeline and creates a new branch by changing the course of his life events (which is of course immediately pruned).
Yet, there are many examples where no time travel within the sacred time line ( e.g. the avengers'/Loki's/Thanos' type of time travel) takes place. E.g., Sylvie being born, Loki killing Thor, Loki leaving isolation to see Thor, the Goldman Sachs guy, etc. Still, they all trigger the growth of a new branch.
That is, because their entire timeline is a loop that restarts the course of history over and over again and produces variants if something in this big time loop goes awry.
At the same time, due to the TVA propaganda no one, even the incredibly intelligent characters like Loki, never notice this inconsistency that not all variants are created from time travel directly related to their lives.
They believe those non-timetravel-related variants (Sylvie, kid Loki, Goldman Sachs guy) occur simply because they went against the path that the Time Keepers had already decided (but that has not happened yet).
So far, so long. This is my current understanding.
My first question basically "is my overall understanding correct?"
Second question: The characters' contextualisation of the TVA propaganda confuses me
If an event that deviates from the predetermined timeline is not caused by a direct event of backwards time travel by characters (Loki, the avengers, etc.) then the logic of the (false!) TVA rhetoric of an ongoing timeline with a definitive ending (vs. a loop) would dictate that the result of such an action should just alter the course of the main timeline and steer it away from what the Time Keepers intended. It shouldn't cause a branch.
If for example, kid Loki kills kid Thor then (in Lokis understanding of there only being a non-cyclical time) line there is nothing that should suddenly release some cosmic power that directly alters time itself and creates two timelines (unlike our Loki's time travel after the battle of NYC that actually altered the timeline) because it's just a linear action on the timeline. Albeit one that goes against the will of the Time Keepers.
Hence, this linear action, that doesn't directly meddle with the flow of the sacred time line (vs. time travel), shouldn't (from Loki's propaganda-informed perspective) be able to somehow trigger the emergence of different timelines that exist "next to each other": One where kid Thor is now dead (the branch) and a second one where this never happened (the intended one).
Due to this on-time-line behaviour, that is simply not in line with the Time Keeper's plan for the timeline, the "intended" (as per the Time Keepers) timeline shouldn't keep playing. It should be changed. Consequently the TVA would (according to that logic) not cut off branches but bend the changed timeline back into its original state so it conforms to the Time Keeper's plan.
I hope it makes sense. It's a bit hard to describe what I mean. I'm sorry.
But no character seems to notice or point this inconsistency out so I don't understand what the characters actually believe before they learn the truth from Kang.
My third question
Why does killing Kang reset the time loop? This might seem like a stupid question but let me try to explain:
The way I normally understand time loops is: You are currently at some point in time A. You travel back to a point in the past B and change certain events. Now starting from B time has to pass and events have to play out in a way that have you reach point A (again) and make you travel back to point B (again) and so on and so on.
But if I understand it correctly Loki and Sylvie meet Kang outside of the time loop/time line. (Or you could at most say they travel to "the end of time"/right before the loop restarts.)
Yet even though Kang says he doesn't know how they decide (not sure if I believe him though) it seems like if they kill him the time line will certainly start again, the multiverse war will occur and at some point "the right Kang" will end it and establish the sacred time line again. Hence, why he says that he'll end up in the same place, that he is in right now, anyway.
(It is not clear to me btw if this is The sacred timeline. I.e., the sacred time loop is actually always: a multiverse war sacred timeline and stability Kang gets killed (by Sylvie?) multiverse war sacred timeline is established and so on.
Or whether normally "He who remains" Kang is completely detached and the sacred timeline restarts over and over due to his design (without a multiverse war). And a multiverse war just happens to yield the same outcome.
I am leaning towards the first option tbh.)
Side question
Would the first option mean that there is a time loop inside the time loop? Since Sylvie is officially not supposed to exist according to the course of the sacred time line but she is at the same time also necessary to kill Kang and restart the time line, doesn't that mean she ultimately has to exist every time, meaning that the creation of variants might actually not be a deviation from the sacred time line but a feature that is part of the predetermined flow of time designed by Kang? But since she can only occur due to one of the time lines going wrong, would that mean that there are lots of smaller time loop of the same reality and they are all part of a bigger time loop repeatedly starts with the multiverse war?
(I don't mean this in a multiverse way though. Rather that there is one "base reality" and that base reality plays over and over again one after another (not parallel). However each "same" reality is slightly different due to Kang's purposeful design, leading to certain variants to occur in this but not that replay, one of them being the loop where Sylvie is born, another one with classic and kid Loki (they do need to end up in the void to help our Loki after all) and so forth. So there is a consecutive string of the same reality playing out over and over again (with slight changes) until that string reaches the end of the loop of the big, all-encompassing time-line and then truly everything, i.e., the multiverse war and the very creation of the sacred time line, is restarted.)
Back to the previous question. ^^;
So what is it that I don't understand?
The most common interpretation I have seen is that the upcoming mutliverse war, that is about to happen, is the same multiverse war that already occured and it is "the same" Kang that ends it (and so on) because it is the aforementioned time loop. It is always the same events (hence the same war) replaying.
However, I don't see the "time loop pressure", as outlined in my previously described understanding of time loops, that forces the event to happen in a "time-travel-logic" based manner:
In such loops due to going backwards certain things will always have to play out a certain way between B and A, because the backwards dependency of A (future) existing due to B (past) is created by traveling back to B in the first place. This creates a "time loop pressure", meaning that some events always have to set in motion via time travel, leading to a cycle.
Sylvie and Loki don't travel back in time to a point B though and set certain events in motion that are necessary to ensure the events after point B play out in a way that (always) leads to a multiverse war and the recreation of the sacred timeline at point A.
I don't see this backwards dependency.
The only way I can explain the ending to myself is in terms of a "forwards causality" (I am not a physicist, so I'm sorry if all those terms are wrong btw - treat them as lay person jargon) caused by events that have to follow based on pure "logic" of infinity/"laws of ""nature"" ".
What I mean is: instead of truly restarting the time line and the same events playing out again, killing Kang just reasonably leads to a new multiverse war with a similar outcome, but not The same one from the past. So it's technically not a loop but a forwards motion, just that the events that occur after killing Kang are very similar to what has already happened:
Kang dies infinite multiverses start to emerge since there are infinite multiverses there are also infinite amounts of Kang variants (even if he does not exist in every multiverse he'd still exist infinitely by nature of there being infinite multiverses...) purely by the "logic" of infinity (again, not a physicist) I assume that this also means in some universes identical versions of the Kangs of the multiverse war exist simply as a result of chance/probability, including the Kang that becomes He who remains. Since it's in their "nature" (or some of the infinite multiverses with the identical Kangs play out similarly or identically to the ones before the first multiverse war) they repeat the actions of the previous Kangs and a multiverse war happens. That multiverse war is then stopped once more "by the right" Kang.
This multiverse war doesn't necessarily have to play out exactly as the previously one did. (In fact, infinitive multiverses begs the question if there are perhaps infinite multiverse wars and one of them plays out exactly as the one we know, but others also go completely differently.)
So even if simply by the logic of probability the same events can occur if infinite versions of reality/time/universes etc. exists, it would, strictly speaking, not be a time loop, as in a closed circle of the same events that is triggered perpetually due to a backwards dependency between two points in time caused by time travel.
That is why I initially did not interpreted Kang's lines "Reincarnation, baby" and "See you soon" as indicators for a restart of the time loop but of references to future events: He (his soul) doesn't actually reincarnate but due to probability a version of Kang that is exactly like him will exist in one of the infinite multiverses. And that Kang plus all the other variants are the Kangs Loki and Sylvie will "see again soon".
But I'm not sure if this is what the show is actually going for.
The way I see it now, most people seem to agree that it is an actual time loop, so I remain wondering how killing Kang would establish a time loop in the traditional sense with this "backwards dependency" between time points caused by time travel.
My apologies for this really long post. But this show really got me thinking. I hope I was able to make at least a little bit of sense and could convey what confuses me.
Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.07 14:08 MisterGallows Brand New ONE PIECE Fanfiction Series!

Hello, my friends! This is my very first post on this page, and honestly i can't believe it's taken me so long. Thank you for letting me join up and be a part of this awesome community!:)
My name is Danny Gallows, and i am a writer and musician. I was a late bloomer to OP, having only started watching the show in the summer of 2020, but since then it has become a massive part of my life and is currently, by far, my new favorite anime. I just started watching the Zou arc last week, and my OP energy has never been higher! I originally began watching OP at a time in my life when i really need happiness and inspiration, and being able to continuously join the Straw Hat's on their adventures has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
And that brings me to my post today! As i mentioned, i am an proud independent author, focusing on mostly fantasy/fanfiction. I usually create books for shows/movies/games that inspire me, and have since released two Star Wars books, as well as a Dark Crystal novel. But for the past year or so I've also had many ideas for a OP arc floating around in my head, so i began to fill up some notebooks. And after the "Raizo is safe" moment, i was so inspired that i finally decided to sit down and start it.
I figured because this community page allows some self promotion, this would be the best place to share it:) So i wanted to let you all know! Here is the book's description:
"The Lighthouse Empire Arc takes place immediately after the Fishman Island Arc, as the crew sails North to their next destination. After seeing a mysterious light on the horizon, the crew soon finds themselves on the doorstep of a massive floating city the size of a real island. In the shape of a star, with colorful lighthouses at each point, the made-made city is 80K strong, with 5 ships and their captains, as well as a commodore named Dani Sky, a man who ate the sky-sky fruit, leading his humble civilization with pride and power. Yet soon after the crew arrives, they find themselves adrift in a sea of darkness, as Naval forces descend like a ferocious storm upon the empire. As the crew will soon discover, the humble family that cares for this place harbors evil histories they have been trying to escape. Now that Luffy has befriended them, their situation becomes his responsibly."
So far i already have one episode completed, and i release them one half at a time. I have writing fever right now, so the plan is to release something new every week. Oda has always been a huge inspiration for me, and i believe that both cosplay and fanfiction are the most sincere forms of respect and gratitude us fans can show. And sense i can't cosplay--except for maybe Fat Luffy--writing is definitely my forte!
Unlike my normal books, which obviously read like books, this series is set up to read as if you were watching the show itself. So the descriptions are short and literal, everything is in present tense, and it's formatted more like a screenplay, which makes it easier for those who are familiar with watching the show. Needless to say, this is a massive undertaking and it will most likely take me another year or so to complete, as it's a full arc. Something i always want to make clear is that i do not write traditional fanfiction, which is often just short, poorly writen ideas. I create actual, well thought out books which could be canon. I like to think that if i have passion for what i'm writing about, i understand the characters and world well enough to make something realistic, and i'm definietly very confident in this new series!
Thank you so much for reading my long post. Sorry, but i'm writer--i write!:) And if you'd like to start a new OP adventure, i publish all of my work on Wattpad, so it's available to all and completely free to read. And please remember that much more is on the way soon, you're only at the very tip of the iceberg! I have tons of notes planned out for an extremely detailed arc, which will play out just like any other arc you may enjoy.
Here is the link to my page! :
Enjoy, my friends! More updates to come soon as i release new material! MUCH LOVE.
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2023.06.07 14:08 Johnny_Autism The people saying "your league is who you can attract" forget they're giving this reply to men who can barley attract any women at all

  1. if the archetypal hot guy is imagined as tall, broad shouldered and toned in build. His 'league' are probably beautiful women with long legs, a slim waist, wide hips and big boobs. I get this.
  2. but now take a short petite woman, with a otherwise symmetrical face, but short legs and small boobs. She will also be seen as very attractive by many men (and women) -- a guy of average height and non-muscly slim build, will probably be seen as 'meh' by most women.
  3. again a short girl with thick thighs and big baby eyes who is on the chunky side will be considered attractive if not even a preference for many guys, but her brother who could look similar will prob be a 'meh' or unattractive in the eyes of women.
inb4 "what looks good in women doesn't look good in men"
Precisely why I choose a short petite woman as a example attractive without possessing exaggerated sexually dimorphic traits was to show the double standard here. For women there is a variance of appeal; from thin to thick, petite or stacked, their height isn't a deal breaker... for men there is little variance of how they can look to 'pass the bare minimum' when it comes to physical appearance. Everything seems to be steered toward tall, fit or muscly without anything in between at all.
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2023.06.07 14:07 EdwardAlfredson My ƿent: "You need to hang up that computer call" from: Haunted House (2014)

"You need to hang up that computer call" from: Haunted House (2014)
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2023.06.07 14:07 Niks_bg This is fine

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2023.06.07 14:07 throwawayqs2638292 I don't know how to do it anymore.

The last month and a half has just been an absolute shit show and I don't know how to deal with it anymore.
This is long but I am hoping someone out there will read it.
I moved in with my partner into an amazing apartment and in less than a month we were informed they're selling the building - after an extremely thorough application process where we stressed we were looking for someplace to live for at least the next three years. Now we have no guarantees of that. And I've had to work at home for all the viewings (we're still not fully unpacked and I hate it) so my cats don't get super stressed out but it's still affecting them majorly anyway.
My job that I just started in February has progressively gotten harder and harder. I was given accounts that others did not want to deal with and now a plethora of procedure changes have made my accounts as difficult as the team member who has been there for 20+ years while the other newer member of the team just tried to pass on the harder work to me.
I had what I thought was a hit and run incident where a woman scuffed the fk out of my car coming out of her driveway because she didn't see me. It turned into a whole confrontation at the police station but now I just don't want to deal with insurance or court dates so I'm just going to drop it. I think I can buff things out at home anyway and it's not worth the insurance increase.
I got super upset with my obgyn office because they wouldn't refill my birth control one last time. I currently have four days left. I made an appointment with a doctor in the same medical group thinking it would be okay but it wasn't. I had to schedule an appointment at the doctor's office that's now 20+ miles away. I lost my cool on the phone and even though I apologized, I don't think they're going to refill my prescription now.
My meds feel like they don't do anything anymore. I've been using cerebral for over a year and just cancelled my subscription because I was (miraculously) able to get a psych appointment two weeks from now at a new doctor - but I'm so scared of how it will go and of their diagnosis will align with my previous one.
I haven't been on a vacation in four years and now I may not be able to go on the small one we were trying to take at the beginning of July because someone else on my team was going to take off as well.
And those are just the big items. I can't stand it anymore. I've broken down into crying panic attacks most mornings in the last two weeks and I have no idea how to keep going. I'm worried about affording my new psych doctor, I don't think I can afford therapy, I can't afford all the other doctor and dentist visits I know I need. What's the fucking point anymore?
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2023.06.07 14:07 DemiGodInsanity Honkai Character Analysis: Silver Wolf

Honkai Character Analysis: Silver Wolf
Hello again fellow trailblazers!
Today we're here to talk about Silver Wolf! This "alternate version" of Bronya who's now getting her release has quickly become a fan favorite, and so it's now the best time to cover what we know about her and what we can gather from Honkai Impact as well!
Silver Wolf's splash art
First of all, disclaimer:
The Honkai: Star Rail characters and Honkai Impact 3rd characters who have the same name and similar appearances, except for Welt Yang, are NOT the same person, but instead you may think of them as something akin of parallel versions of each other! I go into detail about this and how the Honkai universe works here!
Now let's get into it!
First, let's go over what we know about Silver Wolf in Star Rail. She's a member of the Stellaron Hunters, working alongside Kafka and Blade, but she seems moreso along for the ride and to have some fun herself. She's a very skilled hacker who can do just about anything, to the point where she's even gained the ability to alter reality through her "aether editing" abilities. She sees the world as her own personal game that she can edit and play as she likes due to this and her very easygoing attitude. She comes from the world of Punklorde, and now travels along with the rest of the Stellaron Hunters. Her hacking skills are so impressive that she's even gone up against, and matched, Screwllum of the Genius Society.
But what about her backstory?

Silver Wolf's Story

As a child, she was already addicted to videogames. She worked in a fast food restaurant, being the only employee there, and she had turned the basement into an arcade hall where patrons of the restaurant would come to play. There she played multiple games, including Pong, Battle Wheel 32, Geometric Wars, Odysseus and Star Cheetah, eventually beating all the high scores on all of them, her name becoming the only one on the lists. Having run out of things to do in the basement, and growing bored of the restaurant as a whole, she bid goodbye to the owner and left.
Using her special weapon, Prometheus, she created some virtual partners as modules to keep her company, as those who worked alone on Punklorde wouldn't last long. She tried to find a job, something that could excite her, but soon she realized that, even alone, nothing on the world of Punklorde could satisfy her insatiable need to continue to improve and "get a new score", as she would think of it. Becoming a legend among the people of the world, she was eventually approached by a group of people. A man, a woman, a metal humanoid and one other. She joined, leaving Punklorde to go across the stars with the Stellaron Hunters.
Though it's not a long story, we'll see that it actually brings some similarities to a certain character from a certain other game. This has caused much discussion among people discussing whether they are the same or not, and we'll talk about that now!

Bronie, the Haxxor Bunny

Say hello to Bronie!
Bronie, in the Haxxor Bunny battlesuit
Bronie is a character from Honkai Impact 3rd. She is a version of Bronya seen only in a certain Bubble World, who stars in a few different events, including the ongoing one at the time of writing.
Before we talk about her, let's define Bubble Worlds really quick:
The universe in the Honkai franchise is made up of different Worlds, represented by leaves on the Imaginary Tree. These are complete star systems, though it's unclear if Worlds can include multiple galaxies, just one, etc.
Bubble Worlds, also called Bubble Universes in HI3, are instead fragmented versions of these worlds. They can be made naturally if a World falls off the Imaginary Tree, in other words losing its flow of Imaginary Energy, which eventually causes it to lose its integrity over time, and disappear in the Sea of Quanta (the space between the different "leaves", that makes up the rest of the universe that isn't occupied by Worlds). They can also be created artificially, and can be as small as to encompass only a single planet, or even a single moment in time, fragmented off of a World to form a very small bubble that preserves only that moment.
Now that that's explained. Bronie comes from a Bubble World within the Sea of Quanta, which seems to encompass an alternate version of HI3's Earth. Specifically, Bronie lives within Arc City, a technologically advanced city which hides a lot of shady transactions, gangs and corrupt companies. Here, Bronie is regarded as a legendary hacker, involved with many of these shady dealings but always working alone.
Bronie prepares for combat
As you can see, she carries a pair of guns, known as Crusher Bunny 19C. She also controls drones, which help her during battle, for reconaissance missions and just for performing some general tasks when needed.
But let's talk some about her story. As I've mentioned, she lives in this Bubble World's version of Arc City. Here, she works at a bar known as Raven's. This bar is named after its owner, Natasha Cioara, also known as Raven. (And yes, this is another version of HSR's Natasha, we'll get to her another day). She's also friends with a well known idol within Arc City, TeRiRi, this World's version of HI3's character Theresa.
Bronie mocks TeRiRi
Together, they infiltrate the Heliopolis Park, the main structure of Arc City, in order to grab a key that she had heard about in some intel. This is the key to the Light Curtain, a sort of barrier keeping Arc City separated from the rest of the world.
As she finds the place where this key is being kept, she is stopped from getting it by a mysterious ninja.
A mysterious fox-eared ninja
Bronie is eventually able to escape along with the key, and her and TeRiRi retreat to Raven's. Here they meet with Cioara, who shows her worry and opposition to Bronie's work as an independent hacker. With all the gang activity and powerful people out there, working independently is not only an inefficient way to make money, but can also get you killed very easily. To show her disappointment, she goes so far as to call Bronie by her real name, Bronya.
Cioara scolds Bronie
After revealing that she was able to take the key, Bronie runs away as she wants to avoid confronting the owner of the bar, and TeRiRi follows behind her. Here it's revealed that Bronie herself was part of the Taixuan gang, but she left in order to expand her horizons and eventually leave the city.
Their talk is interrupted by Gray Serpent, the one who sold Bronie the Heliopolis Park intel and a member of the Snake Eye gang. It seems the leader of this gang wishes to speak to Bronie, and so they follow him. She is led by an "introducer" named Rita, but she quickly figures out that she is, in fact, the leader she is supposed to meet.
Bronie and Rita
Snake Eye has in their possession another key to the Light Curtain. Three keys in total are needed, but the gang does not wish for the Light Curtain to fall, instead wishing to keep all the inhabitants of Arc City inside where it's surely safe. Therefore, Rita refuses to give the other key to Bronie, and attempts to take hers as well.
After a battle, Bronie comes out as the victor, and Rita gracefully hands over the key. However, Bronie also figures out that she had been holding back. Rita reveals that she lost on purpose to create a story and give Bronie credibility, and warns that Snake Eye is nowhere near as powerful as the holders of the other two keys, Heliopolis and the Taixuan gang.
Back in their hideout, Bronie and TeRiRi read some of Bronie's manga while they analyze the key. In one of them, TeRiRi reads about a samurai type of character who comes from a parallel universe. This seems to spark something in Bronie's mind, but she quickly brushes it off. Bronie finds a surveillance video of the ninja that attacked her underneath Heliopolis Park, witnessing her super advanced weapons and armor and her swiftness in defeating enemies.
The girls bring the fight to Taixuan gang in order to retrieve the final key.
Bronie and TeRiRi fighting the Taixuan gang
Meanwhile, Bronie believes she's figured out the mysterious ninja, believing she is from beyond the Light Curtain, or more specifically, that just as the villain from that manga, she is from a parallel universe, explaining her advanced technology and powers.
As they continue to mow down the opposition from the Taixuan gang, they eventually meet with its boss, Big Sister Fu Hua.
Fu Hua, leader of the Taixuan gang
Bronie challenges her to a match, just the two of them one against the other, something that hadn't been seen ever since Cioara had come to the Taixuan gang and challenged Fu Hua herself, with the prize on the line being taking Bronie away.
When they arrive at the arena, Fu Hua instead reveals that Bronie will be fighting Cioara herself, to the death. Since they both want to stop her from leaving, Cioara agreed to be the one to fight her instead. Though Bronie puts up a good battle, Cioara is able to overpower her and push her to the edge of the arena.
Cioara holds Bronie at the edge
However, Bronie uses her drones to get herself out of this situation. Even if she cannot move, they can, and she blasts Cioara away. She reveals that the first shot had an anesthetic, and that she had knocked Cioara unconscious. Fu Hua reveals that she never had the intent of keeping the key from Bronie, and had already given it to Cioara as payment beforehand. Bronie and TeRiRi return to Raven's, carrying the unconscious Cioara.
After Bronie and Theresa have a conversation about how much Bronie's grown, she decides to leave Raven's and go to look for the Curtain's core and finish this mission. With the blessing of both Cioara and TeRiRi, she prepares to go.
Bronie's final thumbs up to Raven's
She finds the Curtain's core, but is stopped by the ninja from before. She reveals that she had been after the core all along, and that Bronie had no use for it anyway as her goal simply required that it be removed. Bronie concludes, then, that the core must have another purpose, and thus decides not to hand it over to the ninja for free. As they battle, Bronie is able to set herself up and eventually is able to switch positions with the ninja, holding the core and placing herself closer to the exit. As she escapes, she triggers the security system to keep the ninja held up.
Bronie prepares to leave Arc City, but the ninja finds her waiting at the northern exit.
Bronie awaits the ninja at the edge of the city
She decides to give the core to the ninja, but not without a price: she wants the ninja to take her to the world where she comes from. She refuses, as she says she cannot do it, but she agrees to teach Bronie how to leave the world she's currently in.
Finally, it's revealed that the Light Curtain core is something known as an Ether Anchor. The assassin, whose name is Kasumi, was tasked by a mysterious individual to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Bronie is able to leave the bubble universe in which she lived and land in a place called the Hyperion. Though this isn't important for the story we're telling here, Bronie's world is part of a greater network of bubble worlds, addressed in Honkai's events to create a story called the Captainverse. I won't go into further details here about this, as it's not too important, but from here on, Bronie continues to travel to different bubble universes, including the one from the currently ongoing event in Honkai.
Bronie appears in the new event, in a different bubble universe (along with Kasumi)

Silver Wolf vs. Bronie

So now we come to answer the question: Are Silver Wolf and Bronie the same person?
If you've read the story of both, it should be pretty clear that the answer is no. However, it's also clear to see their similarities. Both grow up in a world with technological advancements, working in a barestaurant as its only employee, while also being very fond of technology and related culture. Both are incredible hackers of great renown who go around fighting against big gangs and people from the city while working alone, and both wish to leave their worlds after becoming bored, both achieving success in the end.
However, it's clear that Bronie's world is not Punklorde, and it's clear that Bronie's travels to different bubble universes is not the same as Silver Wolf's travels to different worlds with the Stellaron Hunters. They are still similar, but not the same, and the inspiration is more than clear to see.

The other Bronyas

To finish off this post, I'd just like to address the multiple variations of Bronya along different HoYoverse games. Alongside HI3's Bronya, Bronie, Star Rail's Bronya, Silver Wolf, and Gun Girls Z's Bronya, all of which are very different (though GGZ's Bronya and HI3's Bronya are the closest in character), there is also one more "Bronya", which may confuse some people if they see her.
The \"other Bronya\"
This... is not Bronya. If you don't know her (or well, it), you may be inclined to believe so. Yet even within Honkai's characters this is not counted as a Bronya. This is Prometheus. It is not a human, but instead an AI created by the Previous Era of humans that lived 50,000 years before the current civilization of Honkai Impact's world. The Previous Era and Current Era of Honkai share many character equivalents, and thus it's assumed that Prometheys is supposed to be the Previous Era version of Bronya.
Another detail you may notice here is that Prometheus shares a name with Silver Wolf's intelligent weapon! This makes the Bronyaverse go into an even tighter circle!


So this is it! I'm releasing this on Silver Wolf's release day, so there may be some details that can be taken from her companion quest or some other source I haven't been able to check out yet, and I'll edit the post to add such information if necessary! As always, please correct me if you find something wrong, and make suggestions for which character I should do this for next! Luocha's will come on his release day, so anyone else is fair game, as long as they have a Honkai Impact counterpart!
That said, I want to thank everyone here for reading this, and hopefully this has given you a deeper understanding of Silver Wolf, or at least of her inspiration, Bronie! If you've already pulled yourself a Silver Wolf, hopefully you'll enjoy her, and if you haven't, then may all your pulls be blessed, and may all Silver Wolf wanters be Silver Wolf havers!
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2023.06.07 14:06 not_a-drug-dealer 19 [M4F] Texas/Online/Anywhere, Looking for a long-term connection

Hello, my name is Ethan and im from East Texas! I’m hoping that by making this post I can find someone to talk to long-term and hopefully come to be close with. I’m a completely open book so dont worry about asking me something, I’ll probably have a answer for the question.
Here is a little about myself:
I really enjoy listening to music and I spend most of my time listening to it. I listen mainly to rock/metal but I give all music a chance, I’m open to recommendations!
I try my best to be a generally accepting person and I don’t judge, so please be yourself when talking to me. I want to get to know the real you.
My 2 favorite colors are pink and white, bonus points for pastel pink.
My main hobby is riding motorcycles, with my other interests being video games and anime. It would be nice if we could play together sometime! We’d probably both have one game we play in common.
I can be kinda clingy if you're looking for something like that, and I’m also looking for someone kinda clingy. I do also tend to reply fast, I have quite a bit of time these days to do so.
Please message me with a little about yourself and please dont be older than 28. Thanks for your time looking at my post and I hope to hear from you!
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2023.06.07 14:06 AmphibianUsed Pair of 2nd Run FD's and 3 Swirly S-line FD's

I'm starting a new hobby and looking to free up some funds to kick it off right. I have two 2nd run FD's and 3 Innova made S-line FD's for sale. I do not know what run the S-line FD's are, but I think they are a later one. Price listed includes shipping. Discs will be shipped out in a bubble mailer with a cardboard backer. Unfortunately I do not have a scale to check disc weights for you guys. If you want/need better or more specific pictures please feel free to reach out. Please excuse the terrible lighting in the group pictures, I couldn't fit everything on the bathroom countertop. Pictures with the gray countertop are a more accurate representation of color. I take PayPal and Venmo, but I prefer Paypal. Add 2% to purchase price if paying PayPal G&S. First come, first serve.
  1. Yellow 2nd Run FD. 6/10 Thrower. Phone number in 3 places. Has some scuffs and very minor scratches on the rim, still quite stable. Unknown weight. $65 firm
  2. Blue 2nd Run FD. 8/10. Phone number on the rim. I bought this disc unthrown and threw it just enough to want to ink it before I purchased the yellow one. Minor scuffs on the top side of the rim. 167g. $85 firm
  3. Dark blue S-line FD. 8/10. Phone number on bottom of flight plate, marked 14/20 from vendor. I bagged this for a small amount of time, it only saw a handful of throws. Lots of marble swirls. 175g. $50 obo
  4. Light Green S-line FD. 7.5/10. No phone number but this is the disc I threw of the most. Minor scuffs on the rim and flight plate. 175g. $40 obo
  5. Darker Green with Bluish rim S-line FD. 7/10. No phone number but marked 20/20 from vendor. Scuffs on top of flight plate. 175g. $40 obo
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2023.06.07 14:06 not_a-drug-dealer 19 [M4F] Texas/Online/Anywhere, Looking for a long-term connection

Hello, my name is Ethan and im from East Texas! I’m hoping that by making this post I can find someone to talk to long-term and hopefully come to be close with. I’m a completely open book so dont worry about asking me something, I’ll probably have a answer for the question.
Here is a little about myself:
I really enjoy listening to music and I spend most of my time listening to it. I listen mainly to rock/metal but I give all music a chance, I’m open to recommendations!
I try my best to be a generally accepting person and I don’t judge, so please be yourself when talking to me. I want to get to know the real you.
My 2 favorite colors are pink and white, bonus points for pastel pink.
My main hobby is riding motorcycles, with my other interests being video games and anime. It would be nice if we could play together sometime! We’d probably both have one game we play in common.
I can be kinda clingy if you're looking for something like that, and I’m also looking for someone kinda clingy. I do also tend to reply fast, I have quite a bit of time these days to do so.
Please message me with a little about yourself and please dont be older than 28. Thanks for your time looking at my post and I hope to hear from you!
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2023.06.07 14:05 WingXero Favorite gift from a student

Favorite gift from a student
I teach HS English and while I never expect anything, sometimes the students will give me a gift or two. Had a student hift me this RR lanyard bracelet (she knew me well enough to know I'd never wear it as a bracelet!). It's up there as my favorite gift ever over my 12 years this far.
A new generation of Howler's is coming! Omnis vir lupus.
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2023.06.07 14:05 BikerJedi How many of you use mobile to access /r/MilitaryStories? It is going away. [RULE BREAKING DISCUSSION POST]

A few of the mods are talking about taking us dark June 12-14 with the other subs to protest the API changes. All hell is breaking loose on the reddit moderator council subreddit right now, and quite a few other subreddits representing hundreds of millions of subscribers are going dark.
If you aren't clued in, Reddit is going to start charging a ridiculous amount of money in July for API access which will kill 3rd party apps. Right now, about 75% of our traffic in this subreddit comes from mobile apps. Since the official reddit mobile app is a steaming pile of dogshit, I'm assuming most of you are using third party apps to read this message.
This means if you use any "third party" application to access reddit it will likely stop working in a few weeks. It will also affect how moderators take care of communities. We can't be at our desk all the time - a lot of actions are done on mobile.
Thoughts? There is some real concern that this is going to destroy communities on reddit, and I know we are concerned about our little corner of the world here.
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