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Subreddit for the families, students, and friends of the Bryan / College Station Metropolitan Area. See the about section below for things to do / food recommendations.

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2023.05.28 14:51 Namesareoverrated5 On St. George's Spear Ch. 18

Ch. 18
First Previous
This takes place in an alternate universe described here.
Credit to u/spacepaladin15 for the original universe :)
Memory Transcript Subject: Com. Tomas Cardóna, Commander of the ENS Cupertino, member of the Dominican Order of Scientists
Date [standardized human time]: August 22, 2178
My promotion ceremony was purely for practical reasons, and everyone knew it. My mission was not to be conducted by anyone with “undue authority” or some other bureaucratic nonsense that always seems to find its way into everything.
However, before the government could get a handle on everything, the whole HHE found out about the Arxur's enslavement, and probable consumption of, the crew and descendants of the ENS St. Jeanne de Chantal. It was decided then, that “Squadron 12” would take upon itself a new, grim, task: Providing a secluded home for humanity to develop in times of peace, or flee to if the war goes south.
The former EES vessels were the premier ships for the job, so the Cupertino was chosen as we have been the most recent one to complete a mission successfully, and thus have the most experienced crew. It doesn’t hurt that the Cupertino has been significantly refitted into more of a light frigate than a science vessel, but I digress.
The Cupertino was to have an escort of around 8 corvettes and 2 frigates. By far the heaviest formation I have ever been in willingly. We received orders to travel to Ross 128, again, to stage our transport to our new home. Before we left Earth orbit, however, a top-secret set of orders was patched to my command desk. We were to make a detour to the Centauri system. Further orders would be given in person there.
So be it. I ordered a detour to Proxima. If they wanted to drag this out unnecessarily, well, two can play that game. Then, as if it was expecting us, an outdated museum piece of a “frigate” left orbit and started to charge toward us.
“ENS Cupertino*, this is the* ENS Philomena with permission to dock. Slow down and prepare for docking procedures.
The Philomena?! That vessel had its heyday during the 3rd Chinese War! It still uses nuclear thermal rockets for crying out loud. We could stay at 40% power and still outrun them. However, it would be bad form just to leave another friendly craft in the dust.
I went to the docking bay to give the idiot in charge of the Philomena a piece of my mind. There is no way I am letting them tag along on an interstellar mission. That would be stupid on so many levels … No. I’m not even going to think about it.
Before I realized it, I was in the docking bay, impatiently waiting for the Philomena to maneuver around the clamps and towards the docking seal with all the tender grace of a buffering video. Markov was his usual cheery self, which is to say he showed all the emotion of a cliff face. A squad of Marines of the order of St. Sebastian was formed on either side of the seal, to show our new capabilities to the rest of the world, as well as to assure ourselves that we are ready for whatever we might find past known space. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be another genocidal maniac empire.
The door opened to a Captain standing in the doorway. He spoke before I could voice some decidedly not-Christian thoughts about his arrival.
“Are you Commander Cardóna?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Good. I want to talk to you about a classified topic.”
Not again.
“Very well. Follow me to the ready room. Markov, prepare the flotilla.”
Markov nodded, and the Captain followed me to a secondary room, as the ready room was near the bridge, and the docking bay was not.
As soon as the door closed, he locked the door.
“I’m not going to beat around the bush, Commander. You’re going to be transporting Aliens. The Sheep, Kangas, and Spikies had a few volunteers join us. We thought they might be able to send them to help the fleet around Treshaan with their advanced knowledge of galactic political borders and possibly steer you clear of other hostiles.”
“The who sent volunteers?”
“Oh, you probably know them by their official names. Venlil, Yotul, and Go-jid. Trust me, there’s a reason why the Yotul have been nicknamed ‘Kangas’, and it’s not just because they look vaguely similar.”
“Aren’t those aliens deathly afraid of us? How would we be able to accommodate them? We have already lost part of our habitable area to weapons systems, they would have no choice but to be crammed in with us!” I may have said that with a bit more vigor than I intended, but I wasn’t about to cause a diplomatic incident by having an alien die of fright.
“Where did you hear that?”
“Frankly, sir, I am shocked that you rose to such a rank without learning the power of the rumor mill.”
“Fair point. To address your concerns, the volunteers are all in the process of converting. To assist them, a cohort of priests, deacons, and other clergy will be helping them in their path. They have performed a miracle over the past few months. I don’t know the details, but the aliens showed “positive reactions” only 4 weeks into their rehabilitation.”
“Sir, we only have the spare rooms for 30, counting turning those rooms into bunks.”
“That’s great! As we have 32, including the clergy, on the Philomena awaiting transfer, and I doubt that your priest aboard would protest sharing his room. Fortunately for all involved, you will only be transporting them to Treshaan where they will be distributed among the fleet already stationed there.”
I saluted the Captain and went to the Chapel. There, I got down on my knees and asked, [No one in particular] what I did wrong to warrant this punishment. After a half-hour of rethinking every life choice I made up until this point, I left feeling less despair and more resignation than when I entered.
I always hated being the taxi for my family.
Memory Transcript Subject: Chief Hunter Slasaan, Arxur Dominion Sector Fleet
Date [standardized human time]: June 21, 2178
I rushed the Hunter into a small shuttle that would take me to my command ship, which I inherited from my predecessor, Chief Hinter Shaza. That old hag wouldn't be able to comprehend that there are another sapient species in the galaxy, so I guess it was for the best when she suffered that “accident”.
The Hunter seemed to be in awe of the size of the ship. I couldn’t blame her. The ship was large to such an unreasonable degree that some other Chief Hunters tried to scrap the ship due to its “impracticality” in combat situations. Another theory from the formerly-alive Chief Isif that acted as if prey could put up meaningful resistance.
After letting her tour the ship, I tried to get a sizeable fleet behind me if this new species was not open to negotiations. However, as was to be predicted, the other Chief Hunters and houses were dragging their tails as much as they could. If I didn’t know any better, I would have called them Mazic-Boned, but that would only lead to my death.
After a [week] or two, I had finally gathered my task force that would initiate official contact. I was just about to go crazy being on a ship with this many other people at once. Was this why Shaza was so weird? Did she like to keep company like that? Was she hiding defective Arxur on this ship?
Shaking that train of thought from my head, I walked onto the bridge and took everything in. If anything screamed ‘Most powerful Arxur under the Prophet-Descendant,’ this is it. As the task force started our final leg toward Treshaan, I couldn’t help but feel optimistic about negotiations with this new species.
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2023.05.28 14:50 Traditional-Depth548 To the one who makes me feel…

Lately I’ve been ruminating over thoughts of you. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, let alone wanted someone this badly.
I’m not a sexual person but god I can’t stop thinking about you making love to me. I’m terrified of the day you get me alone in a room. I keep picturing it…I’d be too weak to stop you and you’ll sense it immediately. You’ll know there and then that I’m in love with you. You across of me staring intensely into my eyes. I lower my gaze as I feel the pure electricity between us…my moans…your soft grunts. You whispering you love me in between each deep stroke… our connection overriding every other person we’ve ever been with.
What is it about you that makes me so weak? My longing has become so intense that the thoughts of you have become part of my night routine. I play the role of being distant and cold so well but I’m only intensifying these feelings by avoiding you.
I’m too embarrassed to let you know that I’ve been feeling this way. That it’s been you from the day I met you. So here I am telling the universe instead of you.
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2023.05.28 14:49 0010010110101 Any advice for Online MS in Geology?

Posted this in another but I found this subreddit so hope u can help thanks!
Hello! I (25) have a degree in BS Geology and I have 2 years of experience working in the petroleum sector. My work right now is pretty good, pays pretty well by my country's standards and it's in one of the major oil exploration companies here. Few things which might be considered when applying for an MS program is that I graduated at a good university (top in my country). My grades are okay and I know I can get good recommendations from supervisors, professors etc. I do not have an IELTS or the likes but I'm willing to take an exam if needed.
I am interested in studying MS Geology/Geophysics/Exploration Geology or something similar. I cannot, however, be a full time student because of financial reasons. A friend of mine suggested online programs abroad. I thought this would be a good idea because: (1.) My goal in studying an MS right now is to increase my knowledge ofc (because I have little experience) and credentials to boost my career. (I'm lined up for a managerial position but I would need an MS for it.) (2.) Although Geology is a field-based science, I would still have that since I would be applying my learning at my work. (3.) I have a lot of spare time in the afternoons and weekends. (4.) I have tried studying online and it was okay for me. (My last semester was online because of the pandemic and I enrolled in some month-long certificate programs in the past year and I have completed them well) (5.) I miss and enjoy studying a bit but I gotta work lol
I saw some universities online offering online MS Geology such as Ohio University (i think?) and Texas A&M University. I am not familiar with them tbh bc Im from Asia. Are these good universities? What other universities do you suggest (Doesn't have to be US-based but preferably offered in English)? What program should I take considering I am interested in working in the energy sector in general and not just petroleum? What qualifications should I have? Are online universities okay? What are your experiences?
TLDR: Any suggestions where to take online MS in Geology/Geophysics/similar... and/or what online MS should I take if I want to work in the energy sector?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 14:49 Less_Construction702 Need recommendation regarding placement/fit of Rivian home charger + my R1S is getting delivered!!

Need recommendation regarding placement/fit of Rivian home charger + my R1S is getting delivered!!
Back wall of my garage. I’ve got everything wired to add the charger. Just need to know if I’ll need to move my shelf in order to install the charger.
Located in Centennial, CO, here’s my story: 1. R1S Feb ‘21 order date 2. Got invited to the R1 Shop on 4/27 (checked the shop every day for 2 weeks and only saw 2 R1S’s) 3. Checked the Shop on 5/11 and several dozen R1S’s were available to choose from, with various colors and configurations!! 4. Found my exact configuration: FG/FE, 20” AT, Adventure Pack and everything got put into motion 5. The following Monday I spoke with my guide and he said the vehicle was being loaded onto a train that week and I could expect to get it in 4-6 weeks. 6. Received a text on 5/26 from Rivian Denver that my vehicle is estimated to arrive week of 6/12!
Not gonna lie, I’m extremely excited. Btw, expect to pay about $7k more than sticker price for taxes and fees.
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2023.05.28 14:46 0010010110101 Any advice: Online Programs for MS Geology/Geophysics or something similar

Hello! I (25) have a degree in BS Geology and I have 2 years of experience working in the petroleum sector. My work right now is pretty good, pays pretty well by my country's standards and it's in one of the major oil exploration companies here. Few things which might be considered when applying for an MS program is that I graduated at a good university (top in my country). My grades are okay and I know I can get good recommendations from supervisors, professors etc. I do not have an IELTS or the likes but I'm willing to take an exam if needed.
I am interested in studying MS Geology/Geophysics/Exploration Geology or something similar. I cannot, however, be a full time student because of financial reasons. A friend of mine suggested online programs abroad. I thought this would be a good idea because: (1.) My goal in studying an MS right now is to increase my knowledge ofc (because I have little experience) and credentials to boost my career. (I'm lined up for a managerial position but I would need an MS for it.) (2.) Although Geology is a field-based science, I would still have that since I would be applying my learning at my work. (3.) I have a lot of spare time in the afternoons and weekends. (4.) I have tried studying online and it was okay for me. (My last semester was online because of the pandemic and I enrolled in some month-long certificate programs in the past year and I have completed them well) (5.) I miss and enjoy studying a bit but I gotta work lol
I saw some universities online offering online MS Geology such as Ohio University (i think?) and Texas A&M University. I am not familiar with them tbh bc Im from Asia. Are these good universities? What other universities do you suggest (Doesn't have to be US-based but preferably offered in English)? What program should I take considering I am interested in working in the energy sector in general and not just petroleum? What qualifications should I have? Are online universities okay? What are your experiences?
TLDR: Any suggestions where to take online MS in Geology/Geophysics/similar... and/or what online MS should I take if I want to work in the energy sector?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 14:44 Cautious_Armadillo18 Orange spot in UB rice

Orange spot in UB rice
It’s definitely hard to see in video, the color isn’t there. The rice looks slightly orange. Also I just spawned a bag of rice that had some orange coloration in the center of the block. I wish I had pictures of it. Everything smelt fine with that block. Has anyone experienced what I’m talking about. Completely new to this.
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2023.05.28 14:44 the_russain_slur [F4A] A hidden monster world.

Hi! I’m Angie, and here’s my rp idea
My character: A mixed blood of a vampire and Albino demon who has always wanted a life where she wasn’t as alone as much as she in in this current life. So she’s been pretending to be a human by hiding her features that’d make her a monster and go partying every night with the humans.
I do have a reference photo for her as well!
Here’s the story!
Tonight was possibly the most fun and memorable night you’ll ever experience in your entire life, because you’ve meet this absolute beauty at a party. She was just like a lady straight out of a magazine! She was having a hell of a good time so you decided to join her. Let’s just say that it really hit it off because she was enjoying herself even more now. She was like a live wire and even for a moment she had these gorgeous red eyes but that might’ve just been the party lights messing with her eye color. And when the party ended she wanted to hang out at my place and get to know me more! How nice!
So that’s pretty much the starter and you can pick whoever or whatever you wanna be. Like it could be anything from a human to any other beastly think you can come up with.
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2023.05.28 14:44 Pristine_Run6267 What should I do? Designer but unsure about career.

Got made redundant from my design job last year. I’ve been unemployed for around 12 months now. I’ve began to have feelings of not really caring for doing design anymore and that maybe I’d prefer a regular more boring job of some kind doing part time work. I don’t really know what I want but part of me just doesn’t want the hassle of working for annoying managers anymore because I’ve had that in a few previous roles, although my most recent one was a good job.
My design experience has been general graphics, pitch decks, web graphics and promotional video and motion graphics with a little bit of UI design as well (which I was somewhat keen to move toward as a more contemporary field).
My only issue is I literally only have experience doing design and nothing else. (Roughly 3 to 4 years) What I do know is that I want to find a job as soon as I can because the meetings that I have to go to for my universal credit commitments are REALLY annoying. Plus I’m broke, universal credit doesn’t really cover my bills. I don't know if I really am done with design or if i've just become a bit cynical because of my lack of finding a new role.
I know this must seem like a typical issue posted here but the UC appointments are really getting to me. Thanks for any advice.
TL:DR got made redundant from design role, struggled to find design job, not sure what i want to do anymore but i only have experience in design.
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2023.05.28 14:44 4_vixen-raver The reason for everything

Think about it, when you meet someone the spark is it there or does feel something so powerful that shockingly arousing to even be around a person that can make you feel that way. Well today I am taking everyone on my journey of when I meet my true person we met back in 2008 out of coincidence my friend pawned me off on my him eventually I did go home with him and I stayed overnight with him well it was my first experience of ever having one of those types of situations in my life so when I met this man I thought he was a dream come true, well I ended liking him to much and he told my friend I was weird to be liking him in that way that fast so I never heard from him again. I did every now and then find his Facebook pop up on mine and mind you he does have four Facebook‘s. Well I came across a new one that in which it said single and so I did reach out to him after 14 years on March 10, 2023 that day changed my life. We met for drinks and again spent the night with each other following months. After that, we’ve spent many nights with each other. I did start a lot of drama in his life because I told his girlfriend what he was doing and she then got upset about what I had to say about him being a womanizing, manipulating gaslighting Man but little did we both know that he’s was way more than that. I saw Through his true colors. Well now. I am stuck wondering if this was truly meant to be a situation. No one ever feels like that toward somebody after that many years the way that you make me feel is the same way you make me feel in 2008. I just want to say thank you for the abandonment while I’m pregnant. Just because you choose not to have it clearly it’s not your choice and sadly sadly. I’ll always wonder. Although you gave me the best thing that you could’ve ever given me so now to say thank you for showing me all aspects of love and what it should have been even the hatred part.
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2023.05.28 14:44 Practical_Will8296 What is your purpose in life?

Last week I was having my daily conversation with myself, and my brain decided the subject of the day was, well, myself. For context I will enter my last year of high school next year, meaning it will be my last chance to get excellent grades before university registrations. The problem is I have no motivation; I used to be one of those gifted kids. Up until last year or so, I used to get the absolute best grades without working the slightest bit in any subject. Some people worked super hard and never got to do half of what I would achieve. So I never got used to working, to put in effort. To this you have to add the fact that I’m kind of a lazy hoe; sloth is the reason I’ll go to hell for sure. And finally, I’m a nihilist. My life has no purpose anyways and i have no reason to keep going, and certainly not to make effort. I easily live with this, I am not saying I struggle with suicidal thoughts or that I think I’m worthless and don’t deserve to live (I do, it’s just not a problem). The thing is I realised my lack of motivation is the problem. When I have spare time that I could spend doing my homework and then even some to relax, I just lay around and do nothing. Sometimes I even WANT to work, I just can’t bring myself to it. And I haven’t even mentioned procrastination yet. So, fellows, what is your reason to keep going? My grades are not terrible but they are not good enough either for what I am capable of doing or for going to a good Uni. (Overall average 12/20)
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2023.05.28 14:42 mariedel123 How to stop being anxious about University. Please advice!!

Hey all, For context I’m 18F (just turned 18) and last year completed my final year of school. After working really hard all year I got into my dream course, being law at one of Australia’s top unis. Last year was really difficult for me, and took a huge toll on my mental health. I’d been previously battling anxiety since 2020 covid lockdowns, but this was a whole new level. Along with doing my final year of school and having to perform at an A+ average, my grandfather who had been battling cancer died 3 days before my first exam. In fact, I had to bury him and then go straight back to school to revise with my teacher before one of my exams. Safe to say this was a low point in my life. I was drinking every night, and the doctor had even prescribed me Valium, which for someone of my age (17) was practically unheard of. Anyways, fast forward to January 2023 and I was in an amazing headspace. I won’t say I’d fully grieved, as I never will, but I managed to get myself off antidepressants, and my anxiety was basically at zero. I had a great summer, until about 2 weeks before University started. Then the anxiety came trickling in. Like bad. So bad I had to get back on lexapro after a 2 month hiatus to attempt to settle myself before starting law school. I lasted a total of 4 weeks before I decided to defer. I just couldn’t handle it. Work wise I was fine, but mentally I was having a panic attack every morning at the thought of going into uni. I’d have to take a beta blocker to even get me through the day. So I decided I needed a break from study. This was back in March, and we’re now in late May. I’m currently planning to go back for the second semester of uni which starts in late July, but I feel all of a sudden like my anxiety is slowly creeping back. I’m on 15mg of lexapro which has been doing a fairly good job of keeping me in check, but I sense the nerves coming back, even though I don’t have to enrol for a while still. My question is what the **** should I do? My theory, along with my therapist’s is that I now associate an educational context with the passing and traumatic time of my grandfather seeing as I was at school when I got the news? Or maybe I put too much pressure on myself to perform. Anyways, for the life of me I cannot figure out why this is freaking me out so much. Worth noting that in my short time at the uni I actually really liked the environment and the people, but my anxiety was absolutely relentless.
I would just like some advice or even any perspectives on how to attempt to reshape my approach and attitude towards uni, seeing as I really do want to get back to studying!
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2023.05.28 14:39 confusedstudent_uni Very confused with life - no idea what to do

Hey!! So it is my first time using reddit - thought I would give this ago. I’m a f(19) and a university student. I’m a first generation and a native English speaker. Can’t speak my parent’s mother language. Ever since I’ve graduated high school, I went straight to university and completed an academic year of courses under an engineering degree majoring in software. I thought I enjoyed it, turns out I didn’t. Or maybe I didn’t study hard enough and got bad grades. (I’ve always managed to get good grades in high school without actually studying). I got good grades in coding all throughout high school and enjoyed it very much. So I decided to apply for a different university which was ranked higher than the 1st and also change degrees. I got accepted and ended up doing 2 courses under a science and commerce degree over summer school. I enjoyed it. But I didn’t want to stay in the same country. So I ended up applying for another university overseas which allows me to complete a commerce and science major under a science degree. I ended up accepting the offer and moved overseas. The university is top 30 in the world. Part 1 - more in the comments
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2023.05.28 14:39 noobtuber2020 [29/M] let’s start this day

Howdy everyone and good morning! I’m 29m, married, and from Texas! I’m just getting my day started but it looks like a ton of rain is in the forecast so no plans now. So let’s use this time to chat and get to know each other! I’m down to talk about anything from movies, music, sports, nerd stuff, every day life, you name it! :)
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2023.05.28 14:32 TheBrownCouchOfJoy When I took a chance on me

I worked for a university and I was really struggling. Raises, when I actually got them, did not keep pace with rising costs, so I was getting poorer every year. My boss kept dangling carrots in front of me while being ignorant and abusive.
Then came the big raise. It was announced that they would be raising all salaries to a minimum they determined was a living wage. It was about 6k more than I was making. That’s when it occurred to me that I, after 13 years and 3 promotions, would be earning the same as a new hire.
I gave my notice by email on Black Friday. My boss called me 40 mins later to ask if it was real. I gave 5 weeks notice, not to help them, but because it was a slower time of year and included over a week when they were closed entirely for Christmas.
I left with no job to go to, and instead finally finished my bachelors degree over January session and spring semester as a full time student. After graduation I worked 3 part time jobs. It was grueling but still better than my previous job. Then I got hired at my current job, and I’m very happy here. I understand bid for the job as there was a lot for me to learn, and my boss has taught me a ton, so I plan to ask for a fairly significant raise when I hit 1 year. Still, it’s a living wage now.
Then I got the greatest call from my former coworker (now friend). Apparently no one wants to work for our former boss and has quit, and he’s willing to beat our current salaries to get us back. I laughed so hard! I also had some choice words I won’t repeat here. I will never work for that man again.
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2023.05.28 14:31 BiasMushroom The Exterminators RELOADED! Episode 2

Part 2 of “The Exterminators RELOADED!”
A Fanfic of u/SpacePaladin15’s work “The nature of Predators” Thank you for the story!
Memory transcription subject: Henry, Venlil Primary School Student
Sylvan’s dad gestured for us to get the show set up while he walked into the kitchen. I couldn’t bring myself to sit still as the sound of popcorn in the microwave bounced through the house. Sylvan threw himself next to me as the annoyingly long series of logos started to parade through the screen.
“C’mon Dad! It’s starting!” We both held our arms up and caught a bag of popcorn as Mr. Smith copied Sylvan and threw himself on the couch. As Sylvan started to juggle the burning hot bag I started to mockingly mimic him. “Oh shut up! You and your built-in oven mitts!”
I batted Sylvan in the face who didn’t hesitate to try and hold off my attacks by smooshing me down into the chair. We both stopped when the Deep heavy beat of the Exterminators RELOADED started to play. This time though the beat didn’t stop as the opening sequence ended. Instead it played dully in the background like we were hearing it through a wall.
Friotetzali stepped into the scene and sauntered his way through an alley. He stopped and looked at a poster hanging on the wall. It showed a picture of a carrot and tomato with forward facing eyes and silly little stick arms cowering in fear of a ravenous looking Venlil. Plastered above it was the episode's title! “THE HERBIVOROUS BEASTS FROM BEYOND THE STARS!!!”
Frio let out a light chuckle as his tail curled in delight. “Oh that looks hilarious. Gotta remember to go see that.” He gently shook his head as he continued to walk and drop into an indifferent attitude as he approached a lone Mazic by a door. The two stared at each other for a moment before the Mazic slowly turned and opened the door.
With a slow and droning voice he addressed our head investigator. “He’s waiting for you by the dance floor. Doubt you’ll miss him. Welcome back Frio. Try not to burn the place down.” As the door opened the tune picked back up and was almost deafening. Frio walked down the dark staircase and eventually into a room filled with neon signs decorating the walls, strobe lights, lasers, and dozens of people dancing everywhere.
Our Harchen Hero cut through the crowd and haze like a fish through water before finally sitting down at a table with a rather… sleazy looking Gojid. “FRIO! MY OLD PAL! Have a seat! Let me get ya a drink!” The greased back fur of the Gojid just looked out of place as he waved for the servers to bring colorful beverages with little umbrellas over.
I honestly couldn’t make out any words that came out of the Gojid’s mouth after that. The dude just seemed to talk and not say any words. But eventually Frio took a slow sip from his drink and turned his head to stare down the greasy porcupine who’s quills extended in a little bit of fear.
“Cut the crap Genseng. I want to know why by Inatala’s tits you’d think it's a good idea to smuggle terran animals here!” He slammed a pawfull of photos on the table. Each one showed the greasy Gojid buying and selling small animals like rabbits and chickens.
Genseng sputtered and pouted “COME ON! I haven’t done anything that puts anyone at risk! I just sell human’s xeno-safe pets! A bunny never ate a Dossur! Don’t you want humans to take care of the petting addiction on things that want to be pet?” Despite my body telling me this guy was bad news, I couldn’t help but agree. I’ve been ‘pet’ more times than I would like by strange humans… and a few Venlil… and one Kolshian… and I ran away from the Mazic.
Frio sat back in his chair and huffed. “Then WHY have I found NO civilians with one of your pets?” This time he slapped down a paper list of names and places that clearly documented each and every business he sold animals to.
The scumbag sat there with a look of shock on his face and started to sputter out several noncommittal and contradictory statements. ALl the while Frio stared at his “friend” with more and more disgust. Eventually Genseng just sighed, stood up, and shouted. "GUN! HES GOT A GUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” and bolted for the back door as screaming began to fill the room
Frio just casually stood up and watched that douchebag flee! He pulled out his badge and announced to the crowd. “FALSE ALARM! FALSE ALARM! OFFICER FRIOTETZALI, HERE ON OFFICIAL BUSINESS OF THE AVALON CITY POLICE! REMAIN CALM YOU ARE IN NO DANGER!”
I couldn’t understand why he was just standing there as the bad guy ran away! The camera cut to Genseng who was sprinting full force down a narrow hall dodging all manner of obstacles like it was an action movie only for it to cut back to Frio slowly taking a sip of his drink!
Again it cut back Genseng huffing and wheezing as he sprinted through his own shipping operation. The only pauses he took were to open up cages causing a small whirlwind of feathers and bunnies to start in the warehouse. Yet Frio started to casually talk to the people in the room. He just slowly went around reassuring everyone that everything was fine and why he was here.
As I sat there in disbelief that he’d just let the bastard run away Genseng rounded a corner to see his getaway truck. Only to step around the corner and get punched squarely in the gut by Iloralia who was hiding there.
“Come on Genseng? Couldn’t you do something original? This is starting to get boring!” Ilo extended a cattle prod and let the end buzz with electricity as an Extermination Officer van pulled up behind her.
The Gojid let out raspy breaths. “Should have- … figured- … he’d send his- … BITCH! To wait in the alley!” The sleazy man sucked that insult back in when Ilo pressed the business end of her cattle prod to his throat.
“Shut the fuck up. You have the right to remain silent, but for your sake… I hope you’re smart enough to use it!” Ilo’s tail waved behind her with delight as Sephon climbed out of the van with a Gojid arrestor vest to cover Genseng’s quills and bind his arms.
I jumped as the video smash-cut to Sephon slamming down piece after piece of evidence on an interrogation room table in front of a nervous Gojid and his exhausted human lawyer. The angelic Tasamine sat on her perch gently drinking some tea as our perturbed Venlil explained each and every paper and photo that he threw on the table.
“Finally we have you on felony tax evasion. You do know you have to declare ALL sources of income right?” Genseng sheepishly looked to his lawyer, who just sat there with a defeated look on his face. “You are looking at forty years behind bars for this Genseng! FORTY!”
Tasamine let her voice coo out over her cup of tea. “We aren’t going to do you any favours over the tax stuff. The IRS is over our jurisdiction on that, BUT we are prepared to drop the rest of the charges.”
Genseng’s lawyer appeared to wake up in an instant and elbowed his client before he could open his filthy mouth. “So what do you want from my client in return for dropping the charges you have against him?”
Tas let out a little smile that set butterflies to flight in my stomach. “We want everyone that Tas sold animals to. And we do mean EVERYONE.”
Sephon started to pace back and forth as the Gojid and lawyer talked amongst themselves. Eventually Genseng relented and turned to our heroes. “Ok… SO I technically never really sold to a person per say… BUT I kept really good papers on all the businesses I did sell to!”
The conversation started to dull out as the camera began to pan back and into the observation room with Frio, Ilo, and a rather small Mazic. Frio stood stoically silent, his paw held gently under his jaw, lost in thought. Ilo was typing away on the computer crosschecking every business Genseng sold out.
The Mazic took a step forward. His badge now clearly showing that he was the Chief of the Avalon City Police. “I know those businesses… Why would he be selling pets to…” The Chief huffed and stormed out of the observation room leaving Frio and Ilo slightly confused only to watch with an ounce of shock as the Police Chief walked into the interrogation room.
Genseng’s lawyer slowly looked to his client with a look of anger and despair plastered on his face. The sleazy man just kinda shrugged. “I didn’t make them buy it!”
“HEY! I’VE GOT A GUY WHO TAKES THEM IN! I MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS HUMANE AND SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION AND ANYTHING UNWANTED GO TO THAT GUY! OK? NO MONEY TRANSACTION! … I think he ships them back to Earth or something. No unethical stuff… except maybe selling Once-live as Cloned… but that isn’t that bad! Humans only just considered Rabbits to be on par with dogs!”
The Chief of Police just stood there menacingly as the ever beautiful Tas asked a question. “Who is this man you give the animals to?”
Genseng slowly walked back to his seat. “I don’t have a name. Just some dude wearing the old face hiding masks and a Pleather trench coat. Kinda creepy and usually lets the fat Venlil do the talking, but they scratch my back I scratch thier’s.”
The screen faded to black before coming back to their conference room and joined by the Chief of Police. “So you think this individual is the same one behind the Sheep Operation?”
Ilo sat up in her chair. “It seems to meet up with his M.O. of undermining food production.”
Tas brought a pair of population maps up on their projector. “Just looking at the before and after, the invasive rabbit population was miniscule at best. We had been doing a great job of catching them faster than they could repopulate. At least until their population unpredictably exploded into the hundreds of thousands.”
She swapped out the maps for a single one that showed several areas circled in red. “DNA testing on the rabbits has shown that they aren’t spreading naturally. One population has no genetic relation to the others even though their areas overlap. It has to be someone introducing rabbits in waves to different locals.”
The Chief slowly shook his head. “Do we have any clues as to where the masked man is?”
Frio’s tail curled in delight. “Why yes! Yes we do! He has a meetup with my good buddy Genseng who desperately doesn’t want to spend the next forty years in jail.”
The small Mazic let out a low and insidious laugh “OH! I think I know where you are going with this. You have my support. Let's get this sting operation set up!”
In an instant the day flew by and night rose over the docks of Avalon City. Genseng drove down the roads and pulled around the corner of a large warehouse situated nearby. The sleazy man looked oddly calm. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t his first time ratting.
Overlooking the docks from the warehouse was our team of heroes. Tas had set up a network of monitors and was observing the operation. Several disguised vans were parked nearby filled with Extermination Officers all biting to get a hold of their quarry.
Frio walked over and placed a paw on Tasamine’s wing, before speaking into a recorder. “Looking good Gen. Looks like I misplaced the paperwork on those charges. Get through this and I won’t have time to go looking for it!”
Gen let out a small chuckle. “Hey Frio… Do you miss when we were kids? Getting into trouble. Scraping enough money together to buy lunch when our parents couldn’t afford to feed us?”
Frio took a step back from the monitors. “You said that in a really weird way… but yeah. Just the two of us. Sometimes we were delinquents scamming someone out of five credits and sometimes we were the heroes helping people out. Guess we took different paths…”
The greasy Gojid leaned back in the driver seat of his van. “I- … I am kinda tired of living Frio… It’s just… One deal after another with barely enough money to get from one job to the next… Do- … Do you think I could get a job working with you guys?”
It almost looked like Frio was going to cry as his eyes watered up. “Well… we are a man down at the moment, but my team only hires experienced individuals. It would be hard work, but if you joined as an apprentice and applied yourself… I think you could make it.”
Genseng sat and fiddled with his paws for a few moments. “Even with my arrest record?”
“We are the Exterminators not the City Police. I doubt there isn’t a single one of us that hasn't done something that would get us blacklisted by them!”
Gen let out a light laugh. “Ah good point! They hired you! Well I’d- Wait. He's here.”
A long black limousine pulled up around the corner. Slowly and silently stopping beside them. Frio took a step back. “Alright everyone. It's go time. Gen, get ready to duck down if they open fire.”
With almost perfect unison every unmarked van and cruiser lit up with Yellow and Orange lights and started to race towards the Limo. But with a heart stopping ‘BWOOOOOM’ the Limo exploded into an inferno, sending metal flying through the docks at high speeds.
Gen’s voice screamed over the radio for a brief moment before falling silent.
The next sounds we heard were of a heart monitor. Frio sat at the bedside of what I assumed to be Genseng. His body was covered entirely in bandages, with tubes running into his head and arms. Wires tracked his vital signs and, while steady, didn’t look like they broadcasted good news.
Frio looked up to see Ilo leaning in the doorway. “The limo was automated. No one on board. Mask either knew it was a setup or intended to end Genseng one way or the other.” She slowly walked over to Frio and nuzzled the side of his head. “I talked with the Doctors. They think he’ll make it. Might be a few years, and he will have to learn how to do most things, but he will live.”
Ilo forced her way into awkwardly cuddling Frio. After a small moment of resisting he accepted the embrace and leaned back. “How are we on tracking down the leads?”
She somehow managed to wrap herself around Frio as she quietly responded. “The limo was a dead end. Everything was bought from scrap and assembled off-grid. Camera networks were wiped clean enough that even Tas couldn’t scrape something off of the hard drives. DNA results on the rabbits gave us enough to work with Earth and track down the suppliers on that side, but they were using Genseng as a scapegoat and intermediary for all of it. I don’t think he even realized that the man he was ‘giving’ rabbits to was the man that arranged for him to be able to buy them in the first place.”
Frio wrapped his arms around her. “So this whole operation was basically a money laundering scam with rabbits. They scarred him for life just to- to-” Tears ran down his cheeks as the pair embraced each other. The credits started to roll over the sounds of a heart monitor slowly pinging on. Gentle sobbing slowly faded away as the sound of claws on tile echoed through the speakers.
A rather portly Venlil was flanked on both sides by massive looking dogs. Sylvan’s Dad pointed out those where Karelian Bear Dogs. Bred to actually hunt one of Earth’s apex predators. The Fat Venlil, or Chublil as Sylvan said, walked into an immaculate office, where a man with a silvered mask and brown trench coat sat.
“Sir? Operation Clean House is over. The results are one Gojid launderer hospitalized. He is expected to recover in a few years. When the exterminators watching him clear out an agent will enter with an air-filled syringe and fake death by heart-attack. As you expected the last meetup was a sting operation. Police remain slightly aware of your presence.”
A robotic voice came from the man. “Good work Gavreg. Did you enjoy your trip to Earth?”
“Yessir. You were right. Bear meat is simply divine when prepared correctly.”
“Glad to hear it. As for the Gojid, I think he’s gotten the message on what happens to people who cross us. Send him a normal fruit basket when he regains consciousness. Have it say… Sorry you got fired! Take a siesta!”
“Very well sir. Just to be clear, hold off on permanently silencing him?”
“Hrm… Yes. He was always amusing to work with.”
“Very well sir. If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave.”
The Fat Venlil turned and walked out of the room. Ending the episode and leaving the three of us sitting on the couch.
“You know Loural is going to throw a fit if she finds out we let both Sylvan and Henry watch this!”
I wasn’t proud but at least the humans screamed louder than I did.
Special thanks to u/Dinomannick for the prompt
"I got a few ideas for the show. How about a few episodes have them dealing with invasive earth species on alien worlds, brought there for zoos, rich blokes pet, criminals, whatever. They have either catch or kill all of them before their establishing breeding populations and have the cane toad/rabbit problem like down-under. Think it might be interesting enough for future space TV?"
I hope this lived up to your expectations, and the bunny boom won't be relegated to just this episode either.
Links are still broken cause reddit is more like brokeit... Will get around to fixing them soon, real life has been kinda hectic

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2023.05.28 14:28 rcox1963 The Right Stuff burlesque dancer

In the 1983 film The Right Stuff, the ending includes a scene that mixes two locations: Houston Texas and Edwards AF base; and mixes a performance by burlesque dancer Sally Rand, interspersed with knowing looks among the Mercury 7 and Chuck Yeager on the 1963 Zoom flight and
I can guess but…
…interested to know if there are interviews where director Philip Kaufman or the book author Tom Wolfe explain the choices in this scene?
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2023.05.28 14:28 mydeardarlinggg 23[F4R] California/Anywhere - I write because it makes me feel like someone's listening. - or am I finally listening to myself.

I seem to call out to the wind quite so often.. hoping that someone out there, hears my cries and listens.
Are you listening?
I come here often, peeking behind the curtains, seeing if what I’m looking for is out there. It seems like it isn’t, yet, I’m the kind of person who’s stubborn and I continuously keep screaming out into the wind - begging, for someone to listen.
Because if the wind listens, surely someone out there will too.
I’m probably young enough to be your daughter and I have a mouth that more often than not gets me in trouble but I promise I’m still someone who’s soft enough to keep around.
With that being said, this is what I’m looking for:
Someone who takes absolute pleasure in discovering others. And by that, I don’t mean asking about their favorite color and all that small, dry talk.
I mean, go in depth. It is depth that allows words to stop being simply words after all.
I’d love to write digital letters or some form of shared journal entries with someone. Although, I ask you be patient and allow me to take my time to get back to you, since yknow, life gets in the way sometimes.
I tend to pour myself out into my writing so therefore, I’m seeking someone who can do that too.
I want to be able to see you through every word, every line, paragraph, you speak to me.
So, I’ll begin..
Dear stranger,
I find it difficult to shut the voices up late at night when my distractions go to sleep.
I stay up until I can’t no more, until my eyes burn and my fight against sleep, finally comes to an end.
‘I’m a fighter’ I tell myself..
So, I pick unnecessary battles to prove it to myself.
Like my battle against sleep. However, it’s always a lost battle. I lose and surrender to a deep slumber that helps aid me back to life.
Back to a life that doesn’t belong to me.
A life, that’s not for me.
I wonder, do you too often ignore the bowl in you burning to be filled?
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2023.05.28 14:26 -o__-o Finance Resume

I have no finance experience. I'm not necessarily asking to rate my resume based on my achievements and experience, because I'm still and undergraduate.
Please give me advice on formatting, cutting/adding things. Etc.
(Apologies for scribbling out information)
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2023.05.28 14:25 RepresentativeOk2297 If I already have an associates and bachelors degree, could I transfer the credits I took already to wgu?

Hi, I’m currently a bachelor who transferred my associates to my current university (not wgu) and was thinking about maybe doing another bachelors after I graduate, or taking a class or two while finishing my first bachelors. Is it possible to transfer credits that were used to graduate in one college? Thanks
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2023.05.28 14:23 0canadaa Denali Vest Beige Review ?

Hi guys I picked up this TNF Denali Vest in Beige Color+-+High+-+Tops+-+General+-+Smart+Shopping&utm_term=PRODUCT_GROUP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIorD8pP6X_wIV5mpvBB3Csw7OEAQYASABEgKqJ_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds) today. I went in the store to buy something else but this one caught my eye and I tried it on and bought it.
Now I’m just concerned that’s it’s light beige and how does it hold up against normal use, it’s probably a dirt/stain magnet besides I absolutely hate the purple loops on the zippers. Review!? Share your experience of you have one of these.
Any suggestions to change loops on the zippers ?
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2023.05.28 14:22 2xfresh11 Pokémon trainer or cocaine smuggler? It's a fine line.

My six-year old son recently began his transition into Ash Ketchum. I know it’s a long road, but everyone has been really supportive so far :) To parents currently going through this phase, here’s a fun story for you. There’s also an audio version of this post on Spotify/YouTube/Apple just search the title.

Pokémon trainer or cocaine smuggler? It's a fine line.

There’s a scene in the movie “Blow” with Johnny Depp where he and his cellmate are laying in bed trying to sleep. After finding out that Depp, playing real-life drug smuggler, George Jung, has been incarcerated for smuggling marijuana, his cellmate Diego climbs off his bunk and looks him square in the eye. “What do you know about cocaine?” he asks George ominously.
Everything shifts gears from that point on. George partners with Diego to become one of the most prolific cocaine smugglers in US history. His rise is swift, but once Diego betrays him, poor George loses everything and ultimately ends up back in prison.
I’ve been thinking about “Blow” a lot recently, ever since Apollo came home from school with his first Pokémon card. Unlike his interests in fishing, scavenging or gardening, this was one area where I actually felt equipped to guide him.
As a teenager in the late-90s and early-00s, I’d been swept up in the first generation of Pokémon games and cartoons. And while I hadn’t got involved in the more recent Pokémon GO craze, I was always fascinated by the crowds of people I’d see gathered on Hong Kong Island madly waving their phones around.So when he pulled the card out to show me, I was intrigued and pretty excited. “That’s cool,” I said, before crouching down to look him square in the eye.
“What do you know about Pokémon?”
We don’t get many of these opportunities as parents - something popular from our own childhood that intersects with what the kids are into now. And even though I never collected Pokémon cards, as a kid about Apollo’s age, I was obsessed with basketball cards. So combining the two took me straight behind the velvet rope.
It didn’t last long. Apollo’s enthusiasm couldn’t be matched. After our first trip to the local hobby store for two packs of cards, Pokémon was like a runaway train. The theme song to the original cartoon became our wake up call in the mornings. The piles of cards grew inches high, then into multiple stacks. Handfuls of cards were stuffed into pockets before school - new handfuls came home. Tales of lunchtime soccer games were replaced with Pokémon trading card conquests.
Like George Jung in prison, Apollo had entered with a bachelor of marijuana Lego and left with a doctorate in cocaine Pokémon.
That’s when disaster struck…
One night during the height of this Pokémon craze, his most prized cards went through the wash. After discovering this atrocity, I began peeling the cards apart and frantically laying them out on the kitchen bench to dry. I knew they couldn’t be saved, but I’d be damned if they died on my watch.
I showed my wife. The look on her face said it all - this was bad, real bad. “Are you going to tell him?” she asked. I was already considering the options. Toss the cards and play dumb? Blame him for leaving them in his pocket? Offer to replace them? None of them felt like they were going to fly.
I understood his attachment too well. I remember treating every one of my basketball cards like prized possessions. They were also social currency on the schoolyard. Pokémon was bigger than basketball though. This was a universe and these cards were its centre. For poor Apollo, this was a betrayal of the highest order…I was Diego! It was a bad situation.
When he came downstairs the next morning, I brought him to the kitchen and showed him the cards. As he surveyed the devastation, I explained what had happened. I told him that I hadn’t checked his pockets before washing his shorts. That the cards had been soaked and I took them out to dry. “It was an accident,” I said.
I let that hang in the air. It took so much not to follow it with “I’m sorry”. When his face dropped, it was even harder. “Hate me!” I thought. “I did it!” But it was an innocent mistake and I’d decided this was a moment for him to face that head on. As he inspected the cards more closely, the sadness overwhelmed him and the tears began to flow. All he could say was “My cards…” and all I could do was wrap my arms around him and stay silent. I desperately wanted him to accept it for what it was.
Apollo went to school that day without any Pokémon cards.
I was nervous for him. What would he be feeling when they ran out of the classroom at recess and lunch to trade cards? When he grasped at his pocket and there were no cards there? Wouldn’t it be better if he could tell his friends that his Dad destroyed his Pokémon? Maybe he would anyway. It stayed with me all day.
When I picked him up, I resisted saying anything and he didn’t mention it either. But later that night before bed, I found him in his room going through his other Pokémon cards. They were strewn across his bed and on the floor. I approached cautiously. “Hey Dad, check this one out. It does 120+ damage.” He handed me the card and I took a seat on the floor next to him. He ran me through a few more cards and I couldn’t resist any longer, I had to ask - “How was it today without your Pokémon cards?” He paused, as he often does when asked to recall any aspect of his school day.
“We didn’t do Pokémon today, we played soccer.” He paused again and handed me another card. “This one has 100 health but only 20 damage.”
I stared back at him with utter confusion. I’d spent the day agonising over Apollo’s feelings, filled with doubt about how he would cope with the loss of his precious cards. I proudly seized the moment as an opportunity to build his resilience and get him to accept an innocent mistake. I was Diego, wasn’t I?
As I tucked him in, he looked at me and said, “Dad, can you remember to check my pockets? Sometimes I forget things are in there.” I smiled and told him I would.
I hadn’t betrayed Apollo. At least, not in his eyes. But it was clear now that I had doubted him. And somehow, it felt worse.
He had taken the loss in his stride - accepted the mistake for what it was - and was ready to get back to business. Me, on the other hand, well I think I could learn a thing or two from him about that.
He’s going to make a great cocaine smuggler Pokémon trainer.
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2023.05.28 14:18 CourageSuch2869 Thank You Gifts

I hope this is ok to ask here. My son is neurodiverse and is an integrated preK program. There are two teachers and 4 teachers assistants in his classroom. Plus he meets with an OT and a social worker twice a week each. I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely amazing each and everyone of these women are. They have made such a difference in my son’s life and have helped us work with the school district to get him set up for kindergarten. Seriously they are all angels on earth.
As we are coming up on the end of the year in June and he will be leaving this school I wanted to start planning nice gifts for the teachers. Last year I gave everyone a succulent garden with ‘thanks for helping me grow’ written on it with his handprint and a homemade card that he colored. For Christmas everyone got a bag he decorated filled with hand lotion, chapstick, hand sanitizer, and Hersey kisses plus a homemade card with $50. I want to give them all something wonderful to say thank you for the impact you’ve had on our family but since there are 8 people it can get expensive very quickly. I’m budgeting $600 ($75/person) but am stumped at what to get them. I am planning on writing a heartfelt letter to each of them to let them know how appreciated they are. Any ideas on what else to get them would be greatly appreciated.
Also just want to say thank you for all that you do as teachers! There are always a few bad apples (teacher pun there) but overall the teachers that I have met in my life have all been caring and wonderful humans who have a copious amount of patience. ❤️
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