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2022.01.26 06:57 FBI_VAN_1 KME_Sharpeners

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2023.04.01 12:48 Boring40something TW: intimate partner suicide, kids. Explanation below listed needs/methods.

Seeking $20 for gas, sanitary items (serious emergency here, I have depleted toilet paper and paper towels to make do, sorry tmi) and some cheap food for myself and kids.
I’d also appreciate any donations towards the $225 I need to prevent eviction due to missing Dec/Jan rent.
Cash app $twistedxcookies Pp [email protected]
I was pointed to a couple of these groups by someone who reached out via the suicide bereavement sun. The condensed version is, I am a newly single mom of two after my fiancé completed suicide this winter. Unbeknownst to me until he passed we were behind a couple months on rent, he had spiraled pretty hard and it just blew up. I’ve worked with every church and community action agency as well as donated plasma, had an appt with DHS for food stamps and such, started working at dollar general and McDonald’s in my town to get my hours up. It just isn’t enough. The property manager is a sweet person but has given me all the time she can. Monday eviction will be filed so I’m trying to work on figuring out what’s next for us or where we can go, and how we can avoid surrendering our cats to the animal shelter as it’s high kill. I can’t afford to move or start over a lease, I can maintain but I can’t catch up. I’m working as hard and as much as I can but it just isn’t enough. Thank you for reading all this if you did.
Literally anything helps. I’m sorry for having to do this. This will be cross posted to mutual aid.
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2023.04.01 12:43 Yogi118 TIFU Taking a bump of coke from my wife's boss

I am writing this as I sit on the toilet, I was waiting in line at the bar with him. He pulls out a little pocket bullet and gives it to me. I said to myself "He makes 6 figures, it must me good and I trust it" bad mistake, I pooped my pants at the bar. There was a bathroom attendant and there was no trash can in the stall, the first time it was a drop of water dooty. I can live with that considering it was a very important work event for my wife. I cleaned it really well and did my best to be a trooper. Second time, I will mention at this point it was no warning. No stomach ache, no pressure. All I did was stand up slowly, no fart, nothing. Second trip to the bathroom it was all over, luckily it was contained in my boxers (not the tight ones, I was lucky. I know, it didn't run down my leg) Second trip to the bathroom I was able to dispose of the evidence the trash and free balled it to go immediately home( this was how i got around the attendant, no trash can in the stall i pulled them off and rolled them up real tight. Dirty part on the inside and put it in my front pocket, washed hands and smuggled them in the trash with the used paper towel) I wipe and there is blood every time, there is meth in it for sure on top of whatever is doing that. I only do it maybe once a year, lesson learned to never trust anything I don't get myself. Ouch. TL;DR had a bump cocaine from my wife's boss and now my but is bleeding
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2023.04.01 12:23 Kamiyu2550 Tax advisor and representative recommendation

This is my first time to file tax return as B permit holder.
I will collect all the document/information, but I need someone to fill in the paper tax forms correctly (I was told by the tax authority they would mail them to me), I need:
  1. A advisoconsultant company that handles this kind of thing
  2. That company also accepts to be representative, where I will be out of town for a while for personal reason
Any suggestion on good company in Basel?
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2023.04.01 11:26 I-Cant-Take-Any-More My boss pissed me off so I am getting passive aggressive.

My boss recently threatened me with a writeup for no reason. The job pays too good to just move on. I decided revenge would be cathartic (wrong mindset for security, I know). I started by changing the names of the printers. Now when he tries to print something at his desk it prints in the storage room. At the bottom of the paper holder in the printer i filtered in the occasional IR form so whatever he prints will be on top of an already printed paper.
Childish I know but if this is what it takes to be happy then so be it.
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2023.04.01 10:23 Mr_Abs752 Ammend permit

Quick question. Can I a CAT A and B license holder use a CAT B lever action paper permit to buy any CAT B firearm at a dealer?
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2023.04.01 09:25 -Syntraxx- Soil substrate rotting severely after 1 year - how to safely start over with aquasoil without having tank to move shrimps?

Long story short, what started as a walstad tank (filtered potting soil with gravel on top) worked like a charm, with some ups and downs.
Planta grew like crazy, then some algae came and eventually plant growth slowed so i started adding some ferts about 6 months in. Snails and shrimps thrive, but as of lately the amiunt of H2S pockets in my soil have become way too much
There ways were some small bubbles coming up when i poked the not so densely planted areas, but now its really really a lot, multiple times a day even.
In addition, probably due to the excessive amount of snails, my internal filter clogs every 5 days or so. As soon as the flow gets less, the whole aquarium smells like rotten eggs.
So.. i want to tear it down completely. It was a great experiment but since it is my only tank, I'd rather take a more safe and conventional approach with aquasoil.
I did some googling already, but i sont have a backup tank to move my shrimps into. Does below sound like a good plan?
Plan is as follows:
1) siphon 50% of tank water into bucket together with a good amount of the gravel cap
2) move filter to bucket and and move shrimps and snails
3) pull out the plants carefully , wrap in wet paper towel
4) remove the rest of the water which is probably dirty from uprooting the plants
5) remove remaining gravel and put in separate bucket
6) remove dirt, clean tank wirh vinegar etc
7) add aquasoil, put a mix of the old and new gravel on top, fill the tank, maybe drain it again and fill again, add hardscape and plants again
8) move in shrimps and snails and monitor closely, do 30% waterchange daily?
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2023.04.01 08:28 medvesajtification So how exactly do you bottom water?

When bottom watering, should only the roots sticking out at the bottom of the upper tray get in contact in water, or is it fine if the whole medium wicks up water every time?
I’m currently trying to use soil as a medium in two shallow trays, the top one with holes. When planting I add 2 cups of water and then the soil in the upper tray, then sprinkle the seeds on top and leave in blackout under weights for 2 days. When watering after blackout I pour 1-2 cups of water in the bottom tray and it is completely absorbed within 5 minutes and the soil is saturated. I’m wondering if I’m doing this wrong, could it be a problem that there is only about half a centimeter of space between the trays? I always seem to get some mold within 1 week, sometimes right after blackout. I previously used paper towels or no medium, but switched to soil because of poor rooting and also, mold.
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2023.04.01 07:57 alienasylum332 I tore my meniscus while cleaning the litter box🙃

I tore my meniscus while cleaning the litter box🙃
I genuinely wish I had a cooler story for my most painful injury (so far), but unfortunately, it just sucks lol
Long Story Short—> I live with my older sister, brother in law, and our two cats. I work from home most days while they commute in. The litter box is in the bathroom so it’s easy to scoop and flush. I squatted down to clean it: I scooped, then I twisted to throw the scoop in the toilet, and my left knee popped four times. I fell back, screaming and crying, and realized I couldn’t straighten my leg🫠😵‍💫😵 My brother in law got home and took me to the hospital. Then I saw an orthopedic doctor. Next is MRI- abut ultimately it turns out I need surgery for a bucket handle tear of my lateral meniscus in my left knee- the meniscus is folded inside my knee so that’s why I can’t straighten my leg 🩼🩼
Long Story Longggg —> Wednesday afternoon I was working from home on my back deck enjoying the sun and being productive. I came inside to use the bathroom and then realized the litter box needed to be scooped I squatted down, scooped, and twisted to throw the scoops in the toilet behind me- well on one of the twists to throw the scoop in the toilet- my left knee cracked 4 times.
I fell back and immediately started screaming and crying from the pain. Then I realized I couldn’t straighten my leg, put pressure on it to stand, OR leave it suspended to hop without severe pain. That was pretty scary since I was home alone while my brother in law and sister were at work. Luckily I had my phone with me so I called them. My sister wasn’t able to answer because she was in a meeting.
My brother in law did answer and I said, “ hey I’m not sure where your job site is today , but I’m laying on the floor in the doorway of the downstairs bathroom. I’m okay- but I think I broke my knee while cleaning the litter box. What should I do?” Lmfao🙃🙃🙃😅
Luckier than having my phone with me -he was in the driveway. He had finished and come home early from work. He quickly got in the house and helped me my off the floor- he had saved crutches is the basement.
He drove me to two urgent cares - the first didn’t have imaging equipment and the second didn’t have pain medicine. So we ended up at the local hospital.
They took me right in which I was happy about since I didn’t want to be seen by strangers while I was crying in a wheel chair in the waiting room lol
For pain I was given a shot of Tylenol or something similar in my left arm. They took four tubes of blood from my right arm for blood work.
I don’t think they realized that I was being literal when I said I can’t straighten my leg because when I went to the get an X-ray, the technician got as bent out of shape as my knee about the fact that he could only do an X ray if the leg was straight.
I was crying from the pain, then him being inpatient with me made me cry even more which sucked!
So I got firm with firm with him, and he went to talk to the doctor who ordered a CT scan instead. They also then gave me some morphine 💉since the pain was obviously not fake/insincere/ they knew I wasn’t just being dramatic.
The next 2 hours were spent in my exam/waiting room with my brother in law chatting, which was nice. Because my knee was bent, I sat in a wheel chair most of the time, not on the bed so it took my mind off things for a bit.
Then the nurse came in to bring me to the CT scan. Every time I moved my leg, the pain was unbearable-even on the morphine. It wso strange that it was tolerable while sitting with my foot supported, but the second my leg was suspended to move or tried to straighten- I had brutal sharp internal pain that made my scream and beg for relief.(still a symptom but not as bad)
The CT scan showed no broken bones, but it did show a growth plate abnormality and another area for orthopedic review. I was told to follow up with an orthopedic doctor about a possible torn meniscus and discharged to go home without pain meds and with my knee still locked.😓🩼🩼😫😭 🦵🏻 I stayed on the couch Wednesday night since my room is upstairs. I didn’t sleep at all after the morphine wore off so I had to call out of work on Thursday.
I called the orthopedic doctors office right when they opened. Since they are affiliated with the hospital, they pulled my records & had the doctor take a look. They called me back a few hours later and said, “We’ll see you tomorrow at 11AM”👀😨 I’ve never been told I have an appointment and it worried me that they were so quick/urgent to see me, so I asked if the doctor saw anything on the CT scan.
The woman said, “I can’t say anything like that over the phone, but what I can say is if it wasn’t serious- you would’ve been booked out. So we’ll see you tomorrow at 11AM.” 😰She was very professional and compassionate though❤️
Thursday night my sister and brother and law helped me upstairs. I was able to bathe but it was difficult. I also slept in my own room and I actually got some sleep.
Friday my sister drove me to my orthopedic doctor appointment. When we got there we were seen quickly. The doctor did an exam on my knee, asked me some questions about how it felt, and showed me on a anatomical model what is probably going on in my knee based on the scan, the mechanism of injury, etc.
He was upset that the hospital allowed me to leave with a locked knee so he wanted to try to straighten my leg😓😭 He injected pain medicine (lidocaine or Novocain ?? Idk ) directly into my knee with a ~2 inch needle. I screamed and cried lol💉😭😫 5 minutes later he came back and started jostling my kneel🫠 Even with the pain medicine, I started sweating crying and screaming So eventually he stopped.
That sent my body into a weird pain response - I got nauseous, the cold sweats started , i was dizzy and felt light headed. I didn’t pass out, but I I had to close my eyes and breathe while my sister wiped a wet cold paper towel on my face/neck/wrists Luckily it passed and I was able to gain enough strength to get back in the wheelchair. Since it was clear the meniscus wasn’t ready to unfold, the doctor decided to send me home with pain medicine, an MRI appointment, and the medical education of my injury. The pain and nausea made me start cry like a tired weenie lol but then I saw one of my best friends mom🥺💖 I’ve known her since 2005 when I was 10 so it was comforting to have my sister and another motherly figure of mine there when I coming out of a painful moment. Apparently that’s where she works so I’m happy when I go back she’ll be there.🥰
My sister and I left after chatting for a minute. We stopped at the dispensary because I needed edibles. We went home, she made us lunch, and then she worked from home for a bit.
The hospital called while we were hanging out. I have my MRI on Wednesday April 5th. Then probably surgery Thursday .
My brother in Jose grabbed my pain medicine on his way home so I have some relief, but the pain is still bothersome on 10mg oxycodone
Oh! And I have my period this week 🙂🙂 This sucks lol
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2023.04.01 06:44 morelikepoolworld How do you dispense your reusable cloths?

Okay, I give up. I love using cloth in place of paper towels, but I don’t love any of the methods I’ve tried for storing them.
I have a baby and spend a lot of time folding reusable wipes so they work in a pop up dispenser and I would like something like that. Bonus points if it isn’t super labor intensive.
What do you all do?
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2023.04.01 06:25 Bitcoinz_Tech DeGods Announces Migration to Ethereum Network with 0.33% Royalty Charge

DeGods, a popular PFP project on the Solana blockchain, has announced that it is open to migration to the Ethereum network. DeGods NFT holders will be able to migrate to Ethereum, with the migration gas fee paid by DeGods within the first 24 hours. DUST stake/unstake fees on ETH will also be waived for the first 48 hours after the migration starts. Starting April 3, a 33.3% royalty will be enforced on all remaining DeGods and y00ts on Solana through the Paper Hands Bridge Tax, while t00bs will remain on Solana and receive a 3.33% royalty. DeGods on the Ethereum network will charge a 0.33% royalty. This move is expected to increase the popularity of DeGods and provide greater flexibility for NFT holders.
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2023.04.01 06:09 Mk7878 Can this give you rabies?

Can this give you rabies?
Hi guys, so 30 min ago i had no other option but to put down this thing. While i was doing that, maybe it bit me or stung me i dont remember. With a paper towel, i picked it up and examined it to see the damage of that thing.
Now my question is, even if it stung me or bit me, are they capable of carrying rabies or i am overreacting for nothing. Its just in mammals right and this is not a mammal? Thank you for understanding
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2023.04.01 05:48 BrilliantHungry0 There are stinkbugs EVERYWHERE

I recently moved to the country and I had this problem at my old house too but just not as frequently. There are constantly stinkbugs everywhere and they are freaking me out because they don't just sit there and occasionally fly around, they fly around nonstop running into everything, walls, lights, the floor and even run into me! This sub says general advice so I hope this covers it because I don't know what to do and I don't wanna spray pesticides because they could harm my pet snake Edit: what I have tried: squashing normally, squashing just the head: taking them outside in a paper towel and crushing them there: flushing them down a toilet: crushing them and immediately spraying febreeze on them so they don't stink: cutting off the head. No matter what I do they keep coming back
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2023.04.01 05:11 Significant-Ship-67 Xbox will not power on.

I disassembled my xbox to clean it, using only a paper towel and canned air but now it won't turn on. I have gone over the steps multiple times disassembling and reassemblingand can not figure out the issue. Anyone have any insight?
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2023.04.01 03:51 infinitelaundryy AITA for cleaning up the shared space in our bathroom?

My Mother (55) Sister (22) and I (26) all share a master bathroom space. My sister suffers from OCD and a ritual of hers involves excessive hand washing. She will spend hours sometimes in the bathroom washing her hands or honestly I’m not sure what else. Large piles of paper towels and toilet paper will be left in the wastebaskets. There will also be a huge pile of towels in the bathroom at the end of every or every other day along with her laundry etc. These towels aren’t dirty but my sister will consider them unusable. My Mother sister & I all share the same genetic disability. (Hiring help isn’t possible financially right now) Our mother is the sickest, and the majority of housework lies on my shoulders. My sister does what I would consider to be the least she is required to do with housework and grows resentful/rude towards me when I ask for help. Or says she will, but never follows through. I wash towels every day to keep up with the rate we go through them, and I will typically grab whatever other laundry is lying around in the bathroom. Sometimes when my sister didn’t intend to wash a piece of clothing I place in the laundry room she becomes upset, and insists I should have left it lying strewn across the floor or bench by the bathtub for her to “clean up when she gets to it.” The thing is, it could be left lying there for many days or sometimes even week(s) if she doesn’t intend on wearing it. She will typically leave garbage and misplaced things exactly where they are until asked to clean them up or I do so. (And sometimes she’ll say yes but doesn’t so I eventually do it) I feel it’s unreasonable to leave clothing lying around, making a shared space messy that I’m not “allowed” to straighten up. I requested multiple times that if she cares about re-wearing something she should simply take it into her room with her after showering etc. At this point she becomes very angry, and our Mom sides with her saying I should just leave the laundry until she comes to get it. I feel it’s incredibly stressful to be in a messy space, and I already go crazy trying to keep up with the rate of towels we are going through It feels like every time I walk back into the room there’s more in a messy pile or strewn across counters I JUST straightened. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask clean clothing be carried into her room with her, otherwise I will assume it’s dirty. This rule was applied to me my entire childhood and adult life (when I’ve lived at home) by my Mother, I don’t see why it should be different for my sister. I don’t feel OCD is an excuse for forcing someone to live in a messy space or leaving clothes in the bathroom consistently. AITA for wanting to clean up the bathroom?
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2023.04.01 03:09 Seven_spare_ribs Was surprised to see this when I got home from work...

Was surprised to see this when I got home from work...
That's Marinara (3yr)on top of Portobello's (baby) tank. No idea how she got out as her tank was still sealed. She seemed disappointed to see me. Literally did a double take and then stared at her like, "wait a minute. That's not supposed to do that." My brain registered her like it would a buggy video game lol. She went right back into her tank.
(Tub on the left is currently unused, Portobello is new so he's currently on paper towels in the smaller tub so i can see his poops.)
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2023.04.01 02:47 Vegetable-Chest-388 How Did a Bearish Opinioned "DD" Make the Front Page that was Opinion/Speculation? How is it so Heavily Awarded? Bearish Motives.

I am not sure how a post with a digestible breakdown ended up being "DD" when it contained bearish opinions. The fact that it is "Hot" just comes to show where most of the sub sits looking for reassurance in the wrong places or is not reading and only upvotes when they see the "DD" flair. The price may look alarming from an outsider's perspective, but coming from someone who has read the 8-K thoroughly, I am not alarmed. There is so many pages in it that it's easy to dissect and paint whatever story you want with the information provided, and that's exactly what the OP did. Everybody here has a motive whether it's bearish or bullish, take everything you read with a massive grain and do your own research, paint your own perspective, and use the money you invest as a motive or pay with the cost of your mental health. It's not a loss unless you sell. With this being said, I am bearish short-term but bullish long-term.

Why I HODL and facts:
Tritton fucked up the sheets badly. He did years-worth of damage and was overpaid. Cohen had him fired and now Sue has a lot to clean up.
Shutting down stores cuts operating expenses which reduces expenses driving us deeper into debt and pushes us more towards profits, everyone is shutting down stores.
Shutting down stores also makes significant discounts while getting rid of inventory and also giving good rapport with the average consumers bringing in more customers to provide revenue.
Bed Bath and Beyond is following Ryan Cohen's turnaround plan (on most part) whether or not he is with us.
Bed Bath and Beyond has an entire company to settle debt, BuyBuyBaby (which analysts have priced at being worth over $1B).
Bed Bath and Beyond is making it very clear that they will not allow a takeover, no matter what the circumstances may be for the warrant holder.
Share dilution is a faster way to get rid of debt, with debt comes bankruptcy and liquidation. I'll take a lower price over no price at all any day.
There is no easy way to prove that there is abusive short sellers but there is ways to lock them in so they have no other choice but liquidation (Ex: Melvin Capital and Archegos).
Forced short squeezes result in endless lawsuit battles.
Hedge fund short sellers use psychological strategies to manipulate market behavior.

My 2 cents no one cares about: Whether or not by some random miracle a random event forces a short squeeze (highly unlikely since someone would've already done it) I think Sue is handling this quite well. She expects abusive short sellers to attack us (which they clearly are) and instead of throwing in the towel she is doing a reverse split and attempting to dilute to settle debt while we still are kicking away from abusive short sellers. She is not relying solely on the securities to bail us out of debt clearly since they are attempting to cut operating costs and get rid of excessive inventory as well. She is also not allowing the warrant holder to hold leverage over control of our company and making a takeover (she clearly knows their intentions and is putting her foot down). The purpose of activist investing, is activism, some tend to assume this is cash-grab investing. It takes time to do a turnaround and a lot of risk which at times can result in losses, it took Warren Buffet decades of patience to get where he is (and a daddy in politics ofc) and on the way he has had losses. However, I personally trust Sue's turnaround process because she isn't relying solely on the securities to get us out of debt, she is relying on decent team players, and revenue. Sue even told us weeks ago that it would be scary for shareholders but long-term it would be highly beneficial. We were blessed to have Ryan Cohen's advice with or without him with us, he got us some good employees.
A message to those who sold and are put option shills: Just leave this sub and get a job for more income if you need the money so badly that you are willing to degrade others, honestly. This sub has nothing to do with the current price-action unless they own a multimillion dollar hedge fund that is all in on BBBY (which isn't likely), even if you get someone with 10k shares to sell out of fear it's still not even a drop in the bucket since a good majority are not DRSed on BOOK. Those who are that heavily invested are prepared for it to go to $0 or moon and don't give a fuck what you have to say. The people who get scared and sell will only become another angry BBBY put option shill and at best end up banned for harassment.
Edit: Just to be clear I am not saying BBBY will not short squeeze, I am saying that it is not likely that they will do what it takes to force a short squeeze instantly. Whoever says that it will is feeding you misinformation, getting your hopes up, and then creating FUD when it doesn't. A successful short squeeze without legal battles looks like TSLA, Volkswagens was reckless and resulted in lawsuits from 30 hedge funds 2008-2014.
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2023.04.01 02:23 HUGE_duck_boots Sterick Building purchased by local team; full redevelopment in the works

The Memphis Business Journal has been killing it lately with this sort of breaking news. Text:
The Sterick has stood dark and empty for decades. A new owner hopes to change that.
The Sterick Building has towered over the corner of Third Street and Madison Avenue for nearly a century, a symbol of Memphis' changing fortunes — for good and ill. The "Queen of Memphis" was a neo-Gothic marvel uplifting the skyline and telling of the city's prosperity across the middle 20th century. But, by 1987, it's final commercial tenants moved out, and the 29-story high-rise went dark.
It has stood empty since then, first as a domineering reminder of mass disinvestments Downtown, and then increasingly as an anachronism of blight that persisted despite the renaissance and revitalization going on all around it.
Now, the Sterick is ready to join a new era in Memphis, a glowing piece of an ever-growing promise of a brighter future.
Acquiring it as Sterling Hedrick LLC, a team led by Memphis developer Stuart Harris has purchased the Sterick property at 8 N. B.B. King Blvd. and the nearby Avis car lot from the family trust that has owned the land since before the skyscraper was built. The closing documents were signed just prior to the publication of this story.
The deal also dissolves the 99-year lease that has been owned for decades by New York City-based Equitable Holdings LLC and its corporate forebears. The coordinated move to acquire the property and terminate the lease in one fell swoop sees the land and the tower united under one entity for the first time in its history.
The Sterick Building development team The Memphian behind the complex deal, Stuart Harris, actually has redevelopment experience in the Sterick's immediate neighborhood.
Harris was co-developer of the $16 million renovation of The Commonwealth building at 240 Madison Ave. — about a minute's walk from the Sterick. In 2017, Walk-Off Properties LLC renovated The Commonwealth, a building that dates to 1926, for SouthernSun Asset Management's new headquarters. Harris led project while he was a senior associate with SouthernSun.
Harris is also co-founder of Blackbay Global Advisory, and he has almost two decades of experience in commercial and residential real estate, with firms such as Mercury Investment Management and CBRE.
Today, he runs his own real estate development firm, Constellation Properties, which is leading the Sterick project.
Joining him as principal of Constellation is Stuart Harris' father, Michael Harris. The elder Harris has nearly 50 years of experience in real estate development and corporate leadership. Currently a principal with Butler Snow Advisory Services, Michael Harris previously served as EVP and COO at Highwoods Properties Inc. He's worked on several high-profile projects throughout Tennessee, including the International Paper headquarters buildings in East Memphis and the 30-story, $200 million headquarters for Bridgestone Americas in Nashville.
Memphis-based LRK has been tapped as the Sterick project's architecture firm. The company designed many of the buildings near Sterick, including The Commonwealth renovation and AutoZone Park. LRK's own headquarters sits half a block away from the Sterick in Prospero Place, which it also designed.
Stuart Harris said that LRK created a 40-page viability plan on the Sterick during the due diligence phase. It lays out a scope narrative on how to make it work — "not what the Sterick would be but what it needs to be at a base line," Harris told MBJ.
Grinder, Taber & Grinder has served as a pre-construction consultant. Chad Stewart & Associates — another alum of The Commonwealth — is the Sterick project's structural engineer. That firm has done projects that range from the Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid to the Soulsville Charter School.
Louisiana-based Bernhard is set to serve as mechanical engineer, a role Harris describes as a “big piece” of the overall project’s potential success. Bernhard’s Memphis office has worked on the Kay Research and Care Center at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Shorb Tower at Methodist University Hospital. Bernhard's highest-profile project: AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys.
The recent past and immediate future of the Sterick Harris has been working on the Sterick deal for years. Talks began in late 2020, and he has had the land under contract since October 2021.
The building's ownership was set to revert to the Grosvenor family when the 99-year lease expired on April 30, 2025. But a condition in the original lease loomed increasingly large as the expiration date neared: the agreement required the lease holder to return the building in "good repair and working order."
The Sterick, empty for 35 years, is in anything but that kind of condition. The clause, known as the restoration obligation, was a primary factor why nothing happened for so long, and solving it was crucial to why the deal finally was able to click into place now.
Even with a deal in place to take possession of the land sooner and the building once the lease ended in 2025, Harris was wary of the nightmare the Sterick would likely end up mired in. Wanting to preempt that legal morass when the lease expired without the building in good condition — and with the land deal in his back pocket, squared away — Harris entered into negotiations in earnest with the lease-holder, Equitable, in late 2021.
With this week's deal, Harris has closed on the land and dissolved the lease with Equitable.
The stage is now set to take the Sterick into the future. The property has a clean title under one owner, and the lease and its restoration obligation are history.
The deal will allow Harris to do as he sees fit and is able with the tower, and he has built a deeply experienced development team around him.
The project can now begin working toward getting its construction capital in order. Harris said the team will spend most of this year targeting a myriad of different federal and local incentives that could help fund a development that he sees costing in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
This is what Harris has been working toward for years. And really it's just the first step, however complicated.
As he has looked at the Sterick from his office in The Commonwealth, the lure of restoring the neo-Gothic tower has been too much to resist as the spaces around it prospered.
"I love old buildings Downtown and love the irreplaceable nature of them," Harris told MBJ. "And the Sterick is the crown jewel of historic buildings Downtown. I was and remain super nerdy on vintage things, and the Sterick is the crème de la crème."
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2023.04.01 02:12 genzo718 Reconditioned the Headlights

Reconditioned the Headlights
Headlights were getting heavily oxidized and hazy. Decided to recondition them.
  1. Scoured the whole surface with a semi rough pad.
  2. Wet sanded the surface using 2000 grit paper.
  3. Rinsed and dried and prepped the surface.
  4. Used medium cutting foam with Meguiar's 105 cutting compound.
  5. Used fine polishing foam with Meguiar's 205 polishing compound.
  6. Cleaned surface with warm water with a microfiber towel.
  7. Applied 2 coats of 3M UV protectant clear sealant.
  8. After completely dried, applied 303 Nano Ceramic.
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2023.04.01 02:12 Katalan1 Creative options for this napkin holder!

Creative options for this napkin holder!
It’s beautiful and I love it, especially in the sunlight. But what on earth do I do with it?? I only use paper towels or rags, not napkins that could go in this.
My friend offered to hold letters but I don’t stockpile my mail like that.
Any creative ideas to showcase its beauty??
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2023.04.01 01:43 dre5922 Well... this is crappy

Well... this is crappy
Good thing the office has a lot of paper towels...
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2023.04.01 01:35 YaMommasBox So it begins

So it begins
Germinated 6 seeds on accident put them in soil after they rooted in the paper towels Yep wish me luck fellers
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2023.04.01 01:26 RPA031 Two pitbulls viciously attack Chihuahua, crushing his skull and causing severe brain trauma.

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