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Atlanta is an American comedy-drama television series created by Donald Glover. It premiered on September 6, 2016 on FX. Season 4 premiered on September 15, 2022. It is the final season. The series centers on college dropout and music manager Earnest "Earn" Marks (Glover) and rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) as they navigate the Atlanta rap scene. It also stars Lakeith Stanfield as Darius Epps and Zazie Beetz as Vanessa "Van" Keefer.

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A subreddit for news and discussion about the state of Georgia in the Southeastern United States.

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A place to discuss anything related to redeeming airline miles & hotel points.

2023.06.07 17:25 n0noTAGAinnxw4Yn3wp7 reminder: cop city has not been built. the movement will continue to stop it—directly, not at city hall—as it has from the outset

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2023.06.07 17:23 moonIitsky Blumentritt LRT to Landbank Malacañang

Hello! How do I get to Malacañang (San Miguel, Manila City) from Blumentritt LRT by commuting using jeepney and/or LRT?
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2023.06.07 17:23 mymi7up Guardians

Hello, everyone! 🙂I hope you're doing well.
Recently, I published an English translation of the first chapter of a story I have written in French. If you want to check it out, don't hesitate to do so. It has a manga-inspired atmosphere. Here's a little summary to give you some context:
In the city of Ezora, there is what is called "the guardians" These elite warriors, constantly hiding their identity by wearing white armor, a mask, and a long colored ribbon around their waist, are tasked with protecting important cities from unimaginable threats. It is in this city that Lolya Mitressey, a teenage girl studying at the local ninja school, strives to shed her reputation as the "worst ninja of the school." However, her everyday life will be forever transformed when she has an incredible encounter with one of these famous guardians wearing a long red ribbon.
And here is the link:
Feel free to give me some feedback if you read it, it will help me with future chapters.
Thank you and have a wonderful day or evening. 🙂
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2023.06.07 17:22 Comfortable-Bat-4072 A Practical Tourist Guide to Pyrrhia. Part 7: Sunbathing among the Rainwings

Hello to all dear tourists of all species, shapes, sizes and genres. We are here today to explore one of the most fascinating tribes in Pyrrhia. We will go deep into the rainforest to meet the colorful Rainwings.
(Disclaimer: due to various problems with the sources received, some information may be outdated or incorrect. Much of the information was written before Queen Glory's reign, so it may be outdated. The Rainwings public and any other species or tribe are asked not to be offended but to report various errors to the reception - the comments. Our director will take care to send apology letters and correct. Thank you for your support.)

Rainwings are small dragons with a serpentine body and chameleon-like appearance. They have a ruff on the back of the head which can burst open when angry. The prehensile and flexible tail is excellent for moving around in their realm: the rainforest. The most phenomenal part of their appearance is their scales, capable of changing color at will. They can change their entire body color in a matter of moments, becoming literally any shade that exists (even those that don't exist). They have a default color that varies per specimen but is usually light green. The scales can also change color on their own, responding to the dragon's emotions (making it easy to read their emotions). For example, red if he's angry, blue if he's scared and yellow/orange if he's craving lasagna.
Rainwings can photosynthesise to some extent, which makes them closer to plants. In fact, they draw energy from the sun and enhance their abilities (such as that of changing color) with sunlight. For this reason, no Rainwings is a Discord mod.

Their ability to change color enables them to become completely invisible, absolutely and totally invisible. Which would make them extraordinary killers if they felt like it (we'll come back to this point).
Their main weapon is a complete contradiction to their innocuous butterfly-like appearance. From the canines they are in fact able to spray a long-range toxic and lethal poison capable of melting living beings in a few seconds. While it's called a "poison," it's actually more of an acid, since you don't need to ingest or inhale it to expire. It does not alter inanimate organisms in any way (quite strange, considering that it does not affect organs, but simply dissolves the flesh, so theoretically even a stone should be dissolved, but let's not ask ourselves questions). This acid can be neutralized with the venom of a relative of the dragon who spat it (always very suspicious as a thing).

The Rainwings society is…strange. They live in a kind of heaven on earth, surrounded by fruits, tranquility and lots of sun. Therefore they have developed a peaceful and conflict-free society. If that sounds all right, wait until you hear the rest. Their tranquility flows very easily into laziness and absolutely want to do nothing. Many spend their lives eating and sleeping, without bothering about anything. This is exaggerated in the fact that, until recently, they had absolutely no idea what was happening outside the forest. A nuclear war could have broken out and they frankly wouldn't have given a damn. The fact that, not too long ago, the Nightwings kidnapped some of them to study and torture them and the others NOT ONLY didn't give a damn, but they didn't even NOTICE it, says a lot. In short, they live in full Hakuna Matata style. The other tribes believe them to be lazy, incompetent and weak, and there is some truth to it. They don't even know light (actually, until recently they had no idea what a scroll was)
The most disturbing thing is that they gather all the eggs in one place, making sure that no one knows who they are related to (you know that this is the only way to neutralize the poison, right?). This leads to another problem: Queens take turns ruling. Since they don't know whose children they are, every female Rainwings can decide to be queen and, since there are many (more or less) candidates, she governs herself in rounds of about a month. Since, as we understood, she doesn't give a damn, most of the population does not want to rule
-Fun fact: remember the Rainwings kidnapped until recently? Well, one of them was one of the queens, just to let you know what we're talking about.
Let's move on to the positives. They have pet sloths, and are the only tribe to have "official" pets. If one queen wanted to rule over the others she wouldn't need to eviscerate them all in cold blood, but she could win the throne via turn-based competition. This is definitely a better method than other tribes. Their diet is almost fruitarian (the sun plays an important role), thus allowing the local fauna not subjected to hyper-predation to thrive. The care of the puppies is done by the whole tribe and no dragonet is left out (more or less) One hour a day their village falls silent, as all the Rainwings go to sleep to recharge their batteries. Luckily, the Rainwings are now ruled by the badass Queen Glory, who hopefully leads them to a more dignified life.

The Rainforest Kingdom is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and majestic place on the continent, as well as one of the most dangerous. It teems with life from the trees to the ground and biodiversity is through the roof, with thousands of plant and animal species thriving. Dangerous because it's a jungle anyway and there are spiders as big as trays full of poison and snakes as long as a bus. The real Kingdom is a city in the heart of the jungle, a veritable metropolis of platforms and floating platforms in trees that is a sight to behold (built when the Rainwings were actually cooler than they are now). Next to the village is that of the Nightwings, which we will discuss in the next lesson.
Goodbye dear tourists. We will meet again one and the last time in the next and last episode; "A Practical Tourist Guide to Pyrrhia. Part 8: The Dark Secrets of the Nightwings"
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2023.06.07 17:22 Kenry26 Including Non-Original Song A Movie Soundtrack Album

If I let's say make a movie, and include a song in the soundtrack that's already on Spotify for example, how can I include that song on the album of the film's soundtrack? Here is an example on The Muppets' page. On the 2011 movie's soundtrack, there's for example We Build This City by Starship. However, it's numbers show the original upload's plays, since it's almost reaching half billion plays. How can I do this? I guess I shouldn't upload the song on my own account, but then how can I get it onto my album? I have permission from the songs' creators to use the songs in my movie, and I can get permission from them for it to be on the album on distribution platforms too, I just don't know how I could do this technically.
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2023.06.07 17:21 Fast-System9651 Outdoor Music, Noise Compliance Guidelines

We recently received a complaint from a neighbor and a visit from a police officer due to music being played, outside, on our property, by a single, unplugged acoustic musician.
After many unanswered calls to the zoning, events and other ordinance arms at the City of Madison, I'm wondering if anyone knows the specific rules to be in compliance as it relates to unplugged music being played outside at a reasonable hour?
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2023.06.07 17:21 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 61 (Efrain)

[←Interlude II] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 62→]
Slowly the group was peeled apart and taken to their various quarters, with the merchant Amicio shuffling off the children and paladins to his junior, taking the commander and captains for himself. Efrain was left with the so-called mentor, who was in a state of nervous agitation.

“Alright, you’ll need to explain why you’re about to have a fit,” Efrain said.

“Well, of course, of course, you wouldn’t know me,” said the mentor, “I came to the post of mentor long after you’d left the city.”

Efrain thought the title vaguely rang a bell, and he was beginning to have a dread certainty of the origin of it.

“Please do not tell me you’re a cast-off from Nicolo, aren’t you,” he said, the image of the far too charming ‘scholar’ coming to mind.

“I-If you’re referring to Nicolo Zarrentini, our most honoured founder, then yes.”

“That… bastard,” Efrain said, “I told him that it was a joke! A joke!”

The man shrank back from the apparent anger of Efrain, before growing significantly more confused as Efrain began to howl with laughter.

“The ass was always fond of his pranks. I believe he even said that he ‘wanted one to follow me into the grave,’” Efrain said, shaking his head, “it was so long ago.”

“But-but didn’t you- weren’t you part of the first convocation of the academy?”

“It was in Aimstand’s kitchen,” Efrain complained, “two hundred years ago, and they were both so drunk that if they’d taken a few steps to the left, they’d have drowned in the canal. ‘Convocation’ was one way to put it.”

This was clearly not the secrets that the mentor desired, judging by his rapidly reddening face.

“It was an old joke between friends, the idea of starting and academy of magic,” Efrain said, “I left, what, two hundred years ago?”

“But your name… and your books?”

“My books?” Efrain said, desperately scanning his memory of published works.

“Well yes. Your books. The ones you left behind. We use them as a foundation text for most of our students and…”

Efrain didn’t even let him finish, rather grasped him suddenly and violently by the collars.

“You don’t mean to say that… my old notes are used to teach. Students. Magic?” he said, voice trembling with horror.

“Yes?” said the man, who was beginning to sweat profusely.

“Those aboslute motherf-” Efrain said, as a loud gong rang out into the canal.

“Oh!” said the man, “We’ll have to pick up this conversation later, that’s the signal for canal clearing. We’d better be off before they close it off for the Festival traffic only.”

“Am I staying with you, then?” Efrain said, trying to drop the note of absolute menace in his voice as best he could.

“Yes, yes that would be correct,” he said, “as soon as I heard you were coming, I prepared the finest office in the academy for you. It’s not much, but I believe that you would enjoy seeing the labours of your wor…”

The man trailed off as he remembered the last few minutes of conversation.

“Either way, I would hope you’d at least examine it.”

“I would be happy to, mentor,” Efrain said, straightening himself, “particularly the notes.”

The man shrank at his venom but lead Efrain to his boat all the same, and they set off down the canals to the south.

“The Academy, as you might know,” he said, “is still located in the old district. As such, academy studentship is still a prized opportunity, if only to gain access in and out.”

“Gain access?” Efrain said.

“Well, it’s been monitored for thirty years, restricted to only business, and those with invitations only,” he said, patting a pin on his inner shirt, “academy students have numbered passes that-”

“No, why is it restricted in the first place?” Efrain said.

“Oh. Oh of course! You wouldn’t be aware. The Miram estate burned down almost thirty years ago. Suspected arson, though no suspects were ever caught.”

“Oh really?” Efrain said, “what a pity. I remember the old houses well. They had the most wonderful curtains.”

“The Mirams?” the man said, “I’ve only ever heard stories.”

“So the whole old district has been restricted? From where to where?”

“Just before the shipyards, master Efrain, to the tip of the white stone ziggurats. Of course the major western canals to the shipyards remain open.”

“What?” said Efrain aghast, “that much? Why, that was half the city last time I was here.”

“Yes, well,” said the man, adjusting his spectacles, “the Eisen and Poutash have been buying up immense amounts of property throughout the district for, well about eighty years now. The ‘old district’, as we now call it, is effectively two large estates with the central trade offices between.”

“Huh,” said Efrain, “well that’s not surprising, I suppose. They were always greedy.”

The man exclaimed in shock at him as they rounded a bend in the canal.

“My dear master Efrain!” he said, “the Eisen and Poutash are dear patrons, especially the former, who’ve been supporting this institution for generations!”

“Uh-huh, say,” Efrain said, trying to piece the names beyond the vague historical context that he remembered them in, “do you remember the family trees?”

“The family trees? Of the houses? Well, I certainly could give a guess,” said the man, “incidentally, Karkosian history is something of a passion of mine.”

“Well then, the Eisen,” Efrain said, “I distinctly remember something about them. In my time it would’ve been about two hundred years. So, give or take four to five generations from now.”

The man thought for a moment, and snapped his fingers.

“I think I know what you’re looking for,” he said, “you’re wondering who master Nicolo married.”

Ah, that had indeed been it - Nicolo did always go on and on about this one girl, who Efrain was fairly sure was well beyond his league. She was an Eisen, now that the memories had jumped to the surface of his mind. No wonder the academy had generational funding if one of the founding fathers had married in.

“Yes, yes,” Efrain said, “I think she was a branch family member, if I recall correctly.”

“No, master Efrain, you’re mistaken,” said the man, wearing a fairly familiar expression - a combination of fear of failure to please, and taking delight in correcting an error in a field he knew quite a lot about.

“Oh?” Efrain said, “bold claim, mentor. Back it up.”

The man once more pushed his spectacles up the bridge of his nose and began to recite.

“About a hundred-and-eighty years ago, master Nicolo married Hymatia Eisen. Hymatia Eisen was a daughter to Fielia Eisen, the matriarch of Eisen, hence he did not marry into a branch member of the family. He married into the direct, matrilineal line, represented by current matriach Aysatra, head of the Eisen family. Who is succeeded by, well…”

The man dropped his eyes, apparently embarrassed on behalf of the people he’d just named.

“Succeded by who?” Efrain said, leaning forward in the boat.

“Well, that’s the problem, master Efrain. In fact it’s one we currently struggle with. Oh, I do hate politics, but everything’s political in Karkos when money’s involved,” he said, putting on a expression reminiscent of a begging dog.

Efrain did not find it particularly charming, and pushed the man to go on.

“Well, that’s the thing,” he said, “the matriarch Aysatra, who is as youthful and vigorous as a woman half, no, a third of her age, is still well… older. There’s a clamour at the house of the Eisen on who’s supposed to replace her in the most deeply unfortunate event that she might… expire. No, no that make me sound like I’m talking about food and-”

“I get the point,” Efrain said, “spare me the flattery of a person who’s not even here. This matriarch doesn’t have a direct descendent?”

“Well, yes…” said the man, “but, it’s not exactly simple. The direct heir left the city some time ago.”

“And this relates to the academy, how?” Efrain said, “not that I care, just curious mostly.”

“Well, of course,” he said, “some at the house of Eisen… well, they think that our research and education is hopelessly outdated.”

“You mean useless,” Efrain said, more than ever wanting to get his hands on those notes and burn every copy he could find.

“Well, yes,” said the man, raising his hands in a gesture of helplessness, “some have used those words.”

“And you’re concerned that if they’re elected to leadership, your funding will be gone,” Efrain said flatly.

“Exactly. You’re quite insightful, just as the records suggested,” said the man, sniffing.

Before they could pick up the conversation, their polemen, dressed in the same blacks as the academy master, spoke up. They were before a river gate of sharpened palisades, which Efrain immediately recognized as the remnants of the old outer wall of the city, painted a bright red. The guards before it were dressed in ornate brass armour, studded with a set of small pearls and seashells.

Not quite the legion of sand and sea of old, though the aesthetic sense clearly meant to harken back to it. Efrain idly wondered how different the city would be if the legion actually still existed. In all the histories he’d read, most of their military exploits were suprisingly minimised, save for the few folk legends about them. Of course, most of those authors immediately left out the fact that almost all the legion commanders were women, which given many history writers were men, made sense.

The guards checked the proudly displayed pin, nodded, and opened the canal gates. Efrain immediately noticed the difference in the stone work as the passed beyond. It was more worn, but unmistakable paler, bringing back fond memories of days and nights spent in these canals over two centuries ago. He was just glad he was returning in a black, and not the horrid purple robes that he often inhabited while he was here.

The streets were noticeably quieter here, no doubt everyone was completing the final administration for the Festival. The buildings were also considerably older, their wooden slates near the water thick with strands of seaweed and barncles. Efrain more than once recognized the shape of an alley, or more noticeable deviations in the stonework. It was funny just how much he remembered of the old city and its details, and how little of his friends.

A couple of twists and turns, and Efrain started to recognize the part of the district he was in. Catching a glimpse of the mountains in the fading sunset, and a bridge or two he recognized, though they’d been significantly upgraded and replaced. With that information, he finally realised where they were, and more importantly, where they might be going.

“Noooo,” he groaned, “he didn’t.”

The mentor attempted to calm him, not understanding why he was so audibly distraught. The answer soon became quite clear as Efrain recognized the exact route they were taking. By the time they’d passed through the two statues, now dancing fish rather than the familiar wolves, Efrain’s worst fears had come true.

“He’d better not be buried on the academy grounds,” he said, his fingers fidgeting.

“I mean - and here we are!” said the academy master, clearly glad to move on to another subject.

Efrain looked up, nearly threw himself over the side, and forced himself to look up again. To say that it was exactly the way he remembered it would’ve been a lie. It had clearly expanded to include the surrounding pyramids, connecting them with bridges and walkways where what were presumably students passed by. The centre pyramid was kept more or less the same, with the same augurs drawing up water to the top, cascading it down in falls across terrace after terrace of gardens.

Refusing the offered hand, Efrain barged past him to take the steps two at a time.

“Wait! Wait master Efrain! I-” the man’s voice fell further and further behind as Efrain practically ran into the pyramid.

It was still a mess hall, but it was now one of long tables and high back chairs. The banners and plaques above proclaimed a short history of sport and scholarly achievement. Students, predominantly dressed in black, some with colourful stripes that Efrain didn’t bother to try to decode, stared at him. As did the cooks, still busy in the large kitchens that he himself had once manned.

The academy master had almost caught up to him when he took off again, striding through the aisle between the tables and out the other end of the pyramid. Yes, it was all the same, the same flower pots, and the marble steps and the little waterfall with the cracked edge. Two centuries, two bloody centuries, and Aimstand never bothered to fix the thing.

Efrain felt a internal bout of triumph at being proved right as he continued up the steps, before, finally, coming at last to the top.

The garden at the flat top of the pyramid was still as beautiful as ever, and the flowers he’d cultured still survived, although the blooms were less luminous than before. Efrain stepped out into the shallow pool that dominated most of the area, and noted that at the far end, where there used to be a stone bench, sat a gravestone.

“Found you, bastard,” he said, taking off towards it.

“Please, master!” said the man, practically sobbing if not for the fact he was out of breath.

Several of the more senior looking students had followed, looking totally flabbergasted at the display. Efrain did not stop, nor even look back at the procession, merely took off through the pool until he reached the steps to the little knurl of turf and flowers. There he stopped, parking his hands on his hips, staring at the inscription on the stone.

“Nicolo Eisen,” he said, drawing every word out, “Father, Teacher, Friend.”

“Muh-Master,” said the man, soaked up to his knees from his hurried splashing, “master, what-”

“Oh, calm yourself,” Efrain said, “I’m not going to do anything.”

The several students that had followed looked in utter confusion at the two men.

“Master?” one of them inquired, “should we get the guard?”

“No,” the man wheezed, bent over to catch his breath.

“Hold on a second,” Efrain said, bending over himself to gaze at the inscription, “what’s this?”

“That’s founder Nicolo’s grave, master Efrain,” said the mentor.

“Yes, I know that,” Efrain said, “I’m old, not blind. What’s this inscription below?”

“Oh yes, that,” he said, drawing himself back up to his full height, “It’s actually quite the mystery. No one really knows the language, but it was put there by order of founder Nicolo. Some of our teachers and students have spent quite a bit of time over the years to-”

“I’d told you I’d do it,” Efrain said.


“That’s- that’s what it- oh fuck you Nicolo!” Efrain said, “‘I’d told you I’d do it.’ That’s what it says!”

The mentor had gone white, while some of the students looked on the verge of fainting from confused apprehension.

“By all rights, I should burn this place down,” Efrain sneered at the stone, “is that what you wanted? ‘Founder’? If the gods were good, you’d still be alive, so I could kill you myself.”

“Please do not do that!” wailed the man, “I can’t understand for the life of me why you’re so angry! I thought you would’ve been happy, maybe even proud of what we’ve achieved!”

“I’m not angry at you, you idiot,” Efrain said, rounding on the man, “I’m angry at that smug piece of flotsam happily buried under his lovenest.”

“What?” said the mentor, the sentiment echoed by almost all the students present.

“All right, all of you, gather round. My first lesson,” he said, and, most likely out of habit, the students fell into a neat semi-circle.

“This will be a test of one question, and the one to get the answer right on their first response gets…” he turned to the mentor, “do you have some kind of regular award for achievement here?”

“Well, we do have ribbons that correspond to-”

“Great, first one to guess correctly gets a ribbon,” Efrain bowled through, “the question is this - why did Nicolo learn magic in the first place?”

The students stared at each other, daring the others to respond first.

“Well, come on,” Efrain said, “someone must have a theory.”

“Because he wanted to expand his own horizons?” a brown-haired boy said.

“Wrong!” Efrain said, “if your texts say that, they’re also wrong.”

“Because he wanted to shore up the city of Karkos’s defences while expanding on its knowledge?” said a girl with a slightly crooked nose.

“Also wrong,” Efrain said, shaking his head, “that’s exactly what he would say. You take that from a speech?”

“Well…” said the girl.

“Nicolo, you preening, self centered-” Efrain said, holding his head in his hands.

“To impress a girl?” said someone.

“Who said that?!” Efrain said, the class parting to reveal a younger, shaggy-looking boy.

“Well, you said that it was his ‘lovenest’ so…” he shrugged sheepishly.

“Mentor, get this young man a ribbon. If you need a reason, then cite him actually paying attention.”
[←Interlude II] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 62→]
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2023.06.07 17:19 tunaland Which cn shows got the least of promo back then?

When i looking at the old cn schedules, honestly it was definetely:
Whatever happened to robot jones?: The show just played friday to friday, never really saw reruns of this show. Just 13 episodes and just aired few times on cartoon cartoon shows in cn city era. No wonder nobody really remember this show
The lifes & times of juniper lee: unlike robot jones, this show get kind of few reruns but i dont like the way this show’s new episodes being aired on sundays. You might ask me why this would be problem cuz sundays are the day where gets the least of viewership & its usually more special event day (like such awards & superbowl) etc. Also other cn shows airing new episodes on fridays back then but junipers early episodes being not just not sit right for me. Also they dont aired once after it ended (not even actuall ending, last 2 episodes released on website of cn)
Cn’s Transformers Show: it didnt even know it was a thing, but this show just played at saturday mornings few times then just leave it on 6 am. Even thought it came from cn productions, i do believe it more shined at other channels
Generator Rex: ok this was just massive when this show was about to premiered, the first episode 2,69m viewership (one of the highest viewership for premiere on cn) it was huge hype at first episodes but the show started to ignored by cn due to freefall of viewership the show gets & cant really sell toys & merchandise and just leaved new episodes at 7 am and when it ended the show stopped airing.
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2023.06.07 17:18 Various_Spare2518 Removing a collections from credit report due to incorrect info?

I have a collection on my credit report from forever ago it seems from a payday loan site I think. They state I owe them $500 but offered me to pay $211 to wipe it. I asked them for a contract which shows my info an what looks like an e-sig but also shows that it was "signed in ottawa". I live in NB myself and was wondering is it possible to disupute it on my credit report as it shows a city Ive never been in as the location the contract was created?
Keep hearing mixed things and I dont want to file a disupute it its just moot.
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2023.06.07 17:18 barbarian_zg King's field 4 The Ancient city - The Passage of Light differences encounter

Can this be considered as something new in 20y ol' game idk but,couple days ago somtn funney happened to me in the Passage of LIght. This was my third playtrough,so i'm kinda familiar w the things in the city and..wanna ask you have you ever seen this. Can you distinguish what is different in this passage? I'm not gonna spoil you what I did but..Now I wonder if there is more of 'this' in other From soft games? There is in Elden ring ground floor hidden doors from King's field
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2023.06.07 17:18 diepepsi I built my own procedural generation script to fill each building in the matrix small city (big city next) with floors, columns, office tables, and working stairs from bottom to roof. I am AMAZED that UE5 Nanite Lumen just ate it up! No HLOD, No Streaming. All ISM, all loaded right HERE! NUTS! 2023!

I built my own procedural generation script to fill each building in the matrix small city (big city next) with floors, columns, office tables, and working stairs from bottom to roof. I am AMAZED that UE5 Nanite Lumen just ate it up! No HLOD, No Streaming. All ISM, all loaded right HERE! NUTS! 2023! submitted by diepepsi to unrealengine [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:18 mannchala Smoke up buddy to chill and talk shit 🍀

Hey am 30 yr old from India, recently moved to Amsterdam and working here. I am looking for some chill peeps to hangout around. Someone to share a Joint and walk in vondelpark or chill anywhere in the city.
Let me know if someone is keen or may be can suggest any social group or place to smoke up with random people.
Omg Shanti 🙏🏾
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2023.06.07 17:17 Crypto_Story_Bank 🏠💰10 BTC = A House. Countries to Buy Real Estate with Crypto

The number of merchants accepting digital currency is increasing all over the world and you even can buy real estate with crypto. Here are the best countries to do it. 🌍
1️⃣ Switzerland 🇨🇭
Known for its stability and crypto-friendly regulations, Switzerland offers a range of luxurious properties available for purchase with cryptocurrency. Explore the picturesque landscapes and buy your dream home in this wonderful place.
2️⃣ United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪
Experience the epitome of luxury living in the UAE, where cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi boast stunning architectural marvels and extravagant residential properties. With a growing acceptance of cryptocurrency, you can now turn your digital assets into a prestigious real estate investment.
3️⃣ United States 🇺🇸
From the bustling streets of New York City to the glamour of Los Angeles and the tranquility of Miami Beach, the United States offers diverse real estate opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. Embrace the American dream and invest in iconic properties using your cryptocurrency.
4️⃣ Portugal 🇵🇹
Portugal combines old-world charm with a progressive attitude towards cryptocurrencies. With its favorable tax policies and attractive property prices, Portugal has become a sought-after destination for those looking to diversify their real estate portfolio using digital currencies.
5️⃣ Australia 🇦🇺
Down under, Australia embraces the innovative spirit of cryptocurrencies. Explore the vibrant cities of Sydney and Melbourne, or indulge in the coastal luxury of the Gold Coast. Australia offers a range of real estate options.
🌐 When it comes to buying real estate with cryptocurrency, these countries are leading the way. Whether you're seeking a modern urban retreat, a seaside getaway, or a serene countryside estate, the world is yours to explore and invest in using your digital assets.
#RealEstate #Crypto #PropertyOwnership #CryptoTransactions
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2023.06.07 17:17 inorganicgeo Rare instance of the E+ Subscription - worth it?

Is this the rare instance of the E+ sub being worth it?
Would this work for reward travel as well? If I book a flight using miles and then pick e+ seats? I fly UA about 4-5 times a year. Partner and I always pick E+ seats so this may make sense for us.
$1136 to upgrade to E+ or just get the $899 subscription. It is valid for one year from today?
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2023.06.07 17:16 Traditional-Iron-992 Reasonable accommodations in candidacy

I’m currently job hunting, and more than one recruiter has eliminated me from the candidate pool because I work remotely / won’t relocate to their desired city or state. I have ADHD, and so telecommuting is more often than not recognized as a reasonable accommodation.
Is this legal under the ADA, or does it only apply once you’re an employee?
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2023.06.07 17:15 SillyAnimeGirl What to do in Naha when it’s raining (June 12-16)

Booked non refundable flight tickets to Okinawa like a dummy and the weather will be raining + thunder everyday. We wanted to visit near by islands to swim at the beaches so i’m pretty sad about this. Trying to figure out what activities can be done while it’s raining… Per the website i’ve been using my weather look like this:
June 13 - Mostly cloudy; a couple of showers in the morning followed by thunderstorms in the afternoon. Hours of precipitation 3
June 14 - Just “Rain” hours of precipitation 12
June 15 - Windy with periods of rain. Hours of precipitation 8.
(12th raining and we fly in at 6:30 -and the 16th sunny, ofcs, we leave at 7) The hotel I have has two pools and an onsen so i’m hoping i can at-least use the pool to swim at if they don’t close them down.
I really wanted to go to the beaches and take a ferry to different islands to the beaches but i’m unsure if that’s possible while it’s raining for 12 hours… maybe on the 13th sinxe it’s only 3 hours.
we could also move the flights but have to pay an extra ¥8,000 to rebook different days but would rather not pay extra 😞
Any suggestions are helpful! We will not be renting a car and our hotel is within the city area.
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2023.06.07 17:15 anarota What are some hidden dangers/risks that travelers in your city/country face but don't usually know about?

I'll begin:
In Bucharest, Romania, most Airbnbs are located in the city center, in buildings which are at a very real risk of collapse in case of an earthquake according to an official list from the authorities. Bucharest is in a earthquake-prone area. Even bars and restaurants can be in such buildings.
I noticed that many tourists have absolutely no idea about this. As someone who loves to travel, I'm wondering what kind of risks/dangers I'm exposing myself too, especially in developed countries but not only, when I'm traveling.
After the earthquake in Turkey, I learned about the sad situation regarding the buildings in Istanbul too.
What examples can you share?
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2023.06.07 17:15 Creative-Being-7072 Looking for partnership in Vancouver BC

Hey everyone,
I come from a dealership background and have been flipping for 3 years full time. I’ve developed very strong skills and strategies that reliably get me 25-40k in monthly profits in my area, and I’ve never had a loss bigger than $200. I learned the system with registries, insurance and legal loop holes in my area to allow me to make numbers like these possible.
Recently I’ve explored moving to a different city/province, and I’ve got my heart set on Vancouver for many reasons. As someone with refined car sales skills, I do know I could find work at a dealership, however with the expenses and lifestyle in Vancouver I would like to build a baseline income doing what I do best.
I’m looking for a partnership with someone who know the system in BC, as I’m completely new to the registration, legal and insurance processes of this province. In exchange, I would offer to provide my skills and teach you how to properly analyze markets, negotiate 2-3k profit margins on average, and sell your inventory same day, every single time.
Being new to the city, I know building a small network will be very beneficial for everyone, and will make us more money for years to come! If anyone here in Vancouver BC would be open to a 1 on 1 partnership with me, please send me a DM or comment to let me know. I will be heading there on a bi-weekly basis to start figuring things out and will have lots of time to dedicate.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.07 17:14 --Clintoris-- #NRFI #AI - Happy Davies Ghosted His Wife Day!

#NRFI #AI - Happy Davies Ghosted His Wife Day!
Recap of yesterday > 50% -
Rays/Twins - 50.02% - NRFI
Tigers/Phillies - 51.58% - YRFI (First inning solo homer and game literally ended 1-0)
A's/Pirates - 52.54% - YRFI
Mariners/Padres - 50.59% - NRFI
2 for 4
Overall Record - 15-6
Shit my bad. Some people are so crazy smart and helped fix my sheet with how I calculated final odds probabilities.

For example I had KC/MIA at 48%, when I updated it was at 56%.
I am going to start targeting value. These are far from sure things. 2 outs, bottom of the first, LHP vs LHB, THIS IS WHY I DO THIS. Fucking Josh Naylor:
He hit is first double off LHP of the season, the right fielder fumbled the ball, and boom 1-0. It was still 1-0 in the 5th inning.
Again, I am pivoting and taking value.
Here are my biggest value plays:

OAK/PIT NRFI - 56.02% chance of NRFI :
Actual Odds: -105
Implied Odds: -127

Mariners/Padres - 59.06% chance of NRFI:
Actual Odds: -130
Implied Odds: -144

Orioles/Brewers - 56.66% chance of NRFI:
Actual Odds: -125
Implied Odds: -131
Please. for the love of god. Go to this site and it will explain why LA and cincy has + odds for NRFI and why Boston on the road is getting actually scorched with a vig :
Today's Odds, I understand the format is shitty. can anyone help me with that?

Oakland Athletics 75.48%
Full NRFI 56.02% 56.02% RANK 4 Actual Odds -115
Pittsburgh Pirates 74.23% Implied Odds -127
*********************** *********************** ************
Seattle Mariners 76.36%
Full NRFI 59.06% 59.06% RANK 1 Odds -130
San Diego Padres 77.34% Implied Odds -144
*********************** *********************** ************
Detroit Tigers 81.81%
Full NRFI 56.35% 56.35% RANK 3 Odds -120
Philadelphia Phillies 68.88% Implied Odds -129
*********************** *********************** ************
Kansas City Royals 73.33%
Full NRFI 51.46% 51.46% RANK 8 Odds -105
Miami Marlins 70.17% Implied Odds -104
*********************** *********************** ************
Minnesota Twins 71.41%
Full NRFI 53.29% 53.29% RANK 6 Odds -120
Tampa Bay Rays 74.63% Implied Odds -113
*********************** *********************** ************
Chicago White Sox 70.93%
Full NRFI 47.96% 47.96% RANK 13 Odds -120
New York Yankees 67.61% Implied Odds 102
*********************** *********************** ************
Houston Astros 69.18%
Full NRFI 44.52% 44.52% RANK 15 Odds -105
Toronto Blue Jays 64.35% Implied Odds 115
*********************** *********************** ************
Boston Red Sox 71.96%
Full NRFI 53.19% 53.19% RANK 7 Odds -145
Cleveland Guardians 73.92% Implied Odds -112
*********************** *********************** ************
Los Angeles Dodgers 65.04%
Full NRFI 50.44% 50.44% RANK 10 Odds 115
Cincinnati Reds 77.55% Implied Odds -101
*********************** *********************** ************
New York Mets 71.32%
Full NRFI 50.50% 50.50% RANK 9 Odds -110
Atlanta Braves 70.82% Implied Odds -101
*********************** *********************** ************
Baltimore Orioles 73.54%
Full NRFI 56.66% 56.66% RANK 2 Odds -125
Milwaukee Brewers 77.05% Implied Odds -131
*********************** *********************** ************
St. Louis Cardinals 73.88%
Full NRFI 48.68% 48.68% RANK 11 Odds -110
Texas Rangers 65.89% Implied Odds 104
*********************** *********************** ************
San Francisco Giants 61.91%
Full NRFI 46.97% 46.97% RANK 14 Odds 110
Colorado Rockies 75.86% Implied Odds 110
*********************** *********************** ************
Chicago Cubs 75.03%
Full NRFI 48.22% 48.22% RANK 12 Odds 105
Los Angeles Angels 64.26% Implied Odds 105
*********************** *********************** ************
Arizona Diamondbacks 70.88%
Full NRFI 54.72% 54.72% RANK 5 Odds 100
Washington Nationals 77.20% Implied Odds -120
*********************** *********************** ************

GL ALL! Choose the games you want or ask if you want a team breakdown. You can be the first ever to ask.

Here is OAK/PIT -

My plays today:
Yes I grabbed Red Sox/Guardians. Red Sox home/road slips (3rd in OPS at home, 22nd in OPS on the road)
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2023.06.07 17:14 Burningestwheel Medieval fantasy, post apocalypse with teleportation. Thoughts?

I'm making an RPG setting and wanted some help. What I'm looking for here are ideas and thoughts. I have a more detailed origin and world than I'm writing here, I'm keeping it open to see where your mind will take you.
The game takes place roughly one generation after a sort of apocalypse where a bunch of fantasy creatures fought against humans and lost, now there's just humans left. In this war, all countries joined together to fight this common threat, creating a strong us vs them mindset of humans vs creatures.
After the apocalypse, around 10 000 people survived. Some people became more magical and gained the ability to teleport themselves and others. Humans now live in cities that were built before the apocalypse, so large parts of them are abandoned. The cities also exist very far from one another geographically, but the teleporters keep them connected.
Things I'm thinking about:
How do you think this society has developed?
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2023.06.07 17:14 HelpGibbyThrowaway TIFU bb being worried and asking for help while camping

So for context for the story, not literally today but not a long time ago. A couple friends and I took a small trip a couple hours out of our city to go camping and fishing for a couple days. It was a great time and good being out there, but not the point.
On our last day there, my two friends who were there with me were going to go down to a creek down the hill from camp, but agreed to be back at camp by the evening to eat whatever they caught, start packing up and heading home. I stayed up at camp.
While they were gone, a bit after when we were supposed to meet, I started to go look for them because I was worried they had gotten lost, but I couldn’t find where they were, and started to get nervous and kinda freak out. After about an hour or two, I was extremely worried about them as the sun was going down and we had no cell reception.
I went to the park manager for help, when another camper heard me and was willing to help me find them. We drove around trying to find them, but eventually we found them actually fairly close to our camp near the stream. If we weren’t able to find them, the park manager would’ve called the police.
Unfortunately, he also told me while we were looking that the season for fishing in that specific river was closed, meaning the fish we had caught were technically illegal. We didn’t know that, but when I found them we had to throw the fish back so we wouldn’t risk a fine. We should’ve known that before we went, but our mistake.
So now my friends are pissed with me, because I was really worried about them and I couldn’t find them, leading to asking for help from someone, leading to a police scare and almost getting my friends in trouble. Now I’m terrified that I screwed up my relationships with my friends, as these are some of my best friends. All because I was worried. TIFU
TLDR: I went camping and fishing with some friends, couldn’t find where they went, started to get worried about them when they didn’t come back when we agreed to, leading to the police almost getting called and getting my friends in hot water. Now they’re pissed at me.
submitted by HelpGibbyThrowaway to tifu [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:13 oomaoozi Looking for groundcover and shrubs that can handle a challenging environment

I live in a Massachusetts city and have a very small yard. The sunniest part of the yard is a 10'x8" patch of dirt and gets about 3 hours of morning sun, but also gets sandy runoff from a 12 foot retainer wall. I am looking for two things: a grass or groundcover that will do well in that environment (and can tolerate a lawn chair or two), and something to grow directly in front of the retainer wall.
Any suggestions? Thanks.
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