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2023.06.07 20:50 KoalaSmart5878 Did I in have the right reaction?

I do not like anyone touching my books, my bag and other crap okay but for the most part my book is off limits unless you promise to keep the book marker on the right page.
I’m at school sitting at my desk because it’s the last few days before we graduate we watched avengers endgame i of course having read my book kept it out with the book mark in view, I sit with a group of people that are my friends, two of them understand that even as a joke that I don’t like my book mark getting removed as I’d have a hard time remember what page I’m on. this is a comic book and a pretty large one at that so there’s no page numbers at the corner, I have to go by what I remember and I think they understand my ability to remember isn’t good. So back at the book I heard them saying “You know he’ll get mad if you do that.” That’s when I looked at my book and saw the book mark wasn’t there, at first I just quickly tried to skim through and see what I remember reading I found it luckily and I tried to keep quiet but I felt like if I didn’t say something they’ll do it again, and so I said “Don’t touch my book.” To the girl I knew who had done it, She has a problem when I touch her stuff basically from time to time one of the guys take her phone or whatever playfully, I grab it and give it to her she has plastic nails so she scratched me and says don’t touch my stuff, I rarely touch her crap anymore (even though mostly it was to help with get that same stuff back.) she touched my stuff and I say don’t touch my stuff and she says “it wasn’t me” in her way where she has her head facing down but looking at me with a smile but the guy right next to me had a smile but I kinda know him he’s the type to just smile at others issues and wouldn’t be the actual perpetrator.
I am not at all good with interaction so that’s why I’m asking did I overreact?
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2023.06.07 20:49 JouPro_sokodasin Error with redeeming money for the microsoft account :/

Error with redeeming money for the microsoft account :/
First of all (to be clear), I'm from Mexico. In Mexico, Rewards allows redeeming $20 MXN (approximately one dollar), $40 MXN (approximately two dollars), and $100 MXN (approximately five dollars). I wanted to redeem about five dollars, but it asked for phone verification. When I entered my phone number, it gave an error while claiming. I mention this in case anyone else from Mexico is experiencing the same issue (I think there's an error with redeeming Microsoft money), but i think its not my account ´cause i redeemed another prize and with that there wasn´t a problem.
I already contacted support, so now i am just gonna wait
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2023.06.07 20:49 Luisotee Jailbroken BingAI for WhatsApp

Hello everyone! My friend and I have created a WhatsApp bot with the aim of being your personal assistant. We've incorporated the jailbroken version of BingAI, called Sydney, to power this bot. With Sydney, you can not only have regular conversations on WhatsApp, but also take advantage of its internet connectivity. This means it can perform searches similar to Bing, providing you with the information you need.
Furthermore, we have exciting plans to introduce new features such as image generation with Bing, PDF reading, reminders, and more. We want to enhance the experience and make the bot even more useful.
It's worth mentioning that our bot utilizes the BingAI reverse proxy, which means there are no costs associated with BingAI itself. However, we do use the Whisper API for voice recognition, which is a paid service (but can be disabled if desired).
Repo: https://github.com/veigamann/sydney-whatsapp-chatbot
If you want to test: https://api.whatsapp.com/send/?phone=4915237793520&text&type=phone_number&app_absent=0
NOTE: For security reasons, we strongly recommend self-hosting the bot.
Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to delivering a helpful and innovative WhatsApp personal assistant experience with our bot!
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2023.06.07 20:48 pythons_bunny My information was obtained from a food order and I'm being harassed by the employee, what can I do?

I had a bad experience at Taco Bell yesterday, whatever didn't think much of it. Later that evening I started getting prank calls from a blocked number calling me a whore, telling me they knew my name and where I lived and proceeded to recite my address. They said I better 'watch myself'. They found my social media accounts and tried to spam me there, they sent me a cashapp request for $300 (I haven't used the app in years) which was odd. And they messed up and called from an actual phone number that showed me a name. I was able to look it up and find the registered address which is in the vicinity of the Taco Bell.
I tried to get the employees name but I can't seem to get a straight answer as the manager is protecting her. I tried calling corporate and spent an hour and a half on hold. I am concerned that this employee was able to get my information and do this. I'm pretty sure a law or two was broken here.
Do I have any recourse here? Is there anything I can do? Local precinct said that without a name I can't file a report, and I'm too afraid to go back to find out. This all happened in NJ by the way.
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2023.06.07 20:47 Milters711 Experience with Rad Runner Plus? (Or general Rad quality)

I’ve been riding road bikes for several years, have a nice Cannondale, but will be moving at the end of the summer and want to get a good commuter bike to sustain healthy transit after I move further.
I’ve been doing my reading, and have frankly grown slightly skeptical of everything due to the number of cheap ebikes out there.
My commute will be ~5 miles each way with significant climbs both ways (approx 15% slope, sustained for 0.5 miles, at the steepest).
Does anyone have opinions/experience with RadRunner Plus? I don’t expect the single-speed RadRunners to have enough to power, but I’d assume the gearing on the Plus would make it comfortable.
Anyone with any strong opinions on the RadRunner or general Rad lineup build quality?
I tend to do my own maintenance on my mechanical bikes, so the idea of regular electrical issues sounds bad to me.
Any comments appreciated.
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2023.06.07 20:47 AngzietyMonkey New application stuck in a limbo

I applied for a new Blue business cash card. I got an update on the application is pending because I need to submit the "right document". I had submitted a bank statement and they say its not admissible. The entire customer care is from India and they have no clue what to do. According to customer care my next step is to upload another document but they are unable to send me a simple email link for it.
- the upload website does not take in the reference number but customer care can see the reference number on their end and can pull up my information.
- Online application status upon entering all the information says to try after 24hrs as the system is down or something.
- The email link they sent for document upload just says application pending and I should sit tight.
- Called customer care twice they just run around with words and have no clue what to say. They just want to hang up because they have no clue and dont want to deal with this.
All responses from American Express weather its online or on phone is "We’re sorry". I'm thinking I made a mistake applying here. No wonder Costco dropped them they are incompetent.
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2023.06.07 20:45 thrownawaz092 I don't THINK I'm an assassin? - Chapter 3 - Stalking the streets

As day turned to dusk, the reality of the situation Mike had found himself in was starting to dawn on him. It was already established he was in monster central, and in another world, and alone, and had no idea what was going on around him, but after the initial need of not getting spotted and probably mauled was satisfied, a whole new slew of problems were arrayed before him. Where would he eat? Drink? Sleep? If he injured himself, where could he get medical supplies? Where was he going? How could he get back home?
Could he get back home?
A stiff wind blew around him and stole the heat from his body, leaving him cold in an encroaching dark. 'How do I know I can even get back?' besides knowing it existed, Mike knew nothing about magic. He was fairly certain that kobold had sent him back the first time, but by the looks of it they had also summoned him in the first place. Something else pulled him in the second time, so there was a very real chance that he wouldn't be able to do anything. 'and of course, that all comes before the fact I have no idea how to find the little lizard.' Mike ducked into an alley to avoid some kind of flying fish as he considered his situation. Hopeless as it was, finding a needle in a haystack was the only option to present itself, so he reluctantly chose his only option.
Things hit an all time low as Michael sat under a bridge that would serve as his shelter for the night. Sure, there were plenty of haunted houses to choose from, but they all ran the risk of him being found by the monsters that lived in monster city. The bridge was a solid piece of work, being composed mostly of concrete and some kind of wood, and it passed over a wide river that was pretty turbulent for its size. Mike was suprised by the lack of metal, but it seemed to be holding up well enough so he let it go.
Slinging off his backpack, Michael decided to occupy himself by taking stock of his inventory and situation. Laying everything out, he had:
The gym clothes he was wearing, just a tee shirt and shorts. They were sweaty, dirty and didn't cover much
His regular clothes, thick jeans, another tee shirt and an over shirt
His phone, which had no service and 67% battery life. 'yeah, let's turn on airplane mode and the battery saver.' it wouldn't last long, but the calculator, flashlight, stopwatch, notepad and compass tools could all be useful.
Earphones, 'ha! I downloaded all my songs and can listen to them forever if I find a charger! Suck on that Spotify elitists!'
Shoes, nothing special about them
A bag of chocolates that monsters think they're too good for
An almost empty water bottle. 'pro tip, if you're lost in the desert, conserve sweat, not water.' Remembering that bit of survival trivia, he downed the last few gulps.
His pocket knife, score! The salesman had told him this thing could withstand his own weight on the blade, and Mike had really put it through its paces to confirm that claim. It was also a swiss army knife and had several tools in it, even a firestarter! That alone tripled his chances out here.
His wallet, full of useless bills, coins and cards
A gym membership, also useless
Ankle and wrist weights, with detachable pieces of metal to change the weight. 'Should I keep these on or off?' On one hand, he would like to be as physically capable as possible for whatever was coming, and the constant work out would only help with that, but on the other, they would slow him down and tire him out. Not good without a food source. He took them off for now.
And a gym bag, which is always good to have.
The first thing Mike did was change back onto his normal clothes. They would keep him a little warmer and weren't so smelly, which would be good for werewolves that might sniff him out. Walking down to the river, it seemed clear, so he filled his bottle - he could always not drink it later - and began washing the gym clothes.
As he scrubbed his mind moved onto the situation he was in. Another world, monsters, magic and local superpowers are all established. Judging by the state of things, that being the ruins and monsters, this was probably once a thriving nation that had since been overrun and was now populated with the monsters that did so. The biggest concern that came out of that was that this clearly hadn't been a medieval society. True, just about everything was alien to him but he could recognize a TV screen or a car, this place was just as if not more advanced than earth, and they still got wiped out by monsters.
As Mike started wringing out his shorts, his introspection was interrupted when he heard voices overhead. He immediately stopped and turned his head up. It was getting dark by now and whatever was above him had a light, he couldn't understand what the two, no three voices were saying, but he didn't like the tone or the fact that the light source seemed to be getting closer to the side of the bridge. He tensed, and slowly put his sopping clothes into his bag as quietly as he could.
With a loud grunt, whoever has the light jumped over the edge of the bridge, still out of view behind a support but that was as close as he was willing to get. Mike took off as fast as he could in the opposite direction of the ravine the bridge crossed. The ones still on the bridge pulled out another light and called out to the one on the ground, who growled a response back. 'crap, crap, crap!' rang through Mike's head as he put on more speed, the sounds of pursuit not far behind. Between the weights and wet clothes, Michael was worried he might have to ditch his bag again, but it wasn't weighing him down nearly as much as the thought it should. 'just wish adrenaline would come this easy at the gym!' he was making good speed all things considered and was glad to hear his pursuer falling behind.
His hopes of escape were shattered however as one of them proved able to fly, because he heard a screech overhead and saw a silhouette giving away his position! Come on, that's not fair! He had to lose the little cheater and soon, otherwise the others could just run him down at their leisure! Mike turned, slipping on the grassy turf as he aimed to go back in the city. If the universe would just throw him a bone for once, there wouldn't be many other monsters, and he could shake these jerks.
He ducked into an alley, left onto a street before swinging behind some buildings again. Looking up he could still see that cheeky little spy plane was still on him, and from the sounds of the voices, the ones on foot were taking a direct route instead of weaving around, they were closing in. Thanking the universe for actually not putting other monsters in his way, Mike ducked into another alley and saw what he was looking for; a dumpster (he assumed) right under an open window. The only issue was the chain link fence between him and it. 'Really though, who sets up a fence right in an alley like this?' another call from above reminded him of his situation. 'right, deal with it now, ponder neighbors who probably hated each other later.' despite his dismay at the obstacle, he practically leapt over the fence, which was at least 6 feet tall. Adrenaline was one hell of a drug, but there was no way he could do that!
He mentally stored that away as well as he hopped on the dumpster and into the window, waited a couple seconds and hopped back out. He couldn't see the spy anymore which meant they couldn't see him either. He just managed to crawl down a basement window of a building on the other side of the alley before his pursuers burst into the alley as well.
Watching through the window, Michael finally got a good look at the one on foot. That was a big guy, like 8 feet tall and built like a truck kind of big. He was the one with the light in his hand, a glowing ball that floated in his palm, and it cast a rather terrifying shadow over his crocodilian face. He was a crocodile man, no other way about it. Thick tail, heavy green scales that are more yellow on the underside, whatever you're imagining is probably right. The teeth didn't look too sharp but they made up for that in size and number. Besides, if he was anything like earth crocs he had enough bite force to make gums probably work.
Mike was thanking his lucky stars he hadn't been caught when suddenly a second head popped out from behind the first, and he realized the croc had a bucket strapped to his back with something poking out of it. After a bit of chatter, a second creature slithered out of the bucket and onto the ground. It was... Strange to say the least.
The creature stood at four feet tall, and was clearly an aquatic being, being covered in fins from head to toe to tail, along with burgundy scales so small he might've mistaken them for skin. Looking at its head it was decidedly a moray, with a mouth full of sharp teeth and an eels... Tail? Body? Let's say tail, coming out of the back of its head. Or would it be a humanoid body coming out of the moray's neck? 'This thing is weird to look at! Why do you need two bodies!?' Michael mentally screamed at the merfolk. He was just getting a grip on his mental image of it when the merfolk threw a wrench into his poor brains attempt to understand it, by flying. Well ok it wasn't flying flying, but with a little hop and spreading its wing-like fins it was able to glide along while hardly touching the ground. 'well this just keeps getting less and less fair.'
A call from above, undoubtedly from their flier, probably told Mr. Crocodile that Mike was in the building that he double backed out of, because his made some growling sounds of their own before he and the merfolk entered in through the window. Mike released a breath he hadn't even realized he was holding and took a look around the room he was in. It was dark in here, with only a bit of light coming from the twilight of a single window, but he could see place was almost empty, with little more than the occasional rug or bit of furniture that had been strewn about and a bit of debris by the stairs.
Seeing his way out, he ran to the stairs before noticing that there was more debris in the way than he saw in the dark. Turning on the flashlight on his phone, his hopes were dashed as he saw that the upper floor had caved in, blocking his access out. He hadn't seen the flier come down to enter the other building, so they were most likely keeping overwatch in case he tried to give them the slip, which he already kinda had, but he needed to make the same trick to work twice, and that always goes well.
Peeking out the window, Mike caught sight of what he assumed to be the flier making rounds overhead. There were only a few seconds on the far side that line of sight was broken, not enough time to run, but there were other hiding spots. Taking a chance, Mike crawled back out of the window as soon as the flier was out of sight and hopped into the confirmed dumpster. It was around now that he realized he didn't exactly have a plan, and his situation wasn't exactly improved either. 'I'm just making sure that I'm not cornered in case they find me. Yeah that's it!' now he had a plan, and his situation had improved too! Sort of, stop asking questions. A few seconds later he was out and under a shutter, and on the next loop he was out of the alley.
Turns out, it's not that easy. Mike had thought he was safe, after rounding a corner he ran until he was sure he'd lost them, only to hear more footsteps from behind. The flier must have seen him and Mr Croc was in pursuit again, at least Mike had enough of a lead he couldn't see them yet. Testing a theory, Mike found a balcony and jumped for it. Yep! Lower gravity was confirmed as he made it nearly two meters off the ground! He also undershot it and smacked his head on the underside of the balcony, eliciting a (hopefully) dignified shriek, ruining the momentous occasion. Still, he was able to hit the ground running and made for another escape.
It had not taken long for a pattern to establish, Mike would hide and lose pursuit only to be spotted by the flier as soon as he got any distance. His best bet was, somehow, to stay close, under the radar so to speak and lead them away. He wasn't sure how they always knew what direction he was in, considering how well he kept out of sight, until he saw Mr. Croc kneel down and sniff a footprint. Ahh, they were tracking him.
That might actually be a blessing in disguise, because they were moving from an abandoned looking residential area to an industrial complex that was more populated, seeing a bit of foot traffic and lights in windows. He just might be able to lose them in there. Mike had a bit of a laugh at the fact that monsters were living on a jobsite when there were some perfectly fine - ok dilapidated, but so is everything else - houses a few streets over. He snapped his attention back to the situation at hand, he was still being chased after all, and now he planned on escaping by walking through Monster City night life. 'how did I let this become my best option?' there was nothing for it though, he just had to hope he could still keep out of sight.
After a couple close calls where Mike had turned a corner only to see a wall or monsters that somehow hadn't noticed him, he got enough of a lead that he could try hiding. Finding a road with hundreds of footprints up and down it, he backtracked a few meters before diving behind a couple pipes that were sticking out of a building.
Mr. Croc showed up not long after with the eel in tow, and signed the flier to come down. He could finally see that dirty little spy plane! It was a... Moth! 3 feet tall with big black eyes, droopy antennae and some soft looking fluff on its head and body, Mike would have thought it adorable if it hadn't been snitching on him!
Being unfamiliar with monsterese, Mike had no idea what was being said, but the body language made it clear they were arguing. It actually looked like a parent scolding their children, with Mr. Croc being 8 feet tall while the others were in the 3-4 foot range. That didn't stop fire being flung both ways as the small pair clearly gave the kind of back talk that would have gotten the taste slapped out of Michael's mouth if he tried it on his dad. With someone saying something the conversation suddenly came to an end with Mr. Croc spitting on the ground and turning away. He fiddled with a latch on his chest and the bucket on his back came loose, hitting the eel on the head and soaking it, undoubtedly on purpose. With a few snide remarks the three went their ways, leaving Mike gracefully alone.
...In the middle of monster city.
Why did the universe insist on not improving the situation? 'Ok that wasn't fair universe, you're trying very hard, and I appreciate you getting me out of that.'
Karmatic retribution for his insolent thoughts hopefully averted, Mike got moving again.
Much to his own chagrin and with a hint of irony, Mike found himself tailing Mr Croc. Looking back it was ridiculous that nobody had noticed him running through the streets but he was found squatting under a bridge. Mr. Croc clearly had a reputation of some kind, because people seemed to avoid him like the plague. When Mike tried to backtrack he found himself relatively surrounded by monsters compared to the empty streets he was chased through, and he ended up finding sanctuary in the invisible bubble of Mr. Croc's presence, causing no end of irritation on Mike's end.
After nearly an hour of following, Michael's blood was boiling. Maybe because it was due to the lack of sleep, maybe it was due to being chased for hours for no reason, maybe it was due to being forced to hang around his least favourite semi-aquatic reptile. Or maybe it was because he was witnessing a mugging.
While sneaking along behind his quary, Mike did his best to hang back aways and keep an eye out for an escape route. They were still in the industrial complex, but must have been leaving the populated area, judging by the fact that fewer and fewer monsters were coming out after the crocodile had passed. Michael was just about ready to finally get away from him when he spotted someone walking in their direction, clearly having missed the memo to stay away.
The Croc was on them in a flash and the old bird -that's not an insult, she had feathers and a beak- tried to run but didn't get more than a couple steps away before the Croc had gotten a hold of her. Michael watched from the shadows as the bird lady was shaken, growled at and nearly had her head taken off by the snapping maw of an Egyptian god who had a chip on his shoulder. She was panicked, trying to run and begging, but the actual monster had her arm in a firm grip, and with his other hand he grabbed a pouch of some kind of the lady before shoving her onto the ground and walking away like nothing happened.
Michael was fuming. All that just to snatch a purse!? This thug who had chased him all throughout town, acted like he owned the place, who could probably rip Mike in half, did all that over a freaking handbag! His anger froze cold as the victim slowly picked herself up. Now that she wasn't being actively assaulted he could see she really was an old bird, with patches of feathers, wrinkles, generally frail looking, he was looking at someone's grandmother! And that crocodile... No, he would not get away with this!
Michael's anger had been subdued by the realization of what he was doing, now tailing the 8-foot lizard man a lot closer than before and armed with a pocket knife, one that felt a lot smaller in his hand as he realized what he was doing, he wasn't sure how to actually do this. The bastard deserved what was coming, but after cooling off Mike knew rushing in was a bad idea. Luckily this industrial complex, or whatever it was, was packed with rails, pipes, and other things so tightly there was practically a second road overhead. Mike's plan, if you could call it that, was to jump down onto the guy and take him out before he even knew what was happening.
Michael barely made a sound as he went up and over, stopping only when his target looked around. It seemed he could tell something was off, but wasn't ready to act on the feeling just yet, which wasn't the kind of opportunity that Mike was one to waste. He dropped, silent as a shadow.
The crocodile may have been 8 feet tall, built like a brick and was in a lower gravity setting, but the simple fact was that he wasn't ready for someone to suddenly land on his neck. He went down like a sack of potatoes with Mike clinging on, the tumble having left him momentarily disoriented. Still, he quickly righted himself, this needed to end fast, or it would turn into an actual fight where he would have the disadvantage. Wrapped around the monster's head Michael brought the knife to its neck and... Hesitated. Mike had been in fights before, but those were scuffles in the school yard, now he was about to kill. He knew his opponent deserved nothing less, but that seemed to fade in the face of taking a life. It was enough to take the fire out of him.
And so, instead of pushing the blade into his windpipe he only pressed it to the Crocs neck instead. "Alright listen up you big bastard," but the big bastard did not listen up, a fact made clear when a large hand grabbed and threw him off. Mike rolled as he landed and quickly got his feet back under him, knife luckily still in hand. The croc slowly stood up, cracking his neck as he did so before speaking. "Ev'uoy tsuj edam ym yad." It said with a toothy grin. Mike just glared from his crouched position. 'different language, nice to know I wasted my time!' kind of obvious in retrospect, but there's nothing for it now. Mike kept low to the ground, with a two foot difference in height he wouldn't even try to match his opponent in strength or reach, so he opted to keep low.
The Croc tensed for a moment before lunging at Mike, maw open and ready to swallow him whole. Mike lunged himself, keeping low to the ground and barely ducked under the attack and swiped at the exposed neck. He didn't expect to land the hit, but his opponent was taken off guard by his offence and didn't quite pull back fast enough, taking a superficial cut below the chin. Shock flashed in the croc's eyes and he lept back, lashing out with claws to keep Mike at bay. Unfortunately for him, Michael knew that playing fair was for suckers, and that you kick opponents when they're down, so he didn't let up. He was moving forward before the Croc had even landed, stayed below the counter and was in his guard again.
This time he didn't hesitate, and plunged his knife in the croc's side eliciting a shocked gasp from the titan and, keeping his momentum, moved just beside his opponent's shoulder before jumping just a little higher than intended and striking again. Still reeling from the first stab, the croc had only managed to make eye contact as Michael's knife sought his throat again, and this time did not stop. Michael landed on his feet as the croc sunk to his knees, blood leaking freely from his neck as he tried to stop the bleeding with his bare hands but it was already done. The crocodile was dead before he hit the ground, and Michael breathed a sigh of relief.
That purse wasn't the only property Mr. Croc had appropriated, as Michael found plenty of interesting things on his person. His things now, as he had no way of returning them. Despite the haul, his mind was elsewhere as he walked.
That guy did not know how to fight, probably used to just intimidating people around him. When an actual fight came he was honestly kinda sluggish, and didn't even think to use magic or the shiv that was in his pocket. Even so, that was a dumb thing to do. What was he thinking, attacking someone like that? What if he had known what he was doing!? Mike could not afford these kinds of mistakes in a survival situation, even if he did get lucky, even if he somehow got out unscathed! You just don't rely on that happening, and Michael resolved to remember that in the future.
Finding a good spot, he set the purse down in the middle of a road and retreated to a hiding place. Soon enough the bird lady passed by even slower than before, the only reason Mike got ahead of her was because she was slowly limping along. Seeing that made his hatred flare up again, but his anger faded away as with a shocked look, the bird lady found the purse, looked inside and sagged with visible relief before looking around suspiciously and continuing with just a bit more pep in her step. 'Well,' Mike thought, 'maybe that wasn't such a dumb move after all.'
____________________________________________________Author's note
Alright part 3 is out! Hope y'all enjoy.
In case anyone had missed it, large portions of Reddit will be going dark in protest of the removal of third party software on June 12th. I had originally planned to join the protest, but then I read the HFY 's official take on the matter (remaining neutral to act as an escape from stressful situations like this) and decided that's worthwhile. As such I will continue posting but otherwise will be off of Reddit in protest.
The first shall be previous and the next shall be in a week or so.
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2023.06.07 20:45 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzss Ticket Has Not Popped up In System 29 Days later…

So last month May 9th, I got into an accident and the officer on scene gave me a moving violation for failure to yield left turn. I forgot about it for a while but I have to pay within 30 days and tomorrow is the 30th day so I decide to pay it and I go onto the website and enter the infraction # and it does not pop up, I called the number on the ticket and they also said the ticket is not popping up either. They said nothing is on my record.
The lady on the phone said I could contact the officer but she couldn’t give me any other advice other than that.
I do not know what to do.
Do I contact the officer? Will I get a warrant if I don’t pay the ticket? What is going to happen?
This is my first ticket on my record and I really do not know what to do in this situation. Any help would be so appreciated.
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2023.06.07 20:44 goodnewsjimdotcom RIOT Support tells a bunch of lies to me in a row.

#1 They told me behavioral based systems was not a thing then in the next few patch notes they talked about their behavioral based systems. Remember those patches? I can dig em out if you want. Riot Lied.
#2 They promised me if I filled out a long form, they'd get my account back. They assured me not to be overwhelmed with a long form, my account could be recovered. I spent a while filling it out. The next customer support tells me they ain't gonna recover my account. Riot Promised. Riot Lied.
#3 They impersonated scientists on forums then when other scientists disagreed with the bogus scientists and with me and fellow scientists, they censored all the scientists including myself. Riot lies and censors.
This company is beyooooooond shady. They're at least as bad as EA. They want your money and will lie to you to try and get it.

Hello there,
Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for the delay, our queues are quite full these days so I really appreciate your patience! 🙏
Before we can further assist you, we will have to go through a process in order to verify the ownership of the account.
Please don't get intimidated by the amount of questions. We know this is a lot of information and it can be quite difficult to remember everything, but give your best and try to answer as many as you can! Also, keep in mind that even a wild guess is better than nothing for us.If dates are unknown please enter a significant game event around the same time.
  1. Username (login name):
  2. What is your full Riot ID, include your tag (Ex: RiotGames # NA1):
  3. What is your summoner name?
  4. Shard you play on (NA, EU, etc.):
  5. Your current Email address:
  6. Your current IPv4 address (Use https://www.whatismyip.com/ to find your IP address):
  7. Who made this account?
  8. All possible emails used on this account (take a couple of guesses!):
  9. Do you have access to these emails:
  10. Creation date of the account (Ex. AUG 20 2019)
  11. Location where the account was created? (City, Country)
  12. Birthday on the account (Ex. DEC 21 1990)
  13. Has anyone else ever played on the account? (including friends/family):
  14. Name any additional Riot products you play on this account.
  15. How did you lose access to this account? When was the last time you had access to the account?
Have you ever bought in game currency(RP/VP/Coins etc)?If yes answer as many questions as you can from the list below
  1. What was the first thing you spent it on, be specific:
  2. Email address linked to PayPal account(if you had used multiple PayPal accounts, please add these email addresses as well):
  3. Unique PayPal transaction IDs associated with purchase(s):
  4. Phone number, mobile provider, and country used for SMS transactions:
  5. Any PaySafe Card PIN/Transaction IDs:
  6. First 6 and last 4 digits of any credit cards used:
  7. RP card PIN numbers:
  8. Any transaction or confirmation numbers received via email for this account:
BONUS: Please provide any other context you have for the account:
-redacted name- Support Specialist
*next guys says it ain't doable, so the first or second guy lied that it was.*
Oh man I'm really sorry to hear your accounts been on the TW server for a while now, I know how frustrating that has been. So as much as I would love to help out unfortunately after investigating this for you it seems I'm going to have to request that you please wait for transfers to come back to the in-game store, I am unable to transfer you myself and I apologize for that. I currently do not have an ETA for when transfers will be reenabled for players in the in-game store so I apologize in advance for that. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns though and I'll do my best to assist. Woomeshu Riot Games Player Support "Ah, you're back." -Sojiro
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2023.06.07 20:43 Clear_Kale5947 SSPR and MFA setup advice

Evening admins
I’m looking for a little bit of advice with regards to setting up SSPR and MFA. We are in the process of rolling both out to our 200 users, currently 60 are setup with CA based MFA and no one for SSPR.
MFA - The 60 that have been setup with MFA all have company phones so MFA is via the MS Authenticator app. We now have to try and find a way to convince users to install this app on their personal phones or we are looking at offering token codes that we can purchase. Just curious if you have had issues getting people to use Authenticator on their personal phones? It would be much easier than having to go through the token code setup method for us as most people always have their phones with them.
SSPR - I’ve been doing a lot of reading about this and we do have password write back setup on AD Connect. With regards to enrolling users just curious to know what method people find is the best to get users on board. The problem I see if having to register a mobile number or personal email for recovery. Mobile number not an issue for company phone users but users that don’t might decide they don’t want their personal phones as a recovery method.
Be grateful to hear how people approach this
Thank you
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2023.06.07 20:43 Soxbjj Family received a call about me regarding a order of location.

My family and spouse got a mysterious call from a man about a claim number and an order of location about me today. The main gave a claim number and said it’s “in my best interest” to call the office immediately. He didn’t provide a number or business. He said the last phone number listed for me and it’s not even close to mine. In fact, the phone number was for a rental car company. What’re your thoughts? Is this a scam?
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2023.06.07 20:42 DryAttention4511 Bf of 3.5 years left me because "he sees himself with someone else."

(I just need help understanding why this ended the way it did....) Ex bf (M23) broke up with me (F21) about a week and a half ago because he "saw himself with someone else." To preface, this relationship has been rocky from the start, but it was our deep love for each other that kept the relationship (somewhat) together. The reason for the relationship being so rocky was due to the fact that he was in the military up until 2 months ago. His contract with the military was up 2 months ago, and we both had agreed for years that this would be the solution to our problems.
We dated on and off for about 3 years long distance, which created a lot of complications on top of him having tons of childhood trauma and me also having my own issues with anxiety and an anxious attachment style. He was very toxic during certain parts of our relationship and he hurt me many times. He would always come back though and profess his love for me after something happened.
Whenever he took a leave and was able to come home during his time in the military our relationship was absolutely perfect and all those issues we had in long distance were gone. Thats why when he finally got out of the service we both were so excited and thought that everything would be amazing. The thing is, it honestly was very amazing. 2 months in one day he just told me he started to see himself with someone else because we didn't share that many hobbies together. We knew that already though, and it wasn't a deal breaker before. I knew that I should have not gotten back together with him so many times and I should have saw the on and off ness as a sign that it was never going to workout, but he just knew all the right words to say every time he came back and he would come onto me so strongly (almost like love bombing). I genuinely tried so many times to get away from this guy but he was persistent in staying in my life. He gets out of the military and now he doesn't want me though???? What is that BS!!! None of it makes sense.He is the first guy I have ever dated seriously and loved so it was just so hard for me to leave because I was so attached. He had so many good qualities that I thought outweighed the bad, and I was just blinded by love.
I truly did think that our love was so deep and strong, but now that he left me for good after getting out of the military (which makes me think he used me just for company when he was in it) I just think that he never truly loved me the way I thought he did. The thing is though, he would make it seem so deep! It wasn't just me overlooking things all the time. This is what leads me to believe he's manipulative... but I just don't know. I question myself so much because this is my first relationship.It's been a week and half and although I have a long healing journey to go since it was such a long relationship, I am not crying all the time anymore and I am feeling better. The only thing I'm left with when I think about this relationship though is how does someone seem genuinely so in love with you for YEARS and the feeling leaves within 2 months? I just don't understand. Like practically, my brain doesn't get it. And it bothers me because it makes it hard to process the relationship properly because none of it makes sense. I know there's the saying of "you never get closure" but I feel like my situation is different because I genuinely have no answers.
I remember he used to tell me "if anything ever happened like a world apocalypse or something I would go straight to you." How does someone feel that way genuinely and then decide one day randomly that you just aren't the one for them??? It makes no sense. It makes me think he's just a dumb 23 year old guy who wants to throw away something good with someone for the freedom of dating around in his 20's. Well guess what, he could have realized that the countless times I tried to get away from him back during long distance, but no he realizes it now after he's wasted 3.5 years of my life.I just need answers as to how someone loves you so much for years but then changes their mind in such a short period of time. What does that mean? It just doesn't make any sense...
Also if anyone is worried I am still in contact with him I blocked him on all social media and his phone number. I have no interest in ever contacting him again because I want to move on from this whole mess but it's just so hard to process the break up when I have so many unanswered questions that he couldn't give me. All he could say was "I'm sorry." Also one more thing, all of my friends and family didn't really like him for all the stuff he put me through, so he also said he wanted a clean slate since he messed up so bad, although that excuse still doesn't make sense to me because he could have figured that one out ages ago too, lol. If anyone can help me process this or has any words of wisdom I would SO appreciate it. TL;DR
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2023.06.07 20:42 Pure_Entrepreneur352 Dear Canadian Facebook marketplace users. I'm here to explain and expose some lies about giving out your phone number on marketplace.

As a network engineer for the past 22 years of a major telecom giant here in Canada. I am here to expose some myths and tell the truths.
1- never give your number out online. First. Yes never give out your LANDLINE number to anyone online. Reason being. 99% of voice calls over wireless or landline cannot be logged and recorded.
2- never give out your cell number on marketplace it is a possible scam. Though this may be true 10% of the time. The other 90% is not. Reason sellers ask for people to text them is to make sure that you are in fact from Canada. All texts sent to or from a Canadian number are logged in their service providers database for 5 years in case law enforcement needs to be involved. As well, using a number for means of fraudulent / illegal purposes is against any terms of service for all cell carriers in Canada .. that contract we all sign when we sign up for service either prepaid or post paid.
What about VoIP numbers? As long as the phone number sending messages sends to a Canadian number they can be tracked down by device mac ID and tower SEGID as well as IP address as each message sent to or from a Canadian number contains this information.
3- "I'm scared sellers/ buyers can track my location". This is prohibited for commercial/public use by law in Canada which is why cellular providers do not allow such a feature in any plans. Although google allows it in their maps app. That's at the discretionary use of the two parties involved only.
Only reason or way anyone would be able to track you otherwise is law enforcement, emergency services crews if you dial 911.
So if a buyer or seller asks you to text them do so. If they request to call you. Red flag. Texts to Canadian numbers are saved by the carrier's where voice calls are not.
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2023.06.07 20:41 BotheredEar52 Final Transit Cliff Update & Advocacy Opportunities

Hey people, here's how things currently stand with transit funding in the state budget and what you can do.
The California state budget needs to be voted on by June 15th, and the budget needs to be published by June 12. Thanks to pressure from all of us, negotiations are ongoing in the state legislature and with the governor.
Unfortunately, the most recent budget proposals voted on by the legislature do not provide nearly enough funding to meet the need to prevent transit cuts and regrow ridership. This would force transit agencies to choose between preventing service cuts and important capital priorities, and would abandon $6B+ in federal matching funds.
We need to burn up the phone lines in the offices of the state’s top leaders who are negotiating the budget now. Click here for the numbers to call. If you can’t call during office hours (or after you call), click here now to send a letter to California’s top 5 leaders demanding that they save transit by the budget deadline.
And if you want to let more transit riders know about the emergency we face and how to take action, sign up to flyer this week on buses and trains.
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2023.06.07 20:39 2Questioner_0R_Not2B Was about to sign up for heroscape.org but I happened to hit upon a stumble.

I'm about to sign up for heroscape.org but there is just one small minor detail and it requires me to use my phone number.
Is this optional?
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2023.06.07 20:35 SnooChickens6460 Address change for I-131

Hi everyone. I've moved to a different state in the US and I'vemade the address change as instructed on the USCIS website except for the I-131 application. The reason is it didn't show in the drop-down menu. But then I noticed this instruction on the main page on MyUSCIS under the I-131 application:
"Important reminder if you need to update a beneficiary’s physical address or phone number If you are requesting parole on behalf of a beneficiary, you may update their physical address or phone number. Visit the Unsolicited Evidence page and upload a letter that includes the following: Beneficiary’s first and last name Receipt number of Form I-131 you filed for the beneficiary Reason for change in address and/or phone number New address and/or phone number Copy of the identity document submitted for the beneficiary with the original form I-131"
What am I supposed to do? Thank you so much.
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2023.06.07 20:35 InfowarriorKat The Smiley Face Murder Theory

Summary by homocidecenter.org:
A theory has developed that credits the drowning deaths of a number of young men in the Midwest and Northeastern United States to the work of a serial homicide offender. In 1999, journalists first reported that college-aged students were drowning in rivers after an evening of heavy drinking (Maller). These deaths were said to form a pattern, and it was soon proposed that it was the work of a serial killer, or team of killers, who were deliberately targeting young men for murder (Kaye, 2008). Smiley face graffiti was sometimes, though not always, discovered near these death scenes. This serial murder explanation is now called the smiley face murder theory (Smiley, 2010).
General details:
-All victims are male, usually young (early 20's to mid 30's). Many are in college. Most, if not all are considered conventionally attractive with a lean to muscular body type.
-States with heavy amounts of these cases are Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Illinois. College towns seem to be targeted. There have been a recent string of cases in Austin, Texas & Chicago Illinois.
-They are missing for days to months before they are found, speculating that they are held for a period of time before dumped in a body of water. The bodies will often be in perfect condition despite supposedly being in water for a long period of time.
-Prior to the (theorized) abduction, they are usually at a social event such a bar, sports event, or other party/ entertainment atmosphere. They are usually with friends who they get split up with.
-The bodies end up being found in an area that was searched multiple times. The bodies are often found on Mondays. Some speculate that they are dumped on Sundays. The graffiti of the Smiley Face is believed to be placed where the body went into the water, not where the body was found. There are other symbols found at these scenes, which the police officers who first seen a connection, are keeping private until an official investigation is done.
-The police often close the investigation quickly and call it an accidental drowning. When new evidence is discovered, they do not reopen the case willingly. Family have discovered details later that were missing from autopsy reports. Medical examiners and police seem to avoid the families. Out of the hundreds, only one case was changed from accidental drowning to murder.
Specific anomalies involved with some of these cases:
-1 man was found partially frozen despite being found in the middle of summer. Indicating he was frozen to try to throw off the police in regards to time of death/ decomposition.
-One man was found half standing up in a pond. The water was so shallow, he would have had to just stand up to not drown.
-One victim had water in his lungs that was not consistent with the water he supposedly drown in. This is an indicator that he was drown somewhere else before being placed at the dump spot.
-One victim was found with hair in his hand that turned out not to be his. This was the one case that was changed from accidental drowning to homicide.
-A family of one of the victims didn't see the autopsy results for 10 yrs. When they finally seen it, they were shocked to find he had been burned with (what they think was) a blow torch.
-Victim Dakota James of Pittsburgh was found upstream from where he supposedly drown. His body would have had to go through a mechanical damn, that was only open less that 12 inches. His body was in perfect condition, despite supposedly being in water for over a month. The family of James was one of the most outspoken of all the victims, not believing what they were told. They hired an independent medical examiner, Cyril Wecht to help re-investigate. They were shocked to learn their son had ligature marks on his neck. Something completely omitted from the autopsy. The parents repeatedly asked for a meeting with the medical examiner. They were avoided several times. When they finally got a meeting, the secret service was in attendance. Why would the secret service be involved in a accidental drowning case? Or even a murder investigation involving someone not in government?
Common misconceptions:
-Mistaking "Smiley Face Killers" with "Happy Face Killer", Keith Jesperson. These are 2 different things that are not related.
-That this is one seriel killer. The time line of victim makes that impossible. Some of these murders were in different states too close together. It is believed that this could be the work of a cult, or a dark web protocol for people who want to murder and not get caught. There's speculation that The Order Of Nine Angles may be involved, since (according to their writings) to get to a certain level, you must carry out a culling.
-That they all were very drunk. Many of the friends said afterwards that they only had 1-2 beers. There have been CCTV that captured them walking fine and even using their phone while walking straight. However, GHB has been found in toxicology reports of some.
-That this is only going on in the US. There have been cases like this in many areas of the world, but particularly in Europe.
-That it is not still going on. I think Wikipedia said it "ended" in 2010. Wikipedia also claims there are only 45 victims. These are the victims that were covered in the book, "Case Studies In Drowning Forensics", that the original 2 police officer theorists (Gannon & Duarte) wrote. There have been many since then that fit the characteristics.
Recommended places for further info:
Smiley Face Killers: "The Hunt For Justice" (Oxygen Network)
Documentary by William Ramsey: "Smiley Face Killers" documentary
Jim Smith and William Ramsey are the most thorough independent investigators about the subject.
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2023.06.07 20:31 VladTepesDraculea Recebi esta carta no correio num envelope com branding da TNT. Não subscrevi a nada nem enviei nenhuma encomenda. Isto é esquema?

Recebi esta carta no correio num envelope com branding da TNT. Não subscrevi a nada nem enviei nenhuma encomenda. Isto é esquema? submitted by VladTepesDraculea to portugal [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 20:29 DangerousAnt3078 Denied Promotion on Merit only to have union step in and facilitate promotion on time.. oh.. and all those things I did to achieve merit.. you can kiss those good-bye!

This one's a little "malicious compliancey" but I figured ot was better suited here as there really isn't a compliance aspect.
I work for a local government. I was promted into a position, but before the promotion went through.. upper management wanted to setup a meet n greet.
About an hour before the meeting I was given the heads up to treat the meet next greet as an interview.. which I was prepared to do anyway.. but the warning was kind of cryptic.
Anyway.. I went into the meet n greet / post selection interview putting my best foot forward. The meeting quickly turned into a an unfettered grilling of me and my intentions, for reasons I had no idea of at the time. Later I found out upper management had a certain person in mind for the job who wandt me, that their selection was undermined by my coworkers, and that they were actively taking it out on me and havnt stopped.
Afterward.. I considered not accepting the promotion.. but I had already been selected and the ink was pretty much dry.. and i was urged by my new coworkers to let the bad meeting go.
Within days of my arrival.. the hostility had clearly made its way from upper management to middle. There was nothing I could do right, no amount of work I could do that was enough, I wasn't setup with the equipment and tools I needed to do my job and if I asked for them I was a "complainer" and if I didn't ask for them I was "unmotivated l" and "disinterested".
Because of the good benefits the job offers, I stuck with it for years.. despite it never really getting better. Mind you, I was still doing more work than my coworkers, more grunt work, more paperwork, and had more responsibilities and more that could go wrong but wasn't because I was working my ass off.
Well, after a certain amount of years.. my coworkers were each promoted 1 level up with title and pay raise, and I had now hit that number myself.
I walked into my bosses office, and politely asked about mypromotion. He promptly made up some bs about my numbers.. of course not that they were low.. as I was still doing more work than anyone else.. but that they wernt being entered as quick as the other coworkers. I explained that that was ridiculous as I had the lions share of the field work compared to my coworkers and that it was an unreasonable comparison. He told me I could easily enter my numbers via smart phone.. you know the service numbers that require pages of explaining to boot.
I was in a little of a catch 22.. if I got pissed eight then and there and unloaded my responsibilities.. I would have no hope of a promotion.. but it also seemed like I wouldn't be getting it by continuing to work hard either.
About a month after the conversation.. the union amended our contract to include a provision that my category would be automatically protlmoted based on time. No merit requirement. The catch was that the clock started from the new contract not from when i started.
I asked one more time for the promtion and was denied again.. i then promptly began the process of unloading all of my responsibilities to the the higher postions.. I now pass everything off to the higher ups.. I literally do next to nothing.. and very soon now.. I will be promoted. So much for for hard work being the key to success. Oh.. and while I should be carrying over my responsibilities from my lower postion to the higher postion.. it seems I'll have unloaded everything before I get there.
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2023.06.07 20:29 WBBulldogs Help with adding wearable to FirstNet

I have a phone with Firstnet service and wanted to add my smartwatch for the extra $10. When I go into the phone to add the plan it shows regular ATT wearables unlimited for 7.50 and firstnet for $10. For some reason it won't let me select Firstnet it keeps showing 7.50 as the total even when I select FN.
I called customer service but the guy said I would need a line for the watch. I told him I wanted to receive calls going to my phone on the watch when phone is left in my vehicle or at home when hiking etc. He said that would not work as he watch would have a dedicated number.
Am I not phrasing my request properly?
Does it need a dedicated number before setting up numbersync?
I have never used wearables on ATT only Verizon and it did not have a dedicated line. It "shared" the phones line for voice and text.
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2023.06.07 20:27 WeShineUnderOneSun Extension to detect phone numbers in a webpage to allow function to click to call the phone number to Google voice?

So while using chrome, looking for something to run I. The background to identify phone number and add the function to move cursor over the phone number and to click to call and to be sent over to Google voice via web
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2023.06.07 20:27 Icy-War439 How to be calm about my bf having close girl friends?

Me and my bf have been together for 2 years almost and he use to only have me as his only female friend and girlfriend of course. For about 6-7 months he has been getting more social and making new friends at school and a lot of them has been female friends and I love that he finally had the courage to be more social but at the same time He’s been unfaithful to me twice in our relationship and even tho that was awhile back ago and he hasn’t done anything like that since it happened,I still get super anxious when I see that he is taking to his female friends.
He’s a senior now and the three girls I’m worried about is a sophomore so I don’t really think he would do anything but who knows. I do trust him even tho it may not sound like it,I am just worried.
He signed up for this summer program at school and he’s been hanging out with those three girls a lot and he even got two of their numbers. he’s been hanging out with only them and no one else even tho he met a few guy friends there.
It’s something about those girls that I don’t trust and they have made fun of me to my bf before and he didn’t say anything about it to me I just found out by myself. Recently He has been talking about how they are annoying and how he didn’t want to hangout with them but then he acts like they are his best friends when he’s away from me and that don’t sound right to me. Those girls will see him in public and get all happy and try to get close to him and ignore me and he would just act like he don’t even know them but like I said he will act like they are his besties when he’s with them.
He’s going to be with those girls all summer for 5 days a week up until the end of July and he’s going to be 10 hours away from me for 5 days sometime this summer and then two hours away from me for a whole week this summer and I know he will only hang out with them girls and I don’t know how to feel about it.
My friend is in the program with them and she has been showing me videos of those girls sitting close beside him and I know one of them likes him. The last trip they went on I tried to face time him and he kind of ignored me and was laughing and having a good time with them and then hung up the phone without saying he loved me and he never did that before. He said he was busy and he was trying to get off the phone and enjoy the rest of his trip and I understand that but at the same time it made me feel like he didn’t have time for me like he does them. He even sits beside one of the girls a lot when they are on a bus trip and he knows I don’t want him to do that.
Today I got a text from my friend saying he was taking a picture with them girls and one of them was getting close to him. I figured he would send me the picture to let me know that he took it and tell me about the girl so I wouldn’t overthink but he didn’t. I texted him and I was just telling him how my friend told me he took a picture with them and how he didn’t send me it and I put laughing faces to let him know that I was playing around and didn’t mean anything. He got upset and said I needed to stop stalking him and all of that crap. I wasn’t stalking him,my friend just told me about it and I wasn’t really upset over it. The only thing that I was upset over is him not telling me about the girl getting close to him. I mean it did hurt my feelings a little when I found out he was taking pictures with them.
I love him and I’m glad he has friends but the fact that he’s getting closer with them and it seems like he’s distancing his self away from me hurts.
He told me I need to trust him and let him hangout with his female friends but idk how. I’m an anxious person and I can’t stop thinking that something is going to happen between them girls and him. I don’t care for him to be friends with them but he gives them a lot of attention and acts like they are his best friends and he just met them a few months back. And he even said they was like his sisters and he just met them in January. Something just doesn’t feel right and he hasn’t done anything unfaithful to me yet but idk. Should I try to let it go and let him be close with them or what? This is my first real relationship so idk what to do
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