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2023.03.25 23:23 VonteKingXV Why shooting is harder compared to past years (for some) and some things I learned that help.

I think it is common knowledge that there are different timings for the jump shots based on many different factors. I think one of the main difficulties stand out for those who would rely on muscle memory in the past to shoot. I normally would rely on about 60 or 70 percent muscle memory and 40 or 30 percent visual cue. I think for those who are in the same boat, this year has been more difficult to adjust to. I have learned a few things that have helped me to shoot much better since the beginning of the year.
  1. Sticking to one jumpshot is important when learning how to shoot so I would suggest picking one to get used to. There are many greats jump shots that can be used for different positions and level of shot attributes.
  2. Don’t start pressing the shoot button until you catch the ball or it will slow down the animation. Also holding LT or L2 will put your player in a catch ready position to shoot.
  3. This year learning a visual cue for your jump shot is extremely important for consistency. Muscle memory is not going to help as much but does play a part once you get used to shooting.
  4. You should also practice in either the pro-am arena or Gatorade gym to get used your timing and especially on moving shots and step-backs if you want to try those in games.
  5. Shooting badge set-up can definitely help as well. I think for me, green machine, and catch and shoot have helped me a lot.
  6. Also the release timing in the controller settings may be on a setting that is harder for some to get used to. I use the early release timing and I have talked to people who also prefer it. But there are some who shoot better on late or very late so I think it’s worth testing to see what is best for you if you’re already having trouble shooting.
This is just from my experience. I hope there is something that may help someone who may be struggling with shooting this year.
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2023.03.25 17:15 G4M3R_EJ Release 129 in nba2k23

Does anybody know who’s jumpshot is release 129 is from 2k22 in 2k23?
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2023.03.25 06:13 RekkoFromDa8 Who do u think is the best and worst-buzzTre,2k22,TheLock

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2023.03.24 23:42 3lidja It's been a week since wwe 2K23 got released, what is your opinion about the game that you might have the time to explore it ??

(Very Long text incoming) i know i have made a post similar last week, but it was 24 hours after the early release, now i have explored the game way more and some things have changed since. 1) Gameplay : the ai this year is somehow a lil bit dumber than last year, they keep pinning you at every occasion they have and can barely attack you if they irish-whiped you. Tag team matches are awful to play, because unless you control your tag partners, you can't count on them to help you, however the opponent non legal partner have the ring intelligence of Prime HBK, even on easy mode. And finally, table matches aren't fun at all, a match that you literally can finish in less than a minute cannot be fun. However there's things i like, for example in multi man matches (3 way, f4w and non tag team 5, 6 and 8 man) it can happen than everyone team up for a few second just to beat your ass (or someone else), wargame is pretty fun, Royal Rumble is a little bit harder this year and despite the ai having a pinning fetish, they are still pretty fun to play against, especially on legendary difficulty. Overall the gameplay is still pretty good, and unless you're playing tag team and table matches, you will have a lot of fun. 8.5/10. 2) Showcase : like i said last week, it's a chore more than ever this year, outside of the archives videos and the cena commentary, there's nothing fun to play this mode. 3.25/10 3) Universe : i still don't understand how the new scenario system work lmao, there's a little less bugs than before, but there's still a long way to go before having a proper universe mode that can fully work. 6.75/10 4) MyFaction : (the MyFaction locked content isn't taken into accountabilty in my review) i try to give MyFaction a second chance this year, and the first thing i have noticed is that for some reason, the mode feel way more F2P friendly than last yeae, they are pretty kind on the rewards this year, but perhaps it's the exact same thing as last year. ??/10 because i haven't focused on that mode that much yet (mostly because of MyRise) 5) MyGm : more stipulations and titles is cool, but the game mode still have that Face/Heel and Styles restriction, which prevent us to fully appreciate the mode. 6/10 6) MyRise : the mode finally have a proper story this year, The Lock story was pretty good and a funny self own from wwe, The Legacy story is also enjoyable so far (i'm still in early story) imo it's the best Mycareer mode so far. 8.25/10 7 and final part) Creation suite : CAS is pretty good this year, the caw finally can compete with actual in game wrestlers, i still wished that every haircuts prior to 2K22 weren't left textureless. Outside of CAS, every other part of creation suite are broken (for now), create an entrance have a lot of issues, same thing for create an arena, it's really bad and sad. 7.25/10 because the CAS is really THAT good. (I don't play online i can't judge that mode) Overall : sure, wwe 2K23 improve on a lot of things 2K22 implemented last year, the problem is, there's is still a large amount of issues (bugs doesn't count) that are still present on this episode of the 2K series, but at the end of the day, 2K23 in the core, is a really fun game. Overall note : 7.5/10
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2023.03.23 22:21 alex9834 Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball: A Legacy of Failure (REMAKE)

Never thought I would revisit you so soon, eh Purdue? You pathetic underachievers continue to give me excuses to mock you every March. Every time when it seems like you're about to end your agonizingly long Final Four drought, you punch your fans in the dick repeatedly by choking during the second weekend, or shitting your pants against a double digit seed in the first. It's like watching the Endless Eight episode saga of Haruhi Suzumiya...on repeat for DECADES.
Don't believe me? Take a look at this long laundry list of failure...
1969 NCAA Final Four - Thanks to head coach George King, and an all star roster led by Rick Mount, Herm Gilliam, and Bill Keller, you made the National Championship game your first year in the NCAA tournament. Though this may be a sign that you've peaked too early, as well as this being a sign that you're about to get destroyed, it's still admirable. Maybe you can shock the world...
1969 National Championship Game - Unfortunately, reality sets in and you get an H-bomb dropped on you by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and UCLA. Better luck next year I guess...
1970 - Or...just completely fall apart and miss the tournament.
1971 - Though you post another winning season, it's not good enough to get you into the tournament. Here's an NIT bid as a consolation prize.
1972 - Settle back into mediocrity with a .500 record as George King decides to fuck off and never return!
1973 - Your new head coach is Fred Schaus. You are still incredibly mediocre.
1974 - Holy cow, a 21-win season! Unfortunately, you don't come close to making the big dance. Have this NIT title as a consolation.
mid-1970s - And you are once again mediocre. Why am I not surprised.
1977 - Ah, you finally returned to the big dance once again. But then you lose a nailbiter to North Carolina.
1978 - And you once again fall back into mediocrity. Don't worry, the tournament will eventually expand and you'll be able to appear more frequently. Just give it a few more years.
1980 - Alright, you're finally a reasonable contender again with a 23-10 record. And that was thanks to head coach Lee Rose, as well as new star recruits like Joe Barry Carroll, Kevin Stallings, Keith Edmonson, Roosevelt Barnes, and Arnette Hallman. You're the 6th seed in the Mideast region, so go make some noise.
1980 NCAA Tournament - Now we're talking! After taking out huge foes like your in-state rival Indiana in the Sweet 16, and Duke in the Elite Eight, you return to the Final Four yet again. This may be the best shot you have so don't mess this up. Bring that National Championship trophy back home to Lafayette!
1980 NCAA Final Four - Unfortunately, they are then death starred by the UCLA empire. And not just ANY UCLA team - this was Larry Brown's UCLA team. You know, the one that committed 9 NCAA rules violations and were forced to vacate their appearance in the tournament. Fucking pathetic. I don't care if you won a 3rd place game, you're still dead to me. Well, hopefully this won't be your last Final Four appearance for a while...
1980 offseason - You make an excellent hire in Gene Keady as your head coach! Hopefully you can win a national title for him.
1983 - Coach Keady leads you back to the tournament once again, but unfortunately you get run over by Arkansas in the second round.
1984 - Lose in the second round again. This time to fucking Memphis.
1985 - Get ousted as the #6 seed in the big dance to fucking Auburn.
1986 - Lose as the #6 seed YET AGAIN in the first round. To fucking 11th-seeded LSU in double overtime.
1986 NCAA Final Four - That LSU team goes on to become the first double digit seed to make the Final Four. You get a trophy of herpes.
1987 - You're the #3 seed in the East region and you put up 104 points against Northeastern of all teams. Only to get blown the fuck out by Florida. Ya know, I'd like to see some actual deep runs for once...
1988 - Now we're talking! You're finally a national title contender again! You won the Big Ten with a 27-3 regular season record and you're the #2 team in the country! You're the #1 seed in the Midwest region, so go big or go home!
1988 NCAA Tournament - Unfortunately your deep run is to the Sweet 16, where you lose by three to Kansas State. The best season since you're 1969 Cinderella year...and you get turned into a laughingstock once again. Fucking hell, this is brutal. Who pays to watch this shit?!
1989 - The Boilers fall apart and miss the tournament once again but who gives a shit anymore?
1990 - Thanks to new stars like Matt Painter, Jimmy Oliver, and Steve Scheffler, you're the goddamn #2 seed in the Midwest region and are a favorite to make the Final Four. This HAS to be the lost to 10th-seeded Texas in the SECOND ROUND?!! hits wall FUCKING GOD.
1991 - And then you decide to choke against fucking Temple in the first round.
1993 - Lose in the first round again. This time to goddamn Rhode Island.
1994 - You're finally a national title contender again with a dominant 26-4 regular season record thanks to new stars like Glenn Robinson and Cuonzo Martin. You won the Big Ten yet again and you're the #1 seed in the Southeast region. You even reach the Elite Eight too and have a good shot to make the Final Four! There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel...
1994 NCAA Tournament, Elite Eight - Turns out that light was just a mirage and you get your Final Four dreams beaten to oblivion by Duke. Why does this shit always happen to you guys? I know it's the Empire, but fuck!
1995 - Get bested by fucking Memphis again in the second round as the #3 seed in the Midwest region!
1996 - You won the goddamn Big Ten again with a 25-5 regular season record and you're the #1 seed in the West region. Will this finally be the year?
1996 NCAA Tournament - YOU LOSE IN THE SECOND ROUND TO FUCKING GEORGIA? The hell is the matter with you?!
1997 - After getting revenge on Rhode Island in the first round, you get absolutely rekt by a Paul Pierce-led Kansas squad in the next. Eh, it happens to all of us sometimes, shut up and deal with it.
1998 - You're the #2 seed in the Midwest region yet again and you've returned the Sweet 16...only to lose to goddamn Stanford - a team that hadn't made it to the Elite Eight in over 45 years. Pathetic. Get lost.
1998 offseason - And now the NCAA has caught you cheating red-handed. You get put on two years probation for recruiting, ethics and benefits violations. Plus, team assistant Frank Kendrick decided to be a fucking idiot who illegally bribed star player Luther Clay and is fired from the team. Fucking idiots...
1999 - Your probation hasn't kicked in yet! Quick, go make another run to the Big Dance!
1999 NCAA Tournament - Even though you're the #10 seed in the East region due to losing the Big Ten tournament title to Michigan, you manage to pull off a minor string of first and second round upsets against Texas and Miami before being absolutely mauled by Temple again in the Sweet 16. Sucks, but it was a valiant effort. There's always next year...
2000 - You're in the big dance yet again just in time for the new millennium! As the #6 seed in the West region, you make another big run to the Elite Eight after ending Gonzaga’s foolish ambitions! And you're facing a fellow Big Ten foe in Wisconsin. This may be the last shot you have with this current core, so go take down those arrogant Badgers!
2000 NCAA Tournament, Elite Eight - Unfortunately, Wisconsin has the last laugh as they edge you out by 4 points and make their first Final Four in almost 60 years. Woof. At least things can't get any worse...right?
2001-02 - It does. You miss the tournament the next two years in the meantime, as your probation has finally kicked in. Eh, you were garbage, you weren't going to make the Big Dance anyway.
2003 - Probation is finally over and you make the tournament once again. As the #9 seed in the South region, you get revenge on LSU by blowing them the fuck out in the first round. Only a brick wall can stop you: it's name is Texas.
2005 - Gene Keady decides to hang it up after an abysmal 7-21 record. Too bad he couldn't get a ring, he was one helluva great coach.
2005 offseason - We need a new head coach to bring us back to relevance. This Matt Painter guy will do.
2007 - Coach Painter leads you back to the tournament, just so you can get stomped on by defending national champion Florida in the second round.
2008 - Lose in the second round again. We're losing to fucking Xavier now? Goddamn...
2009 - After winning the Big Ten Tournament, the Boilers finish the regular season with a 25-9 record, which is good enough for the #5 seed in West region. You make it all the way to the Sweet 16 before being put down by UConn. Could be worse I guess...
2010 - You win your first Big Ten regular season title in 14 years, and you're the #4 seed in the South region this year and you once again make it to the Sweet 16. But the Evil Empire known as Duke then slaughters you like pork. Old habits die hard, eh?
2011 - You managed to secure the #3 seed in the Southwest region with a 25-7 record, and you're favorites to make the Final Four. Now are you going to do something?
2011 - Nope, you lose to an 11th-seeded VCU team...who then go on to make the Final Four. Deja vu, ain't it?
2012 - Lose to Kansas in the Second Round yet again. Seriously, what is with all these Second Round losses?!
2013-14 - Miss the tournament the next two years in the meantime.
2015 - You're back in the tournament again as the 9th seed in the Midwest region. And you lose painfully to Cincinnati in the first round. In OT.
2016 - Issac Haas begins to come into his own as he leads the Boilers to the #5 seed in the Midwest region with a 26-8 record. But then...oh no...
2016 - You LOST TO FUCKING #12 LITTLE ROCK?!! IN DOUBLE OVERTIME?!! WHAT THE FUCK!! Can you NOT continue to waste talent, Boilers?
2017 - You once again win the Big Ten and grab the #4 seed in the Midwest region. You go back the Sweet 16 before you are put down by fucking Kansas again. The Jayhawks are still getting the best of you after all these years, eh?
2018- This time you're the #2 seed in the East region with a solid 28-6 regular season record. You once AGAIN make it to the Sweet 16, but then you lose to another Big 12 team called Texas Tech - a team that hadn't made it past the Sweet 16 in their existence. Fucking really? Eh, you've got promise though. Next year should be the year...hopefully.
2019 - Well, you managed to win a share of the Big Ten title. And even though you lost early in the Big Ten tournament, you clinched the #3 seed in the South region with a 23-9 record. Now don't disappoint me again.
2019 NCAA Tournament, Sweet 16 - Ugh, you're blowing a 17-point lead to Tennessee in the 2nd half? Just get it over with so I can get the liquor... ... wait...the Boilers...didn't...choke? They're playing in the Elite Eight against Virginia of all teams? My god, someone is shedding their choker label this year!
2019 NCAA Tournament, Elite Eight - Oh my god, you're doing it! You took the lead with less than 4 minutes left to play!
Here's Edwards for the lead...OH HE HIT THE WINDOW! On that glass!
Score: 69-67 Purdue, 1 minute remaining
Oh my god, this can't be real...hold me...
Score: 70-68 Purdue, 5 seconds remaining:
Okay, now you need one stop on defense, if he misses this shot you'll make the Final Four...
"Into the hands of a chance to win here...up to front, it's Diakete, for the win-IT GOES!!!!! For the tie!! Diakete squares it at 70!!"
WHAT?! WHAT?!!! no no no no...don't tell me this is happening again...can you at least stop them in OT?!
"Edwards...bad pass! And it's turned over with 1.8 seconds remaining..."
I have no words. The worst part is that it wasn't entirely their fault either. This is just...painful. Absolutely painful...I don't even want to think about next season at this point...
2020 - And COVID arrives to cancel out everyone's season. Eh you were garbage anyway this year, so it doesn't matter.
2021 - Now you're back as the #4 seed in the South region. Maybe this'll be the year...or they can get upset by North Texas in the first round...a team that hadn't won a tournament game in their history...Excuse me while I drink this bottle of Jack...
2022 - Things are once again looking good for the Boilers. They earn their first #1 ranking in the AP poll in school history, and while they don't keep it, they still manage to secure the 3rd seed in the South region with a 27-7 record, thanks to a new core led by Caleb Furst, Zach Edey, Jaden Ivey, Sasha Stefanovic, and Trevion Williams. You're heavy favorites to make the Final Four once again! But we've heard that line a million times...
2022 NCAA Tournament - Well, things seem to be going alright. The Boilers take out the Ivy League elitist scum from Yale in the opening round, and they get revenge on Texas in the second round with a solid 10-point win. So who are they playing next? giggles the 15-seeded SAINT PETER'S PEACOCKS?! Come on, they're not going to lose to a MAAC school, this should be a piece of cake!
2022 NCAA Tournament - Holy shit, they're losing to a MAAC school. But there's still a chance you say?
*"65-61...12 seconds left...Ivey has to hurry. Jumpshot...GOES!! And a 3!! 1-point game with 8 seconds to go!"
Okay, there's still a chance. If you play your cards right you get to return to the Elite Eight. Don't fuck this up...
"67-64, 4 seconds left. Ivy...for the tie-OFF THE RIM AND IT'S OVER!!! This miracle run continues for Saint Peter's!! The Peacocks make history!! The first 15 seed to the Elite Eight in NCAA Tournament lore!"
They a MAAC school. They lost to a MAAC school. A MAAC school.
2023 - sigh Glad I got that out of my system. For this season you add Fletcher Loyer and Braden Smith to your roster! They help you cruise through the regular season and you win both the Big Ten regular season and tournament championships with a 29-5 record! You even secure the top seed in the East region, the first time in decades that you've accomplished such a feat! And you're favorites to win it all and have been picked by virtually everyone to make the Final Four! But we're heard that a million times, haven't we? Now don't fuck this up. You're playing some nobody called Fairleigh Dickinson from the NEC in the opening round. This should be a cakewalk for you.
Literally a cakewalk.
2023 NCAA Tournament, First Round - Uh...what the fuck is going on? Why are you trailing?! What business do you have trailing?! No, seriously. Why are you losing to a 16 SEED?! Whatever, you're down 3 and should have a shot to win this anyway and move on. Get to work.
*"Looking for Edey, of course...knocked away! Great defense by Moore! He gets it back, Moore flies in, AND SCORES!! 5-point game!"
"..into the corner it goes, Loyer wide open-NAILS IT!!"
Score: 58-56
Good, now work your magic and move past this already. This has gone on long enough as is.
"Moore, straight away three...IT'S GOOOOOOOD!!!"
Score: 61-56
Oh my fucking god, WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME?!!!!
"Loyer has scored the last 7 points for the Boilermakers. Gets it done at the line with 58 seconds left. Down 3."
Score: 61-58
I swear, if you morons blow this thing...
"Loyer puts up a good! Rebound to Roberts! And he's fouled!!"
.................................................I have nothing to say to you. You were favored by 23.5 to win. The biggest upset in terms of point spread in tournament history. Do you realize what you've just done? This is quite possibly the GREATEST FAILURE IN THE HISTORY OF COLLEGE SPORTS!!!
"...and that will do it! 'buzzer sounds' FDU BELIEVE IT?!! For just the second time ever, A 16 BEATS A 1!!!"
cue Mortal Kombat music
Is Pecca Rinne still too good right now after 6 years?
After falling to the 68th and last ranked team overall in the NCAA tournament in the opening round, the Boilermakers slowly came to grips that total failure in big games was simply a part of their history, for both the team and Purdue sports.
This realization came too late to alter this event, however. This loss is now mocked and scorned by the College Basketball world.
Have a nice day.
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2023.03.22 23:14 DVS_From_Muncton Custom Jumpshot

What’s the best custom jumpshot for a 6’4” PG with 83 3-pt
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2023.03.22 17:25 nefolk NEW MIXCLOUD SHOW The Cybermancer Diaries: Best of 2k22 #darksynth #cyberpunk #metalsynth #synthwave

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2023.03.22 17:24 nefolk NEW MIXCLOUD SHOW The Cybermancer Diaries: Best of 2k22 #darksynth #cyberpunk #metalsynth #synthwave

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2023.03.22 12:26 Astice_Pensante WWE 2K23 ends Hogwarts Legacy's reign as champion UK Boxed Charts (03/22/2023)

Hogwarts Legacy's five-week stay as the UK's best-selling physical video game is over, as WWE 2K23 climbs to the top of the ladder.
2K's game sold 26% fewer boxed copies at launch compared with last year's title: WWE 2K22. 2K22 was the first title in the series for over two years, and so it may have benefitted from strong pent-up demand from fans Link to article
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2023.03.21 20:46 Bread_disolver The new MyRise

I just finished the new myRise mode and it’s really good. I enjoyed 2k22’s MyRise but this year’s MyRise is wayyy better. The best one we got up until now by far. No one really seems to talk about it and some ppl say it’s worse than the last one.
This year’s MyRise is just so jam packed with cool details and the story is so much better. In the old ones it always felt like you were just doing side quests until you get to the top but this time there’s actually a story.
And it’s actually pretty good too. I really really enjoyed this MyRise and it’s extremely underrated
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2023.03.21 04:15 Bworm98 Just played 2K23 for the first time.

So just today I purchased 2K23, and I have only now finished my first match after finishing the tutorial, and it is simple perfection. Everything I hated about 2K22, the long load times, the slowish gameplay, is now all gone. This may very well be the best modern wrestling game ever made. I can't possibly see how they will top this next year.
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2023.03.20 04:19 CertifiedClown 2K Czech deserves more recognition

As someone who has never played Mafia before now and is not really familiar with 2k, I was surprised. In my mind the Mafia games were probably just some okay titles by a big company. I figured they would be okay games, but not on the level of others like GTA from Rockstar, etc. I thought of 2K as some big AAA company that just pumps out NBA and WWE games every year to make shit loads of money and that's it.
Boy was I wrong... I played through Mafia 1 DE and am currently playing Mafia 2. These games are fucking awesome and I'm already craving for more. They have this special feel to them. The story for 1 and 2 so far is some of the best I've played through. Phenomenal VAs, with quality thought out story missions, great soundtracks. Sure the open world is kind of dull aside from the story missions, but the world is beautiful to look at and i thnk they made a great representation of the 1930s/40s/50s.
Its just crazy how much fun I've been having with Mafia 1&2 and how much I overlooked 2K games, especially 2K Czech. Are there any other 2k games like this? Other games from 2k Czech? I bought and played WWE 2K22 not too long ago and it felt like such a carbon copy and paste industry game that just wants your money. So to see the Mafia games having genuine heart to them is nice. 2K Czech you killed these two games and I wish they played a bigger role in 2K as a whole.
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2023.03.18 12:10 Shinjetsu01 If you're thinking "should I get 2K23? Is it better than 2k22?"

The simple answer is yes.
It's brilliant. For context I've been around since Wrestle War and Wrestle Kingdom. This is the best wrestling game you'll ever wish to play.
GM mode is more like EWR or TEW (if anyone remembers that) obviously not as in-depth but still the ability to have multiple match participants, how you build a show, mid-card titles, tag team titles etc. Just great. Really expanded on last year in the best ways possible. I do find the injuries a little too common and when someone gets injured they still seem to act like I should have been booking them but it's really fun. Playing against other AI GM's is better when there's 3 AI's to play against and the cards to disrupt their shows are a welcome addition. Shake it up is good too, having the power to change your fortunes is brilliant and playing beyond Y1 is also something I was dying for from 2K22 so I'm glad it's in 2K23.
Showcase is great, this year you play as the Showcase persons opponents which means it doesn't feel as monotonous and you unlock the people you're wrestling as along the way. I didn't expect to be unlocking Kurt Angle, but I did. Then I unlocked Undertaker '03 and then as I did all the objectives it gave me Undertaker '18 to beat. Just felt good. I've not done the AJ Styles one yet but so far, really enjoying it
The list of legends is much the same as last year with a few new ones. Definitely enough to make your dream card in Universe mode. Personally I have a "classic" promotion with old school Hogan, Savage, Warrior, Bulldog etc (usually RAW as the show), an "Attitude era" promotion with The Rock, HHH, Stone Cold, Rikishi (Smackdown as the show) and a recent WWE/AEW/NJPW/TNA promotion with Reigns, Omega, Jushin Liger, Christian etc. (some iteration of AEW) which when they all come together, is fantastic fun.
CAW has been improved too, the addition of custom portraits is brilliant, it no longer looks like a pixelated mess when selecting your wrestlers or there's no "black shadow" either. I'll never have the patience to make my own, but if someone knows of or makes a Hayabusa the same quality or better than the one I found in 2K22 I'd appreciate being pointed in that direction!
Now, organisationally it's a bit messy. Forcing me to create each Tag Team entrance by going INTO the CAE area is really annoying. If I know the name of the motion, the music and the titantron stuff - I should just be able to select it without waiting for that to load. It's a minor thing but I would prefer to have less waiting while I sort out entrances.
The price is a bit steep at 60 EUGBP for the base game, but you can unlock the legends by having good matches without being forced to buy the "supercharger". You have the option to and 2K do release frequent DLC which does make the extra 40 EUGBP worth it eventually if you go for Deluxe.
It's the best WWE as a simulation has ever been. Graphically beautiful, animations are smooth, moves look great, presentation is amazing, music is fantastic and the way it makes the smarks like me feel when a match ebbs and flows is incredible.
8.5/9 out of 10. A few niggles, a few bugs that can take you out of the action but genuinely this game is gonna go down as the best of the lot.
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2023.03.18 04:54 TheTopGuy1 What’s your overall opinion of 2K23 so far?

Been playing wrestling games my whole life, played 2K19 up until this year when I saw 2K22 on sale, thought it was okay, universe mode crashed a couple times(huge disappointment) then caw files got corrupted(even worse) so I’ve tried to give it a few tries just couldn’t get into it. I still think 2K19 had the best modern roster and creations were so amazing. On the dense about the purchase of 2K23, love the Cena mode since I love Ruthless Aggression themed stuff. I mainly will be on it for creations and universe mode which I spent endless hours on. Let me know what you think as a second opinion -
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2023.03.17 21:33 IntelligentVanilla32 Probably been asked 1000 times but whats the best sub 70 bigman jumpshot?

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2023.03.17 20:43 DVS_From_Muncton Custom jumpshot

What’s the best custom jumpshot for a 6’4 PG with 81 3pt
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2023.03.17 14:30 deeebillionz Best 2k card all time from ANY 2k MyTeam

What is the best myteam card of all time ? From any 2k Mine is
PG eligible Ben Simmons from 2k22
Or invincible Bill Russell from last year
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2023.03.16 18:56 MoFelichawi Best secrets on 2k22

What are some of your favorite secrets from the game and how can people find it?
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2023.03.16 15:04 JamesRhustleComedy Smh Again

Can't use Myrise unlocked arenas in Universe mode AGAIN. This pissed me off, the Club UK arena is Dope as hell but no point in having it if I can't use it in Universe mode. Every year they give us the cool ass Arenas but it's always something
If I could just have these Arenas in one game and playable in Universe mode I'd pay good money
BCW (Parking Lot, High school and Ballroom) 2k19 Mexico 2k19 Japan Hall 2k19 Baseball field 2k20 The Club arena 2k22 Club UK 2k23
With those you could have to best indy Universe ever but nope
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2023.03.16 07:15 ArmymanPants123 WWE 2K23 Review

Hey everyone- I'm new to reddit so I figured I'd search up some of the new games I've recently gotten and give my thoughts to this community as they seem alot more conformed than other groups out there outside of the ones I've browsed here at reddit.
Just briefly- I'd like to give you all a background for how long I've been playing these games for, and quickly touch on my favourites so that maybe some of you can relate to say that if you also enjoyed the games I liked, you may agree with my review for 2k23.
I've been playing since the first ever SvR game came out, and I have gone back and played through the earlier titles. For over nearly 2 decades I have grown up and seen the evolution (and in some cases major stepbacks) over the years. My favourite wwe titles include- Smackdown HCTP, SvR 2006, SvR 2007 (my favourite), SvR 2011, wwe 13', Wwe 2k14, 2k19/22. With this out the way here's my review for 2k23!
After enjoying 2k22 throughout the whole year, playing the odd 3 or 4 matches here and there when I felt like I didn't know what else to play, it truly was a good time waster and fun time. I really enjoyed 2k22 improving and raising the bar after the atrocity that was 2k20... and was hoping that with the foundations set, they use 2k23 as an improvement tool and add more so we have the best overall wwe game we've had in a long time... and in my personal opinion, they've done just that.
Let me just say I don't think this game is perfect. There are times the hit registration at launch currently can feel off at certain moments. Multi man matches no longer have the 'stunned' roll out of the ring moments anymore which will divide people. It means these matches will stay more chaotic at all times meaning trying to win them will be much more challenging, and in some cases frustrating. Depending what side of the fence you fall on you will either enjoy or strongly dislike this change. For me personally i don't like it for off-line matches as the AI constantly flood around the ring and only is it when you quickly hit each opponent with finishers to keep them down long enough, or throw them out leaving one opponent in the ring, can you pull off a victory. For online, the chaotic non stop action will be fun... so I'm still divided in my own rights.
Now that I've touched on a couple of early changes I've noticed let's get into my thoughts on the gamemode.
QUICKPLAY- this is solid. The menu layout and being able to see the arenas much better before you play is a great change. Much of everything else is the same, with the addition of wargames which is its own well fleshed out game mode designed on the real life counterpart seen in wwe most recently with the bloodline vs KO and Co. All in all the gameplay is smooth like in 2k22 with new animations, and snappier moments, where some moves used to feel slow have been intentionally sped up to keep the flow and speed of gameplay in a good spot. The new pin system seems fair, and evencthough it was in 2k22 as an alternative, it feels better this year and more fair based on how hard you've been hit. If you liked the button mash escape that too is still in the game to revert back to. Now they need to just have an alternative for submissions fleshed out so button mashing can be taken completely out if you aren't a fan of that style of gameplay. Overall quickplay is fun, easy to use. And for the casuals that only play this mode I think it will be enough for them to play and enjoy.
So, for alot of the hardcore fans from SvR 2007 will tell you they've been waiting for mygm to be brought back to the game for YEARS. 2k22 brought it back, and honestly, it was pretty generic. I was happy that they had the foundations for it but this year they have stepped it up. More match types, more championships, more creativity. However in my personal opinion it's still lacking the charm and feel from a game that came out in 2006 (svr2007). I don't think this mode is bad... it's certainly a big step up from the mygm mode from last year, but after playing around and having fun for a little bit, unless you play with friends in this mode and make it more fun like UpUpDownDown does on YouTube, playing solo will eventually wear the fun out once you've seen it all once. At least that's how I feel. Once again, good improvements- hopefully next year can add even more so we eventually get to a stage where the mode feels complete and recaptures the same feeling us players had from the original mode.
MYRISE (spoilers)
So this is technically a 2 story mode. As of right now I have only played 'the lock' storyline. That being said, I think it's important to note that going into this mode I was not very interested. Mycareer mode over the year has felt as if it was getting less and less interesting, and the idea that my character this year is in a forced narrative story with a gimmick really almost made me not want to start as I was more interested in creating my own stories in other modes. But im glad I played, because surprisingly- I actually enjoyed this story. Again, it's far from perfect, and the pacing at times feels slow when of course you want to just jump right in and compete for titles, or pick your brand and work your way up at your own pace... but this story starts you off as a veer Mahan like vignette with the 'coming to raw' logo. Then, sami zayn who is the IC champion in this story gloats about how great he is blah blah blah, then you get the lock entrance, you come to the ring... and sure enough you win the IC title on your debut. May as well name your character santino Marella at this point. Anyway, it wasn't the greatest Start to the career mode but it picks up when you eventually have the option to pick between the hurt business and evolution as your faction. Of course there's only 1 real option between the 2 and anyone who says otherwise is in denial 🤣 so I join evolution with orton at the helm... stuff happens, you win tag titles for the faction, eventually you go out to prove yourself and lose your IC title. Then you snap, you lose control of yourself and are exiled from your faction before coming to the ring one last time and cutting a promo before Shawn Michaels comes out, who is basically the lead booker for your character in wwe. Your guy lashes out and 'shoot' hits Michaels off the ring apron and he hurts himself bad. He then fires you. You then go on the Indies scene working in Mexico, America, Japan and the UK as well as even being a mo cap for the 2k games. I know we've seen getting fired and working the Indies before in a wwe game but this one was actually alright. It certainly was a long time away from the wwe and may turn some people away but for me it felt like I had actually worked harder than in other games to get back on wwe's radar. Anyway, you come back to nxt UK of all things, WIN the UK title on your re-debut and then run off with the title and heritage cup. It's then revealed you aren't hired by wwe so end up going back to the Indies with the title essentially holding it hostage before wwe finally does actually bring you back, but you don't get to keep the UK title after this point, it's given back.
Okay, long story short you win the wwe title after a good comeback story and it was fun. I don't know why I had as much fun as I did, but I'm not going to try and hide it just because I was t even interested in the mode when I started.
For me, 'the lock' surpassed my initial expectations, and although some people may not agree in a more narrative driven story with a lack of picking how and when you want to challenge titles and go to brands, I had fun- and isn't that the goal of a videogame anyway!?
Here's the mode I was looking forward to arguably the most, over the mycareer, universe and even mygm... and for me, it was 'meh'.
John Cena is arguably the biggest name I've seen in wrestling as I grew up watching wrestling after 2002, and only revisited the attitude era on the network years later. So for me, John Cena was the biggest name in the company that I grew up watching. He deserves the best mode as he had some fantastic matches. He gets alot of hate irl for his wrestling ability, but it was always his ability to tell a story with whoever it was that hooked me in. The matches picked are great, there's obviously a few I wish that were there due to other promotions and licencing, (cm punk, big show) but I won't complain too much.
However what I will complain about are the match objectives. I can't express how many times I paused the game to see how to perform the moves required to progress the match. These are meant to be some of the most iconic cena matches, yet I ended up spending more time watching the game cut to real life footage as the whole sequence was not animated in game which was a let down, but also the lack of commentary whilst playing and just generic background music playing whilst in each match. It was not an immersive experience at all. The best part about the mode was when you get to the bonus matches and content.
If they do a showcase mode next year, I want to see more effort to actually engage the player more with easier objectives, or more clear descriptions with button prompts on screen so you don't need to pause the game. Some commentary wouldn't hurt either. For me, if they do a mode for someone as big as cena with as little effort like this I'll be disappointed. That being said, if it wasn't for this mode they wouldn't of made the best model I've ever seen from any wwe game- Randy Orton's 2009 model. Not enough good things can be said about that.
there's definitely more to do in universe mode that previous titles but for some reason, I just feel more compelled to play other modes over sinking my teeth into universe mode. I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who play universe as their primary mode. But for me I'd rather just pick an exhibition match from quickplay. I get the appeal, but as you may be able to tell already, I'm not the biggest fan of universe mode. That being said, it's an improvement on 2k22... there's still things there many players want before they have it in a state where it's a phenomenal mode, but for now It's just okay, and for the more generous it's considered just good, not great.
I know you have the other mode out there for card collections but I never touched that really last year, and I probably won't this year. For collectors out there, I'm sure it's a fun enough grind to get cards you are trying to unlock... but I can't help but remember all the games I've played with 'card' designed gameplay- which has always had some form of payment for real money so you can open packs. I don't care that it's wrestling, I know you can get these cards by playing and you don't have to pay, and it's not as bad as other games like fifa, madden or nba... but because it still is optional and isn't a mode that is purely just an online mode that's grindy without any microtransactions, it puts me off. I actually like the card designs and the fact they bring new attires specific for this mode based on when some cards are based in a wrestlers career. But it annoys me all the same knowing if you want that version of the wrestler you can only play with them in myfaction, and most likely if you don't touch the mode, will have to open packs to ry and unlock them.
Big step up from last year's title in some game modes. Good tweaks and overall it has the same gameplay from 2k22 with improved animations and pacing. There's enough here to have fun on your own, and if you have a friend to play this with, it may be the best title for online fun in years with the advanced entrances back to add to the laugh out loud moments you can have being completely over the top in your online lobbies. The career mode was surprisingly better than expected. And the mygm mode has had some much needed improvements. The showcase mode was a letdown, and although universe mode expanded some opportunities to be creative it still feels like it needs more attention to get it to a place where the fans of universe mode can consider it perfect. This game is arguably one of the best wrestling games I've played. It exceeds 2k22 which I thought was the best of the simulation bases games since 2k15 was released. 2k23 is a must get for its updated rosters, and if you are a wrestling fan there's enough to sink your teeth into and keep you coming back all the way until the next title.
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2023.03.15 21:14 Theofficialvedo Anyone know the best Jumpshot for LATE shot timing

I need to use late cuz I can green my fades with it, but can't find a Jumpshot with a good que for late shot timing. 83 3PT rating 6'8 build.
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2023.03.14 06:14 MotorGrocery4587 6 more to go

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