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2023.05.30 23:45 clintbot current setup

current setup
It's not a $100 Macintosh amp or an endgame NAD system (so jealous!!), but I'm still pleased with this Marantz cc4000 CD changer I picked up from Goodwill for $60. It's in great condition, works just dandy and sounds pretty good to me.
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2023.05.30 23:45 Saporica Contractor Warranty Question

I'd like to know if someone can help me this situation. I remodeled the house, but the contractor did so many installation errors. He agreed to reimburse me $2,000 and sent me an agreement. It says the company holds no further responsibility for any work regarding this project. I thought "this project" meant the defects I listed in my email, so I signed the agreement. One month later, I found more defects. I contacted the company for repairs, but he denied the responsibility. He said the agreement canceled the warranty. In CA, I thought you always have a warranty if the project is over $500. Did the agreement really cancel the warranty? He also stated in the agreement that I must not post any negative reviews. Obama has signed the new law that bars businesses from punishing customers for giving bad reviews. CRFA voids any contract that involves prohibitions or penalties related to negative online reviews. I thought his agreement was not enforceable, but according to him, his lawyer said the agreement is valid and he denies any repairs. Could someone tell me if I have a warranty and a right to claim at CSLB?
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2023.05.30 23:44 userfirstofhisname Fantasy Next Top Model, Cycle 6 - Week 10 - Van Gogh Paintings - Voting Thread
Hey ladies - if you want something, you just gotta gogh for it.
I hope your abode is comfy and aangenaam, as the say in Dutch, and that there haven't been any arguments arising about how reminiscent it is of your childhood home in Europe. Sudden British accents be damned, how could this gorgeous city not make its mark on you - from its punky, sexy, seamless fashion to the cobbled streets and liberal attitude, it's a place of self-love and self-expression meant for all! But don't get too, too comfy. Because your first brief abroad is here!
Voters, for their premiere shoot in the Netherlands, the models must be inspired by a piece of art by the iconic Dutch artiste, Vincent van Gogh. It doesn't have to be a replica, but the connection should be clear by itself. Remember, this is a modelling competition, so it must have a fashion twist and of course, be FIERCE!
They were allowed to provide ONLY an image of the art piece as their reference point, with no descriptions except the name of piece. The inspirations will be linked in the comment section below - please take this into consideration when doing up your rankings.
Let's see how the models did:
Alyona - Mademoiselle Gauchet at her Garden in Auvers
He - A Woman Walking in a Garden
Janet - Starry Night
Kinga - Vase with Poppies, Cornflower, Peonies and Chrysanthemums
Lindsey - Irises
Melanie - Wheat Field with Reaper and Sun
For those unfamiliar, voting works as follows: simply post your personal ranking of the photos from 1-6 (with 1 being the best, and 6 being the worst) and I will collate the numbers, with the worst averages being eliminated (in this case, the higher the average, the worse the score).
You can post your ranking either in the comments below or, if you'd rather not share publicly, not to worry, you can also send it to me via private message or chat!
Voting will close on Thursday 1st June 2023 @ 11:59pm (GMT).
Good luck to all the models!
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2023.05.30 23:44 Itaevallassa My childhood wish keeps punching me in the face and I just feel sooo naïve.

Hi there, sorry this is gonna be a bit of a writing therapy. But maybe some of you here understand my situation, feelings, whatever. Also I’m writing all of this in a certain confidence, so please don’t use that anywhere.
To begin with I’m as we put it in my country an “absolute beginner”, meaning an adult over thirty with no sexual experience whatsoever. I basically only got my vibrator. I had a few dates in my life but nothing ever came out of it other than maybe kissing. Also I’m not much of a hunter, I rather let myself get picked. If I try to pick I’m usually facing trouble communicating. 😒 And during the pandemic I was actually glad for the first time in my life to be single.
Well this year I’ve already been through quite a bit regarding this. You see I’m in a choir and a colleague started to pay attention to me. I noticed that cause he started to copy my tics (it’s a metal choir - just let go of your stress in there). So we started dating. For the first time in years I really had a good feeling this could work out. There were just three things: My Asperger’s and his pornography addiction. And of course my sexual inexperience. But we were both in therapy, so I figured these wouldn’t really be issues. Right? So for the third date he really wanted to have dinner at my apartment. I live alone so needless to say I got the clue and needless to say I became veeery nervous! He talked to our Chorus teacher and she basically was like: You hurt her and you’ll be sorry! Well I cooked my favorite pasta, he came and… nothing happened yet again. 🫤 Suddenly my embrace was too artificial and distanced, my titts were too small, my hips too, yada yada. Oh and my Asperger’s was a problem too and he didn’t want to give me wrong hopes and such. We kept chatting daily anyway, even exchanging vacation pics. Until two weeks later during choir he told me that well his “colleague from work” he had already written about in the chats wasn’t just a colleague… I had already had that feeling, but there it was: confirmation. And I still thought: I expected this, I can handle it. Well I couldn’t… The next day I broke after a situation with a trigger. And it hit me: I’m never gonna have a wedding in white! So there it was: My subconscious childhood dream. Fast forward two and a half months and I’m still struggling with all of that. To top it all we are playing a cat-and-mouse-game in the choir, meaning: If A is confirming he’s coming this week, B finds an excuse not to and vice versa. But I tell myself: “Is he tortured by jealousy? If he knew you were seeing someone else would he do conversations with your new partner in his mind? Has he not found closure to all of this so far? No? Then move on, girl!” I even exchanged letters with a love psychologist over that and she said that while my Asperger’s sure is an issue, my complicated family history might be too. Patchwork and a complicated father-daughter-relationship. So about this time a boy from my circle of friends asked for my phone number through another friend. He revealed he has Asperger’s too and I thought this might make a much better base this time. Also: He too didn’t have a relationship so far. We met a few times in two, had good chats, drank a lot and even held hands (on my initiative after I felt the need to give him a few signals). He wanted to meet again. Whoopee! But then I called him my date and he revealed he had viewed none of this as dates and that he liked me as a buddy… Oh and of course: He had sexual experiences with women, just not in relationships… Believe me I felt soooo naive at that point… Just because I obviously can’t separate love and sex. 🙄 We will stay drinking buddies though for the time being. I don’t know. I feel like I keep seeing something something in my dating partners that they simply aren’t. The fairytale prince, the future husband, etc. Frequent Tinder-users keep warning me of it because “it’s not for people like you.” But I guess I’ll keep looking on Hiki for someone with a similar mindset like mine. Sigh. What about you out there? Anybody with similar experiences here?
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2023.05.30 23:44 thrrowwwawayyyy Why am I getting treated like this?? I'm that worthless?

Where do i start. I have so many things to tell you but you are not even interested in talking/listening to me. you said "lets just be friends". you are not even treating me like a friend.This is not how people treat their friends. when you get a call from your friend YOU TALK TO THEM not with the people around you. I stayed on call like an idiot and you were talking to people around you. I never thought you would just discard me like this from your life. I cant stop texting and calling you and telling you how much you are hurting me by your actions but you wouldn't seem to care at all. These days you are avoiding me like a plague.It doesn't help we work at same place. I cant stop myself going after you like an idiot even tho you told me to stay away. I lost my self respect and dignity by chasing you. Why has it changed into this all of a sudden. Everything was so good before. We were good together.I cant help but crying looking back how it used to be. This is not the person i met. I really miss you. I'm still in love with you. What should i do, where should i go from here. I'm doing things which i shouldn't be like calling and texting you just so not feel this horrible heartache. It seems like this pain gonna last forever. I'm breaking no contact everyday. I just miss you so much st I want you back but i doubt if things would be like before. You seem really interested in one your friends but you are denying it or lying to me.Why?? Just tell me you are into someone else, It'll be the closure i need. I dont remember the last time we had a pleasant conversation where you gave your 100% attention to me. Why to be friends then, when you are not treating me like a friend. I dont know how to stick to no contact, I'm driving myself crazy. Its been days i stopped eating and not taking care of my health. I'm completely obsessed with him. How to strictly follow no contact rule. I cant block him or delete him because we work at the same place we need to stay in contact for work related things please help me.
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2023.05.30 23:44 sunie0261 ways to improve my med school application? should i take a gap year? please be nice!

hello! i’m new to this subreddit but I have a lot of anxiety because this is my junior year and I plan to apply to med school without a gap year, but do not know many people who are doing so.
I am a rising junior, for context.
currently, i go to a state school and i have a GPA of 3.93. I have not taken the MCAT yet but I plan to do so in January. I have approximately a year (3-6 hours a week, including summers) in Neurobiology research at my school, which mainly consisted of doing wet lab work and not much of a paper to show off. I also work as a medical scribe in an Emergency Room and have been there for approximately a year as well. With approximately 700ish hours down, and a really good relationship with the doctors at the hospital. I have volunteered for non-medical related pursuits through my sorority and I have high involvement in the e-board of my sorority, with the director of fraternity and sorority life able to vouch for me. I also was a general chemistry TA and have a good relationship with that professor.
I currently am preparing to take the MCAT, but I was wondering If I should leave my job and focus more on my research instead because I feel I have not much to say research wise. I was also considering if I should or should not continue to go forward and take a gap year. I planned my extracurriculars around not taking a gap year so I started a lot my freshman year.
Any advice?
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2023.05.30 23:44 Signal_Cry778 Know importance of security guard training in California

Security is a crucial part of every business or residential area. When you hire the best security professionals for your place, they not only safeguard your property but also provide much-needed peace of mind. They have the ability to focus on important activities that are taking place on your business property. To provide efficient service, security guards must undergo proper training that makes them effective. Security guard training is given to make all security guards capable of delivering high-quality services. It can increase their motivation and productivity at work.
Effective service: Security guards who are trained properly are more active and effective on-site than other security professionals. Security guards are well-trained to take corrective measures and actions in case of any security breach. Trained security guards can identify risks quickly, manage potential threats and tackle security violations in the best manner. Recent research has proven that highly-trained security guards are more productive and it can increase the profitability of their clients.
leadership skill: The job of security guards requires clear communication and exceptional leadership skills. Professional security guards know how to act on the spot and take the right decisions in tough conditions. Security guards must develop proper communication skills. They should have the ability to make strategic decisions in an emergency situation and ensure the safety of everyone under all circumstances.
Making interaction: The job of security guards involves a lot of human interaction. proper training can help security guards imbibe correct manners, etiquette, and behavior. Effective grooming can ensure regular interaction between guards and the public. Visit to get top BSIS security guard card training in California.
Incidence response: Every security breach demands different actions from security personnel. Without proper training, you can’t expect them to handle a difficult situation. Hence, all guards need to be well-trained with the best incidence response skill for each situation. Security guards should be aware of standard practices, and legal compliances and have the ability to ensure all security standards are maintained properly. Come to our website, to know more about top BSIS security guard card training in California.
Instills confidence: Effective training can instill great confidence inside the guard’s mind. Security guards with no proper training will not have an idea of how to deal with certain situations. Going through security training services will give them huge confidence and equip them to tackle emergencies. A good security guard company must understand the security requirements of the client. Visit our website to know more information about our business. You can call us on 877-482-7324 for further details.
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2023.05.30 23:44 TheRealPdGaming Not sure how it will work with roster lock but believe Snoopy is on a multiple-year deal already. Could be complicated. All of the players involved know. (via @_TheRotation)

Not sure how it will work with roster lock but believe Snoopy is on a multiple-year deal already. Could be complicated. All of the players involved know. (via @_TheRotation) submitted by TheRealPdGaming to CoDCompetitive [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:44 FStokes2001 Looking to build first PC. Mainly for Gaming

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
Mainly for gaming. Looking to run new RPGs at high settings (E.g. Jedi Survivor and Starfield when it releases) and some online games (Apex, RL etc). I'll also look use the PC for uni work and watching films, streams etc, and possibly some coding on the side as a hobby.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
Roughly £2000. Would consider stretching this a bit but ideally want to keep under this amount.
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
As soon as possible
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
The PC. I'll look at getting a 1440/4k monitor and keyboard separately and can sort out the OS myself
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
Already have a SteelSeries mouse (Steelseries Rival 600) and a 1080p monitor (Asus VG248QE) I can use short term and later as a second monitor if I want to. Also have a Samsung Evo 970 plus (1TB) that I could use short term and upgrade later for more storage
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
Unlikely. Would possibly consider down the line but not interested for now
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
Been looking more at AMD GPUs (RX 7900XT) over NVIDIA for the higher VRAM for modern games. Also would prefer 32GB RAM. You probably now more than I do though so feel free to tell me I'm wrong!
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
Seen good reviews for this: ***Corsair 4000D Airflow ATX Mid Tower Case*** so I'd probably look for this or something similar. No preferences for LEDs or RGB but a window would be nice to see inside.
If I could be advised on case fans and network adapters etc that'd be great. I'll mainly look to run this wirelessly but having the option to set up a wired connection in the future would be ideal.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
I'll look to run Windows 11 but I can sort this separately.
>**Extra info or particulars:**
Been browsing PCPartPicker and thought about something like this (incomplete):
I am looking to build this myself so any tips for this would be appreciated.
Thanks for the help :)
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2023.05.30 23:44 ABCBA_4321 If you unplug a displayport cord without unscrewing it from the DisplayPort to VGA Adapter, then is it broken?

I think I may've broken something by mistaken. Today, I was trying to unplug a DisplayPort to VGA Adapter off of a displayport cord. But when I did, it came out with the chip from the adapter. I found out that it actually was screwed on to the port of the adapter and I did just that. I'm concerned if I broke it, because when the chip came out I've noticed some small wires on the back of it in a small ball of glue. If I had to guess, it's 1080p 60Hz HDMI to VGA High Speed Display Adapter - Active HDMI to VGA (Male to Female) Video Converter for Laptop/PC/Mointor (HD2VGAE2).
Keep in mind that this is the first time I've learned of anything like this on a computer. And I'm not a techie, so I'm not to familiar with that deceive.
From what I've describe, did it break it?
This may sound stupid, but an DisplayPort to VGA Adapter is not like a external hard drive right?
Much answers will be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 23:44 TosCare2001 Alerts not triggering

I wrote a reversal indicator and it was working fine for about an hour this am. Then I noticed it quit triggering. So i added a channel alert and a trend line alert. They are not firing as well. Any ideas would be helpful?
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2023.05.30 23:43 tallllywacker I think president snow would have had prim reaped

So we know snow HAS manipulated the reapings. I don’t think he purposely picked prim originally but we know he did mess with the quarter quell.
I’ve also heard on this subreddit that a lot of victors children tend to be reaped? Not sure if that’s true
Reasons: I do think that President snow might have reaped prim was punishment to katniss, if the quarter quell thing didn’t work out.
The Capitol would go CRAZY for a prim game!! They would go nuts and I think they would love it. To see katniss mentor her little sister, and imagine the sponsors prim would get! Ik the Capitol loves Prim but they love killing children
EDIT: ik that president snow won’t kill prim bc the Capitol is watching. But if she was “magically” reaped the Capitol would have a different reaction than if she was executed
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2023.05.30 23:43 Greedy_Wolverine4184 My Kindergartener Started Methylyphenidate today...the pressure, the resistance..the give in.

The fall of 2022 a K5 teacher suggested our daughter be checked for ADHD- we did and received an official diagnosis. Then came the eval with the school physchologist to have a 504 plan put in place. With all the adjustments, per the teacher nothing was helping in class and we were struggling at home too but not as much as the teacher who have 19 kids in her class with no teachers aide. In the class there is so much to get my child worked up.

The pressure started with the school counselor who before even doing her own eval told me to get her on meds asap and said she didnt need to wait for a consultation with a psychologist/psychiatrist as suggested by the nurology dept of the childrens hospital (my daughter has NF1) . She kept sending me emails asking me about medicating our child. Is that normal? Then it was the school teacher. Whose daily messages about my child not focusing, walking around, jumping, talking over her during group time, etc.. became longer and longer. Then my mother-in law pushed it too. Said our daughter was alot to deal with when she came to visit since she has a hard time sitting still.
Both my husband and I had our reservations about it. We wanted to wait for behavior therapy and see if the 504 plan helped. However, we can see the teacher doesnt have time to implement more 1-on-1 sessions as the plan suggests.

So I finally go the an annual check up and the doctor prescribed methlyphenidate 5ml. once every morning for the next 2 to 3 weeks to see how she does. I know folks with ADHD as adults- none who take meds and didnt as kids. I however, don't know anyone with children who have ADHD/ADD on meds.
Our concern was becoming a zombie- my husband expressed thats what happened to his first child back in the early 2000s. Plus the possible side affect of insomina or trouble falling asleep. She already has that issue. The doctor prescribed clonidine, which lowers her blood pressure, to help her feel sleepier but she still wakes up through out the nigh and have a lot of teeth grinding.

As you can tell we finally gave in and gave her the first dose this morning. Within 30 mins I could tell she was behaving more calmly than she normly would. Plus the ability to have a conversation in sequence improved significantly (we have been in speech therapy for 2 years for this issue). The teacher reported back every hour-clearly with excitement. She said tremendous improvement.
My daughter worked on all her assignments independently, colored within the lines, cut the paper out way better than she did before, never left her seat-standing up only once.

My daughter said she didnt have a head ache just her tummy felt funny after taking the meds.

Since I know its only a short dose it wore off around midday. The child that came home was the one Im use to. It's so odd to see a difference. Its like she was trapped.

What are your experiences. Feel free to share your input on my situation. I just wanted to share and hear about others to help me grow as a parent to best support her in finding ways to manage her ADHD that reinforces that there's nothing wrong with her personally -she just have different super powers, ya know?
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2023.05.30 23:43 Paperswisscheese How to cook a Cinnamon Roll??😓😓

The crust always burns at the bottom and it's like that with biscuits too🥺🥺Sometimes adding extra butter works not really though.
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2023.05.30 23:43 Signal_Cry778 Know top reasons why security guard training is important

Security is an essential aspect of every business or residential area. When you hire professional security guards for your property, they not only safeguard your property but also provide you peace of mind and the ability to focus on your daily activities. Security guards need to go through proper training which makes them more efficient and effective. Security guard services should make sure that their professionals are equipped to provide high-quality services. Security guards should be properly trained. The presence of active security guards can increase the motivation and productivity of your employees at work. However, here we will discuss the top reasons why security guard training services are essential:
Effective service: Well-trained security guards are more active and effective than others. They know how to correct things and take action against any security breach and ensure they would get the best services. Well-trained security guards can identify potential security threats, manage evolving security risks and tackle security violations in a proper manner. A recent research has revealed that security officers who are well-trained are more productive on-site. With their confidence, they increase the profitability of their clients.
Better leadership skills: Communication and leadership are important parts of the security guard’s job. Their job requires them to act on the spot, take the right decisions and act under stressful conditions. With proper training service, security guards can develop communication skills, and become capable of making strategic decisions in an emergency situation. They must ensure your safety under any circumstances. Security guards need to be interactive. Security guard training can correct security guards’ manners, etiquette, and behavior that are needed to maintain professional interactions with the public. Effective training ensures proper interaction between the guards and the public. Visit to get in best BSIS security guard card training school in California.
Incident response: There could be different types of security breaches that demand different actions from security personnel. Without proper training, your security guards won’t be able to work and stay on top of the situation. Hence, all guards need to be well-trained with strong responses for each situation. Come to our website, to know more about best BSIS security guard card training school in California.
Effective training can instill great confidence in the guard’s mind. Guards who are new to the job need confidence from the organization before they have to deal with certain situations. undergoing professional training can instill huge confidence in them and equip them to handle emergencies. Visit our website to know more information about our business. You can call us on 877-482-7324 for further details.
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2023.05.30 23:43 inmygreentea body odor with no discernible cause

i (23f) have recently found myself struggling with underarm odor for no apparent reason. the deodorant/antiperspirant i use (dove dry spray) was fine until recently but now i feel like i start stinking a lot faster. i hardly ever sweat, i’m not particularly stressed, and i don’t eat a lot of onions or garlic. i’ve tried a lot of things; applying my deodorant at night so it can soak in, putting glycolic acid on my underarms, washing underarms every night with benzoyl peroxide wash and/or antibacterial soap, and using the prescription strength certain dri roll on antiperspirant. nothing seems to work, and sweating obviously isn’t my problem. i have a fear of smelling bad so this is a problem for me. i’ll be grateful for any advice <3
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2023.05.30 23:43 royaldiamondmang The Talcum Powder and Cancer Development

The Talcum Powder and Cancer Development Company is a research firm studying the possible link between talcum powder and cancer development. Talcum powder, which is made from mineral called talc, has long been used in personal care products like makeup and baby powder. However, recent studies have suggested that talcum powder may be linked to certain types of cancer, including ovarian cancer. The Talcum Powder and Cancer Development Company is working to further investigate this potential link and educate consumers about the potential risks associated with using talcum powder-based products.
The research company's team consists of scientists, medical experts, and researchers who are conducting studies on the potential role that talcum powder may play in cancer development. The company's goal is to provide the latest scientific evidence on the link between talcum powder and cancer development, as well as to educate consumers and regulatory agencies about the potential risks associated with these types of personal care products.
The Talcum Powder and Cancer Development Company's research and findings have been widely covered in the media, including major news outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Forbes. The company's findings have also gained the attention of regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has since advised consumers to avoid talcum powder-based personal care products until more research is done on the possible risks associated with these types of products.
The company's work is important, not only for consumer safety but also for scientific advancement. By studying the potential link between talcum powder and cancer development, the team is pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and helping consumers make more informed decisions about the personal care products they choose to use.
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2023.05.30 23:43 Potential-Ad7581 Roommate issues

I’ve been having this problem with my roommate/best friend. I love her a lot but she is an extrovert and wants to do EVERYTHING together. I say I’m going grocery shopping, she says she’ll come with me, she wants to go to the gym together, cook together, clean together, etc. Even if I’m hanging out with my boyfriend she will intrude to ask what we’re doing, if we get food or go somewhere without her she’ll get all pouty. She jokes that we’re in a polyamorous relationship. I know it’s harmless but it aggravates me to no end. She will also talk shit about my boyfriend to me and her coworkers and judge me for being with him, but then be buddy buddy with him when he’s around. I work from home and she makes jokes about how I don’t have a job, and will constantly interrupt to talk to me about random things when I’m very clearly writing a report or something.
She expects me to wait for her to eat or do anything really. She’s also very judgemental about what I eat (I am on the spectrum and find comfort in routine and “safe” foods, she is an adventurous eater. I get the same thing at this ice cream place we go to and I dread it because she berates me for being boring). She just came home today and asked if I was hungry and when I told her I already ate she pouted and whined about how I should have waited and left the apartment. Idk where she is now I’m honestly just happy for the breathing room so I can clean. Which is another thing, I do literally all the cleaning and she’ll “help” by “keeping me company.”
I need to learn how to be more stern because she has a history of being kind of entitled and expecting everyone to bend over backwards for her. I just feel like my days and priorities are constantly derailed because she wants to do something or go somewhere (which always turns into several other places) and I’m just exhausted. Sometimes I feel like she’s trying to control me and not feeling like I have autonomy really stresses me out. This is more of a vent than anything else but I’d also love to know that I’m not just being a shitty friend.
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2023.05.30 23:43 Avalyn95 Mom found out I am living with my boyfriend and I feel like my life is over

This is my first time ever posting and I am in a very desperate situation right now. I'm late 20s F from a north African country living in Germany with my boyfriend for the last couple of years. I used to live in a house with mates but then i moved in with my partner because it made more sense financially and emotionally as well. Since then I've hid and lied about everything to my mom and this has been hard since I'm required to have a video call every single day or notify via text when I can't. It's been working out until today because for some reason she asked me to show the old room and i said no and she threw a tantrum so I showed her where i was sitting and said I changed the floor and the setting and she just exploded and said "this confirmed what I was thinking and fearing. Do whatever the hell you want" and then hung up on me. Then she sent me multiple long texts saying how bad of a mother she is, that i want to kill my father (he's had like 3 strokes and multiple problems), called me and i didn't pick up. Asked me to tell her that it's something else....i said i wanted a break and that I would call tomorrow but I am not ready for this conversation. I am not strong enough to do this. As you can imagine, my life will forever change now and I am not the lovely perfect daughter anymore. Up until now, i have done nothing but check all the boxes: i studied hard, i graduated with honors, i have a stable job and i even financially support my family every month. Now I am so afraid that they will not love me anymore and never want to talk to me anymore. What should I do? How can I get out of this situation? I'm so sorry if this is super messy, I am an absolute mess right now and I am literally shaking from anxiety.
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2023.05.30 23:43 Katie_Cutie0817 Am I the Bad Apple for being hurt my friend didn’t invite me to her wedding?

I, 21 female (20 at the time) have been friends with “Zoe” (21 at the time) since Junior year of high school. Here is the backstory: we bonded over our love of books and writing we hung out outside of school on multiple occasions throughout the rest of our high school career. When college started we were both surprised when we went to the same college as one another, which was our community college. We were in almost the same classes as one another so we spent most of the week together in class, studying, spending time with one another outside of college, and carpooling. During the spring semester of college she started dating a guy who was 10 years older than her and was a family friend for many years, was happy for her because she was very happy, that same year in December she announced her engagement online. I was very happy for her because she was happy. During college I took more classes to keep a scholarship and graduated a year before all my friends in college, I finished classes at the end of the fall semester before she got engaged. So around March I called her to ask her how she was doing and she mentioned that she was planning her wedding and that her and her fiancé have been designing their invitations and she would be asking people to send her their addresses for the invitation mailing. Life carried on and in July that same year I had just got back from a long day at work and I saw on Facebook stating “Congratulations to “Zoe” and “Greg” on a beautiful wedding!” I was shocked and hurt. I cried for hours and called my boyfriend for support. I texted her thinking there could be a reason for her not saying anything, all I said was “Congratulations on your wedding “Zoe””, she doesn’t respond for a while and just responds “Thank you.” I started thinking about situations where she did some awful things that she said and did. I feel like I lost a friend, I feel betrayed, but am I wrong for being hurt? Am I the bad apple?
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2023.05.30 23:43 Beneficial-One-8370 Did Aspen Dental sabotage my tooth and now wants to extort me?

I'm almost 27 I don't smoke I do drink
The tooth is the 2nd tooth from the canine tooth in the top left of my mouth
I didn't have dental care growing up. I had to get my own dental insurance in my mid 20s before I could afford to see a dentist. I got recommend Aspen Dental and I've had mixed experiences.
Had a lot of fillings done, wisdom teeth extraction, and one root canal. All of the work there felt necessary and was focused on reducing pain.
Last year they did a thing where they measure the depth of your gum packets on both sides of your teeth. Most of mine are 3-4, but some 2s. My insurance will NOT cover Arestin until the pocket is 5 MM or bigger. I had to pay out of pocket for this and it nearly bankrupted me (but Aspen dental was so happy to try to get me to take out a credit card for them). I barred my teeth, paid it, and got more work done that was necessary.
About 7 months after getting my wisdom teeth extracted, I had a very mild dull achy in the top left of my jaw. Went to Aspen dental, had x-rays done, and the dentist said I had a bad cavity on a tooth there and I needed to get it done.
This tooth didn't feel anything like the tooth that needed the root canal. This tooth wasn't sensitive to hot or cold and I couldn't even pinpoint the tooth causing the generalized dull ache.
After a cleaning (in which they gave an electric toothbrush I didn't need, which I'm sure I paid for somehow), they had me scheduled up for a crown for the tooth.
I had the crown prep done 6 days ago and I felt the normal mouth soreness. They had trouble getting the crown on/off to adjust it and the hygienist did a lot of work shaving the temp crown down, the dentist himself was so booked up, he was bouncing between rooms.
Like I said, I didn't have any temperature sensitivity until they worked on that tooth. For at least 4 days now, I have been suffering a lot on that tooth that they worked on. It doesn't hurt with hot food, but anything slightly cold hurts like hell. I wasn't in this kind of pain until they worked on me.
They also signed me up for "root scaling" even though I told them 5-6 times that insurance will NOT cover it unless the gaps are 5 MM or bigger, and they keep acting like i'm crazy. I'm sorry but I don't have 1,000 or so to spend out of pocket after already spending 700 something dollars on x-rays, a dental cleaning, and a crown.
I told them to cancel my "root scaling" appointment and asked for the dentist to please call me back because of the pain I am in. The receptionist was rude and again acted like I was crazy or stupid that I didn't want to pay for this procedure my insurance won't pay for and threatened me by saying she wasn't sure if they could put a permanent crown on my tooth unless they do the scaling. Isn't this blackmail?
I'm very upset, I had a perfectly good tooth and now at night it throbs when I am trying to sleep and it's sensitive to cold.
Please help me.
Am I crazy? Did Aspen Dental mess up my teeth on purpose to turn it into a root canal to make me spend more? Is Aspen dental blackmailing me?
What can I do if they won't work on me? Can I have them send the x-rays to another dentist that isn't going to try to upcharge me out of house and home?
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2023.05.30 23:43 MagnificentBaller Relationship Banker- Salary?

Hello all,
Recently i’ve applied for a relationship banker position with wintrust financial at two different branches here in the midwest.
I had an interview and they advised the salary would be $20/hr + incentives at Location 1. I’m set to have a second interview with this branch manager tomorrow.
Shortly after, I applied for Location 2 because they need a Bilingual Polish speaker. I applied and just had my second interview with the regional manager. They mentioned the job pays $20/hr with NO incentive. Is this normal? I feel like i’ll be missing on a nice additional monthly bonus. They have a lot of Polish speaking customers in the area and I feel like i’m being taken advantage of by not receiving incentive..
I have a bachelor’s in Crim Justice and Psychology. No prior banking experience, but I do have customer service experience including working at a PI law firm. Trying to work my way into Fraud.
Any advice appreciated. Cheers!
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