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2023.03.25 11:25 useme_nthrowmeaway I thought I was sort of ok with recovery but nope

As seems to be the case with so many people, I can't seem to go from restrictive ed to normal diet without veering off into binge territory. And as a result I'm pretty much instantly seeing weight gain and I'm hugely not ok with it. I know I need to change my eating habits so that I can have a good life with my husband, but getting on the scale and seeing the number go up is so upsetting, I don't know if I can do it without a whole lot more help. I'm still stuck on the idea of reaching a goal weight, even though I know how meaningless it is, and how damaging that would be to my body, and how damaging it is right now to be restricting so much. I feel so defeated, because I had such a big conversation with my husband about it all, and thought I'd come out of that feeling ready to change for the better, and we had a few meals together that were really lovely - just carefree sharing of food and chatting and laughing like we used to - but then I couldn't stop myself from eating even more than I should, because I felt like I'd opened the flood gates and I couldn't hold back the water. Not that I had any massive binges or anything, but certainly a lot more than I would want to eat if I'm going to slowly ease myself into not losing weight.
I can't get rid of the scale because if I don't weigh myself I just worry constantly. The number is a huge reassurance that I can still eat, as long as the number doesn't go up. But it went up of course, and all the anger and self-hate and disgust came right back and I immediately started planning how to starve myself to lose the weight as fast as possible.
I don't know what the point of this post is. I'm just sad that I can't recover like I thought I could. I might try to start by increasing my calories just a little bit at a time, and trying to match that with more healthy exercise. As much as I desperately want to be able to have "cheat days" and the like, I don't think it's going to work for me yet. Any advice from people in kinda-sorta-maybe-recovery? How do you shut up that angry voice that tells you recovery is failure?
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2023.03.25 11:25 Aggressive-Emu-9561 Please help - euthanasia because of patellar issues?

Nine months ago, my (30F) mother adopted/bought a 5 month old puppy. It was her (and everyone in the family’s) first dog. My mother had both retired and subsequently been widowed when my father suddenly passed away the year before, and we had been talking a lot about how a small dog would be a good companion for her during this next phase of her life. We had also researched breeds and landed on a mini or toy poodle being the ideal one for her. But the decision of getting this particular puppy was still very spontaneous, and in hindsight we were incredibly naive. The puppy showed up on our country’s equivalent to Craigslist. The story was that the owner had gotten sick and couldn’t take care of it and her son was now selling it for her. We decided to go meet the puppy. It was the sweetest thing ever and my mother ended up bringing it home that day. One month later my mother fell ill and it turns out she has stage 4 cancer. It’s an aggressive kind and she has already outlived the statistics. We are not expecting her to make it past this summer. To say it’s been devastating losing my father and then realizing I’ll lose my mother soon too is an understatement, but that’s not what this post is about so I’ll leave it at that.
Since my mother got sick, I’ve been off work taking care of her and living in her house, so I’ve also been raising the puppy. I have no experience with dogs and especially in the beginning I also had very little emotional capacity and physical energy for raising the dog as it should have been, but she’s such a smart and sweet little dog, somehow she has turned out really well anyway. She would make a fantastic addition to any loving home. (The only issue is that we never really got the chance to teach her how to be alone as there is always someone in the house (my mother really wants to be at home and receive her care here as much as possible and only goes to the hospital when absolutely necessary, in which cases I’ve arranged for sitters when visiting my mother). But I’m sure this could be worked on.)
Now to the dilemma. I cannot keep this dog once my mother is gone. The life I’m supposed to return to is just not cut out for having a dog. I have a very demanding job with regular work weeks of 50 hours and peak ones that can reach nearly the double of that. I live by myself in an apartment in a big city. I’ve thought about giving up my career for the dog but I’ve already lost so much, this feels like losing the last part of the person I used to be. So even though it pains me and I’ve spent a lot of time debating the issue with myself, I’ve realized I’ll eventually need to find a new home for the dog. The problem is that the dog has a severe case of patellar luxation and tibial torsion on her left knee. She started limping soon after we got her and it’s progressively gotten to the point where she now walks mostly on three legs. Because my mother got her when she was already 5 months old, insurance won’t cover treatment. I had decided I’m going to pay for the surgery and help her through recovery before finding a new home for her. I was hoping I’d managed to do this before my mother passes. The dog was supposed to have her surgery yesterday, but once sedated, the surgeon not only discovered that the issue with her left knee is much more complicated than expected - so they had to stop the procedure - she also has luxation grade 2 or 3 out of 4 on her right knee (they previously thought it was grade 1) and will need surgery on that one too. The surgeon does say that she can try to fix the left knee with a different surgical technique, but that recovery will be really hard and there is a chance it won’t heal well. And then she’ll still need to have the normal patellar surgery on her right knee later. The surgeon told me that if this was her dog, she would not have put her through all of this, and would have euthanized her, but in the end it was up to me if I wanted to go ahead with the surgeries.
I really don’t know what the right thing to do is and I’ve been up all night thinking about this. The way I see it I have four options. Option 1 is to go ahead with the surgery on her left knee, hope it’s successful, help her through the recovery which will be longer and more difficult than with a regular patellar luxation surgery and will probably overlap with my mother’s death, and then try to find her a new home that will commit to also paying for and helping her through surgery on her right knee. Option 2 is the same as option 1 but in addition asking for even more (unpaid) leave from my work to help her through surgery 2 as well before searching for a new home for her if both surgeries have turned out well. Option 3 is to surrender her to a shelter now and put her through the ordeal of being torn away from the person she has been with 24/7 for most of her life (me) as well as then enduring these two procedures while under the care of a shelter or a new home - if the shelter doesn’t decide to have her euthanized. Option 4 is to euthanize the sweetest little fluff ball ever because of something that’s potentially fully treatable. What do I do!? 😭
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2023.03.25 11:25 jonycartor Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market Emerging Technologies, And Forecast 2032

Global Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market Size, Share, And Strategic Insights For 2023-2032
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Oil and Gas Chemicals Food and Beverage Power Generation Mining Pharmaceuticals

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2023.03.25 11:24 d1r3cT-0rd3r What is the purpose of Live?

I wan't to understand the thought process behind this feature, but I struggle to come up with a reasonable user scenario that makes this feature worthwhile the investment and maintenance. For example, Tidal chose this over adding the mini player on iPhone with connect, syncing devices during connect, you know...things people actually use.
As a live sender: Why would I want to commit my device for any length of time so that some random people can listen to my "broadcast" (read: custom playlist)? I can already make playlists public and see how many subscribers, is that not enough satisfaction?
As a live listener: There are already a gazillion ways to listen and discover music based on my tastes, AI radio in the app, recommendations, online radio stations, public playlists, etc. How about improving radio instead, there are still way to many songs that can't generate a radio station due to lack of meta data.
"DJ for a friend" - Ok so I am gonna ask my friend to "DJ" for me, aka play tracks he likes on my phone remotely - I literally can't see a single scenario this would ever happen, ever. Nor would I want to commit to doing that for someone else. That's not how I listen to music, I skip, I repeat, I pause - I don't "perform".
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2023.03.25 11:24 rpddp25 MGS x RE4

If Solid Snake was the one tasked to save the president's daughter instead of Leon Kennedy, do you think it will be easy for him to finish the mission?
I was playing RE4 and seeing the movement of the villagers, I could imagine Solid Snake just using CQC on those poor villagers. I just don't know how he will fare against the mutant enemies.
Tell me your thoughts about this.
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2023.03.25 11:24 Th3Duk381 External monitor lagging

I have a MSI Katana laptop. The laptop works fine on its own playing games on it, but when connected to an external monitor (HDMI to HDMI), I get FPS drops when moving around using mouse/touch pad input. The attached video does not show how bad it really is, but you can at least see the FPS drops when using mouse/touch pad compared to when moving using only keyboard.
Any idea what could be wrong?
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2023.03.25 11:24 blowlock Playing With Fire - Ultimate Dating Blueprint (2.0 Course)

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2023.03.25 11:24 DiscountAdvertising Update to how to get the perfect flat melt, still need help!

Update to how to get the perfect flat melt, still need help!
Hi everyone, I am back again.
After my last post, all of you gave me great advice and I tried to apply all of it! I bought a Cricut easy press mini.
But unfortunately I still have issues, so I hope someone can tell me what's going wrong.
I added a picture to show you guys what's up.
What I do: - I use the tape method, and I poke holes. - I used low heat, but also Medium because in both cases I didn't get the result I needed.. - After ironing I waited a minute for it to cooldown, before placing something heavy on it. In my case an Oven scale(If that's the right word) - After placing something heavy on it, I left it to cool for 15+ minutes. - removed the tape and flipped it over to melt that side.
In the end, I flipped it several times, So I wouldn't overmelt.. But I don't see any results :(
Does anyone have more tips how to perfect the flat melt with the Cricut?
Thank you so much, love to all of you creative creatures out there! 🫶🤗
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2023.03.25 11:23 alwayscaffeinatedd Using distilled water and thermal water on face

Hi everyone! Since moving to Ireland last year, my facial eczema has slowly gotten worse. I was unable to find a trigger for this, until I did some googling and found that the water in Ireland is hard water, whereas water back home in Canada is very soft. Yesterday, I purchased some thermal water from Avene and distilled water and started using the distilled water to wash my face and the Avene mist as a tonerefresher throughout the day. I haven't noticed too much difference yet in the redness, rashiness and scaliness of the skin, but it has only been a day so I will of course continue and wait for results. For those with eczema who switched from hard water to soft water, how long did it take for your skin to improve? Many thanks!
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2023.03.25 11:23 AelaminR Does the Astronomican have a direction?

So, I know that the Astronomican is the psychic beacon that the Imperium uses to be able to navigate the Warp. But when I think about it, if there's only one Astronimican and thus only one reference point, how does navigation work? Since the Astronomican grows brightedimmer the closer or farther it is, presumably a Navigator can use that to tell how far they are from it, but how do they then tell which direction they need to go, unless the Astronomican appears different from different angles or something?
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2023.03.25 11:23 NamelessBastard7 Help I’m new

So I barely understand how to make my build
First the blood code: defines my stats, scaling, which gifts, weapon, and blood veil I can use
Second it’s the weapon: which scales with whatever stats the blood code is, and can be infused with a chromes for different effects
And third the blood veils: that to my understanding it’s only the armor, and the drain attacks, (I read that it also boost something else like gifts but I don’t see where is that boost stat)
I’m barely at the howling pits and the only build I have it’s Prometheus Night Claw and Enduring Crimson and Zweihander all +3
But now that I now of the weapon effects and that blood veils affect the weapons itself and that the only thing that determines my mobility (does it also determine weapon speed?) it’s weight I ask this:
Which veils are best? For defense? For gifts? For parry? For drain attacks? For speed? And what it’s more worth it among those? Should I favor defense over speed? Should I favor gifts over drain attacks?
And how should I enhance my weapons? It’s there a specific effect that it’s great all around? Should I go for more damage and weight? Or less damage but lighter?
What gifts are the absolute best? Like the flame and ice spike? Adrenaline and overdrive? Are dark or light gifts better? What’s the difference between them?
The only thing I’m trying to do with this build it’s be faster and stronger with at least some good gifts (also stamina depletes fast af)
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2023.03.25 11:23 Additional_Drink_352 ANY TIPS!!

just got back into drawing but even before then i knew nothing about it, i would just look up images i wanted to draw n did that. any hints on how i can improve on things like on shading, textures and anything else you might think is useful would be appreciated!
(the pictures are some of my most recent drawings which are far from perfect lol also the last one is still wip)

Imposter (Among Us)
Double D (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
Feitan (Hunter x Hunter)
Zoro (One Piece) Kite (Hunter x Hunter)
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2023.03.25 11:23 Ralfop Retractable Sink Rack HERE IS HOW TO SAVE SPACE! THIS HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC STAINLESS STEEL SINK RACK CAN BE USED AS FRUIT, VEGETABLES AND DISH DRAINING RACK. it is flexible to accommodate most sink sizes, and quickly rolls up for fast and easy storage! 9.jpg This drainer rack can also be used

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2023.03.25 11:23 DauntedSoul6 The Devil Assured Me: Pulchra Anima [Mystery/Romance]

Author's Note:
Hi everyone, I'm so excited to announce the remastered version of "The Devil Assured Me". In celebration, I've decided to publish the first chapter also here on the HFY sub-reddit. If you wish to show me some support, please check out the story on Tapas, and consider following me there. I really appreciate your support!
Cover Read it on Tapas Discord server
Story blurb:
Step into the year 1827 and enter the tumultuous life of Dante, a young victim of the working class, struggling to make ends meet through child labor. Discrimination and hardship have cultivated a deep-seated hatred within him, not just for his own circumstances, but for the entire social class that suffers alongside him.
As fate would have it, a tragic incident brings Dante to the brink of death, where he meets the Devil and pleads for a chance to change his life. Upon waking in a decrepit hospital, Dante's life seems to have taken a positive turn. However, his path takes a dark and twisted turn when he enters Dennis' manor and uncovers the true reason behind his encounter with the Devil.
But this is not just Dante's story; it's a tale of characters with their own distinct views on life, each struggling to succeed in their personal endeavors. The story delves deep into the themes of tragedy, violence, and discrimination, and challenges the reader to question their own perceptions of society.
Prepare to be drawn into a world of gripping narrative, powerful characters, and thought-provoking themes that will leave an indelible mark on your mind.
Chapter 1 - A Beautiful Dream
Visual Image
“It has been quite a while since we last encountered, has it not?”
“You don’t wish to talk?”
“You’re left with nothing, but a mere illusion of emptiness, how will you persist, having discovered the truth? He awaits You. Do you bear a grudge against Him, or do you understand His deeds?”
“After all, you did not choose this path, or did you?”
“It is high time for you to return to slumber, for you cannot foresee your own future, but you know that by now, right?”
“Goodbye, Vincent, but bear in mind…”
“Never lose your faith.”
Visual Image (2)
"Dante... Dante..., Dante!"
Gasp, "Mother..."
"It is time to wake up, Dante..."
I had experienced such a delightful dream, however, reality has once again dealt me a harsh blow. My parents' endeavors to provide for our household are meager, and residing in a cramped and dilapidated cottage, I was awakened to prepare for my daily labor.
I am Dante, a 16-year-old boy, residing with my two younger sisters and one younger brother, and both of my parents, in the rural outskirts of Castle Combe, England. The year is 1827. Our family is impoverished, subsisting on the brink of destitution in our humble abode, relying on the proceeds of my father's fishing and the limited bread we can afford through the labor that both my father and I undertake.
As the eldest, I have always shouldered the responsibility of caring for my siblings.
My father is a fisherman and also toils in the same factory as I. We are the primary sources of income for our household, while my mother, suffering from a debilitating condition, oversees the children, and manages to prepare meals and attend to the basic needs of my siblings.
As I groggily extricated myself from my bed, my father, attired in his work attire, wore a perpetual expression of gravity, his black hair tied in a brown cord, his gaze fixed upon me...
"Are you gonna sit there and watch me? Get up!"
I had not realized it, but my body felt as if it were on the brink of collapse. The rigors of labor have taken their toll on me. Six days every week. I felt so fatigued...
"Father, I am not feeling well..."
My father's anger was immediately aroused upon hearing my despairing words. He approached me, seized my emaciated arm, and dragged me from my bed. As I fell to the ground, my head began to spin.
I remained with my head resting on the floor, my father's shouts ringing in my ears.
"Get up or else you will be sleeping in the woods again!"
My mother attempted to placate him, but to no avail, he pushed her away. I ponder what has caused this sudden change in him.
We once lived in a slightly larger cottage, but unfortunately, the land on which it stood was requisitioned to build the factory where my father and I now labor. We were evicted and spent months as homeless individuals, until fate smiled upon us and we discovered this small cottage, which now serves as our home. Sadly, it came with a grueling and perilous lifestyle. It has been five years since we were evicted, the factory was completed two years later. Shortly thereafter, boy children living below the poverty line aged 13 or older were conscripted to work at the factory.
We are viewed as mere expendable laborers, and who can blame them, they hold the power. And where else can we go, we are of no use to anyone other than as manual laborers. None of us have any formal education either. It is a lamentable state of affairs.
I have been employed at the factory for over three years now.
My vision began to blur, but I mustered the strength to hoist myself upright and don my work clothes. It still pains me to see how my father has become so abusive in recent years. I often ponder, "I strive to the best of my ability to not disappoint my family, yet I am treated in this manner. Why...?"
I only had the opportunity to imbibe a small amount of water before my father ushered me out of the cottage, and I had yet to bid farewell to my sisters.
"Don't make me go late, son. You will be dead if we are."
I am surprised that I am able to remain upright, without the support of my father, I fear I would have succumbed to collapse. I can only pray that someone will display benevolence and provide me with something to relieve my grogginess or any other means to achieve the same end.
Upon our arrival at the factory, a cutting-edge knife manufacturing facility established by a benevolent organization, I had formed a few acquaintances. Among them, one individual stood out to me. I had never disclosed my domestic plight to him, yet he seemed to be cognizant of it. He consistently made efforts to look after me.
He exuded an air of jubilance, and like myself, he was of humble means. Despite the harsh winter weather, he persistently wore his work clothes, a sight that caused me much sorrow as I knew he did not possess a coat. As a result, I had resolved to save a minuscule amount of money, with the intention of purchasing him a modest but durable coat when winter arrived. Fortunately, it is currently autumn. His name is Thomas.
My colleagues and friends often likened Thomas and I to the Sun and Moon, with Thomas being the embodiment of brightness and myself being the embodiment of melancholy. I cannot fault them for this perception, as I do possess a penchant for a melancholic disposition. I had even considered cutting my long black hair in an attempt to alter their perception, despite my personal inclination towards it.
My role at the factory primarily involved honing the knives crafted by the older workers. The task could become quite arduous as we were not provided with gloves and were required to perform our duties with bare hands. The heat was a constant affliction, but one becomes accustomed to it over time.
My father and I would separate after signing in at the administration room. I would proceed to my designated work area, while my father would depart. Thomas, however, would always await me in the administration room, at the opposite end of the hallway.
"Top of the morning Dante! Had a good sleep?"
(As boisterous as ever... A perfect substitute for a cup of coffee, his energy alone is invigorating...)
"Yes, I've been okay."
Thomas approached me and ruffled my hair, (great. Now it's disheveled again...)
"Lookin a little pale today mate, you sure you're... okay...?"
He forgot I was with my father, as I mentioned earlier, it seemed as if he were privy to my domestic circumstances. He raised his gaze and saw my father glaring at him.
"Good morning mister Porter! Let's make it a good day today alright!"
He attempted to greet him cheerfully, only for my father to leave an awkward silence as he walked away without a word.
My other friends arrived as well, we were a group of four individuals. We had all met each other at the inception of the factory. I could say that we had grown quite close to one another, even my reticent self had warmed up to them, it was a pleasant feeling to say the least.
Me, Thomas, Okabe, and Gabriel. Okabe's parents were foreigners, hailing from the distant country of Japan. However, Okabe had been born here.
He was not well-versed in the customs of his motherland. He and Gabriel possessed a more relaxed disposition. Both of them were not as impoverished as Thomas and I, yet were still of modest means to be working at the factory. They both had the opportunity to attend school, a privilege that I envied. I am certain Thomas did as well.
Gabriel was the tallest among us, he also possessed the most striking visage. It was sometimes difficult to reconcile that he lived a life of poverty. He possessed all the desirable attributes, with his beautiful short-cropped blonde hair, hazel blue eyes, and well-proportioned physique.
Okabe was the shortest among us, he also commonly donned his work clothes, almost as frequently as Thomas did. He often bore a relaxed expression on his face and was never reticent to engage in conversation. He bore a visible scar on the right side of his face, and he would become hostile whenever anyone inquired about it.
Thomas was our jester, it still befuddled me how he and the others were able to maintain such a positive disposition. I would constantly observe them at the workplace, and it was astounding to me that they were able to laugh and jest while we worked. Thomas was almost as tall as Gabriel, he had freckles on his face, green eyes, and ginger hair color. He often had his hair tied back.
Then, there was me. Compared to my contemporaries, I appeared to be the most unwell. I donned larger-sized garments to obscure my gaunt physique. Though I was unable to conceal my emaciated visage from the others, it was a small price to pay. My dark brown eyes did not lend themselves to an appearance of vitality.
"You sick or something? You're looking so pale, did you have breakfast?" Gabriel inquired.
I ignored Gabriel and cast my gaze upon my father, who was already occupied with his work.
Gabriel reached into his satchel and procured a substantial piece of cinnamon-sugared bread, which he offered to me.
"Work this down, I also have some water for you. We have some time before we go work anyway."
I was relieved to have something to eat for breakfast, as I had gone nearly two days without sustenance. I was famished...
We engaged in idle chitchat, with Thomas regaling us with his fantastical tales, as was his wont. He frequently related the dreams he had recently experienced.
But all good things must come to an end, and it was time to commence work. Thankfully, it was also a Saturday, so we did not have to labor on Sundays, which was the day I finally got to rest.
We got to take a little breath, for 30 minutes. We sat together at a table outside, and they all brought food with them. However, I did not have anything with me. I surmised that we only had enough food to eat before nightfall, and nothing to bring with us for the day. I should suggest to my father that we should endeavor to go hunting sometime. We live in close proximity to nature, after all.
(Where even is he? Should he not be here...)
I observed my father indulging in a hearty meal of meat and bread with his colleagues. Lucky him...
"What are ya dozing off for Dante?" Thomas queried.
I shrugged it off, shaking my head, it was nothing, I was accustomed to this, anyhow. My friends most likely did not have enough to share, anyhow, so I would let them be.
"Oh, it's nothing, perhaps I did not sleep enough."
To my surprise, Thomas handed me a piece of bread.
"Here ya go, fella! Chomp it down, you bony vessel."
I supposed it was my lucky day, today.
"Thank you."
We continued our banter, and Gabriel made an unusual comment about me.
"Do you guys not think Dante's vocabulary is so different from ours?"
"Oooh, yeah! He talks like those noble squirrels!" Thomas replied.
Even Okabe silently nodded in agreement. Me, being compared to nobility? What a jest.
"Oh please friends."
"Hey, why not go out together tomorrow? Go in the woods, the cities, steal some food for ourselves, ya?" Thomas proposed.
"But tomorrow is resting day, you know that. Stores are most likely closed on Sundays." Okabe responded.
Gabriel insisted on Thomas his idea, "Let's try it okay? We come here at noon, at the front gate. Is that okay?"
We eventually came to an agreement to venture out together the following day. The only issue was our parents...
Visual Image (3)
The day had come to a close. I returned home with my father, it was always a comfort to be reunited with my family, who were all in good health. My mother was engaged in preparing a meal, and my younger brother greeted me with enthusiasm, having evidently missed me greatly.
"Dante! Hey, Papa!"
"Hello, Noah. Have you been good?"
"Yes, Dante! I help mommy!"
I assumed my sisters were asleep, but Mother noticed our return. My father had gone to their bedroom, leaving me with Noah and Mother.
"Hello, honey. How was work?"
"It was okay, Mother. I feel a little better, too."
"Oh! I made some tea that might help you feel even better!"
She poured me a cup of tea made from simple ingredients like herbs, plants, cinnamon, and sugar. It was the best tea I had ever tasted, and I felt a sense of pure euphoria with my first sip.
"Where did you get this from, Mother?"
"I made it myself, dear."
"I really like it, Mother. I would love to have more."
"I'm so glad you do. Change into your nightclothes, and let's relax before bed."
I changed and came back downstairs to spend time with my family. My father was engrossed in a book and not inclined to converse with us. Eventually, I retired to my bedchamber, gazing at the beautiful night sky…
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2023.03.25 11:22 BRUJOjr [TOMT] [GAME] [MMORPG]

I remember playing this browser MMORPG set in space. It was 2D. You could choose between two teams, red and green. Every team had their color-coded ships and bases and everything. I also vividly remember a mining laser used to mine asteroids. I also remember being able to press an icon that looks like one of those sea rescue rings which allowed you to call backup from your team. The closest parallel I could draw is something like EVE: Online. I remember enjoying this game a lot and would love to know how it is called and if it still exists.
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2023.03.25 11:22 maxquordleplee3n The state of bing chat.

The state of bing chat. submitted by maxquordleplee3n to bing [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 11:22 galvanic_design This might be the final rendition of the TTRPG Maelstrom

The following are the basic rules for the Maelstrom TTRPG. Any ideas or criticism is welcome. Player species, Items and NPCs coming soon[ish]
[I'm currently studying for exams, so don't expect too much]

Character creation

All of your Ability scores start at 5, and you get to distribute 60 points between them. No Ability score can exceed 13.
Premade arrays:
You start with 25 Xp, which can be exchanged for Perks before you start.
You start with 50 Bucks, which can be exchanged for Items before you start.
You choose 1 Player species, which gives you bonuses, abilities and stats.

Leveling up

Experience points

Experience points, or Xp are used as a currency to gain Perks.
Perks give you new abilities and stat increases.
Xp can be gained in many ways.
Your Level is the total amount of Xp you have gained.
For 5 Xp, you can increase one of your Ability scores by 1.
For 1 Xp, You can increase the Skill bonus of a Skill you already have by 1.
You can do this 10 times per Ability score and Skill.

Creature stats


Checks are the most common rolls, which can be asked for by the GM and your character's actions.
Checks are always a d20 roll.
Checks specify a Skill and an Ability, meaning you add the appropriate Skill bonus and Ability modifier. [Example: a Perception[Ins] check means you roll a d20, and then add your Perception bonus if you have perception as a Skill, and then add your Insight modifier]
Other rolls might also ask for Skill bonuses or Ability modifiers.
A Contest means two creatures both make Checks, the higher roll succeeding. The initiating creature is written down first, and the target is second. [Example: a Athletics[Str] x Acrobatics[Dex] contest means the initiating creature makes a Athletics[Str] check, and the target makes a Acrobatics[Dex] check]
When you make a contest against multiple creatures, you only need to roll once.
A Check threshold, or CT, is a number you need to roll above to succeed

Ability scores

The characteristics of creatures are measured by 6 Ability scores.
Charisma measures your force of personality.
Constitution measures how much physical trauma your body can withstand.
Dexterity measures your reflexes and motor control.
Insight measures your deductive reasoning and perceptiveness.
Knowledge measures the amount of information you can recall.
Strength Measure the brute force your body can produce.
You add your Ability modifier to Checks they apply to.
Your Ability modifier is the appropriate Ability score -10. This means the Ability score is the average roll.


You can gain new Skills and increase your Skill bonuses via Perks.
Each Skill has a Skill bonus.
You add your Skill bonus to Checks they apply to.

Threat level

A creature's Threat level is a measurement of how powerful it is, being increased by abilities, Items and Stats.


Hitpoints are decreased by Damage taken.
You use Temporary hitpoints after you have no Hitpoints left, and disappear when you take a rest or fall unconscious.
When you have no Hitpoints or Temporary hitpoints left, you are Downed.
When restoring Hitpoints, you cannot go above your Hitpoint maximum, which is determined by your species.


Your Vigor maximum is equal to your Constitution score, with a minimum of 10.
You get debuffs when your Vigor is too low.

Carrying maximum

Your Carrying max is 3 times your Strength score.
Your Carrying reserve is your Carrying max minus the total Weight of the Items on your person.
Your Dexterity score and your movement speeds cannot be higher than your Carry reserve. [this debuff does not apply to dexterity checks that only use your hands, instead of your entire body. Use common sense]


When you have a Resistance to a damage type, that means all damage you take of that type is decreased by your Resistance [Example: If you have a Piercing resistance of 5, all piercing damage you take is reduced by 5]
Armor resistances are ignored by direct damage and Critical hits.


Start of combat

When combat starts, the creature that notices the fight first gets to make 1 Action, called the Surprise action.
Then, all creatures on the board make an Initiative[Ins] check, their turns going in order from highest rolled number to lowest.
When all creatures have had their Turn, you repeat the order from the top again.
Each cycle is called a Round.
A Round lasts 6 seconds.


An Action is any move you make during combat.
Using an Action takes a specified amount of Action points.
At the start of your Turn, your amount of Action points is reset to 6.
Reactions are Actions you can make outside of your own Turn. Most Reactions have stipulations for when you can use them.
When trying something unorthodox, it usually costs 2 or 3 Action points, up to the GM.


When a creature Grapples another, both creatures add the other's weight to their Carry weight.
When one of the two tries to move, the other can make a Athletics[Str] v Athletics[Str] contest. If the initiator succeeds, the target does not move.
Both creatures always move together as a single unit.
The target of the Grapple can use 3 Action points to struggle, making a Flexibility[Dex] or Athletics[Str] v Athletics[Str] contest, ending the Grappled condition on a success.


Some Action or Effects take Concentration.
You can only Concentrate on 1 thing at a time.
Your Concentration is broken when you take damage, fall prone, or fall unconscious.


For 2 Action points, you can use one of your Movement categories, moving an amount of meters up to the movement speed.

Crawling speed

Crawling represents a creature dragging themselves across the ground.
Some Difficult terrain prevents you from crawling across it entirely. [use common sense]

Running speed

Running represents a creature walking or running across a horizontal surface.

Hovering speed

Hovering represents a creature moving across a horizontal surface while floating roughly a meter above it.
Hovering allows you to ignore certain kinds of Rough terrain. [use common sense]

Climbing speed

Climbing represents a creature moving along a vertical surface by gripping the uneven surface.
Creatures can not Climb up smooth surfaces.

Swimming speed

Swimming represents a creature moving through a fluid, around the same density as themselves.
Swimming lets you move in 3 dimensions.
Creatures without a Swimming speed can swim 1 meter, using their Movement action and Main action.
when Swimming upstream, moving 1 meter takes 2 meters of your Swimming speed.

Burrowing speed

Burrowing represents a creature tunneling through loose sediment.
Burrowing lets you move in 3 dimensions.
Burrowing does not let you move through solid rock or metal.

Flying speed

Flying represents a creature’s controlled movement through the air.
Flying lets you move in 3 dimensions.

Gliding speed

Gliding represents a creature using a slowed descent to move through the air.
Gliding lets you move in 3 dimensions, like flying, but you cannot move upwards, and lower at least 1 meter downwards every turn.

Throwing and jumping

For 3 Action points, you can jump up to your Jumping distance.
Your jumping distance is your Strength modifier, minimum of 1, in meters.
For 2 Action points, you can throw an Item up to your Throwing distance.
Your Throwing distance is your Strength score in meters.

Falling & impact damage

When falling, you move down an amount of meters, equal to the local gravity score [usually 10] at the start of your turn.
When you hit the ground, you take [1 Hitdie + your Size category] impact damage for every 5 meters you fell.
When you expect the fall, or fall for more than 10 meters, you get to make an CT 15 Athletics[Dex] Check, halving the impact damage on a success.
When Forced movement pushes you into a structure, you take [1 Hitdie + your Size category] impact damage.


Your Senses are the ways you can accurately and precisely observe the world. Humans might have a sense of smell, but it's not good enough to be able to see attacks coming.
Options include:
If all of your Senses are deactivated, you gain Blinded status effect



Dropping, grabbing and interacting with an Item takes 1 Action point.
For 2 Action points, you can throw an Item up to your Throwing distance.


Each item takes up an amount of Spaces.
Some Items have an amount of Storage, meaning they can contain that many spaces worth of Items.
Attire can be worn like clothing.


You can wield a Weapon with a weight, equal to your Size category without problems.
Each weight above your Size category gives you a -2 penalty to all [Dex] based checks made with it. This penalty is decreased by 4 for every additional hand you hold it with.
If the weight of the weapon is 3 above your Size category, attacks with it cost 1 more Action point.
If the weight of the weapon is 3 below your weight, attacks with it cost 1 less Action point, 1 minimum.

Status effects


When a creature Grapples another, both creatures add the other's weight to their Carry weight.
When one of the two tries to move, the other can make a Athletics[Str] v Athletics[Str] contest. If the initiator succeeds, the target does not move.
Both creatures always move together as a single unit.
The target of the Grapple can use 3 Action points to struggle, making a Flexibility[Dex] or Athletics[Str] v Athletics[Str] contest, ending the Grappled condition on a success.


When Restrained, you can't make any action that require significant movement [use common sense]


When Prone, you cannot use its movement speeds, and you get a -5 to Evasion checks.
You can end the condition by spending 3 Action points on standing back up.
Creatures with a Crawling speed are immune to the Prone condition.


When Bleeding, you take 1 direct damage at the start of each turn, or 2d10 per minute.


When Blinded, you automatically fail all Checks that require sight, and get a -5 to all Checks that rely on sight.

On fire

When On fire, you take 1d4 fire damage at the start of each turn, or 4d10 per minute.
The condition ends when the fire in extinguished [use common sense]


When Frozen, you take 1d4 frost damage at the start of each turn, or 4d10 per minute.
The condition ends when you take fire damage, or are otherwise thawed [use common sense]


Short rests

A Short rest consists of at least 1 hour of light activity.
A Short rest restores 4 Vigor, and 1 Hp.

Long rest

A Long rest consists of at least 5 hours of sleep.
A long rest restores 6 Vigor, and 1 Hitdie of Hp.
After a Long rest, you can stay awake for twice the amount of time you slept. After that time, you lose 1 Vigor every 8 hours.


You lose 1 Vigor:

Work in progress

Size categories?
1 space, cat size, beaver size, wolf size, human size, gorilla/lion size, cow/elk size, polar beamoose size, hippo/rhino/gw shark size, elephant size, orca size, humpback, sperm whale, finback whale, blue whale, destroyer, cruisers, battleship, dreadnought,
3 2
3 2
+2 con
+1 dex
Will proficiency
5 meter running speed
Adrenaline rush
2 languages, complex tool use, 2 hands

+5 to dex
-3 to str
Proficiency stealth
3 meter crawling speed
2 meter climbing speed
10 meter swim speed
Water breathing
Active camouflage
+10 to stealth as a action
Ink cloud
1ns per day [until con 15]
1x1 meter area obscured
Soft bodied
2 language, complex tool use, 8 hands

+2 str
-2 con
Will proficiency
5 meter running speed
Armor resistances
2 piercing
2 slashing
Adrenaline rush
+1 unarmed strikes
2 languages, complex tool use, 2 hands
submitted by galvanic_design to operationbeagle [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 11:22 No-Satisfaction-4210 Failed print

Failed print
Hi, I've been having a really weird print failure on my last couple of prints, can't seem to solve the issue. For context, I'm using a photon mono x 6k (and have been using it with few failures for the last 6 months). I'm using elegoo 8k water washable resin. And I'm trying to print the bethir by mammoth factory. There seems to be a few problems: the print is overhanging the build plate, there is a random brick of resin being formed on the far left of the plate, the first few layers are being duplicated all over the plate, there's a lot of semi-cured resin layers and some weird goopy/stringy resin layers. And overall the print is just not looking at all how it is meant to, (and not at all how the slices look). Any ideas?
submitted by No-Satisfaction-4210 to resinprinting [link] [comments]