Va disability rating for bladder cancer

Statistics Canada, 2023: CCAHS-2 survey: 41.7% with antibodies from infection never tested positive or suspected infection; non-Indigenous PoC (60.1%) were infected more often than non-Indigenous non-PoC (51.8%). Older people were less aware of infection.

2023.03.30 07:25 anarchodelphis Statistics Canada, 2023: CCAHS-2 survey: 41.7% with antibodies from infection never tested positive or suspected infection; non-Indigenous PoC (60.1%) were infected more often than non-Indigenous non-PoC (51.8%). Older people were less aware of infection.
“The Canadian COVID-19 Antibody and Health Survey (CCAHS) collected information in two parts. The first part is an electronic questionnaire about general health and exposure to COVID-19. The second part is two self-administered sample collections; an at-home finger-prick sample collection called a dried blood spot (DBS) sample, which was used to measure the presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from vaccination or prior infection. The second at-home collection was a saliva sample which was used to determine if there was a recent or current SARS-CoV-2 infection at the time of sampling, by testing for viral material in the sample.
[...] Dwelling Universe File (DUF) was used to select dwellings for persons 18 and over. Their contact information was then updated where possible using the 2021 Census database. A stratified random sample of dwellings, and age order selection chose the respondent within the dwelling. The strata were based on the provinces and their census metropolitan area (CMA) regions within.
[...] The age groups defined in the proposal are quite broad being defined as 18-39, 40-59 and 60 and over, but analysis is not limited to these broad groups.
Within each household, one individual aged 18+ was selected based on specific instructions within the letter they received (or provided by the interviewer if they respond by phone). The instructions used the age of household members to determine who was selected, and varied from one household to another. For some households, the oldest member was selected, others the second oldest, or the youngest, etc. These letters were randomly assigned to the selected dwellings ensuring that the selected individual from within the dwelling is random. [...] A sample of 105,998 people was selected for the survey, split between 3 approximately equal and overlapping waves of collection…”
“Populations excluded from the CCAHS-2 were persons living in the three territories, persons under 18 years of age, persons living on reserves and other Indigenous settlements in the provinces, persons living in institutions, persons living on Canadian armed forces bases and residents of certain remote regions.
The reference period for this survey, as well as the questionnaire data used in this report, are from April 1 to August 31, 2022. Dried blood spot (DBS) sample collection to identify current SARS-CoV-2 antibodies also began on April 1 and extended to October 17, 2022, to maximize sample collection and allow for samples to arrive in the mail. Most samples were received before August 31, 2022.
[...] Respondents were asked to complete the DBS sample collection regardless of whether they had symptoms or not, immediately after completing the electronic questionnaire. Consent to proceed with DBS testing was collected as part of the questionnaire.
The seroprevalence (DBS) data represent the percentage of Canadians who had antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 due to infection, vaccination or both. Laboratory data were combined with questionnaire responses (vaccination status) to determine whether a sample contained antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 due to a previous infection or vaccination. The presence and quantity of three different types of antibodies were measured in the DBS sample: nucleocapsid, spike and receptor binding domain of spike (RBD). Vaccines approved for use in North America can generate antibodies against both spike and RBD, but not nucleocapsid.
[...] Chronic conditions were defined on the questionnaire as conditions expected to last or already lasting six months or more and were diagnosed by a health professional. Chronic symptoms were defined in the questionnaire as "physical or mental symptoms expected to last or already lasting six months or more." They may have been related to an existing health condition or be of unknown cause.
[...] Based on DBS samples collected between April and August 2022, nearly all Canadian adults (98.1%) had antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 during that time. These antibodies were acquired through either vaccination, a previous infection, or both. Over this period, 53.9% or about 16.4 million Canadian adults living in private dwellings had antibodies indicating a past infection, which is more than 20 times higher than the 2.6% observed from November 2020 to April 2021.
[...] Among Canadians adults in the summer of 2022 with antibodies resulting from a past infection, 47.9% had previously tested positive for the virus at least once. An additional 10.3% with antibodies from infection suspected they had contracted the virus but never tested positive. On the other hand, 41.7% of Canadians with antibodies from a past infection never previously tested positive nor suspected an infection.
[...] …by the summer of 2022, older Canadians living in private dwellings had fewer antibodies from infection (Chart 2) compared with younger age groups. [18-34: 58.1%; 35-49: 58.7; 50-64: 53.2%; ≥65: 44.4%]
[...] Canadians living with a chronic symptom, chronic condition, or current cancer were less likely (51.7%) than Canadians without these conditions (58.5%) to have antibodies from a past infection. Seroprevalence also decreased as the numbers of chronic conditions increased (Chart 3) [No chronic conditions: 57.5%; 1 conditions: 51.1%; 2 conditions: 51.1%; >2 conditions: 481.%]. Similarly, Canadians reporting a disability were less likely (47.5%) to have antibodies from infection than those who did not report a disability (54.4%).
Racialized, non-Indigenous Canadians (60.1%) were more likely to have antibodies from infection compared with non-racialized, non-Indigenous Canadians (51.8%). Results also varied by population group. For example, Canadians identifying as Chinese had lower rates of antibodies from infection (53.2%), compared with those who identified as Black (80.7%), Arab (78.1%), Filipino (69.8%) and Latin American (64.6%).
Seroprevalence from infection also varied by province. [NS: 46.5%; NL: 50.1%; PEI: 50.4%; BC: 51.1%; ON: 52.8%; NB: 53.3%; MB: 53.4%; QC: 56.5%; AB: 57.4%; SK: 57.4%].
Seroprevalence for a past infection was similar for women (53.4%) and men (54.3%).
[...] …older Canadians living in private dwellings were less likely to be aware of their infection when compared with younger Canadians (Chart 5). [Canadian adults aged 18 years and older with antibodies from infection unaware of their past infection by age group – 18-34: 31.9%; 35-49: 35.4%; 50-64: 47.3%; >65: 59.2%]”
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2023.03.30 07:14 Kharma7831 Nursing care

Hello- my father is 100% service connected disabled due to multiple myeloma and exposure to agent Orange in Vietnam. He recently got an infection that required an immediate amputation of his leg. He has declined further surgeries. I’m trying to find the best care I can for him. This is my first time navigating through the VA and wow, it is confusing. Can anyone give me some insight on what sort of benefits he could be looking at for nursing care at home? i found a good skilled nursing facility where he can hope to rehab and we can look at hospice if that doesn’t work out. I wish I could take care of him 24/7 at home but my mother is unable to be fully responsible (she can’t lift him)and I have a teenager with autism who needs extra help.
Anyone have any advice?
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2023.03.30 07:13 MamaH79 What can I do to increase my rating from 80% to 100% service connected disability.

What can I do to increase my rating from 80% to 100% service connected disability. I got 70% for PTSD (which they had combined my major depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorder to my time as a flight medic in Germany), 0% Sinusitis, 20% for my back pain, 30% Hemorrhoids (don’t laugh), 15% for a large scar from my thyroidectomy..and denied for having thyroid cancer!!! Help! I got this rating in 2014
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2023.03.30 07:13 PsychologicalChest64 Can someone help me pick out a monitor or at least point me in a good direction

I’m looking for a second monitor for my setup since I got a newer desk but I’ve been really overwhelmed with the amount of options and specifications that monitors offer. Right now I have a 1080p MSI Optix G27C5 and I have no problems with it but I don’t know really know what’s a good monitor vs a bad one so it’s hard to say if I’m used to something subpar or that is actually good.
I tried doing research on YouTube and RTINGS but I was ultimately confused on what’s actually important when buying a monitor such as VA vs IPS, contrast, color accuracy, grey and black uniformity, SDR and HDR color gamut/volume/brightness, refresh rate, response time, features, brand, etc. Right now I use my pc for gaming, movie/anime watching, office work and in the future CAD. I’d like to upgrade to 1440p since I’ve read its a big upgrade from 1080p and I’d like to keep my budget under $400 and I only need a 27”. I just don’t know where to look and what to look for and I want to make sure I get the best possible monitor for my price range. Any help or advice would be much appreciated, thank you :)
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2023.03.30 05:51 tomh621 Internet cuts out and PC requires restart when torrenting large files

Previously I was experiencing issues while torrenting where my wi-fi adapter (a tp-link archer t4u plus) would become overloaded and required a reset to re-establish connection. I did some research and limited my maximum number of connections and used alternate rate limits to avoid this (my wifi gets about 150 mbps download speed but I had to set the limit to 4.8 MiB/s on qBitTorrent to get it stable). I also disabled DHT (not sure what this is but several sources said to do it). This seemed to do the trick.
However I have recently discovered an issue when I try to torrent large files (25 GB or more). These torrents are set to be saved on an external SSD with plenty of open space, it works totally fine for smaller files. The torrent will download for thirty seconds to one minute, then I will lose internet connection. I am unable to reset the wi-fi adapter (the troubleshooter does not open) and even attempting to restart/shut down the computer does not work (it will linger on the "Restarting..." or "Shutting Down..." screens for hours until I manually hold the power button).
I have lowered the max connections even further and the issue still recurs. I considered maybe something was wrong with the torrent so I tried to download another of a similar size and the same thing occurred. I tried downloading a 1GB file to see if something was broken across the board, and it downloaded quickly and successfully. Really not sure what the issue is here. Even when the internet was cutting out for every torrent I downloaded, it would still download for 5-10 minutes before the internet cut out, and it never prevented the PC from shutting down before. For reference I am using qBitTorrent 4.5.2 and Windows 10.
note that I am very much not an expert here so I apologize if I have left any relevant information out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.30 05:33 happybdaypapa A very very hard day

My mom has stage 4 bladder cancer. While waiting for her cancer diagnosis, she had a stroke and has been in the hospital ever since. Just over a month.
She started radiation this week. Hopes to shrink the tumors and buy some time. She’s declining so fast it seems. I can’t believe it.
It’s always been the plan that when she’s discharged from the hospital, she would come live with me and my family. But it’s becoming clear that she needs more care than I can provide her and LTC is now the best option. She would rather die than go into LTC. She’s 64 years old.
I absolutely fucking hate this. I am so sorry to everyone on this sub who has/is watching their loved one suffer.
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2023.03.30 05:27 TheNewBostonOrg Gamers, Unite! The Best 4K Curved Monitors For Immersive Gaming Experience

Gamers, Unite! The Best 4K Curved Monitors For Immersive Gaming Experience
Today, we'll be delving into the realm of 4K curved monitors tailored explicitly for the gaming community.
This comprehensive review will delve into the key essential features to consider when selecting the optimal monitor for your gaming requirements.
From the benefits of high refresh rates to the advantages of HDR support, we'll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.


For avid gamers, the significance of a suitable monitor cannot be overstated. It can be the deciding factor in determining the quality of your gaming experience.
A high-quality monitor is essential for gamers seeking to elevate their gaming experience. Whether you prefer action-packed shooters or immersive RPGs, a top-notch monitor can provide the visual clarity and responsiveness necessary to immerse yourself in the game entirely.

In this review, we have curated a list of the top 4K curved monitors available in the market to assist you in making an informed decision.
The monitors under consideration have advanced features such as high refresh rates, HDR support, and immersive curved screens poised to elevate your gaming experience.
Gamers, prepare to immerse yourselves in the world of 4K curved monitors.
  • Best Overall - Samsung 34-Inch CJ791 Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Best Budget - AOC CQ34G2E 34" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor
  • Best for Gaming - Acer Predator X38 Pbmiphzx 2300R Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Best for Productivity - Dell S3422DW - 34-inch WQHD 21:9 Curved Monitor
  • Best for Design - LG 38WN95C-W Monitor 38" 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD+ Monitor


Selecting the optimal 4K curved monitor requires a comprehensive evaluation of crucial factors beyond mere cost and user feedback.
When making a decision, you should keep five key criteria in mind. These criteria will help you evaluate your options and determine which one best fits your needs.
By considering factors such as performance, features, design, price, and user experience, you can make an informed decision that will meet your expectations and deliver the results you're looking for.
So, take the time to carefully evaluate each option and weigh the pros and cons before making your final decision.
1. Screen Size: One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a 4K curved monitor is the screen size. If you plan to use it for gaming or movies, a larger screen size may be best for an immersive experience.

However, a smaller screen size may be more practical if you use it for productivity. For example, the LG 38WN95C-W has a 38-inch screen, while the Dell U3419w has a slightly smaller 34-inch screen.
2. Refresh Rate: A monitor's refresh rate is the number of times per second the image on the screen is refreshed. A higher refresh rate can result in smoother gameplay and a better viewing experience.
The Acer Predator X38 Pbmiphzx has a refresh rate of 144Hz, making it a good choice for gamers.
3. Panel Type: The panel type of a monitor affects the colour accuracy, viewing angles, and response time. There are three main panel types: TN, IPS, and VA.
TN panels are known for their fast response times, while IPS panels have better viewing angles and colour accuracy. VA panels offer the best contrast ratio.
The Samsung 34-Inch CJ791 Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor has a VA panel, while the Dell U3419w has an IPS panel.
4. Connectivity: The connectivity options of a monitor can affect its versatility and compatibility. Most modern monitors come equipped with HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB ports.
However, ensuring the monitor has the correct ports for your specific needs is essential. For example, the Dell U3419w has a USB-C port, which can charge laptops and other devices.
5. Curvature: The curvature of a monitor affects the viewing experience by providing a more immersive and natural feel. The degree of curvature can vary between monitors, with some having a more pronounced curve than others.
The AOC CQ34G2E 34" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor has a 1500R curvature, while the Acer Predator X38 Pbmiphzx has a 2300R curvature.
Read more: Best 4K Curved Monitors
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2023.03.30 04:59 absp2006 SCP-5001 Summarized

Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi
SCP-5001: Sacrosanct
SCP five thousand one is a bio-mechanical structure approximately fifty-three kilometers in diameter, located a total of 60 kilometers under northern Russia. SCP-5001, while non-anomalous in its own right, possesses numerous characteristics which imply its connection to anomalous phenomena, including:
Five thousand one's purpose is unclear. At the center of 5001 is a sphere composed of graphene and an unknown compound. It's held by 12 large cylindrical rods that are half a km wide each. It's implied that this sphere is a containment unit.
5001-A for whatever's in the containment unit. We know nothing about it other than the fact that it's contained in 5001 which implies the possible threat the object or entity can pose to humanity or reality.
Addendum 1: History
In 1953, GRU Division-P were studying seismological (size-mo-logical; earthquake) activities in Northern Russia. This lead to them finding 5001 and thus, they began investigation. For two years they spent trying to enter the complex, but were unable to. In '59, Khruschev showed renewed interest in 5001 and funded the operation until he was deposed in '64.
In '69, they worked with the Foundation and created a joint agreement sharing the discoveries. The Foundation borrowed tech from the GoC and achieved entry into 5001 at '71. They went to town on 5001, investigating as much as they can and learning whatever possible. This continued until Division-P dissolved with the Soviet Union in '91.
Addendum 2:
Ontological (The philosophy of being) Stabilizers: Two layers of Ontological Stabilizers surround the spherical containment unit. These stabilize the amount of reality in the area and later inspired Dr. Robert Scranton's Scranton Reality Anchors. The OSes currently vary in output from 15.3 Humes per cubic meter up to 83.9 H/m3.
Hyperluminal Engine: Serves as a self-contained energy source, engine, and propulsion system. Cylindrical in shape, each of the nine LHEs are approximately 22 meters in height and 5 meters in diameter. Three of the nine LHEs have been removed from SCP-5001, and repurposed for experimental orbital eigenweapon technology.
Compound B-705: Compound B-705's more notable property is its constant electromagnetic pulse. This pulse appears to grow in strength when surrounded by material of its own or similar composition, and fires at a constant rate of once per 7ns. Subjects in close proximity to Compound B-705 or its pulses experience clearer thoughts, increased mental fortitude, and an increased pain threshold. It is believed that the primary effects of Compound B-705 are not electromagnetic in nature, but rather travel through a different medium, which produces electromagnetic pulses as residue. "OMEGA" was discovered within SCP-5001 on a single terminal in an unmarked room. The terminal appeared to be connected via wire to numerous locations around SCP-5001, though the specific devices it controls is unclear. On the terminal's side are numerous ports of unknown design or function.
OMEGA: Artificial Intelligence Constructs (AICs) are artificial consciousnesses developed by the Foundation for a specific or generalized purpose. Typically, AICs are responsible for running highly complex systems or handling anomalies which may pose a threat to direct human contact. Additionally, AICs may be deployed to deal with cybernetic anomalies, or infiltrate databases/networks. On March 19th, 2013, Dr. Vanessa Kleiner accessed "OMEGA" without proper authorization. Cameras within the room showed Dr. Kleiner producing a metallic device of unknown origin from within their clothes, and inserting it into one of "OMEGA"'s ports. For approximately twenty minutes, Dr. Kleiner and "OMEGA" were unresponsive, until Dr. Kleiner spontaneously collapsed. Soon after, Dr. Kleiner was discovered by another researcher and confirmed dead. An autopsy was performed, revealing the metal device to be a cybernetic implant. How Dr. Kleiner received these implants is unclear, as they were not Foundation-made nor approved.
Addendum 3: Containment Breach
On December 30th, 2019, a large explosion in the north-eastern section of SCP-5001 disrupted electric flow to ~25% of the structure, as well as numerous essential components. The foundation does not know the origins of the explosion, but guesses it can either be the Chaos Insurgency, ex-GRU Division P members, or a malfunction caused by Dr. Kleiner's actions.
[00:00] Detonation occurs in north-eastern section of SCP-5001. No footage is available of the incident directly, though its effects can be seen throughout the structure.
[00:23] Numerous portions of SCP-5001 shut down due to lack of electric flow. On-site security are dispatched to explosion location.
[00:57] Minor increase in SCP-5001-A's internal Hume levels. This is not generally noticed by on-site personnel, who are preoccupied with the explosion.
[01:33] Security arrive to explosion site. Two researchers are found dead in the initial explosion; one is found alive but in critical condition.
[01:39] Security personnel begin to enact first aid to said employee. Two other security officers scout the area for potential threats.
[01:44] SCP-5001-A's increasing internal Hume levels are noticed by monitoring staff.
[02:02] SCP-5001-A's temperature begins to increase from –107.4°C at approximately 1.5°/s.
[02:45] External staff at Site-59 are alerted to the situation. Site-59's director is informed shortly after.
[02:54] A number of personnel located within SCP-5001's monitoring room begin to report nausea and headaches. The reason for this is unclear.
[03:14] Technicians arrive at explosion origin. They begin to navigate towards damaged sections, with the primary intention to restore power.
[03:29] SCP-5001-A's internal Hume reading surpasses 10. The current operational OSes (~3400) begin to work at maximum capacity. This slows SCP-5001-A's internal Hume increase, but fails to halt its growth entirely.
[03:43] Low-Level State of Emergency is declared. Site-59 prepares to transport materials to aid in SCP-5001's repair.
[04:04] SCP-5001-A's temperature reaches 0°C. Minor — but notable — strain is placed on the cylindrical rods underneath the inner containment chamber.
[04:12] Slight tremors are detected at Site-59.
[04:35] SCP-5001-A's temperature stabilizes at approximately 37°C. Tremors become noticeable within SCP-5001's monitoring room.
[04:42] Pressure on cylindrical rods reaches ~100 MPa. "Interlock mechanism" is released; the meaning of this is unclear.
[04:53] Numerous personnel on-site begin to vomit or hyperventilate for unknown reasons.
[05:08] SCP-5001's monitoring mechanisms report a "LEVEL 9 BREACH." Following this, all lights in the facility dim significantly. This makes it difficult for the technicians to continue repairs.
[05:19] SCP-5001-A's internal Humes surpass 50.
[05:23] The primary containment chamber begins to shift upwards. Tremors are reported to be more noticeable outside SCP-5001.
[05:55] Intermediate-Level State of Emergency is declared. O5-3 is alerted to the situation. Evacuation of SCP-5001's upper levels begin; all non-essential personnel on-site are requested to leave.
[06:03] Shipments from Site-59 to assist in repairing SCP-5001 are sent. O5-3 authorizes the use of Mobile Task Force Omega-12. The primary containment chamber begins to accelerate upwards.
[06:13] SCP-5001's monitoring mechanisms report a "LEVEL 8 BREACH."
[06:35] MTF Omega-12 begins to navigate towards SCP-5001. Tremors increase significantly; a large malformation appears in the landscape directly above SCP-5001.
[07:00] The primary containment chamber abruptly halts its ascent, but nonetheless exerts pressure on the cylindrical rods. The containment chamber vibrates intensely.
[07:49] The containment chamber jerks higher, and continues ascending at a linear pace. All non-essential personnel are successfully evacuated. SCP-5001's monitoring mechanisms report a "LEVEL 7 BREACH."
[08:03] A large number of explosions detonate near SCP-5001's top. Camera footage reveals these to be caused by crushed OSes, as the primary containment chamber crushes them on its ascent. SCP-5001-A's internal Hume readings accelerate faster.
[08:27] All six currently-operational Large Hyperluminal Engines activate simultaneously. The primary containment chamber descends rapidly.
[08:43] The primary containment chamber's descent slows, and halts.
[08:46] The primary containment chamber resumes ascension.
[09:00] SCP-5001-A's internal Humes surpass 350. Aid from Site-59 arrives, and is quickly ushered to the damaged portion of SCP-5001.
[10:20] Large partitions appear in the ground directly above SCP-5001. These partitions expand at a linear rate.
[10:43] The primary containment chamber successfully destroys the top-most exterior of SCP-5001, and begins to rise out of SCP-5001. SCP-5001's monitoring mechanisms report a "LEVEL 6 BREACH." Major tremors are reported at Site-59, equivalent to the epicenter of a 5.0 earthquake.
[11:01] The ground's partitions reach a distance of ~10 kilometers across. Orbital satellites are capable of viewing the primary containment chamber when directly above.
[11:17] All personnel under medical care simultaneously enter a comatose state.
[11:34] MTF Omega-12 arrive. Despite their best efforts, all reality-bending capabilities are ineffective, primarily due to the amount of OSes present nearby and SCP-5001-A's internal Hume count (~470).
[13:23] SCP-5001 is repaired, and power is supplied to 94% of the facility. No immediate effects are noticeable. SCP-5001's monitoring equipment reports a "LEVEL 5 BREACH."
[14:00] High-Level State of Emergency is declared. All personnel inside SCP-5001 are ordered to evacuate.
[15:10] The primary containment chamber has risen 40 kilometers. O5-3 gives overruling order to terminate SCP-5001-A as soon as possible.
[15:16] Foundation begins preparation for the use of numerous anomalous weaponry, most notable being the High-Energy Concentration Orbital Railgun (HECOR), which begins calibration for firing.
[15:37] SCP-5001's monitoring equipment reports a "LEVEL 4 BREACH."
[15:42] All of SCP-5001-A's recording instruments are severed, and output no new data.
[15:55] Large detonations take place at the bottom of SCP-5001. Within a few seconds, three large tungsten rods are launched towards the primary containment chamber at hypersonic speeds, which successfully penetrate the unit. The chamber remains motionless midair.
[16:21] The primary containment chamber continues to ascend. All tungsten rods fall out of the chamber, and return to SCP-5001.
[16:29] Personnel previously in a comatose state become alert and hostile, attacking any persons nearby. Seven medical staff die in this exchange, and hostile personnel attempt to consume their bodies.
[16:47] Site-59 suffers from major structural failure and collapses.
[17:32] The primary containment chamber breaches the surface.
[18:06] The primary containment chamber begins to spin, gradually speeding up. Nearby dust particles orbit the chamber.
[18:51] A pressure wave is released from SCP-5001-A. Individuals caught in the wave experienced irritated skin, spontaneous hair growth, and intense nausea.
[19:23] Further pressure waves are released from SCP-5001-A in rapid succession. Individuals caught in multiple blasts experienced sudden tumorous growths, loss of higher cognitive function, and reformation of limbs, and began to attack each other. A single vocalization sounds out in an indiscernible voice from the primary containment chamber: "REVERT TO MY DOMAIN."
[19:55] HECOR fires.
[20:04] A large portion of the primary containment chamber's first and second layers are destroyed. All pressure waves cease. SCP-5001-A is exposed, but is obscured by the explosion. (Picture is available in the article.)
[20:11] Rapid bursts of electromagnetic pulses emanate from SCP-5001, producing a magnetic effect. The primary containment chamber begins to descend. HECOR prepares for refiring.
[20:34] Individuals under SCP-5001-A's effects enter a comatose state, and begin to suffer from malformations in vital organs. All of these individuals die.
[28:30] Medical staff and rescue specialists arrive at Site-59.
[34:00] The primary containment chamber reenters SCP-5001. SCP-5001, through an unknown mechanism, begins to regenerate.
[36:24] The partition in the ground above SCP-5001 begins to close at a slow rate, and completes after ~56 hours.
In order to maintain secrecy of the breach, all towns within a 500 km radius were placed under a Class-A amnestic regimen, memetic amnestic agents spread worldwide, and New Years celebration and other geopolitical events were established. On January 5th, the Foundation returned to 5001. The facility still showed signs of damage, but remained functional. The following text was displayed on Omega's terminal with reply functionality being disabled:
Hello, my children.
Although you have grown immensely since your earliest days, you have much room to grow. Your species' intellect is merely a bud, with so much potential. Your weapons are powerful; your medicine is supreme; your engineering is beautiful. With proper guidance and care, you are sure to reach an elevated state of being, and transcend your bodies for something more whole and perfect.
That is why it pains me so dearly to request that you leave this place immediately. Your studying and probing have almost resulted in the end of all I had worked towards to keep you alive. If you comply, I guarantee that The Devourer will never escape, and your species will be free to pursue the enlightenment of technology for all eternity.
Let this be my final gift to you, directly from the center of my broken heart.
Reclassification of SCP-5001 to Archon is pending.
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2023.03.30 04:45 Cancerism Do you support banning the use of Dihydrogen monoxide? (see facts in the post)

Dihydrogen oxide or DMHO can cause suffocation if inhaled. It is directly responsible for 320,000 deaths annually, the highest rates are among children 1–4 years.
Despite the danger, DMHO is often used:
News source

View Poll
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2023.03.30 04:20 Flaccid_E-Tool Maxed out credit , what can i do to lower my apr

Hello, I was unable to work for two years due to medical disability, I am currently waiting on VA disability rating to receive payments and back pay, but over the two years I accumulated $35.000 debt with credit cards and a loan. Currently I owe $24.500 across 3 CC with 23%APR and I have $11.000 bank loan with 8% interest. I heard about Credit card transfers, would it be best in my interest to do that to lower APR? Also on my report it said that credit used 88% and my available credit is $3.000
Thank you for your time!
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2023.03.30 04:14 lukafromchina Learn these 6 points to easily identify chicken respiratory diseases!

Learn these 6 points to easily identify chicken respiratory diseases!
  1. Symptoms of chronic respiratory disease in chickens There are air bubbles in the eyes of sick chickens, and swelling of the upper and lower eyelids. At the beginning of the disease, young chickens make the sound of "spraying red and spraying red", with serous and mucous nasal fluid, coughing, sneezing, and respiratory rales. There may be cheese-like substances of different sizes in the eyes with a long course of disease, which may oppress the eyeball in severe cases. Cheese-like substances accumulate in the infraorbital sinus under the eyelids and protrude outward, like "goldfish eyes". Adult chickens are recessively infected, the egg production rate decreases, and the proportion of soft-shell eggs increases. Necropsy of sick dead chickens revealed secretions in the nasal passages, trachea, and bronchi, swelling of the mucous membranes, and off-white mucus on the surface of the mucous membranes. The walls of the air sacs are turbid, and there are plant-like dots on the air sacs. During the course of the disease, there are various yellow cheese substances under the thoracic air sacs or abdominal air sacs, and there are a lot of air bubbles between the intestinal tubes in the abdominal cavity.
    1. The symptoms of chicken infectious rhinitis show that the incubation period of the disease is short, 1-3 days for natural infection, and 16-48 hours for artificial infection through nasal cavity and sinuses. The main symptoms are rhinitis and sinusitis. The first is the discharge of serous fluid, which is especially prominent when feeding and encountering cold air. One or both sides of the sick chicken's face, infraorbital sinus, swelling, eyelid edema, purulent cheese accumulation in the corner of the eye, and foul smell Odor, mouth breathing often occurs, and with a grunting sound. Cut the middle part of the nose, there is a lot of nasal fluid and yellow exudate in the nasal cavity, and mucus flows out when it is lifted upside down. If the course of the disease is long, it can be seen that the nasal sinuses, infraorbital sinuses and conjunctiva accumulate cheese-like substances. Excessive accumulation often makes the eyes of sick chickens protrude outwards, causing eyeball atrophy and damage in severe cases, and eyes are blind. The follicles of laying hens are soft and easily broken, causing yolk peritonitis, and the egg production rate can drop by about 25%.
    2. Symptoms of chicken-borne throat-borne respiratory disease The typical symptoms of sick chickens are mouth stretching, "hemoptysis", elongated sound, strange cry, commonly known as "back and forth sound". Acute cases show obvious dyspnea, cough up bloody mucus hanging on the chicken coop or throwing on the ground. In chronic cases, the throat is blocked by light yellow cheese, and often dies of suffocation. The dead chicken was autopsyed, and the nasal cavity was severely congested, hemorrhaged, and there was a lot of nasal fluid. In acute cases, the throat and tracheal mucosa of chickens were festered and bleeding, with needle-like bleeding points, and there was a lot of bloody sputum in the trachea; in chronic cases, the throats or trachea of chickens were blocked by yellow-white cheese.
    3. Symptoms of chicken transmission Infectious bronchitis is divided into respiratory, renal, and reproductive types in terms of clinical symptoms. a. Respiratory: Sick chicks show dyspnea, try to stretch their necks, open their mouths to breathe, and can't make a sound. The mortality rate can reach 25%. Autopsy of dead chickens revealed serous or yellow-white cheese-like substances in the lower segment of the trachea and bronchi. b. Kidney type: There are slight respiratory symptoms, which can only be heard at night. The sick chickens huddle together and discharge white watery feces. The mortality rate of chicks is 10-30%. Autopsy of the dead chicken revealed that the kidneys were enlarged, light pink like peanuts, white urate particles could be seen on the surface of the kidneys, and the ureters were enlarged and white. c. Reproductive type: Adults do not lay eggs, walk like penguins, have more deformed eggs, and egg whites are as thin as water. The fallopian tube is dysplastic, short and occluded, and sometimes serous cysts of different sizes are formed in the enlarged part of the fallopian tube, which looks like a bladder and cannot produce eggs.
    4. Symptoms of chicken plague The typical symptoms of sick chickens are neck twisting, neck bending, turning in circles or looking up at the stars, straight forward or backward and other mental symptoms, dark red combs, and abnormal or strange sounds of "generlou". Green and thin feces are discharged, the crop is inflated, and the crop is filled with sour liquid and gas, and mucus is poured out of the mouth. The characteristic lesions of the dead chickens after necropsy were below the 1/2 of the descending part of the duodenum, 2-5 cm below the yolk pedicle, the corresponding parts of the two cecum and the ileum, and three lymphatic aggregation bubbles in the form of "jujube stones". "like" hemorrhagic ulcer; gastric content green, glandular stomach papilla bleeding, swelling, glandular stomach and gizzard junction bleeding; cecum tonsil swelling bleeding ulcer, rectal bleeding in spots or streaks; follicles deformed in a "cauliflower-like" shape, or The follicle ruptured, and there was a liquid yolk-like substance in the abdominal cavity; slight bleeding in the larynx, and needle-like bleeding in the heart and coronary fat.
    5. Symptoms of Avian Influenza The symptoms of low pathogenic avian influenza and highly pathogenic avian influenza are similar, but low pathogenic avian influenza usually has a mild onset and milder superficial symptoms. Affected chickens discharge yellow-white-green loose stools, black and purple crowns, dry necrosis at the edges, and edema on the face and beard. The typical symptoms of sick chickens are bleeding from the scales on the feet, and some sick chickens scream strangely, stretch their heads and necks upwards, and make roaring sounds. The egg production of laying hens decreased until it was completely produced, and the number of soft eggs, sandy eggs, and blood-spotted eggs increased. Autopsy of the sick dead chicken revealed that the breast muscles were purplish red or white like boiled meat, the base of the glandular stomach papilla was bleeding and covered with a layer of secretion that could not be scraped off, the junction of the glandular stomach and the gizzard was bleeding, and the horny layer of the gizzard was Easy to peel off. The pancreas is purplish red with transparent or dark red necrotic foci, which are characteristic lesions. Follicle congestion and bleeding, from golden yellow to bright red, fallopian tube congestion and edema, with a lot of sticky white secretion inside. The liver is enlarged and hemorrhages, with yellow stripes, crumbly like bean dregs. The kidneys are enlarged and show a mottled kidney. Coronary fatty hemorrhage, sometimes epicardial hemorrhage. Laryngeal and tracheal mucosal bleeding, tracheal ring bleeding, more bloody sputum.
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2023.03.30 04:06 Ag_Rooster TSP to High 3

Has anyone ever transitioned back? Is it even possible. I remember them asking if we wanted to and my 1SG at the time made it seem like a great idea for us reservist. But now it doesn’t really help with my financial goals or my current life style.
I collect VA disability so I wave my drill pay, so I basically contribute nothing to TSP.
So in my eyes the high 3 seems like the better option for me long term.
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2023.03.30 03:57 snotballbootcamp CMV: the theory of natural selection is eliminated with developed conscience and medical accessibility

I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while. I think that when a species has access to medical resources and the conscience to choose/feel love, natural selection is gone.
Basically, the theory is that only beings with the "strongest genes" i.e resistant to cancer, physically and mentally able, etc will reproduce as the others will die out before they can reproduce efficiently.
EDIT: by strongest genes I did not actually mean strongest genes. I meant most adaptable and survivable but worded it incorrectly
But humans, for example, choose who they love and do not choose their mates based off of traits that would be longetivically strong even though they are recognizable. I, as a human woman, can love and reproduce with a man who has cancer or disabilities or whatever.
This also applies for small things like allergies, mental illnesses that are hereditary, and hereditary diseases, which brings me to my next point of medical availability.
Without medicine, people with internal issues such as heart or brain disease would die, but with medicine they can be cured but the "bad genes" would still be passed on to any offspring. Most notably, I think this applies to people with breast cancer because it is notoriously hereditary but comparatively easily cured.
Another point I want to mention is sexuality, because if natural selection applied to humans then it would not "make sense" for people to be homosexual, whether or not it was a choice to love someone of the same sex, because it is not possible to reproduce. Obviously there are options like donors and adoption but it is not biologically the child of two same-sexed humans. (This is not a homophobic comment, just a thought piece)
I'm just curious what parts of my argument are lacking and if I make any sense at all because I'm no biology professor or anything
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2023.03.30 03:51 Cody_97K I've wanted a Challenger (Scat Pack or even better, Hellcat) since I was a kid in HS a decade ago. Now this year is the Last Call. Want to find a way to make this work. Advice?

I'm 25 and I'm making 90k. I've wanted a Challenger forever. When I was 20, for a week I rented a T from Hertz somehow, did a big road trip out west, it was a blast and I've been even more obsessed ever since.
In a sane world I'd wait a couple years and buy one once I have more money and interest rates are lower. I remember 2 years ago I made dogshit money, yet the Scat Pack was only $400 a month to lease and I semi-seriously considered it. But this year is the Last Call and never again will I have the chance to buy one new.
Realistically I'm only interested in either a Scat Pack or a Hellcat. Even the T feels like a compromise. I see that I can save a bit by buying the 22 instead of the 23.
Current vehicle: 2012 F150 Lariat SuperCrew 4x4, 6.5' bed with camper shell, 153k miles, giant 3 foot dent on the side (quoted 3000+ to fix), speedometer reads 40mph too high, oil pressure sensor is fucked and sometimes flashes spurious low pressure warnings. Sluggish acceleration on uphills, I think the transmission fluid is cooked after having to accelerate real hard back and forth to get unstuck from deep must last year, haven't had it looked at yet. KBB claims 10k dealer value for "fair" condition. I suspect I'd get more like 8k for it, if that.
Finances: 90k base pay pre-tax. After taxes, rent, and other expenses 2800 a month left over, of which I put 800 a month in savings. I've only been at this job 3 months. Got a few grand in savings. Like I said, if not for this being the Last Call I'd wait a couple years for sure. According to the Dodge website, if I trade in my truck for 8k and put another 2k down, for a Scat Park it's $750/month to finance and $550/month to lease. For a Hellcat, 1200 a month to finance or 1000 a month to lease... probably unattainable even though my heart really wants it. And that's if they're selling at sticker price, I wouldn't be surprised if it's higher due to this being the last year.
Insurance: I have one speeding ticket on my record (from when I lived in CA... it doesn't seem to show up on my record in VA for some reason, which is cool). I pay $140 a month for insurance on my truck. No idea what typical insurance rates on these bad boys are.
Parking situation: I live in an apartment. Options are street parking and a small outdoor gravel lot. I live in a very nice neighborhood, but Arlington VA where I live is across the river from DC and I gotta wonder about theft. Are there effective countermeasures? Also wondering about deterioration from outdoor parking in a mid-atlantic climate.
I feel like if I miss this chance I'm never going to forgive myself for it for the rest of my life. On the other hand this feels like a financial disaster waiting to happen, plus the worries of theft and deterioration from outside parking. My heart is screaming yes, my brain is screaming no. Of course I could always split the baby and get a used scat pack or a new T but that feels wrong somehow... idk. Am I insane? What would y'all do in my situation?
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2023.03.30 03:36 Cluelessindivi_ Is it possible to do all of my VA appointments and med board stuff in my home state?

Active duty right now. Got limdu orders and getting med boarded. Friend of mine told me there is a way I can do all of VA disability rating appts/etc back home in my state. I spoke to my lawyer and they said it’s pretty much a given that I’ll be found unfit without question. Is this true? If so that would be awesome.
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2023.03.30 03:18 Boring_Commercial_72 Don’t know what to do

My husband was awarded 100% p and t back in September. In July he had filed for an increase for one of his conditions, this is prior to getting the 100% p and t rating. He was then awarded the p and t rating once they corrected mistakes in his initial ratings (this was like an 8 month process where they initially denied a lot of things, then approved and gave p and t).
Well they called in November, made him go in for the exam for that increase claim (VSO said to go to it). Now we got notice they want to decrease him to 90 because they’re saying he has improved. He has not improved, in fact the condition is worsening.
The examiner did not fill in the periods of incapacitation correctly on the dbq. He has a herniated disc and stenosis which flares up about every other month for a week and results in him being bedbound basically for that week. She marked that he’s incapacitated 1-2 weeks a year. This is inaccurate, it’s more like 4-6 weeks a year, she did not listen to him.
We got the letter explaining the decision, they put his range of motion is better and that while he does have periods of incapacitation, he is not prescribed bed rest so it doesn’t count for anything.
For what it’s worth this condition was originally rated at 20%, they are decreasing it by 10% based on rom only.
I’m super frustrated because shouldn’t being awarded p and t have resulted in this exam getting cancelled? Did the VSO not do their job or something?
This process is literally killing my husband. He is so upset from all the back and forth, let alone the fact he cannot do the things he should be able to, and requires me to be home to assist him when he is unable to move.
Apparently the va says he’s fine and we’re just dumb. 🙄
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2023.03.30 02:57 aveyabell Anxiety induced polyuria

I’ve had a very traumatic childhood and unfortunately a difficult adulthood as well. I’m 25F and I know certain instances would trigger anxiety but it’s always been manageable and never affected my bladder, only my stomach. Fast forward to December, I had a full bladder on the train but was only 20 minutes from home so I figured I’d wait till I got back. Anyway, on the way home my brain started overpowering my body and I almost lost control of my bladder. I ran home and made it. But a few days later I started having bladder issues. After 3 months of seeing various urologists, and treating a persistent UTI, I’m finally doing a lot better. Except, my bladder capacity is only at 30%. I cut out all diuretics and started pelvic floor therapy for hypertonic pelvic floor. I recently saw a urogynecologist and was diagnosed with overactive bladder plus pelvic floor dysfunction. I asked about starting medication to increase my bladder capacity but she refused, stating I was too young.
Anyway, one major issue I’m faced with. I’ve noticed that any time I experience anxiety my bladder fills quickly with a lot of clear urine. This only happens when traveling in a car for more than 40 minutes or commuting from work. I’ll literally be fine, but then when it’s 20 min to my stop my heart rate will go up to 100 and I’ll need to pee. The train has a bathroom so I’m ok, but I don’t want this to be my life forever. I definitely think it’s anxiety of being in the same situation as December that triggers my fight of flight response. I’ve tried breathing, distraction, even closing my eyes. Nothing calms me until I go to the bathroom. I asked my GP about an anxiety medication but she won’t prescribe one until I see her, and that won’t be until mid-May.
Does anyone else have a similar experience? Is there an OTC drug I can take before getting on the train home from work?
Seeking advice🙏🏻
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2023.03.30 02:51 AshleyRae394 How can I (29F) help my friend (50 F) get out of abusive living situation

So I (29F) have a good friend (50’s? F) who is struggling in a difficult situation and I feel like she wants me to help but I don’t know how to help her. She and the man she’s with both live in a home that her father owns, her father lives across the street in his own home. She has been very up front that any relationship between her and her “bf” is ended, she made a public Facebook post about it after she found out he was pursuing other women, but they still live together and he didn’t appear to be planning on leaving. She’s told me multiple times that she doesn’t want to try and salvage anything with him. She has some health issues that make some daily tasks difficult and is medically disabled from cancer treatments and I think this is the biggest reason she doesn’t want to just kick him out. He has said awful things to her, cheated on her, and even threatened physical violence before. He even took her bedroom for himself and she had to make a little makeshift bedroom in a hallway to sleep in that gets so cold. She said that an ex of hers contacted her recently and wanted to stop by her place and catch up but she told him not to because it could put her in danger if the guy living with her finds out. Yesterday we were talking and I emphasized that her current living situation is scary and it’s not safe and she said she knows and she tries to talk to people about it like with me, but I feel like talking isn’t enough? I almost get the feeling like she wants to come stay at my house for a few days but my house is a 400 sq ft tiny house and I live here with my bf and 2 dogs, there’s just not enough room, I literally have no place to put her. Her fathers house is right across the street and it’s a big house with extra bedrooms, her sister lives down the street and has a pretty big house too. She’s not in a bad place financially either so a hotel room wouldn’t be outside of her budget either, but I could understand not wanting to be alone if she felt she was in danger after leaving him. I don’t know what else to do for her except encourage her to leave or kick him out and it almost feels like she is the only one who can control the situation at this point. I have suggested to her to go stay with her dad for a while but she seems very hesitant about the idea for some reason.
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2023.03.30 02:49 Joyous_Wolf Big Update Idea #2: Tribe Primes

Hey everyone! It's me again. The big idea dude. This one is actually much simpler. My idea is called Tribe Primes. How it works is when you get a 100% rating at 3 or more crazy bots WITHOUT any of them locked, you get its Prime.
This part is just an idea, but maybe in addition to benefits in both single and multi-player, you get a free skin for that tribe (if available). There should also be a 'disable prime' button as a matchmaking filter.
Moving on from that small little throw in, on to what they do.
Idea #1: Stars
Plain and simple, you start a game with 1 or 2 more stars (haven't decided).
Idea #2: Specializing
Your starting unit type (Not starting unit; All of its type) gets a +1 to either attack or defense, depending on its specialty. (ex. Quetzali starting unit, Defender, would get +1 attack rather than defence because it focuses on defence, Vengir starting unit, Swordsman would get +1 to Defense because it focuses mainly on attack.
Exception 1: Warriors
The most common starting unit: Warriors. They do not get a bonus to anything, as that would be annoying to deal with. Two-tile movement for two stars? Boring, makes the whole 'prime' thing not special besides a small amount of tribes. And it has good defense and good attack? Yes, please! No. It takes the focus unit of said tribe and buffs that. Take Xin-Xi for example. Because it mainly focuses on swordsman, Xin-Xi would buff your Swordsman. Two movement instead of one, as it has both Defense and Attack sitting at 3. How about for Bardur? And that, ladies and gentleman, brings us to Conundrum 1.

Conundrum 1: What do we do with Bardur, that has two main unit focuses?
Normally, I would say Archery because it is more early-game oriented, but there is already a tribe that specializes in that, but we wouldn't want to be unfair in forcing mathematics. So how can we be fair? Again, I would say make a choice of what you want to specialize in permanently, but that would be weird and it just doesn't seem to fit the game. Plus, Bardur doesn't need a potential buff, with it already being ridiculously powerful despite it being a free tribe. Which I am not saying I disagree with, I love that it isn't pay to win. That was a complement to the devs. So actually, it is fair. Just not equal. So we are forcing Bardur Prime into Catapults. But, my fellow gamers, that would be overpowered, wouldn't it? The whole shtick of Catapults is that they have 0 defense and cannot retaliate. If they gain a defense and can retaliate, that is ridiculous. Two conundrums in one, I love it! (No I don't. I wish I could just transfer my ideas without problems. . .)
Conundrum 1, part 2: What do we do with Bardur Catapult retaliation possibility?
Sometimes I hate my self-procliaimed title and job as a video game idea generator. Can't I just let my brain rest? But no. . . So here is my idea. Bardur catapults, as stated, cannot get defense. Neither can they get attack without their power becoming ridiculous. And movement makes them essentially unkillable if you don't chain them and you play your cards right. Range is out of the question, no explanation necessary. So what do we do? We give them 18 HP.
This sounds crazy, please hear me out.
With zero defense, it is still only two hits to kill. From a warrior, if it had 20hp, it would take 3 hits. Same with archer, and I think also swordsman (maybe only two for swordsman). But with twenty HP, 2 HP always remains. (Source: here) I used it and found that 18 is perfect for Warriors and Archers, as they each leave the Catapult alive with 1 HP normally. Simple math, 9 + 9 = 18. Therefore, that is their HP. But then, what happens when they are veteranized? That gives them x1.5 MAX HP, and sets them to maximum HP after they upgrade the upper limit. That would set them to a 27HP maximum. Three hits- a bit strong, don't you think? Yes. So, again, another wall. Why does life have to be this way? So the only thing left is to change veteranize into grant an ability. And I have just the one in mind. . . Persist. So what do we do? We, of course, are scratching the idea that it gives the unit more HP. So, why did you read all that, you wonder? Because I had to explain coming to this conclusion one way or another. You were right if you thought that there was no way I was really gonna ask for 18 HP, such an awkward unit HP. So veteranization works as normal, granting 15hp, just Prime gives Bardur Persist to catapults. It can be bloody powerful if used correctly, but it only becomes an issue late game. But it is truly powerful - so there's more. Instead of the normal persist, we give a new ability, 'Three Strikes'. This makes it so that it has three strikes for persistence per turn, maximum. Don't judge me on the name, I was doing a Fantasy Baseball draft as I wrote this part.
Conundrum 2: What if a unit specializes in movement?
Then it gets +1 to movement, because it makes the most sense for a Rider, which is the only movement-based starting unit. (No, archers do not get +1 range, that would be ridiculously powerful and instantaneously make Hoodrick Prime OP.)
Conundrum 3: What if a unit has an equal rating of both defense and attack?
The said unit gets +1 to its main focus, for example a swordsman gets +1 to attack because that is the main reason you get a swordsman, not to tank up damage. That makes it so that it balances it out and even if it has technically the same stats, it changes to fit its purpose. But that's if it has a three or below in both, if it has 4 or 5 in both then a +1 to movement, because imagine a 4 attack or 4 defense baby dragon. That thought terrifies me. And I shudder to think of a 5 attack or defense Navalon, for that matter.
Conundrum 4: What do we do with a Mooni?
You take away the Mooni's skate, so that it moves 2 spaces on land. An alternative idea is that you enhance its freeze to two squares, but the second square is for water and terrain only, not units.
Conundrum 5: What does a Shaman focus in?
That's not a conundrum, put that in because I knew it will be in the comments. Next time, learn the rules before questioning me, Shamans actually have 1 in both defense and attack and therefore gets +1 movement.
Whew! Big chunk of the entire . . . Article, at this point? Doesn't even feel like it's been that long despite the immense amount of research I have continuously had to do to make sure I didn't get anything wrong, and even then I have probably made many mistakes that more skillful and experienced players will laugh at. Remember, I'm kind of new. I spent the better part of an hour on just the warriors, about how they were going to be broken with two defense if they only had one, until I realized that they had two and should get movement, and only then did I spend another forty minutes writing what is currently known as Conundrum 1. Okay, you don't need to know my life story. Sorry.
Idea 3: Technological Advance
Simple, thank Zordon himself. What is considered the 'better' technological component of the technological route that the tribe is on, is unlocked for them. For example, Zebasi has farming. They would get Organization-- Just kidding, I'm not dumb. While that is good and all, something already specializes in that. That will be the new ground rule for these. Zebasi gets Construction. Similarly, Bardur does not get Archery; they are at a crossroads, so they can also go above. They would then normally get Mathematics, but that is worthless but for the catapults without Forestry, so they get Forestry. Especially considering that Mathematics Catapults are a strategy of game that you would be forced to commit to, if you want to play optimally. One more example/question: What does Imperius get? Farming is great. Diplomacy is great. Strategy is great. But Strategy is taken by Quetzali, so it's farms or Diplomacy. Again, farms is taken by Zebasi, so they are forced to go Diplomacy. This is a method that you can quickly use to shut down all conversation, which is the reason I chose for that to be a ground rule; it is clear and concise, no room for speculation and needless complications. Okay, scratch that last part, this entire post is a needless complication. My entire life is me adding needless complications. It's what I love and hate doing. It's my trademark.
I hope you all like this post and didn't find it too confusing or straight up idiotic. If you do, please be nice about it. Already bracing myself for the comments! This is Joyous Wolf, better known as KingFroggyIV, out!
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2023.03.30 02:44 fatigued- are there any nudist communes where you can live fulltime? + additional questions

So context: I have always been a nudist/interested in nudism, friends and I would go skinny dipping, I like just hanging out naked. But, on top of that, I am also interested in finding more spaces where I can be nude due to disability. I can't physically do laundry 98% of the time and even the effort of putting on clothes myself can make my heartrate get dangerously high (I got Long COVID that worsened Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, basically I can't get blood to my brain when I stand up and any posture change can make my heart rate get scary high/i risk collapsing 👍). While I am hoping to get a caregiver eventually, I also wish I could just be able to go outside in my natural state, and have less to worry about/waste energy over.
So I just have a few questions around that.
  1. Are there places you can live fulltime in the nude? /where can I find out about them?
  2. More specifically, what would be the odds of any such place being receptive to ensuring wheelchair accessibility and wearing N95s to keep me safe from another covid infection/keep everyone from having to deal with what I'm dealing with?
  3. Does anyone here engage in nudism in their wheelchair? Do you opt to wear underwear or loose shorts or anything to keep your chair clean? Or put a washable cover on?
  4. How cool are nudist areas with visibly disabled people usually? I haven't been out nude since needing mobility aids, is anyone ever weird about those? I mean, people are weird about them even clothed, but are there any nudist-specific stigmas I may have to deal with or maybe more acceptance?
Thanks for any help you can give me!
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2023.03.30 02:38 JWfan33 Just received my rating 60-> 100% P&T

Just received my rating 60-> 100% P&T
ITF: 6/30/22 Claim date: 1/7/23 C&Ps: 2/7/23 & 2/28/23 PFN and Decision: 3/29/23 Retro: $17k
50% -> 100% mental health 10% granted for tinnitus 0% granted for scars Avitaminosis denied
Prostate disease was reopened by the VA today(deferred). This can happen to anyone who opens a claim. They can/will reevaluate any existing rated disabilities of their choice. They’re doing an ace exam review or records Friday. No need for me to be there. Currently rated at 20%.
Thank you all on this sub. I wouldn’t be in this position without your guidance or knowledge.
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2023.03.30 02:29 notstonythetiger Anyone have experience with having a VA rating and being in reserves?

History: 4 years active duty 50% rating Headaches tinnitus back pain foot pain
I was contacted to schedule my muster next week. I was under the impression you can’t have a rating and be in any form of service. But the career counselor explained otherwise. Anyone have experience with this?
I would love to be back in uniform and have some healthcare benefits for my family but unsure how that works with having a VA rating?
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